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Secret Sign Language MasterPost

This is for @zenlikejen. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own all of these gifs (only some) so credit to the original owners of those i don’t own.

Okay so it has been clear from the start that some certain members from the band One Direction have gone to the great lengths (and most kind lengths) of leaning sign language. These two members are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson and despite them using their new talent as a way to communicate to the deaf fans, they also have mostly used it to communicate with each other, and each other only.  

We firstly have this:

Here we clearly see Louis gives a small thumbs up before tapping his chest multiple times with his left hand at which Harry doesn’t notice properly at first. Also Louis realizes he is tapping with his wrong hand for what he is trying to say so therefore corrects himself by switching to his right hand and this time Harry sees; like so: 

When Louis taps his chest, in sign language it means ‘Mine’, so basically he is telling Harry that he is his and Harry replies with a small thumbs up, a common thing which I will talk about further down in the post. 

Louis also glances at Harry here and touches his chest, a year later and they still communicate through signing, Louis again telling Harry that he is his. 

Harry here signs to Louis something along the lines of ‘Later we talk, before kissing’ but the second part can also mean ‘I want the truth’ as its unsure if he touches his lip or chin.

And Louis replies back with this: 

Which would make Harry saying ‘Later we talk before kissing’ more reliable due to Louis’ answer. 

Still complete cuties here.

Again during an interview, Louis seems to rub his hands together which research says could mean the letter ‘H’. In this case, H for Harry; or H was also a nickname that Louis could have had for Harry.

He then taps his chest twice again (meaning ‘Mine’) except he uses his fist more which may take away its meaning, but they could of changed it up more so that the signing was more personal to each other. 

Now during one of their songs on the TMH tour, Louis and Harry were stood next to each other on the stage. Louis glances at Harry for a moment to get his attention before crossing his fingers and then placing his hand back onto his microphone stand, fingers still crossed. 

Now some say that this means ‘Hope’ however others say because of how Louis did it, it means ‘Forever’ so I guess its your own choice to decide which one you want it to mean. 

Then we have this:

Now everyone knows that in sign language this sign with another person means ‘Lover’/ ‘Make Love’.

So really there is nothing much to say about this apart from the fact that it is adorable as fuck and the most cliche thing that a pair of platonic best friends could do together. 

No we are on to the famous ‘Thumbs up’ sign that they both constantly used to give each other on stage, during interviews and at any moment they were happy, having fun or in each others company. Now I researched this and found that it meant different to what the ‘Lovers’ sign that’s above. Many use the thumbs up sign as a way of saying good or as a positive attitude towards things like ‘I am good’ or ‘This is fun’ etc; except it also has another meaning. More discreetly, this sign can mean ‘I love you’ or ‘Love’ but is different from ‘Lover’ and ‘Make love’ so the two signs should not get mixed up. 

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What's your favourite J2 moment? ( I'm new so I'm trying to catch up )

Hi anon! No worries, I’m actually fairly new to the J2 community (specifically the tinhat one) but I jumped in both feet first and never looked back. As for my favorite moment…well, I recently made a post here (actually answering an ask from the lovely @legacies-j2) about how Jared and Jensen are made for it each other, and I added quite a few of my favorite moments in that one.

I’m trying to think of something new to add, because there are a lot of “obvious” moments that have been featured prominently over the years as Ultimate J2 Moments (like the almost-kiss on the red carpet). But you can find those easily. (I have two J2 tags, the regular one and the tinhat one, if you’re interested.)

I really like the gag reels because, even though they’re edited, I feel like we get a glimpse of how the Js are together for real, without critics and fans and people with certain (crappy, unfair) expectations keeping watch on them (like at cons), so they are not putting up any type of facade.

So some of my favorite gag reel moments are these…

Major hearteyes in the season 2 gag reel

Then again in season 7

And season 10

When they do something like this and everyone lost their collective shit:

(from the season 8 gag reel)

And then this moment from the season 10 gag reel:

The guest actor had accidentally drooled while she was talking on one of the previous takes, so during this one the Js messed with her by drooling back. I honestly believe that they did not plan this or talk about it or anything; that’s how in sync they are, and I love seeing little stuff like that which really drives home their closeness and like-mindedness.

There are also cute little moments like this:

(I don’t know what that is from, sorry)

And then this moment from the season 1 video of A Day In the Life:

This was filmed the day before Jensen’s birthday, and Jensen was talking about the director’s viewfinder that Jared had gotten him for his birthday. If you believe tinhat lore, this is round about the time when they got serious about their relationship, and in this moment it looks like Jensen just wants to lean over to Jared and kiss him, but has to settle for a hand on the should and a pat on the chest. It’s so sweet but also a little heartbreaking, that already they were trying to hold back on showing their feelings to the public.

There are also four photos that absolutely kill me every time I see them. Three are from this photoshoot:

Like, I still don’t know what the hell is even happening here?! (I know it was a 2016 photoshoot for Rogue Magazine), but it’s like…it’s like heartbreaking meets erotica meets real-life husbands? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have the photos. But seriously, they are killing me.

The other photo that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it is this one:

When they went to Aspen together in 2015/2016 (for New Years, I believe. Someone correct me if I’m wrong). No joke, that is the most couple-y, loved-up, married husbands photo I have ever seen. And I don’t mean that I have ever seen from the Js. I mean that I have ever seen ever.

So those are some of my favorite moments, anon. I was going to try and make my answer short and sweet but it seems that, when it comes to Jared and Jensen, I can never do short. (It’s always sweet, though <3)

Thanks for the ask, bby! Have a wonderful and J2-filled night!

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Hi dear. So I've been reading a lot about performing!dean meta and I just noticed something while rewatching season 7. On episode 4, he asked a bartender out. Then while waiting for her, he was giving himself a pep talk. Like "You are Dean Winchester. This is what you do." And it just resonated to the whole thing and I just wanted to share or talk to you about it.

Yeah absolutely (7x04 and 7x05 go together re: Dean hand in hand so I’ll talk about them together here). This is Dean’s standard coping mechanism for his pain since the pilot, e.g. Hell. Then since season 6/7′s loss of Cas it starts revolving around him, whenever he dies or is gone, when Dean is in mourning or pining, he sleeps with a woman. Here he’s just lost Cas basically 1 episode before, it’s right at the end of 7x02 and this is the beginning of 7x04. He’s only just folded Cas’s trenchcoat into the back of the car at this point…

After thinking he lost him at first, then getting him back then really losing him…

God does this remind us of anything? 

source: @super-sootica

Season 6 v season 12 parallels is a long post I’m working on in hellatus as there is so much material…

Now Dean is in a different place though, especially after 12x18 I’m pretty sure it should be this time, mayyyybe its the next, but I’m pretty sure now there should be some kind of reversal of this where he is so wrecked by grief that he can’t even contemplate using this coping mechanism and a waitress will hit on him and he will flat out reject her, making Sam realise just how bad it is…

Season 7 is such a Destiel heavy season, I can totally understand where people get the theory (I don’t know if its confirmed) that seasons 6-8 were written as a follow on for 1-5 and 8 could have been the final season as it is so much like seasons 11-12 now for the ramping up of Destiel and the individual arcs for endgame… but in the end 8 wasn’t the last season so it backed back down again, which makes total sense to me as they didn’t get them to the right place, but they did set up a lot for endgame, the MoL bunker, Dean facing a lot of himself and Sam facing his guilt and the trials etc, it makes a lot of sense to me so it’s normal that we have so many season 6/7 parallels through season 12/13 as we are NOW heading towards endgame… 

So we have in season 6 all the season 12 parallels which I won’t go into but let’s just take Cas’s arc, which is basically the same, except working with the Angels instead of Crowley, to protect the boys and keep them out of it, while Dean just wants him to stay with him. Then season 7 gives us a double death moment (hi 12x23), followed by basically a first half of the season of grieving alcoholic, coping mechanisms Dean and MotW episodes subtextually all about Dean’s frame of mind around Cas, black goo, Sam’s wall being broken (this is much later though, the early stuff is ALL about Cas, this cannot be overlooked).

I mean, one of my favourite moments of the whole show is in 7x04, which is all about Dean and Sam’s dynamic and Dean being in a bad way because of Cas.

The counselling moment… is just basically Dean projecting his feelings of betrayal by Cas into the married couple who end up reconciling and making out because he forces them to communicate… 

*Tink looks into the camera*.

 Meanwhile, afterwards Sam doesn’t know about Amy (he literally says “we’re good right!”) so what possibly could be eating at Dean? what could he POSSIBLY be trying to get Dean to unload about? WE JUST DON’T KNOW as Mittens would say ;)

So yeah, I’m interested to see how they take these parallels now, given that NOW Dean DOESN’T have the world on his shoulders like he did in this scene, after 12x22…

7x05 transcript: 

SAM: You notice how they, uh, you know, how they – how they opened up, got everything off their chest?
DEAN:Yeah. Kudos on selling them that crap.
SAM:It wasn’t crap, Dean. It worked.
DEAN: Sam, I am so very, very, very, very…very, very tired –
SAM: Dean, like it or not, the stuff you don’t talk about doesn’t just go away. It builds up, like whatever’s eating at you right now.
DEAN: There’s always something eating at me. That’s who I am. Something happens, I feel responsible, all right? The Lindbergh baby – that’s on me. Unemployment – my bad.
SAM: That’s not what I’m talking about.
DEAN: Well, then what the hell are you talking about?
SAM: I’m talking about whatever you’re not telling me about. Look, Dean, it’s fine. You can unload. That’s kind of what I’m here for.  I mean… we’re good, right?
DEAN: We’re good. 
DEAN gets into the car. SAM stands for a moment looking somewhat hurt and frustrated. 

So now, after 12x22 and Dean coming to his personal arc’s climax of letting go of a lot of this pent up self loathing, feeling of guilt and unfairness etc, this should either just not happen and Dean actively talks to Sam or Sam will be able to get Dean to unload quite easily…

Especially as I believe Dabb is purposefully paralleling earlier moments to current much more blatantly romantic ones / Dean letting his facade down in order to retcon / show by proxy how romantic / performing!Dean they WERE in the past for the GA.

Heart eyes at Andrew Dabb again, OK and I have to say, Bucklemming wrote 7x05 and it is so good, they KNOW how to do good Destiel, even if I hate their causal misogny and love of rape, they have written some of the most blatant Destiel over the years. Hmm, almost like it’s an important theme to the show… And now Dabb is using these past moments to move the whole story forwards… OK it’s going to be a Dabb appreciation day. Sue me :p

hey studyblr i’m chloe! i’ve wanted to make a studyblr forever and now i have finally gotten around to doing it! I made this studyblr because I love looking through the studyblr tag and it makes me really motivated and inspired and it made me want to join the community! also i’m in my second year of high school at the moment (i’m english)!

random facts about me:
• my name is chloe but my friends call me chlo

• i’m pretty much addicted to coffee
• i am a slytherin / wampus

• i am bilingual - I can speak english and germa

• i lived in germany for two years

• my favourite animal is a wolf

• I’m probably one of the youngest studyblrs (hence the username)

studyblr’s that I like to admire from afar:
@studyign @studypetals @studyquill @emmastudies @focusign @sprouht-studies @ljterary @vicistudies @caffestudy @studycoffees @rhubarbstudies @studylilacs @studywithinspo @tbhstudying @studie-s @mochi-studies @alexistudying @studytherin

SasuSaku Week Day 5: Favourite Parallels - As shown in the example above, Sakura is always the first person to see Sasuke again when they reunite and he always responds to her first before acknowledging any other characters. Their opening exchange consistently has the two saying each other’s names while gazing into one another’s eyes. It is as if they are off in their own little world and everything else disappears whenever their eyes meet.

Kishimoto constantly parallels this throughout the manga and the couple never fails to share this powerful, intimate moment of communicating with just a glance. All it takes is one look and both are enraptured. The fact Sakura has such an effect on Sasuke as to make him stop whatever he is intent on doing and give her his undivided attention no matter the circumstances says lot about how important she is to him - even when darkness has consumed his heart completely.

Sakura is also the first character to see Sasuke leave and come back in some cases, something which is significant to certain reunions in the manga.

This is my favourite of the parallels SasuSaku has.

Appreciation Post

So I’m having one of those days where I’m just feeling really extra grateful and in love with you guys and our community, and I wanted to take a moment to single some people out who really mean a lot to me because I dunno, I feel like it’s important to let people know when you love and care for them. Under the cut so I don’t clog your entire dash!!

Please take this as an opportunity to reblog and talk about some of your own favourite mutuals and friends! I feel like we don’t take enough time to tell people why we love and appreciate them! Also this fandom can be a dumpster fire and this is my way of throwing holy water on the dark parts to ward away the awfulness so please join me in doing so hahaha

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Couple aesthetic

Leo + Aquarius

Opposite in every way, these two will never tire of each other, as the attraction between them is amazing. Leo wants to be in the center of attention and craves acceptance from others, while Aquarius, as we all know, is the rebel of the zodiac, laughing in the face of conformity; this aspect will make Leo be fascinated. They will constantly provoke each other, as they’re both quite playful and relaxed(although in completely different ways). The downside of this pair is, however, communication - Leo wants everything in the moment, while Aqua likes to analyze everything from every angle possible. Also, Leo is quite possesive, while Aquarius has a slight fear of commitment. But, y’know, with patience everything is possible, and Aqua + Leo is one of my favourite pairings, tbh. 

The relationship/connection between Adam and Cabeswater, and the way it grows and develops, is probably one of my favourite things about the entire series. From the moment in tdt when Adam figures out how to properly communicate with the forest it becomes one of the most supportive and comforting elements in Adam’s life. It’s constantly there to reassure him and comfort him during times of anxiety, stress, disassociation or fear, as well as making him feel like himself. The descriptions for the way Adam so vividly feels its presence create such amazing imagery. And then the sadness Adam feels when it sacrifices itself for Gansey is so bittersweet and heartbreaking. So, here is a long list of all my favourite (and mostly underrated) Adam/Cabeswater quotes:

The Raven Boys:

  • “It both awed and saddened him, Cabeswater’s brand of bittersweet beauty.”
  • This place should not exist, Adam thought, and at once, he hastily thought the opposite. Cabeswater had become bright just as Adam had wished that it wouldn’t be dark, just as it had changed the colour of the fish in the pool as soon as Gansey had thought it would be better if they were red.”
  • “Kneeling in the middle of the pentagram, digging his fingers into the soft, mossy turf, Adam said, “I sacrifice myself.” ”
  • “On his terms or not at all. I will be your hands, Adam thought. I will be your eyes.

The Dream Thieves:

  • “He was Cabeswater, and he was the dreaming tree, and he was every oak with roots digging through rocks, looking for energy and hope. He felt the suck and pulse of the ley line through him.”
  • “He would be Cabeswaters eyes and Cabeswater’s hands, but he wouldn’t be Cabeswater. He would be Adam Parrish.”
  • “It had been a while since he felt like this - like he could devote his thoughts to something other than when he might get to sleep. Like his mind was huge and whirring and hungry. Like anything was possible if he only threw himself into it hard enough.”
  • “He could feel Cabeswater in him. Cabeswater couldn’t offer him eyes or hands. But it was something else. Something he wanted to name life, or soul, or knowledge.”
  • “He walked to the tiny stream that used to lead into Cabeswater and now led only to more field. Kneeling he hovered his hands over the trickle of water. There was no one to see him but he smiled anyway, bigger and bigger.”
  • “Adam felt it in his hands. He felt it in his spine. He could see it mapped in his brain. The ley line travelled beneath him, waves of energy…”
  • “Adam was different since making the bargain with Cabeswater. Stronger, stranger, further away. It was hard not to stare at the odd and elegant lines of his face.”

Blue Lily, Lily Blue:

  • “He stepped onto the line immediately, his face turning to gaze along its length as naturally as a flower looking into the sun.”
  • “He knew he was different since aligning himself more tightly with the ley line. He was himself but more powerful. Himself, but less human.”
  • “There was something comforting and anxious about the way it twined through him now; he could no longer tell if it was a powerful friend or if the power was now actually him.”
  • “Only Cabeswater could hack into the record of Adam’s mind.”
  • “The branches leaned towards Adam, curling around him protectively, a thicket with thorns pointed outward.”
  • “Cabeswater stole him away for a blissful second, leaves curled against his throat, and then released him. How desperately Adam wanted to cling to Cabeswater. Strange as it was, it was familiar, and on his side”

The Raven King:

  • “Cabeswater beckoned to Adam, offering to support his tired form, and for just a minute he allowed it. For a few effortless breaths, everything was leaves and water, trunks and roots, rocks and moss. The ley line hummed inside him, waxing and waning with his pulse, or vice versa.”
  • “This close to the forest, Adam felt very…Adam.”
  • “It seemed like he should become more other, when he was near Cabeswater, but in reality the closer he was to Cabeswater, the more firmly present he remained.”
  • “Closing his eyes, Adam allowed the ley line to seize his heart for a few beats.”
  • “Tilting his head back, he sensed the stars pricking overhead, and he felt how he was oriented in relation to them. Cabeswater unfurled careful vines, testing his mood as it did, never pushing boundaries these days unless under duress”
  • “Now that Adam had fully opened his senses, Cabeswater clumsily attempted to communicate with its human magician. It took his memories and turned them sideways and inside out, re-purposing them for a hieroglyphic language of dreams.”
  • “Cabeswater gently prodded Adam’s thoughts, calling up a dozen happy memories in the space of the previous year. […] When Adam still resisted, images of himself flickered through his mind: himself as seen by others. His private smile, his surprised laugh, his finger stretched towards the sun.”
  • “Cabeswater didn’t quite understand humans, but it learned. Happiness, it insisted. Happiness. Adam relented…he threw out intention of his own.”
  • Cabeswater. Keep me safe. Cabeswater!” … Leaves were pressed up against the glass as if it were a window. The forest whispered and hissed in Adam’s deaf ear, urging him to help it find a channel. Gratitude burned through him, as hard to bear as the fear. If something happened to him now, at least he wouldn’t be alone.”
  • “The magician’s wistful regret twisted through what remained of the trees. Without this, what was he? Simply human human human. Cabeswater pressed leaves against his cheek one last time, and they took that humanity for the life it was building”
  • “Even without Cabeswater’s force, he could feel it glimmering coolly in his eyes, and he did not disguise it. Magician.”

How could you not tell me you were engaged?

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What makes each of the languages you're learning/ speak special? Like, what traits makes them distinct and special in your mind? Sorry if I'm being vague.

wow that’s a good question, i never really thought of it :) idk if ill make much sense tho :P

Languages I speak:

Spanish: it’s the language i speak with my family, so it’s pretty special just for that :) more generally, it’s the language of my favourite music that i grew up with and a lot of my happiest moments happened in spanish

English: it’s a great language to write in imo, it’s the one i use for my journal and stories. to me, it’s the language i use to communicate in my everyday, so it’s special cuz its what allows me to talk to the people around me

French: it’s the language spoken where i live and the one i studied in all my life. it’s also a language i hated for most of my childhood, and im only just beginning to appreciate it. I think it’s a great language for literature, and its special cuz its allowed me to gain a new perspective on life in my province thru its books :)

Languages I’m learning:

German: tbh i have a hard time even explaining why im learning German, let alone what i like about it :P right now, i love being able to understand words i didn’t before, and it’s also the first language i began learning formally out of my own free will, so its pretty special to me for that reason

Galician: galician is special to me cuz my grandparents speak it, and i just love how beautiful it sounds and how beautiful galicia is, and its pretty cool to be studying a language that a lot of ppl havent heard of (even if explaining what it is is a bit annoying after a while lol), and ahhh idk what makes it special, i just really like it :D

idk if this is what you meant, anon, but if it isn’t let me know hahah :)

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Hey, I sent you message a while ago and you didn't respond. I was wondering if i did something wrong? I just want to know so i can make it better. But I also wanted to say that I really love your art and your blog is one of my favourites! Have a nice day!

no no, i really have nothing against anyone on here, but i am sooooo shit at communication, like i will see a message or text and ill tell myself okay ill get to that in a moment but then i dont remember until like the next day and ill feel like ahh itll be weird if i respond now or maybe they dont wanna talk to me now?? i promise i dont mean to do it i just have a real shitty memory:(

actually because of this i had a guy go from calling me lovely and a pearl and sweet talking me to calling me a bitch, whore, slut, etc..,,just cause i didnt respond


Today marks the 26th anniversary of Hillsborough, where 96 football fans died at a football match between Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest. What followed was a massive coverup to conceal the police force’s failings and a farcical inquest which returned the verdict of “accidental death”, and together with newspapers like the Sun, blamed the supporters for this tragedy. But due to the unending determination and campaigns from friends and family members of the victims, the original verdict was overturned in 2012, and new inquests are still going on.
Today, please spare a moment and a prayer for all those fans who,just like us, travelled to support their team and see their favourite players. Stand in solidarity with people who lost siblings, parents, friends, and never forget that those people died following their love, the love that brings us all together as football fans and as a community. The 96, and all the other people who died in similar tragedies all around the world, will always be a part of our family, and they will never be forgotten  

“Goodbye my old friend, I’ll see you in Heaven one day still wearing red.”

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I dont have anything to offer you but emotional support tbh out of all the hetagames on your channel, the ones you've made have to be my favourite like they always give me these moments of HOLY SHIT IM SCREAMING AHCHC bc the way you build them up and portray the characters is just gorgeous. You have some talent, I think, and I'm glad you're using it on making these games for the community even if it's difficult. Keep up the good work !! ✨✨

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

emotional support is also super accepted, cuz its nice to know ppl do appreciate it and still like it going, gives us morale to keep going

me n lubo got some real good shit lined up

here, for u special, a sneak peek pic i did

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Do you have any community fanfiction recs?

The only fanfic I’m actively reading at the moment is @celerylapel‘s Everything is Better series (and there’s a new chapter for me to read today, yay!!!), I’d definitely recommend the crap out of it, if you’re a JxA fan. Amazing, amazing, amazing series. Outside of that, I sort of fell off the bandwagon, but there’s some good ones in my favourites on - again, they’re all Jeff x Annie. I’m not 100% sure what you’re looking for, but I hope that helps!

colestclair  asked:

Mini Yousana rant! They are one of my favourite fictional couples of all time with SO much potential and depth. Their conversation in "The Best of Islam" clip was phenomenal and they had such great communication in that moment. But it's been taken away and I'm so frustrated! I honestly think communication is going to be the foundation of their relationship and it's frustrating how they've used miscommunication and misunderstandings as the plot device to keep them apart.

I know dear :( It pisses me off, because they have so much potential as a couple and as individual characters and we only have 2 episodes left and we’re gonna get so little of them.

Please, read this. Thank you.

Hello guys. I was away for a long time, and i’m very sorry. A lot of you asks me frequently about the update of my comics “The Sequel”, so this is the occasion to give you some news. This project is put in standby, while I’m working on another thing (also linked to Zootopia), my own fanfiction : Une route à parcourir à deux. I’m very proud of my work on this fanfic, but sadly, my English skills are too bad and I can’t write in Shakespear’s tongue (even if I understand and read it perfectly). So my fanfice is in French, but I know some of you guys ARE French, so… If you’re interested to read a very long fanfiction (200 000 words and more) that is uploaded every 2-3 days, with big chapters, come and join my followers. It appears that my fanfiction is the most popular on the French Zootopia’s fandom… Okay, I don’t have a lot of contest, but it’s still cool (and I’m very proud of that : thanks to my readers, likers and followers).

Here is the link to my fanfiction :à-parcourir-à-deux

Ow! And a lot of you asks me frequently to share my novel (inspired by Zootopia, in some points) whose heroes are Ziegelzeig and Valkeyrie (I have some drawings of them in my deviantart’s gallery, somewhere. Easy to find I guess). I decided to share it on the same website, and you can read it here (but I warn you : it’s also in French) :énèbres

So, now you should ask me : why do you write a fanfiction instead of keeping your work on you comics? Well… Because, I’m a writer. More than a drawer. I have wrote a lot of novels, short novels, in my life. Mostly fantastic, fantasy, horror… Those kind of stuff. And, I never found people that enjoy my work, because in France… this kind of story is not very popular. And on the internet, nobody reads your work, except if you are kind of famous. Sad but true.

But it’s seems that people love Zootopia, just as I do. So, when I started writing my fanfiction, suddenly, I found a lot of people interested in what I was writing. Pretty cool, so I want to continue this way for now. I don’t leave drawings behind,  but I will focus on writing for now.

Also, this art is the occasion for me to tribute the Zootopia’s fanfictions writers… Guys, you are the best, and I would have die without your work. I was so thirsty of Zootopia’s stuff… Your storys allows me to keep going. So, let me give you, tumblr’s dudes,  some advices, and speak about my ten favorites fanfictions, that you REALLY should go reading if you like Zootopia.

I don’t put them in an order of preference, those 10 stories are ALL amazingly good !

1 = A different goal, by Pixiestick_cc  : the first Zootopia’s fanfiction I have read, and still one of my favourites. Really cute, well written, and complete (rare enough to be said). Go check that stuff, it’s amazing. And Pixie continue the good work on a sequel right now. I’m in heaven.

Link to A different goal :

2 = In the days that followed, by aziks : Really well writing, huge content (200 000 words and more), very nice shipping story, with a lot of details. But the better with this fic is the story… The story is just fucking good, with a lot of adventures and suspense. A masterpiece.

Link to In the days that followed :

3 = The fox and the rabbit, by ShippingMammals : Certainly one of the most famous fanfiction in the Zootopia’s fandom, and this story deserves it. A lot of fluff, a bit of drama, but last but not least : a ton of humor. This fanfic is actually very funny, and I laughed very often when I read it.

Only disappointment : the updates are very, very, very slow… Sad L

Link to The fox and the rabbit :

4 : Sad Judy, by FriteWag : A personal crush with this story… A lot of people like it, a lot dislike it. Personnaly, I had a really good time reading this one. There is an explicit sex scene at the end, but you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to, the rest of the story is really well written, sometimes fun, sometimes sad, always good. Complete story.

Link to Sad Judy :

5 : Smooth Operator, by Mordecool1039 : A very interesting plot, a lot of fun, and a really good characterization of Judy (Nick is sometimes… strange and stupid, but well, it work anyway). The story is, here again, really, really, REALLY, cool. Same problem here : very slow updates. Waiting for the next chapter sooooo bad !

Link to Smooth Operator :

6 : Always my sly bunny, Always my dumb fox, by Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps : Better characterization ever. Judy and Nick are so great in this story… And the scenario is really good too. Kind of a slow burn, taking time to go on purpose, but really well written, with a lot of suspense, and very funny moments. Updates a regular, and the author is really productive, cause he writes another fanfic, with the Zootopia’s community (that I recommend you to read too : One hundred kisses).

Link to Always my sly bunny, Always my dumb fox :

Link to One Hundred Kisses :

7 : Reception, Inception, by ProgressofTomorrow : One of my favourite story, if not my really personal favourite. Contain a lot of smut, but it’s never vulgar and it’s serves the purpose of the story, that have the really good idea to focus on the animal’s instincts of Nick and Judy. This story plays perfectly with the anthropomorphism, and I find that really fun and interesting. Well, the end is bad and kind of hasty, but the rest of the story is so FUCKING GODLIKE that you have to forgive this little failure.

Link to Reception, Inception :

8 : Cause I’ve been thinking, by Those other things : This oneshot is just so good. One of the first Zootopia’s fanfic that I have read, and still stay in my memory.  Just read this masterpiece, it’s quick, but perfect.

Link to Cause I’ve been thinking :

9 : Hear Me, by A big admirer of time : The only AU (Alternate Universe) that I have really liked in all Zootopia’s fanfiction I have read. The plot is simple : Judy meets Nick at university… But in this universe, our rabbit is deaf. The story is really cute, well written, with fluffy moments, and the use of Judy’s deafness is really interesting, and not just an excuse for drama. Indeed, this story share a really beautiful message about handicaps, and the strength to overcome them. Sadly, slow updates here too.

Link to Hear Me :

10 : White Death, by Avaelon125 : I really hesitated to put this one on my top ten, because the author (who are a professional writer by the way) has abandoned the fanfic, and will never give it an end. That’s really sad and disappointed, even if he have good reasons to doing so (well good reasons for him, at least). But, well, White Death is unilaterally recognized to be the most well written fanfiction of Zootopia… But it’s very dark, gore, violent, explicit and choking by moment. A kind of “noir” story, a thriller in the universe of Zootopia (and he takes a lot of liberty with the movie, it can confuse). But Judy and Nick are exceptional, and are in love (truly in love… passion is the right word). And all, absolutely ALL, feel PERFECTLY. Go check that, please, and cry with me because we will never have the end of this incredible story.

Link to White Death :

And to finish, let me give you the titles of some good fanfictions, that I like really well, but are a bit less good than the previous one (but all deserve to be read, in my opinion). Go check by yourself for those ones, if you are curious :

   -          The boxes? Or funnies? Diary

   -          Family

   -          Interspecies Troubles

   -          Where you expecting someone else?

   -          Dreams of Steel and Bones

   -          Instincts

   -          Taste of Rabbit

   -          Sad Nick

   -          We’re engaged

   -          The Masks we wear

   -          While I’m away

   -          A mountain I’m willin’ to die on it

   -          Officer needs assistance

   -          Wedding, Lifemates and Love

   -          Pastoral

   -          The plunge (go check this one, please, deserve to be in my top 10)

   -          Zootopia : Partners

   -          Exodus of Two

   -          A Night Out in Zootopia

Yes, I have read ALL of them, entirely ! YES, I’M CRAZY, so what? I have read MORE (a lot more) than that, and I can easily write a list of Zootopia’s fanfictions that deserves to NOT BE READ BY ANYONE! But will not do that, for the respect of the authors ^^

Thanks for reading this shit, and sorry for my ugly, disgusting, disturbing and pitiful English.

And thanks to the Zootopia’s community : all those fanfictions, fanarts and discussions make my days better. I love you all, guys.

This Hendall thing makes me sick. Not because i hate kendall or i want to date harry cuz i know that it will never happen even in my wildest dreams (see wut i did there). Its a feeling i cant really explain, i expect harry to be one of those people that dont date girls who are perfect, who really see beyond that prision as i like to call the body and really get to see her as a person. Her soul her mind and damn i excpect harrys gf to be like super smart and philosophycal (is this a word?) And stuff like that. But none of those girls seems like that. Im sure they are nice, but knowing harry he doesnt need nice, he needs a mental connection, to keep him in the relationship. He needs communication, opinions and debates and u know stuff like that. But those girls have one thing in common. Body. Tall and skinny and basically almost perfect faces. Im not sad, im a bit dissappointed because i really thought for a moment harry wasnt one of those guys that he was special. Im not saying he is a douche, i mean come on who wouldnt date a model, but the stuff he does are different from what he says and thats what bothers me. Either way i still love harry with all my heart, he is my favourite human ever, he is everything i wish to be as a person.
And lastly…. cheer up if u are sad about hendall. They wont last 😂 if u have been in the fandom for a long time like i have u know what harry is like.

anonymous asked:

4 / 6 / 9

✨❀ Another RP Questions For The Mun || Anonymous || ACCEPTING !

4. Favorite rp moment you had? OH GOD I don’t know. There were a whole bunch on my previous blog and over Discord.  @platinum-bubbles ‘s Jotaro and Nori confessing their feelings for one another, finally. The Kaks ( @cherrytoxicant ) finally having their ‘just shut up and kiss already’ moment. There’s so many of them. 

6. Do you have a large circle of friends in the rp community or a small one? I have a pretty small circle of friends. I’m really socially anxious so I don’t really branch out very often. 

9. Is there someone you believe who deserves more love? If so, tag them and say something positive about them.

      @cherrytoxicant I love your Kakyoin so much. Favourite Kak. You’ve helped me so much when it comes to developing my muse. My Kakyoin would probably be super 2D and flat like he started out if you hadn’t shown me just how in-depth a character he is. I love bouncing headcanons between one another and crying over our muses. I’m still mad at you for getting me into Basara. >:C

     @platinum-bubbles You are my bae and I love annoying the hell out of you every waking moment. Whether it be fangirling over Jojo, talking about Isaac or what have you, I’ve never had a bad time talking to you. I love you so much. <3