one of my favourite spn scenes


What if…..

Blank screen.

A light flashes with the word ‘THEN’ and a series of scenes appear.

Another flash with “NOW”.

The screen fills up with light and a room is shown. Viewers immediately recognize it to be Dean Winchester’s. The camera zooms in on the clothes thrown all around it. It first shows a pair of denim trousers. Then, a plaid shirt with a plain black t shirt on top of it. We get a view of the bed which seems to have crumpled sheets. We smirk as we know Dean’s had a nice night.

Which is when he walks into the room; stops at the door; leans on it and takes a look around. He is clad in his bathrobe and has a cup of what seemingly is coffee. As his eyes dart from place to place with a smug look decorating his face we are put through his view as he observes a pair of black trousers; then a crushed white shirt with a blue tie still attached to it (clearly taken off in a hurry) and finally, by the door, a trench coat. The fans, who had been holding their breath until then nearly die of shock. He shakes his head and picks up the trench coat when his younger brother walks in.

We eagerly wait for his reaction. He sees clothes everywhere but not truly realizing the situation gives his big brother a 'really?’-face. But then his eyebrows furrow and he wonders, “Where’s she then?” Dean chuckles; hands him the coat and walks out sipping his coffee. Just then, Castiel steps out of the shower in nothing but a towel and looks at Sam, confused. The fans squeal in delight as Sam looks at the trench coat, then Cas and his eyes widen in shock as realization hits him like cold water and an AC/DC song plays as Cas takes the trench coat from an open-mouthed moose and the screen goes black.


In the past 24 hours I have watched 13x01 five times. The first 4 times I was with @tinkdw @amwritingmeta and @margarittet and I was relatively fine other than the single man tear I shed whilst Dean was wrapping Cas for the pyre.

I just watched it again at home on my own and it hit me. Watching this with friends removed me in a way from the emotion. You have the comfort of others around you and it keeps you grounded in reality.

Watching alone is a far more intimate experience. As soon as it gets to Dean’s prayer I felt an ache that was impossible to ignore. I could really feel Dean’s pain. When it got to the scene where he starts wrapping Cas and he pauses and desperately fights back his tears I just broke. Dean may have just about held it together but I didn’t. I cried and cried and couldn’t stop the stream of tears running down my cheeks. By Sam’s goodbye speech I was already a wreck. Dean’s poignant “Goodbye Cas” killed me.

There have been three previous occasions where SPN has made me cry. But never like this. I have never felt so attuned to Dean Winchester as in this moment. I felt Cas’s loss on a deeply profound level that I have never felt before. It has shaken me. Even the knowledge that he is coming back cannot stop how this episode has made me feel.

I think it may become one of my all time favourites just for the sheer magnitude of emotional weight. Jensen Ackles portrayed Dean’s emotional response so beautifully, so poignantly, that once again I am astounded at the talent of this man.

This truly was one of the best sequence of scenes I think SPN has ever given us.

My tears haven’t yet dried. I’m writing my meta review with blurry red eyes and trying to keep it together and all I can think is that even some of the heavier fanfiction hasn’t hit me like this. I am stunned.

That was a superb episode premier and I hope that the rest of the season continues to go in this direction.

Day 13: Favourite Bobby scene

Day 13: Bobby was one of my favourite characters and there were way too many scenes that I loved with him in, so here’s just a few:

(Can I just express the joy I felt now when I just spent 30 mins going back and watching random Bobby scenes. I physically couldn’t pick one, basically every scene with Bobby in was my favourite. What was your favourite Bobby scene?)

A/N: Requests for one shots would be really appreciated (I feel like especially in the mood to write some Lucifer)


Another Dean Winchester “imagine” - This time, Dean doesnt want you to be mad at him…

I used actual words and scene from episode 22 of season 2, which is one of my favourite scenes, the look in Deans eyes is just… oh God, he is so helpless and desperate… (and hot as hell)

My 10 Favourite Supernatural Memes.

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10. And, to finish off-

Uncomfortable siblings.

anonymous asked:

As much as I love the mixtape scene by itself, I feel like something more should come of it. Like, Cas could've been giving him a bag of skittles, but the writers made a big deal about the mixtape. I love how it can only be explained with a Destiel reason.

One of my headcanons is that skittles and Reeses cups are Cas’ favourite candy for *reasons*, ‘taste the rainbow’ and ‘people say it shouldn’t work but it’s amazing’.

Dude, he could have been given anything and it would still come across as romantic because of the WORDS and the ACTIONS in the scene playing out like a “is this a break up? no dumbass I’m not breaking up with you just don’t LEAVE me again” scene.

The fact that they decided to add as a prop something that is a standard cinematographic trope for romantic interest?

*Tink stares into the camera*

Dean: “Are you having a stroke?!”
Dean: “Do you smell toast?”

(Sam’s face is just too adorable , trying to comprehend what is happening to him)

* one of the many of my favourite scenes in Supernatural S11E08 “Just my Imagination”*


8x12 | As Time Goes By

Guh, this scene! It feels like a perfect cocktail of my favourite kinks: Sleeping Dean! Sam’s amazing bedhair! Sam hitting Dean awake like a little kid! Purgatory survivor Dean simply curling himself further into his pillow because he knows it’s Sam and Sam means safety! Single layers! Grumpy princess Dean! Bossy Sam! Sam’s huffy chest! Dean’s cute socked feet! Full bodyshots! …