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Another Dean Winchester “imagine” - This time, Dean doesnt want you to be mad at him…

I used actual words and scene from episode 22 of season 2, which is one of my favourite scenes, the look in Deans eyes is just… oh God, he is so helpless and desperate… (and hot as hell)

Day 13: Favourite Bobby scene

Day 13: Bobby was one of my favourite characters and there were way too many scenes that I loved with him in, so here’s just a few:

(Can I just express the joy I felt now when I just spent 30 mins going back and watching random Bobby scenes. I physically couldn’t pick one, basically every scene with Bobby in was my favourite. What was your favourite Bobby scene?)

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As much as I love the mixtape scene by itself, I feel like something more should come of it. Like, Cas could've been giving him a bag of skittles, but the writers made a big deal about the mixtape. I love how it can only be explained with a Destiel reason.

One of my headcanons is that skittles and Reeses cups are Cas’ favourite candy for *reasons*, ‘taste the rainbow’ and ‘people say it shouldn’t work but it’s amazing’.

Dude, he could have been given anything and it would still come across as romantic because of the WORDS and the ACTIONS in the scene playing out like a “is this a break up? no dumbass I’m not breaking up with you just don’t LEAVE me again” scene.

The fact that they decided to add as a prop something that is a standard cinematographic trope for romantic interest?

*Tink stares into the camera*

My 10 Favourite Supernatural Memes.

1. Learn from the best-

2. He gets it (I think)-

3. Dream big, they said.You can be anything, they said. Gabriel listened-

4. How To Make A Sad Scene Funny 101-

5. Cas has got his priorities straight.

6. Does this one need an explanation?

7. What comes next? Do the math.

8. Supernatural - A Brief Summary-

9. In which Jared looks like a kicked puppy-

10. And, to finish off-

Uncomfortable siblings.

Dean: “Are you having a stroke?!”
Dean: “Do you smell toast?”

(Sam’s face is just too adorable , trying to comprehend what is happening to him)

* one of the many of my favourite scenes in Supernatural S11E08 “Just my Imagination”*


“And I think to Myself: What A Wonderful World…”

Dear anon,

I am sorry it took me so long to reply, but I just couldn’t pass up the perfect excuse (as if I needed one, please…) to re-watch one of my all time favourite episodes of SPN. :)

Since you specifically asked about the lawn mowing scene, I am going to start from there and then work my way through one of in my opinion best crafted and most tragic and beautiful epsiodes SPN has ever done.

The lawn mowing scene is supposed to be funny how Dean struggles to just turn the lawn mower around and how absolutely delighted and happy he is to do one of the most ordinary things in the world. And then when you think about it, the sad and tragic parts sets in, because this scene captures perfectly how Dean NEVER had a normal life. I know people will say, but he had up until he was 4 years old, but really how does that compare to 32 years of trauma, 40 years in hell and one in purgatory?

Anyway. So similar to “Wishful Thinking” with the giant teddy bear, who asks: “Why am I here?”, “What’s my purpose?”, “Nothing matters” and is self-medicating his depression with alcohol and tries to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head isn’t truly funny, but the biggest mirror ever for everything Dean has struggled with ever since he returned from hell, the lawn mowing scene to me really is more tragic rather than funny.

But well, that isn’t the only heartbreaking and at the same time beautifullly tragic and wonderful scene this episode has in store. Let’s take a look at the song playing in the background during the lawn mowing scene as well. It’s “What A Wonderful World” by Joey Ramone. The cover version, not the original. And that is important, because just like this episode doesn’t use the orginal song, the also isn’t showing us Dean’s reality but merely a dream world.

And in a way it is super awesome how the show captured this. Because right after the Djin gets to Dean and we see his eyes roll back into his head, we have this scene.

It is a wonderful and really creepy visual of what is currently happening to Dean. Just like the woman in the movie, he is unconscious. Some monsterous being drugged him and possibly at this moment is truly carrying him to the place in the abandoned factory, where he strung him up. If you want to make it any creepier and add an all new twist to all the beautiful shots of Dean and Mary when he is leaning into her touch, think of how the Djin caresses the girl’s face, who Dean starts seeing in his dream world. It isn’t a stretch to assume that he is doing the same thing to Dean.

This scene is also alluding to a lot more though in relation to his dream world and his place in the family, because in a way they all carry him. Dean is Dean in that episode, he isn’t someone else or different. He is Dean with all his issues and all his pain - though the dream world works hard on making him forget about it. In his dream world Dean is the one they constantly worry about, the one they tell to get some rest (Mary and Sam both tell him), the fragile one, who struggles with alcoholism and who apparently has had his fair share of dabbling into other substances (Sam’s remarks allude to as much: “I see you started of mom’s birthday with a bang as usual”, “Dean what’s with the ecstacy trip of calling me Sammy”, “Dean, this isn’t an acid trip. You are going to kill yourself” ) and is thought of as ~crazy at times. The important part though is, he got a support system. It is clear as day his mom, his girlfriend and even Sam, who he isn’t close with, love him and want him to be well (they are the Djin wanting to keep him under after all as well…).

There are lot of instances showing this in the scenes with Mary, which are one of my - and I am sure pretty much everybody else’s - favourite scenes of the entire episode. The way she looks at him with such worry and love in her eyes, it’s heartbreaking. She is the most powerful character within the whole episode in my opinion (though there were a lot of string female characters in this one, I personally think).

All that being said. Something that I really love about the whole episode is how it uses colouring to tell the story. In the beginning - in the lawn mowing scene for example - we have a bright blue sky, green grass and red and yellow roses. The perfect visual for a dream world. Over the course of the episode however, the colours are starting to fade and Dean grows ever paler, ever ill looking, which parallels and alludes to how the Djin is draining the life out of him. They used this technique eypertly in “Mystery Spot” as well and in how the colours started fading and getting colder in the bunker the more estranged the brother’s became in S9.

Dean never truly trusts this ~new life and once he learns that all the people, him and Sam saved are dead, he is dead set on finding out what happened and to kill the Djin (or maybe having planned all along to kill himself, I guess that interpretation works as well). We have this horrible and amazing scene of Dean at John’s grave. Crying and desperate, asking what to do. Of course he doesn’t get an answer, but he knows what to do anyway. So he searches through his mother’s silver and Sam catches him red handed in a huge parallel to the pilot, when Dean is coming for Sam in Stanford. It’s getting ovious that Dean has made his decision and when Dean takes only one knife Sam knows that something else is up. Of course Dean saying “I’m sorry, Sam” and this

“Tell mom I love her.”

helps with that. This is when Sam realizes his brother is about to do something really stupid on the scale of suicidally stupid. Though this is only truly sinking in, when they are in the Djin’s lair and Dean tells Sam that he doesn’t think he’s real and pulls the knife on himself. When before his family had chalked up his behaviour as someone, who simply had oen too many, now they are seeing it for what it is: Someone, who is at the end of his rope, having a psychotic break and killing oneself.

In a last attempt to keep Dean from doing it Mary, Jess, Carmen and Sam surrounding him, begging him to stay. And like Dean say himself in the very end of the episode, it was the hardest thing ever for him to not give in, stay there and die.

In the end Dean managed to dig himself out. But how… By comitting suicide (killing himself to live) in front of his loved ones. Driving a knife through his chest. And well… do I even have to say what this reminds me of???

Here’s a small hint. Dean said as much as “It’s better this way. The mark. It’s making me into something I don’t want to be” in the scene I am thinking of…


8x12 | As Time Goes By

Guh, this scene! It feels like a perfect cocktail of my favourite kinks: Sleeping Dean! Sam’s amazing bedhair! Sam hitting Dean awake like a little kid! Purgatory survivor Dean simply curling himself further into his pillow because he knows it’s Sam and Sam means safety! Single layers! Grumpy princess Dean! Bossy Sam! Sam’s huffy chest! Dean’s cute socked feet! Full bodyshots! …