one of my favourite photoset


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One of my favourite photosets of the band: These photos are from December 2012 when the band was mastering the album in Abbey Road Studios (yes, that Abbey Road) and they created the first ever vinyl record of their debut album ‘If You Leave’.

They are shot on Remi’s 35mm Minolta camera for anyone who wants to know!


CtM Hiatus Re-watch CS-14

Patrick and Shelagh on the bed with baby Angela.

This scene is such a contrast to series 3.  They are talking openly and honestly about Angela’s origins and it is clear that communication is now at the very heart of their marriage.


AEROSMITH Challenge // favourite albums [3/3] → Rocks

Back In The Saddle - I never realised what a good riff that was, or at least how much it satisfied me. And when we play it live, it comes across much better than I ever expected it to.  ~ Joe Perry


Shabillab shabillab shabillab ♪♫♪♬ - Mileage, 정용화 with YDG