one of my first otps to my current otp

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This is the 32 things about myself game:

1) Name: Dominika
2) Nickname: Domi
3) Zodiac sign: Gemini
4) Height: 165cm 
5) Ethnicity: Polish
6) Birthplace: Poland 
7) Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
8) Fav. Fruit: Raspberries
9) Fav. Season: Spring but also summer when it’s not too hot. 
10) Fav. Song: Liability by Lorde (rn)
11) Fav. Flower: Cherry blossom
12) Fav. Books: Dizzy by Cathy Cassidy
13) Fav. Animals: Dogs
14) Fav. Beverage: I literally only drink water lmao (but on occasion, I enjoy cranberry juice)
15) Fav. Fictional characters: Sasuke Uchiha and Olivier Mira Armstrong.
16) Dream trip: Small village in Japan
17) Killed people: Nope
18) Siblings: Younger half-sister and half-brother
19) Horror movies?: Nope x)
20) Reason to smile: SNS and family and my dog
21) Questions you are always asked: Why are you late?
22) Fav. Food: Chicken
23) Gift you currently want to receive: Some nice clothes
24) Fav. Ship/ OTP: Naruto x Sasuke 
25) One thing that changed about you: I’m more sarcastic and I look at what’s more important to me than to others. 
26)First ship/ OTP:
 I think my first ever ship was Cody x Bailey from The Suite Life on Deck (if i remember correctly)
27) NOTP: SS, NH, Raku x Onodera
28) Fear that would want to conquer: Fear of the dark
29) Fav. Fanfic: Give us our Daily Ramen
30) Fave Sport: Swimming 
31) Blog age: Around five years
32) Followers: 2,501

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14, 16, 17

Ye another Ask. Thank :3

14. Go on, who are your Brotps?

Let’s see we got Candal though I can ship it either way tbh, Undyne and Papyrus (remember guys…Brotp means platonic…please don’t kill me), Cayday, Ichigo and Renji, aaaaand Pidge and Hunk make a superb duo lmao.

16. Are their any popular ships in your fandom that you dislike?

Hmmm “your fandom” referring to the one I’m currently super active in which is Destiny soo…no not really.

17. Who was your first OTP and are they still your favorite?

My first OTP was Ichigo and Rukia, and yea…now that I think about it…they probably are still my favorite. No doubt I still ship ‘em. Oorrr they’re probably tied with Klance and Reaper76 dammit.

rinskiroo  asked:

another ask meme! ~~~~~~~~~~~ 2, 9, 17, 36, 46

2. What is your latest fandom?

Mainly Phineas and Ferb, haha, although Milo Murphy’s Law kinda counts. (MML isn’t as much of a fandom for me though, so I’m comfortable saying PNF.)

9. What are the best things about your current fandom?

There’s so much meta floating around. I love all the meta.

17. Who was your first OTP and are they still your favourite?

I’m glad this is in the “current fandom” section bc welp my original otp.

First otp in this fandom: Perryshmirtz. Still my main otp (across all fandoms, not just this one). I love them so much ♥

36. What’s your favourite genre to write?

Crack and/or humour.

46. If someone was to read one of your fanfics, which fic would you recommend to them and why?

Hoo boy. I’m gonna have to go with Heavy, bc it’s the one I’m most proud of right now, it’s serious, and it’s in my favourite pov style (second person ♥).

And it’s less likely to scare people off, the way some of my others do. (…I kinda cheated on that last link, that one hasn’t had any proper “wtf” reactions yet. :P)

Thanks for the ask!


SQAW Day 7 (one of many favorite fanfictions)

Approximately 525 600 Minutes

I love you more than I ever thought  I could love someone. I tried to fight it, everyday I tried to push those feelings away but every night I just fell in love with you again.

Your Idiot and maybe True Love,