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normanikordei: I just need to make sure that you are aware that you’ll always be my baby. I don’t care if you’re twenty grown and sexy. We have navigated alongside one another through the most significant moments of our young lives. We have lived so much in such minimal time. You have wiped my tears, been there to listen, you convince me that I’m snatched practically everyday and you’re the most credible wing woman in the game. It get’s hard out here for a pimp. You out of all people know what an awkward mess that I can be. Thank you for helping me through it all. The appreciation that you have for life itself humbles me. You have a heart that radiates love and hopefulness. You have the power to make anyone around you feel a sense of peace and security. God’s love for all of us shines through you. I’m grateful that you’re a part of my world. The foundation and commitment of this sisterhood that we’ve built together will forever be one of my most prized possessions. You’re a rare, kind and beautiful soul. Never forget that and don’t ever allow the world to have you think otherwise. You may be the youngest but you’ve never failed to carry your big sisters through no matter the circumstances. I am inspired by you and it has been such a blessing for me to see your transformation into the strong woman that you have become. You have much more to offer this world and it puts a smile on my face knowing that I get to witness it everyday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this angel that walks the earth. You have my heart. One day I’ll be able to covey the enormous amount of love that I have for you but for now this is all. My baby isn’t a baby anymore. I couldn’t be more proud. 🙊

The First Time (In London) - Dave Hodgman x Reader

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Dave Hodgman x Reader

Author’s Note: Being that @maddie110201 and @ninja-stiles are two of my favorite human beings and they are hosting a Dave Hodgman Week, I naturally had to participate. I haven’t actually seen the movie, but they’re my girls, you know? You do what you gotta do for your people. This is my attempt at Dave. I hope you all enjoy :)

Additional Note: I have said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times, I will never write any Dylan character as anything less than a rabid Mets fan. It’s just how it goes.

Warnings: I don’t know, don’t read it if you’re afraid of flying?

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“Oh.. no.. please don’t put that there.. it’s closed.. for a reas….” You sighed as you stood up, leaning your head to the side as to not bash it on the low ceilings.

“Uh, umm.. but, uhhh…”

You sighed again, more exasperated than anything else. You could always easily spot someone who didn’t fly as often as you did. “Is it heavy?” You stared at his backpack in his hand.

“No.” He shook his head, a sweet ’puppy dog who had just gotten whacked over the nose with a newspaper’ look gracing his handsome face.

“Can I?” You held your hand out, barely touching one of the straps on his bag. He nodded and let go of it. You judged the weight and deemed it as not that heavy. You handed it back to him and sat back down in your seat. “Can you just close the compartment again after you put it up there?” He nodded and lifted the bag over his head. Please don’t let him sit next to me. I cannot be stuck on a plane with this idiot for twelve hours. Please, airline gods. I don’t ask for much, just don’t crash and kill me and don’t let him sit down next to me.

He sat down next to you, and you rolled your eyes at the airline gods, hoping that that was the only promise that they would break that day. You went to place your headphones back over your ears when you heard his voice again. “What?” You said, pulling your headphones around the back of your neck, annoyed.

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Probably one of my most favorite moments in the musical is this part at the end. So sweet and Russia is such a big cutie through out the musical. I actually cried like a big loser at the ending. America’s “Welcome back” To England make me crack like an egg. It got so emotional at some parts the actors were actually crying. During this part England was still crying and a snooty mess. England using Alcohol to cope with losing America.. There is a lot going on in the musical. Buy the DVD and support the musical guys. These actors worked so hard and if you know Japanese there is no excuse to not support something so amazing. Maybe I am talking very emotionally but this musical is a great story and could even be great by itself without the Hetalia attached to it. The singing has improved from the first Musical, and the choreography seemed a bit more intense. I can honestly say Hetalia The Great World is one of my prized possessions.

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Her Instinct - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - A Broken Frame

*mature gifs ahead*

This chapter was inspired by the song Guys My Age by Hey Violet. Feel free to listen as you read, it’s a great song and really fitting to the character ;-)

Morning came even quicker than last time. I feel the warmth of his body against my back. It was so comforting, his lean arm draped over my body, connecting us.

I studied his forearm. His skin looked and felt so smooth, not oily or dry, but just healthy and clear. I outlined his arm, taking in the shape with my hands.

Remembering it.

Memorizing it.

I glided my fingers down to his hand, tracing his palm. His hands weren’t as soft and smooth as his harm. Callouses outlined his palms, either from working out or all that housework he must do. The memory of his cart full of household cleaning items came across my mind. Funny thing, Mr. Leto never talks about a gardening. It must be for the houses he sells.

My mind wandered back to his warm body pressed against my back. I lapsed back into the memories from last night of us wrapped in each other’s arms, inseparable.

I felt myself melt into his arms. A soft kiss on my neck broke my train of thought.

“Someone’s awake,” he said groggily. The huskiness in his voice sent chills down my spine and was literally, the sexiest thing to wake up too.

“Someone’s still sleepy, ” I retorted playfully as I turned to face him .

“For you, I’d be awake in a heart beat.” He said suggestively.

His voice paled in comparison with his looks. Yep, he was just as flawless as he was before. My eyes outlined his perfectly handsome features. I started with is eyes, then his cheek bones, his jaw , down to his neck and stopped at his clavicle. I decided to give my eyes a break and grazed my fingers against his shoulders and chest.

He stared back at me calmly as I touched him. I felt peaceful in the oddest way.

“I don’t want to leave. I could stay in bed with you all day.” I said out loud to myself.

“Don’t say that Kerri, or I’ll just might have to make that happen.” He tapped my nose with finger with his finger.

I laughed as I inched closer to him. He leaned in, kissing me tenderly. He proceeded to kiss down across my jaw tracing down to my shoulders.

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Flora and Fauna (Newt Scamander X Reader) Part 1

(Above moodboard is one of mine)
Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1355

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@finns-roses ________________________________________________________________
“Thank you! Come again!” I say at the young man leaving my shop, a bundle of lilies in his hands. I pulled out my wand and flicked it, causing the small open sign to closed and locking the door. The curtains closed over the large glass window and the glass panel of the door. With my little flower shop closed, I went into the back, where my real business hid. I ran a small flower shop called Flora’s in New York City as front for the No-Maj’s, so that my potion supply store and herbology services could be easily accessible to other wizards and witches. I had always been in love with herbology, even before I went to Hogwarts. I grew up with a single father and no other siblings, and my father and I had a huge garden. He loved to teach me about the plants, both magical and non magical. How to tend to them and care for them, their uses, how to counter any negative ailments they might cause. I loved plants so much. After I graduated from Hogwarts I traveled the world, finding and documenting new plants and collecting them for my own garden. Many wizards had tried to urge me to compile my knowledge into a book, to update the magical community past the late Phyllida Spores “One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi”. It was missing more than 200 plants, which wasn’t surprising considering that it was published in 1408, more than 500 years ago. I had been genuinely thinking about it recently. After turning down the herbology professor position at multiple magical schools, including Hogwarts and Ilvermorny, I had been thinking that maybe they could use an updated textbook written by me rather than me as a professor. That is what led me to have a journal full of compiled notes and sketches of all of the magical plants I knew of. It was a large tome with dried plants and notes sticking out of it. It was one of my most prized possessions. I walked into the back room of the shop which was full of the smell of baking bread from Kowalski’s Bakery next door. Jacob Kowalski’s was a very nice man who would often trade me baked goods for bouquets of fresh flowers. He had some items that looked eerily like magical creatures. But that must just be purely coincidence, because Jacob was a No-Maj. I heard a knock at the door that adjoined our two shops. “It’s open, hon!” I called, and Jacob opened the door holding his glass vase and a load of fresh olive bread, on of my favorites. “What kind of flowers will it be today Mister Kowalski?” I said with a smile on my face. “I was thinking some lavender might be nice. I leave it up to you though (Y/N), you’re the expert after all.” He said with a small chuckle, setting the paper wrapped bread on my drying table. I smiled, grabbed his vase, and flitted off to go pick out the flowers for the arrangement from the buckets in the main room. I picked some lavender, lemongrass, and baby’s breath. I set them on my table and arranged them in order, then I trimmed them, and set the flowers in the vase. I walked back into the back room, bouquet in hand. “That’s beautiful!” Jacob exclaims, gazing at the arrangement. “Change the water every two days. And remember, put a lid full of household bleach in with the water to keep them perky.” I say, handing the stout man the flowers. “Thank you (Y/N). Enjoy your bread!” He called as he exited back into his shop, closing the door behind him. I giggled at his excitement and locked the door behind him. I then walked over to a large steamer trunk placed against the back wall. I open the lid and step inside, walking down into the trunk on a small spiral staircase. I reached the bottom of the staircase. Instead of paying to rent a apartment, I had created a small home with a humongous greenhouse attached inside the trunk. It had been very advantageous when I was moving around alot but recently I had been thinking that it might be nice to expand the greenhouse and live in a real apartment. I had been looking in the paper for ads and had found a very nice apartment to go look at tomorrow. It was in the same building as one of my regulars, a Miss Queenie Goldstein. She was the closest thing I had to a friend, other than Jacob. I tended to off put people with my love of plants. Plants were easier than people, it was as simple as that. I walked to my bedroom, through the maze of boxes. I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep instantly.The apartment was managed by a nice woman named Mrs. Espicito, and honestly? It was perfect. 2 bedrooms with a a large kitchen and lots of natural light. I was right across the hall from Queenie and her sister Tina. Mrs Espicito told me that they had a young man living with them, sort of like a brother, and that he was the only man in the building. Typically men weren’t allowed to live here but Mrs Espicito said that apparently the girls and their male friend had rescued him from an abusive home. I had immediately put the down payment on the apartment and told her that I would be moved in by tomorrow night. She thanked me and handed me the keys, counting the money as she exited. I was exploring the apartment more when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and got immediately tackle hugged by a blonde blur. “Sweetie we’re neighbors!” Queenie squeals as she hugs me. I laugh and return the hug. I glance up and see her sister Tina standing in the doorway with an apologetic look on her face. “Isn’t this great, Teenie?!?!” She exclaims releasing me and going to hug her sister. “It really is.” Tina said, a small smile on her face. “Credence! Come meet our new neighbor!” Queenie calls across the hall “He’s a wizard. He was the obscurial from not too long ago.” She explains to me. A young man, 18 years old at most with a mop of black hair, comes into the doorway. His eyes are focused on the floor and he quickly flicks his eyes up at me and then swiftly back to the floor. “She’s a friend, sweetie. She runs the store where I get all the flowers you like. She’s a witch!” Queenie says, gently touching his hand comfortingly. He looks back up at me and this time he doesn’t look away. “You like plants Credence?” I ask, softening my usually unfocused and jumpy face to make him feel more comfortable. “Yes, ma’am.” He nods. “You know, I’m looking for someone to help me in the shop. If you’re interested?” I offer. I genuinely was looking for help and having someone who was allowed to know about magic would be helpful. And since he had an obscurial, he had probably missed magical school. “I could teach you about the magical world. I specialize is Herbology, but I’m also pretty proficient at potions. I even run a potion supply in the back room of my shop.” I explain. His eyes light up at the thought of learning. I knew I had him hooked. “You should go Credence. She’s the leading expert in Herbology.” Tina says. Credence looks at me and nods. “I would like that very much.” He says with a small smile on his face. The phone across the hall starts ringing and Queenie goes to get it. I start discussing how business is going with Tina with a very interested Credence listening to us talk. We hear Queenie squeal and we all go over to see what happened, expecting a spider or something. “That was Newt! He’s moving to America! He’s on his way right now!” She squeals, clapping her hands excitedly. 

I didn’t know.

I never expected to be the desired one. I promise you, I never thought I’d be that lucky. As if I, me, could be lucky enough to be desired by someone I didn’t desire back. As if I could manage to be the one who wasn’t in the endless cycle of wanting someone who didn’t want me. I never thought of myself as the one good enough to not love someone who loves me, as someone lucky enough to get that chance. No, not me. Ever.

But, I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that it’s not good luck to end up in that position. I didn’t know that being that person who owns the unrequited love is as pained as the one who gets hit with it. I didn’t think about how I’d have to throw it.

I didn’t know, not until I met you.

You look at me with stars in your eyes and I don’t know how you manage that. You touch me like one caresses their most prized possession. You say my name like a lion roars: proud. You chase me at a speed that beats light-years, your heart tugging you along, and you can’t manage to catch up as I slowly drift off, leaving your efforts behind without care.

I thought, stupidly, that it was some kind of higher social status to be able to break a heart. But, with a heart like mine, it didn’t feel like some golden ladder I stepped up on. It felt like hitting someone late at night and not stopping to help. It felt like making a promise and breaking it on purpose. It felt like turning a blind eye to someone’s pain, except it was me causing the pain, wasn’t it?

Isn’t it?

You stay up late at night, letting me camp out in your thoughts, and I’ll admit it’s comfortable. I wish I’d leave, but I find myself unable to. You can’t leave me alone and I don’t have the heart to erase you from my life, though I suppose that would be easier in the long run. You smile when you see me with the person I let close to me instead of you, yet I see the tears blocking the smile from reaching your eyes. You’re there every time I need some kind of confirmation that I’m a good person, but the fact that you haven’t left yet, that I haven’t let you, contradicts your steady stream of sweet sentences that flow like honey.

And I know, god, I just know that you would treat me better than the clouds treat the skies they live in. I know you’d give me everything no one else could ever dream to. I know it, and that’s the most tragic part.

I want everything you want to give me, but I just don’t want it from you.

A long time ago, I thought that this would be something akin to a gift, to a compliment. But now, I know that it feels like watching an ant squirm under the sun, and I never had the capacity to handle that. I’m not cruel, or so I said, but then I met you.

I promise I didn’t know.

—  A look into my head//jjw; you want to be my fairytale but I only read mysteries and you want to be my happy ending but I already know you’re not the main character and you love me with everything you have but I can’t look you in the eyes ever again
I Am An Alpha Ch 16: Luhan

I swing the blade in my hand a few times, making sure the hilt is tied on tight. Jimin is a few yards away from me stretching and mimicking my actions with his own sword. The atmosphere around us is on two completely different ends of the emotion spectrum, my pack is grinning ear to ear, ready for the match about to go on between the younger boy and I. On the other end my mates look like they are about to have a panic attack. From the frustrated pheromones they are putting out I’m surprised the others haven’t woken up, though I’m thankful they haven’t. I doubt they would be as easy to convince to allow me to do this.

I glance over my shoulder at my older mates, Kris, Minseok, and Luhan have their arms crossed over their chests, faces set in a death glare, ready to jump out and murder anyone who makes one wrong move. Yixing is ringing his hands nervously. Though they are absolutely pissed about this they know not to stop me, the youngers I realized yesterday are blinded by their possessiveness and their alphas. But the elders’ understanding only goes so far, hence the sheaths.

“Are you ready Chimchim?” I muse playfully, bringing my sword up.

He grins, “Are you Hyung? It’s been awhile, I don’t think you are as good as you used to be.”

“We shall see.”

He comes at me without any hesitation,  I jump out of the way, letting him stumble past me and glare at me over his shoulder. My blade swings on either side of me, I hum mindlessly, teasing the younger. He whips around and again charges at me. This time I move slower letting my sword hang lower, nicking his ankle and sending him stumbling into the snow. I chuckle, “Chimchim, were you really teasing me? When was the last time we actually spared like this? Come on use that weapon like you were trained to! You are making a fool of Hobi’s training.”

He snarls and throws his sword down, his fist clench as he resets his shoulders, his eyes fixated on me. Now things are getting serious. I mimic his actions discarding my own weapon and crack my knuckles. Tired of waiting for him I run at him without warning and tackle him to the ground. We roll in the snow, focused on our match but that doesn’t stop us from laughing at the sudden shock of the snow against our backs. Jimin manages to get on top but I get my knees in between us and keep him from getting close to my neck. Fangs pressed against the neck is the automatic win, neck bared is the automatic out. I an mot baring my neck to this kid so that leaves me only one option, but first I need to get the upper hand which shouldn’t be too hard. Jimin is a strong kid but he’s too eager so when he tries to lean closer to my neck I am able to flip him over and position myself on top.

“So close!” I cheer as I lean down and prepare to nibble on his neck but suddenly I ripped away from him. Everything is moving so fast but I hear Jimin yelp and see him being dragged away by Namjoon. “What the hell!” I roar.

Kris is fuming, “You can’t mark anyone else!”

“What?” My brow furrows.

“You…You… An alpha can only mark your mate! You marked me so you can’t mark anyone else!”

I scoff, “I wasn’t going to mark him. It’s how you win, I’m not an idiot I know I can’t mark just anyone.”

“Wait a minute,” Minseok comes into the conversation, “She marked you?”

Kris’s bashfulness about the subject is completely gone, “Yes! She did! Because I am her mate!”

“I think we should go,” Namjoon pulls Jimin to his feet.

“But we haven’t been able to talk,” I whine.

Luhan appears next to me and places a warm hand on my shoulder, “They can come back later since this little spat is our fault. Kris needs to calm down so it would be best if they weren’t around, okay?”

I nod.

“Feel free to return later in the afternoon, around dinner time, by then everyone should be prepared for your visit, thank you for bringing her things,” Luhan says politely. My pack nods before handing my bag over to Minseok and heading back into the forest. When they are gone Kris turns me around in his arms and buries his face in the crook of my neck, his lips brush against my mark. I sigh and wrap my arms around him.

“So jealous,” I muse.

“I stop myself, I’m sorry. I just saw you going for his neck and my wolf roared to life, I had to stop you.”

I chuckle, “It’s okay, no one was hurt, our fights are getting much better.”

“We should go inside. You are going to freeze to death out here like that,” Minseok advises me.

“I have a giant attached to me, I can’t move very far,” Without a word Kris scoops me up, never removing his face from my neck. “Why do they have to come back so late?” I ask Luhan as we walk back inside.

“Because, little wolf, we are going into town today so you can get some things.”

“Into town? Really?” I grin ear to ear at that.

Yixing is smiling back, “Yes, are you excited?”

“But before we go out we should get you something to wear out. Baekhyun or Minseok hyung are the most likely to have things you can fit,” Luhan scans the older man.

“I’ll go check, give me a minute,” Minseok heads out of the living room but comes back for a moment, “Should I wake up the others?”

Yixing sighs, “Probably, tell them to get dressed before coming down.” Minseok nods before rushing up the stairs. Kris drops down on to one of the couches with me straddling his hips.

“Your heart rate has gone down,” Luhan notes.

Kris peeks out from his hiding place, “And?”

Luhan puffs his chest, “I want to hold her.”

“A few more minutes,” The younger mumbles.

“The others will be here in a few minutes, I just want her for a moment.”

Kris groans when I pull away from him, “You got me all night. I haven’t had a chance to see Luhan hyung.”

Luhan offers me a hand that I happily accept. “You are so cold,” He automatically pulls me into a tight hug. “We aren’t having a big breakfast today so lets go get you something to eat and something warm to drink, huh?”

“Sounds good.”

He leads me into the kitchen where he has me sit down at one of the stools as he moves around the kitchen to get some hot water going in a pretty tea kettle. He pulls some machine out of the cabinet and plugs it in. I watch on the edge of my seat as he grabs some bread and places it in the machine. I narrow my eyes on the silver contraption as I try to remember what it’s called; I know what it is. Luhan moves away from it to the stove where he begins heating a pan.

He is focused on cooking and suddenly I don’t care about the machine, a chilly air surrounds me making me wrap my arms around myself. Why the hell is it so cold all of a sudden? The realization dawns on me and I frown. I jump off the stool and shuffle towards where Luhan is making an omelet. He doesn’t notice me until my arms are wrapping around his waist from behind, he jumps at first but settles into my embrace.

“You seem very affectionate today,” He notes softly, one of his hands rests over my mine.

“It’s the bond,” I explain with my face buried between his shoulder blades, “If you guys are too far away I get really cold. Kris said it went both ways but I guess not.”

“It goes both ways, don’t worry, I am just so afraid that I’ll hold you so tight I’ll snap you in half or scare you away,” He moves his finished project off the heat and turns around in my arms and holds me tight. “Oh my sweet little wolf,” He purrs in my ear, “I just want to eat you up.”

My face burns bright red, “Hyung!”

He chuckles, “I’m sorry, I told you I would scare you.” He lets me go to finish getting me breakfast. I watch as he pours me tea and butters the bread. “You can sit back down, I’ll be right over,” He shoos me to my seat. A moment later he comes over with breakfast enough for two, the omelet is made beautifully, rolled perfectly and cut up into bite-sized pieces. He sits down next to me and eagerly pushes the food closer to me, “Please eat.”

“Thank you,” I bow my head to him and use the chop sticks he got for me to eat a piece of the omelet. He sips his own tea as he watches me eat. “It’s delicious!” I beam at him.

“I’m happy to hear you say so! I’ve never been the best cook so make sure to let Kyungsoo know you like it, okay!”

I nod, “I will, you should eat some too!”

He complies and eats a few pieces, alternating between that and the bread.

A moment later I remember what I was trying to figure out earlier, “What is that thing called?” I point to the machine.

His brows furrow in confusion, “The toaster?”

I nod, “Toaster! Of course!”

“I guess you probably did use those either.”

“You would be right.”

“So probably don’t know about coffee makers, blenders, and things like that, do you?”

I shake my head, “Nope.”

“We are going to have a very exciting day,” He muses. “Have you ever been in a car? Or at least seen one?”

“I’ve seen a few but never been in one. They scared me for awhile but now I’m really interested in them. Namjoon has a few old books on them so I know about older models.”

“Well lucky for you one of my most prized possessions is an older car, would you like to see it?”

“Yes!” I jump to my feet.

“After you finish eating of course, sit back down little wolf.”

“But Hyung, come on!”

He chuckles, “Okay, okay.”

“Who was cooking?” Someone questions joining us in the kitchen. It’s Kyungsoo and Chanyeol.

The giant bounces up to me, “Good morning little wolf!”

“Good morning Hyung, you seem excited this morning.”

He smiles wide, “We are going out today, I’m really excited to show you everything.”

“You have too much energy for it being so early,” Kyungsoo growls, pushing the older out of the way. “Good morning Insoo-ya,” He surprises me by placing a kiss on my forehead. “Are you hungry?”

I shake my head, “Nope! Luhan hyung made me breakfast.”

His large eyes go wide, “What?” Not just him but Chanyeol as well. “Luhan cooked for you?”

“Yea, it was really good,” I beam at the oldest.

“Spit it out right now!”

“Soo!” Luhan whines, “It was good! I swear!”

“No! The last time you cooked you got half the pack sick so you try again by feed our mate?” Kyungsoo snarls. “I am the only person who will be cooking for her, Insoo please eat something else, maybe it can cover up whatever he made.”

“Hyung I’m fine really, thank you…”

Suddenly my stomach starts to groan.

“Luhan, I told you!”

Hope this shows the boys playful side a bit, next chapter they will be having fun out of the house so I hope you are looking forward to it! I will update Bad girl tomorrow night!

Almost Is Never Enough |Part 2| Final

Word Count: 5.6k

Genre: Angst + Smut + Fluff, Bestfriend AU! Min Yoongi!

Summary: What happen when you fell in love with your best friend and make him confused with your confession? Will he return your love or will he run away?

A/n: I kept it pretty vanilla ;) Feel free to give me some feedback!

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|Part 1|

Originally posted by mn-yg

*Back to current time*

Yoongi followed me to the living room grabbing onto my arms to turn me around.

“But I can try” He looked at me with desperate eyes. “I can try to love you… I-I’ll fall in love with you Y/N. I can. Believe me. Just give me time. I don’t want to lose you…”

I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore. I feel exhausted, and weak from all the emotions that rushed through my body. My body fell to the ground as I shook my head.

“Yoongi… I don’t want you to love me that way… What don’t you understand? I want real love Yoongi. I don’t want you to force yourself…” I sobbed uncontrollably shaking my head in confusion and with mixed emotions. 

I feel pathetic. I shouldn’t have told him. We wouldn’t have this conversation. He wouldn’t try to love me out of pity. I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t want to deal with this anymore.

It’s been three months. Three months of agonizing pain and locking myself up in my room until Yoongi showed up a week after he ran away from my confession. It was raining and he was wet from head to toe. He told me he didn’t want Lisa and that he’s sorry for running away. He wanted to try having romantic feelings for me. He wanted to try loving me. But you can’t try to love a person. You just do.

I rejected his proposal over and over again but it didn’t discourage him from showing up at my house every so often for the last 3 months. Sometimes drunk and aggressive. Sometimes sober and desperate. 

I wanted nothing more but to wrapped my arms around him and embrace him every time but I can’t and I won’t. That would only make things worse. That would only make my feelings for him stronger. It would only make Yoongi lie to himself more and more. I can’t let my feelings ruin the only person I care so much for in this world.

Yoongi looked down at me with half of his eyes open. Brimmed with tears that he bit hard on his lips to try and suppress. “Y/N… please…” His hands scrunched up in a ball as his knuckles turned more pale than it already is. “Why can’t we go back to the old days? Why can’t you stay as my best friend and why can’t we just forget all of this? It’s been three months Y/N. I can’t do this anymore. No one understands me like you do. I can’t… please please please…” He knelt down taking a hold of my hands that are now covering my face.

“Yoongi I can’t forget the fact that I love you and every time I see you I want to be with you. I can’t forget the feelings that I’ve been hiding. I can’t… It hurts too much. The day you ran away when I confessed to you I already got the answer. It’s okay if you don’t love me the same way but please don’t force this on yourself. Both of us will never be happy…” 

He let go of my hands for a moment before grabbing on to it again. 

“No… I don’t want to.”

“I’ve never asked for anything from you but now I’m asking you to leave and let me be Yoongi. If you stay I don’t know if I can take the pain any longer.” I stood up and walked towards the door. Yoongi followed me quickly afterward. 

I opened the door indicating for him to exit. His body was facing me and wouldn’t budge. He just stands there and looks at me through his dark orbs.

“Yoongi please leave” My throat is now dry and hoarse making my voice crack a little.
My eyes look away to somewhere behind his body that was blocking almost my whole view.
“Please Yoongi…”
“Y-Y/N…” His voice cracked and he sniffled a little.
“I beg you Yoongi…” I say as I try to push his body through the door.

He doesn’t move or try to resist. I pushed him once more as hard as I can before he finally moves. With this opportunity I pushed him out the door and closed the door immediately behind him. With my back pressed against the door as I slid down to the floor.

“Y/N… Y/n” 

I can still hear his voice calling for me through the door as he bangs on the hard wood. I can hear his sobs that’s faintly there. His light cough, his cologne that stills lingers under my nose, and his warmth that I can still feel on my hands. Once again I broke the promise I made to myself and I wept onto my knees. My arms wrapping around them as I hold myself.

“Ahhh I-I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” Was all I could let out. This is all my fault.

After that night, Yoongi didn’t come banging on my door anymore. He didn’t call or text me at every hour that he could anymore. No more Yoongi… no more laughters… no more warmth… and no more love.

I woke up to complete darkness that covered every inch of my room. Time had fled to an unknown place that I didn’t care about. I didn’t mind the darkness or the strikes of light that fought through my thick curtain. It’s silent, I’m drowning in complete silence and that scares me more than it should. Everything is still and dull. Boring and colored with gray. The only thing that seems to sparks my interest on getting up is the picture that hangs next to my high school diploma.

A picture from the time when I was drunk and had forced Yoongi to take a selfie with me. His cheeks blossomed cherry from the alcohol that had rushed through his veins. My right arm wrapped around his neck pulling him as close to me as possible. My left arm reaching out to fit both of us in the screen as my once bright smile contrasted with Yoongi forced one. It was my prized possession that I had cherished enough to hang on my wall. It had once brought smiles and sunshine to me every time I woke up. Now it’s something that reminds me of the pain and of him.

I can barely look at it without shedding a tear. What is it still doing there? Why didn’t I put it in the box that I had filled with everything that reminded me of him? Everything that had his scent. From the hoodie that he left, that I wear more than my pajamas, to the pillow case he always slept on when he stayed the night. I hid the box in the deepest corner of my closet. It hurts too much to look at them but it holds too much memories to throw away.

I removed the picture from the wall and placed it face down flat on the table. Pulling the curtains to the side revealing bright lights that illuminate my room. I reached for a sweater and some jeans to put on, zipped up my boots and walked out of my neglected apartment to meet Tae. Tae has been giving me mental support as he felt partly responsible for encouraging me to confess to Yoongi. I don’t blame him for anything. I only blame myself.

I walked down towards the stairs to the mailbox room. I opened the mailbox that I haven’t checked in what feels like a decade. The box was mostly filled with commercial mail and credit statements. But something caught my eye, there was a little brown box that was tied with a pink ribbon and had a letter attached to it.

To: Y/N
From: Yoongi
I know you don’t want to see me and you don’t want anything to do with me but this is all I can do for you. The song that you helped me record and the song that made me realize what I’ve been missing when it was right in front of me…

A while back Yoongi heard me singing in the shower and basically persuaded me to help him with a song. I agreed after he pleaded and bribed me with late night snacks.

*ring ring*


“Y/N are we still meeting at the café?” Tae’s voice rummaged through the speaker.
I looked at the box and gave it a little squeeze.

“I’m sorry Tae something came up, I promise I’ll meet up with you tomorrow.”
“Something came up? What is it?” I can sense his eyebrows furrowing in a line as his voice drops to a low monotone one.

“I just had some business to take care of. I promise it’s nothing” I confessed.
“Fine.” He huffed out a sigh before speaking again.

“If you need me. You know I’m only a call away”
“I know Tae” I whispered giving him a little farewell smile that he couldn’t see.

I marched up the steps back to my apartment with the little box in my hand. When I opened it, there was a DVD with Yoongi’s hand writing on the display of it.

Almost is Never Enough X Min Yoongi X Y/N

I ran my fingers across the DVD before inserting it into the DVD player. My heart ached a little as he appeared on the screen. He’s seated in his studio in sweats and a plaid shirt. His hair messily falls on one side of his face, probably from running his hand through them so often. 

He stares at the camera and smiles before turning sideways towards the microphone setup in front of him. He plays with the switches on the pad until the music came on. A small square off the right side of the screen appeared. A footage of me sitting inside his studio singing my part of the song. The music matches with my singing perfectly. My heart trembles when Yoongi begins to rap for the second part. The song ended with…

“ ..A chance is all I need, a chance to hold your trust. Almost is never enough but almost is all I need for us..”

He stops and turns back to look into the camera. He opens his mouth and then closes it again afraid to say what’s coming next.

“Y/N I know you probably don’t want to hear this right now and you probably won’t believe me but I really do like you. More than like you, more like love you” he chuckles as he runs his hands across his face and rubbing his eyes.

“This is so embarrassing to say out loud. You know I’m never the type to be mushy… I-I uh can’t really express my feelings well and I only saw you as someone who’s close to me but I was wrong. Now I see clearly that you’re not just close to my heart but you are a part of it. I love you so much Y/N, you don’t even know. A part of me always knew you had these feelings for me and a part of me felt the same. But you went out with a couple of guys and I thought what I felt was wrong. If I would have known that you wanted me the way I wanted you. Then maybe we wouldn’t be where we are right now but right here in each other’s arms…” he gave a bittersweet smile as he rested his eyes on the floor for a while before standing up and reaching for the camera to end the video.

My hands trembled covering my mouth as my shaky voice escapes through them. Tears flowed down like an endless river as I sob and shake from what feels like a heartache. I didn’t know he felt the same way and I probably would’ve sooner if I didn’t try so hard to push the man I love away from me. My body feels exhausted as my tears dried up in patches on my skin. I picked myself up as I reached for my keys and bolted for the door. I have to get to Yoongi. I have to talk to him.

I scrunched up my fists and knock on the hard wood door several times constantly due to me being so impatient. I knock so hard that if I knock any harder the door would have a hole in it. Less than a minute later I heard footsteps scrambling to get to the door. 

The door opens quickly as Yoongi’s eyes widen in surprise. He looked tired and a little bit more frail than the last time I saw him. His dark eye bags are now visibly there. His hair is swept in every direction while his attire is a big white tee and some boxers. Still, he looks perfect to me. He’s still the Yoongi I fell in love with and the Yoongi I still and forever will always want to be with.

“Y-Y/N… what are yo-“

I cut him off by wrapping my arms around his neck and connecting our lips. Yoongi grabbed onto my body as I pushed both of us into the apartment before kicking the door close. Yoongi kissed back instantly making it feel even more perfect than it already was. 

His lips were soft and were carved perfectly to fit mine. The taste of mints linger from his tongue to mine when I let him in to explore. Our body clash against each other as he pin me to the wall. He pulls back from the kiss and my brows furrow from the lack of touch. My lips tingle as I can still taste him.

“Y/n.. I-I don’t understand. Does this mean-“

“Yes Yoongi. I love you..” I looked him in the eyes as he stared back at mine like two lovers who haven’t seen each other in years.

“I’m not going to lie and torture myself anymore. I tried so hard Yoongi.. and it’s not working. Every day it feels so empty! Empty in my apartment that missed your presence so much. Empty in my heart that was filled with you. I love you Yoongi..” I looked down cheeks flushed in bubble gum still afraid to hear what he has to say. He lightly lifts my face up to his before he leans in placing his forehead against mines 

“ I love you so much more” he whispered the words that I longed to hear. Tears welled up as they glided down my cheeks.

I whimpered a little as he ran his thumb across to wipe them away. “Shhh shh… baby it’s okay.”

He reconnected our lips in a sweet kiss that soon turned to a passionate one. His hands roamed over every inch of my body before landing on my ass and lifting me up. I jumped up in a quick motion wrapping my legs around his waist. He carries me to the bedroom that I’ve been in so many times before but never for this particular reason. He lays me down on his mattress before pulling away to remove his shirt. His skin pale as snow like a canvas I want to paint marks all over.

My legs wrapped around his body as my core and his growing one rubbed against each other. He let out a moan before hovering over me once again. He removes my top and my bottom in the process as he run his hands across every inch of my body. 

He crept his hand to my back to unhook the bra and massages my boobs. Then he continues to pull down my panties. He takes a step back and takes in the view that I display. Even with his eye lids half open, I can still see his pupils blow out from lust and hunger as he looks at me.

“You’re so beautiful” Quickly, I covered myself with my hands in embarrassment.

He forcefully ripped my hands away from my body and pinned them against the white sheets. 

“Don’t hide away from me babe. I love everything about you. I want to see all of it.”

Sloppy wet kisses covered my body as moans and grunts were echoing through the room. His hands still pinning mine down as he sucks on the hardened nipples sending a rush of pleasure to my core. His body in between my legs rubbing against my wet core making me scream out of frustration and pleasure. He kissed his way down from my stomach to my thighs to my inner thighs. 

Then he finally lets my hands go. He looks up at me with filthy dusted eyes as he licks his lips. With just that I feel even more and more aroused and turned on than I ever have. I reached for his hair trying to lead him towards the place where I need him the most. 

He grabs my hands and places them on my sides. “Ah ah ah. No touching babe. I do all the touching in this house.”

“Please Yoongi. No more teasing, I need you” I plead with desperate eyes which he takes pleasure in seeing.
“I love it when you plead. Plead again and I might think about it”
“Please please please Yoon- ahh” He cut me off as his tongue licks the tip of my entrance to the top of my clit in one swipe.

Drops of saliva leave his mouth coating my wet core as he eats me out like a lion that hasn’t eaten in days. Moans erupted from me like a volcano thats about to explode. His name ripped from my lips over and over again. He dipped the tip of his tongue inside my entrance causing me to freeze and stop breathing for a moment. He dipped in and out to see my reaction as my breaths speed up. Catching my breath is harder than winning a lottery. 

Adrenaline rushed through my body and up to my brain as I screamed in pleasure chasing my orgasm. My lids close as I see starlights clearer than ever. A moment later Yoongi flips my body over spreading my legs even wider as he held my upper half down flat on the mattress. My ass pointing upward giving him access to all that he needed right now.

“Yoongi let me return the favor” I weakly blabbed. He leans forward next to my ears and bites down on it as I screech in surprise.

“We have plenty of time for that later baby. Right now I need to be inside of you so bad.” Him saying my new nickname made me even wetter and more ready to take him than I already am. I nodded as I turned around to see him. He pulled his boxer down as his shaft sprung up hitting his stomach. Long and thick, hard and red leaking with pre-cum. I licked my lips as I take in the delicious sight.

“Are you ready baby?”

I never nodded any faster in my life. He entered in one thrust. Slowly as he stayed still for me to adjust to his length. He filled my insides up completely and stretched it out to what seemed like it was impossible. Grunts and moans were release as he moved out and thrusted in again. This time harsher and faster. He grabbed my ass and gave it a little squeeze before thrusting into me harder than a train wreck.

“Oh my g-god.. a-ah Y-oong-gi. Yo-u’re so big”

“Damn you’re so fucking tight and you feel so good I can’t stop” it didn’t take long before my stomach started to tighten up.

“Yoong-gi I-I’m about to c-cum”

He didn’t stop. He just kept going harder and faster than before hitting me in every corner and g-spot that no man ever did. Skin slapping against each other loud and obnoxiously, moving the creaking bed to the point it might’ve broke any minutes. A few more thrusts and he could send me to Hong Kong. My body shakes violently as he continues to thrusts helping me ride out my highs. Screams and curses of profanity mixed with his name played on repeat. It didn’t take long for Yoongi to reach his high neither. He started to slow his pace down and he couldn’t say anything but “fuck”.

“Can I cum inside you Y/N” and with a nod he released his warm seeds into me and collapsed next to me after. Stripes of sweat threaten to cascade down his face as his heart beats slow down while catching his breath in the process. He reached over to pulled me into his arms as he used a blanket to cover our exhausted naked bodies. 

“That was amazing, you’re amazing” he said as his nose ruffled through my hair taking in my scent.

“It was perfect” was all I could muffle against his chest. His chuckles vibrated against me as silence fell upon us again.

“I love you so much Y/N. I love you to the moon and back and to eternity. Never forget that. Ever!” He tightened his arms around me before placing a sweet kiss on my forehead. 

“I love you too. I guess you were right. Almost is never enough but almost was enough for us.”

normanikordei: I just need to make sure that you are aware that you’ll always be my baby. I don’t care if you’re twenty grown and sexy. We have navigated alongside one another through the most significant moments of our young lives. We have lived so much in such minimal time. You have wiped my tears, been there to listen, you convince me that I’m snatched practically everyday and you’re the most credible wing woman in the game. It get’s hard out here for a pimp. You out of all people know what an awkward mess that I can be. Thank you for helping me through it all. The appreciation that you have for life itself humbles me. You have a heart that radiates love and hopefulness. You have the power to make anyone around you feel a sense of peace and security. God’s love for all of us shines through you. I’m grateful that you’re a part of my world. The foundation and commitment of this sisterhood that we’ve built together will forever be one of my most prized possessions. You’re a rare, kind and beautiful soul. Never forget that and don’t ever allow the world to have you think otherwise. You may be the youngest but you’ve never failed to carry your big sisters through no matter the circumstances. I am inspired by you and it has been such a blessing for me to see your transformation into the strong woman that you have become. You have much more to offer this world and it puts a smile on my face knowing that I get to witness it everyday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this angel that walks the earth. You have my heart. One day I’ll be able to covey the enormous amount of love that I have for you but for now this is all. My baby isn’t a baby anymore. I couldn’t be more proud. 🙊