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Ian: I don’t believe in luck. I do believe we’ve known each other since forever, though.

Sofi: Really?

Ian: Yeah. You know how? When the big bang happened, all the atoms in the universe, they were all smashed together into one little dot that exploded outward. So my atoms and your atoms were certainly together then, and, who knows, probably smashed together several times in the last 13.7 billion years. So my atoms have known your atoms and they’ve always known your atoms. My atoms have always loved your atoms.

I origins (2014)

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I feel a bit bad... American Gods is one of my absolute favorite books, and as much as I've been looking forward to the series, I've decided to not watch it as a last-ditch effort to preserve my own "version" of it- I want to forever picture it as I first did, without any casting or effects besides that of my mind's own creation. Can I be forgiven?

I never watched the final Lord of the Rings movie, or any of the Hobbit films, because I realised that some of my headpictures had been eaten by the Peter Jackson film, and I treasured them too much. So of course you are forgiven.


To explain, “The Brave Little Toaster” is one of my all time favorite animated movies and I really respect it for what it manages to accomplish. Everything about this movie influences me and my work immensely; down to the great characters, heart-felt writing, and tHE TOP NOTCH SOUNDTRACK. 

I’ve been wanting to do a tribute for it since forever. So, here it is!

Apartment AUs
  • “haha sorry for knocking at your door at like 6 in the morning on a Saturday but i’ve got a job interview in less than an hour but you happen to be right next door and my shower is broken so could i please use yours i smell like death” au
  • “so hey i heard the opening to my favorite show that i haven’t seen in forever playing somewhere in the building and i tracked it to you so can i watch it with you or what” au
  • “my cat ran in here at 3 in the morning and i’m really sorry he made himself comfortable on your face while you were sleeping but hey i guess thats what you get for leaving the door kinda open” au
  • “i was singing one of the cheesy duets from a Disney movie and i guess you heard it bc ur singing the other part so we’re both going with it ok cool” au
  • “you always ask me for book suggestions for some reason so one day i just grab ur hand and drag you to the library and we kind of have this thing of going to the library together every week from then on” au
  • “i accidentally broke into ur apartment bc i was hella tired this morning and i swear it was an accident please don’t call the police” au
  • “oh my god can you please not scream so loudly when you get mail like jeez you do that every day- wait is that a limited edition figurine lemme see” au
  • “ok so my dumb friends bet $2 that i wouldn’t ask you out and get you to say yes but i’m really desparate for some M&Ms from the vending machine downstairs and ur actually really cute so please take pity on my poor soul” au
  • “so its 1 a.m. and you’re prancing around my floor in full out cosplay and singing my favorite anime theme song in Japanese and I want in” au
  • “i kNEW YOU WERE THE ONE STEALING MY NEWSPAPERS EVERY DAY HAH I FINALLY CAUGHT YOU- oh man wait are you crying crap wait i’m so sorry please i’ll let you take all of my newspaper for the rest of our lives if you please please stop crying” au
• “I’m really sorry you had to see me like this stranger but would you mind helping me out of this trash can” AU

Anyone who is considering seeing La La Land (2016, Damien Chazelle), please do it is a genius musical that is much more then just a musical. It’s a beautiful story about following your dreams and how not everything you want is just given to you. Anyone who loves film can really appreciate the thought that has gone into each shot, even the first scene stands out from most movies. A majority of it has such profound undertones of how not everything works out the way you want it to but you have to just go with it and grow up. Anyone who sees this movie can relate to some aspect of it. It takes you to a place where you forget everything around you when you watch it, its magical.The awards it has won it clearly deserves. The acting is amazing, everyone knows that Emma and Ryan are amazing actors and the casting for this film is perfect they work so well together and the chemistry between them is uncanny. I highly suggest you see it, it will forever have a place as one of my favorite movies. 


get to know me: (2/5) favorite movies → pride and prejudice (2005)

“You must know… surely, you must know it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me. I believe you spoke with my aunt last night, and it has taught me to hope as I’d scarcely allowed myself before. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on”


endless list of favorite movies so far in no particular order → Moulin Rouge!
      “Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. And then, one not-so-very special day, I went to my typewriter, I sat down, and I wrote our story. A story about a time, a story about a place, a story about the people. But above all things, a story about love. A love that will live forever. The End.”

How Killing Stalking is similar to Natural Born Killers and why that should worry us,

NBK is by far one of my favorite movies. It’s a wonderful satire on our obsession with violence, and If you enjoy KS, I undoubtedly think you’ll like NBK.

Okay, so I was watching NBK for the first time in forever yesterday, and I noticed quite a few similarities between the characters Micky and Mallory and Sangwoo and Yoonbum. However, for this post, I’ll focus on comparing Mallory and Bum.

First, here’s a short summary of NBK:

The film tells the story of two victims of traumatic childhoods who became lovers and mass murderers, and are irresponsibly glorified by the mass media.

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Although it is never explicated said, Mallory, in my opinion, suffers from Border line personality disorder just like Bum.

Here are some of her and Bum’s similarities 

. They’re both victims of sexual assault, being raped by a live in fatherly figure.

. They’re both “saved” by a psychotic killer

.They’re both ridiculously impulsive and need constant validation.

.They both go in between ‘I hate you, I love you,’ with their other halves.

Why should this worry us? Well, it’s implied that Mallory has never killed before Micky. However, when Micky swooshed in like a deranged prince charming and helps her kill both her parents, she’s overcame with the power and the validation, and becomes even more maniacal than Micky. Right after their first murder, they get married. Sound familiar?

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Seeing the spoilers for Chapter 19, it seems my worries were valid. However, it shouldn’t be surprising. Bum has shown to have very low to zero empathy, which is common for people with BPD. Edit: To clarify, what I’m trying to say is that people with BPD may experience empathy inconsistently.(I’m going to write another post on this) From here on out, it’ll be a downward spiral for our not too pure Bum.

Whenever I’m asked about my favorite movie, I always point to Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It has it all. Tim Burton’s glorious directing, beautiful, dark cinematography in which the only thing of bright color is the oftentimes cartoonish red of blood, revenge, gratuitous violence + gore, cannibalism, unrequited love, manipulation, vigilante and well-deserved justice, fun & macabre musical numbers one can really sing along to + a great opening title by Stephen Soundheim, and of course a singing Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Alan Rickman. A movie literally cannot get more perfect in my eyes and thus will forever by my #1

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Congratulations. You were able to repeat your accidental success. But you will need to know more than soup, if you are to survive in my kitchen, boy. Colette will be responsible for teaching you how we do things here.

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Do you have any Adam/Belle fic recs?

I have like a billion favorite fics in this fandom and they are a mix between the original film and the new version SO I’M GONNA PUT BOTH! I’ll write the year in the description (but AUs kinda apply to both most stories do because of the OVERWHELMING similarities in the two movies) (I could have added so many more but this is like too long😂)

Perchance to Dream ( (2017) (K+)
“Based on the 2017 movie, with a twist from the original French story. After coming to the castle, Belle meets someone in her dreams who seems oddly familiar…”

All Along ( (1991) (K)
“The spell has finally been broken. The Beast has some explaining to do, and Belle has a few secrets of her own to get out: she knew about the curse. Postmovie oneshot.” (I’m kinda obsessed with post-movie “woah what the hell just happened let’s talk this out” one-shots)

His Special One ( (2017) (G)
“The ballroom, it seemed, was consistently a place where his life would change forever. A post-curse fluff piece.” (This author has a ton of cute one shots this is just my favorite of theirs)

Impressions ( (1991) (G)
“Sometimes it’s the little things like getting ready in the morning that can be the hardest to get just right. Luckily the Beast has Cogsworth there to help out.” (This author is SO FREAKING GOOD at the 1991 Beast’s characterization like I swear. This is the fluffier of their stories also the newest but I love like all of their works)

And When We Touched ( (2017) (T)
“The five times the Beast had human contact for the first time in years, and the one time he had it as a human himself after the curse is broken. Based mostly off the 2017 movie.”

Of course I have to plug my own fic so….
I Love You Too, By The Way ( (2017) (G)
“short conversation between Belle and Adam between the kiss and the reunion with the servants. Because you know Adam would be excited more by Belle being in love with him than by the curse being broken. (Immediately follows the 2017 movie)”

Human Again ( (1991) (T)
“A series of short one-shots written for the February 2014 prompt on Bittersweet & Strange. The prompt was: “Write a scene or story about the prince doing something he couldn’t do as a beast.”“

pouf-pouf ( (2017) (T)
(Ok this is technically just a two-shot but..)
”“Not for the first time, Belle found herself curious about the dusting of gold Plumette so often applied to the corner of her eyes and the swell of her cheeks. ‘Actually. I did have one question. How do you…’ She touched the side of her face to indicate where Plumette’s skin shimmered.
‘How do I do my makeup?’
Plumette shook her head in amazement. 'There were really no other girls in Villeneuve?’”
In which Belle makes a friend and learns more about her fiance.“

The Anchor ( (2017) (T)
”“You’re alive,” she murmured softly, amazement smoothing the tone of her voice and filling the small void between them. Her eyes, brimming with unshed tears, locked on the loose waves of his shirt and the smooth planes of his chest.
“I’m…” he began, unsure of what to call himself. I’m me? I’m human? I’m…
"You’re alive,” she repeated, her tone insistent but her hands hesitant as they moved from his thin waist along the loose linen to his chest. The fabric bunched as her fingers pressed lightly across his torso, searching. “You died,” her voice cracked, her sorrow tangling desperately with her words, “but you’re alive.”
A series of vignettes following Belle and Prince Adam based on the live-action Beauty and the Beast. No set number of chapters or timeline. Please enjoy:)“

That Girl is Strange, No Question ( (2017) (T)
"He also remembers many times that Belle did this from before— he remembers her scribbling on bits of scrap paper in the library, getting ink on her face from her drafting pen over their own private dinners. She has nothing on her face now, even as his eyes drift up to catch every little detail. “I will allow you that disposition, my love,” he tells her as he brings up the knuckles of her right had so that he can press his lips against her skin. “Apart from one instance.”
“Oh?” Belle asks, eyebrows raising higher than Adam honestly thought they could go. “And which instance would that be, my Prince?”
“You were at the center of me,” he says. “From the very first moment you threw a snowball at my face.””

My Heart Will Go On ( (2017) (M)
“Engaged to be married to a woman who he does not love - a match enforced by his money grubbing father - the poised young aristocrat, Adam, is utterly miserable. On his first night aboard the RMS Titanic, he debates pitching himself over the edge of the ship and into the icy waters below, never to be seen or paraded around ever again.
He would have jumped, too, had he not been talked down by a shockingly beautiful girl who had somehow managed to smuggle herself onto the ship, hoping to see the world. Her name was Belle, and Adam quickly came to learn that she had been in France prior to boarding the Titanic, selling her sketches to make ends meet. A bizarre concept to the wealthy gentleman, which only made her, and her way of life, all the more alluring.” (I’m REALLY dreading the end to this story)

Mirrors ( (1991) (T)
“Everyone knows the Beast was selfish and unkind—which, of course, is exactly what a jealous enchantress would want the world to think. A retelling in which young Adam was an innocent victim caught up in his father’s past mistakes, and Belle a willing presence seeking to repay her own father’s debt. And with a vengeful witch on the loose, Gaston is the least of their worries.”

A Prince in Molyneaux ( (1991) (T)
“AU. Prince Adam is never cursed and grows into a spoiled, self-centered adult. When an attempt to flee his responsibilities backfires, he ends up stranded in a small provincial town. Can he find his way out of the town before anyone discovers who he really is? Or will his developing feelings for a beautiful but funny girl cause him to reconsider his plans entirely?”

Behind a Fair Façade ( (1991) (T)
“Belle and Adam are college roommates whose dislike soon melts into friendship - and maybe more. But Adam has a reason beyond Belle’s smile for pursuing her love, to do with his parents tragic death ten years ago. And Belle has her own motives for choosing a college over a hundred miles from her beloved father. Can their friends get them to fall in love?
Alternate summary: Modern AU where the curse is in the law, the Bimbettes have
characters, for some reason France has been replaced by Scotland, and everything is linked thematically.”

neither one prepared ( (1991/2017 author has both listed) (G)
“he’s so cute, she thinks to herself. it’s adorable to see him so eager to learn new things. she then goes back to her filing, heart warmed by her previous thoughts.
suddenly, though, everything is… different.
or, the one where the breaking of the spell is a bit more… casual.”(AU one-shot)

Rewriting the Past - Eight [m]

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Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 3.1k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

Notes: This chapter is mature and contains smut(and probably not the best-written smut at that, I tried guyssss).

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight 

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signs as the most beautiful things i've experienced
  • aries: strangers became my best friends for a night
  • taurus: i ran through a field with people i'd known for a week, but felt like i'd known them forever
  • gemini: i spent the fourth of july camping in the mountains and saw hundreds of fireworks
  • cancer: all of my friends were together and genuinely happy
  • leo: i watched unconfident and scared girls grow into powerful women
  • virgo: the first time i fell in love with my favorite movie
  • libra: young kids accepting one another and being unaware of racism and sexism
  • scorpio: noticing how people act around the things that they truly admire and love
  • sagittarius: going on a school trip and bonding over my entire classes' hatred for the trip
  • capricorn: seeing people work hard for the things that they truly desire
  • aquarius: watching a friend who once followed the crowd finally embrace her individuality
  • pisces: watching someone's facial expressions while they talk about their favorite things

Because the ship come and go … but this will always immortal!!The scene is clear. For me one of the most beautiful scenes in the saga.

Ok, the reference to Tangled is brutal but i can’t resist!! When I read this chapter I could not help but think “if this was a disney movie here the romantic song was perfect!”

( I think the colors are darker than i thought, I’ll have to correct the setting of the colors of my computer)


I feel like it is still a little ways in the making before it happens…but…isn’t it time for us to see Billy take on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme?
That’s what I have been wanting to see for forever now. He’s one of my absolute FAVORITE Marvel characters and we know his origin(s), we know his past, present, and distant future…but not how he gets there.
Yeah, right now it is still high time for Dr. Strange because of his intro to the MCU. (Don’t get me wrong, I thought he was AWESOME and completely enjoyed his movie.) But! If you read the comics, it just seems like Billy coming along would be an answer to the current problems.
Um…spoilers ahead if you haven’t caught up yet.

~Dr. Strange~
1: Dr. Strange fought the whole cult of Empirikul. All of them were focused on killing off all magic. In some of the panels, we saw a lot of other magic users brought together to be burned at the stake (like Scarlet Witch, Magik, Doom, and a couple of others). Wiccan wasn’t there.
2: Dr. Strange and this depowered team of Witches and Sorcerers went out and about collecting magical items to fight back and Wiccan still wasn’t there.
3: Where was he during all this “Last Days of Magic” storyline? Did he experience any of it?
4: Mordo shows up quite a while after all this. Dr. Strange is still weak with practically no power…yet Mordo was still powerful and magical as ever. My bet is that Wiccan is too.
5: Now Mr. Misery is Dr. Strange’s focal point baddy. So much of his plot device is that he’s a price Dr. Strange’s magic has cost him. All magic comes for a price…but it seems that only the good guys are having to pay any of it.

~Scarlet Witch~
1: She went on a long long journey to heal magic. LONG STORY SHORT, she found the source of magic and defeated what was weakening it.
2: During all this, she met her mother and discovered that she is still on a path to self discovery. Namely…who the hell is her father now?!
3: If her mother was super powerful, I feel and hope it’s safe to assume that he was/is too. Maybe that ties in to why Billy was born to write the laws of magic?
4: Wanda has also been paying a price for her magic. Each spell she cast aged her and brought her closer to an early death. That’s been reset…but it sounds like a “law” that can be “rewritten” by someone.

~Dr. Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme~
1: Billy is revealed to be the Sorcerer Supreme in the future timeline. He is wearing the Eye and has the Cape of Levitation…
1.a: THAT I ALSO WANT EXPLAINED!!!! (It looks like the fashion love child of Cloak and the Cape. Did Cloak also die and just bequeath himself to Billy and/or just merge with the Cape?) Dr. Strange noticed the cape and all Wiccan said was basically, “Long story.”
2: We know that Dr. Strange dies and that’s what ultimately makes the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme get passed on.

~Young/New Avengers/Future Xmen
1: Yeah Billy/Wiccan is still growing and powering up…but he’s basically already proving to be unlimited. He started doing magic on his own. He’s practiced, trained, and become more and more powerful.
2: Everyone keeps saying that he is the Demiurge and is destined to rewrite the laws of magic.
3: Also…he joins the Xmen and ¿leads? them.

Well…doesn’t it feel like it’s FINALLY time that story begins?

It is time to see “Wiccan” appearing on our local comic book shelves.

Sorry, Not Sorry, Tumblr! #BeautyAndTheBeast

For the next couple of weeks or so, you’re definitely gonna see my Tumblr be covered in Beauty and the Beast posts. I’m not kidding you, I’m living for one of my all time favorite Disney story’s again and the fact that the live action rendition of it was flawless just makes me feel so alive. I love how they brought justice to all of the characters and giving them actual backstories, not to mention showing both interracial love and lgbtq characters (Josh Gad + LeFou + Being Gay + Actual characteristics and empathy = FUCKING AMAZING). They even got Emma (Tea Reading to Tea Pot) Thompson, SIR IAN FUCKING MCKELLEN, and OBI WAN KENOBI (I know his name is Ewen McGregor but I couldn’t help myself lol) as Lumiere! Then you got Stanley Tucci as a brand new character that loves Madame Garderobe (Opera singing Audra McDonald), and even Kevin Kline as Maurice and the beautiful Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette! PLUS, the fact that I need both Dan (Sexy Growling, gorgeous as a human being and beast-like-man singing one of my favorite songs!) Stevens and Luke (Hot D-Bag Beast Hurting, Glad karma got his ass) Evans in my life again! And of course how FLAWLESS EMMA WATSON WAS AS BELLE!!! HERMIONE GRANGER HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND IS BELLE!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🌹

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can you give me three good horror manga?

Just three?! Okie doke! I’ll do my best! 

Right off the bat, I have to recommend you ANYTHING by Junji Ito and by that I mean literally anything he has ever written ever. 

ALL JUNJI ITO IS GOOD JUNJI ITO. He is the master commander of horror and he is almost required reading when it comes to horror manga. It is really that good! 

Onto more specific manga! 

I AM A HERO. It’s my all-time favorite zombie manga ever. It has fantastic characters, great art, an interesting plot, an accurate representation of what it might be like in a zombie apocalypse, and it is overall just one of my favorite manga in the world.

BATTLE ROYALE. Every single horror manga fan has to read Battle Royale. It is hyped up, but for a great reason. The movie is good but the manga is GREAT. You discover everything about every single character in the story. It moves so fluidly and so interestingly that you just want it to go on forever. You want to see everyone die but at the same time you want some characters to stay forever alive.

FUAN NO TANE. If you want to feel true paranoia about your surroundings, this is the manga to go to. It is very subtle, but absolutely terrifying. It’s about discovering all the creepy shit that can happen to you anywhere you go. All the little ghosts and shit that maybe is happening around you but you just haven’t noticed. Yet.


I cannot just let you go without also recommending you more manga because there is just so much more that I absolutely love and adore. So here it goes! You can just skip this over if you really don’t want anymore recommendations but HERE IT GOES. Also, slug-chicks is a great place to go read btw. They’re super hardworking and update really frequently with new chapters! Just throwing this in there.

KAZUO UMEZU. Junji Ito’s idol, and mine as well. I found this guy not too long ago and he is probably the master commander of this genre. It is WONDERFUL. His are a must read for any horror manga fan.

Personal favorites that all should read: Drifting Classroom | Orochi

Ill name some more below! Oh! And please keep in mind that a lot of these are still on-going. Some of them have only a few chapters, some of them have more! Up to you if you wanna read ongoing mangas!

If you are a little more into taking risks, may I suggest Shintaro Kago. His manga isn’t for everyone though. He is the master at eroguro which is erotic guro. He finds a lot of comedy in depicting very graphic and quite often, very uncomfortable, scenes. I personally adore eroguro.

If you want kind of a taste of his work but not to jump into his darkest waters, I suggest Fetus Collection. One of my favorites by him. ;u; And surprisingly, not as disturbing as the rest of his work. I found it funny tbh. Then again, I have a pretty dark sense of humor.

Oh and to make things easier!

♥ means horror!
★ means psychological!
✖ means gore/abuse/dark shit involved!
☁ means on-going that i know of…
✿ means personal favorite!

Kakegurui ★✿ ☁ 
Sekai Oni ★ ♥ ✖ 
Zero - Kage Miko ♥ ☁
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service ♥★✿☁
Okitenemuru ♥ ☁ 
Parasyte ♥★✿✿✿
Kamisama, Kisama wo Koroshitai. ♥★✖✿☁  
Tenkuu Shinpan  ♥★✖✿☁
Apocalypse no Toride  ♥★✖✿☁    
I Am A Hero ✿✿✿✿✿✿♥★✖☁
Death Sweeper ♥★☁
Coelacanth ★✿
Ousama Game ♥★
Ousama Game - Kigen ♥★  
Judge ♥★☁
Rabbit Doubt! ♥★✿  
Corpse Party: Another Child ♥★✖☁  
Homunculus ✿✿✿★
Yuureitou ♥★
Torikago no Tsugai ★  
Mahou Shoujo of the End ♥★✖✿
Darwin’s Game ♥★☁
Zekkyou Gakkyu ♥★✖✿☁
Kamisama no Iutoori ♥✿✿✿★✖  
Higanjima ♥★✖✿☁
Hakaijuu  ♥★✿✿☁
Scumbag Loser ♥★✖    
Battle Royale ♥★✖✿✿✿
Ibitsu ♥★✖
Fuan no Tane ♥★✿✿✿
Jisatsu Circle ♥★✖
Zashiki Onna ♥★  
Fetish ★
Portus ♥★
Pupa ♥★✖
Emerging ♥
8.1 Yamada Yusuke Gekijou ♥✖★        
Kouishou Radio ♥★☁  
Sprite ♥✿☁
Green Worldz ♥☁
Dolly Kill Kill ♥☁
Karada Sagashi ♥☁
Delusional Boy ♥☁★
Jinrou Game ♥☁
Death Tube ♥★✖✿☁

A couple of ones I wanted to talk about:

PARASYTE. If you enjoyed the anime (which is just like the manga), the manga is just as fantastic. It is interesting, full of action, the characters are likeable… I was actually rooting more for the parasytes than the humans. A classic and a great one.

HOMUNCULUS. Incredible art, amazing story, and just overall one of my favorite mangas in the world. It is right up there with I am a Hero because it is so fascinating. It is more psychological than anything, but it really fucks with your head. You feel something change inside of you as you read it. As the character’s mind unveils, so does yours.

MAHOU SHOUJO OF THE END. This is just a little side note but while the manga does contain a lot of horror scenes, the story has actually taken a turn for the confusing. It’s gotten very hard to follow and honestly, the characters have all become incredibly annoying to me, especially one in particular.

It was really good but now it’s borderlining on the “eeeeh”. So if you want to try it out, it is very similar to Dolly Kill Kill. It’s good and interesting, but honestly, I’m kind of over it by now because it has gotten far too confusing to keep up with.

And I thiiink this is it… I might’ve read and loved more but I can’t really remember everything! ;u; I hope this helps! 

COMPLETELY FORGOT TO MENTION GANTZ, one of the people who reblogged it, a lovely person, just reminded me! Gantz is also FANTASTIC. Its one of the mangas I am currently reading through barely but so far I really love it.