one of my favourites by them

  • Tyler: Josh, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself?
  • Josh: Weirdest rumour that I've ever heard about myself is probably that I um that I went to sc--went to college or university and that I am smart. And that I have friends and that I'm cool and popular. And none of it's--none of it's true...I get bullied!
  • Tyler: It's okay, cause we're friends and I will--we'll always be friends, unless you make me really mad. So, just uh, tiptoe around that, if you could.
cute things to imagine your ship doing
  • one of them gaming and the other one asleep in their lap
  • ^^ the gaming one playing with the napping one every time they lose/die in the game
  • laying in complete silence, just staring at the other and smiling because they’re so grateful
  • the tall one apologizing to the small one for walking their normal speed ( which makes the small one basically run )
  • one giving the other butterfly kisses but the other rolls their eyes
  • kissing passionately and smiling
  • putting their foreheads together and smiling
  • one making a terrible, horrid joke and the other making an even worse pun
  • one of them has a really bad day so the other runs them a bath and puts on their favourite movie ( and possibly makes them comfort food )
  • a karAOKE NIGHT – would be very dramatic
  • one of them loves to sing and the other loves to listen, even if it’s just singing under their breath

Time for another Fic Recs! This was suppose to be for February and March, but obviously much time has passed since then, and I apologize that it’s taken me another month to read all of them. I also would like to apologize for not writing commentaries on the every one of the fics listed like I did in my precious Fic Recs! As I’ve mentioned before, I actually will not be continuing a monthly Fic Recs! I apologize for the change, but I just don’t have the time to do any of the things I want to anymore.

Seriously, you guys are so talented! I am blown away by the quality of writing I am reading lately. It almost makes me wanna stop writing Hamilton imagines altogether! This fandom definitely has some talented writers out there. 

Bolded are personal favourites, but you should still give them all a read because they are amazing! 

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

One Last Time by @hamilton4laurens

Win You Over by @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit

The Winter’s Ball by @imagine-the-fluff

Drunk Nights and Lovely Insights @youngscrappyandhungryhamfan

We’re Live! by @hamilficsfordays

You’re Never Satisfied by @the-imagines-of-tonight

Grace too Powerful to Name by @hamitome–imagines

Settle It by @protecting-my-legacy

Trust Me by @iamanoriginal

We Have a Spy on the Inside by @hamitome–imagines

See You Later by @literallylin

Laundry by @hamitome–imagines

SMART MOUTH by @imaginebeinghamiltrash

Hold On by @andiknowsheishelpless

Changed Education by @insane-hamilton-imagines

Valentine Me, Please by @literallylin

Poison by @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou

Lafayette x Reader

No Cookie For You by @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit

A Vacation to Remember by @imagineham

lovely night by @itsquietuptwon

Glasses by @a-blog-of-hamilton-and-writing

When the Clock Strikes 12 by @hamiltryingmybest

The Sleepy Scholar by @imaginebeinghamiltrash

Go to Sleep by @raise-our-glasses-to-freedom

Warmth by @theholycakehole

Helping hands - Lafayette x Reader x Jefferson by @summer-in-the-city

See You Later by @iamanoriginal

Magnificent by @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou

Such a Tease by @imagineham

High by @andiknowsheishelpless

Treat You Better by @literallylin

Say It Like You Mean It by @americanrevelation

Unplanned Parenthood by @hamitome–imagines

My Pleasure by @renae-writes

Marriage by @hamitome–imagines

Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Remember me, part 1 by @the-a-ham

Remember me, part 2 by @the-a-ham

Remember me, Part 3 by @the-a-ham

I can’t, I won’t. by @c-jacksonn

I’m Having A Kid? by @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit

INTO THE ABYSS by @the-and-peggy

HOOKED by @daveeddiggsit

Helping hands - Lafayette x Reader x Jefferson by @summer-in-the-city

And If It Ever Happened (No One Has To Know) by @a-hurricane-came

Drabble 12: Coffee Cup by @imagine–buddies

John Laurens x Reader

Sleepless City Noise by @hamilton4laurens

Games by @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou

What the Heck I Gotta Do? by @satisfyinglyangelica

Jealously by @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit

Traveling Soldier by @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit

would that make you stay? by @livinglikelaarry

Mornings With You by @wrotemywayoutimagines

The Price We Pay by @iputmyselfintothenarrative

Dear Boyfriend, Dear Girlfriend by @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou​​

Anxious by @imagineham

Phillip Hamilton x Reader

I will be Satisfied by @meyers-princess

Box of Chocolates by @hamilton4laurens

As Long as You Love Me by @raise-a-glass-to-hamiltrash

Fight For Me by @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou

Arranged by @andiknowsheishelpless

To Love and Broadway by @mydearesttheodosia

Without You by @literallylin

Promises, Both Kept and Unkept by @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou

Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Heart Eyes by @hamilton4laurens

semicolon; p.1 by @rottwat

Number One Contender by @imagineham

Hercules the Latte Boy by @americanrevelation

Aaron Burr x Reader

Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop by @imagine-the-fluff

“I’ll be right here when you wake” by @americasfavoritewritingfangirl

Let Him by @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou

George Washington x Reader

Help by @hamilton4laurens

The Unimaginable by @hamiltrash-fam

The Dropout by @imagine-the-fluff

Worry by @hamilsquadimagines

Bonding by @imagine-the-fluff

Early To Rise by @hamiltrash-fam

Surprise by @queen-of-fanfics

Surprise Pt. 2 by @queen-of-fanfics

Angelica Schuyler x Reader

Five in the Morning by @wrotemywayoutimagines

Eliza Schuyler x Reader

The Coffee Shop by @imagine-the-fluff

My Heart Went Boom by @imagineham

Princesses by @gunsandfics

Peggy Schuyler x Reader

your laugh sounds like love by @helplessly-burning

Marry Me by @secretschuylersister

Turn Your Frown Upside-Down by @raise-a-glass-to-hamiltrash

Sunflower by @wrotemywayoutimagines

Maria Reynolds x Reader

The Bar Where It Happened by @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit

A Latte On My Mind by @a-schuylerr

HamilSquad x Reader

ICE SKATING by @the-and-peggy

Together ‘til the End…..right? by @hamilton4laurens

Friday Night Yikes by @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou

Inconceivable by @iwrotemywayto-revolution

Welcome to the Netherlands by @the-a-ham

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Can you imagine human Tae just going out to pick some fruits&flowers but one of them smells danger approaching so they literally go out running while transforming and their wolves just instinctually surround Tae but it was just a sole nymph passing through and Tae never fails to bring it up but he's secretly happy he has the best protectors as his boyfriends& also just imagine him baking and it's kinda bad but they pretend its delicious so that they don't make him sad. man anons back me up here

why must you hurt me like this? this is my new favourite concept istg i will pay money for this (lmao i won’t because i’m broke) but still!!

i can’t get over the idea of wolf pack bts adopting human tae like maybe tae was ‘rejected’ by the human world, his human family didn’t accept him, society doesn’t approve of him so he finds a new welcoming home with a pack of wild wolves in the forest and he’s never been happier. 

bts pack as so smitten with tae, they love him to bits and they’re sooo protective of him (bc even though tae is capable they have this idea that all humans are weak) so they’re constantly by his side and even though he teases them about being overly protective it means the world to him that he’s finally found a family that cares about him :’^) 

pretending to like his subpar human cooking!!! i’m crying, they are so whipped for him. they literally tell him it’s delicious because they want to see him smile <3

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Would you be ok with writing some Makoto/Akira headcanons? They're one of my fave couples and I'd like to see them done by one of my fave authors <3

One of your favourite author? you flatter me , but thank you <3

- The relationship between Makoto and Akira is a sweet one , with both parties both having calmer demeanours. Their relationship is just like the sea; slow , steady and relaxing. 

- The couple’s enjoyed dating location would be quiet places like the library , a park or the planetarium , where the two would spend quiet time together , resting on each other’s shoulders.

- Akira thinks that Makoto’s little braided headband is absolutely charming. He enjoys running his fingers over the headband and will constantly compliment her on her cute sense of style.

-  There is a strong bond of trust between the two , where Akira feels comfortable to tell Makoto about his troubles due to her motherly figure. He feels protected under her warmth , and it is likewise for Makoto too.

- During thundery nights , Akira would call Makoto to check up on her , to ask if she was feeling alright ( due to her phobia of dark/thunder ). He would go right over to her place to help her fall asleep if needed , <3.

- You can really tell that the two are completely in love with the other. From gushing comments to the little actions that they do for one another ( Worrying about their health constantly , Akira sewing a little buchimaru plushies for her.) And if you were to ever bring that up , both parties would be a blushing mess.

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you said that you felt as though the crucible is a far more character-driven piece of work than many others perceive it as; may i ask for your opinion on some of the characters? i love the crucible, and i love hearing your thoughts on things perhaps even more so. thank you!

Absolutely—that Miller took pains to describe them at length, to give us a glimpse of their psyche before they step on scene, is a touch I absolutely loved; I wonder how this plays out on scene, and if directors have incorporated the psychological portraits in performance.

The trio of my favourites comprises, of course, John, Elizabeth, and Abigail. John particularly strikes me as one of the great figures of literature: crippled by his flaws, but aware of them, striving for a redemption he would not allow himself to seize, changeable, violent and tender, deeply brave, and yet lapsing time and time again in tremors of outspoken fear, I found him so compelling. Because of the medium, he is forced to express what he would most likely keep in check in a novel: and giving a voice—a defying, sometimes mad voice— to the stream of his consciousness, his anger, his panic grounds the play in timeless humanity—beyond its social commentary. His context, the metaphorics behind it, everything is secondary—what matters is John himself, and how a man reacts when his life is just streaming out between his open fingers.

Elizabeth is the other side of this crisis: and because she’s first described through other words, she appears timid, demure—but her reserve breaks down as the play advances, and her wiser, calmer walk to the scaffold, the nagging voice of her realism creates a fascinating dynamic within the couple, and between herself and her environment, especially against Abigail’s extreme reactions, her explosive theatricality.

Abigail I fell in love with immediately, before I knew what the play was about, before I understood she was the bad apple of the bunch. The way she replied to her uncle, her barely hushed arrogance and violence, the capricious possessiveness of John, the sensuality of her words—mingling sex, love, witchcraft, and destruction alarmingly, same vocabulary, same images over and over again. This charisma and confidence are quickly put to “good” use in the control she exerts from the other girls. When she’s definitively refused by John, rather than checking her behaviour, she opens the gate to the dormant monster inside her: and her cruelty, her irrational frenzy, the pettiness of her retribution are truly frightening. I would love to know how this plays out on stage—if the tension, the fear she instils in others are as perceptible as it is on the page.

In any case, this is all completely subjective, but, gosh! Miller really infused his historical figures with an astounding life and presence.  

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i love how you make all the faces on your arts look emotional!! theyre not just ordinary smiley or sad faces they have something in them and i cant stop looking at your works

THANK YOU!! I love drawing expressions it’s one of my favourite things to draw!!

-not to offend anyone-

So lately i thought a lot about BTS and their apprearance on the BMAs.BTS has always been a Band who received lots of love and attention but as a bts fan since 2013 it makes me kinda sad to see them becoming so  popular.

Of course i wish them all the best but my problem is more the fandom.Back in 2014 when “War of Hormone” got released some people were  like “yay” and then it was over.As a fan who was there right from the beginning you feel kinda betrayed when abrutply everyone WORSHIPS BTS after they released “Fire” and  “Blood,Sweat&Tears”.

My point is that BTS always was my favourite band,they were/are chill guys and i love their work.Their entertainment understood the concept of how to promote a kpop boysgroup.I just feel like loosing them to everyone else who is just here because one direction splitted or whatever may be their reason.To me the whole Fandom “ARMYS” seems pretty fake ( not at least because of the fights on Twitter between armys and directioners).2013 everyone was in the same boot and the atmosphere was just So much more relaxed.

I just want those chill days back when no 13 y/o little “army” got offended when someone expressed his/her opinion on the band.Like can’t we all just stop giving a fuck on everyone else’s buisness and just give our favourite artist the love they deserve?


HAPPY BELLARKE FAM SELFIE NIGHT HOLY SHOT ASSDFGHHKSJASD I saved my favourite ones to last because this. Is. The. Finale. Of. The. Season. I am scared, horny, and also in desperate need for oxygen right now. It’s been a pleasure dying with you all, hope to see you again in the next season.

I don’t really tag a lot of people but imma do it just this once haha @frecklybellamy @clxrkblake @rebelprincebell @rosymamacita @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @zoemonroe @bellarkerevolution @isabellelovelxce @ryuusadesu @100yearsofbellarke @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17

While I don’t think you have to buy every witchy book there is, I do believe that if you are interested in foraging from the wild to gather plants to use in your kitchen craft, or your green craft, you really should get your hands on a good field guide.

So many plants look like other plants, making it hard to identify them at times. This is where a field guide can be of value, and an important part of plant study.

The one I have by Lone Pine Publishing is such a valuable tool for me, and I like the detailed information it includes. From a history of the plants uses, their descriptions, and even warnings about certain plants as well.

It’s not often I leave without first making sure it’s in my foraging bag.

I also have a guide on trees, and one on plants in general from Lone Pine, but this one is my favourite. 🌱🌿☘🌾

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Favorite SLBP blogs ?

Hi nonny! Firstly I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! Work sucks at the moment.
((…I’m supposed to be working right now, don’t tell my boss. 😂))

Favourite slbp blogs? That’s a tough one, I lurk on so many of them xD

EDIT: this turned into a list of my favourite authors xD! Whoops.

In no particular order~

@zacroix - senpai writes amazing fics that you should absolutely check out! She’s a multi-voltage fandom blog but her Saizo smut fics are defs worth a read!

@yoolee also has some amazing fics, her Saizo fic “Heights” was the first Saizo fic I’d ever read. (Also smut, so nsfw. ^^u)

@incorrect-slbp-quotes for when you need a laugh. I love reading the quotes, some of them are so spot on, it’s hilarious xD

@jemchew please go show her some love and affection. Her works are poetry in motion and they’re all so beautifully written. And she could absolutely use some support right now ♡

@sengokugenkigirl has these amazing modern au series that you absolutely have to read! And their HC are amazing too!

@frywen-babbles I’ve just marathoned all of their fics and now my heart is in pieces on the floor. Absolutely go check them out if you need to not feel for a while xD

@mikawa-province is the go to for all of your Petulant Little Brat Lord needs. The way they write Ieyasu is incredible, I love reading them all over and over again.

As for general sweethearts and fun people to talk to, please see @cottonballwithmustache ((is cotton-oneechan back yet? I haven’t seen them in a while :c)), @saizoswife , @sugoileo, @thedaydreamingotaku, @kakki-neko, @noomsu

Honourable mentions go to the insane amount of rp blogs for the Lords, which I won’t tag her because this post is already very long.

Whew. I still feel like I’ve forgotten people, and I’m really sorry! I’m also really sorry for randomly tagging people in this post 😂😂😂

*crawls back into the abyss*

Another thought

I really love finding unknown readers. When I do an ask meme or take prompts and people I’ve never seen before pop in with an ask or prompt, I love that. I love that 875 people have kudoed TMMOT, but only (guestimating) 100 left comments.

One of my favourite things in the world is to find out that I have made a positive impact on someone’s life without knowing it. So when readers send me messages months after a story is complete to tell me how much it meant to them… That’s the ultimate compliment to me. And that can only happen if there are people lurking, reading without me even knowing.

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The sources they used for me is that I said Kidge and Shidge *stupid sources IMO*

Okay, since they only provide like 5 sources anyways, let’s check them.

that link literally just leads to one post, and it’s a yuri on ice crossover

the “shaladin” link? leads to this ask on the shipperblocklist’s block

apparently Sha//ura qualifies as Shaladin too now? (can we also just admire how K/ance “is irrelevant” even though it’s Galra/paladin lmao)

then, one of my favourites, is this one:

it leads to an anti’s blog. to a post about boycotting an artist because she’s a shaladin & shallura shipper.

I have questions??????? (the shallura link is the same btw)

and your “shaladin” link?


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Hey, i'm sorry for disturbing you, but i have something to ask. I'm new on tumblr and from the start of my registration, porn blog and this kind of blog have followed me. I don't know how to stop this thing. I don't have anything to do with this ahah I'm asking you this because you are one of my favourite blog. I hope you will answer me. Thanks😊

Hey lovely. Ugh, sorry to hear about that. I get blogs like that following me too. It’s not based on the content you post – they’re just ‘fake blogs’ (or ‘robots’) that automatically follow loads of people on Tumblr. 

Whenever I get a porn bot following me I block them. Here’s how to block.

Porn blogs don’t interact with your posts – they just follow you, but it’s still uncomfortable knowing they do. Tumblr won’t really crack down on bot blogs being made either, because it looks good for their business ratings to have a lot of users/blogs (even if those blogs are fake). 

It’s really annoying, but other than setting your blog to private and/or just blocking the porn bots when they follow you, there’s little you can do, I’m sorry!

I hope this helps! <3

Dutch holidays

((Since I won’t be able to update properly today, have a hilarious English comedian talking about Dutch holidays and making fun of them. In particular Koninginnedag [Queen’s Day] which is now obviously turned into Koningsdag [King’s Day]. I wanted to share this today, since it’s Hemelvaart, another holiday we have and share with at least Belgium and Germany, and this comedian also talks about Hemelvaart for a while. Enjoy!))

Fandom Favorite

Rules: Choose any three favourite fandoms(in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

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Is the first time I do something like this, so I am excited!

My favorites: Urusei Yatsura. Ranma ½, Inuyasha

The first character I loved:

1. Ataru- For one reason or another I really liked his character when I saw the anime, but my love for him grew more in the manga, because he is  a unlucky boy with a lot of hormones but even with that lusty reputation he is still a shy and nervous boy when it comes about lum, like is so cute, and he is such a caring and lovely person inside,(Remembers the ghost date and the pixie worm chapters and cries), but he is so used to the things that destiny throws at him, even if they are bad things he stills finds a way to smile and  I will fight for him.

2. Ranma-He was the first rumic boy I saw in tv, I remember that I liked him because he can transform in a girl and  he got used to it in a pure way and  he cares so much about Akane, even if they are other fiance’s he’s feelings are  only visibly for her, he  is such a good friend to ukyo and sometimes Ryoga, he is a dork when it comes to martial arts and that is adorable, even if he takes to much pride in his strength, he still a good person, he even is kinda friends with Mousse and Ryoga, the one’s that fight him because romantic interests,that tells a lot about how friendly is Ranma with them.

3. Kagome - I remember when I first saw her, when she was in the  youkai era instead of shouting  or crying she was incredibly brave, she fighted with a Centipiede and that was such the second hardcore thing to saw when I was little, she helped inuyasha and the other with her arrows and they saw her like a strong warrior, naraku knew she was someone to fear of, even with that she is just a kind person that helps others without thinking, also she is relatable for the math nightmares, and that’s something I love about her.

The characters I never expected to love so much:

1. Lum- She was at first a ok for me, but as I read her she became a precious character for me, she was a cute girl of another planet who is trying her best to  live in the same planet as her husband’s (aka Ataru),  the thing that I love about her is that she is such a good friend to Ran even if she keeps living in a misurestanding but at some point in the manga Ran realizes that all the troubles she causes is not lum’s fault’s, it’s all just accidents, I think that Shinobou and lum could be friends if it weren’t for Ataru, Lum’s always wants to help and that’s adorable, even if she is one of the most beautiful persons, she doesn’t act like that, she is natural and she doesn’t hide her real personality to fit  in other people perspections, her love for Ataru is so beautiful and strong, the poor boy who was  always miserable until he meet her, she changed his world literally, making  him open to people more, she  knew right away that Ataru is a good person, something that almost nobody thinks, my love for lum’s character is so large.

2.Nodoka - Ranma’s mother who is such a cute and motherly character, she helps Akane and Ranko, she treats akane as she was her mother and my girl needs that, even through there is misurestandings (all of them are Genma’s fault) she still loves Ranma in his curse, and that makes me love her so much.

3. Sango -My girl needs all the love, she is a badass youkai exterminator who at first I  think was pretty cool but after seeing how naraku treat her and his village, I was like “Nop, she needs to be loved and protected”, her character is such a person with a lot of love inside her, she is cute and lethal but even with that she respects and loves all of the inugang, for her they are like her family with Kohaku, Sango is one of the most badass female charactes.

The character I relate to the most:

1. Shinobu- She is adorable and gentle, even if she has a incredibly strength that doesn’t make her bad, she doesn’t hide her strength, I am like that and I am glad to have a character as her that I can relate  by all this point’s and I am so happy that she found true love.

2. Akane- Man, she was the first hardcore girl I saw in the tv, I remember that when I was in Elementary school at 2rd or 3rd grade, I fought  with the boys a lot, they bullied me and I kicked their ass, but the girls always told me “ I never saw a boy in a girls body” and that really hurted me, I through I was abnormal for loving fighting but when I saw the first episode (or the second,I don’t remember wich one was) of Ranma ½, seeing how Akane beat all the boys in her school, she loved martial arts but that didn’t make her less than  a cute and beautiful girl, she was strong, she was the role I needed to know that girls are cute and badass to, Akane will hold a special place in my heart for that, she is just awesome.

3. Kagome- Her love and gentle side for every person is such a blessed thing to see, her way to act isn’t affected by the prejuices, she could help everyone, even youkais and I don’t feel selfish anymore to be like that, because I am not the only one that thinks that there is good in so much persons, that there is still hope.

A character I liked at first but not so much anymore:

1. Megane-Even through he is only in the anime, I just don’t like him, his obsession with lum is  strange and I don’t like how he treats or sometimes use Ataru.

2. Kodachi - I actually never liked her that much, because she will use any way to be with Ranma, blackmailing him with photoshoped photos, making him sleep to be with her and use her tricks to hurt Akane, but I like how she wants to help Ranma, there was a time in the Teacher Hinako arc when she  united forces with Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo, I liked that a lot.

3. Renkotsu- I never liked him, he was only a guy who was with the Shichinintai    to be powerful, he didn’t care to kill jakotsu  to have his fragment, he was one of the most coward characters, only thinking for himself.

A character I did not like at first but they have grown on you (By a lot)

1. The nurse Sakura- She may be at first indifferent but as you see her, she is a capable and gentle woman who like his boyfriend a lot, she helps  Ataru and the others when is possible and  she is so motherly with the girls, she is a great character, also she puts sherry in his place.

2. Ryoga- at first I was like, woah, it wasn’t ranma’s fault so please stop fighting, but then he was much more than a love rival, He is such a shy and cute dork. he is kinda innocent but is such a good friend (but he needs to be with akari and forget about Akane,  the cute pig girl accepts him and loves him, he is blessed)

3. Kikyo- I am one of those fans that hated her at first , not gonna lie but that is thanks to the episode “La voz de Ahome y el beso de kikyo”(the episode where kikyo kisses inuyasha to leave with him to the other world, is just that I didn’t remember how is the tittle in english and I still can hear the voice of the narrator in latin spanish, a nostalgia)but then  in the manga I saw that she really cared about inuyasha, not enough like Kagome but it was still true, I saw her develop to I want to kill inuyasha because he betrayed me but I still love him to I will kill naraku because he is the  bastard  that used inuyasha and me, I will send him to hell,  she is a character that has flaws but still she is a incredibly deep character, even through  her ways to do things are not always good , I still apppreciate her, she made inuyasha’s and kagome’s bond stronger, she just wanted to be a normal woman and  I cried a lot when she died, she was smiling, she was finally at peace, she was loved and I want to cry now.

Three OTPs:

1. Lum and Ataru- My forever otp, they are so adorable and cute together, they fit so well, ataru doesn’t care about the world if there isn’t Lum in it, he protects and loves Lum more than he cares to admit, he cried as he apologized to her when she forgot the japanese lenguage because it was his fault, Lum loves him and understands him, she will defend him to all the people and I cry because they need more love.

  • Shinobu and inaba - Inaba cares so much about shinobu and she finally found someone who cares only about her and they are so cute together.
  • Ryunosuke and Nagisa- I love them, he is the perfect fit for someone like her, nagisa likes and cares about Ryunosuke a lot, even if he is like her in some ways (because of their stupid’s fathers fault) and Ryunosuke really starts to liking him, slow but still true.

2. Ranma and Akane- They love each other so much, Ranma cares so much about akane, he was so broken when he  through that akane had died for him and Akane sacrificed herself to save him,even in  the dragon with 7 heads arc, he decided to sacrifice for Akane even if she didn’t love him because he loves her, they are just so perfect.

  • Mouse and Shampoo-Mousse loves Shampoo so much but I liked this ship when I saw Nihao my Concubine, she looked to care about him so much when he fought for her, she catched him in the air, I  wish I could see this side of shampoo more often ;_;
  • Kasumi and Dr Tofu-They are so cute together, I wish tofu could act normal when he’s around her more often, but even with that kasumi likes him very much, I love them.

3.  Inuyasha and Kagome- My true otp, they just so perfect for each other it hurts, they are so fluffy and cute, one of the best relationships in the anime, they knew each other so well, in the manga inuyasha knows that he cares about kagome so much and kagome begins to love him, he protects her  with his life, he wants her to be happy even if it isn’t with him and She wants to spend her life with him.

  • Miroku and Sango- A couple that surprised me, they are adorable together, sango loves miroku, same as him, making him a better person, and is funny to see their interactions but sometimes are so romantic that make me melt.
  • Tsukuyomaru and Shizu- The vampire demon loved shizu so much and she loved him as much as him, he even rebel to his father to protect her and her village, I wish he was alive, to be with shizu and their daughter shiori TTnTT

I think I got carried away with this…

But it was so fun, thanks for tagging me!!  <3

I tag @darlingthebaka :3