one of my favourite stevie moments

Some of my observations and pictures from the LFC Charity Match

I’ll start with my observations/favourite moments and put the pictures behind a cut. (I’m sure it’s not surprising to read on which two players most of my attention was focused :P)

  • At one point during the warm-up Xabi moved away the group and did his routine and stretches closer to the Kop. He kept looking over to them as if he wanted to make sure that he really absorbed this moment.

  • In familiar gerlonso style, Stevie and Xabi kept a cool distance from each other during the warm-up, but as soon as the rondo part started, they moved towards each other and started passing the ball back and forth easily and seemingly without even making any eye contact.

  • I haven’t seen any mention of this and it’s making me think I imagined it, but I remember a really cute moment during the lining-up where Xabi initially walked past Stevie and his girls and nephews, but then one of the kids called out to him so he took a couple of steps back and was like: “Yeah, hey!!” and gave the kid in question a pat on the head.

  • After Xabi gave Steven that back-heel pass a lot of people around me started laughing, so I looked over to Xabi and he had a huge, cheeky smile on his face  :D

  • When Xabi was about to be substituted while the Gerrard XI was taking their places to defend a corner, Pepe walked out of his goal and gave Xabi a really cute hug. Like: “Aww cariño, was it everything you dreamed off??”

  • Around the 75th minute, during a break of play I think, Stevie and Carra were talking together genially and laughing. I got the feeling that Stevie was saying that he was going to go off soon, but Carra was like: “Well not me, no way I’m not finishing this match!!” ^_^

  • I remember during the lap of honour at Stevie’s testimonial two years ago, Stevie seemed kind of subdued to me, but during this one he seemed to be in much better spirits. I know that his actual goodbye is most likely going to be very sad and difficult for him and that’s why I’m so grateful that the club organised a day like this for him, one that he was able to just enjoy.

Overall this day was everything I hoped it would be and more. I’m so thankful to have been there.

This is how I answered a fygerlonso ask back in April 2013:

SEE KIDS, DREAMS CAN COME TRUE! And make my year?? Make my LIFE is more like it.

Okay, onto the pictures.

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