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I must have watched this a dozen times over the past few months, but I am still unprepared for how much I love it. Each time, I find something new I am obsessed with, some little detail to delight me.

It’s the combination of his beautiful, expressive voice and the poetic, meaningful words that does me in.

Good things that happened in 2016: Les Mis edition
  • Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser sang Bring him home together
  • Aaron Tveit sang Take me or leave me with Gavin Creel
  • Alistair Brammer got married
  • Killian Donnelly, Fra Fee and Sam Barks went to his wedding
  • and Fra Fee let his inner Courfeyrac out
  • the musical travelled to Manila, Singapore and Dubai
  • a new musical was made in Germany
  • a concert tour was announced for next year in France
  • there was talk about series adaptation (which is scary, but hey, we’ll have more material to discuss and at the very least it will bring new people to the fandom, which can’t be bad)
  • George Blagden sang Grantaire’s verse of Drink with me
  • Andy Mientus and Michael Arden got married
  • and Andy Mientus caught a Mr. Mime
  • Aaron Tveit discovered memes
  • Eddie Redmayne starred a Harry Potter film
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Hello!!! For the color palette challenge, I was wondering if you could do pallet #5 with the word ‘dream’. (uwu)

Dreams full of magic (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Celegorm and Luthien are stinking cute :3

- screams into the void - 

they are my absolute babes & I will fight aNYONE… WHO SAYS THEY’RE NOT STINKING CUTE TOGETHER.

( @nightingaleenchantress, psst, we have a fan. ) 

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name: Ana

Nicknames: I don’t have

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Height: 5"6 or 5″7 (i guess)

Orientation: bisexual

Nationality: Brazilian

Favourite fruit: melon, strawberry, peach

Favourite season : Winter

Favourite book: One of my favs: Love Letters To The Dead

Favourite flower: Roses

Favourite scent: Coffee, Roses, Orange

Favourite colour: Black

Favourite animal: Cat

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Coffee

Average amount of sleep : 3-4 hours in routine/8-9 hours in weekends (sometimes)

Cat or dog: Cat (I have one)

Favourite fictional character: Sherlock Holmes

Number of blankets you sleep with: Two

Dream trip: Japan and London for now

Blog created: In this year (March 13th) 

Number of followers: 187

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F and I!! :DD

thank you, gabi!!

F. a song that i’ve used as a ringtone at some point

so… i never had a phone in which i was able to costumize the ringtone ahaha but if i did, i’d use la valse d’amelie by yann tiersen

I. a song that gives me butterflies

the phantom of the opera theme. all versions. particularly this one, since it was my first contact with the song and the movie remains as one of my favourites.

send me a letter and i’ll recommend you a song!

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okay okay maybe yixing aint fluent in english lol maybe i was exaggerating a bit but he definitely knows more than he lets on and its very impressive considering the fact that he doesn’t live in a english speaking country

look at him translating for his indian co-star 

and here we have him flirting with fans in english

and heres some more flirting smh

this one is my favourite; he’s reading an english letter sent from a fan at his fansign

and here we have him explaining how he came up with the name XBACK for his international fans (just listen to his pronunciation omfg) 

he literally wrote a whole song in english for fans omg :( (starts at 3:21)

and this is a screenshot of an english musician that worked with yixing saying yixing’s english is on point

adsfghd what he would say if he met michael jordan

and this one is just c*ute and i love him

and i dont have a link for this one but one time on the vapp he was reading a letter sent from a fan. it was in korean and since korean aint his first language he was understandably struggling to read BUT there was a small english sentence in the middle of this letter and yixing read the english part fluently; no hesitation or stuttering???? …..yixing what are you hiding
ella 💛 on Twitter: "trust me I've seen a lot of soonhoon pics, but for me, this is the most beautiful"

I never really thought many people knew about this moment. It is one of my favourites too!

They both worked so hard on the love and letter album , the concept and song itself and especially the mv were pretty different from what they and we were used to so I was scared if they were going to have a win for it at all.

So I cried when I watched them. There was only a glimpse of this soonhoon moment but it was enough to make my heart ache.

Soonyoung was shocked and already started crying but the second he glanced over to a hunched over crying jihoon, he bawled.

The rawness and sincerity of the emotion felt on stage that day, made me hurt because of all the pain they had to endure to do what they love doing but it also made me proud to call myself a carat.

To our precious seventeen, Today marks the one year anniversary of your first win. We’ve come a long way and no matter what country we’re from or what language we speak, carats will always understand your love for us. Please stay strong and take care of yourselves.

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So many letters are already chosen... niCo yaZaWa anD maKi nishikino (so CZDWK) for the A-Z, have fun~

Ow, thank you for this one ! Letters from one my favourite ships.. Amazing ! x3

C - Carol Peletier (from The Walking Dead)

Z - Zoldyck Killua (from Hunter x Hunter)

D - Daryl Dixon (from The Walking Dead)

W - Winry Rockbell (from Fullmetal Alchemist)

K - Kidou Yuuto (from Inazuma Eleven)

a tag about letters.

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1. Name: Ashleigh
2. A four letter word: Ache (aching is one of my favourite types of pain - especially the ache when you press on a bruise)
3. A boy’s name: Arlo
4. Something you can wear: Apron
5. A food: Apricot
6. Something you can find in a bathroom: Aerosol deodorant (i know it’s kinda extra to specify that the deodorant is an “aerosol” one and there’s probably something really obvious that you find in a bathroom beginning with ‘a’ but i can’t think of anything else so apologies)
7. A place: Amsterdam
8. A reason for being late: Abactor (“a cattle thief” - if your livestock are threatened, then your lunch date has gotta wait)
9. Something you shout: Ayyyyyyy
10. A movie title: Alice in Wonderland
11. Something you drink: Americano
12. An animal: Alpaca (I wanted to put ‘algae’ for this part but I don’t know if it’s an animal or a plant - please enlighten me if you know what category it falls into)
13. A type of car: Audi (my friend Hannah’s favourite car)
14. Title of a song: American Idiot - Greenday (when I used to catch the bus to school with my friend, Sarah, we would listen to this song together everyday).

i hope these words have ignited a burning love for the letter ‘a’. if not, feel free to come rant at me about why you dislike this letter. as always, i’m tagging anyone who wants to do this (mention me in your post if you want me to read it) and also tagging the following lovely people:

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klaroline positivity week [day 4/7]
 ↳   day four; fic writers.

they’re so many amazing people out there so i’m obviously going to miss a few out but here are just a few of my favs that are a must read. also, a big shout out to everyone who reads and reviews on all of my fics or talks to me about them. i appreciate all of your support so much but i suck and hardly know any of your tumblrs so heres a big thanks to all of you<3

  • @thetourguidebarbie - angie writes so many amazing fics that i just couldn’t possibly choose a favourite, but i think the drabbles i’ve reread the most are the harry potter ones and the sex pollen one. her smut is always incredible but so are the angst and the fluff. if i had to pick a favourite it would probably be the travellers because i haven’t seen a fic done like that one before and it’s done so well in a way that is completely realistic, i believe. however, linked is another must for me because i adore the mate trope so much and i love the katherine sass as well as kol. kol is written so amazingly and i love his relationship with caroline and that caroline encourages klaus to rebuild relationships with his siblings. angie is definitely my smut go to on a bad day and she’s written so many that it’s always great to choose.
  • @accidental-rambler - kate, you know i love all of your drabbles so much! but you want me to be yours is so amazing and i love it so much. definitely a unique take on an idea and i love that caroline thinks herself worthy of more and that klaus is the one to change to be good for her.
  • @austennerdita2533 - ashlee, you write the most fluffiest things ever and i love you so much for it! i love pretty much everything that you write but your such a cupcake but your letter collection one is by far my favourite. a definite must read!
  • @cupcakemolotov - definitely my smutty go to on a bad day. my favourite one is the klaus as a succubus (Beneath Your Skin) and i love the caroline refuses to take shit from him. also, kudos for the rebekah and caroline relationship - i live for their friendships and it’s so rarely done lately. also, love the dream sharing thing.
  • @lalainajanes - so many great fics to choose from but my all time favourite is definitely growing up beside you which i have reread multiple times. the smut is on point, as always, and i love seeing the difference in the way klaus sees caroline as he grows up and as she matures and i especially love the way that the age gap doesn’t seem to matter anymore. my favourite scene is actually the one in the bar where marcel teases klaus with caroline and i just love his character. however, all of her drabbles and other fics are also incredible. definitely a must go to if in a smutty mood - i especially reccommend the sex pollen drabbles.
  • @she-walked-away - baby talk is by far the fluffiest thing i think i’ve ever read. i love that erik takes to caroline so quickly and i always love see caroline in a mother role (in AH). my favourite is definitely claire’s first christmas - i adore big brother erik, and that she has klaus wrapped around her finger. so well done! and of course, dirty little secret is also another favourite of mine and the smut is perfect as always - i love that it takes them all the story to really admit their feelings.
  • @queencarolinemikaelson - i’ve completely forgot the name of the fic but the tumblr one IS INCREDIBLE AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. like, it’s just so unique and i haven’t seen it done before. i love the little bit of angst since it isn’t too overwhelming for me, and it’s defnitely done very well. i also love that caroline takes no crap from him and sends him running, i live for that!
  • @gooddame - always posts such amazing fics in my ask box and it’s nearly always when i first wake up (time difference, i guess?) but it’s such a treasure to wake up to and they’re usually very fluffy. i love fluff and unicorns and rainbows!
  • @strongbeautifulfulloflight - a game of conscious was also another of my first ever klaroline fanfics that i read (particularly, a smutty one, anyway). and it’s still one of my favs and ofc, it’s done very well! i love anything set in early season three onwards, and the love triangle between klaus, tyler and caroline. a little bit of insecure klaus is always great too! some angst, but a lovely ending! i also love double crossed but i’m a little behind because it was getting too angsty for me and i can’t deal with reading it if i don’t know the whole story. i look forward to reading it when it is complete, however!
  • @willowaus - forever changed is another one of my big favourites, since i love the film it is based on so much and i have imagined klaroline in this scenario lots of times! i love all the flashbacks and especially the fluffiness of the epilogue, a must read!
  • @misssophiachase - keeping up appearances was such an amazing one that i’m happy to say is complete and that i have reread once or twice. i love that there’s a bit of angst in there too and it isn’t always plain sailing, and it makes the ending that much more special. i also love katherine and bonnie in that one, too!
  • @addriannadestiny - handle with care is a must must must! it’s so well written and i love klaus as a moody manager and caroline as an innocent singer, but who, of course can hold her own! i hope to see this one updated soon, and also, we need more manager/singer fics in this fandom.
  • @ssklaroline - i love love love risky business. a definitely different take on the baby storyline that fixes it in my mind. and i love that caroline still maintains her own life in this one and doesn’t drop everything for klaus.
  • @livingdeadblondequeen - the only hope for me is you is actually the first klaroline fic i ever read so it holds a special place for me and it’s so fluffy! i love the idea of caroline as a nanny. it’s a must read for me!
  • @honestgrins - pretty much all of your one shots, they’re so lovely and range from fluffy to angsty. i’m very thankful for your contributions to the fandom!
  • @itsnotacrimetoloveyou - one of the first things i ever read from you was your snapchat drabbles and they still remain one of my favourites! klaus in the modern world is an absolute must for me and i’d love to read more like this with instagram, facebook or whatever. i live for these types of things!
  • @klarolinedrabbles - the royalty you wrote for me for the klaroline exchange still remains one of my favourites ever. and anymore that knows me, knows that i live for royalty au’s but this one is amazing, and so well done!
  • @radientwings - just give me a reson remains one of my favourite pregnancy fics and it’s so well done that you have to love it. i love that caroline doesn’t take any shit from klaus.
     they’re so many amazing people out there so i’m obviously going to miss a few out but here are just a few of my favs that are a must read.
  • a few other writers i enjoy are @hummingbirds-and-champagne, @klarodrabblequest, @xxafterthestormxx, @anastasiadreams, @wanderlust-in-nyc, @maevelin, @lclrgsl, @loveyou914.

i’ve probably missed some out so i’m sorry but i tried to include everyone! i’m always up for new klaroline recs<3

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Your recent post about Virginia Woolf really piqued my interest about her works. I was wondering if you could recommend any of your favourites to a novice curious to delve into her writing. Your insight would be most helpful. Thank you!

Anyone who wishes to discuss Virginia Woolf is always welcome here.

I have heard Woolf’s writing described as an acquired taste; I only half agree with such a statement. Of any author as I have read, Woolf is the one whose writing utterly encapsulates her being. Her literary progress chronicles her own emotional bildungsroman, developing from acute psychological study to profound and often mystical explorations of the human condition in all its frailty. Her earlier fiction retains some sense of regularity and preciousness, while her later work is subsumed by the experimentalist hallmark of postmodernism. For one who wishes to dip their toes into the glory that is Woolf’s writing and (ideally) venture further, there is a (relatively) linear path:

  1. A Room of One’s Own – A (nonfiction) feminist masterpiece, and sets much of the tone for Woolf’s fictional works preoccupied with space and imagination.
  2. Mrs. Dalloway – Perhaps her most famous work, and deservedly so. Thematically and stylistically brilliant, the novel begins with the memorable line, “Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.”
  3. Orlando – My personal favourite of the fictions. A curious and highly unconventional satirical bend on customs of Edwardiana and all things ‘proper’, Orlando is a utopian semi-autobiographical fantasy, which was incidentally drafted contemporaneously with A Room of One’s Own, and so many themes will re-emerge. Not to mention, Orlando is of course dedicated to its muse, Vita Sackville-West.
  4. To the Lighthouse – Woolf’s renowned “stream-of-consciousness” technique is as its finest here, a philosophical meditation on subjectivity and ghosts of the past.
  5. The Death of the Moth and Other Essays – Woolf’s short stories are treasures, and this particular volume contains some of her finest achievements. Pay particular attention to “Street Haunting: A London Adventure” and “A Letter to a Young Poet”.
  6. Kew Gardens – If you hunger for more of Woolf’s shorter writings, this is the ticket. Dear Virginia has never been overly fond of narrative plots, but instead revels in literary impressionism, or the ability to convey atmosphere through words. The eponymous story in this collection is the finest example of such artistry.
  7. The Voyage Out – Woolf’s first novel, and the one with which she was never entirely satisfied. It sets into motion certain themes which permeate her future literary oeuvre, including her preoccupation with consciousness and social critique.
  8. The Waves – The most intimate and unfathomable of Woolf’s writings. The writing is at times overwrought, listless, and meandering, but is so involvingly dream-like, one feels as though one were at sea him/herself, as was Woolf’s intent (written to “to a rhythm not to a plot”).
  9. The Years – The scope of this novel is a historical one, although it doesn’t stray far from Woolf’s usual ruminations on place and past. The characters’ lives across the years are still documented in minute, intimate details, rather than in grand scope, situated across historical time and geographical space. It curiously lacks much of Woolf’s charged, poetic language of previous work, but is an estimable bookend to Woolf’s literary life.

And of course, if you still yet crave more of her work, there are three more novels and several more short story/essay collections to consume.

Having said all this, I would be remiss in omitting Woolf’s letters and diaries. Her diary entries would not be out of place amongst her finest published works, and being an obsessive chronicler of daily psychology, Woolf’s diaries remain one of my favourites of her literary output (in particular, her letters to Lytton Strachey and Vita Sackville-West).

I trust that this modest catalogue is of some use to you, and for anyone else venturing into virgin literary territory.

PS. On a related note, my profile photo is not of Virginia, but of Vita, a photograph taken by E.O. Hoppé in 1916 in all her Dionysian glory (for the Anon who asked): a common error.

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