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Oh god okay I’m over a month late with this but whatever here are six selfies of 2015! I was tagged by @xyouss @hearyourvoiceinthedarkswan and @hotchocolateandcinnamon Thanks babes!

I don’t really have special context with these photos except for the very last one that was at a party of a friend who had 4(!!!!) dogs and I spent most of my time at that party patting all of his dogs and when I had to leave one of them just stared out the window watching me leave and it broke my heart

Oh and the second one on the top that one is with my sister and we always take weird selfies on family gatherings so like 90% of my selfies is that lol

I used just five but who cares

Not tagging anyone b/c I’m sure everyone has done this already and I’m terribly late, but if you see this and want to do this, you absolutely should!

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Name: Erica (may regret that later but meh)
Nickname(s): Nyoo (by my partner) & Senpai (by my Kohai)

Star Sign: Leo
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5 roughlly 5′5.5?
Sexual Orientation: Pan (recently discovered and still trying to get my mind around the new bit of my identity)
Favorite Color: Pink
Time right now: 2:19 PM
Current Location: My room
Average hours of sleep: Good question
Lucky Number: Not sure, fav is 5 though
Last thing I googled: Sakura Trick Episode 1 =)
Number of blankets I sleep under: One-Five, depends on my mood and if Hell is trying to spawn in my room or the ice of my soul
Favorite fictional character(s): The list goes forever and the one at the top changes usually, currently it’s a tie between Levi, Eren, Gaara, and Hanji
Favorite band(s)/artist(s): Um…I’m going to be cheap and just do genre with Pop!
What I’m wearing: tank top and PJ pants
Random Fact: I will always answer a question truthfully, personal or not (Bonus; I have a Kohai and they are my cinnamonbun. even if I’ve never told them at this point)
When did you create your blog? March 2015, April at the latest
Do you have any other blogs? No
When did your blog reach its peak? It’s hit it’s peak? Since when? JK, I don’t think it’s hit it’s peak, and don’t care if it ever does
What made you decide to create a tumblr? Every fanfic writer I read that had one, and I thought it was about time I got one, easier to mention when I update than Twitter
Do you get asks on a daily basis? No, but I’d love to be asked questions! So like.. ask me something… anything… hell, I’d tell you my shoe size if it’d make you happy.
Why did you choose your URL? Because it’s who I’m known for on all my sites (except Twitter (Trevorsqueen) and YouTube(MyBabyGirl888))

Imma tag at random:@reon-t , @rivaillles-bitch, @sciencefictioness, @annamaygirl, @qitana15 @gootbuttheichou @instantduckbouquetlove @celestine0673 @ererilovesmiyano @chiryuunn @propertyofheichou @yuimigomi @choosethepuglife @lovegawdess @princegenze @isy-dance @natalia-braginski @thewolfapprentice @itsjaegerbombtastic and @alicran

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MUN QUESTION; who are your top five wrestlers and what would you like to see them do or improve on in 2016?

1. Dean Ambrose
I want to see him face HHH at mania and I am sure I am the only one who wants that but he has been my day one favorite and after Rumble I need to see them have another match.

2. Enzo Amore and Big Cass
I want to see them up on the main roster but at the same time I want them stay down in NXT. I think it’s pretty obvious why I would want them to stay.

3. Seth Rollins
I just want him back. I don’t need him to win any big championships right away but I just want him back.

4. Gionna Daddio
I want her to be in the ring and used go her full potential because I have seen the things she can do in the ring at house shows and let me tell you, what you see on TV is nothing.

5. Eva Marie
I want her to keep improving and show everyone she does have what it takes because I believe in her.

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38 43 66

38: Tattoos you have/want?

I have four right now. On my left fore arm, just before my inner elbow I have the Homestuck Heart surrounded by the Space symbol.
Back of my neck I have five unown letters tattooed in my name with my life motto represented in each. On my left chest I have the franco-Ontario flowers with the colours over my heart, and on my right chest I have the MSA blue heart with the crack down it.

I want five more tattoos as of right now. Two half sleeve tattoos, one full back Celtic cross with the Weather trio of pokemon and the few others are still being finalized XP

43: Top 5 favorite memes? 

I’m not actually a huge fan of memes? But I do like ‘Good Shit’ meme, the Rick roll, ‘Sure Jan’, Sandstorm and the ‘That’s my aesthetic’ one. (Hope those are memes? lol idk I try)

66: Do you believe everyone has a soulmate, platonic or otherwise?

No actually, I don’t. I think that the world we live in has so much influence from the shifting energies and the pulse of living things that we all adapt, adjust and change as life thrives and fights to survive. If we were born with another half waiting for us, each of us would change, adapt and ‘warp’ into whatever we needed to be able to survive and stay on top of where we grew up. In effect, we’d evolve to change into something else, and to the ‘other half’ that might not fit as it once did anymore.

Plans are never meant to be so solid and concrete, and to think that someone has been ‘written’ or ‘pre-destined’ to be my ‘other half’, romantic or platonic, feels cheap and almost makes me feel blasé to the thought of it. Instead, it’s more that we strive together to make things work. Connections, no matter how small, are just as valid and important as finding one you may think is your ‘one.’ And that’s fine! Enjoy it! EMBRACE IT! Treat them like they will never go and belong there with you.

But if things change and adapt, then that period of belonging has passed, and it’s simply time to adapt and move past it too. It’s all valid and helpful and grows you as a person, but that’s the magic and anxiety of life. We just don’t know, and we do our best to make the right choices and make ourselves happiest as possible. 

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tv shows - 5, movies - 4 and books - 1 :D

Top five OTP’s (past or present) (TV Shows)


Top five favorite books made into movies

1-To Kill a Mockingbird (brilliantly done)
2-Pride & Prejudice (with Keira of course)
3-Schindler’s List
4-Great Expectations (the 1946 one, not the modern ones)
5-Sense & Sensibility

Top five favorite book (THIS IS SO HARD)

1-A Thousand Splendid Suns
2-Mi planta naranja lima/My lime tree (I’m not sure how they named it in English)
3-The Hunger Games
5-Animal Farm

Pokémon Challenge!

Feb. 7th — Let’s talk about Pokémon types. What is your favorite type? Top 5 Pokémon from that typing? What is that one type of Pokémon you can’t stand (least favorite) and why?

Electric! Not sure why but I am always drawn to the electric type, every generation has new and more interesting ones that I just can’t stop loving XD

In no particular order my top five would be: Electrike, Luxray, Rotom, Ampharos, and Dedenne.

There’s no particular type that I dislike but usually when I’m building a team bugs are not my first choice

Oscar - Best Picture Reviews

This is a weird year for the Oscars, isn’t it?  When was the last time we went into the last couple of weeks of Oscar season without a clear front runner or two?  This year any one of five of the eight nominated films could win and no one would question the choice.  Does it come down to momentum?  Guild choices?  Luck of the draw?  Here are my short reviews for all of the Best Picture nominees, in reverse order of how I liked them.  Unlike the last couple of years however, I don’t think the movie I liked the most will win Best Picture (though it really should) but at the moment, I’m not sure I could even hazard a guess as to what will finally come out on top.  Be warned - spoilers are ahead.

#8 - Bridge of Spies

There was nothing particularly bad about Bridge of Spies, but there as also nothing that really stood out as being really great about it.  Part of it could be the high expectations you have when Steven Spielberg directs a film starring Tom Hanks, co-written by the Coen brothers.  But while the story was fine and visually the film was striking, this didn’t make me feel anything.  It was kind of a run-of-the-mill thriller that didn’t have enough thrills.  I will say though that Mark Rylance’s performance was far and away the best part of the film so his Oscar nomination is definitely warranted.

#7 - The Big Short

Honestly, spots 6 and 7 are interchangeable.  I think I preferred the story in Spotlight to The Big Short, but both are ensemble pics based on true stories and both showed me things that I only really understood on the surface.  The Big Short did a good job of explaining a very confusing thing but it felt more like a fancy documentary with big stars.  What surprised me was that it was Christian Bale that got the Oscar nod because to me, Steve Carell was the one who stood out.  Bale had the wacky eye going for him, but Carell had the more emotional role.  His character is the one I connected with more.

#6 - Spotlight

It’s funny how sometimes you read stories in the news that don’t take place in your backyard and you never realize how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Spotlight did another great job of digging into a story I didn’t know as much about and much like the film below it on my list, it was filled with star power.  But it also felt like it was missing something, some other level to take it from a well-made, well-acted movie to can’t-miss, must-see film.  If I watched this on HBO a year from now I probably would have been just as happy.  And while I totally get Mark Ruffalo’s supporting actor nomination, I don’t understand Rachel McAdams.  It was a fine performance, but nothing compared to her fellow nominees.  I mean, if Mad Max was the star of Fury Road, couldn’t Charlize Theron have ended up in this category?

#5 - The Revenant

This one was the hardest for me to rank.  It could have gone anywhere from 5 to 2 but ultimately I put it here because while it was a tremendous filmmaking achievement that will give Leonardo DiCaprio a well-deserved Oscar, it was much too cold and harsh for me to really enjoy.  While not always a necessity, I often think about re-watchability when it comes to how I feel about films.  One of the films on this list I’ve already watched twice, and will 100% watch a third and probably fourth time.  Another one I will watch a second time shortly.  And 6 out of the 8 films I’ve recommended to others.  But I have a hard time recommending The Revenant because it is not an easy movie to sit through.  And I’m not just talking about DiCaprio and the famous bear scene.  It was just a very distant film and one that didn’t bring me in and instead left me outside in the cold, admiring the beauty but not feeling anything.

#4 - Brooklyn

This is easily the sweetest film on the list and that went a long way to me enjoying it as much as I did.  While her emotions never get too far out of check, Saoirse Ronan’s performance was amazing, with just the raise of an eyebrow or a subtle glance containing a lifetime’s worth of emotion.  Yes, the movie had some flaws, especially towards the end.  I would have liked to have seen more moments between her and her husband while she was in Ireland to show how much she truly missed him, but really, this was just a sweet and beautiful love story.

#3 - The Martian

The Martian to me felt like a summer popcorn film released in October and since there was no Oscar front runner either out or on the horizon, I think it got a lot of buzz really quickly.  And it’s well deserved because it was just a flat-out fun movie.  Matt Damon owned the character and had to since the entire movie balanced on his shoulders.  It was funny when it needed to be (though c’mon, a comedy Golden Globes?) and it was dark and dramatic when it had to be.  It wasn’t Gravity (my favorite movie from 2 years ago) but as far as pure entertainment for a mass audience, this is on the top of the list,

#2 - Room

The most tense moment in any film this year was not when DiCaprio was being mauled by a CGI bear, but in Room when his little boy escapes from his captor only to be caught again.  That moment of whether or not he’d be taken back to his life of captivity or finally freed had me on the edge of my seat.  I’m also pretty sure there were tears running down my cheeks for half of the film.  First off, Brie Larson was amazing as this mother, kidnapped and forced to live in a shed for years on end, and then having to raise a child and make him feel like everything was normal. Her heartbreak was written on her sleeves but you could see her fighting to keep it down to protect her son.  What I don’t understand is how young Jacob Tremblay didn’t get a supporting actor nomination.  He is the heart and soul of this film and without his tremendous performance, this movie is nothing.  Only time will tell if he’s a one trick pony but I felt every emotion, every second of fear and happiness, sorrow and joy.  Watching this movie left me feeling emotionally exhausted but it’s something that has to be seen.

#1 - Mad Max: Fury Road

I don’t review many movies anymore, but here’s a quote from my review of Mad Max from a few months ago: “It’s the most bat-shit crazy film I’ve seen in years and the action sequences are unlike any other.”  I gave Fury Road an A grade, which is something not many films have gotten from me over the years.  Every single aspect of this film was spot-on from the acting to the story to the crazy visuals, this is easily the best movie of the year.  But does it stand a chance to win Best Picture?  I can see George Miller sneaking in there and taking home Best Director, but I have a hard time imagining the Academy making a film as outrageous and balls-to-the-wall as this one Best Picture.  I think they’ll end up going the safe route and picking literally any of the other movies.  But 5 years from now, 10 years from now, my money is on Fury Road being the movie people talk about when they think back to 2015.

I have a hard time disagreeing with most of the movies on this list being nominated but if it were me, I’d have removed Bridge of Spies and added in Straight Outta Compton and Star Wars: The Force Awakens instead.  While I don’t think either of those two films deserve to win, I do think they deserve to be in the conversation.  And what do I think will eventually win?  Seriously, like I said before, I have no idea.  I *think* it’s a three-horse race between The Big Short, Spotlight and The Revenant, but this year, who can really tell?  What do you think will win Best Picture? 

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Can I just say that your Niall one shot chemicals collide is sooooooo good! Like it is def in my top two fav one shots and in my top five fav fics ive every read. I absolutely love it. It would be so incredible if you did another part to it?? Im not sure it you take prompts or anything but if its possible could you make it where Niall and y/n just say their friends and stuff to people and they hang out like all the time? You totally dont have to though. I still absolutely love it! :)

Thank you so much !! :)) I feel like I say this so much but honestly I don’t know what else I can say bc I’m so thankful to have people who read my writing and the fact that you all enjoy it and compliment me makes my heart swell so big 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖

As for a part 2, I think I might??? Like, I said I would but then I became iffy about it and kinda wanted to leave it off at where it ended bc I think it left things in a good perspective but when u mention the idea of them being friends before becoming something more I actually like the idea a lot! S'like, they take things slow and get to know eachother first– pizza dates and movies, maybe even some Christmas shopping together at the mall before break begins. And then break starts and they’re gonna leave the next day to go home and they both decide to help eachother with wrapping gifts for one another’s families and things escalate a bit 😏😏😏

Idk, maybe. Just dabbling ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thanks again for all your support.
You all are the bestest! 😚😚