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When you realize that that one episode list is fake because it said "Steven's Dagger"

Oh my god… yeah, don’t trust episode lists you see on this website unless they’re accompanied by official sources. If you want a consistent, reliable source on upcoming episode titles, there’s always the Steven Universe Wiki’s episode guide.

There’s also the Wikipedia page for the List of Steven Universe episode (which is what I usually use because it lists extras like ratings, but they list similar information overall). Remember that sources are always important!

Reasons to Watch Gravity Falls (if you haven't already)

So YEAH I KNOW I’M DOING THAT THING I DO. BLEH. But yes I recently marathoned Gravity Falls online and I don’t regret it at all. I think it’s a great show with compelling characters and the second season is just getting started with sheer awesome. Here are some reasons why this is probably my favorite cartoon since Danny Phantom:

  • Silly =/= Stupid. You’ve all seen it, the silliest person in the show is generally considered the one with the least amount going on upstairs, but this cartoon says that that is the furthest from the truth. Mabel Pines is ridiculous, yes, but she is also observant, bright, and incredibly insightful. An entire episode is dedicated to her learning that her silliness is not a handicap. Every time she says “*gasp* wait a minute!” she doesn’t completely miss the point but hits it square on the head every time. I love that, because silly/fun people are not airheaded idiots and are just as intelligent as everyone else.
  • Nice Guy is the Worst Guy. The main villain of Season 1 is Gideon, a child medium that the entire town adores. He tries to date Mabel, who turns him down every time, but he constantly manipulates her into continuing their farce relationship. Then he tries to kill her brother, Dipper. From the beginning onwards though, he is seen as villainous, creeping on Mabel and disrespecting her completely which is seen and portrayed as a bad thing. 10+ points, Gravity Falls.
  • Siblings that LOVE EACH OTHER. Okay yeah, they bicker and they don’t always see eye to eye, but who does with their siblings? The thing that makes them special is that at the end of the day (and the beginning), they still love each other and sacrifice everything for each other’s well-being. I have never seen twins portrayed so well and so truthfully than in Gravity Falls. Helps that, you know, the creator also has a twin sister, haha.
  • Handyman is Celebrated and Loved, not Demeaned. I have never once seen this show make fun of Soos like I have other characters of the same caliber. Instead, he is a friend, a confidant, and a valued member of the team. He isn’t bright, but nobody, nobody calls him stupid or slow or ignorant. They never make fun of his intelligence, build, or mannerisms. That’s really refreshing.
  • 80s + 90s References. Jfc guys there is an ENTIRE EPISODE DEDICATED TO STREET FIGHTER. IT’S BEAUTIFUL. Not to mention the songs and the products and everything else. It’s all masterfully executed. Just like…
  • Fantastic writing/line deliveries. It’s all just perfect. Especially Stan, his lines are amazing. Soos gets some pretty good ones too, as does Mabel. I’m pretty much a fan of the entirety of the show’s writing, it’s all very well-done and hilarious in execution.
  • Mysteries upon Mysteries. Show has INSANE replay value due to the heaping help of cryptograms found in every single episode. Not only that but subtle clues are placed everywhere, and sometimes may not be revisted for 7-10 episodes, so it’s important to pretty much remember EVERYTHING. The devil is in the details, and sometimes I pause the show just to see if anything of importance is in a single room. That level of depth in the art and writing is a main factor in what keeps me going back again and again.
  • Characters, Writing, animation, delivery, storyline… IT’s GREAT ITS ALL GREAT JUST GO WATCHI T ALREADY. And then flood myinbox to talk about Gravity Falls because AAAUGHGHGHGH.