one of my favourite shoot of him


You know what one of my favourite larry moments is? It is from this interview (around 4:30). 

We have Harry telling some rambling story about shooting the SMG video. And Louis looking at him like this…

He has been staring for a while. *Heart Eyes Activated*

Now, this is where the fun part comes. Liam notices Louis staring:






(Part 2)

To the one that I lost,

Tonight I watched a meteor shower with a boy. He was a very nice boy- more than nice, he was charming and funny and kind, and we ran barefoot under the stars to dance to our favourite song at the party, and he lent me his blue velvet jacket and pulled me up onto the wall to sit with him. And we watched the shooting stars, and he held my hand and turned his head, and we kissed. And it was a very nice kiss. And that’s why I hated you right at that moment.

Because I know, that every time I ever do something like that; watching silver bursts of light on the midnight blue, or kissing someone with the music playing behind my back, or dipping my legs in the freezing river with my party clothes still on, I will think of you. And I will think of running through the sand dunes and lying with you by the fire on the beach and your guitar and your smell and your brown hands and your hands in my hair and your lips on mine and our favourite songs together, and the ones we wrote together, and the nights we would lie under the same blanket I still use and you would just hold me tight and I would never have bad dreams.

So because of you, the poor boy in the blue velvet smoking jacket can text me and ring me and meet me for coffee, but he will never be you. And I will not love him, and I will think of you every time I look into his eyes, every time I see his blonde hair and not your golden hair, and you will follow me to the ends of the earth.

But as much as I hate you for that, I still love you. And I hate that as well. So I will not send this, but I will write the words to get them out of me, because otherwise I will never be rid of you.

With all my love,

—  Love Letters at 1.41 AM

One of my absolute favourite things about New Vegas is the fact you spent a good chunk of the game chasing down the guy who shot you, hearing all these insane stories along the way about how he’s a snake, he’s a cheat, you don’t fuck with him unless you wanna end up dead. He even cheated Mr. House right from under his nose, and that takes BALLS. Everything you hear points towards him being this crazy-cool badass who wouldn’t hesitate to skin you alive just as fast as he’d shoot you.
And then you meet him and find out that he’s basically a walking meme who says shit like “smooth moves like smooth little babies.”

You’re Fired || Bucky Barnes

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your asshole supervisor until you go out for drinks with him. 

Warnings: like a tiny bit angsty, i don’t even think there’s swear words except asshole, and uhh fluff

Words: 1727 words

A/N: this is like an asshole bucky who isnt actually an asshole cause bucky barnes is pure

Almost incoherent apologies fell from your mouth as you weaved in-between people and traffic trying to get to the small coffee shop you worked at. You couldn’t have been anymore glad that you decided to wear running shoes instead of your usual flats as you were darting from across town in only ten minutes.

You had stayed up much later than you intended binge watching your favourite show and didn’t remember to set an alarm, thankfully your body clock managed to wake you up somewhat on time. 

You also knew if you got fired from this job you’d never hear the end of it from your father, who got you the position. He was friends with one of the supervisors that worked there, Bucky, and claimed that he was the nicest man on Earth. 

Unfortunately, it turns out Bucky is an asshole to you. You really tried your best to be nice to him and you don’t know if you ever did anything rude to him, but something about you ticked him off clearly. 

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— favourite One and Only lyrics (ft. Sehun)

Yuta: Taeyong, I saw what happened. Is your boyfriend ok?

Taeyong: My boyfriend?

Yuta: Yeah the tall bitter one you’re always hanging around with

Taeyong: Doyoung. he’s not my boyfriend

Yuta: Are you sure?

Taeyong: Yes I’m sure! I don’t like him, he’s bitter and annoying and his favourite colour is purple. He’s everything that I hate

Yuta: But Taeyong you hate everything

Taeyong: What’s that supposed to mean?

Yuta: Well it means that maybe you like him…cause I kinda think you do

Taeyong: NO. How could I like him? Because I don’t like him. Because I can’t like him. Yuta, if I like him, shoot me

Yuta: [Points a finger gun at Taeyong] 

Yuta: POW!

Analysis of Romeo Jimin (Season’s Greeting 2016)

Okay, so I know 2015 was a long time ago. However, for me it’s the year when JiKook somehow sorted things out, or at least admitted the amount of feels they have for each other (like, you know, after Jimin fainted in Japan and we saw how scared and hurt Jungkook was.) Anyway I was binge-watching BTS videos and I came across this. (If someone talked about it before, sorry for being repetitive -.-)

So. Everyone knows about JiKook moments from Seasons Greeting, like Jimin claiming that “the concept for today is to match with Jungkook” and that “we’re a couple”; also how cute Jungkook thinks Jimin’s toes are, even this Romeo and Juliet thing I’m gonna talk about.

Jimin’s concept is someone who lost his love/waits for the love who never comes - just like Romeo. However Jimin is struggling with this concept a little (also because he’s not a good actor, at least he claims so…)

He rants about how love is not for everyone in devilishly good mood… Rly Jimin? Anyway then he prepares for the shoot. He explains that in his mind, he changed the concept.

His lover is not separated from him. They just play hide and seek.

…seems familiar? Like, idk, hide-and-seeking with Jungkook all those years? Both from one another and the world. Anyway here comes my favourite thing about this:

He looks straight TOWARDS JUNGKOOK WHO’S THERE. Also… let’s  just consider the fact that Jimin thinks he’s not a good actor, so he CAN’T imagine being a Romeo because he never lost someone. YET he can easily imagine his hide-n-seek with Juliet. Like… ???

These last words killed me. Seriously. A little too specific investment in the concept that originally was “waiting for lover that never comes”. Jimin made it in “hiding his feelings while playing hide and seek”. All while looking at Jungkook as he was saying this, then he threw himself onto the bed and laughed.
Ok, someone says that wtf is this, JK maybe wasn’t even there? He was.

(Ok, maybe Jimin is dating RapMon, both of them are there.) (Hahahahaha, no.)

Then we also have the well-known cute moment of:

Both of them whipped much? No?
Finally, they end it in a “joking” way.

…like it was just a fun. But if you look at Jimin and the way he explained the hide’n’seek, and the fact he just made himself new concept he could relate to… just… no joke in that. This just made me a bigger fan of the 2015. K, bye.

post-reveal adrienette fluff (because we all need this)

• adrien carrying marinette’s books to class
• especially when its cold and she gets tired easily
• ladrien and marichat visits
• quoting romeo and juliet when they flirt
• “neither fair saint, if thee dislike”
• “but a maiden blush bepaint my cheek”
• Adrien gets marinette an internship at his father’s work
• adrien visiting marinette at work occasionally
• occasionally having photoshoots together
• marinette visiting adrien at his shoots
• she sometimes makes small clothing items for him • he’s her favourite model • and her clothes are the only ones he likes to wear • wearing each other’s merchandise • Marinette getting defensive over adrien when someone objectifies or discredits him • kareoke • they love to partner up for most assignments • adrien on piano marinette singing • tender hand kisses • sometimes from marinette sometimes from adrien • they don’t actually realise how much they flirt • adrien cant decide which sounds better • adrien dupain-cheng or marinette agreste • mari likes the latter • coffee dates • marinette designing as adrien watches over her shoulder Maybe I’ll add more later. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Month Six

“Killian, I don’t care if you install a revolving wall of sex toys in our bedroom as long as I get to renovate the bathroom.”

Absolute Fluff. Because I have babies on the brain.

Rating: G.

Read on FF.Net here.

Killian lets out a tired sigh as he stands before the scene of the crime. Normally, coming home to find one’s wife in the tub would be a sight for delight. However, coming home to find one’s wife has passed-out in the tub, seemingly in-between bathing rituals, is slightly concerning.

Especially since it’s the third time this month.

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Our Little Coffee Shop: Pt 1
  • Member: Park Woojin 
  • Genre: kinda angsty/fluffy 
  • Word Count: 1086 words
  • Summary: school au! You were new to the area and you end up meeting a cute guy at a coffee shop. You realise as you get to you new school that the guy you started to fall for was the coldest guy at school. 
  • Part 2 | Part 3 

Originally posted by rosybaejin

It was the holidays, you were new to town, you were starting school in a week. Right next to your new house you found a comfy, cute coffee shop with amazing homemade treats and really good coffee. Every single day you’d come here to either read, study or have just a break. You’ve been going there everyday for a month so the staff know you well and sometimes you get a free drink. You were so scared to go to school, you weren’t the most social person and you didn’t know anyone really. You were suddenly snapped out of your thoughts because a cute but sweaty boy came running into the cafe. You studied him, he had dark black with a twinge of grey hair but it was all damp and sweaty. He was wearing slacks and a plain t shirt with white shoes, you could see his defined jawline and smooth skin. He looked at you dead in the eye and you nearly squeaked, he was really good looking. He smirked and you cursed in your head, he saw you looking at him, he gave you a quick smile and collected his order. As he went out the door he gave you a small wink which was so quick you think you were imagining. Your heart quickened and “shit” you thought “this can’t be happening I haven’t ever felt like this” “AND ITS FOR A BLOODY STRANGER!” You calm yourself after a lot of freaking out and just convince yourself it’s a one time thing. 

The next day you come in and again there he is walking through the door to order. You notice he’s in casual clothing with headphones around his neck. He orders and unbeknownst to you he checks if you’re looking at him. You aren’t because you didn’t want to get caught again. When he collects his order and leaves you look at him one last time and he winks at you again. And there your heart goes again fluttering for a random stranger. This happens three times more and it’s always the same thing. There were small things you pick up that he always has headphones with him and that his order is always a cappuccino with a shot of hazelnut and extra froth. 

 He didn’t come for the next two days and every single time you left the cafe your heart sank hoping you could even get a glimpse at him. The day before school started you were a bundle of nerves. You couldn’t even focus on your book and your fingers were drumming on the table a nervous habit of yours. You hear the door swing open you’re not bothered to check for the cute guy because he obviously wasn’t coming. You heard the door close and you could hear someone coming towards you. It was one of the waitresses she gave you a takeaway cup of coffee, as she was giving it to you she said “the guy that you always stare at, ordered and paid for this for you to drink.” You look at her flabbergasted, “no way, you mean the guy with dark grey hair and the headphones?” “That’s the one” she said with a wink. You look at the cup and there it says “don’t frown, smile! you look prettier smiling. hope this helps! -park woojin.” You do smile just like he says and you can’t help but think how sweet he is. You take a sip and you’re so surprised it’s your favourite a vanilla latte. He remembered your order from the time the waitress called out yours. You heart flutters and you shoot up to cloud 9. 

That night all you could do was think about him, making you think what if he’s in my grade? what if he’s in my home room? what if he has a girlfriend? what if he’s a fuckboy? These sorts of thoughts are the only things which were running through your head but your heart couldn’t help but warm at the thought of him buying you a coffee to cheer you up and even remembering your order. The next day you get to school and everything goes smoothly, one of the waitresses at the cafe which you became close with, is in your home room thankfully so you’re not a complete loner. As you wait for the school bell to ring, you hear whispers about the five. The five most popular boys, all gorgeous, talented and smart but they never talk to anyone except for themselves. They were cold to everyone around them except for the people on their sports teams. You hear only two of their names “park jihoon and lai guanlin” who were the star athletes. Just as you were about to ask your friend who they were, the teacher walked in. As the teacher droned on about the new school year and how everyone should work hard. A student walked in, you couldn’t see his face because his back was facing you. All the girls were whispering excitedly but you were focused on the guy. He was wearing the school uniform, black pants, black blazer with school emblem and a white buttoned up shirt which was untucked and a loose tie. You saw red headphones around the guy’s neck. As you slowly realised who it was, he turned to face the class which was also your direction. His eyes met yours and you could see the flash of surprise in them. But they turned blank in a second. You couldn’t help but hide your surprise and hurt that he was so cold not even a nod and just a cold passive look. The teacher told him to take a seat after he apologised for being late. You took another look at him but he didn’t even look near your direction. Then you heard the girls near you whisper “that’s park woojin, one of the five, the dancer and the coldest.” “Did you hear that a girl confessed and he told her to grow up and that love is useless?” Park Woojin you slowly said under your breath. It felt natural and so right to say. You took one more glance at him and right at that moment he gave you a glance. You saw it and even for that split second of eye contact, your heart beat faster and faster, the daunting realisation was coming to you 

You were falling for the coldest and most unattainable guy at school, Park Woojin.

This is my first scenario ever so I hope you enjoyed it! I’m dedicating this scenario to @woojiniee because she’s such a sweetheart and an amazing writer. Also she encouraged my lazy ass finally start this blog. But thank you for reading!

Carousel: Part 4 (COLE X READER)

Carousel – 4

SUMMARY: It’s the last day of shooting. You’re very excited to see Cole, especially after what happened the other night. However, he starts acting differently towards you. When you find out the reason why, your heart breaks.

A/N: Thank you so much for all the love! I hope you enjoy reading this ‘cuz I really enjoyed writing this one! Here’s a cup of tea and my favourite butter cookies ^_^


Today is the last day of shooting. You had mixed emotions when you woke up this morning-  clearly very excited to see Cole after what happened the other night, but also doleful at the thought of not seeing him everyday.

Even with so much on your plate, you still can’t believe Cole kissed you. Cole Sprouse kissed you. It’s so surreal- you’ve had the world’s biggest crush on this guy for the longest time and last night, he kissed you!

It’s too good to be true, to be honest. You’re the happiest you’ve ever been and all the credit goes to Cole. 

The cheeky dork from Suite life of Zach and Cody to the cheeky handsome lad from Riverdale.

You’ve only worked with him for over a month but it’s crazy to think how, in such a small amount of time, he managed to make you like him more and more everyday with his sense of humour and clever pick-up lines. From the way he irritated you to the way he was most courteous around you- aw, you loved him all the same!

Wait. Did you just say love?

You enter the set right on time. Mark was pleased to see you, as always.

“(Y/N)!”, you heard someone call. “(y/n), over here!”.

You turned to find Camila, Lili and Casey huddled up in the Hair and make up room.

“What’s up?”, you walk towards them.

“So,” Casey begins,” Since today is our last day of shooting, we all thought it would be a great idea to hang out at Camila’s house afterwards.”

“You know, some cheesy Riverdale get-together” Camila explains.

That would mean extra time with Cole!

“Sure, that sounds lovely!” you reply happily.

“YAY!”, they all cheer and hug you.

“Aw, I’m gonna miss you guys so much!” you exclaim.

“Save the tears for later, babe.” Camila retorts.


You’ve already been in set for two hours but there’s  still no sight of Cole.

You wanted to call him and ask him where he was but the Beyonce inside of you told  you not to.

 “So, you in tonight?,” KJ walks over to you.

“Yeap,” you nod,”Are you done for the day?”

“Nah. I’ve got two scenes left.” He answers.

“Oh, right. We’ve got a scene later.”

“What’s up? Why do you look so blue?,” KJ questions, clearly reading the disappointment in your face.

“I’m not bl-“

“COLE!” KJ calls out, looking at the other side.

Alas! There he was. Your handsome Cole.

Something was odd about him today though. Usually he would give the warmest smile and run up to you and KJ, but today he just waved and left- ignoring your gaze.

“That’s odd,” KJ commented, “Maybe he’s just tired.”


“Great job, (y/n). That was a great scene,” Mark applauded, “You too, KJ”.

“Thanks, Mark.” You and KJ reply in unison.

“(Y/N), I have to talk to you,” said Mark.

“I’ll see you later, (y/n)”, KJ made his way to the changing room.

“(y/n),” Mark began,” You’ve done really well this season. You’ve won all of our hearts with your talent and I’m pretty sure the fans are gonna love you as well”.

Your heart felt warm on hearing his kind words, “Aw, Thank you so much. It’s been great working with you too, Sir. An absolute pleasure!”

“If we were to call you back for season 3, you would be available right?” he questioned, making your eyes widen.

“Absolutely! I would love to.” You happily reply.

“Perfect, I’ll see you before we all pack up” Mark leaves.

Season 3? Wow. Mark wants you back for season 3. Another roller coaster with Cole. The only thing that mattered to you was Cole. You wanted to see him, talk to him, play with him, have him irritate you- do all the things you id when you first met.

You still haven’t seen him since the awkward wave earlier today. It felt odd but KJ assured he may have been just tired.

Suddenly, you spot him heading towards the Men’s room.

“Cole!” you call him. He turns around to meet your eyes.

His eyes didn’t glisten like it did the other night. Instead, he just ignored your voice and looked away. He headed straight to the Men’s room, leaving you hanging.

What was that?

Your heart tried to convince you that maybe he just didn’t hear you but your mind knows that he did see you- he just ignored you and left.

Why was he acting like that? It can’t be total coincidence that he acted strangely earlier today too. Something was up.


“Hey, Cole and Lili are doing an interview in the other room. Wanna watch them?” KJ asks.

“Sure,” you think it may be a good idea to observe Cole for a while,”I guess”.

You and KJ head towards the interview room. It’s partitioned by a glazed wall so KJ and you just watch them from outside.

Cole looked heavenly as always. You wanted to be mad at him for ignoring you but c’mon, I mean, look at that face! Who can stay mad at that?

“So, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart,” the interviewer began,”Any gist you can give us for the second season of Riverdale?”

“Well, there are a lot of new characters and interesting plot!” Lili answered.

“We’re not giving anything away. You have to watch find out”, Cole wittily replied.

Damn him. And his cheeky smile.

“I know we haven’t got a lot of time since you kids have to get back to work, so let me just ask you the question the whole Riverdale fandom is dying to find out. Are you guys seeing anyone?”

You could feel your heart squeeze. What was he going to reply? Is he gonna say he’s single? Or is he going to tell them about you?

“Well…,” Lili laughed nervously.

“We are, actually.” Cole replied boldly. “I’m seeing someone”

“And who might that lucky person be?” the interviewer asked.

You could feel an entire zoo in your stomach waiting for Cole’s response.

“Lili” he answered.

Your heart sank.

“Lili and I are dating.”

“Wonderful! I can’t believe….” The interviewer’s voice faded as you walked yourself out of the room.

What did you just hear? Cole is dating Lili? Since when?

You could feel your heart pumping, or was it breaking? You grabbed a bottle of water and sat yourself down.

No, this cant be., your heart argued. He kissed me last night.

He said he will miss seeing me.

How can he do this to me?

Or is he just saying it for the ratings?

What if he’s just saying it to increase the bughead shippers?

Yeah, that must be it. Cole would never hurt you like that . The cheeky hearthrob who took you to the most beautiful bridge one cold night, would never hurt you like that.

You convinced yourself that Cole simply said it for the sake of saying it. The theory calmed your heart for a little while-

You heard the door open and Lili, Cole and KJ walked out. You immediately got up from your seat.

“(y/n)!!”, KJ walked towards you, “Where were you?”

You gave him a small smile, before looking at Cole and saying,”Can I talk to you for a while?”

“I have scene with Lil-“ he was cut off by Lili,”Oh that can wait. See you guys later!” Lili and KJ exited the room.

“Yeah, what did you want to talk about?” he harshly asked. He sounded cold. His face bore an expression you couldn’t read.

“Are you really dating Lili?” you asked in a sloppy tone,clenching your fist, hoping he’d say no.

“Yeah.” He bluntly replies.

You eyes widen. Your heart sinks

“Since when?”

“Does it matter?” he rolls his eyes and scoffs.

You could feel warm tears collect in your eyes as you gather the strength to reply to him. “Well, yeah.” Your voice cracked,”You kissed me last night.”

When he saw you cry, his face dropped but not long before it went back to its cold self. “So? People kiss all the time, (y/n). It’s not a big deal.”

You cannot believe what you just heard. How could he do this to you? How could he kiss you knowing how much you liked him, knowing it would break you once you learnt that he was actually dating Lili?

How could he be so cruel?

You covered your face and ran away from the scene. Without a thought in the world, you immediately got into your car and sped home.


Everyone had finished packing up and were gathered in the centre stage.

“Where’s (y/n)?” Mark questioned,”Cole?”

“How would I know where (y/n) is?” Cole replied harshly, although, his face read concern and he had been looking around the room searching for a certain face since the last 5 minutes.

“I called her a dozen times, she isn’t answering.” KJ said.

“Maybe she left.”

“Alright, nevermind then” Mark concluded, “Anyways…”



You’re standing outside Camila’s house. You spent the last hour at Barney’s Bar insead of heading home. You don’t know what brought you here. You’re not sober enough to think twice about your decision. YOLO- you knock on her door.

“(Y/N)!” Camila exclaims in surprise. She takes you in by the hand and announces, “EVERYONE! (Y/N) is here !”

“Whoa, (y/n),” KJ retorts, “Did you already get wasted on your own before coming here?” he comes closer to sniff you.

From the corner of your eye, you could already make out that Cole was standing there with a bottle of beer in his hand. You can’t even bring yourself to look at him. 

I hate him.

“Maybe.” You whisper close into KJ’s ears.

“We were just playing truth and dare,” Cam intervenes, “Let’s continue”

So now, you’re all gathered in a circle, with Cole sitting right across you. He and Lili sitting aside each other. Ugh.

Camila spins the bottle. “Aw,” Camila cheekily grins. The bottle pointed at you.

“So, (y/n). Truth or dare?”

“Dare” you boldly reply, earning yourself a lot of “oooh” from the squad.

“I dare you to kiss KJ”, Camila excitedly blurts. As she said it, you accidently meet Cole’s gaze. His eyes widen at Camila’s bold dare.

You turn away from him. “Sure,” you smirk at Cam and pull KJ towards you.

You were just about to crush your lips onto his, when-

You felt an arm grab you from behind pull you out of the enclosure.

Before you could make sense of what was happening, Cole had already brought you out on the front porch.

“What the hell, Cole?”, you angrily push him away.

“’What the hell, Cole?’ What the hell do you think you were doing in there? What the hell do you think you’re doing here, showing up this late? You could’ve gotten yourself into an accident, you know? You could’ve-“

“SO WHAT, COLE?”,you question him angrily,” Why do you care?”

“Because I, I-“ he looks away, refusing to meet your gaze.

“Nevermind.”, you could already feel tears form in your eyes. You wipe it away quickly. You couldn’t even look at him anymore- Looking at him hurt.

“Nevermind. It’s all just a game to you, anyway. Just because you knew I had the world’s biggest crush on you, you thought it would be okay to play with my heart. Well guess what, Cole? I’m over it. “ you see how his face changed. He looked…hurt?

“I’m over it. I’m over you. Good on you, though. Even though we weren’t really together, you managed to break my heart anyway. You really hurt me. I bet you must be ecstatic right now.”, you try to sound stern but the tears rolling down your cheek get the best of you.

“Everything okay in here?” KJ makes his entrance to the porch.

You rub your eyes, “Yeah. Eveything is fine.”, you give him an assuring smile,”I wanna go home.”

“I’ll drop you.” Cole says in a low tone.

“I can do it too” KJ offers, “if you want..”

“Thanks, KJ.” You walk towards his car.

You pause.

You turn around and walk towards Cole for one last time, “(y/n), I-“

You cut him off, “I forgive you. I know you’re not sorry but I forgive you.” You sniff and smile through your tears. “Also,” you move closer to him, “People kiss all the time. It’s not a big deal.”

“(y/n), I-“

You leave before he says anything. You leave him hanging. Tears continue to fall from your eyes as you get into KJ’s car and out of Cole’s sight, knowing that your heart will not follow.

They say love is a carousel, you go round and around and around until you finally come to a stop. It’s the endless push and pull of emotions. You think you know what’s right. You even think you know what’s best.

But do we ever really know?

I don’t think so.


It has been two weeks since the incident. You’re completely heartbroken over what Cole did to you but “never again will I allow someone to make me feel this way” you promised yourself.

Pictures of Cole and Lili continue to circulate all over the internet, which was part of the reason why you deactivated all your social media accounts.

Since that night at Camila’s house, and three days after- Cole called you over 30 times and left you a dozen messages. You didn’t answer any.

He knows how much I like him. He knows. He’s just trying to lure me into his webbed lies again, you convinced yourself.

What could he possibly have to say after what he said in set on the last day of shooting?

You’ve changed your number since.

You’re also,now, staying with your parents since lonely nights in LA haunt you with the memories of a certain black haired raven eyed boy with the most beautiful smile.

“Honey, there’s a mail for you,” your mom hands you a letter.

it read -



You are cordially invited to attend the grand trailer premiere of Riverdale Season Two at Hollywood Open House on the 12th of July 2017 at 11am.”


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howeverlongs  asked:

16. Nessian, pretty please Kate *I promise to post the dirty smut gif set*

“when one person’s face is scrunched up, and the other one kisses their lips/nose/forehead”

AN: See, you know me, Paula! I would sell my soul to the devil (aka you, FACTS) for dirty smut.

“I cannot believe you right now!” Nesta’s expression is one of true outrage, making Cassian fear for his life.

Just a little.

They stand in the library of their Velaris townhouse, the one Cassian organized and stocked for their 50th anniversary. Nesta stands just next to one of the bookcases, hands on her hips, her gaze drawn to the empty space on the shelf on her head-level.

“I cannot believe you lent my book - my book - to Feyre, of all people!”

“Nes, you lent her books all the time,” Cassian tries to reason with her.

It’s the wrong thing to say. If the looks could burn, he would be a pile of ash right about now.

“Yes, I do, from that shelf right at the bottom - where I keep all the books from the ‘I never ever wish to re-read’ category,” she explains, exasperated, “the head-level shelf is the all-time favourites category, Cassian. We’ve talked about this!”

“It’s not on my head-level,” Cassian mutters under his nose.

Unfortunately, Nesta hears it.

“It’s my bloody bookshelf, you oversized bat! Of course it’s categorized according to my height!” A loud thump carries over the floor as Nesta stomps - actually stomps her foot - angry and annoyed. Shooting him one last glare, she twirls around to the bookcase, her gaze turning longing, almost…soft.

A small resigned sigh slips past her mouth and Cassian takes it as a sign that he may approach. Carefully, he rests his hands on her shoulders and turns Nesta around to face him.

“Feyre is the worst with books. The last time she brought me back that fantasy trilogy, there was a garter tucked inside it. A garter belt! And she got moss all over the cover of my favourite tom of Illyrian poetry! Or that one time - “ she trails off, her face scrunched up in distaste of some distant memory.

“I’m sorry,” Cassian says, pecking the corner of her lips. “I know how much this library means to you.” He places a quick kiss on her nose. “How can I make it up to you?”

Nesta just rolls her eyes, as if saying “Do you know me at all?”

He does.

He answers with a grin and a slow kiss to her forehead.

“More books it is, then.”

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hey!!! if you are doing those promts can you do a one where niall is a photographer/director kinda young hot making wave in industry types and harry a model who just got a shoot with him (h is kind of internet model, done some major shoots just not too many ). can you make it flirty and a bit angsty!!! thanks!!!

One of my favourite one shots I’ve written so far, I really enjoyed writing this. All fluff and a small bit of angst for you all. 


“Can you turn your head a little to the left? Yeah, perfect, actually a little more…that’s great.” Niall’s camera flashed and lit up the dark room of his apartment/workplace. The man sitting on the stool in front of the little grey background Niall had set up was wearing a fancy suit, hair brushed to perfection, beard trimmed. He was here for a business magazine, a random model Niall had found in his booklet that he kept for calls if he needed someone, this lad seemed perfect and looked fancy enough to be slapped on the cover of that kind of magazine.

He took a second shot with the loud click of his professional camera when the door to his apartment opened, loud footsteps walking behind him. Niall almost rolled his eyes, leaning down to look through the lens and getting ready to take another picture when a hand came to rest on his shoulder, squeezing it lightly and making him flinch.

“Nialler, got some new information on that magazine cover you’re doing for Rolling Stone?” His head shot up at that, remembering one of his biggest projects that he’s ever had to do. The person reminding him was his assistant, Deo, who was also his cousin.

“What do you need? I’m in the middle of something.” He tried to act cool, not wanting to be too pushy and frantic to know what Deo needed to tell him. Anxiety was building in his chest like his lungs were filling up with concrete.

“Just take a five minute break, let him get restyled by Lou so we can chat.” Deo was tugging on the end of his shirt sleeve, tugging him along towards his kitchen. He lightly pulled away, turning towards the model who was raising a perfectly plucked brow at them.

“Let’s take a five or ten minute break. Just head over to your station and I’ll be back in a second.” He gave the man a smile, who returned one back before they parted. Now, Niall was being dragged into the kitchen, the lights being turned on and making him cringe at the suddenness of it all absorbing itself into his sensitive eyes.

Deo was sitting himself down at the island, looking over towards Niall like he was waiting for him to join him.

“What’s happened?” He moved to do was Deo wanted, sitting across from him and patiently waiting for his cousin to speak. He could hear Lou and the model talking, their voices echoing through his home and into the kitchen.

“I’ve got some good news and bad news.” Deo looked restrained, trying not to show the pained expression. He knew Niall hated bad news, hated changes like due dates being moved closer or plans cancelled, models sick or not showing up. But ever since Niall grew popular with the magazine and website photoshoots he has forced himself to get used to constant mishaps that make him lose his head. It’s part of the job.

“Tell me the bad news first, so I can get it over with sooner rather than later.” Niall spoke hesitantly, feeling himself sink further into his stool with dread washing over him. He has no idea what Deo is going to say, because there is bad news, and then there is bad news.

“Alright,” Deo shifted and grabbed his phone from the back pocket of his jeans, tapping along it for just a few seconds before looking up to meet Niall in the eyes again. “I got an email from Rolling Stone and they said they need the photos from your shoot sent to them by next week.”

Deo was already cringing, and now Niall was letting out a loud groan, hands flying to grip at his hair. This was bad news, because all his photoshoots planned for this week had to be cancelled because of this one stupid magazine company that couldn’t bare to wait for the photoshoot to come on the original date. But Niall couldn’t just let this go, Rolling Stone magazine was a huge company that gave Niall a jaw-dropping price for him to make this bloody shoot. If they wanted the photos to be sent earlier, then he will do it.

“So basically clear my entire schedule for this week then, move every shoot planned this week for the next. If anyone backs out because of that, just let them, I have no energy to fight.” He was pressing the heels of his palms against his eyelids, digging them harshly into the sockets enough to be a little painful.

“I knew you’d want me to do that, already done and settled. I’m just waiting for the people to get back to me.” Deo was truly an angel sent from heaven, already trying to lift the weights off his shoulders.

“Okay, tell me the good news now that that shit is out of the way.” He blinked rapidly as he moved his hands away from his eyes, the pressure from digging into them making soft black dots spot along his vision.

“The good news is that I have your model ready and set for you to see tomorrow, he’s from here in England, you should search him up to get a good understanding on what you’re working with.” Deo was giving him that look, almost like a cheeky smirk he was trying to hide and it made Niall want to slap it off. Whenever he worked with new models his mates including Deo had to be up his arse and pushing him to date one of them, but he’s officially boycotted models off his dating list.

“What’s his name?” Niall decided to ignore Deo’s wiggling brows and pout, instead moving to grab for his own phone in his pocket to go on google.

“Names Harry Styles, a new model in the business. You might know him off Youtube doing covers and such, done a couple pub gigs a few times around London.” As Deo explained, Niall tapped the name into the search bar. He kind of knew this Harry guy, has seen posters of his upcoming album being plastered along London and his Youtube videos sometimes get recommended to him whenever he goes online. But he’s never really looked into him, now he will have to.

And wow, is he ever attractive. The first couple pictures he’s seeing is him with a pearly white smile and charming grin with a pair of dimples poking out on the sides of his mouth. He’s got lush curly hair and smooth skin, definitely model material.

“Looks like your type.” Deo’s comment made Niall’s eyes roll hard into the back of his head, and he was still sitting across from him looking all happy and smug. It got on Niall’s nerves.

“Deo you knew damn well I refuse to date models, I’ve been down that road and I’m not making that mistake again.” He made sure to scold his cousin who was now looking a little guilty at being caught in the middle of his little act.

“Zayn was two years ago now mate, you should move on and find someone who’ll treat you right. You gotta realize not all models are like that.” Deo had a pleading tone, almost whining as he leaned over the table, desperately trying to get Niall’s attention. But Niall could hear him loud and clear, has heard this speech a million times from separate people, actually.

“I’ve been working with models all my life, I think I’d know them more than anyone. They know they’re pretty, they know people would die to be in a relationship with them. They also know they can have anyone they want, at any time. All are either cheaters or never would actually get in a serious relationship because they’d rather sleep around with different people every day.” Niall didn’t mean to rant, but the words were already tumbling out of his mouth.

Deo seemed to notice his distress though, realizing he hit a nerve with this topic. So he stayed quiet, only silently nodding before Niall was getting up and out of his seat to go and finish up the photoshoot.


Niall did his research on Harry Styles, listened to some of his covers, went on his website, looked through some photoshoots he’s done in the past. Now today is the day where he meets the lad, Niall already is set up in his apartment, waiting patiently with his starbucks coffee cupped in his hands to keep him company until there will be a knock at the door.

Harry isn’t really doing so well already though, Niall has specifically sent him an email saying he should come a little earlier than the time originally planned-which was 9am-so they could get him in wardrobe, but it’s almost 9 already and the lad hasn’t made his appearance.

All models decide to be fashionably late, that’s what Niall has made himself realize as well.

There’s a knock all of a sudden, just as he finishes his thought. Deo and Lou look up from their phones as they were slumped on his couch, now getting up to be in their places when Harry comes inside.

Niall makes his way towards the front door, looking in through the peephole to see a tall man standing in the doorway, and the curls gave it away.

“Hello,” Niall restrained himself from acting mean, feeling the frustration eat away at his insides just looking at this guys happy and innocent grin as if nothing happened, as if he didn’t do anything wrong. “You must be Harry Styles, pleasure to meet you.” He greeted as Harry moved his way inside and shrugged off his coat.

“Good morning, nice flat you have here.” Harry was looking around almost in awe, which made Niall want to raise his brow in confusion. This lad probably already had a mansion as his house at the fresh age of twenty-three, so why the hell is he gawking over a small two bedroom flat?

“Uh, thanks. Mind going straight to wardrobe where Lou is? She wants to get you dressed, makeup on, hair done. I emailed you saying you should come earlier but I guess it didn’t go through.” He played it all well, pretending he wasn’t boiling in anger as he pointed towards the stylist section of the flat. But Harry wasn’t budging from where he stood in front of him, now staring at Niall in confusion.

“Oh fuck, I totally forgot about that. I saw your email, read it over and everything, I’m sorry about that mate.” Harry moved a hand to pat at Niall’s shoulder, it had him even more shocked at this guys reactions to things, or how he dealt with being in a business like modelling. Usually models who walk through Niall’s door have no interest in him what-so-ever, and Niall doesn’t either. As long as they listen to his orders when they’re doing the shoot, he doesn’t care if they ignore him.

“Everything forgotten, I’ve moved on. Just get to wardrobe and we’ll start as soon as you’re all pampered up.” Niall gave Harry a tight smile, watching on as he turned to do what he said, greeting Lou with a charming smile and a handshake.


“Can you tilt your head to the left, yeah like that. Now can you put one leg forward, good.” It was almost dinner time when they were rapping up, Harry standing and posing for the camera looking like he was ready to have a good sleep just standing up. It was getting harder for Niall to give orders, and he had to take a deep breath so he didn’t get frustrated again.

“Okay that’s a wrap for today.” Niall lowered the camera, letting it dangle from the strap it was attached to from his neck so he could settle his hands on his hips. Lou was already escorting Harry back into the change room-aka Niall’s bathroom-giving Harry his clothes so he could change back into them.

“What a polite lad he is, isn’t he?” Deo’s voice came rising up from the surface of Niall’s cluttered mind and he looked over towards him, seeing his cousin with that similar cheeky smirk, but this time it not too obvious, more like he was just making a friendly point.

But Niall couldn’t just lie, Harry had been extremely well-behaved the whole shoot, even making conversation about random things, letting out jokes here and there. He was kind, not rude and anti-social like most of the models. And damn, he hated to admit that Deo might be right about this one, maybe Harry isn’t like the others, or more specifically, like Zayn.

“Yeah he’s nice, got manors and loves to chat.” Niall shrugged as if it was nothing, not really ready to give Deo the pleasure of knowing he was right. He moved towards his camera case, placing it inside so the lens didn’t get dusty.

“Would be a great guy to go out for a beer with…” Deo was doing it again, trying to slip in his matchmaking skills. But it was weird how Niall wasn’t as agitated as he used to be, maybe it was because Harry really was a guy he would love to date. But hell, he didn’t even know if this guy was in a relationship, or even gay.

“Deo, lay off yeah?” He turned to give his cousin a hot look, showing that he will get angry if this continues. “Besides I don’t even know if he’s gay, or with someone.”

Deo was smiling now, letting out a chuckle and was laughing softly for a good minute before he calmed down and looked back towards Niall. His grin was wider now, eyes shining with curiosity and excitement.

“Have you seen his Youtube videos? I guess you didn’t do good research on him after all, he’s a single man, and gay. He made a coming out video on Youtube and everything.” Deo was grabbing for his phone frantically, and was pressing on the Youtube app when the bathroom door opened, revealing Harry in the clothes he came with.

Deo slowly put his phone back, obviously realizing he couldn’t really show Niall the video at the moment.

“Same time tomorrow? Or do you want me to come earlier? I promise I won’t mess up next time.” Harry was looking at Niall with those mesmerizing green eyes, a small hint of a smile across his face like he was trying to calm the waters between them. Niall hated that he had greeted Harry so toughly this morning, he feels bad now.

“I know you won’t, just come earlier if you can that would be great.” Niall answered, walking Harry towards his door and opening it for him as he grabbed for his coat and put it on.

Before Harry took a foot out the door though, he turned towards Niall still holding that same loving smile as if he’s known Niall for years. “I’ll grab us some coffee tomorrow morning as well, as an apology.”


Harry had started get a little more warmed up towards Niall, because as the days past with their photoshoots Harry had started to get flirty. He’d always get them coffee, settle it down on Niall’s living room table before he’d shrug off his jacket. ‘Nialler’ was what Niall’s name turned into, and it was really bad how Niall would stay up later than he should thinking about this Harry Styles guy.

Today was the last day of shooting though, and today Deo was off picking some props up for Niall’s photoshoots for next week, and needed help from Lou who also needed to grab hair products and makeup from her shop. So here Niall was doing triple the amount of work than he expected to do, regretting leaving the raining flowers part of the shoot till the end.

He knew how to be flexible though, so he had set his camera on the tripod and put it to a ten second countdown for each shot that would be in three’s. It would take as many as Niall wanted until he’d have to go over to it himself to turn the camera off. So now he was able to stand on a chair outside of the camera’s lens, holding a bucket of pink flowers and ready to rain them down on Harry’s head.

“Okay it’s gonna beep ten times and then the camera will flash. Just get ready to make your pretty face when the camera hits ten beeps.” Niall got the bucket ready, hands fisting into the flowers and counting to nine before he starting to sprinkle them down onto Harry’s head. At ten, the camera flashed and took three photos.

“Lovely, I’ve got a couple handfuls left.” He grabbed for the flowers again, Harry nodding up at him and both of them waiting and counting the beeps until Niall repeated what he did before, letting the flowers gracefully flow down onto Harry’s hair and face.

Once he was done, he climbed down from the chair, and was about the move to turn the setting off the camera when he was pulled by the hips in the middle of the photoshoot. He yelped, dropping the bucket and was about to ask what the hell was happening when he suddenly felt lips on his, soft and plush and tasting sweet like mint.

The camera’s three flashes made them pull apart, and both of them were now just standing in each others holds, Niall blinking up in surprise at Harry who looked smug but also a bit shy with the way his cheeks were dusted with a blush.

“I needed to like, do that before I left cause you’re so, so handsome.” It was weird hearing that from a model, that he was handsome. It made Niall bite his bottom lip hard to stop himself from smiling, hands leaving from where they were gripping at Harry’s cheeks to fiddle with his shirt.

“Didn’t see that coming.” Niall chuckled out nervously, and Harry only smiled silently, staring at Niall like he hung the moon and every star in the sky one by one.

“That was my plan.” Harry answered, moving to step back and let his hands fall from Niall’s waist, but only to move them and grab for Niall’s fidgeting ones in his.

“Would love to see you again, I know the kiss was pretty forward but I wanted to make it obvious I don’t want to meet again as just friends or…photographer and model.” Niall’s heartbeat grew louder and faster in his chest, hearing Harry say these things made him rethink all the thoughts he had about models, everything turning onto its head.

“Yeah, I mean yeah of course I’d love to.” Harry pulled Niall in back towards his chest at Niall’s answer, both holding each other surrounded by pink flowers, not caring the camera was still flashing.

It was after Harry left, when Niall was looking through the photos on his laptop, when he came across the photos of him and Harry kissing. Flowers were stuck in Harry’s curls and along his shoulders, Niall’s hands wrapped tightly along his neck.

Oh boy have I had a fun few weeks!

So…common practice in my store is to make it obvious when we are shadowing a suspected shoplifter, usually they buy things or just leave when that happens…but I shadow this one guy then I go out the back of the store to go on my break, no longer shadowing him…BUT I walk through the back door backwards, and this cretin assumes I am still shadowing him and just *GOES OFF ON ONE* threatening to “knock my fucking head off” and stuff…yay customers…
My store also has *Favourite* costumer who comes in with her partner and steals shit, used to be everyday but not so often anymore…well she came in one sunday, and I kick her out straight away, her partner of course ALSO threatens me
The next day I have someone go “I’ve got a gun in my pocket I’m gonna shoot you in the head” sure you do mate just walk away
Also two young girls, about 14, steal some alcohol and suddenly one of there arms starts hurtingnand shes all in tears etc the moment I start shadowing them
But we know they stole so bow we can kick them out whenever they come in
Oh and two guys came in this weekend, stole £35 of alcohol and just walk straight out, and also had previously that night assaulted 3 students from the uni at the nearest club or something (said students were drunk and hard to understand)
Oh and my store has NO security so theres nothing to stop anyone following through on these threats except me being 6'2" and like 18 stone :D
But of course my whole chain has no security and I havent seen any with the theft alarm things at the front doors
Man I should get paid more then I do

Valentines: Saeyoung

A/N: ffs you guys im ready to sleep for days lets have a cuddle/sleep party right here and now bring all the plushies, thank you ~Admin 404

He’s very excited but also very confused by Valentine’s day.

Since he met you, he’s shown you how much he loves you every single day!!!

Okay well once he got past the whole “stay away from me I’m dangerous” portion of it all he was extremely loving. Never once left you wondering just where you stood with him. Since he’s so open about his love, what is the need of celebrating this holiday? He gives you silly presents all the time! Whatever you want, he’s gotten it for you! So why bother with Valentine’s Day?

But, on the other hand!! He’s very excited that he now has someone special in his life he can celebrate with! He can spoil the one he loves and get spoiled right back! Not to mention, he now has his brother back! Can he celebrate brotherly love on this holiday as well?

He had no ideas what to do for you though. He wants it to be special, and fun! But he also wants to do something for his brother. Is he allowed to combine the two? Would either of you mind? Is it wrong of him to do that? HE JUST DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THE RULES WERE!

After searching everywhere on the internet, he still had no clue what was okay and what wasn’t okay to do for Valentine’s Day. How could the internet let him down like this?! He’s spent days trying to think of something for all three of you.

One day, he’s gotten so frustrated that he’s slammed his head against his desk repeatedly for a solid 5 minutes. Vanderwood came in to the sound of banging and stood with their arms crossed, watching as the younger man smacked his head against the table.

“As much as I’m loving this, what is your problem?” they asked, watching as the red head shot up, pushing his chair away from the desk.

“I!! HAVE RESEARCHED!! FOR DAYS!! AND I STILL HAVE NO ANSWERS!” he complained, stomping his foot like a child. Vanderwood raised an eyebrow, questioning his temper tantrum.

“Answers foooor…? What, exactly?” they asked, as Saeyoung threw his hands in the air in a huff.

“For what to do for Valentine’s Day! What to do for both MC AND Saeran! What am I supposed to do?!” the pitch of his voice rising with each word he spoke, running his hands through his hair. “I want it to be special for the both of them!! But also I don’t want it to get awkward or creepy either!! All the ideas I’ve seen online are romantic which I mean is great for MC but what about Saeran? What am I supposed to do for him?!”

“I’m pretty sure your brother is fine without celebrating Valentine’s Day with you,” they threw at him, throwing their hip out to the side. “It’s more of a romantic thing anyway, isn’t it? Why bother trying to do something for your brother then? That’s just weird.”

“I have to show Saeran I love him too!!! Strong brotherly love!!!” he sighed before sitting back down in his chair, leaning his chin in his hand. “I just want to spend every holiday with the two of them! Holidays are for the people you love, and I love the both of them very much.” He looked at his mouse, staring off into space. Too many thoughts were running through his head at once, he couldn’t focus on anything, let alone listen to whatever Vanderwood was telling him.

“Hello?? I’m talking to you!” they shouted at him. They tried to snap their fingers by his ear, but when they realized that wasn’t working, they smack him up-side the head. “Hey!! Will you listen to me when I’m talking to you!?”

“Hm? Oh, Vanderwood, what did you say?” he looked at them from the corner of his eye. He was only half listening to them, so he didn’t bother to make any effort to turn to them.

“I said, why don’t you all go and do something together like at an amusement park, or the beach, or hell, even something cliché like a picnic in the park?” they suggested. “You could all just spend some time together, then later on in the night you can spend some alone time with MC, make it romantic.”

“That’s…..actually a good idea! Yeah! I’ll plan like a day trip sort of thing!” he declared, jumping from his seat a second time. “I’ll plan something all of us will love! Maybe I’ll gear it a little towards Saeran, then I’ll spend the rest of the night romantically with MC…. Yes! That should work!” he turned Vanderwood around and began pushing him out of the room. “You gotta go! I have planning to do! I have to think! Go go go!” he called before slamming and locking the door behind him.

The rest of the day was thinking and planning everything. Where to go, what to do, and what to do later on, for you! He even waited until both you and Saeran were asleep and packed over night bags for the three of you.

He risked his life waking up Saeran the next morning. He was able to coax him into the backseat of one of his babies, wrapped up in a blanket, asleep across the seats. Waking you up and getting you dressed was way easier! You tried to tell him “Happy Valentine’s Day” when you sat up but he refused to let you? You tried again, thinking maybe he was just too excited to let you speak, but he covered your mouth- making it fairly obvious he didn’t want you to say it yet. So, you went along with his antics, knowing that it would more than likely turn into a great time.

The three of you were on the road in less than an hour, Saeyoung cranking the radio up, the two of you singing along terribly, and Saeran cussing the both of you out the entire ride.

“PLEASE. PLEASE TELL ME WE’RE ALMOST THERE. I CAN’T TAKE THE TWO OF YOU ANYMORE. NO! DON’T TURN IT UP! HEY- I’M TALKING TO THE BOTH OF YOU! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Saeran started screaming at the top of his lungs, as the both of you sang at the top of yours. After hours in the car, you look around to see snow all around you outside. You turn to look at Saeyoung, who’s trying to stifle a laugh because Saeran was sitting in the backseat with wide eyes, and his face practically against the window.

The moment Saeyoung parks in front of a cute, homey looking cabin, Saeran practically rolls out of the back seat while his brother shoots out of the front seat, not bothering to shut the door. You calmly get out, and watch as the twins already started building snow forts, throwing hastily made snowballs towards each other’s faces.

“Um, you guys? Maybe you should bundle up in warmer clothes before getting too into your game? You don’t want to get sick!” You called out, laughing at how their faces went from determination to a pout, both grumbling as they walk back towards the car. “Wait, do we even have warm clothes? I didn’t pack a bag because ssoommeeoonnee didn’t tell me what their plans were,” you sassed, raising an eyebrow towards your boyfriend.

“Hey hey hey, I came prepared!” he defended, opening the trunk of his car, “I packed overnight bags for all three of us!” He dished out the backpacks before grabbing the keys to the cabin, leading you all inside. With bags haphazardly thrown into their respective bedrooms, and everyone bundled up in winter coats, scarves, and gloves, you sit on the porch, watching as the brothers resumed their snowball war.

You knew how much it meant to Saeyoung to spend any and every holiday he could with his brother, so it didn’t bother you that he was in the snow with him. You enjoyed your time watching the two of them, keeping score, and being the referee- calling one or the other out when they play dirty. But you never let them figure out that you were the one throwing a few when they least expect it.

Hours went by, and once the sun went down, Saeran is asleep on the couch, and Saeyoung is coaxing you back into the car. He drives to a drop off high on the mountain, and lays a few blankets over the hood of his car. Once the both of you are cuddling close on top of the car, there’s only silence between the two of you while you watched the night sky. Shooting stars flew by constantly, and he kissed your forehead every single time he saw one.

“MC, I’m sorry I didn’t take much of a romantic route this Valentine’s day. It.. well it was my first one so I wasn’t sure what to do, but I also didn’t want to leave Saeran out of it completely, you know? I just wanted all of us to enjoy our day as a mini vacation and celebrate our love for each other collectively,” he whispered against your forehead, pulling you closer as he gets further into his explanation. “But I’m hoping laying here, in my favourite spot- the one I used to run to every time work got too tough or I couldn’t handle my feelings- the one place that meant the most to me, is romantic enough for you.”

Your heart almost jumped out of your chest, and when you pulled away to look at his face, you could tell how sincere his words were. One hand on his cheek and one tangled together with his, you pull his face back to yours, capturing his lips in a soft kiss.

“You said it meant a lot to you.. why? And why did you say ‘meant’ like it was in the past?” you asked him once you pulled away, and you watched him smile down at you.

“It’s always got fresh air up here, makes it easier to think. You can see the stars perfectly at night up here too, lots of shooting ones, great for making wishes. But now I have you and Saeran, I don’t need to wish on them anymore. Wherever you are is my new favourite place,” he said, giving you the biggest, sweetest smile he could. He may be a big goof but he’s such a sweetheart and you couldn’t help but bring him in for another kiss. Then another, then another. After a while, he pulled away from you and looked you dead in the eye, a thick layer of seriousness flooded his face.

“MC, do you think the aliens can get us up here? Hey what are you- Hey!! Don’t push me off of the car! MC! It’s cold! Let me back into the blanket please I’m sorry! I won’t ruin the moment again!”

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Hello, can I request a Raphael Santiago imagine ? Something in which the reader is half shadowhunter, half warlock, and she is a really great friend of Clary, Isabelle, Alec, Jace & Simon, and she often goes to visit Simon at the Hotel, and Simon réalisés that she not only came for him for but for Raphael too (because she has feelings for him) and Simon keeps teasing her about it even in front of Raphael ? Hope you Understand what I meant, it's a bit messy! Thank you for you time kitten!

A/N: It’s not messy at all! I wasn’t sure how fit it all into one thing for you, and the writing feels a bit off for some reason, but I don’t know how to sort that out, sorry about that. I hope it’s alright for you though; thank you for sending the request.

Originally posted by kanifa

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[one-shot] ten weeks

Title: ten weeks

Rating: NC-16

Warnings: crude language, smut, allusions to alcohol use, undertale spoilers

Genre: idk does this count as fluff? hs au, smut, pastel/punk, slight angst, slight crack bc it isn’t an amazingphilia fic if there isn’t crack of some sort

Pairing: phan yes and inkling of kickthestickz

Characters: meme boy as a pastel princess, meme daddy as a punk asshole, some other people as punk asshole’s friends

Summary: the following is an account of the ten weeks punk delinquent Phil Lester was forced to befriend his sworn enemy little flower boy Dan Howell after his parole officer decided to cuff them together to stop them from bickering (and the three weeks that follow).

Alice: Helo!! My gf is (unfortunately) a n00b in video games and couldn’t defeat a carrot so she made me write a few parts!! One of them is related to undertale and um it’s heavy spoilers for doing a genocide run!! (dont worry im p sure dnp won’t do one so you can read) ((check out how bad ass phil is in this fic for defeating this guy))

Charlie:Ten Weeks by Charlie and Alice Present Jack U ft. Audrey HAHAHA (no srsly guys listen to Jack U its electro genius) anyway this is the result of the realisation that there are no fics in the phandom that address the handcuff trope ;-; so i decided to write one to indulge myself as well as other tropes i wanted to write for like poet!dan (technically i didn’t write it audrey did), poet!phil (okay i wrote this one i swear), pastel!dan, and punk!phil.
And does this count as a collab anymore if you coerce your girlfriend into writing the smut and a scene concerning Undertale? Anyway yes a “collab” between hte gf @lestersbitch and I with a special feature from @valdimire!! Audrey thank you for helping me write such an important scene in here, you’re literally one of my favourite poets (there’s a hint for you sneaky shits). Anyway  soz for long a/n here we go

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