one of my favourite pokemon for real

Red/Blue Dex Entry: A Pokémon that has been overhunted almost to extinction. It can ferry people across the water

OR/AS Dex Entry:
People have driven Lapras almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, this Pokémon is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain.

The first and most recent dex entries for Lapras. Its one of my favourite pokemon, but I’ve always found it poignant how it seems to represent dwindling populations of real world cetaceans (whales and dolphins) that have too been hunted to near extinction in the recent past, despite being gentle and intelligent creatures. Anyway, I’d thought I’d do a lil’ biological overview of them (which is in no way canon, just something I wrote based on irl cetaceans and fossil plesiosaurs!)

Lapras are large marine reptilian pokemon, found in polar and sub-polar waters.  They are endothermic (warm blooded) with a thick layer of fat for insulation. They feed primarily on fish pokemon, such as remoraid, but also forage on the seafloor for benthic pokemon, such as Krabby, or Shellder. They possess a single horn on their head, used to form and sustain air holes under layers of sea ice. They are extremely long lived pokemon, and adults often have dense encrustations of a small binacle subspecies, only found on Lapras. They are highly intelligent, and have a sophisticated communication with conspecifics (other Lapras) via singing. Lapras travel to warmer, temperate waters to breed and rear young, for example they can be spotted off the coast ot Kalos in the Azure bay. Males sing endlessly during this period in order to compete for females. The calves are born via vivipary (live birth) and are reared in the shallow warm waters until they are mature enough to travel back to colder waters, where food is more abundant. Calves stay in the protection of their mothers for years. Females travel in pods of closely related mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters and grandmothers, whereas males lead a more solitary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, due to their gentle nature, and valuable oils and fats, these Pokemon have been hunted to near extinction, and are classified as a highly endangered species.

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what particular dan and Phil videos do u recommend watching for people that are new

ohh boy anon i hope you’re ready for what you’re asking for hahaha (nah really though the phandom is great and dan and phil are good people to watch so i’m happy you or whoever you’re asking for is interested and i’m honoured you came to me!!) but warning this might get long because i’m gonna use this ask to make a kind of exhaustive list if you don’t mind lol so i’m gonna put a read more here and go wild.

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You know, I find it funny when people hate Paul because he’s an asshole. Like, he is MEANT to be an asshole. 

And in my honest opinion, he’s the best rival character we’ve seen to date. 

If you grew up with Indigo League, you’ll know Gary was Ash’s first ever “rival”, but Gary didn’t feel like a rival to me. Gary wasn’t an asshole, Gary just WANTED to look like a dickhead. I don’t think Gary was naturally an ass at all, but he wanted to seem tough and arrogant to outshine Ash. I’m not gonna talk about their rivalry in detail because they’re friends now and Gary has mellowed down a lot ever since he lost in the Indigo League.

But anyway, Paul actually was Ash’s rival. He constantly criticised him, he constantly called him pathetic, he constantly pointed out his flaws and he constantly acted rude towards him. He wasn’t doing that to annoy and tease Ash, like Gary would call him “Ashy-boy” to tease, Paul was picking on him because it’s what he actually believed. And did this bother Ash? Yes. And oh my how it did bother him. Ash’s frustration with Paul’s methods and critics is what made Sinnoh Ash so great; yeah you can say that Dawn’s contest moves (spinning dodge, counter-shield, ice aqua jet, etc) helped Ash but it was PAUL who drove Ash to that edge of absolute anger that we haven’t seen much of in Ash. It was a grain of Ash’s personality that the anime haven’t gone so in-depth with, his prior anger moments were mostly comedic relief such as his arguments with Misty. The only true anger we’ve seen in Ash before was in M3 when Delia was kidnapped, and now we had so much more moments as such. 

The other problem we didn’t really experience with the Ash/Gary rivalry was that it wasn’t consistent enough. I mean, Gary’s appearances in random episodes were mostly comedic, he would come on, take the piss out of Ash and leave. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those moments because I found it hilarious to see Ash’s reactions, but it wasn’t relevant to the plot. 

Paul and Ash’s tense rivalry was a very important plot to the DP saga. We saw Ash mature in this season and we got a very special Pokemon that a lot of us hold dear in our hearts: Infernape.

Infernape is basically the icon of their rivalry and their methods. Paul’s methods were crude but they were quick and effective, Chimchar was a very skilled and strong Pokemon, despite the fact Paul saw him as pathetic. The problem Paul had was his obsession with activating Chim’s Blaze, otherwise I’m sure he easily could’ve been the powerhouse.

Ash’s methods were very ethical and friendly, but they were slower. However, they overall had the most results. Chimchar’s happiness was obviously increased while being with the DP Trio but he also learned how to control Blaze when it was activated, which was an important point in the saga as Paul’s original intentions were actually realised through Ash.

And at the time, a lot of people believed Ash’s only SInnoh starter would be Turtwig, as Dawn had Piplup and Paul had Chimchar, therefore meaning it would be like AG and Ash’s Torterra would be like Sceptile, so when Paul abandoned Chimchar it was a shock to a lot of people.

Now what is very important in their methods is the development in the series.

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Remember their first fight? It ended in a draw, thus meaning they were equal in strength when they started out in Sinnoh. But ever since, Paul DOMINATED Ash in battles, and hard. Especially when he knocked out Ash’s whole team.

And did Ash just go “oh well, shit happens! We’ll train more tomorrow and beat you!!” right after like he usually would? Hell no. Ash was distraught.

This was a dynamic in Pokemon that we haven’t really experienced before. Ash was always optimistic about his losses and saw them as a way to improve on his mistakes, but this time was sulking. Hard. Sure, he got back to his old self seconds after his team joined him, but it doesn’t change the fact that Ash was absolutely devastated after a battle, the one thing that he loves to do most.

Paul was such an important character.

Do you think Ash would’ve been like THIS if Gary beat him in such a crude way? Most likely not. Ash would’ve probably just gotten really defensive and shout something like “WHATEVER LOSER I’LL BEAT YOU NEXT TIME”, because Gary in Kanto was nothing more to Ash than just a massive dickhead. Paul to Ash, however, was a threat. And the fact that Ash lost to him made him believe that he’s not strong enough and maybe Paul’s methods were actually right. Who knows what he was thinking?

But if it weren’t for Paul kicking Ash’s ass so hard, we wouldn’t have gotten that ever so satisfying final battle at the Sinnoh league. I mean, how many of us were expecting Paul to win? Probably a couple. Maybe some people knew Ash was gonna win for the plot, but I thought it could go both ways.

If Paul was a nice rival, we wouldn’t have had such a strategic Ash in the anime. We wouldn’t have had the dynamics, or the tension or even the amazing final battle. We probably would’ve had some last-minute decision like Tobias having fucking legendaries in his team but that’s another point.

The rivalry between the two is the reason why Ash had advanced in the Top 4 in Sinnoh, his best yet, as it shows how much his hatred towards Paul has pushed him to improve. In my whole and honest opinion, if Paul wasn’t a character in this series Ash would’ve been top 8 again or something. Ash needed an asshole to calm down his confidence, Ash needed an asshole to drive him over the edge, Ash needed an asshole to bring down his self-esteem, Ash needed an asshole to help him develop. Ash needed Paul.

This rivalry was so beautifully written and developed that I doubt any future rival would be able to deliver what Ash and Paul have. Their rivalry is one of the main reasons why DP is my favourite series of all time. 

So all of you unicorn-huggers out there who want everyone in Pokemon to be little, positive bunnies who do no wrong and they should all hand-holding friends who write “BFFLXOXO” on their notebooks stop hating on Paul because he was an “asshole” and realise WHY he was an asshole. Realise why he would’ve been a shitty rival if he was also an unicorn-hugger. Assholes exist in the real world, so Pokemon needed a real one for once. If he doesn’t make an appearance in the anime in the future I’ll be extremely disappointed, because he’s a character that needs to be kept relevant.

But don’t forget what Cynthia said, they might meet again in championship tournaments.

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ok so when my older brother was a kid he left this ninetales trading card on a window sill for like a year by accident and the sun bleached it to these colours. he gave all his pokemon cards to me when i was like 9 and i was OBSESSED with this card i thought it was so cool ! ninetales has always been one of my favourite pokemon as a result and now my blue one is real 🙏🙌

Pokeddex 2015 - Randomized Day 10 -Random Fire type: Larvesta

Fuzzy moth baby! I love moths and Volcarona is one of my favourite Pokemon so while I’m kinda done with all these basic stage Pokemon Larvesta was a nice surprise. It’s adorable. It’s a real pain in the ass to train but it’s all worth it.

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Totodile and Latias

Totodile: Who is your favourite starter Pokemon?

I would up really liking Popplio to the point where it never left my team. In the early games I really liked getting a Charmander because it had such a nice move pool.

Latias: What Pokemon do you wish you could have in real life?

THAT’S A TOUGH ONE. I’d guess I’d go with my new current favorite, Salazzle. Her name would be Joanna. Giant spoiled lizard baby who would keep me warm during the winter.

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@dailysickvictini Tony: I'm curious, what are all of yalls favourite mythicals? I mean, it doesn't have to be a victini. I'm just wondering


Mew has always been the one I know most, so I’ll say that’s my favorite… Magearna does look interesting, however.

I hold no particular opinion over Mythical Pokemon.

Obviously Arceus is the greatest of all Mythicals! But… I do think Celebi is pretty cool even though it looks like it has an onion for a head. Or so I’ve heard.

I used to wish to Jirachi every night when I was a kid… but my real favorite is Shaymin. It’s all about good service towards everyone and all that shit, you know?

…anything but Deoxys. Fuck that piece of shit space virus.

Mew and Genesect… both have been touched upon by science, although the latter in worse ways.

Fuckin’ I don’t know, Meloetta? Keldeo reminds me too much of a TV show I once saw when I was traveling…

Vic, Brianne, and Toni declined to give any specific opinions.

One of my favourite digital paintings in a while, I think I’m probably gonna end up drawing all of the Alolan forms :P

I need this cutie on mah team!!! I already loved normal Vulpix and Ninetales but NAOW….! OMFGOMFG I NEED IT!!! If the rumours about a Water type Growlithe and Arcanine are real then IMMA FLIP MAH SHIT! My Pokémon Sun and Moon team is going to be REALLY unbalanced at this rate XD

Hi baby.

A short note to you, right now you’re sleeping by my side. We were watching the maze runner and playing Pokemon and you got fed up and you had a headache and you cuddled yourself into my arms and you fell asleep. You snuggled into me like you couldn’t bear to let go of me and it has to be one of my favourite things you have ever done. I can’t quite believe we’ve been together now for four months, it doesn’t seem real and just too good to be true. You, you are way too good to be true, sometimes we argue and we have our rough patches but the distance puts a huge strain on us and we still battle through it. Right now you’re still wearing your tshirt and your back is sweating all up on me and I don’t even care, is it weird that I find you sweating cute? Also some what attractive? I don’t know. But I do. I wanted to right this now, as a late anniversary present to you, my perfect boy. Because even though I have no idea when you’ll see this I know you will love and appreciate it. I can’t wait to spend more time together over the next few weeks, I can’t wait to spend my birthday with you in just under 4 days, I’m totally still 19;). Anyway, I guess this is just a big I love you, as all the I love you’s are. Because I love you huge amounts, and want to be soppy and tell the world.
I hope you’re sleeping well, I hope you’re feeling better and I hope you smile when you read this.
I love you Dan.

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none of your dumb theories are right, like never, so please top.

I know they’re not right dumbass, as if the game developers would actually take biology and shit into account, of course I know that, I am not an idiot (far from it)  but it is still fun and a good challenge to see if we can explain stuff in game verse in terms of real life examples. It’s just a way I like to combine two of my favourite things, pokemon and zoology, and it literally hurts no one -  if you are not interested you don’t have to read them so haha fuck you, you fucking turd brain lol 

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who's your favourite pokemon character


who is dude? what is dude? why is dude dude?

what is his purpose?

to help you teach how to catch pokemon?


that can’t be it…

why did he become the dude?

what is his real name?

for generations, people have been wondering who the dude was.

yet nobody has solved the mystery of dude

many say, he is what he is, but in my opinion he is the one

why is dude the one?

because the everyday purpose of our life surrounds the notion of dude

who is he?

is he god?


he is not

because he is but the only

the one

he is the Dude from route 29

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explain the ralts line to me if you can because i have been trying to determine for YEARS what Ralts, especially Gardevoir EVEN ARE like are they mammals? aliens? and now that they're half fairy type I'm even more confused like what would one even feed a Ralts in real life it's so baffling

Hiya! Unfortunately I don’t have that much input myself on the line, I’m not the biggest fan of them and haven’t given them much thought,  but one of my favourite realistic pokemon fanartists (check out Gnin on deviantart) has sealed my headcanon as to what these guys are (Orchid Mantises!)

Again don’t forget to check out (