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what's your favorite scene in Carol?

Too many of them to pick just one, to be honest. Here’s a few:

1. The scene where Carol and Therese are leaving on their road trip, and it’s snowing, and “Silver Bells” is playing. There’s just something so beautiful, sanguine, and nostalgic about it all at the same time. One of my favorite scenes in any film ever.

2. Before their big love scene, the way Carol unties her robe and lets it just fall open while looking at Therese in the mirror. I completely lost my breath the first time I watched the film. It’s such a meaningful gesture; like Carol is offering herself to Therese as well, making herself vulnerable.

3. The “we’re not ugly people, Harge” scene. Carol standing up for herself and being brave enough to live her truth no matter what the cost makes my heart swell up with pride and ache at the same time. The way Cate plays that whole scene, and especially her delivery of that line, just rips my heart out. She was robbed of the Academy Award for this role, I swear.

4. Both scenes where Carol says “flung out of space.” It was brilliant to have her reiterate that sentiment during their love scene.

5. Of course, the ending. Carol’s expression at the end when she sees Therese coming towards her says it all. Cate’s a master at just acting with the eyes/facial expressions, and this end scene, with the incredible score playing in the background, and that smile that slowly spreads across Carol’s face, and the way her eyes light up and smile all by themselves sends chills down my spine.

There are so many more, (basically the whole film) but these have to be my top five favorites. This is my favorite film, and I’m just so grateful to everyone that had a hand in bringing this magnificent and moving love story to life.

There is absolutely no doubt that Baby Driver is an amazing movie, but my favorite part was actually the scene towards the end (sorry spoilers ahead) 

When Baby used his recorder, the one he was so attached to which he used to normalize all of the crazy situations in his life, and used it to record Joe’s message to the senior home. He promised he would take care of him, and nothing would happen to him, and even though he got hurt, he still helped until the very end. 

It was so refreshing to watch a movie where foster parents aren’t put in a bad light because there are so many shows, movies, etc, that show them to be abusive and not care for the child. But Joe and Baby were so pure and so understanding of each other

“Spread to the edges” will forever make me tear up

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Okaaaaaay! So, if it's not a bother would you maybe do your top 5 Daisuga moments? Or Asanoya, I'm not picky, I just love them both soooooooo much. :D ♥

You can’t mention Asanoya and expect me not to choose them…they are my original otp, the one I fell for first…so ASANOYA IT IS!

1. The mop fixing scene. I don’t know how many people saw “Haikyuu!! the Movie: Ending and Beginning”, but it’s truly a gem. It has my favorite Asanoya scene of them all, in which Noya is fixing the mop that was broken during his fight with Asahi. It’s incredibly beautiful because 1) Noya is the one who’s fixing it but he’s surrounded by all the people who were there during the fight. 2) He can’t fix it alone because “it’s just harder than I thought” (kill me already) 3) Asahi stepped in an they fixed it…together. It’s such a beautiful metaphor of how their relationship if finally, completely, restored. I cry every fucking time.

2. “So call for the toss again, ace!”. As I already said here, this moment is a testament of how Noya, despite being still angry at Asahi, is suffering to see him in such a “dejected mode” and is desperately trying to bring back his lost confidence. Because he’s the only one who can do it. Pick someone who’s supportive, right?

3. “It’s morning!”. This scene literally made me fell off the chair. It’s extremely simple and probably meaningless to most people, BUT to me this is one of their inside jokes, since Asahi (旭) means…Morning Sun. Not to mention that among all the people in the room (we see Suga and Ennoshita too), Noya (who looks like a baby Kuroo here) goes straight to wake up Asahi, almost….as if….he wants to be the first thing he sees as he wakes up. Gotta blast

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4. The fight. Angst is the way to my heart and their fight is probably my favorite of all the Haikyuu fights (and beating Kagehina its not easy) and made episode 9 my overall favorite of the first season. We never saw any of them as furious as they were during this fight, because they were angry at themselves first. But the most heartbreaking thing is that they both thought they failed the other and their entire team, that they were not good enough. And none of them can stand it. We know this affected Asahi way more than Noya, but, even if it seems the exacts opposite, this fight showed how unbreakable their bond is, how loyal they are to the other, so much that Noya decided to never win a match without him. Ever. He’d give up his talent and his future because of him. And every time I think about it I die

5. Full offense but their interactions are all so precious so here you have a random assortment because I can’t decide 

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^^^ when they trained together at the summer training camp *clenches heart*

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p.s. they are so in love it’s gross at this point

Thank you for your message <3

Ask me my top 5 things!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

*heavy breathing*

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My brother, cousin, and I just watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle last night (Sept. 20). It was glorious. And, also, I’m feeling a bit conflicted about it.

To summarise: A LOT of what happens is pretty dark (to Seriously Dark) if you actually stopped to think about it. But the movie doesn’t let you do that, pretty much how the first movie ended. It’s very fast paced and exciting, with very little breathing room in between scenes. Definitely recommend that you go see it, whether you’ve seen the first movie or not. It’s worth the watch.

Apparently, I can’t discuss it completely without talking about spoilers, so here’s the only warning you’re gonna get. SPOILERS!!!!

To be upfront, Hartwin is one of my favorite ships, and I CANNOT WAIT for the waves of new Hartwin, and other Kingsman fanfics to flood in. Because this movie, okay, this movieeeeeee. So much stuff was going on, so many things happened, that I know fandom is just gonna collectively pick it apart and BOOM hundreds upon thousands of fic ideas born. But I digress.


I.      The Characters: Don’t get too attached.

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The whole gang is back. And I mean this in the weirdest way possible. As the entire fandom called Harry’s not-death years ago, there wasn’t much surprise for his return (excitement, yes, surprise, no).

The surprising Returning Characters were: Charlie (whose not-death is explained quite early on), and Princess Tilde (who I was so not expecting to be part of this movie, much less play a huge part in the first and last act).

Princess Tilde and Eggsy in an actual relationship was surprising, and while I wasn’t completely happy that there was romance in this movie, I was more than willing to ignore this little fact (seeing as I had the warm embrace of ao3 to look forward to). Then KTGC hits me with The Ending. Like, seriously, I was laughing, but mostly in disbelief (more on this later).

We also get brief, but meaningful instances of Eggsy mourning Harry, missing Harry, and feeling so very deeply for Harry. Thank you, Taron, for pulling it off so beautifully.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle starts off pretty much like the first, only, remember the part in the first movie where we meet Lancelot, who gets snuffed out a few moments later? I was not expecting them to gut us with Character Death so early on.


Roxy and the rest of the Kingsman agents, including the newest Arthur, are all blown up. Due to a meet-the-royal-parents dinner, Eggsy was away from home (Eggsy’s home is HARRY’S HOUSE!! THE FANDOM CALLED IT). His buddy was dog-sitting JB at the time. Guys, JB is dead.

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One, I refuse to believe Roxy got blown up. Even if it was impossible that she’d survived that explosion *sobs*. Two, why would you kill JB???

We then meet the Statesmen agents and are suitably impressed. Also, Tequila (Channing Tatum’s character) made me fantasize a lot about future one or two (or twenty) size kink fics of him and Eggsy. Tequila is also barely in this movie, and is mostly there for laughs. Prince Obe–I mean–Whiskey (Pedro Pascal) is so sexy, in spite of his American accent. Ginger Ale (Halle Barry) was adorable.


F*ck man, cried like a baby. I know things are not always as they seem, and characters we think died can always have been miraculously saved. (Harry, Charlie, etc.)

But, fuck it, Merlin was never supposed to die.

You read that right. He dies in the most bad-ass, self-sacrificing way, while also showing off his vocal range.

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II.      The Story & Themes

There were scenes that were pretty Dark, especially near the end where Eggsy kills Charlie. Most of these scenes are slathered in an attempt at comedy and light-heartedness which was mostly hit and miss.

There are also two main villains in this movie. The first one is Poppy (Julianne Moore), an eccentric Drug Lady. All you need to know is that she’s crazy. Delightful. But crazy. I’m sure someone in the fandom’s gonna write a really in depth character study on her, but this isn’t it. She supplies drugs all around the world, wants drugs to be legal, holds her user base hostage to get what she wants.

The second villain was pretty much POTUS. You have to understand, this movie is more blunt force trauma than subtle hits. The themes hit you in the head and don’t even try to cover up what they’re doing. (not to mention the characters barely use their codenames. I mean, the Statesmen do. It’s just Harry, Eggsy, and Merlin, screaming each other’s actual names. And not in the good way)

POTUS couldn’t care less for the hostages, mostly because these hostages are drug users, and thus, don’t deserve humane treatment and have no right to life. Just watch the movie.

I’m a Filipino and our citizens are being murdered in droves in the name of the ‘war on drugs’. It struck a chord. What with President Duterte still remaining popular in the public’s opinion. His supports are many. And crazy. While the movie gets a happy ending (Poppy dies, and POTUS gets impeached), I doubt countries with similar problems will get the same happy ending.

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III.      The Ending

While I appreciate getting to see Prince!Eggsy (or close enough as we’ll ever get in canon- Prince Consort) come to life in the big screen as compared to just imagining him while I read Hartwin Prince!/Royal!Eggsy; and while I also definitely appreciate Eggsy and Harry sharing a moment in the dressing room, I did not, and was left with a pretty wtf feeling at the ending.

Eggsy marries Princess Tilde in a fairytale ending.

Eggsy looked dashing and Tilde was beautiful. It was just wholly unexpected.


Final thoughts: I didn’t love the movie for itself. I loved the movie for the characters and the fandom it represented. It was a bit sad that it hadn’t exceeded the first movie in greatness (IMO), but I was happy enough to get anything to give fandom more material to work with.

Rhetorical Ink Reviews: Beauty and the Beast (2017 Live Action)

**Careful for SPOILERS below**

I will be the first to admit that I’m a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan. I had the book as a kid, wanted to be Belle, and have had a large fascination with the story and believe it spurned me into wanting to draw more.

So, the Live Action adaptation had HUGE shoes to fill for me before even going in. I tried to look at the film as a standalone and not judge it based on the predecessor…a VERY hard task when watching, I might add.

My best friend saw it with me and she loved it! What did I think? Well, putting ten thoughts alone would not do my favorite childhood movie justice. So instead, I am doing a Top Ten Likes and Top Ten Dislikes. Careful for spoilers!

My Top Ten Likes of Beauty and the Beast (2017):

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10. The set and costumes: Everything has layers and detail and colors that pop but also makes sense for the time period. I LOVED the costumes and even the yellow gown, considering the wardrobe “makes it” in this, grew on me quickly. As for the sets? They are beautifully ornate and have a classic “other worldly” look to them. I could watch the movie over and over to gawk at the scenery and character designs.

9. The Opening Scene: Nothing will ever live up to the deep voice of the narrator and the stained glass…but there was something so fresh about how we started on the Prince, how the dance unfolded, and how the Enchantress appeared. She looked gorgeous and the classic French scene was a welcome addition (more so than others…but we’ll talk of that soon). In any case, it is a worthy contrast from the beginning, when he’s surrounded by beautiful girls, to late when there’s only Belle.

8. Kevin Kline as Maurice: Kevin Kline is a fine actor, and he brings such a charm and dignity to the formerly bumbling character. I still like Maurice in the animated movie, but it makes more sense for Belle’s father to be an artist and hopeless romantic than a “world famous inventor.” Kline’s performance was a highlight for me and definitely added to the movie as a whole.

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7. “Kill the Beast!” I’ll talk more about some other songs below, but this was by far my favorite number; this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for with this song in live action form. It does not disappoint. Speaking of “Kill the Beast…”

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6. We see Gaston and Lefou learning where the castle is: A big question I had as a kid was, “How did they know where to go to find the Beast?” In this, we get our answer. Lefou and Gaston actually follow Maurice to the woods, where he believes he can route them to the Beast’s castle. This backfires on him, but in any case we learn how Gaston and Lefou knew where to go in the first place.

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5. Belle is more an inventor….and a teacher: It makes sense for Belle to be as learned as she is to be more of the inventor. I loved the little scene where she does her own laundry with the contraption she made and is trying to teach a little girl to read. After having to sit through a preview for a CGI movie where the boy character is an inventor and the girl, lo and behold, wants to just be a dancer…it’s nice to see “ahead of their time” people represented in a modern movie’s version of a classic time period.

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4. Lefou paying off the people to dance and help during “Gaston:”

It was a little tidbit to note for the film, but Lefou pays off the people to help dance in the “Gaston” music number; and Belle does pay for the food in the market she gets. It’s little touches like that which help to cement this story in a more “realistic” world.

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3. The ensemble of side characters:

This entire cast was well-chosen. Josh Gad as Lefou? Perfection; he was born for the role! Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts?  She’s about as close to Angela Lansbury as you can get for this role, I feel. Ewan McGregor as Lumiere? I was on the fence about this casting, but it works so well. Luke Evans as Gaston? He fits the part great. Sir Ian McKellan as Cogsworth? Again, I had no clue what to think, but he may have been my favorite in the whole side cast. Even Stanley Tucci and the Wardrobe’s actress were great choices. They really did a perfect job casting the side characters…but as for the main characters…

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2. Dan Stevens as The Beast/The Prince:

This WAS perfect casting! I know they’ve altered the voice and distorted it to sound similar to the animated Beast. But seriously, the motion capture work on his face and his range of emotion are perfect here. It’s hard to believe, but I care more for his character as the Beast than the animated (for reasons below); plus, the main thing: He looks SO much better as the human Prince. From the opening to the end scene, he may be my favorite character, actor, and part of the film. Definitely a genius casting choice and excellent performance!

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1. All of the added scenes of Belle and The Beast learning about one another:

If I had one, minuscule complaint with the original Beauty and the Beast, it is that we don’t get many scenes of Belle and the Beast “falling in love” and getting to know one another. He saves her, gives her a library, and then they just sort of fall in love post-dance…obviously, it’s not a huge issue, since you’re pacing this out in movie format.

However, I feel this movie allowed more time for these two to connect. Also, they found common ground; first, with their love of literature, but second, with losing their mothers and how their father’s shaped who they were: The Prince’s with hate, and Belle’s with love. It was a beautiful duality and connection created between them and it helped to make the ending better and more satisfying.

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Of course, especially considering the movie is based on a staple of my childhood, it CERTAINLY has flaws, as noted below.

My Top 10 Dislikes of Beauty and the Beast (2017):

10. The obvious Enchantress:

I do like the twist of The Enchantress being Agathe, a character we see throughout the story…perhaps she’s keeping the magic strong? However, there are a lot of problematic elements of her being in the movie so much. For one thing, she saves Maurice, which is good, but then when Maurice confronts Gaston, she doesn’t do anything. She could have stopped all of our conflict! Also, at the end, while she shows up and it does make sense in a technical sense…she just vanishes. Belle doesn’t even see her…what was the point? In the animated movie, the spell was broken without her having to be there. Having her there didn’t answer questions; it created more! It just seemed awkward at times.

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9. Gaston’s “post-war” blood rage?

While I appreciate them trying to flesh out Gaston’s character…this was their choice? He’s got post-war bursts of rage? I love how the animated movie treated Gaston just as the jerk-bro who becomes jealous and can’t stand that Belle chooses someone over him. Here, his villainous outbursts are “justified” by his post-war blood lust. It just seemed almost like a distraction and didn’t seem warranted for me. Gaston is a near-perfect villain. Let Luke Evans do a good job of playing him without trying to make him too complex. Gaston’s not smart enough for that.

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8. The unnecessary additional songs:

Maybe I’m in a minority here, but I wasn’t crazy about the new songs. The Soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast is nearly flawless. Even the special edition with “Human Again” is okay. The Broadway songs they add…are okay. “Evermore” is not a terrible song (we’ll talk more about it below), but the song about “Sunny skies” and “Evermore” are not necessary to make the story better. If you wanted to include them in a “Director’s Cut,” that would have sufficed for me…I just didn’t see the need for them here…again, I’ll touch back on this point twice below.

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7. Don’t bring an arrow to a gun fight:

In the original, Gaston was a hunter, so it made sense he had multiple weapons at his disposal. It also made sense for the time period. And he hunted a lot of deer-like animals, so it seemed fitting that he would shoot an arrow at the Beast and then stab him with a knife….hunting tools for the type of game he hunted.

In this? We just full blown (literally) gun the Beast down. Gaston shoots the Beast three times in the climax. At the very least, he still uses a club like the original. It just seemed like overkill and to me, didn’t make as much sense as keeping like the original would have.

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6. The rushed beginning and scenes out of place:

The opening, I loved; however, once that scene was over, the first thirty minutes seemed SO rushed! They rushed through “Belle,” then moved some scenes around, and quickly went through the reprise! There wasn’t the “wedding proposal” scene with Gaston and Belle! I did LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reaction of Maurice and Chip, but there were little scenes that were skimmed over and rearranged that just seemed to rush the opening and didn’t let us the audience “settle down” into the film. It’s not until we’re at the scene of Belle running away from the castle that the movie starts to slow down. The editing of the movie in those places was a little disappointing to me.

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5. Lefou and the lack of controversy:

Okay, so the last week has been filled with news stories about how Lefou is the first openly gay character in a Disney film. It was a huge source of controversy…but….in all seriousness……you wouldn’t really know that watching this film. It’s clear he cares for Gaston, but the animated picture portrayed that as well. He shares two seconds with a male character at the very end of the movie in a brief dance…but that’s it. All that press and controversy for a tiny scene that seems inconsequential. Eh. Come on, Disney. Commit or not; don’t try to play up something that’s halfway even developed.

4. The Enchantress’s book:

I loved the extra scenes with Belle and Beast developing their relationship over the course of a few scenes. However, one comes out of nowhere and does nothing to the plot as a whole. At one point, the Beast shows her a book the Enchantress gave him as a “joke.” It is able to take them anywhere you think of; and Belle chooses the room she was born in, where her mother dies of the plague. While I DO love a few things about this: the fact that it connects Belle and the Beast more, and it explains what happened to her…it’s never used again. The book is just a one-time only plot device. The scene it was used in was SO out of place! I would have rather Belle had known why her mother died and just talked it out with the Beast than having used this forced book that logically doesn’t fit in with the story.

3. The Beast’s Song, “Evermore:”

I don’t dislike “Evermore,” I don’t…but…in the animated movie, when Belle leaves Beast, he is so heartbroken. He lets out a howl of despair, knowing his only chance of happiness has left him, potentially forever. Here, he immediately bursts into a Phantom of the Opera style musical number. Maybe upon reviewing, I’ll appreciate it. But I loved how the original was so organic and raw…this seemed almost too Broadway and too theatrical.

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2. Emma Watson’s facial expressions vs. animated Belle:

I love the original because of the animation, mainly. The expressions and line work showed SO much emotion. Now, I like Emma Watson a lot as an actress. BUT, aside from the wolf scene on….her facial expressions are so subdued. This is most apparent in “Be Our Guest.” Belle in that musical number is in AWE! She is so excited, bewildered, and amazed…but here? She just smiles and watches the show. Granted, Emma Watson would have been watching a Green Screen throughout this; but STILL. She doesn’t even seem in shock or awe…and that I sorely missed in this film. Now, after the wolves attack Belle, Watson’s acting becomes more pronounced. I just wish she could have acted a little more in-character through some of the CGI numbers.

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1. The cut out comedy:

When I asked my brother if he was thinking of seeing the movie, he asked about the fight scene at the end:

Brother: “Do they have the part where Lumiere burns Lefou’s butt? Or Cogsworth with the scissors?”

Me: “No.”

Brother: “What?! How could they?”

There is so much physical comedy in the original that works; here, and yes, I understand that it is “physically” impossible some of the things they do, I still was hoping there would be more of the original comedy. For example, Cogsworth taking Belle on a tour of the castle isn’t even in the FILM! “If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it.” SERIOUSLY.

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The original is near-perfect for me. Still today, it is the better film. If you love the original and are expecting a closely faithful adaptation; they try, but it’s a miss there, because some of the best parts are either condensed or left out.

If you love Beauty and the Beast, but you’re comfortable with them altering parts and want to see new additions to the story? You’ll probably like this!

The original is still better though. If you don’t want to spend the $10 at the theatre, just wait until the DVD or Blu-Ray comes out and watch the original in the meantime.

If you’ve never seen the original Beauty and the Beast? PLEASE watch that one first; it’s better. If you’ve already seen the live action one? STILL go view the animated version; you’ll appreciate it more.

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So I've watched a fair few karl urban movies like the loft, priest, star trek one or two others and i gotta say... Damn he's one hot peice of ass Care to give a girl a list (big or small, no fuss) of movies he's been in Kinda feel like watching a mini marathon of his movies.

Aww yeah girl, here we go! This is going to be quite the list. Buckle up!

Tv show: Almost Human - Everyones favorite grumpy officer. Very good, still bitter they cancelled it.

Tv Show: Hercules and Xena - I still have not gotten around to watching this(I’m almost afraid to, haha). What is wrong with me?

Tv Show: Comanche Moon: Cowboy Karl was pretty great, the rest of the show, I give it a solid “meh”. I love Karl trying to have a southern accent for a bit, then he just kinda gives up on it haha, poor guy.

And Soon the Darkness: Not as much Karl in it as I would have liked, but it was still a good movie regardless.

Priest: Karl as a vampire, with fangs? What more could you ask for?

The Bourne Supremacy - little assassin Karl, speaking Russian, grumpy expressions the whole time, also a good movie.

Doom: Oh how I love Karl in Doom. Not a good gamer movie, but a great Karl movie. (Super thrusting @bkwrm523)

Dredd: Another weird but excellent Karl movie. He did dredd so great haha

Lord of the Rings: Where I first fell in love with Karl. Eomer will always have that special place in my heart.

Pathfinder: Another completely weird Karl Urban movie. Honestly, I just watched this one for Karl specifically. I wasn’t disappointed with him.

Pete’s Dragon: I watched this one because I loved the original, plus Karl was in it. Unfortunately I didn’t think this one held a candle to the original. Came for the nostalgia, stayed for Karl(even if hes a bit assholeish)

RED: I loved this movie. Great action packed movie, and funny as well. I love Cooper.

Star Trek: I mean, we all know about this one right? I don’t have to say anything here.

The Loft: How I love Karl in this movie(even though he is a definite asshole.) I just can’t help it, he looks so damn good.

Truth about Demons: I watched this the other day, and I’m still not quite sure what I watched. Karl still looked good in it though.(plus a small sex scene)

Walking with Dinosaurs: Another one I still haven’t gotten around to watching. I might need to do that later. Karl in flannel though, yes please, besides all that scruff and hair.

Theres many more, like: Short Poppies(Tv show), Riddick(movie), Black water transit(movie), Out of the Blue(movie), Ghost Ship(movie), The Price of Milk(movie), Heaven(movie) but a few are pretty obscure and hard to find so I haven’t seen them yet. But the list above is all my favorite things Karl has been in! Hope this helps :) (and sorry if this is super long, I got carried away, whoops)


Pride and prejudice.
Screenshot study 4/10.
This is probably one of my favorite movie of all time !!! I just love it ! Elisabeth Bennet is so inspiring ❤️
It was sooooo great to draw it!
Screenshot study 5/10.
Just love that show too. This scene especially 👌🏻. Collin forth is absolutely stunning !
I have to say I had some difficulty with this drawing :/ tooooooo many people in it , yep too many 😑 but it was great too 😬
American horror story S5 Hotel.
Screenshot study 6/10.
Toooooooooo many details, tooooo many 😤 the background almost kill me 💀.

So here are three other screenshot, only left five ! I keep going 💪🏻
Hope you like !

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We were watching BoFA again on movie night and I couldn’t get through this scene without cackling so hard that it scared my entire family. 

spoilers: wonder woman

okay so i saw wonder woman late last night and i was a fucking Mess afterwards, but now that it’s the morning i will try and write out all my thoughts in a comprehensible way so i can try and convey how truly amazing, powerful, and heartbreaking this movie is and how much it means to me.

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'#Han and Leia's relationship is just not predatory' so you're okay with accepting criticisms for other movies apart from the ones that you care about? it's def not healthy.

Oh anon. I care about a big part of Harrison Ford’s filmography. I’ve seen 90% of it. I’m aware and I claim myself that a lot of it is really shitty in many ways (which bothers a lot of people on here btw). Star Wars isn’t on a pedestal to me, and if I’m being honest, I may love its universe but Blade Runner is my favorite movie of all time for complete different reasons and none of them involve Harrison being the lead. I’m also more than willing to say that the sex scene in it is VERY predatory, it makes me uncomfortable as hell and I usually skip it because I find it just bad. When you know the behind-the-scenes context, it only gets even worse. So, while I can totally understand and even defend people seeing Deckard and Rachel’s relationship as predatory and even abusive (and worse than that tbh), as well as in other movies where Harrison was involved like basically all of the original Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones’s relationship with Willie just rubs me the wrong way too though it’s less “bad”), Han and Leia’s relationship just isn’t comparable and that honestly has nothing to do with Star Wars itself.

Han may be a little shit to Leia in the first movie, but she’s equally a little shit to him. Hell, by the end of the movie they’re all embracing each other because they’re glad everyone is alive. Empire Strikes Back is about two people who fell in love by spending two years in a confined base together and both having too much pride to admit it to the other. So yeah, they bicker and they argue. But they’re never mean to each other. Han isn’t predatory and people (just like that video on YouTube) that take the first kiss as proof that Han is abusive is bullshit. The fact that the person who made it didn’t even include the extended version just proves they don’t know what they’re talking about. And anon, if you haven’t seen it, I’d advise you do. Because that’s how they imagined it and shot it, it was just cut in post-production. I’ll give you a brief summary.

Han enters the small space just like in the final cut. It’s the same take, so. They bicker as usual. Han leans down and kisses Leia. Then after merely 3 seconds, he stops and retreats a bit. Leia looks at him, smiles and tells him, “Okay, hotshot”. She gives him permission and then she engages in another kiss and that’s the one we see in the final cut. Notice how their arms are in different positions and Leia seems more relaxed? That’s because in the original cut, Leia is the one who kisses him back and she literally grabs his head to kiss him. Like… please. PLEASE. There’s a few other “intimate” scenes that were deleted that show how affectionate the both of them are immediately after that scene. The tension has just disappeared because they were basically chasing each other not knowing what to do. I can’t in a million years imagine how a person could see those three (even four now) movies, see their relationship and how it evolves and then include it in a video comparing it to what is basically a disguised rape scene in Blade Runner. I just can’t. Plenty of movies are problematic, but if anything Star Wars has done right is how it handled Han and Leia’s relationship and how it developed from something that had the potential to indeed become quite unhealthy to a healthy relationship between two completely consenting adults.

So yeah anon, you can shit all over Blade Runner and other movies if you want to because honestly I would understand why considering the amount of crap that goes down in most of Harrison’s movies with his love interests, but Star Wars isn’t one of those and thank god for that.

I finally watched beauty and the beast!

beauty and what? you mean Lefou the movie? Yeah I like that one, and If you wanna hurt my precious son you gotta fight me first  (ง'̀-‘́)ง

but honestly, the architecture and clothing design was beyond gorgeous, even tho her last dress was much better than Belle’s iconic yellow gown in my opinion. 

But overall, I felt like Disney is still in the process to “get” the feeling in order to make a structural line with their adaptations. They’re getting there, but they’re not there yet. 

It felt a bit overdone, as in they tried to bit off more than they could chew. So because of that, a lot of the delicate nuances and overall sensibility of the original got lost in order to “let’s put another song here”. Even tho some of the new songs are beautiful, I don’t really felt that they were needed?

and in my head, when you wanna make an adaptation of an animation, TIMING is much more important than improving the visuals, you know? The whole process of animation has such a long and perfectionist connection with the concept of timing, that when you compare both, you can see a huge difference on how one used in favor of the narrative while the other, struggled a considerably.

I thought it was kind of funny how they added a bunch of explanations to all lose points so many fans have once pointed out about the original tale and the animation. That was an interesting direction to see. 

“Be our guest” my favorite song, and wow! my jaw dropped as I watched the scene unfold into something so beautiful I wish I could just make the time stop just to stare at each frame for hours.

 But the animation’s opening sequence is also my favorite opening sequence of all Disney movies, and it felt confusing and (again) overdone. That’s a scene that they didn’t really need to change anything, and if they did just an exact replica of the original one it would have worked beautifully (if not better). 

there’s a delicate feeling, so subtle and magical, in the way the beast and belle slow dance far away from the camera, lost in their own world, as miss potts soothing voice seem to be much closer to the audience that I missed in the whole movie.

but yeah, don’t fool yourself into thinking that I didn’t like the movie. Because I did, but I also definitely prefer the animation version after all.

“Harry Styles” by Harry Styles (Review)

Guess who’s bringing rock n’ roll back to the 2010s? That’s right, ladies. Harry Styles.

After a rocky last few years and worrisome hiatus, Harry Styles has officially begun his much awaited solo project with the release of his self-titled debut album, Harry Styles. The 10-track record, ranging from simple acoustic songs to jaw-dropping ballads, completely blew me out of the water and took me on a journey through the sides of him that I went 6 years without truly understanding. 

Going into this, I knew this wasn’t going to be a biased review. Although I was a massive One Direction fan a few years ago, I eventually grew out of them when I found other bands that suited my music taste a little more than what they were producing. I am not afraid to admit that Made In the AM was a not a good album in my opinion, nor was FOUR a home-run for me either. But, that was One Direction. This is Harry Styles, and my respect for him has skyrocketed as his new album exceeded every expectation I had for it. 

So, let’s dive into this iconic masterpiece, shall we?

Track 1: Meet Me In The Hallway.

The 10-track album opens up with “Meet Me in The Hallway”, a dreamy and lethargic taste of what’s to come later on in the record. The song starts off with Styles murmuring some numbers under his breath, and then transcends into a funky melody of faded vocals and fingers picking the strings on a finely tuned guitar. If the musical elements of this song weren’t already ambiguous enough, the lyrics only push my curiosity further. The repetitive line “Gotta get better” was mysterious; What could this possibly mean? Was his meaning shallow, or was he really in a dark place throughout the writing process of this record? It made me, the listener, wonder how deep this album could go, or how equivocal it could remain.

Overall, “Meet Me In The Hallway” was the perfect song to open Harry Styles up with, and I will explain why more towards the end of this review. 

Song rating: 8/10

Track 2: Sign Of The Times.

Styles’ infamous debut single, “Sign Of The Times”, follows after the album’s whimsical introduction. My initial reaction to this song when it first dropped back in April was nothing but positive: although the first verse of the song was questionable for my taste, I fell in love with the song the second the chorus began. From that moment on, I’ve been a huge fan of it.

“Sign Of The Times”, in my opinion, is a successful attempt at modernizing classic rock. It has certain elements to it that remind me of a lot of artists from the Classic Rock age, and it doesn’t make Styles seem like a “poser” at all. The song altogether - from the lyrics to the melody - is extremely mysterious and I’m sure it generated a lot of excitement to hear the rest of the album beyond just my own curiosity.

Song rating: 8.5/10

Track 3: Carolina.

In Harry Styles’ 3rd track, titled “Carolina”, Styles’ smooth voice tells a cheeky story of a girl from the South who immerses herself into the superficial world of the Los Angeles, California. The chorus of “Carolina” is fun, upbeat, and sexy in the most classy way possible. The constant La la la la’s in the background put a grin on my face every time I listen to the song. 

Although I feel like some parts of this track are childish, that is not a negative observation. They’re childish in a way that still works extremely well and keeps the song fun and current.

Song rating: 8.5/10

Track 4:  Two Ghosts.

I must admit that I hit a small bump in the road after “Carolina”. The next two songs on the album, titled “Two Ghosts” and “Sweet Creature”, are probably my least favorite songs on Harry Styles. This may come as a shock for some people, because I’ve gotten the sense that these are some fans’ absolute favorite songs from the whole album. Just hear me out you guys, I promise I have a rational reason.

The thing I dislike about “Two Ghosts” is that it is musically forgettable. Don’t get me wrong, the lyrics are magnificent; They are powerful and poetically heartbreaking. It’s plain to see that Styles was describing a low time in his life, and I respect him for opening up. But the tune of the song, in my opinion, just doesn’t do the words justice. From a musical perspective, “Two Ghosts” wasn’t as unique as the other songs off the album, which causes me to skip it most of the times it comes on. 

Song rating: 5.5/10

Track 5: Sweet Creature.

Similarly, “Sweet Creature” has lovely lyrics, but with just a simple guitar and a few backing vocals behind it all, I feel like it is not enough to truly wow me. 

Personally, I love when songs have a lot of production in them. I like songs that don’t rely solely on the lyrics to entice people, but use instruments to help create a masterpiece as well. “Sweet Creature”, from a musical standpoint, needs some more instruments to help bring it to life. 

But, then again, there are a lot of people who like simple songs like that. So, to turn this bump in the road into a positive pit-stop, at least this album has diversity. 

Song rating: 5/10

And then, we are brought to the 6th track on the album, and a huge transition is made. We leave this calm and gentle side of Harry Styles and enter a whole new world of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Literally.

Track 6: Only Angel.

“Only Angel” begins with an almost minute-long introduction consisting of a gods singing and a soft piano and in the distance. The intro sounds as if we’re all being lifted into heaven aboard a bedazzled spaceship with Styles behind the wheel. Everything is calm and euphoric until we are immediately thrown back down into a 1970s rock concert at the 53-second mark, and the song truly begins.

“Only Angel” is a lyrically and musically genius song. ‘I’m just happy getting you stuck in between my teeth’ and ‘She’s gonna be an angel … when it turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets’ are just a few lines that I found to be not only surprising, but clever as well. 

Song rating: 9/10

Track 7: Kiwi.

Don’t even get me started on this song. This was the first track I listened to off Harry Styles, and to say I was shocked is an understatement. I was shocked in a good way, of course.

Being one of my favorite songs on the record, “Kiwi” is yet another bold and daring taste of Harry’s rock n’ roll side. The melody of the song is sassy, very sexual, and probably takes a lot of parents back a few decades to what they often refer to as “simpler times”. 

The lyrics show that Styles knows what he’s doing. Some phrases that stick out to me are ‘She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes, hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect’ and ‘It’s New York, baby, always jacked up, Holland Tunnel for a nose, it’s always backed up’. One particular line in the bridge that I think is pure lyrical genius is “She sits beside me like a silhouette. Hard candy dripping on me ‘til my feet are wet”. 

Whenever “Kiwi” comes on, there is no way I can get myself to skip it.
In combination with “Only Angel”, these two songs are proof that Harry is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and say the things he never could when he was in a boyband.

Song rating: 10/10

Track 8: Ever Since New York.

“Ever Since New York”, with it’s charming lyrics and soothing guitar riffs, is a nice cool-down from “Kiwi” and “Only Angel”. I feel like this song is very visual. Something about it will take your mind back to a particular memory or time in your life… or, if you’re me, it’ll take you back to a scene from your favorite movie. 

Whenever I listen to this song, for some reason my mind visualizes that scene from Almost Famous where they’re all piled in the tour bus, driving across the country and singing Tiny Dancer together. Everything about that scene is graceful and heartwarming, as is this song, although it is rather sad. 

One negative thing I have to point out about “Ever Since New York” is that it get’s pretty repetitive after a while. I feel like the phrase ‘Tell me something I don’t already know’ is used too many times, and Styles could’ve incorporated other lyrics in those spaces. With just a little more variation, this song could’ve been a huge hit.

Song rating: 7/10

Track 9: Woman.

The 9th track on Harry Styles is yet another song that I refuse to skip whenever it comes on. “Woman” is one of the best songs on this record, and I’m sure many Harry Styles fans can agree with me. 

The beginning is one of the most unique introductions on Harry Styles. The random man asking about romantic comedies throws you off at first, but then the piano transcends into the enticing guitar riff and you are brought back into reality, as the song truly begins.

The chorus is short, sweet, to the point, and catchy as hell. It makes me wonder how this concept came to Styles’ mind and why he decided to take a plain word and fuze it into the song in such an elementary way. All he’s got to say is ‘woman’ over and over again and poof! It’s a masterpiece.

He took the word ‘woman’ and truly transformed it into a work of art. Because, let’s face it: Women are beautiful, and sometimes all we need is a simple, charming song like this to prove it. As Styles sings about this mysterious woman (or perhaps all women in general) he does it in a way that is sexy and fun, yes, but he doesn’t objectify us. I give him mad kudos for this one.

Song rating: 10/10

Track 10: From The Dining Table.

The final track on Harry Styles is “From The Dining Table”, a soothingly sad song that brings the album to a satisfying close. This song explores the final side of Styles that is a little bit more raw and truthful than the others portrayed on this record. The guitar and edited vocals create a chill, almost Jack Johnson-like sound while the mature lyrics show that he is finally able to grow up after certain expectations prevented him from doing so. 

For example, I’m sure the line in the first verse that goes ‘played with myself, where were you?’ came as a shock to some fans, but in an exciting way. The song is simple but powerful, and just as mysterious as the beginning of the album. I feel like this song and “Meet Me In The Hallway” are very similar to each other in a lot of ways, and they both work together to bring the album around into a full circle, with an interesting beginning and successful ending.

Song rating: 8.5/10

Overall, I think this album was amazing and something that the music industry was in need of. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that every so often, the radio runs dry and repetitive. Harry Styles, still in its rightful place at the top of the charts, is something new and different, a breath of fresh air for us all after we’ve been drowning in generic pop songs that all sound the same for so long. 

I didn’t know what I was expecting Harry Styles’ first solo album to sound like, but it wasn’t what I got. Everything about this record, from the melodies to the lyrics, completely exceeded my expectations and impressed me beyond belief. 

I wish there were more than just 10 songs on this album, but perhaps that means that Styles will be back relatively soon with another masterpiece to share with the world. I’ve got mad respect for Harry Styles after hearing this album, and I hope that those who once judged him or ignored his talents because he was in a “boyband” can eventually come around with an open mind, and appreciate what he has been able to do on his own. 

Overall Album Rating: 8.7/10

Everyone else in the room can see it - A masterpost

All quotes used are original.

Initial reaction or information as a starter

  • it just seemed very far fetched to me and too crazy to be true.
  • always felt like Elounor was a bit fishy
  • even though I hear rumblings about “Larry” I didn’t believe it at all
  • I knew nothing about the band, their music (except WMYB lol), what they looked like (except 17-year-old Harry)   

Immediate reaction after seeing videos/story told

  • My husband is quite impatient so after 30secs he’s like “Yeah ok they’re clearly together, so what’s your point?" 
  • he was speechless, he then asked if the whole fandom knew because you’d have to be blind to not be able to tell 
  • He totally called it after watching like two clips
  • I’m not even from this fandom but is there people who actually think he is not with the other one guy from this band??
  • It’s seemed so obvious to me that H&L had something going on between them 
  • I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not just Larries that can see H&L’s relationship. It’s super obvious to people outside of the 1D fandom too
  • and i’m also pretty sure two of them are in love, which is how I found your blog
  • So the two that were singing to each other on the AMA’s, when did they come out? I don’t remember hearing about it. (AMAS 2014)
  • Does the little one with the cheekbones know the prince is in love with him? (male, 40 married, teen kids, AMAS 2014)
  • who is he looking at?!” but I didn’t reply. When the performance ended she looked at me and said, “he was so looking at Louis THE WHOLE TIME.” and she said it as if she’s been shipping them for years, although I rarely mention it to her (mom, AMAS 2014)
  • young couple that basically said that they newly ship larry cuz they were watching the AMAs and saw how much they are actually together and I wrote your blog name down for them and LITERALLY PEOPLE ARE SHIPPING IN FALAFEL SHOPS (AMAS 2014)
  • You didnt tell me there was a romance in the band! Those two there *points at Harry and Lou* are the cutest! (gay brother, AMAS 2014)
  • As the performance we ending, she looked at me and said in reference to Harry “he just can’t help himself can he? (AMAS 2014)
  • It hurts me to say but I realized that. Every time he sang ‘it will never change me and you’ he looked straight at Louis. You might be right about this Larry thing (non-shipper, AMAS 2014)
  • Is Harry looking at louis through the whole performance  (outsider, AMAS 2014)
  • hey you like that harry styles guy right? What’s up with him and that other guy in the band, are they in love? (AMAS 2014) 
  • My only question about the performance, who was he staring at? (twitter, AMAS 2014)
  •  two staff members were talking about the ama’s and one said to the other did you see those two from one direction staring at each other last night? I think something’s up there? And the other lady said no shit they had serious eye fucking going on. So I slid past them and said wait until you google their tats and then walked away smirking (supermarket, AMAS 2014)
  • You said Harry was staring at the other one the whole……ohhhhhhh. Yeah I get it. (husband, AMAS 2014)
  • I saw the AMAs and they looked happy together and it’s nice to see, they aren’t being too crazy with the pda though which is really cool too (friend who thought they’re already out, AMAS 2014)
  • omg harry is totally gay, and louis! they’re so gay for each other! was i blind this whole time?? (after watching Larry videos)
  • You were right. They’re in love. (dad, AMAS 2014)
  • he’s not even hiding it anymore, is he? singing straight to him. (husband, AMAS 2014)
  • god, Harry truly does love Louis, doesn’t he? (mom, AMAS 2014)
  • that one (Louis, I didn’t even know his name yet) is gay and…he has a crush on one of his band mates. (video diaries)
  • *points at Louis* “that one’s gay” (mom, TMH)
  • They are so obviously gay and in love 
  • 30 sec into the first video, she turns to me and goes “and why are people arguing about whether they’re a couple or not? (mom, videos)
  • 'oh he’s the gay one isn’t he?’ I was like ye with Harry and then she replied with 'he’s definitely gay but i can’t see so much about Harry, he has the possibility’ she came to me after the AMAs and was like 'yep your right sorry Harry is deffo gay’!! (TIU then AMAS 2014)
  • Well, I looked up Harry Styles yesterday and saw pictures of them and if they’re not together then I’m a damn fool (straight boy)
  • The camera guy should’ve moved away aand let him do his thing (AMAS, 2014)
  • Besides, I saw them on the AMAs, and that little one with the big hair probably has his hands full with the tall one in the hat that fake-dated Taylor Swift. (brother, AMAS 2014)
  • how do people not believe their together? They’re so fucking obvious, you’d think they already have kids. HE’S SUBMISSIVE, WITH A DADDY KINK? WHO’S THE LUCKY BASTARD?” He was shown a pic of Louis and his jaw dropped. “Makes so much sense.” (gay dad AMAS 2014, call me daddy tweet and little spoon)
  • They are so so obvious, I can’t believe people still don’t believe it. (dad)
  • I kinda know what you’re trying to say, ok? I’m 62 years old, and if you believe they’re in a romantic relationship, then you’re not crazy. Curly was serenating him and Arched Brows liked it (mom, AMAS 2014)
  • And after that kind of statement you needed to ask me if I think they’re in a relationship? Haha, you’re funny (same mom, Mario Kart int.)
  • holy shit dude they’re together. (co-worker, Mario Kart int)
  • I’m not a Larry shipper per se, but even I’m like: so he was with Louis (outsider at Jesal’s not with Louis tweet)
  • IT WAS SO OBVIOUS!! (mom, 40 yo)
  • well that explains all the leaning in
  • they make the goggliest heart eyes, it’s so bad
  • Laaaa’, you didn’t tell me two of them were banging each other. Why no one’s talking about it (brother, 15 yo, video diaries)
  • Ok, they weren’t only banging each other, they’re fucking married. Should I tell my classmates to stop fantasizing over them? (same brother after AMAS 2014)
  • it’s the way they look at each other. Louis doesn’t look like that with his gf and Harry doesn’t look at anyone else like he looks at Louis. (12 yo, AMAS 2014)
  • which one of the boys is your favorite?’ and I said it was Louis and she was like 'Harry’s husband?’ (mom, WWA DVD)
  • Oh my gosh, he’s gay! He’s so gay! It’s so obvious! (mom, “Now kiss me you fool”)
  • So what’s up with him and the teeny tiny one? Are they married? (aunt)
  • and people still doubt and question whether they’re in a relationship?! (oldest sister, when jealous Harry grabbed Louis’  leg in the interview)     

Harry sexuality vs narrative not adding up

  • Why would someone straight have so many PR stunts
  • This is like the scene in the movie where you realize all the red strings on your wall of clues and suspects point to the same place: Harry Styles’s butthole
  • You can’t have a womanizer who looks miserable with women can you?
  • it was just the vibe that I got from him. He’s very flirty and charming in person towards basically everyone around him, men and women alike, but he just seemed a lot more comfortable around other men. Also just the way he carries himself is much more feminine than most straight men that I know. And that doesn’t always mean definitely gay, but in a room where the majority of the men were openly and comfortably gay, he didn’t stick out as the lone straight man, is basically what I’m saying
  • sorry but I’m pretty sure he’s gay
  • Makes sense I had a feeling Harry liked boys so I was confused when he pushed a girl to him.
  • I think you should like the Irish one honey, I think harry is gay
  • The one boy with the curly hair, Harry Styles, I like him” and I was like yeah lol so do I why because it was out of no where and he goes, “He’s just so like funny and doesn’t care. He’s gay, right? I see him and he acts gay and people ask him but he doesn’t answer just acts more gay, It’s rad. And then the next day I come back and he goes “What about Louis? Is he gay too?”
  • I didn’t know that 1d guy is gay (someone looking at Louis and Harry on the phone of the person who they sat next to)
  • “is the hottie also gay? This is beautiful, he’s singing to the other one!” (1D day, little things)
  • the broomstick and the elf need to stop staring at each other or people are gonna think something’s up (dad, AMAS 2014)
  • "is the curly haired one gay” and then when Louis was talking about his deepest love my brother said “I bet you he’s talking about the curly haired one” (brother, 1d TV special)
  • that harry styles, he likes the older men (dad, Graham Norton)   
  • Brother: I didn’t know they were a couple. I thought this one (points at Harry) was the only gay member. (brother)

Louis sexuality vs narrative not adding up

  • If Louis comes out later this year or next year, I guarantee that no one in Doncaster over the age of 16 is going to be remotely surprised or shocked. /Doncaster resident
  • He stood there about 30 seconds pointed at Louis and said “he’s gay.” Everyone can see it.  (42 yo boss upon hearing 1D)
  • ahhh like Elton John, I’m not surprised (grandma)
  • No one, I repeat no one, from the general Doncaster area would be surprised if Lou was gay. My little sister is his age, and I remember when 1d were on the xfactor, all of her friends used to talk about him being gay. All the lads I grew up with think he’s gay, it’s a common opinion there

HL narrative not adding up

  • Never put together in interviews or seated next to each other.
  • They want to quell the rumors because they’re actually true.
  • How Harry has all his tattoos on one arm and Louis on another (this was before the tats on Louis’ left hand)
  • The more Harry and Louis blatantly ignore each other onstage, the more I get confirmation that something is going on between them that is trying to be covered up. There is absolutely no reason for the complete 180 in interaction. The other guys have had rumors as well, but they still talk all the time.
  • it is very clear that louis and harry can’t interact, I found it weird cause I didn’t see it much in that performance like I didn’t think it was that noticeable, maybe I’m used to it, but I then showed him their cute interaction and he said no wonder they can’t it takes 5 secs to know they are more than just friends haha (dad, iheartradio 2014)
  • 50+ year old man watched that special just to see how H&L acted together & he said they are the reason he wants to listen to Four
  • Brother, 30 m. later: Oh. So they say “We are straight”, and then get coule tattoos and look obviously gay together. Funny. The girlfriend (makes air quots) is pretty though. (brother)
  • but when I mentioned the public separation, she came to a stop. And then she said: 'Well, that sounds fishy. Why would they be separated if there was nothing going on? That doesn’t make any sense.’ Ding, ding ding. (mother)

Shady shit

  • it’s the only explanation that makes sense. There comes a time when coincidences stops being coincidences and starts being a pattern, you know? 
  • how Louis’ family made it a point to let everyone know that Harry was there
  • we saw pics of him mingling with Louis’ family and none of Eleanor with Louis family
  • You don’t waste your time and your energy to hide somethings that is supposed to be false
  • Either they have the worst team ever or they are laying low before something big hits
  • they aren’t disproving the rumor solidly besides on twitter because they know they will lose many fans (Larries) by disproving it
  • Wow, they surely have an iron grip on them, is it because two of them are involved? ..<>… Hahaha please, everybody knows! (friend from the music industry)
  • my mom came to me this morning and asked me about larry stylinson. out of the blue asked me 'what and who is larry stylinson’. this is a 45 year old woman who has literally /no/ time to read the news, watch tv or anything because of the workload she has so the fact that she comes up to me and asks this completely baffled me. turns out she had read more than three articles on different websites in between a week on different days (shes kinda hooked on 1d drama despite not having the time) and had picked up on larry stylinson because it had been mentioned. these articles were all different. one to do with zayn leaving, the tour rider and louis and eleanor. she said to me that when she was dealing with a case one time (she works for the police and works in liason with journalists on seeding info abt crimes in the media so that its less of a shock when people find out) that everytime they got closer to the suspect being found guilty they kept mentioning his/hers name more &more contand she said to me that she found it interesting that this name had been mentioned a lot of times. i said to her that there used to be literally no larry articles once and she said that somethings going to happen and whilst we all know this what with seeding and everything it was just nice to see an outsiders perspective on it. she also mentioned that the two pictures of h&l together would help coax younger fans who might read articles into seeing them together which i found interesting as well!

 Had an idea

  • I fucking knew it
  • The one.. I think Lewis (yes he said it that way) is his boyfriend right?
  • he looks at Louis and goes hey isn’t that the one who’s dating that styles kid?
  • the group with the two boys in love with other
  • is it true Harry and Louis are together?  (12 yo)
  • he is WITH LOUIS AND FANS CALL THEM LARRY’ AND I WAS LIKE WHOA WHERE DID YOU HEAR THIS FROM , she found it on the web and she said rumours about his sexuality were also on the tv this is how spread this is guys my grandma found it (grandma)
  • that one on the left gay (harry) the 20 yo in the seat next to me goes yeh he is with that one whose staring at him (louis) the stylist replied with oh yeah ive heard about those two (hahir stylist) 
  • mum was looking over my shoulder and when Liam said 'a song about beards because that’s new’ or whatever, she went 'huh no it’s not, that tiny one and his twin have been pretending to be dating for a while now’ (mom)
  • is it because he’s dating the curly haired one?“ (friend’s reaction after hearing that some fans hate Louis)
  • The other day i was talking to my best friend (a bloke, not interested in 1d at all, who barely knows their names) and 1d came up in our conversation. He was trying to remember their names and he goes like "there’s the blond one, uh, and then there are the two who are together…”. 
  • Today some of my friends from grad school were gossiping about celebs and 1D came up, which never happens in my circle. I casually brought up that two of the members were dating. One of them asked me which two so I start to say “Harry and…"and I got interrupted my other friend says "Louis.” The whole group shrugs at me like its old news.         

You don’t do this with a friend.

  • I mean is that normal? Is it? For your best friend to get into a relationship with a girl and you go and get a compass right after he gets a ship? Not even a full day later? Is that normal?
  • they’re acting like that awkward couple that has so much chemistry and everyone wants them to date cause they look so cute together
  • I don’t think I’ve ever looked at someone like that in my entire fucking life. There was so much flirting between them Jesus.
  • she saw Louis and Harry sharing one of their 'looks’ and immediately went 'Oh, these two like each other, don’t they? (video diaries)
  • I have only seen that look once.“ and I was so confused so I asked where and he said "My dad looked at my mom that way till the last moment he held her hand (grandpa)
  • I saw a gif set of the infamous "if that” moment. Louis’ response made me suspicious b/c that’s not how a straight guy would normally talk about his best friend’s gf
  • little sister who is kind of a her girl, and my mum and brother were like 'who is the gay one?’ and she got really angry but when they saw Louis it was so funny they were pointing at him saying it as him (AMAS 2014) 
  • How come people don’t know?! They’re so obvious. Look at the way they look at each other. (mom)


  • it’s obvious that a lot of their tattoos are a matching set
  • We should get those! I can get the ship, and you the anchor cus you keep me grounded (boyfriend to his girlfriend after seeing the anchor and rope- no faces shown)
  • okay but why can’t they just be together (anchor/rope tattoo)
  • yeah the birds have like human faces/eyes. (dad)
  • I’ve been married for 10 years now, and I still don’t think I’d get a couple tattoo with my husband don’t tell him
  • i jokingly asked ‘so who’s gonna get the rope tattoo and who’s gonna get the anchor’ and she turns to her husband and says ‘that’s so cute it’s the same concept as if i get a lock and you get the key’ and he laughs and i continue just pitching out other ideas for complimentary tattoos and bring up the compass and the ship and gave a brief explanation and she LOVED it so i continued and said ‘maybe you should tattoo it on opposite arms so when you hold hands or walk next to each other it would align’ and he looks at me and goes ‘that’s too much no one does that’ and she laughs and says ‘do you know people that has that’
  • absolutely, no way, too much commitment. (about getting complementary tattoo)
  • ‘So his mum or someone has the rope,’ she said, and when I told her it was Louis she was pretty taken back and ranted about how they were ‘pretty fucking stupid.’ And I was like, ‘they don’t just have one matching pair, they have six.’
  • I asked him like the dork I am, if those tattoos are for couples or friends, he said: “Maybe one, but 3 or 4 that’s a bit too much don’t you think?” and then he pointed at the ship/compass and he went: “I actually thought they’re together when I saw only this… So…” (tattoo artist)
  • Yeah, they’re fucking. They might even be married, that’s legal in England, ain’t it? (tattoo artist)
  • our artist saw my phone background and said “two of those guys have to be dating. like you two are getting matching tats but those two, that’s different. my wife won’t even get tats like that with me” (tattoo artist)
  • Wait. Is this a dagger? Me: Yeah. Brother: Doesn’t the curly one have a rose? Me: Mhm. Brother: I didn’t know they were a couple. 


  • Youtube videos
  • friend/family
  • internet
  • stunts not adding up
  • from other fandoms

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"I love the juxtaposition here..." What do you think how Steve in AoU seemed to say that Steve Rogers died in 1945 and there is only Captain America now. That he doesn't deserve home and family (with Natasha!) and there is only war for him. I was sadden by it for Cap has always been my favorite (especially with Evens Portrayal) I believe he deserves some peace (with Natasha!).

(x). Oh man, Anon. I feel like Steve’s PTSD was one of the few things Age of Ultron did right. (Although before I start, I should mention I don’t ship Natasha and Steve as anything but friends). There were so many lines in AOU that gave insight into Steve’s depression, listlessness, and feelings of disconnect. It’s woven into every Steve scene, and it’s amazing.

Right at the start of the movie, Sam encourages Steve to look for a place in Brooklyn, but Steve keeps resisting. He jokes that it’s too expensive, but he doesn’t reply when Sam says “But home is home, y’know?”. In fact, he looks pretty forlorn, staring out at the party below – not joining in, separated from it all. It’s a thousand yard stare, typical of PTSD and the battle-worn soldier.

BecauseIt’s questionable whether Brooklyn is Steve’s home anymore. Can Brooklyn still be home, if all the buildings are gone, the old neighbourhoods have vanished, friends and family are dead? What is home to Steve? 1945? Because if that’s true… he can never go home. The concept of ‘home’ continuously plagues Steve throughout the film, with many direct references.

In the same scene, he tells Bruce in a self-deprecating tone that he’s the “world’s leading authority on waiting too long”. It implies that he hasn’t moved on from Peggy and still feels regret. It’s important to note that this is all said and done at a party that’s happening because the Avengers have ‘put an end’ to HYDRA. Steve should be thrilled, but instead you see how lonely and out of place he feels. He spends more time wandering than interacting with the other Avengers – with one exception. He spends significant time with Thor, who really IS the Outsider. It says a lot.

…And then Wanda’s vision scene. Where the dancing turns to brawling and the wine stains become blood. That moment gave the best insight into Steve’s PTSD. His perception is forever tainted: war is all he sees, and he can’t escape its horrible aftermath. Worse, when Peggy asks him to imagine going home, the dance hall empties. Steve literally can’t imagine it. 

He’s always on the outside, looking in: people celebrate the war being over as he walks through their scene, but his own dance hall is empty. There’s this horrible melancholia to the entire scene that really emphasizes Steve’s isolation.

Then we reach the farm. Again, it’s Thor and Steve – the outsiders – who are most uncomfortable with Clint’s family. Steve basically clings to Thor until Thor leaves, and then Steve can’t cross the threshold to go back inside the house. It’s a home that slipped from his grasp when he crashed the plane; the quiet, 1950s life he should have had, but can no longer touch, and I think that hurts him. The American flag in contrast to Steve’s uniform is a nice touch.

When Tony mentions that Steve walked away from Wanda’s vision seemingly undisturbed, it’s just another tell. The vision didn’t shake Steve because it was nothing new, the same PTSD he lives with daily. And when Tony remarks “Isn’t why we fight so we can end the fight? So we can go home?”, Steve rips a log in half. Because again, what is home to Steve? He has no home. His fight doesn’t end, as his vision showed him. Poor Steve’s lost sight – he doesn’t even know why he fights, anymore. There’s a line later on where he mentions they may be monsters, which is such an unusual line for Steve.

The only thing Steve feels like he has anymore is Captain America: it’s his only place, purpose, and sense of belonging. It sounds like it’s the only reason he leaves the house (”I have no plans tomorrow night”). I mean, the only time Steve has friends is when he’s Cap, when he’s fighting some battle. Except Steve has no control over this Captain America; the idea became something beyond Steve while he was on ice, possibly even spun out of control, so even his superhero persona isn’t his own. Steve Rogers is fading fast, and this idealized Cap is taking over (”Language!”). There’s practically NOTHING that Steve can say is his: no home, no personality, and no persona. That’s jarring, and scary as hell. Because then you have to ask… who is Steve?

Of course, there’s hope. In CATWS, Natasha gets a glimpse of Steve Rogers, and she sees him as something more than Captain America – not the other way around. His friendship with Sam is a good way to bring stability to Steve’s life, although now Sam is an Avenger, so maybe not. But I think Bucky’s presence will help Steve most of all. Whether you ship them or not, you can’t deny that Bucky is Steve’s connection to who he once was.

Steve’s friendship with Bucky was huge part of his personality, back when he was skinny Steve Rogers. Bucky was with him through everything (”best friends since childhood…”) and helped shape who Steve became – they practically defined themselves through each other. So I believe that Bucky’s story is a reason for Steve to keep fighting, and watching Bucky find himself again may be the push Steve needs to find himself, too. I disagree that Steve Rogers is dead and gone – I just think he’s completely lost himself, and I’m hoping in Civil War, his reunion with Bucky will bring him back to who he once was. Just like Steve carried with him who Bucky was, and helped Bucky remember – Bucky will help Steve remember himself, too. Because Bucky is home.


Avast there! It be too late to look away now, maties – now ye be faced with my newest Disneybound – “the Redhead” from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! I had already thought it turned out pretty well when I first put everything on, but I didn’t expect the abundance of positive feedback I got for this look from guest and Cast Member alike today. I got a lot of compliments on my dress (a few even asked if I had made it, which sadly, no, I didn’t, it’s just an old corset on top of one of my new favorite dresses), kids were gawking at me, a Character Attendant got his line to cry out “We wants the Redhead!” as I walked by (I laughed so hard!!)…when I got to Pirates, the Cast Member there even was kind enough to put me in the front row of his boat (called the Mystique – such a lovely name!).

I also went to go see the new Dead Men Tell No Tales preview at the Sunset Showcase Theater – I admit that so far the film looks like it has way too many subplots gumming up the works like the last three did, but like the last three it does look like there’ll be some fun action, which is always good. There were also some costumes and props from the movie there too, including the Trident of Poseidon (the thing I’m reacting to).

This look is one of my new favorites of all time. When I was on the WDWCP, a good friend of mine would always tease me whenever we sailed past the dock scene on Pirates by jokingly replying to the pirates wanting the redhead, “You can have her!” and pointing at me…so it was such a joy to get to be this character! It just feels like a Bound I needed to try!

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12 Days of Anime Day 12: Adolescence of Utena

Reasons to watch the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie:



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this next one’s my favorite are you ready

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*whispers* im so gay

Literally had to replay Jury’s intro scene multiple times back to back when I first watched this movie because me and my friend couldn’t stop flipping out about HER GORGEOUS LOCKS

How does she even fit it all in that mask??? Fuckin’ witchcraft

(why do I always start my posts about lesbians with a ton of gifs…)

2. Revolutionary Girl Utena is artsy and surreal. Adolescence of Utena is EXTREMELY artsy and surreal. It’s all of what the show had and more. Every scene is so beautiful and interesting to look at. And of course, being Utena, there’s a lot under the surface to analyze. The big difference here is that, being a movie, they unfortunately can’t really go over quite as much as a 39-episode show can. It still has a lot of the same themes as the show, but some are represented to a lesser degree and others have more focus than before. I feel like the anime was more about society and growing up while the movie is… more gay. No, really, there’s a lot more focus on Utena and Anthy’s relationship and the ultimate message of the ending centers around them.

I really like this movie. In fact, it comes close to being my #1 favorite anime movie now. I can’t really compare it to the original anime because they’re two very different tellings of the same story and they have different overall messages. I like them both for different reasons. 

This is a movie I highly recommend. But I can’t recommend it alone, you really have to watch the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime first to fully appreciate it.

Now, when I think of Adolescence of Utena, my mind can only go to one thing:

The dance scene.

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I really mean it: this part of the movie is so beautiful. The animation, the imagery, the music, oh my god, the MUSIC, it’s all just amazing. It’s really trippy and gorgeous at the same time. I love this scene so much it’s definitely my favorite scene of all time from any anime.

One of the things I like more about this movie than the show is Anthy and Utena. Like I said before, a lot more focus is put on the romantic aspect of their relationship. The anime had lesbianism as more of a subtext, but it’s one of the main focuses of the movie. And this is just one of many scenes that expands on their relationship in ways that the show didn’t. I like that that’s explored more.

Also “At Times, Love Is”, the song that plays during this scene, is the ultimate gay anthem. And that’s why as of right now on my computer it has over 1200 plays on iTunes.

I have a problem :3

(Shoutout to @robin-red-r because we watched this movie for the first time together. If I didn’t have someone to experience it and talk about it with me afterwards, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks friend. Here’s to another year of watching gay anime together.)

Pranks (Part 5)

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Words: 2.8K 

Summary: Date night!

Warnings: Swearing, angst (there is lots of fluff though!), being assholes. 


Pranks Masterlist

Part 4 

“Holy shit,” you whispered under your breath. Gabriel snickered as the two of you walked up to the restaurant, “This place is way too nice.”

He held the door open for you, bowing as you went past, “It’s supposed to be that way. First date and all,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

Turning to Gabriel as you waited for the hostess, you looked at him being serious, “Do you think they’ll have chicken strips and French fries?”

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Everyone Ive ever known has at some point told me how bad of a movie Contact is and although it doesnt change it as one of my all time favorite movies, Ive never come across anybody who also said it was their favorite so I have to ask: whats your favorite part?!

Wait, people actually think Contact is bad?  The movie that was written by Carl Sagan himself?  Are you kidding me?  There are so many scenes in that movie I love, but I think the most impressive one is the mirror shot when she’s little.  I still don’t know how they did it.

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Yeees! I was really into it back in high school and I still love it dearly <3

Oh god;; there’s too many scenes I like but uhh? I like this one from the movie when they’re running away from Sarah and Benny is such a dork I crack up every time he’s so cute?


Like?? He’s so silly I’m in love