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Texts Damian has sent?

  • Grayson…did you put a saddle on Batcow? Did you try to ride Batcow? 
  • I am going to punch him in the face, I just am and he will have to deal with it
  • I’m mad at Titus because he licked Tim’s face but he was probably just trying to lick the salt from Tim’s tears
  • Which one of you savages ate the last of MY coco puffs? Which one huh? Because I don’t go around eating your cereal
  • Selina, may I come over after school? I had a long day and I want to play with your cats
  • Breaking his middle finger was justified I’ll have you know
  • Is Alfred the cat in there with you?
  • Buzzfeed asked me to pick which animal is my favorite and I can’t do it, I just can’t. All animals are good animals, how can anyone have just one?
  • *picture of Titus in a Wonder Woman costume* 
  • I have a song stuck in my head and it goes bum bum bum bum bum bum bummmmmm 
  • *texts Dick or Cass separately from the group chat*
  • Do you think Alfred or father will notice if a sneak one of Selina’s cats in my room?
  • What about in Cass’ room?
  • It’s a kitten, it’s really cute
  • I don’t care what father or Alfred says, I’m doing it anyway, I’m adopting one of Selina’s kittens
Trent Reznor on the "Closer" talk with his kids in the future
  • I’m not looking forward to the “Closer” talk, which is probably going to happen quicker than I’d like. Just this morning, me and my two older boys were sitting in the hotel restaurant. Their mom has played the new EP for them a couple times. They’re like, “My favorite song is ‘Less Than’.” That’s sweet, but then I’m thinking, Don’t I say ‘fuck’ in that one? Same thing when they were at sound check: What song don’t I say ‘fuck’ in? I’ll tell you another thing I think about: I’m now thrust into adult events — school things with other parents, and just … You’re not really thinking about how lyrics that seemed cool at the time are going to register with parents at your kid’s school 20 years later.
  • http: //
My Hero

The illustration is of Ringabel from Bravely Default performing the song “My Hero” that gives his buddies an extra turn in battle. This idea started off as a sketch based of body-kun, a mannequin figure that allows for more poses than a regular wooden one. I thought it would make for a neat pose for the performer class in Bravely Default, so I drew my favorite character doing just that!

one of my favorite things in the world: having a scene build itself in my head because of a song i’m listening to

10 songs tag

rules: list 10 songs you are currently vibing to and tag 10 people

thank you @infiresjimin for tagging me!! i can’t wait to go through your playlist for some new music ✨

yacht // jay park ▻▻ i love the flow of the song; it’s very summery and relaxing, but still a bop

blue heaven midnight crush // betty who ▻▻ betty who is a great artist and her music style is one of my favorites (and it’s great for some fic inspiration 😏)

mitwa // a.r. rahman, lagaan ▻▻ i’ve been in a super throwback bollywood mood lately so hence this classic

hola hola // k.a.r.d ▻▻ i’m just head over heels for kard and this song is always stuck in my head

new rules // dua lipa ▻▻ i’m a huge fan of her and her songs are such a great blend of true talent of vocals plus some great beats

bounce // jjp ▻▻ I’M SO HYPE FOR THE JJP COMEBACK OKAY plus i haven’t been able to stop thinking about jaebum lately…

think about me // dvsn ▻▻ a little bit on the slower side, but i like having this song (and all their other ones, actually) play while i write… ;)

came here for love // sigala, ella eyre ▻▻ i am dead in love with ella eyre’s voice and this is such a summer car ride song: windows down, hair in the wind, volume all the way up

i like me better // lauv ▻▻ another summer car ride song that i can’t get enough of

shine forever // monsta x ▻▻ i live for changkyun’s part omg 

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no pressure to do it, of course! but if you decide to do it, please tag me! i always love finding new music! :)

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This is probably my favorite Bendy blog on this Heaven forsaken site. And has anyone rewritten the Gaston song for him because if not I swear I will stop trying to draw him and just devote my time to that.

There has been one post made about that, but no full song written my dude! I would friggen lose it if you rewrote the lyrics that’d be flipping hilarious!

30 Question Challenge Thing

I was tagged by @whichwitchami @thewindcarrieswhispers @persephoneandthepomegranates and a variety of others. Thanks everyone for including me!💞

1. Nicknames
Faye is pretty much it

2. Gender

3. Star sign
Gemini Sun, Leo Moon, Sagittarius Rising

4. Height
5′8 ish?

5. Time
1:58 PM

6. Birthday
June 14

7. Favorite bands
Celtic Women, L.E.A.F., The Beatles, Florence, Bon Iver

8. Favorite solo artists
Beyonce, Cat Powers

9. Song stuck in my head
The season two intro to Boku No Hero Academia 

10. Last movie watched
Fistful of Dollars

11. Last show watched
I’m watching Boardwalk Empire at the moment!

12. When did I create my blog?
June 2016 but didn’t use it till August some time?

13. What do I post
Norse polytheism, village/green witch things, politics, kind words, aesthetics

14. Last thing I googled
Where I can buy one of those credit card swipey things for phones. Those fuckers are expensive let me tell you.

15. Do you have other blogs
Unless Instagram counts nope!

16. Do you get asks
Yes. I usually get 10-20 including private messages.

17. Why did you choose your url
I’m a witch and I worship the Norse.

18. Following


20. Favorite colors
Pastel everything or that really yummy dark mountain green/purple/blue!

21. Average hours of sleep
Who knows my cats and diseases won’t let me sleep for shit

22. Lucky number
7 because I used to have a crush on Pudge Rodríguez while he was a Texas Ranger, 13 cause I’m edgy.💀

23. Instruments
Vocals(I totally count that), piano, cello, fiddle, upright bass, trombone, tuba, trumpet, ocarina, and I’m learning the hand harp

24. What am I wearing
Pink shorts and an olive green shirt.

25. How many blankets I sleep with
One big fluffer.

26. Dream job
I’d like my business to prosper and be able to open up shop down in the Valley (Cuyahoga).

27. Dream trip
I would love to see the Norse temple when it’s open in Iceland but New Zealand and Ireland would be nice

28. Favorite food
Anything Indian.

29. Nationality

30. Favorite song now
i riden så by helisir

I tag @thedragonlover @hippydippywitchy @danielleybelly @nekona-of-nature @river-cottage-dweller @currently-imagining and anyone else who would like too!!

I went back to listen to “Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For the Two of Us” by MCR because of that audio post of Damien saying it (a couple posts back on my blog)

And “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” is one of my favorite songs and has my favorite MCR lyric in it (and also vampires because that Damien #aesthetic)

Aaaaand WHOOPS I listened to the whole album lol

I know people love their more recent stuff/Black Parade onwards, and I see the least amount of love for their first album (and I kinda get why), but man I’m getting nostalgic feels from middle school. I love this band.

~Get to know me~

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Relationship status: Taken, and totally smitten with my boyfriend. 

Favorite Color: Orange, Purple and Gray

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick for sure!

Last Song I listened to: I feel It coming - The weeknd

Last Movie I watched: Friends with benefits

3 Favorite Fictional Characters: Buffy The vampire Slayer, Frodo Baggins, Harry Potter

3 Favorite Ships: Merder on Greys, Buffy and Angel, annnnddd Jane and Rafeal from Jane the virgin. 

I tagg hmmm (sorry if you’ve already done it) @kayesims, @kazoosims, @violets-and-vanilla, @mega-ts4lp, @simlishprincess, @beccakes, @stephaniesim, @zurellla, @sweetersims p.s If you’re tagged its because you’re one of my faves

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100 letters by Halsey is such a Maria song

Yes, I am here for survivor-ace Maria? I love this song.
I would love to write something, putting my own experiences about some personal things in there but at the same time it might be too heavy of a topic. 
I love this song for her. Maria is one of my favorite characters to modernize but she’s more of a vent character. I would love to write for her but it would be a really deep, realistic piece of survival and not so much tropey and lovey ahah. Also I have a problem with fandoms (Hamfandom) using real heavy issues and messages and downplaying them for a chapter long “angst” plot that is never truly worked through or is simply resolved through romance. 
*LONG WINDED SIGH* I wish I could write but I’m not one to vent through my pieces (not publicly at least) perhaps one day, on ao3 and not tumblr so I can regulate the warnings and stuff

Tag Game

I was tagged by the lovely @natecchi​ - you’re the sweetest, thank you!

Answer 30 questions + tag 20 people you’d like to know better

- nicknames: Funkz, Funksy / Spazz, Spazzy (my other internet life lol)
- star sign: Cancer
- gender: Female
- MBTI type: INFJ
- height: 5′6″
- time: I’m going to queue this so, who can know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- birthday: July 22nd
- favorite bands: The Fray, One Republic (I don’t really have fav bands…)
- favorite solo artists: LP, uh…. IDK there’s a lot of great artists out there xD
- song stuck in my head: “Praying” by Ke$ha + “Where’s My Love” by syml
- last movie i watched: I tried Rogue One since it was on Netflix, but couldn’t get into it…
- last show i watched: Oh shit, uh…I don’t watch a lot of TV… Uh I guess Ru Paul’s Drag Race XD
- other blogs: Spazzlings
- when i created my blog: This one - 2016 or early 2017. The other, 2011
- what i post about: Sin and smut with an occasional sprinkling of fluff. XD
- last thing i googled: Oh fuckin’ hell, don’t judge me - where is the nearest Target?
- following: 41
- followers: 572
- favorite color: Red, black
- average hours of sleep: prob about 5
- lucky number: ??? That’s a thing???
- instruments: Nope
- what I’m wearing: Diving T-shirt and shorts 
- how many blankets i sleep with: Depends. If it’s cold enough, ALL THE BLANKETS - but generally one, because I overheat.
- dream jobs: Uh… I mean, I’m in the first step of it I guess? Would love to get into long-form or promos. Or writing. Honestly, I just wanna keep making stuff in this industry, maybe push into film.
- dream trip: Venice
- favorite food: Sandwiches
- nationality: American

I tag anyone who’s interested or bored. :)

i was tagged by @avpd-ritsu thank u!!!

rules: answer questions & tag ppl u want to have answer them too

nicknames: beth, miss b, bgd, (miss) petunia, and @ghoststrawberries used to call me nugget for like two weeks in high school
star sign: capricorn
gender: cis female
MBTI: infj
height: 5′2″
time: 7:50pm
birthday: january 6th
favorite bands: CHVRCHES, mystery skulls, caravan palace, two door cinema club, strfkr, bleachers, and grouplove
favorite solo artists: owl city, toby fox, madeon, and uhhhh that one pianist who does the covers of ghibli instrumentals
song stuck in my head: “stop the world” from come from away
last movie: *puts face in hands* the cheating pact b/c sometimes when nothing is on i put on the lifetime movie network
last show i watched: we bare bears!! 
other blogs: nope. unless u count @thingssaidinlatinclass from high school lmao.
when i created my blog: five years ago
what i post about: idk man i just reblog whatever
last thing i googled: owl city b/c i wasn’t sure if i should put it in band or solo artist
folliowing: 426
followers: 1,490
favorite color: purble
average hours of sleep: seven hours??
lucky number: 6
instruments: tiny bit of piano and recorder ofc
what am i wearing: bethany beach shirt and jorts
how many blankets i sleep with: maximum two in summer. minimum three in winter. 
dream jobs: heiress
dream trip: italy
favorite food: sandwiches tbh i’m a simple woman
nationality: american

i tag @shut-up-saundarya @apricotserenity @radiooppy @todoroks @admintan and @neil-gaiman

sooo… i was tagged today for the first time. it was unexpected, but so cool! thnx @mightymony :’) I feel as I joined blur-gorillaz team there!

Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently into and tag 10 people to do the same

  1. Graham Coxon – Freakin’ Out /stunning and cheerful song for the early morning, I slowly plunge into Graham’s work/
  2. j^p^n – bloom /rurururuuruuuuu aaaaa 🎶  ♥/
  3. Blur – Essex Dogs /one of my favorite songs by blur, lyrics, melody, meaning, darkness - the   m a s t e r p i c e/
  4. Kali Uchis – Tyrant  /MY AMAZING GRL KALIII/
  6. Alt-J (∆) – Matilda /сuteamazingchilly/
  7. Irma Thomas – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is /I listen to this song and go sedately around the apartment/
  8. Gorillaz – Andromeda (D.R.A.M. Special) /VERY GOOD i can’t wait for super deluxe album OMFG/
  9. Die Antwoord – Love Drug /Your love is like a drug, I’m so addicted, you got me fucked up and it feels so good/

And I tag: @roomeight, @nonnez, @myluchanblog, @4thlight, @taka-shima, @mrlousyficus, @kidney-pie, @lonesome–street, @damon-in-rococo and @hyodyton (IF THEY DON’T MIND BC I LOVE THIS PPL SO MUCH OKAY)…

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I like this ask! Ahhh, yes I listen to a lot of other songs from other Korean groups/artists (they aren’t all idol groups). Most of my non-BTS consumption has been my playlist for work, which includes some of these favorites of mine:

  • Spirit Animal - Jessi
  • Veni Vidi Vici - Zico
  • Anck Su Namum - Yezi
  • ANTI (feat. G.Soul) - Zico
  • No Love - Lucky J

As far as idol groups go, I enjoy VIXX, Monsta X, KARD, 9Muses, Dreamcatcher, Blackpink, Infinite, AOA, Brave Girls and NCT 127. There are others, but those are the big ones for me.

I was tagged by @nathefanwiththeaf 

Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently into and tag 10 people to do the same

I’m going to have to keep this from being completely Blur because it could be.
Half of this is gonna be stuff on my sister’s playlist because thats what we listen to in the car so thanks sis.

1) Salad Days by Mac Demarco
-My sister has a bunch of his songs on her playlist and she got me into this one, might be my favorite of his tied with Only You.

2) Bodysnatchers by Radiohead
-I just rlly like this song right now.

3) This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads
-A facebook friend of mine loves Talking Heads and told me to listen to this. I only know a handful of their songs but what I’ve heard I really love so I need to listen to more.

4) You and I by Graham Coxon
-I have this song stuck in my head at intermittent times in the day, it’ll just kinda show up in my brain and stay there for hours, but I still love it

5) Carolina by Harry Styles
-I legitimately am not a One Direction fan so I don’t know how I ended up liking Harry Styles’ music but it’s good and he’s a pretty good actor so idk.

6) Caramel by Blur
-of course a Blur song what do you know, ok but I DIDNT LIKE THIS SONG WHEN I FIRST HEARD 13 AND THEN I LISTENED AGAIN AND IM LIKE SHIIIIIIIT THIS IS A JAMMMMMMMMMM also Graham’s motorcycle

7) Alice by Moby
-Story time, I used to have DDR Universe 3 on the Xbox and this song was on it so it’s kinda nostalgic for me. 

8) Novacane by Frank Ocean
-He references my favorite Stanley Kubrick film, 10/10

9) Ghost Ship by Blur
-I let myself have another Blur song it’s my list not yours. The B A S S

10) Kiss and Not Tell by La Roux
-Another story time, this asshole guy who I used to be like super super close to showed me this song like years ago and I kinda forgot about it but then I came across it on a playlist of some sort, and turns out it’s really catchy. La Roux is also super hot in the video as well lol

I tag all of my followers because I hate going thru all of my mutuals to tag people because the tagging system kinda sucks tbh and I’m lazy

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I was tagged by @boulevardsaint-laurent who I love very much ❤️❤️❤️

Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10 people

1. Teen Lovers by The Virgins (ultimate summer pump up jam ,,, if a boy dedicated this to me I would cry happy tears)
2. Baddest Motherfucker in the Beehive by The Delta Riggs (this song makes me happy and has v good car ride related memories)
3. Only For You by The Heartless Bastards (my song for most boys)
4. Jealous (I ain’t With it) by Chromeo (ULTIMATE PUMP UP FOREVER)
5. Blown Rose by Blossoms (I love Myles so much)
6. Your Body is a Weapon by The Wombats (honestly tho this has some iconic lyrics I love The Wombats)
7. I’ve Underestimated My Charm (Again) by Black Kids (ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS EVER IM TRYING TO SEEM THEM IN SEPTEMBER AW AW)(ALSO “every time we kiss it’s like an inside joke I always miss” I love it)
8. Soon As I Get Home Tonight by Blah Blah Blah (I am constantly in “love” so this song is cute as heck 10/10 recommend dedicating to a crush and it’s like a lil unrequited love kinda song ,, also the lead vocalist’s voice is so smooth and lovely)
9. Thinking Of You by Test Your Reflex ( the line “I’d like to be in a room just you and me” is genius ,, this song is genius ,, I love it a lot)(ALSO “come on my love it’s you I’m thinking of, each night we kiss your hands upon my fingertips and it’s not that bad just don’t forget what we had, and time won’t mean a thing cause I’ll be thinking of you love” actual tears y'all)
10. Middle of Nowhere by Hot Hot Heat (this song makes me want to be a better person tbh also I really love the instrumental and the music video is really amazing)

Thank for reading lol if you took the time I have a lot of emotion about everything 😂

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get to know me tag

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Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 10 blogs you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames: shells, shelly
2. Gender: female
3. Star sign: libra
4. Height: 5′3″
5. Time: 11:53 am
6. Birthday: september 30th
7. Favorite bands: bts, exo, kard, blackpink
8. Favorite solo artists: i don’t listen to many but i like gregory and the hawk
9. Song stuck in my head: kokobop has been in my head since it came out
10. Last movie watched: i watch movies so rarely i dont remember the last one
11. Last show watched: does bon voyage count
12. When did i create my blog: i created this sideblog last july? ? ?
13. What do i post: bts, i mostly reblog stuff but i occasionally make gifs
14. Last thing googled: “girls generation sooyoung tumblr” (because im late and just found out she made one? lol)
15. Do you have other blogs: my main blog which is a pile of garbage and this random blog about bread that i made with my friends haha
16. Do you get asks: nooo :c
17. Why did u choose your url: jimin is my bias and i wanted to make a pun with his name and this came out 
18. Following: 219
19. Followers: hahahhahaha not many
20. Favorite colors: red and yellow
21. Average hours of sleep: during the summer? 7-8, we don’t speak of the school year
22. Lucky number: i don’t have a lucky number but i like 7
23. Instruments: used to play violin 
24. What am I wearing: high school homecoming shirt and shorts
25. How many blankets I sleep with: currently one because it’s warm
26. Dream job: idk maybe an architect but that’s not happening
27. Dream trip: new york
28. Favorite food: idk chinese food lol, i also love pasta
29. Nationality: american
30. Favorite song now: probably going crazy or the eve by exo

im gonna tag @intensikaied @dramasandchill @animeminent @glazedachu @philophobia999 @junghossok @bfjhs @fantasies-of-euphoria @jeonniez@parkjimlm if y’all wanna do it :)