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imagine the damage andrew minyard could have done at the beginning of tfc with a vile of veritaserum

Trust (Idol Couple!Yoongi)

Plot: #34: “Trust me.” + #37: “You’re cute when you’re all worried.” with idol couple!Yoongi

Word Count: 625

A/N: so the idol couple series is actually one of my favorite series and I can’t believe I haven’t written for it more bc I love it so so so so much it’s so much fun to write and imagine, and just to explain the series for everyone that hasn’t read the original post, it’s about idol!reader and idol!BTS being in a relationship, so the link for this post is idol couple with Yoongi (here) which features young!Yoongi (here) which is about being childhood best friends with yoon

The public didn’t know about your relationship with Yoongi, not yet at least. You had spent the last year having hidden dates, takeout in Yoongi’s apartment or a late night movie at your apartment, the both of you dressed in baggy hoodies and sweatpants. You had known Yoongi for as long as you could remember but spending time with him now was different than it had been as eight year olds. There was an element of secrecy now, the both of you never giving any hints that you were in relationships, coming up with ways to avoid the question without being too obvious.

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don’t assign idols a sexuality you deem as fitting bc of your assumptions??? idols are real people, not fictional characters. sure you can say “[idol] might not be/doesn’t seem to be straight”, but don’t say you know their sexuality because you don’t, unless they talk about it. it’s gross and dehumanizing. they’re regular people with real thoughts and feelings for gods sake

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Vans Warped Tour 2014 (July 2. St. Louis, Missouri)was my first concert experience. Crazy, I know. I had walked by the Youtubers tent countless times in hopes of meeting Bryan. I met Johnnie Guilbert on one of those passings but that’s another story. I had been watching BryanStars Interviews for a couple of years and Bryan is one of my idols. Anyways, me and my friend were on our way back from Falling In Reverse’s set and I was hoping to run into Bryan. I scanned over the crowd of girls and guys but didn’t see Bryan. I was pretty upset. As we were walking to go see Beebs & Her Money Makers set I spotted Bryan. I instantly screamed “BryanStars!” and we ran over to him. I hugged him and he didn’t even hesitate to hug me back. I was shaking and crying. I was actually meeting BryanStars! He signed my ticket and hugged me once more. Bryan was one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. The way his face lighted up when I ran over to him. I love how he takes time out of his day to meet his fans. BryanStars is one of my idols. For being the really funny and obnoxious guy, he really is sweet and caring.  He’s really tall too. He didn’t hesitate to sign my stuff and to hug me and take a picture. This Warped tour was definitely a memorable one! I’ll for sure be coming back. Thanks Bryan for making it the best!