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Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End) - Elsa Chapter 2

Author: @systemfailuresunshine

Summary: Year-round fluff for a soldier who just needs a hug, starting at Christmas. Christmas Day has arrived and some people are a little more enthusiastic than others. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1531

Warning(s): Swearing

A/N: Christmas Day has arrived (in March!). This has one of my favourite moments in it with Tony!

“Wake up, sleepy head!”

“(Y/N), it’s 5am…”

“But it’s…” you paused, creeping closer to his ear. “CHRISTMAS!” you shouted.

“I hate you sometimes,” he groaned.

“Come on, Barnes, an excited person is the thing that’s going to defeat you? You dealt with Steve and his death wishes at 16 and now you’re going to be overcome by a short person shouting in your ear?”

“Stevie never tried to give me earache,” Bucky chuckled, yawning.

You tried to clamber off the bed but were held back by two strong hands round your middle.

“5 more minutes,” he growled.

“Fine, but I’m waking up Tony.”  

“Now that I’ll totally let you go for.”

You laughed and planted a kiss on his cheek as you got up to wake the other Avengers. “Night, princess.”

“Mmhmm,” Bucky mumbled, hugging the pillow closer to him.

You tiptoed across the landing, trying not to make a noise, but you weren’t looking where you were going and crashed into Bruce’s door. He startled awake and reached to pick his glasses off of the bedside table.

“Sorry, Brucie!” You stage-whispered as you quietly closed the door behind you.

“Christmas?” he asked.

“Of course,” you said, giggling.  

You kept moving slowly through the top floor of the Tower, past Sam’s room where Redwing was sleeping on his perch, shuffling past Nat’s room, and towards the main bedroom. A familiar sight confronted you as you pushed open the door: Tony flat-out on the bed, still in his waistcoat and suit trousers. ‘Bless him’, you thought as you crossed the room to the sleeping figure.

“Tony,” you whispered, nudging his arm out the way so that you could sit on the bed. No response.

“Tooonnnyyyy,” you called quietly.

“Christmas already?” he groaned, raising his right arm to try and push himself off the bed. After four attempts, he gave up and flattened himself on the bed again, sighing.

“It’s not even light outside,” he grumbled.

“It’s December, when is it ever light outside?”

He rolled onto his side, slipping a couple of times before finally positioning himself into a more comfortable side position.

“Fair point.”

“How much sleep did you get last night?”

“Last night… this morning… it all sort of blurred.”

“Tony,” you sighed, rubbing the arm that he wasn’t resting his head on.

“Hey, I’m totally fine,” Tony said, defensively.  

“Of course you are… and so am I.”

He raised his left eyebrow at you.

“Exactly,” you stated.

He sat up slowly and then dropped himself down so that his head was in your lap. You ran your fingers through his hair thoughtfully.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” you asked.

“I’m going to be… I’m working on it,” he said, honestly.

“Me and you both, love.”

He made to sit up again and you lay your hands behind you on the bed.

There was a cough at the door and you both looked up startled.

“Morning guys,” Bruce greeted quietly.

“Morning, Brucie. Sorry about earlier,” you smiled.

He smiled back, and then his face fell a little.

“You two okay?”

“We’re fine Banner, just need a little more sleep. Maybe not today given someone’s…” he looked pointedly at you, “lack of control over a certain gift-giving holiday but tomorrow we’ll be right as rain.”

Bruce looked at both of you, weighing up whether to say anything else, then shrugged slightly and turned to leave.

“I’ll be in the kitchen,” he said.

You and Tony turned your gaze from the door onto each other, both sighing.

“I’ll make you a deal,” Tony started. “Starting New Year’s, we both start dealing with whatever we got going on, whether it’s getting help or just talking to each other. Sound good to you?”

You smiled at him, and held his hand.

“Tony, I think that’s the best idea you’ve had in a while.”

Tony made a sound of protest.  

“I know, you made that chemical compound last week and used it to do… something, but still,” you laughed quietly.

He smirked at you. “It’s a wonder I ever tell you what I’m working on. You never listen,” he jibed.

“I’m tired, I never listen to anyone,” you joked.

“Well that is your own fault for being up at 5am,” he groaned as he stood up and stretched. “Coming?”

You made to leave but not before shaking his hand. He turned around, bemused.

“Now it’s an official deal.”

As the three of you sat in the kitchen, more of the Avengers filtered in to make coffee and generally see what the plan for the day was. It was finally around 7:30am when everyone had made their ways from their respective rooms. Sam was last, and the most grumpy when he came in.

“Seriously guys, it’s not even light yet.”

“Try being me,” Bucky joked, “they woke me up at 5!”

“Me too,” said Tony.  

“It’s like you don’t even want presents,” you laughed.

“Who said any of us bought presents?” Steve smiled.

“Very funny, Stevie,” you said, pulling him along by the arm as everyone traipsed after you into the living room.

The bottom of the highly decorated tree was covered in presents of all shapes and sizes, most of them covering each other.

You stuck your tongue out at Steve. “Told you.”

“Right then, who’s first?” Tony asked, going to sit by the tree.

“Wait!” you suddenly froze and ran out of the room.

“They’ve had three hours and now they want us to wait?” Sam sighed, smiling despite being overcome by a yawn.

“Back!” you cried, running back in with nine or ten presents stacked precariously one on top of the other. You stumbled and they wobbled, the top two falling off and heading for the floor.

A metal arm reached out and grabbed them before they hit the wooden surface.

“Got them,” Bucky said, taking the presents from your arms and placing them under the tree. He went back to sit in the armchair he had previously inhabited, with you following behind. Curling himself up, you sat on his lap and he kissed your cheek.  

“Careful next time, doll,” he chuckled.  

You shoved him playfully.

“Ready now?” Tony smirked at you.

“Yes, thanks,” you laughed, snuggling closer into Bucky.

You all went round in a circle, opening up one present each on their way, so it took you hours. Various cries filled the air every time someone opened something new.

“Trivial pursuit, Nat?” Steve exclaimed as he carefully peeled off the wrapping paper of his gift. “I was in ice for 70 years – I’ll lose.”

“Oh no Rogers, you’ll definitely win!” Sam jibed. “You’ve been doing all that research and catching up on the inter-web, remember?”

Steve scoffed and the faint mutter of “inter-web” could be heard under his breath. Tony laughed. “Surely if someone paired up with the pensioners it could be a fair fight.”

“So is this now a team thing or is it just because you think you won’t be able to take us if we’re left on our own?” Bucky smirked.

“I can kick your ass either way, Barnes.” Tony retorted, smiling slightly. “Just thought you’d prefer a bit of extra support when I did.”

Three rounds of presents later and you’d come to the last of each person’s pile. You shuffled in Bucky’s lap as you tried to hoist a large box onto the chair. In the end you gave up and leant forward so that you could untie the ribbon and rip off the paper. As you pulled down the paper from the sides, you gasped and giggled softly.

“Now it’s a fucking party!” you laughed.  

As you slid the box out of its wrapping, seven black letters were displayed along with a picture of what was inside: a karaoke machine.

Nat groaned. “Come on, who bought that knowing they’d show me up?”

You grappled with the paper that was now on the floor and tried to look for a tag. Rhodey saw that you were struggling and lifted it up to you.  

“It says Bruce,” you said, raising an eyebrow at him and smiling.

“You little…” Nat started before being cut off by Tony.

“And that concludes presents for today,” he chuckled.  

As you cleared away the wrapping paper from the floor, you caught a glimpse of Nat punching Bruce lightly on the arm and laughing.  

“If it’s any consolation,” Bruce said, “I can’t sing either.”

“I’ll challenge you to a rap battle,” she nudged him, knowing that he’d seen Hamilton only the week before.

“Oh you’re on!” he laughed.

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