one of my favourite games ever

My grandfather died exactly two years ago and my voicemail is still full of his messages telling me ‘love you’ or the typical 'chess pun of the day’; some of the are just reminders to make me eat.

He was truly the most decent, intelligent, kind man I have ever known. He is sorely missed.


lady olenna’s reaction to seeing/meeting brienne is still one of my favourite scenes ever❤️ brienne is so used to people making fun of her height and appearance, and just generally being cruel to her because of her physical traits. so when lady olenna is kind to brienne about her looks, she can’t help but be shocked but also show a hint of a smile. women being positive towards & complimenting other women is the shit i live for 

seventeen ✗ the office quotes

✎ so i just randomly thought of this and bc it’s my favourite show i though eh why not.

seungcheol: “i feel like all my kids grew up, and then they married each other. it’s every parents dream.”

jeonghan: “occasionally i’ll hit somebody with my car. so sue me.”

joshua: “i signed up for second life [ a computer game ] about a year ago. back then my life was so great that i literally wanted a second one. absolutely everything was the same… except i could fly.”

jun: “wikipedia is the best thing ever. anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. so you know you are getting the best information possible.”

hoshi: “sometimes i start a sentence and i don’t even know where it’s going. i just hope i find it along the way.”

wonwoo: “i love catching people in the act. that’s why i always whip open doors.”

woozi: “i don’t hate it. i just don’t like it at all, and it’s terrible.”

seokmin: “would i rather be feared or loved? easy. both. i want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

mingyu: “when i discovered youtube, i didn’t work for five days.”

minghao: “people say, oh it’s dangerous to keep weapons in the home, or the work place. well i say, it’s better to be hurt by someone you know, accidentally, than by a stranger on purpose.”

vernon: “society teaches us that having feelings and crying is bad and wrong. well, that’s baloney, there’s such a thing as good grief. just ask charlie brown.”

seungkwan:  “it’s a real shame because studies have shown more information gets passed through water cooler gossip than through official memos. which puts me at a disadvantage because i bring my own bottle to work.”

chan: “nothing stresses me out. except having to seek the approval of my inferiors.”

Harry Potter Asks
  • Hermione: What was your favourite subject in school?
  • Ron: Do you have a favourite sport? And if so, what is it?
  • Remus: What's your favourite animal?
  • Ginny: Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they? What would you do differently?
  • Cho: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Harry: Have you ever had the same dream twice?
  • George: What is your favourite TV show at the moment?
  • Fred: Have you ever seen more than one movie at the theatre in a day?
  • Draco: What are you most scared of?
  • Fleur: Do you speak more than one language?
  • Gabrielle: Do you play any instruments?
  • Padma: What are the top five places you want to travel to?
  • Parvati: What kind of phone do you have?
  • Cedric: What is your sexuality?
  • Katie: Do you have any siblings?
  • Pansy: What are your favourite songs?
  • Dumbledore: What season do you like best?
  • Snape: What's the worst thing you've ever done?
  • Hannah: Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
  • Neville: Have you ever gotten into a fight?
  • Lavender: Are you single? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Significant other? Crush?
  • James: What time do you usually go to bed?
  • Lily: What's your favourite type of flower?
  • Luna: Are you a cold holiday person or a hot holiday person?
  • Molly: What's your favourite food?
  • Charlie: Have you ever played truth or dare?


Dragon Age Origins was my first RPG, and I never ever expected to fall in love with a game so rich in lore, characters, scenery and my favourite part of all the romance arcs. This game changed my life so much, making me change my view and beliefs of the world around me and also to be able to communicate with people more freely, which I couldn’t do because I felt awkward around a lot of people, and I feel as if I’m not the only one.


Happy first Oxenfree anniversary, @nightschoolstudio! Thank you for this beautiful game, I love the story and characters so much, I can’t even tell. It’s totally best game of 2016 for me, and one of my favourites ever (I played it 4 times in a row and usually I can’t even force myself to play a game for second time in a year, haha). Oxenfree is a mix of my favourite things: silly teenagers, scary stuff, SCAVENGER HUNT and timeloops. Well now I think it’s time to replay it one more time.

I saw your post with Alex and fireworks, and felt so sad for her, I needed to draw something with the gang. In the end it turned out a little angsty tho… Sorry.

And again, thank you a lot, Nightschoolers, I will be waiting for your next projects! 

HAPPY (belated) 1st ANNIVERSARY!

One year now, over 600 hours, and I am still in awe at the sight of Mira’s beauty every single time I turn on the goddamn game. I never thought XCX would take my heart that easily, and although Xenoblade Chronicles is a fucking good game, and X has many flaws, I believe it still sneaked it’s way up to my favourite part of the two. It offered me everything I ever wished for in a game since I… play videogames. A huge world that is absolutely free to explore, where you can go everywhere. LITERALLY. You can FLY. TO. EVERY. SINGLE. ROCK. YOU SEE. IN A GIANT FIGHTING ROBOT. WHAT? The planet is filled with diverse landscapes, beautiful and deadly like the creatures living on it. It has characters that are diverse and loveable, and a story that is… short, but intriguing nonetheless. The music is just awesome. And I don’t need to mention the awesome and loving fanbase.
….And it has Elma. Do you need more convincing?
No. No you don’t.

Also, and that is to me really important on another level, it inspired me to draw so much. Like no other game ever managed to do so before. The progress I have made over this year thanks to the game is enormous. I love you for that, X. Thank you.


My eyebrow game was on point that day.

I did a slightly more book-inspired photoshoot for Thranduil during the winter, with a crown of holly berries. The movie costume is one of my favourite things ever, but I liked the mix of the fully red crown with the red inside the cloak.

I think I managed to look cold, both in the physical and metaphorical sense. It was like 5 Farenheit and brutally windy.

Photos: katharynmarie


@therealjacksepticeye I think this is my favourite series ever on the channel.Every time an episode ended i was desperate for the next one, so thank you jack for not making us wait too long haha, but oh my god im not forgetting this ever (i dont know what to do with my life now) and i think it might just be one of my favourite games and without jack i would probably have never gotten to experience this beautiful game. So yeh goodbye treaker (i got even more attached to this cat-bird than i thought i would some how) and thank you the people who made this awsome game and to jack for sharing it with us.

My Top 9 Fics of 2016

I was tagged by @envydean thank you xx

This isn’t in any specific order!

  1. Breathless - (1113 words) I loved this one because it was just super fluffy and who doesn’t love writing fluff? And supportive!dean is one of my fave things ever.
  2. I’ve Got You - (879 words) This will probably always be one of my favourite fics. I don’t even know why. I guess it was something that I for some reason I could imagined so easily and therefore it was even easier to write. I am also a fan of angst with a sprinkle of fluff so maybe that’s why.
  3. Distractions (1444 words) I love jock!dean getting teased by his friends because he’s going out with Cas. And I love runner!cas so yes, this was very fun to write!
  4. Paint (2000 words) Again, more angst. I love vulnerable!cas and Dean turning on his “friends” to help him. I also loved writing their fluffy future!
  5. Tell Me That I’m Right (1514 words) The quotes and title of this was actually based off one of my favourite songs by Whitaker. Serioulsy listen to it. Anyways, I loved writing Dean still being so desperate for Cas even after all these years. And Cas sort of crumbling into his arms asdfghjkl
  6. Photo Booth (1036 words) So much fluff and seriously can Dean and Cas please just go into a photo booth and take pictures? In canon? PLEASE? Yeah, this was really fun to write.
  7. Pain (2230 words) I don’t know why I do this to myself. It was painful to write but also really fun to show different parts of their domestic life.
  8. The Full Experience (1333 words) Dean, who is older by a few years, taking Cas to prom. FLUFFFFFF. I always love when Cas has a crush on Dean who is a little bit older and doesn’t think Dean likes him back BUT THEN HE DOES.
  9. Drunk Phone Call (2636 words) More angst ahhhh. This was fun to write and I don’t know why. I’m so horrible. Why do I do this to them? My poor bbys.

I tag: @wanderingcas @blissfulcastiel @hunterangelkisses & @all-i-need-is-destiel

Don’t feel obliged :)


Doodling and drooling over my favourite Dark Lord.

I felt like fangirling tonight, so I drew (and am drawing at the very moment) sketches of Tom Riddle in his twenties.

This obsession with the villain - and with the Dark Side in general - is becoming unhealthy… but let’s face it, what obsession is not unhealthy anyway?

I’m digressing…

Chapter 5 of Dark Games is up! It’s one of the greatest chapter I’ve ever written, so go check it out. There’s a lot from Hermione’s POV as well (:

one of my favourite things about Mulan is that one of Mulan’s main characteristics is her ability to think quickly, imaginatively and strategically, but this is never explicitly mentioned in the film’s dialogue.

“All out of ideas?” is about as close as we ever get to someone acknowledging that capacity she has.

It’s in using Little Brother to feed the chickens, in winning the chess game during “Honour to us all”, in writing notes on her arm where The Matchmaker doesn’t think to look, in deciding to take her father’s place to begin with, in reaching the top of the pole, in aiming the canon at the mountaintop, in everything she does while saving the emperor and the move with the fan.

Along with her compassion and bravery, it’s what ends up making her stand out as exceptional during her time in the army. 

I freaking love this because

1. It’s a master class in “show don’t tell”. I love Disney but usually it does trip itself up way too much with heavy-handed mini speeches telling the audience what the film’s really meant to be all about.

2. The other character who we constantly see thinking about strategy is Shan Yu (using the beacons and ordering the deaths of one of the messengers to create fear, having his soldiers hide inside the dragon etc) and so even though he doesn’t know she exists for a good long time in the film, it sets them up as each other’s antagonists all the way through.

3. China is ultimately saved because various elements of the “make a man out of you” sequence are transformed by the skills a young girl picked up while trying to do her everyday and domestic duties at home. It really makes you think about the unrecognised brilliance in everyone and how what’s recognised as s a weakness (Mulan’s family seem to initially view her ideas as frustrating inconveniences, the army initially dismiss the idea that anything feminine can be of real worth) can turn out to be someone’s greatest strength.


“You bunch with your little game of ‘Let’s pretend to fight for justice’ can’t win against a truly strong opponent nor can you protect anything.”