one of my favourite moments tbh

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I don't know if it fits in with whatever timeframe you might be going for but one of my favourite headcanons at the moment is that Ven is from the Chi period and actively took part in the keyblade war.

Oh! I read that theory not so long ago!~

why does Ventus go through so much pain

I like to imagine he tried to befriend his Chirithy

((lolol i can’t really do much action-wise sorry))

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I'm new to this blog and I love it so much already!!! Stay awesome *finger guns* Could you maybe do top 5 Ukai moments or something like that? He deserves more love, he's one of my favourite characters tbh

top 5 moments of ukai keishin?? i love him A LOT

There isn’t enough attention for Ukai Keishin on tumblr. Could you please do his top 5 moments?

Sure thing my beans, our favorite coach deserves all the love possible!

1. “Don’t you dare look down! Volleyball is a sport where you are always looking up!”.  This moment gave me real chills. He already took both the timeouts but, seeing his boys starting to struggle, he decided to YELL at them one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever heard in Haikyuu. And if you think that these were the last words his voice actor gifted us with before passing away…it’s…even more perfect. 

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2. “Eat…eat…a little at a time…but be sure…to grow stronger.” This is hands down one of the most emotional moments of season one. Karasuno just lost to Aoba Johsai, and Ukai’s first thought was to take care of them, the only way he could. They are all crying, but he’s smiling, because he knows his little corws just have to work some more, to fall some more, before they learn to fly…again. 

3. “IT CAN’T BE ONE SIDED!!!!” or the epic moment in which Ukai decided to make kagehina sort thier shit out, and sent Hinata to train with Ukai senior and figured that what Kageyama needed to learn was a toss that stops. We owe everything to this man right here. 

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4. “MY LOTS OF LITTLE RASCALS”. He dreams about doing the battle of the trash heap because that’s what his boys desire the most. He  !!! loves !!! them !!! so !!! much !!! 

5. “Did I look like someone who got good grades?”. SIMPLY ICONIC. 

- bonus: Ukai’s folk song. With this majestic piece of music, I personally want to thank his seiyuu Tanaka Katsunari. He did an incredilbe job with voicing our beloved Coach Ukai. He’ll forever be missed. 

Thank you for your messages!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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Thirsty Zayn is my fav. No kidding though he looks like he's gonna pounce on Liam 24/7.


Listen thirsty Zayn is one of my all time favourite things too, not only because I relate with Zayn on an atomic level, but also because he cannot conceal it at all. For instance, look at this picture:

I geddit, Liam looks amazing and you both look hella sharp withyour matchy matchy business but come on, Zayn. And I know people say that it’s just a picture, he might have been looking for a moment and it got captured, means nothing. Okay but explain this:

If you drew a tangent and connected Zayn’s line of sight to it, you’d know Zayn is looking at Liam. With lust.

But tbh mayyyybe we’re being extra and Zayn just looks, I mean Zayn does like Liam’s ass, look at the focus:

If you draw a dotted line extending Zayn’s hand. you’ll find it ends at Liam’s ass

The intensity of the gaze (also just looking is never enough.mp3)

Zayn also likes Liam’s chest (Zayn was thirsty that day, jokes, he’s all day everyday so)

Bruh is wiping his mouth, like, that’s fairly obvs

Zayn likes Liam’s face

Look at how he gets lost

External image

Zayn likes Liam’s lips

Look he gulps a little also the eye movement kjshjkdhkjhfjkgsjk

Zayn likes Liam’s hands

Zayn likes the back of Liam’s head


I am both Zayn and Niall tbh


But also Zayn just likes all of Liam

External image

But the best part is that sometimes all of space and time suspends as Zayn gets completely entranced by Liam, so much that he completely zones out

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

So yeah Zayn looks like he’d pounce on Liam anytime but like, can y’all blame him?

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i love how the hxh fashion discourse comes up periodically its one of my favourite parts of this fandom tbh and i very much relish every moment of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MINE TOO!!! we may not all agree on character interpretations, theories, or ships…. but we all united in saying “what the FUCK is that”

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can you list some of the times aaron has been protective/has protected robert?

there! are! not! enough! instances! and that’s the saddest part here, really, when will emmerdale come through

let’s start super lowkey - you may not call these protective but i, desperate and sad, am including them anyway fight me:

  • back in the day, when liv was moaning about living in the pub and waking up to robert’s ~rat face~ every morning (this is why i think she’s not attracted to dudes ok RAT FACE) (I REALISE THAT I AM ALSO NOT ATTRACTED TO DUDES AND THEREFORE THIS ARGUMENT DOES NOT STAND) (BUT SERIOUSLY LIV HAVE YOU SEEN HIS FACE) (anyway) and aaron is all STOP BEING MEAN TO MY BOYFRIEND OK

  • after charity walks in on aaron and robert in the shower and aaron and adam have a PERFECT BARTSY SCENE, adam is all TBH SON SOMETIMES I WANT TO MURDER UR BOYFRIEND and aaron is all ILU BUT SHH this counts leave me be

then we have the slightly more… actually protective…

  • after robert has been arrested, aaron is all calling the police, getting stroppy with the staff, he yells at liv bc EVERYTHING ROBERT HAS DONE HE HAS DONE BECAUSE HE LOVES ME and then when rob comes home, looking all sad and shaken bc he would not last in prison let alone jail lmao aaron is all THEY’LL NEVER TAKE U ALIVE except he doesn’t say it like that at all, it’s way more low key, but he’s still like NOPE NO PRISON FOR U this also counts 

anyway, onto the actual examples of actual protective aaron dingle

  • obviously, rob has been pretending to be donny and talking to lachlan via e-mail (and typing like a person who has never seen a computer before) and then bernice threatens to scalp chrissie and… you know, sort of blows this whole Master Plan™. she storms in and lachlan literally comes running up to robert and he’s all I’M GOING TO MURDER YOU AND START MY SERIAL KILLING CAREER EARLY and aaron literally JUMPS IN FRONT OF ROBERT AND PUSHES LACHLAN BACK AND HE’S LIKE U KNOW WHAT MATE TRY IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO U NO ONE TOUCHES MY BOYFRIEND WHILE I’M AROUND I WILL STRAIGHT UP DESTROY YOU SO SIT DOWN CHILD I WILL TAKE! YOU! DOWN! or something like that the actual dialogue is not important. what is important is that aaron doesn’t even hesitate. u literally cannot harm robert while he is around, he won’t have it tbh ok bye
  • lastly, the best example is aaron literally waterboarding and then later kidnapping lachlan in ssw because he wanted to get robert in trouble for something that is obviously incredibly personally affecting to him. robert yells at him for going all “bodyguard”, aaron is all LACHLAN MUST BE STOPPED BECAUSE HE’S GOT IT OUT FOR YOU AND I DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU ROBERT and then… you know… kidnaps him. iconic. literally informs their whole storyline for the episode

anyway there might be other moments but these are the ones i remember the best when will robert piss off someone enough that they try to punch him and then aaron steps in the way hmmmmMMMMMMM i’m just a simple girl with simple protective aaron needs and this is all i ask for

Just finished Episode 3


Everything is just so beautiful! The dialogues, the plot, the every single detail. I have SO MANY impressions that I don’t know where to start. I have so many feels that I twice went out from the computer to just silently lay on my bed in tears because this was too much (BUT YISS GIVE ME ALL OF THAT). 

That full moment with Clem and bat was so epic and even though there was only one flashback about her I loved how she was involved into the episode, a lot, like in Season 1???? so I didn’t even feel uncomfortable and wasn’t afraid about her screen time. It even felt like TFTBL?? 

I crashed Badger’s head and I loved how Clem was on my side when Jesus started jesusing and what she said to defent Javier and how she even told us about Kenny & Carver (she watched it in my imported playthrough)

AND THAT OPTION TO HUG CLEM it felt so real and lifelike that we’re all people and we all have emotions and feel hurt even when we’re some apocalypse badass 

buuut THIS one little dialogue just killed me to death

AND THAT MUSIC from past seasons in this moment, it was so amazing to feel all of this! 

I still don’t like David and don’t believe him though and I was on the anxious seat till the last minutes of the episode tbh. But it was also an amazing plot twist about rulers of Richmond and all that system and all that undercover stuff Joan did.  

@telltalegames did a great job for this episode of one of my lifetime favourite games, I really feel like I’m again in the past, 2 years ago when it took my heart and this episode just took it again. I just want to send you all the best wishes and huge thanks for all the soul you put into this episode. Can’t wait for next ones to rip my heart again lol


Favourite Flint Moments - Ep I

“He’s not expecting me.”


30 day AU challenge - day 8, disney movie/fairytale [part 3]

nick and charlie (x), jock and nerd, in high school musical

Billie Piper appreciation week ★ Day Two (March 14): Favorite Scene

“There was this man I knew once. American, he was. And he was different.”

“What happened to him?”

There are too many scenes to choose from. I just couldn’t, so I took one of my favourites, the moment Lily thinks about Ethan with a distant smile. Still not over it…

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Narry sexual tension and flirtingL...

This took me ages but here  i go…..These are some of my favourite narry moments sexual tension/flirting/cute moments on stage. I’m gonna focus ‘on stage’ this time 👀😉

Remember Niall giving Harry flowers and waiting for a kiss…..Imagine 2015 Harry missing a chance like this lmao

Niall and Harry getting ready for a ‘chest bump’ is that the name? Anyway, Harry was ready but Niall had other ideas….he just wanted to hold Harry….relatable 😧

When the “narry serenading each other” was barely a thing.

Harry and Niall dancing to a song….or attempting to. This is one of my favourite moments tbh. Just them being idiots together….and the dance is…..ridiculous 😰

The beautiful moment when Niall is passing by and he gets distracted for a moment because he can’t stop staring at Harry…..ME TOO NEIL ME TOO 😍

A common thing: The boys trying to get their attention because they’re too distracted *cough* in love *cough*

Now that we’re talking about “distractions” what about those times Niall was being a little shit provoking horny Harry….everything was peachy 🍑

AAND don’t forget this one..

Remember that iconic moment when Niall’s bum actually touched Harry’s dick…..This is the nasty shit they were doing back then…I mean same Harry 👀🙊

The ballroom dancing night……One of the hottest moments ever. Niall was literally on top of him….remember the ‘Niall’s always on top", thank you Harry we finally understand. I C O N I C ❤👬👏

Harry checking Niall out. Niall loves the attention ❤

Speaking of checking out, Niall being a hoe because he knows Harry loves it. He’s looking at Harry making sure he notices when he looks at his dick. What was he trying to say? I think we all now tbh 👀🙊🍑😛

When it comes to narry the 'serenading’ is an important concept. These are Harry and Niall singing to each other #INVESTIGATEYOU&I 👀👀👀👀

Even more when this is clearly an inside joke 😉😉

I hate them 😧🙊👀

Harry telling Niall that he loves him deserves a mention because honestly I’m 10 years younger by just watching this precious, spontaneous moment 😭👬💔

Speaking of iconic moments we all talk about how Harry said he’d do Niall in front of thousands of people, in front of their own families, but we never pay attention to their individual reactions after that confession (because we all know Harry wasn’t kidding). When any other guy would freak out or be shocked after that Niall just out there flirting with Harry biting and then puckering his lips and I’m pretty sure he said he’d do Harry too but the mic didn’t catch that 👂

That was someone Harry clearly enjoyed..

Zayn noticing Niall and Harry dynamic. Niall trying to play it cool 

Zayn doesn’t fall for that

Zayn teases Niall about it and Niall becomes this nervous teenager with a crush 👀

*Niall and Harry harmonizing* *Harry looks at Niall*

*Niall fonding over Harry telling him to sing and laughing at him* *harry…..*

*Harry can’t stop smiling* *harry….nuts*

You know how we all talk about Harry loving Mullingar? Well in this case we’ll talk about Harry and Niall giving some love to Holmes Chappel. Niall out of nowhere talking about driving around Harry’s hometown.

I’m Zayn. Waiting for them to finish….

This is also another “we’re in our own bubble” moment. If you watch the video you can hear Louis telling them to introduce the fucking song already lmao.Harry was ready for the snogh though 😉❤👬👌

Not my gifs.

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fav mutuals?

OH BOY, ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. HERE I GO (in no particular order):

  • @otayuri-queen, ahhh my knight in shining armour <333 Kaeri is the first mutual to reach out and talk to meee and I’m so blessed she did it bc she’s WONDERFUL and is literally a ray of sunshine! I could always count on her if I’m feeling down or something bc she could make me smile and basically waves her magic wand to vanish all my problems and insecurity LIKE HOW? ?/
  • @joodlepot aka WIFE! I love her so so so much and out of everyone, I talk to her the most. I’m pretty sure she knows me better than anyone here and we have so much in common it freaks both of us out tbh ahahah! I would gladly take multiple bullets for her tbh. If I die, I leave all my art to her (so she can sell them for a dollar to buy ice cream) 
  • @novocaine-sea, aka enabler bc SHE WON’T STOP ENABLING MY JJBEK NEEDS PFFT. Aja spoils me with amaaaazing otayuri parents AU and the best damn fanfics like? ? ??? pls. I love her so much and one day I’m gonna draw something for her fanfics i sWEAR and I could only hope to capture the amazing moments in her fics into my art ;o;
  • @altisetsky‘s entire blog is a treasure tbh. If I could save one blog to survive the imminent apocalypse, I would save hers pfffft. I can honestly say that Olivia’s blog is my favourite and it gives me lifee. ALSO, she’s basically the co-creator of this whole dandy thing and I’d like to think we make a good team ;^) ALSO HER FANFICS??  I MEAN?? ? I want to print them all and make it into a book so I can put it in a time capsule so aliens in the future can read them and understand human emotions
  • @ochoth blesses me with angst and the best freaking HCS TBH. I would gladly sell my soul for her hcs bc they’re so good oiwej;kled. And we don’t talk as much as I want us to but I still appreciate and love her content so so muchhhhhh
  • @nikyforov aka senpai! I don’t know her very well and I’d love to talk to her more often but i get so intimidated by her ahaha. She seems so chill and cool and my brain immediately goes “she’s 2 cool 4 u, you don’t stand a chance to even look at her blog just walk away” but her blog is so great and she provides us all with such good content ;O;
  • @dj-altin, another senpai!! I just recently became mutuals with her AND I’M STILL SO SH00K THAT SHE NOTICED ME ? ?? like pls what kind of blessing is this. AND HER ART AND COLOURING IS TO DIE FOR i mean?? god damn i hope we’d become closer friends soon <33
  • ALSO, shout out to @ohvegeta, @hazel0217 and @otabaeplisetsky who I just recently became mutuals with and started talking to! I love them already and I hope we can be best buds ;o;
  • AND another special shout out to @seeyounextlevel, @boxwineconfession and @otayuriism! I admire them so muchhh and I’d love to talk to them but I’m a nervous wreck and I don’t know how to start a conversation with them so i’ll just;; admire them from afar <333
Artists Self Rec Tag

When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

I was tagged by the amazing artist @theysangastheyslew!! Thank you so much for tagging me! <333 

1. “Please Stop Us”: This was based on a scene from Chapter 4 of Hellbound by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye, which was one of my absolute favorite moments because it was so chilling (tbh the whole fic is wrecking me with every update)! I added the motion blur to emphasize the parallelism between Roy and Riza, and fluidly show both of them struggling simultaneously. There’s also a bonus part to this in the post if you want more angst feels 83 

2. Back to Back: One of the earliest works I’ve posted here and this was a Secret Santa for @sofiakkuma back in 2015. I was trying to make my poses more dynamic at the time. So making Ed and Roy looking badass was a really fun way to practice! Also I really love making the alchemic sparks <3

3. Grocery Shopping: Drew this because the fandom needs more Mama!Hawk :3 I imagine Ed would sometimes help Riza with grocery shopping and it was Riza’s way to make sure Ed eats properly. I would probably make adjustments to the lighting, but overall I’m satisfied with it. I’m not sure if anyone noticed (but it was probably not obvious enough), but I added a bottle of milk in Ed’s bag and the Armstrong florist in the top right just for fun xD P.S. @the-flame-and-hawks-eye was so sweet to write an awesome one-shot for my birthday based on this fanart <333

4. Flower Crowns: I had this idea for a prompt for EdWin Week 2016 but decided to go with a different idea instead. Funnily enough, there was that flower crown hype later on so it seemed like the perfect time to draw this xD I think I was beginning to simplify my style around this time so I don’t have to concentrate so much on the details and focus on the foundation. I believe this is one of my top posts, which was kind of surprising! I’m glad a lot of you enjoyed this. <333 

5. Mama!Hawk and her Smol Birbs: This was resulted from a sudden influx of Mama!Hawk feels xD There’s no particular backstory in this fanart but I guess this is some sort of AU where Riza adopted the Elrics after Trisha died??? I just really wanted to draw Smol!Ed and Smol!Al with Riza owo And I really liked how this turned out, especially the lighting since it looks pretty consistent. Surprisingly, Al’s hair was the most difficult part for me to draw ;A; Maybe because I wasn’t used to it?? 

Now to tag some art peeps: @shiriartz, @kyattoi, @m7angela, @ask-royai-lty, and @mondfuchs!! Totally optional though :3 Also sorry if you’ve done this already, I’m not sure who has been tagged ;A;

so i woke up sorta early this morning and went for a walk and i ended up in my favourite park and i brought a book and i got coffee so i was sitting on a bench reading and drinking coffee and the most beautiful german shepherd i’ve ever seen ran up to me and let me pet it and honestly?? i just feel so blessed


I tried to warn you. So many songs, so many asides.

Couple aesthetic

Leo + Aquarius

Opposite in every way, these two will never tire of each other, as the attraction between them is amazing. Leo wants to be in the center of attention and craves acceptance from others, while Aquarius, as we all know, is the rebel of the zodiac, laughing in the face of conformity; this aspect will make Leo be fascinated. They will constantly provoke each other, as they’re both quite playful and relaxed(although in completely different ways). The downside of this pair is, however, communication - Leo wants everything in the moment, while Aqua likes to analyze everything from every angle possible. Also, Leo is quite possesive, while Aquarius has a slight fear of commitment. But, y’know, with patience everything is possible, and Aqua + Leo is one of my favourite pairings, tbh. 



honestly, i wasn’t sure about coming into this fandom. the majority of riverdale fans on twitter made me want to stay very, very far away from it all, but i was desperate to give veronica a go & I’m so glad i did! most people who i’ve encountered so far have been endlessly helpful and nice, and i love being able to talk about one of my favourite shows with people who love it as much as i do! so, without further ado, i just wanted to post a quick follow forever/bias list! it’s pretty likely that i’ve forgotten someone & if i have, i’m so sorry! i love you all the same.


@vixxen: z! you were the first friend i made here, and i’m so thankful that you flew into my inbox because i love every moment that i spend talking to you! your cheryl leaves veronica and i absolutely shooketh, tbh. 100% one of the best people on this website. if you’re not following z, then are you even in the riverdale fandom?
@joneshead: becks, bruh, i adore your writing to the moon & back… stumbling across your juggie was lowkey the thing that set the gears in motion for me to make ronnie! your characterisation is amazing and i genuinely enjoy reading your threads, whether with me or without.  
@usurpcd: naomi! we don’t talk as much as we should but i love it when we do. pls come into my inbox any time & chat (veronica-meets-veronica thread, anyone?)
@amillixnvoices: laura!!! i have so much fun talking about headcanons and plot ideas with you… thank you for helping me check some things off of ronnie’s wishlistnever stop tagging me in jeronica things tbh, they give me life. 
@steeledwill: DROWN ME IN OUR ANGST FOREVER TBH, it’d be a good way to go! i appreciate you letting me roll into your inbox and scream about varchie at all hours of the day, ronnie & i find it endlessly fun to write with your archie!
@overmanyburgers: we 👏🏽 need 👏🏽 to 👏🏽 write 👏🏽 together 👏🏽 more 👏🏽 omg! you’re so funny & sweet, and your jug is everything!! 
@knittedcrown: i know we haven’t written much together yet but! oh my goodness! replies simply come naturally with you! i’m loving exchanging ideas etc. with you about our nyc verse and i can’t wait to see where it takes us


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