one of my favourite photos of sasha

The PLL girls on their first impressions of each other-
  • Lucy: I remember thinking about Shay that she's really glamorous and beautiful, she's got great hair and she's so smart. I don't know if a lot of people know this about Shay but she's so smart and worldly and cultured and what I remember about Troian, was at the table read, I was like 'I love her voice' it was so husky and raspy and that was one of my first initial reactions. And whatever she does she does it really well, it's like annoying, but awesome at the same time. Ashley and I go way back, we met on Myspace when we were 15.
  • Ashley: Oh my god, my mermaid hair!
  • Lucy: Your mermaid hair! It was a beautiful photo.
  • Ashley: In that yellow bikini.
  • Lucy: You looked great.
  • Troian: My favourite, actually embarrassing story about the first time I experienced Sasha, was when we were in the bathroom together and I assumed that she was my age at the time, I assumed she was like young 20's. I was like washing my hands and I was like 'god, the way that you play Alison, you've got that like mean girl, like middle school mean girl vibe,' I was like 'you just brought me back to being like 12 or 13 or something like that.' And I had no idea that she was actually...
  • Sasha: 12.
  • Troian: She had just turned 12. And she was very polite about it and she was just like 'oh thank you', I just remember looking at her and being like 'yeah you've got this character down.' And I didn't realise there was like a ten year age difference between us. There was nobody else who could have played Alison, like literally nobody, we had the best Alison under the sun.
  • Shay: A funny memory I have, is from when we shot the Pilot in Vancouver, I'm from Canada so I'm used to the cold and I just remember looking at all of them with like massive jackets on and being like ... 'it wasn't that cold.'
  • Sasha: Yes it was! We were outside fighting and it started snowing.
  • Shay: From my first impression, in my mind and I was just like...
  • Troian: Look at these California bitches.

“Draw me like one of your French girls…”

I still think this is one of my favourite photos from a photo shoot… Ever.
Part of the French Resistance Project Bloopers for Les Mis Across History Week.

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