one of my favourite quotes from anything ever

“There was another reason. The main one.”
“Reason?” I said stupidly.
“Why I married you.”
"Which was?” I don’t know what I expected him to say, perhaps some further revelation of his family’s contorted affairs. What he did say was more of a shock, in its way.
"Because I wanted you.” He turned from the window to face me. “More than I ever wanted anything in my life,” he added softly.”
—  Diana Gabldon, Outlander

Fake You Out feels like it leads directly on from Kitchen Sink, the triumphal moment when Tyler screams our brains are sick, but that’s okay, and I can write those words, but they don’t make sense, not here, they only make sense in a room full of screaming kids, and if you’re one of them, then you’re one of me –

A lot of music only really makes sense live. Famous Last Words by MCR, Mean by Taylor Swift. You need to hear the music thrumming through your feet, and you need to hear the words screamed around you, a chorus of people promising to live, to be more.

Performance is really important to twenty one pilots, and part of that is because they’re really aware there are only two of them and they want to put on the best live show possible so they make sure to have lots of energy, and part of that is because so much of it is about suffering in the now, and you have to be performative for that, you can’t sing what kids are doing are killing themselves with half a smile on your face, feet planted by the microphone stand, and when he’s performing Tyler looks like he can barely stand still, practically vibrating with movement, pacing and climbing and jumping and backflipping like there’s so much there’s so much it can only come out physically, and Josh is wild to watch, and the two of them together, it’s like watching life and –

I’ll fall/and I’ll break/and I’ll fake/all I wanna

It’s inevitable, you will fall and you will break, and there will be days when you fake a smile and days where you don’t have the energy, but there will be days when you get up, when you fix yourself, when your smiles are real and you don’t have to be afraid of the words around you.

Yeah, and I’ll fall down/And I’ll break down/And I’ll fake you out/All I wanna

My favourite ever OWOB post was the one for I’m Not Okay, and in it Aly talks about the I just wanna being left open. I’m going to quote from it now because it is honestly the best thing I have ever read about a) depression b) literally anything ever, if I could do my dissertation on this blog post I would

“A lot of being depressed, for me, was not wanting things - not wanting anything, regardless of what it was. “I’m Not Okay” gave me I’m not okay but it also gave me I just wanna, it let me leave that sentence unfinished. Sometimes you don’t need to want a thing. Sometimes you don’t know what you want. Sometimes it is enough to be alive, to want in its barest, broadest sense, and to recognize that you are fucked up right now and maybe it’s permanent and maybe it’s not but it is yours and you own it and you can scream it from the rooftops anytime you want.”

I’ll never be, be what you see inside, Tyler tells us, I’ll never be that, I will never be what I planned to be when we wrote down our futures in primary school, and I am terrified, and I will fall and break, and I will lie to your face when you ask me if I’m okay now, but I still know how to want, even if it is broad and unfathomable and intangible, and that will be enough, for now.

Nephilim Week:

Favourite Quotes | Ones that have stuck

“Ghosts are memories, and we carry them because those we love do not leave the world.”- James Carstairs.

  • This quote means a lot. I really do believe that the ones we love don’t leave the physical world, and that they are always with us. Just because one person is gone, doesn’t mean they are forgotten and that is exactly how I see things when it comes to the ones we lose to death.

“Everybody has the potential to be extraordinary. As long as you have a soul and free will, you can be anything, do anything, choose anything.”- Magnus Bane.

  • This is one of my favourite quotes ever, not only is it by my favourite character, but it has so much meaning. It’s something everyone can live by, because no matter who you are, where you come from or what you have; you have the potential to do anything and be extraordinary and unique.

“In difficult times. In dark times. Some people shine.”- Jocelyn Fairchild.

  • I love this quote because it is so uplifting. No matter what one person is going through, there is always good at the end, as long as you are willing to look for it. Sometimes brightness can come from dark circumstances and situations.

“All the stories are true.”- City of Bones.

  • This is another of my most favourite quotes-it meant so much to me I had it tattooed. Though it does mean a lot to me. Everything is true to me, not only Cassandra Clare’s stories, but every book I read, it comes to life and is real for me. Just like it would-hopefully-for every reader.

“If he hadn’t been dying, then yes, you should have told him the truth. But he died thinking he was loved and forgiven. There are much worse gifts you could give someone than that. What he did to you was terrible, and he knew it. But few people are all good or all bad. Think of it as a gift you gave to the good in him. Wherever Jordan’s going—and I do believe we all go somewhere—think of it as the light that will bring him home.”- Bat Velasquez.

  • Despite the character being underappreciated, he has become one of my favourites and this is another favourite quote of mine. This quote is so true and something I believe in; it’s better to have let someone die thinking they were loved, as oppose to having someone die thinking they weren’t. Love is the strongest of all emotions and feelings, and I think it will guide someone on to the other side.