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“From here on out, I am only interested in what is real. Real people, real feelings, that’s it, that’s all I’m interested in.”

Almost Famous came out in 2000 and it is directed by Cameron Crowe and serves as a semi-biography. It is also one of the best coming-of-age films I have ever seen, shared along with Stand By Me. As you may know, this film is one of my favourites. It is my home, it’s like a hug, strange at it seems. It is the life I want, well if I lived in the 70s. It’s the film I choose to watch when I’m feeling down, although it gives you quite the heartache at times. Almost Famous is drama/comedy film about music, 70’s music to be exact.

So the story is about 15-year-old William Miller (Patrick Fugit) who wants to be a writer, a rock writer, mind. William gets the opportunity to travel with up and coming band Stillwater. Before that big event, William submits his record reviews to Creem magazine writer Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman). The two becomes friends and Williams gets the mentor of his dreams. Soon after William goes on a mission for Rolling stone, where he meets the girls, the band aids, the un-groupies. Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) the band aids leader takes a liking to the teen and William falls head over heels for her. William leaves his home, with the band Stillwater (Billy Crudup, Jason Lee, John Fedevich and Mark Kozeleck) and leaves his “trying to mean well” mother, Elaine (Frances McDormand) to worry.

This film is filled with lovely, wonderful performances. Patrick Fugit portrays naive and young William very well, Frances McDormand is brilliant as William and Anita’s (Zooey Deschanel) mother. Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson fill the screen with romantic tension and a bit of heartbreak, or a lot of it actually. Kate Hudson as mysterious, ageless, nameless “Penny Lane”, yes like the song, is brilliant and honest. Her character is very relatable and it really isn’t hard to fall for her ways. The beer scene is one to really look closely at. As always Philip Seymour Hoffman is brilliant, he exudes arrogance and confidence, he’s always such a good supporting actor.

The soundtrack, of course, is so very good, filled with classic rock tunes, only the best. The music written by then-wife of Crowe, Nancy Wilson, for Stillwater is so bloody good. It’s a visually good looking film, but the cinematography isn’t an element that stands out, this film is about honest characters and good music. I recommend it forever, I really do, and if you want the get the absolute best experience from it I would recommend trying to find the extended version.

speedywheelz  asked:

Curious: Favourite bands/singers?

Geeeeeez this might be a long list haha

All Time Low
Arctic Monkeys
Capital Cities
Fall Out Boy
Finish Ticket
Good Charlotte
Green Day
Imagine Dragons
The Killers
Linkin Park
Maroon 5
Melanie Martinez
My Chemical Romance
The Neighbourhood
Panic! At The Disco
Troye Sivan
Twenty One Pilots
The Wombats
Years & Years
The 1975

And these are just my favourites haah fml. Thank you xx

Do you know your ABC’s?

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a - age:
I’ve had my share of rounds around the sun and have quite a lot more to go(hopefully)🙏
b - biggest fear:
Constantly, losing people I love or not living up to my full potential. Currently, that a year and a half will be too much
c - current time:
Whatever time it is when you’re reading this
d - drink you last had:
e - every day starts with:
A good morning post from @randomlyjay :D
f - favourite song:
Today I’m going to go with Imagine- John Lennon
g - ghosts, are they real?
Memories seem to be
h- hometown:
Too small to make it on the map; somewhere in the land of vampires
i - in love with:
the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body
And last night you were in my room
And now my bedsheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new
I’m in love with your body
Shape of You // Ed Sheeran 🎵
j - jealous of:
Everyone that gets to feel his touch
k - killed someone:
Only in my dreams
l - last time you cried:
February 12, 2017 @ 1:08am
n - number of siblings:
Three but not by blood
o - one wish:
To have more than one wish
p - person you last called/texted:
Called-Mom, Texted- @strikezilla01
q - questions you’re always asked:
“What?”, “Whaaaat?”, “WHAT?!” and other variations of this
r - reasons to smile:
The sun is still rising and so am I
s - song last sang:
Shape of You- Ed Sheeran 
t - time you woke up:
u - underwear colour:
v - vacation destination:
Anywhere that’s safe and sound
w - worst habit:
Saying yes when I mean no and saying no when I mean yes
x - x-rays you’ve had:
At the dentist. (That counts?)
y - your favourite food:
How am I supposed to pick!? This is a preposterous question! 
z - zodiac sign:

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(please ignore my shoddily drawn picture on graph paper, and the unappealing person that is me)

So I’ve been watching Jack  for just about 2.5 years? 3? Eh, not quite important right now. I believe my first video that really had an impact on me was his Undertale series, and that really helped me deal with the multitude of problems I had to deal with at the time.

One of my favourite moments was probably the entire Anti lead up and hype, and the way he interacted with this wonderful community, and all the moments when he treated the community as one giant family

I’ve bonded with and found  a bunch of people off of the community such as @turquoisemagpie, @writeasoph, @anti-support-group, @kinswaya, and @burninglavenders

@therealjacksepticeye, thank you for everything you did for all of us, and stay strong! We’re here for you :)

I feel like people tend to imagine achilles as being big and hairy and muscle-bound but I just want to remind y’all that he apparently spent quite a long time disguised as a girl and nobody could fucking tell?? including Odysseus, who had to trick him into revealing himself, but was apparently not smart enough to figure out which of the beautiful women in front of him was a man in a dress???

so like please consider: petite fine-boned achilles. achilles with killer cheekbones and big dark eyes w long eyelashes. ppl meeting achilles and being all “you’re the one who’s supposed to be a scary warrior?” and then later he he picks up trojans twice his size and flings them across the battlefield and they’re like ‘oh’. achilles being significantly shorter than hector and needing to tilt his head back to yell at him. patroclus being able to sling achilles over his shoulder. patroclus giving achilles piggyback rides. achilles needing patroclus to reach stuff down for him sometimes. achilles being the little spoon. tiny pretty achilles okay

never forget when taylor said “it’s not only been the most exciting time of my career, it’s been the most exciting time of my life” to capture her thoughts on 2015 and the 1989 world tour, as taylor’s happiness is worth more than anything, and we were all beautifully a part of that time in her life and will be for years to come


This is definitely my favourite moment from episode 12 because both Victor and Yuuri are just so precious in this?

Look at this beautiful boy who declares he’ll win just so Victor could kiss his medal. He just wanted to retire but how could he when Victor says he failed as a coach? He’ll skate one more year and he’ll win this time ok.

But then as much as I love Victor’s ridiculous puppy eyes (same Victor, same) his answer is just so perfect because honestly, Victor’s main goal was to make Yuuri confident in his skills and to help him get the best score and the whole time after Yuuri beats his record he’s so proud and happy and Yuuri saying he wants to stay is everything he wanted to hear and yet he demands more. 

Victor, how long have you been thinking about competing with Yuuri while still coaching him? Because it looks like he already calculated all the risk and despite he doesn’t hesitate for a second? He’s so in love I can’t handle it and I also love how he puts Yuuri’s medal around his neck as if he was stating that it’s still valid but at the same time he says he wants Yuuri to win more times as he deserves.

Victor knows this is ridiculous, he was the only person ever to be able to do something like that and he was much younger when he started and he still totally looks like he thinks Yuuri could do this. Even when he does that super sweet thing with his face when he winks (I can’t find the gif but you know which one lol) it doesn’t look like his just teasing Yuuri he really is able to believe that at that moment even if he knows how it sounds. And then Yuuri doesn’t say it’s stupid or he could never do it, he says “okay”?!

He’s moved to tears because of how much Victor believes in him and how much Victor wants to do for him so they could stay together and so they could compete on the same ice because Yuuri always wanted that and promising Victor he’ll win for him is the least he can do in return?

Like this is the moment where most of their dreams come true and instead of just celebrating they sit there declaring absurd things to each other because they believe so much in the power of their love I’m so done with them, bye.

Inspired by #victuuriweek prompt:
->   Day Seven: Endings
Victor: Promises

  • Alec [about Camille]: Does she still love you?
  • Magnus: I don't think so. She wasn't very pleasant the last time I saw her. Of course, that could be because I've got an eighteen-year-old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn't.
  • Alec: *sputters*
  • Alec: As the person being objectified, I ... object to that description of me.

Monologue assignment from 1st year of TAW with a grumpy Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) I just now tied down and colored. AND the monologue is Martin from my favourite BBC radio sitcom Cabin Pressure <3 

We had lovely Sarah Airriess - aka @tealin - as our teacher this time, and being a fangirl herself she had selected this as one of the clips we could choose… So of course I had to take it. 

(Also, I have rarely fangirled more than when she did an animation demo of Arthur from the show… *sigh*. It was amazing.)

ten essential products I live by!! otherwise known as my glow kit!!

1) The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask- this mask is my one and only!!! I use this once a week and it always deep cleans my skin to a perfect amount and doesn’t leave my skin feeling too dry!! (always follow up with moisturizer though!!)
2) Maybelline Clear Great Lash Mascara- I have been obsessed with clear mascara for about a year now for my lashes and brows!! I use it on my brows daily and it is a perfect prep for mascara, clump-free mascara every time!! might even be my favourite product out of all of them!
3) Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry- I don’t wear lip colour very often but when I do, it’s this one. I have multiple of the Revlon matte balms but this is my favourite colour, it’s a sort of dark mauve-y pink and I love it :-)
4) Bene-tint for Lips and Cheeks- !!! A must if you are a minimal makeup gal like me! gives a lil flush to those cheekies and lips! plus it smells like a fresh bouquet of roses…. so…
5) Celestial Moisturizer from Lush- I have been using this moisturizer for almost 3 years now and I don’t think I’ll ever turn back to a different night moisturizer!! my skin loves me because I treat it to this delicious moisturizer on the daily :-) I have acne prone, oily skin and this doesn’t over hydrate, make me break out, or ANYTHING!! it’s just an incredibly gentle and hydrating moisturizer :-) highly suggest
6) Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs- I LOV dis mainly because it’s a rollerball and those are just the handiest little friends. The scent is so light and yummy, just reminds me of good times so I think that is why I like it so much.
7) The Body Shop Vanilla Perfume Oil- heck!!!! I LOVE genuine vanilla scents. And this smells incredible and reacts incredibly well with my skin, as my neck heats up this creates a nutty vanilla smell and it’s so nice!! I love this so much, and it’s hecking discontinued so I am sad….
8) Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions mascara- rarely ever wear mascara these days but when I do this mascara never lets me down :-) classic extra black mascara
9) Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm- I always have at least two of these on me at all times!! hydrating and smells so minty and yummy!! I love these so much.
10) The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil- great for spot treatment or even making your own toner by mixing a few drops of this with warm water!! This is my third bottle this year! I also love to do steam treatments with hot water, drops of this oil and a towel over my head!!

If any of u guys have any inquiries abt any of these products or anything else, don’t be a stranger :-)

5 Best Setting Powders

When it comes to setting powders, not all are created equally. Although using the correct techniques to set your face and apply powder are essential to help your makeup look great, using a powder of high quality is just as important.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Setting Powder

A tried, true and tested favourite, the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Loose Setting Powder has been an essential in my collection for many years. The formula is extremely finely milled which means it never looks cakey and is great for setting concealer under the eyes.

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Well hello there again, Yuri!!! On Ice fans and potential figure skating enthusiasts. Hope you enjoyed my last post introducing to you the BAMF that is Yuzuru Hanyu. Let’s go back in time to when Yuzuru was not yet the legend that he was now. 

Now figure skating is not just about looking pretty and graceful on the ice. Because figure skating is art, figure skaters tell a story when they’re on the ice. One of my favourite programs from Yuzuru ever is this one he did when he was just 17 years old. Watch out for the tragic, unexpected fall a la an anguished Romeo beside Juliet’s deathbed (at 2:52) and his scream of defiance at 4:11 (apparently he swore, but (unfortunately) the music is too loud for us to hear it). As the commentator says, “when Yuzuru is on, his jumps are sensational, and when he’s off, his falls are spectacular”. 

I’ve talked at length about impossibly difficult programs, blood, sweat, tears and art, but that isn’t everything figure skating is about. It may have 10837283231 different rules and snobby ~arty farty~ fans, but it can also be fun and indeed, it can also be silly. Still, figure skaters are held to certain standards. For example, you have to (1) pick up your own props and (2) try not to lose all your clothes. Here we have a young Yuzuru almost breaking all the rules.

Once upon a time, songs with lyrics weren’t allowed in figure skating competitions (except for ice dancing), because judges were stuffy and boring like that. They’ve since changed the rules, but back then figure skaters only ever used songs with lyrics in exhibitions because exhibitions are where you can just about do anything except for leaving your props on the ice and losing all your clothes. My absolute favourite exhibition from Yuzuru ever is this one where he skates to Hana ni Nare by his good friend Sashida Fumiya. 

You guys might be wondering at this point about what exactly Yuzuru did to win himself an Olympic Gold Medal. OGMs are mystical stuff, but honestly? I think Yuzuru’s Olympic achievements are but just one more trophy on his shelf, given all the spectacular things he’s gone on to do after that. But still, an OGM is… still regarded as one of the highest honours in sport. So I’m practically obligated* to link you guys his Olympic short program.

*I may equivocate, but I’m not actually reluctant to show you guys this, because this was the program that made me a fan. > < Don’t be afraid to be a fan of Parisian Walkways, guys! It may be Yuzuru’s most ~mainstream~ program but that’s nothing to be ashamed of! 

That was, by the way, the first time anyone had ever broken the 100-point barrier for the short program. For a whole season and a half after that Yuzuru remained the only person in the 100-point club. (As I said in the previous post, even now there are only 2 people in this very exclusive club.)

In the next post, follow me as I go back even further in time to show you the Junior days of an even tinier baby Yuzuru*. 

*Back when he still sported a mushroom cut a la Evgeni Plushenko, his skating idol and possibly the inspiration for Viktor Nikiforov. 

My sherlolly fic rec


THIS is my small precious treasure I discovered through the past year I watched Sherlock BBC by coincidence.


Now, if you are new in reading fan fics in general or sherlolly fics here’s what you are going to do:

1) take some ME time for yourself, you deserve it.

2) choose a nice quiet place and take your mob or lap with you.

3) have a cup of your favourite beverage and relaaaax.

4) choose one of these diamonds and buckle up for the sweet journey of addiction.

5) Don’t forget to leave kudos and comments for the amazing authors who gifted us these masterpieces.

6) start your own route and read more.

Now if you are one of the old fans who’s been here from the beginning and you’ve probably read most of them already here’s what you’re going to do:

look instructions 1-2-3 from the new fan guide.

4) pick your favorite(s) and read it (them) again, yes, I know it’s been a long time since you did.

5) enjoy your time with every word like you did the first time.

6) if you already left a kudos before leave a comment.

7) if you already left a comment before leave another one telling them how much you still love it.

Note: they mostly contain angst but I garantee you a big fat smile and happy tears in the end of each one.

To win her heart

you know the kind of story you want to read and hug each single day? This is that kind

Hello my old heart

Perfection … just perfection


A big fat hug for the sherlollians in shape of story

With eyes shut tight

just one word quoted from the wise author: uuughh

Catching a runaway bride

read it more than I’m willing to admit

Marry me, obviously

the most beautiful story I read inspired from TAB

my true love gave to me

Soooo cute

Out of their hands

another amazing victorian fic

The new doctor

if you like strong independent Molly Hooper I give you the perfect fic

for you alone

can’t describe the awsomeness with words

Her last bow


You can read these two fics together or individual but you will fall for them in any case

away faraway

How I always thought sherlolly would begin and end and the author did an amazing job drawing it with words

always something

The lovely classic fic


I can imagine every character voice saying every word like in a talk show amazing work

Slowly drifting

So lovely!!

The lost girl

Finished or not this is GOLD! I check it every couple of weeks maybe the author will have mercy on us and complete it but I’m in peace with how it’s right now you won’t regret reading it for a second

What do we know of love?

The sweetest of them all

unlawful imprisonment

I laughed hard reading it

Bright are the stars that shine

The freaking KISS

Through the grey

SherlolliShots - The Lover’s Mark

For the soulmate lovers here are two works to love it more


The beekeeper

The two bittersweet closest to my heart


The rest have some *uhm* you know sort of *ahem* things if you have a problem with that like me you can skip those chapters like I did or whatever suitable *awkward blinking* but the stories are really really reaaaally good

The full house


For what it’s worth

The masterpiece of them all!!!

How to play a game called murder

The perfect amount of everything in one story

The truth will set you free

Fluff fluffy fluffness (not really a …. but well … you will know when you read)

The resident attachment

Another perfect victorian fic

The bridesmaid and the groom

love it love it love it


Solving the mystery of the checkered box.

There were many different theories going round, and after spending a while researched the small checkered box, I think @turnadette and I have cracked it. They seem to be Rennies!! If you’ve never come across these, they’re antacid tablets which relieve indigestion and heartburn…see where we’re going with this??

“When I was 5-8 years old, I’d go to Disney World EVERY summer, and I LOVED the Hunchback Of Notre Dame play. My all-time favourite Disney character was Clopin. I had a favourite Clopin in that show, and the last year I got to go, I wanted his autograph on a picture my mom had gotten blown up for me.However, he wasn’t in the show that day, and I got really upset, but my mom found one of the Cast Members and asked about him. He smiled and said he was at the park, and called him over to where we were. The guy went through the trouble of dressing up in the full costume to sign his autograph for me.To this day, Disney World is one of my favourite places to BE, and Clopin is STILL my all-time favourite Disney character.”

Shape of You - Jack Maynard Imagine

Summary: Jack and Y/N have known each other forever and have liked each other for almost as long, yet refuse to admit it to each other. One night at a club forces them to confront everything.

Word Count: 3,078

Trigger Warnings: slight sexual harrassment, slight bullying/teasing

Author’s Note: so I haven’t posted any fanfic on here in almost five years, so please be kind and please please give me feedback! I love getting constructive criticism about my writing. Also send in requests if you have them!

Originally posted by hidden-in-a-dreams-gifs

For as long as you could remember, Jack Maynard had been in your life in one form or another. He always seemed to be around and as such, many of your childhood memories featured him and his older brother, alongside your favourite cousins. 

The Maynard Brothers had grown up across the road from your cousins growing up and always seemed to be there the same time that you were. With only an older brother who was more than ten years your senior, you spent most of your time with your cousins and they were more like siblings than cousins when you were growing up.

All of your important memories had him in it. When you broke your wrist when you were seven – Jack was the one who’d pushed you. All your birthdays and family barbeques – Jack was there pranking you with your cousins. You went to the same school and somehow wound up becoming friends with the same people. 

Basically, Jack was a part of your life as much as your cousins were. Your mother loved to tease you growing up that one day you’d fall in love with Jack and live happily ever after. The thought repulsed you - as if you would want to be stuck with the slimy little git for the rest of your life!It wasn’t until you got to secondary school that things started to get complicated. 

Jack and your youngest cousin were in the year above you, while his older brother, Conor, and your oldest cousin were two years above them. You all went to a large secondary school outside of Brighton, and you rarely saw the four of them during school hours. 

For the first time in your life, the older kids didn’t overshadow you and you started to become your own person.You still saw all of them every weekend, still had family celebrations and barbeques together and did the same things that you always had done. Jack and Conor were still the dumb boys across the road who hadn’t quite discovered the magic of personal hygiene quite yet. Your mother still teased you about the only reason that bothered you was because you liked one of them. You still thought she was delusional. Why on earth would any sane girl want to be with a boy who didn’t know what deodorant was? At that point in your life, you didn’t think you’d ever love anyone as much as you loved Nick Jonas.

Until one day, when you overheard one of the girls in your year boasting about having hooked up with Jack at a party. She was sprouting to a group of girls in your class about Jack’s magical tongue, and you couldn’t help but dry retch in response. Even though you were on opposite sides of the room, she seemed to have heard you, and loudly whispered to the group how some people were just so jealous of others.

You didn’t bother trying to conceal your snort this time, you shook your head slightly as you rolled your eyes. You? Jealous of her kissing Jack Maynard? Not in a million years. It wasn’t like he’d actually keep her around. Jack kissed girls all the time, you heard as much from your cousin, you could only guess that he’d already made it through all the girls in his own year who would kiss him, so he’d had to resort to the desperate girls in your year instead.

You had no way of knowing then, that he actually would keep her around. Suddenly she was there at all of your family get-togethers, and Jack was never there on the weekends. It bothered you and you hadn’t a clue as to why. Why should you care if he wasn’t there? All he did was tease you about tripping over and try and pull on your hair.

You tried to talk to your mum about it, and that went about as well as you should have expected.

“I just don’t get him! He’s known her for two minutes and now it’s like she’s part of the family! They’re always groping each other and sticking their tongues down each other’s throats, it’s so gross! Does she know that he only figured out what deodorant was like last week?” You groaned to her in the kitchen during a family barbeque, leaning against the counter while she made a cup of tea.

“Sounds like somebody is jealous …” she said in a sing-song voice, a delighted smile lighting up her entire face, “Oh honey, it’s about time you realised how much you like him!” she grinned, laughing at the horrified look of disgust on your face.

“Just look at him normally for once, okay? Come over here and look!” She waved you over to the kitchen window, sighing in annoyance when you didn’t move, “Humour me for once,” she directed you, smiling appreciatively when you dragged yourself over to her side.

The kitchen window was quite large and gave a very clear view of your backyard. You could see Conor and your younger cousins engaged in some sort of water fight, all of your parents gathered around on the patio laughing at something your dad was saying, and then there was Jack and her. They were cuddled up near a tree at the very back of the garden.

When had Jack gotten so tall? You had always been taller than him, for your entire life, yet now he was standing against that tree and was a good head taller than a branch you knew you had hit your head on only this morning. The more than you looked at him, you noticed other things. Gone was the scrawny little shit who had tormented you as a kid; he still wasn’t ridiculously big but he actually looked like a man, not a little boy. Had his teeth always been that white? And since when had simply looking at him made your stomach roll? Was it possible that your mother was right?

Your eyes darted across the yard to where Conor was, another smile spreading across your face when you noticed him sitting down next to your cousin, who had previously been sunbathing near the pool. You’d always thought they would make a lovely couple, why couldn’t they see it when everyone else could tell they were into each other? It was so frustrating!

Suddenly a pair of fingers dug into your waist, making you jump and gasp as you banged your knee on the cupboard door. Spinning around, you noticed that your mother was gone, and instead, Jack was in front of you with a smug smirk on his face, when had he gotten here?

“You’re so easy to scare!” he chortled, bracing his hands on his knees as he laughed at your expense. You scowled at him, shoving his shoulder roughly in irritation. “What are you staring so hard at anyway?” he asked as you both looked out the window again.

“Conor and [Y/C/N],” You answered him simply, “Wondering when they’re gonna buck up and admit that they like each other,” you continued, peeking at Jack out of the corner of your eye and marvelling at how sharp his jawline was, surely that wasn’t normal, right? That thing could cut glass!

Jack snorted at your answer, “It’s Conor, he’s a little pussy, he’ll never tell her unless he knows for sure that she likes him back, it’s simple self-preservation,” he stated, narrowing his eyes when you let out a snort of your own.

“Must be a Maynard thing then, being a pussy,” you smirked at the offended look on his face, “Conor’s been in the pants of half the girls in Brighton, how on earth is [Y/C/N] meant to know she won’t just be another notch in his bedpost?” you argued back.

Jack rolled his eyes as he turned to face you; crossing his arms across his chest and making you wonder where in the hell those biceps had come from. “Maynard’s aren’t pussies! If anything [Y/L/N]’s are pussies! I don’t see you or [Y/C/N] with boyfriends, now do you?” he snarled at you, reminding you of the mean streak of his that often reared it’s head whenever he got agitated. “Perfect little virgin [Y/N] on her high horse can’t even get a boyfriend,” he sneered at you.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you scoffed at him, letting out a loud bark of laughter, “Why would you think that I need a boyfriend in order to not be a virgin, Jack?” you goaded him in a sickly sweet tone of voice, before spinning on your heel and retreating to the bathroom upstairs, leaving a slack-jawed Jack Maynard in your wake.

Once you were safely in your en suite bathroom, you felt a couple of stray tears slip down your cheeks, splashing against the ivory rim of the sink. You wiped them away quickly, glaring at your reflection in the mirror in a silent argument to toughen up and brush it off. 

Jack was still the same boy who delighted in tormenting you, and that would never change.You weren’t about the melt into one of the girls who fawned over him; you were better than that. If he wanted to pretend you weren’t there when he saw you then fine, there were way cuter boys in your year anyway, you resolved with a smile as you flounced out of your bathroom.

If only you actually believed that was true.


Fast forward another few years and you could scarcely believe the way in which your life had changed. 

Instead of spending your lunches daydreaming about getting out of Brighton, you were living in a flat in London with your cousin and attending the university course of your dreams. 

Jack and Conor had devoted their time and lives to youtube and it had really paid off for them. You had gained five new friends through knowing the Maynards and could scarcely imagine your life without them. 
There were some things that would never change, though; after a brutal break up two years ago, Jack had sworn off relationships and become the same player that Conor had been through school. Conor still wouldn’t admit that he was in love with [Y/C/N] and vice versa. And you were still trying to convince yourself that you didn’t have a thing for Jack Maynard.

Over the years you had tried to forget about him, tried to bury the feelings deep down in your chest. No matter what you heard from your friends or your mum, you refused to believe that the feelings might actually have been reciprocated and that there could have been a chance for you and Jack. You had come to really value Jack as a friend and him finding out that you harboured some dorky crush on him was your actual worst fear. Things were fine the way they were. 

Your cousin was always trying to set you up on blind dates so one of them had to work out eventually, right?

Tonight was one such night. Your cousin had set you up with one of her work friends and at first things had been fine; the guy, who kind of reminded you of Mikey, had been nice enough initially, complementing you on your outfit and offering to buy you a drink yet not pushing you when you refused, you weren’t particularly attracted to him but you entertained him in order to make [Y/C/N] happy and to get her off your back about telling Jack how you felt. Things had been going fine.

That was until you had run into Conor and Josh, and your ‘date’ had lashed out, telling them to fuck off and leave you both alone. You had been trying to pull away but his grip on your wrist was too tight and you could only imagine the marks that his beefy hands would be leaving around your wrist. 

He dragged you out into the middle of the dance floor, moving his hands to your waist and digging his fingers in, pulling you up against him and grinding against you. You could feel the revulsion rolling off of you in waves as he panted against your neck. You wanted to cry, or scream or beat him off you but you were trapped and you couldn’t see anyone you knew anymore. You just hoped that Conor or Josh would pass by again so you could latch onto them.

On the other side of the club, unbeknownst to you, Conor had instructed Josh to keep an eye on you whilst he stepped into the smokers area to call his little brother. As much as Conor wanted to rip that guy’s arms out of the sockets, he knew that this was something that Jack needed to do and see. He was so sick and tired of watching you and Jack dance around your feelings and he felt that this might be the very thing Jack needed to push him over the edge. Jack had opted to stay home tonight, instead of coming out with them, so he was probably watching the football in his underwear again or something.

“Come on, pick up, pick up, pick up,” Conor grumbled under his voice as he listened to the phone ringing out, if Jack had called up one of his booty calls after the very serious conversation they’d had this afternoon, he would actually deck his little brother. His shoulders visibly sagged in relief when Jack’s voice came down the line.

“Struck out already have you?” he chuckled, balancing his phone between his shoulder and ear as he searched through the fridge for something to eat, he was kind of regretting his decision to stay home now so a call from Conor had raised his spirits significantly. 

“You’ve gotta come here mate, right now. It’s [Y/N],” Conor rushed out, realising with a start that a number of things could have happened in his absence, he just hoped that Josh would step in if things escalated too far. Jack would never forgive them if anything happened to you. 

Meanwhile, on the other end of the phone call, Jack was already shoving his feet into his shoes and shrugging his jacket on while still listening to Conor.

“Where are you? What’s going on? Is she alright?” he rushed out as he grabbed his keys and wallet, shoving them into his pocket as he ran down the stairs two at a time. “Text me what club your at and just keep your eye on her okay? If anything happens to her, it’s your funeral, Conor,” he stressed to his older brother, already in the middle of ordering an Uber to pick him up. 

Conor sighed softly as he got off the phone, running a hand through his hair before turning to walk back in the bar, praying to god that Jack was here quickly.

You, on the other hand, were running out of options. You couldn’t see Conor or Josh or any of your friends and the crowd around you seemed to be multiplying by the second. You could feel the guy behind you dragging his mouth down your neck painfully and rubbing his crotch against your ass roughly. You could feel tears pricking at the edge of your eyes as it occurred to you that you might have to leave with this guy. All you could do was think of Jack, and how you wished that it was him instead of the thug behind you.

“Oi Luv, whattaya say we take off back to my place and have some real fun,” he groaned in your ear in what you were sure he thought was a sexy manner but just made him sound like he was constipated. Your heart started thumping in your chest as you tried to think of a way out of this and failed to find one.

“Mate you are punching so far above your weight it’s not funny,” you heard a voice behind you and nearly collapsed in pure joy and relief. The man behind you released you from his grip and you stumbled slightly, peeking around him to see Jack standing before you both with a confident grin on his face.

Before you could think or reconsider your actions, you were pushing past the man who’d had you in a death grip for the past hour and standing close to Jack. 

He looked at you worriedly, reaching up and pushing a strand of hair behind your ear gently as he looked you over, “You okay, sweetheart?” he asked in the gentlest voice you’d ever heard him use. You almost melted at the soft tone of his voice and the gentleness of his actions, nodding slightly and smiling at him appreciatively. 

The hand that had been behind your ear slipped down to the small of your back, almost the same place the other man’s hands were before, except this time in filled you with comfort instead of revulsion.

Pulling you in front of him, Jack led you out of the club and onto the sidewalk, you were sure you looked a mess, the result of being stuck in that man’s grip for almost two hours. 

Once you were outside, you could finally breathe, and that was when everything hit you all at once, all the emotions and what if’s hit you like a freight train, causing you to turn around and hug Jack as tight as you possibly could. 

Your entire body shook as you hugged him tightly, feeling a wave of relief and safety roll over you violently as he held you close to him just as hard.

“Shh, hey, it’s okay, [Y/N], everything’s fine, I’ve got you, baby,” he cooed in your ear as his hand ran up and down the length of your back softly, smoothing down your hair as you both stood near where the Uber was due to pick you up.

He was so glad he had got there when he did, seeing you so scared and so powerless had been like a bullet to the chest; he wasn’t used to seeing you that way and he didn’t like it. He had wanted to rip the man to shreds and probably would have, but then he saw how relieved you were, and the other man vanished. 

He knew that he didn’t want to have to ever worry about another man having his hands on you again, and he would tell you how he felt; but not tonight, tonight he just needed to be here for you and comfort you.   

Strongly considering maybe doing a part two to this? Let me know if you want one

NCT Dream and the 1st win

I’ve been in Kpop fandom for many years, and this isn’t the first time I witness my favourite group getting their first win, but this is the 1st time I cry, and I cry nonstop. Because the kids deserve it so much. Because Mark and Donghyuck who have been working nonstop since their debut, one is on their 4th and 5th promotion and one is having their 3rd and 4th promotion. And Renjun, omg he cried so much, he’s only 15 when he started to train in a foreign country. Chenle, he has everything in China, but still went to another country and started fresh. Jeno and Jisung gave up their school and childhood to focus on training, to archive their dream. And Jaemin who has problem with his back since trainee day, still didn’t give up, and debuted and danced on hoverboard with the brightest smile ever. Dream kids, every single one of them, gave up so many things to archive the dream. And at such a young age, they got their first achievement, but it wasn’t granted, it was their sacrifice and hard working. Congrats kids!