one of my favourite sigils

a sigil I created to help raise productivity and energy for the day ahead. Its been working so well for me, I wanted to share it with everyone

also a reminder that sigil requests are open!!!

I’d be over the moon if got the opportunity to craft a sigil for someone on here.. It’s one of my favourite paths to wander~~

p.s. pls don’t mind my thumb in the frame, it just wants love

Spoonie Sigils: Sigil #1
‘no fatigue’

* So sigils are one of my all time favourite parts of my witchcraft, for me they don’t take up too many spoons and are an easy way for me to set my intentions into my magic.

*Therefore, I plan to create a little series for this blog named… Spoonie Sigils!

*It’s going to contain sigils which have specific intentions that I think are related to spoonie/chronic illness life.

*So the first one is one I created yesterday, titled ‘no fatigue’. I suffer from really bad fatigue all the time and it’s been very hard this week to concentrate on revising because my brain is tired mush! 

*Feel free to copy and use this sigil for your own work, I hope it is useful for you!

-Remember, as with everything on this blog, this is not intended to replace your normal medical or self care routine, just to be used as well as. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns with your heath!

Emily x

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#BackToSchoolWitchcraft - Day 2

Draw a sigil on your planner to help keep you organized.

“My day is organised.”

This sigil is definitely one of my favourites, because I can safely use it in visible places, even as I’m in the “witchy closet”. If someone asks what it is, I’ll just say that it’s a doodle for a fairy queen or a goddess. And that’s really nice. 

screaming-pixel  asked:

do you have any special methods for making sigil, i'm trying to practice them and i'm finding the letter cancel one isn't much help to me either :/

I’m very bad at the letter canceling method, and only one out of all the sigils I’ve now made have used this method in its entirety. Obviously I’m not alone with this, but since I’m no sigil master by any means, I’ll just tell you how I go about doing it. 

I’m very into symbolism and hieroglyphic/pictorial messages and writing forms. For me, sigils are an attempt to make a picture with my intent that’s a mix between writing and drawing. I’ll show you with some examples:

This one is “Hitomi is a tough weed” for helping my cat bounce back from her injury. It basically looks like a plant and a kitty face with whiskers, but the plant it coming from the cat’s head, and the whiskers act as roots. 

This is “unwelcome eyes do not see inside my sacred spaces.” It shows eyes outside of a box signifying a “sacred space” with arrows coming out of it, leading the viewers’ eyes away. 

This one is my personal favourite, my “I am awake. I am here.” sigil. It features an eye over an earth triangle symbol for grounding, pointing to the word “wake” in runic letters. 

As you can see, each one involves a bit of “drawing” to symbolize the intent rather than the letter cancel method. Also I’m obsessed with eyes in my sigils ahah 

This “drawing” method works wonderfully for me, so maybe give it a try and see if it works well for you, too.