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Day 13: Favourite Bobby scene

Day 13: Bobby was one of my favourite characters and there were way too many scenes that I loved with him in, so here’s just a few:

(Can I just express the joy I felt now when I just spent 30 mins going back and watching random Bobby scenes. I physically couldn’t pick one, basically every scene with Bobby in was my favourite. What was your favourite Bobby scene?)

A/N: Requests for one shots would be really appreciated (I feel like especially in the mood to write some Lucifer)

My 10 Favourite Supernatural Memes.

1. Learn from the best-

2. He gets it (I think)-

3. Dream big, they said.You can be anything, they said. Gabriel listened-

4. How To Make A Sad Scene Funny 101-

5. Cas has got his priorities straight.

6. Does this one need an explanation?

7. What comes next? Do the math.

8. Supernatural - A Brief Summary-

9. In which Jared looks like a kicked puppy-

10. And, to finish off-

Uncomfortable siblings.

Am I Making You Frustrated?

Summery: you loved playing head games, but Sam and Dean were practically immune to your advances now, not that you wanted them anyway. In an attempt to spice up the game, you decide to go for your favourite angel, not realizing the affects you can have on him.

Castiel x reader  

Word count: 1215

Warnings: dude, total make out scene, just saying. Uh, I don’t know, sexual frustration Kinda sorta?

A/N: English is not my first language! I’m sorry if there are any mistakes! (and not just spelling, like, wording and stuff. In my defence, English is very confusing sometimes.) 

It was a game you played with the boys, I mean, it was easy to get inside their head, especially being a girl and living with them. You loved watching them stutter and stammer at your advances, knowing it wouldn’t lead to anything. But lately it was getting less and less fun, they were becoming immune. That’s when you decided to set your eyes on another member of the Winchester family. Castiel.

You were hesitant at first, mostly because of your feelings towards the angel, but deciding that it couldn’t possibly hurt anything. You were going to see how long it took for Cas to get sexually frustrated, it almost seemed impossible which made you even more determined. Walking out of your room in a simple pair of blue plaid pyjama shorts and a black top, you were trying to figure out the best ways to get under Cas’ skin. Not paying attention, you smacked into Dean.

“Oh no” he groaned, running his hands down his face

“What?” you questioned looking up at him.

“Those shorts and that shirt only spell trouble.” he muttered walking past you.

As you walked into the kitchen, you noticed Sam munching on some freshly picked strawberries.

 “Mmmm” you said, picking one up. Climbing up onto the chair, you sat on your legs.

“Oh God” Sam muttered, looking at your shorts.

“Am I really that predictable?” you ask, throwing the top of the strawberry at Sam.

“We don’t trust you in shorts, not after the Impala incident.“

You smiled to yourself, “Oh yeah” that had been a good day.

“Hey Cas!” you yelled, watching Sam’s eyes go wide in realization.

“Y/N, I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

“Nonsense, it’ll be fun.” you say

Without a moment to spare, Cas appeared at the kitchen table beside you.

“I believe Dean had said it was a “day off”. Is something wrong?” the angel said using air quotes and squinting.

“Nope.” you said biting into the strawberry slowly, eyeing Cas “I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out.”

“Oh-uh, I-I guess I could spare a moment away.” he said as he averted his eyes away from your mouth, a blush seeping across his face.

“Y/N…” Sam started but you cut him off.

“So whatdoya wanna do?” you ask, watching the angel.


“Hey! Stop hogging all the strawberries!” you yell at Sam and lean over pressing into Cas, his face close to your chest. Quickly he looked the opposite way. But not before you notice the blush that spread across his face. As you tried to grab for a strawberry, Sam pulled them away.

“I think you’ve had enough.” he says smiling.

“Oh really?” you reply, leaning into Cas even more.

Cas instantly reached over, grabbing a strawberry from the container and thrusting it into your face. You laughed and, instead of taking it, you bit the fruit. Looking up you saw a wide eyed Cas. This was a lot more fun.

“Do you think you could help me move all these books into my room?” you ask pointing to a pile of books behind Cas that you’ve been meaning to bring to your room for the past few weeks.

“Yes, I am happy to help.” Cas replied, looking at you.

“I’m sure you are.” you threw a wink Cas’ way and watched as his eyes went wide.

Getting up from your chair, you bent over and grabbed some books, throwing a look behind you, you noticed that Cas was looking anywhere but at you.

“You coming?”

“M-Mmhmm.” Cas mumbled grabbing the remaining books and transporting to your room, leaving you to walk.

You shook you head and laughed. This was much more fun.


“Oh come on Sam, its just harmless fun.” you say as you walk to your room.

By the time you got to your room, Cas had put away his pile of books, they sat messily on the bookshelf. Laughing you set down your load.

“Okay, how should we organize them?” you ask


“Alphabetical it is” you say as you start to arrange the pile of books. It was quiet as the two of you worked, until you remembered that you had stolen Deans i-pod. Walking over to the small bedside table, you turn it on and set it to the song that had been playing previously, some random classic rock band. Walking back, you noticed how stiff Cas looked.

“You okay Cas?” you asked from behind him.

“Hmm? Yeah, fine” he said putting up more books.

Right. Grabbing books, you both worked, listening to music and occasionally chatting. As the books started piling up, it became harder and harder to reach the top. Reaching on your tippy toes, you could feel your shirt start to ride up as you tried to push the book into place. Without warning, Cas’ hand was placed on your hip as he reached up and helped you with the book. Lowering yourself, you noticed that Cas slowly removed his hand, staring at the place where it had once been.

“I think there’s one more book over there.” you say pointing to the single remaining book. Cas walked over and grabbed it as you leaned against the bookshelf. Walking back over, Cas looked at the single remaining spot for the book, and it was right above where you stood. Trying to place the book on the shelf, you couldn’t help but press yourself against Cas a little, sliding the book into place he gasped as he felt your body against his.

“What are you doing?” he said breathlessly.

You smiled and shrugged. As Cas was about to step back you grabbed his tie.

“Y-Y/N-” he stuttered.

“Yes?” you questioned innocently.

“I don’t think you understand the affects you have on-”

“Lets find out.” you say smashing your lips into his. At first you feel his surprise as he jerks back, but that disappears in an instant as you grab a fist full of his hair. This is not usually how the game plays out. But you weren’t complaining. Cas places a hand to the back of your neck and the other on your hip, brining you in closer to him. Tugging at his hair, you hear him moan into your mouth. At this point, you don’t even remember about the game you were playing, this had been what you wanted for a long time, you just never thought it would actually happen.

Breaking away from each other for breath, Cas started to pepper light kisses down you jaw and neck, resulting in a small gasp from you. Placing both hands on the back of his neck, you pull Cas in closer, his two arms reach out and wrap around your lower back, pushing you into the wall with his hips. Tugging at his hair once more, you heard the angel grunt as his lips found yours again. Side stepping, you broke away from the angel even though you instantly regretted it. You heard Cas whine at the loss of contact and his puppy dog look broke your heart.

“What were those affects you were talking about?” you question, smiling.

“Oh I think you know.” he says pressing his lips into yours once more. This time, you didn’t pull away.


8x12 | As Time Goes By

Guh, this scene! It feels like a perfect cocktail of my favourite kinks: Sleeping Dean! Sam’s amazing bedhair! Sam hitting Dean awake like a little kid! Purgatory survivor Dean simply curling himself further into his pillow because he knows it’s Sam and Sam means safety! Single layers! Grumpy princess Dean! Bossy Sam! Sam’s huffy chest! Dean’s cute socked feet! Full bodyshots! …


10x18 | Book of the Damned

I have about a million reason why I love this scene, but one of the most important ones is that I’m pretty sure Sam *has* been to a beach before because hey, he studied in California for four years, and he doesn’t want to ruin this moment, neither for Dean, nor for himself. Which is exactly what drives his behaviour throughout the rest of the episode.

Practically Naked Encounters

Summery: Visiting your Uncle bobby, you are introduced to the Winchesters, in nothing but a towel. This draws Deans attention especially.

Dean X Reader

Warnings: whoa, make out scene guys! Kinda implied smut at the end (I refuse to go into detail!) uh, that’s probably it.

Word count: 1647

A/N: Kinda got carried away with the Rolling Stones t-shirt scene, kinda my favourite band and I couldn’t help myself! Honestly didn’t expect it to be this long


“Y/N! Hey Y/N!” Bobby yelled up the stairs as me and Sam waited in the living room with Bobby.

“You’ll love her,” Bobby continued saying to us “She’s a real sweet-”

“Bobby!?” a voice yelled from upstairs, it sounded panicked “Bobby, what is it?” the voice called as we heard loud footsteps approaching us. “Bobby!”

She rounded the corner with her eyes set in determination and a gun in her hand. Not to mention, in nothing but a towel. And a short one at that. My breath caught in my throat as I watched her enter the room, hair still soaked and sending water droplets onto the floor.

“Bobby?” the woman said, clearly confused.

“Y/N- I forgot-uh…” Bobby stammered “I forgot you were having a shower, sorry”

I watched as the woman looked around the room, clearly spotting no danger. She gave a breathy laugh and looked back to Bobby.

“Ah, ts’okay.” waving the gun dismissively she set it on the table and looked up, she had such striking Y/E/C eyes.

“Uh- I wanted you to meet… remember I was talking-” Bobby stopped and I looked at him. Usually he didn’t stammer this much.

“I’m Sam, and this is my brother Dean.” Sam said, throwing Bobby a life line.

“Ahh,” she nodded knowingly and shot Bobby a look “the Sam and Dean, huh?”

“So you’ve heard of us?” Sam questioned.

“Ha ha, you could say that.” she smiled and I swear, it lit the entire room… What the hell am I saying? I don’t even know this girl.

“Its- good to meet you.” good to meet you? you’re an idiot Dean, get it together!

She chuckled and stuck her hand out.

“Its good to meet you too.”

I took her hand, it was soft… really soft. Was she even a hunter? How the hell were her hands this soft? I noticed I was shaking her hand for too long and dropped it, scratching the back of my neck. She chuckled again as she looked at Sammy, shaking his hands she looked down.

“You know, usually when I meet people, I’m fully dressed, I swear.” she pulled at her towel, holding it in place as it dropped in the back, revealing even more skin. My breath hitched and I looked away.


You just met the Winchester‘s… in a freaking towel! Oh my goodness, this was so embarrassing. You heard that they were hot, but holy smokes, this was more than you could handle. And you stood before them, practically naked. You felt your cheeks heat up and you grabbed your towel, feeling it drop in the back. Looking over at Dean, you notice him inhale sharply and avert his eyes quickly. Your cheeks became even warmer.

“Well, I think I’m gonna go put some, uh- clothes on.” you say, heading back up the stairs.


“Well she seems-” Sam started.

“Whoa” I breathed out as my eyes still lingered on the stairs.

“Dean,” Bobby warned, there was a hardness to his voice “Don’t you even think about it.”

“What? Bobby-”

“I’m not playing boy, you ain’t getting anywhere near Y/N’s pants, you got that?”
“Ha ha, yeah Dean-”

“You either Sam.” Bobby said, shooting a look at Sammy

“Wha-?” Sammy was cut off by Y/N’s footsteps coming down the stairs.

“You either Sam what?” She questioned, her fingers lightly dancing along the railing. I could feel my jaw drop and I had to quickly snap it shut, she stood at the foot of the stairs, dressed in black shorts with little buttons on them and a white freaking Rolling Stones t-shirt. Not to mention the shirt was a little see-through so I could see her skin coloured bra poke through slightly.

“I told Sam and Dean not to play poker with you-” Bobby looked at me and Sammy “She counts cards.” he whispered inconspicuously as he glanced at her.

“I do not!” she said smiling, her voice reaching a higher pitch as she playfully slapped Bobby’s arm.

“The Rolling Stones huh?” I questioned.

Please know something about them, please know something about them, please do not be just some girl who thinks its cool to wear the name and not know any of their music… I thought as I looked at her.

“You a fan?” she questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Are you?” I retorted.

She snorted and folded her arms over her chest, pushing up her- Focus Dean!

“What’s your favourite song by them?” I questioned, hoping she had an answer.

“Paint It Black,” she purred “You?”

“Gimme Shelter.” I responded.

She nodded “Good choice, good choice, although, lets not forget the magical wonders of Laugh I Nearly Died.” 

“I don’t know, I kinda prefer She’s So Cold.” I countered.

“Well I kinda prefer Satisfaction.” she said smirking and throwing a wink before turning around.

“I bet you do.” I mumble.


“So tell me Bobby, what hunt do we have that you need to bring in back up?” you ask, looking at Bobby, he smiled.

“Who said anything about a hunt.”

“I did. So what is it? A vamp? A spirit? Ouuh, maybe demons?”

“Vamp nest,” he grunted “I wanted the boys here-”

“To help out, yeah, yeah,” you said waving your hand “When we heading out?”

“We‘re actually heading out now, if you don’t mind.” Sam said as he swung a duffel bag over his shoulder. 

“Rock and roll.” you replied.


The Vampire nest was a killer as you walked through the door of Bobby’s house. Dragging your feet, you slowly ascended the stairs only to collapse overdramatically on the third step.

“I’m dead, I cant go on.” you sigh heavily laying on your back and throwing your arm over your eyes.

“Come on drama queen.” Dean said, lifting you up bridal style, after the hunt you and the Winchester went to a local bar and bonded over beer and burgers. They were already starting to feel like family.

“Just leave me, I’ll only slow you down.” you moan throwing your arms up and arching your back.

“Hey, settle down there sweetheart!” Dean yells, almost dropping you.

“Go, save yourselves!” you yell exaggeratedly.

“Okay, time for bed.” Dean said as he reached your bedroom. Sam laughed behind him and ruffled your hair as he passed.

“Night Y/N.”

“Sleep tight Sammy”

You looked at Dean expectantly.

“What?” he questioned.

“You’re suppose to say don’t let the bed bugs bite.” you whisper, still in his arms. “Mm hmm”

You’re suppose to say-”

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” Dean grumbled. “Happy?”


“I think you’re a bit over tired.”

“I think you’re over tired.” you retort. Dean laughs and sets you down on your bed.

“Good night, Y/N.” Dean whispers, pushing your hair back away from your face.“Good night Dean.” you whisper back, closing your eyes at his touch


I didn’t want to leave Y/N in her room, I wanted to climb in bed with her, not to sleep with her or anything, not that I didn’t want to, but I simply just wanted to be next to her. Laying in my bed, my mind kept racing to Y/N’s sleeping body lying in the next room.

Grow some balls Winchester. I thought as I stared at the ceiling. It was around four in the morning and I woke up from a nightmare, only to stay awake with thoughts of Y/N.

Pat, pat, pat

What the heck? I climbed out of bed at the strange noise, opening the door I followed the noise downstairs into the kitchen where Y/N stood in an oversized t-shirt that reached her thighs, she had no pants on. Holy shit.

“Couldn’t sleep?” I grunted as I reached over and grabbed the spoon from Y/N’s hand, digging into the bowl of cereal she was eating and taking a big bite.

“Mmh, not really.” she sighed grabbing the spoon back from me. I nodded and continued to watch her. I only just met her and I already liked her.

“Whatcha looking at?” she laughed watching me.

“Oh, uh-nothing, nothing.” I say as I felt my cheeks go red.

“What ever you say Winchester.” she chuckled watching me with amused eyes.

“Oh hell.” I mutter as I grabbed her face gently and pressed my lips into hers, giving her a chance to step back if she wanted to. Please, dear goodness, don’t step back.

With a little clatter, she placed the bowl on the counter and reached up to the back of my neck.


Dean Winchester was kissing you. Dean freaking Winchester. You thought to yourself as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck, feeling him hesitate, unsure if he should continue, you pulled him closer to reassure him. Slowly, his hands wandered down to your hips, lifting you up onto the counter without ever breaking the connection. His hands rested on your bare thighs, gently squeezing them as you tugged at his hair. Opening your mouth, you let Dean’s mouth explore yours, loving the feeling.

“Whoa” he panted, separating from you for breath.

You smiled. “Whoa.” you repeated. Dean looked up at you again, smiling, he crashed his lips into yours, but this time with more force and passion. Quickly you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him in closer as your fists balled up grabbing onto the front of his shirt. Dean placed his hands on your hip, pulling you even closer and leaning into the counter. Slowly, his mouth made its way to your jaw, and then down your neck, making you arch your head up.

“Wanna finish this-” Dean stopped, moving lower on your neck “like how we met-” he said continuing to kiss your jaw, he paused to wiggle his eyebrows at you.

Your face flushed as you thought about how you first encountered the Winchester’s. Practically naked.