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Not hating but personally i strongly dislike ushioi only bc oikawa and iwachan hate him like why would i want to ship my fave character with his rival lol

Well, strongly disliking something might not equal hating, but sending me this out of the blue.. kinda does. I mean, why did you do that? Okay, UshiOi is not your cup of tea, that’s cool, but it’s mine, you know? Why’d you go out of your way to tell me that? You knew that it would only upset me. 

I might be getting you wrong, but since you put this as a rhetorical question it definitely doesn’t feel like you’re asking me about my opinion on UshiOi in order to understand what’s appealing about it to me. If I’m wrong, correct me, but to me this is not what a friendly ask from a curious anon who’s interested in what I have to say looks like.

Moreover, I’m sorry, but you definitely shouldn’t be allowed to use strong words like “hate” because you clearly can’t handle them. There might be a million parallel universes, but in none of them Oikawa and Iwaizumi actually hate Ushijima. This is a shounen manga; it’s sports and school and comedy and deals with relationships between high school students who are passionate about volleyball. There are friendships and rivalries, jealousy, happiness, euphoria, disappointment, and whatever else, but there isn’t anything that could truly be called hate

A rivalry doesn’t equal hate, and actually having rivals can be a very healthy thing and is also pretty essential for the players’ development in competitive sports. There’s a lot more I could say about this, but I’m sorry, I don’t feel lke you’d care, and this is something that feels so obvious to me, I don’t feel like writing a long text about this.

Also, you do know that the rivals-to-lovers trope is actually a very, very popular one? People ship their favourite characters with their rivals all the time and for a lot of reasons. If you don’t, once again, that’s cool, but please don’t bother anyone who does with your negativity. 

Coming Home-Kili Oakenshield x Reader One Shot

(A/N: ‘The Hobbit’ series are some of my favourite films. How could I not write about them? No one has died during the journey-if only that were true-but I never really stick to the main plot.)

Summary: (Y/N) is a princess betrothed to Kili, they are to marry once he returns from Thorin’s journey to reclaim 'The Lonely Mountain’. They deeply love each other and she grows anxious for his return.

Characters: Kili Oakenshield x Reader, Thorin’s Company x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: Nothing, just fluff-unless you count it being short.

Sighing once again I slammed the book shut before dumping it onto the table. There were multiple piles of books strewn across the table in front of me, this was supposed to distract me, pass the time. No matter the amount of reading I did I couldn’t draw my mind away from the real world. Deciding to give up distracting myself, I stood from my chair, sorting my skirts before exiting the royal library. The librarian bid me farewell with a sympathetic smile, he knew why I visited them everyday.

My fiance was far away, I could not even write to him. Kili Oakenshield, a prince, had joined his uncle’s company to take a journey towards ’ The Lonely Mountain’ so that he may reclaim his kingdom. We all knew that it would be dangerous, we all knew that some of them may never come back. Kili and I had grown up together, it was obvious to everyone that we were to marry; we were used to being with each other almost all of the time meaning that this would be a strange experience for both of us.

Fiddling with my beautiful engagement ring, I wandered down the corridors of the palace, not really heading anywhere in particular. My mother and father had started to worry for my health knowing that I was always sad and hardly ever smiled. However they could not do anything about it, only hope that my love would return to me unharmed. Even if he was harmed, I would be happy that he had come back, he could be missing a leg and I wouldn’t care. Our wedding was all planned out, the kingdom too waited in anticipation, all that was needed was the groom.

Yet again, another sigh left my lips. What was I supposed to do? There had been no word from the company or anything about it. At first I had a lot of faith in the dwarves, wizard and hobbit, I still did, but my worry was growing stronger by the day; there was no telling how much longer I would have to ended this tedious nightmare.

“M'lady!” I heard someone call my name. It was one of the guards.

“Yes?” I spun around in confusion, a small glimmer of hope rising in me.

He smiled, knowing that I would be happy with his answer.“They have returned.

He need say no more.

Picking up my skirts, I ran faster than I ever had before. For some reason I one where to go, like an instinct. I looked like a maniac but who cared? I was the princess, no one dared question me. As my hair flew behind me and my heels clicked against the floor, I couldn’t help some tears roll down my face. My day had turned around, my happiness had returned.

Bursting into the throne room I saw the company standing there, greeting my mother and father. Thankfully they hadn’t invited any of the court members, treating the men as their own family.

"Kili!” I couldn’t help but scream as I saw his figure.

His head whipped around, a huge grin plastered onto his face. We ran to each other, me jumping into him as soon as he was close enough. Kili held me up, gripping into me tightly as I did to him before setting me on the ground, never letting go. My happy sobs could be heard even though they were muffled in his chest. I didn’t want to let go in case this was a dream. Pulling away from each other, Kili cupped my face in his hands kissing me with passion and love. If it weren’t for the others we would have spent longer doing so.

“I can’t believe you’re back. You cannot imagine how hard it has been without you here.” I whispered.

“Oh, I think I can.” he grasped onto my hands bringing them to his lips.“I just want to marry you now, do we have to wait for an actual ceremony?”

“Kili, you know I feel the same. But think about the celebration, it will be beautiful.”

“It would be beautiful with just you there.”

I gave him a look and he just chuckled.

“Fine. But I pray that it comes soon.”

“As do I Kili, as do I.”

Why I love Robin Hood and everyone else should too

why-this-kolaveri-machi said: <333 I wanted to tell you after I’d seen a few more eps, but I haven’t gotten any time recently to watch a lot of stuff. Maybe soon!

The good thing about Robin Hood is that the storylines were never horrendously convoluted enough to mess with your brain, so you can literally just drift in and out whenever :) but yes, it’s one of the most fun shows I ever got hooked on. so I did get bored and write up a cheerful Robin Hood intro rant, so here you go :) 

(gifs stolen from all over tumblr, none of them mine just in case you were wondering)


It’s unapologetically ridiculous. This is a show that references Wacky Races, Bob Marley songs, and only just got away with plagiarism by shoe-horning pretty much the entire plot of Ocean’s Eleven into a forty-five minute time slot. And it clearly just does not give a damn. We think the Musketeers pushes historical accuracy occasionally but OH DEAR ME NO.

This is the way Netflix advertises it.

Do you see what we’re getting into yet?? 

Genuinely fantastic acting from a show that was clearly something of a joke when it started out. Seriously. This show had enough ridiculous moments, questionable issues and plot holes to sink the Black Pearl, but holy crap the acting was fantastic.

Robin Hood and Marian. I actually was far more into the secondary characters than the main ones, but that being said these two really were great characters and I do love them a lot. They had great storylines, and both were such snarkastic asses at times, they were fantastic.

Keith Allan as the Sheriff of Nottingham. OH MY GOD. JUST. I have no words to sum up the brilliance of the Sheriff. There are literally no words to sum up the brilliance of the Sheriff.

Richard Armitage. Your judgement of Gisborne will differ from ‘misunderstood baby who just needed a second chance’ to ‘sadistic manipulative little creep who handled rejection worse than Rochefort from the Musketeers’ depending on your own personal views, but the one thing we can say about him is that Richard Armitage is a cracking actor who did really bloody well with him. Outside his relationship with Marian Guy’s snarky I’m-surrounded-by-morons act was beautiful. And he pretty much sparked off my love for men in leather.

(NOT HELPED BY THIS GUY THOUGH, but we’ll get onto that)

Much: Lovely adorable insecure happy-to-hide-the-sad little flower who needs cuddles and food. Lots of cuddles and lots more food.


A beautiful shining star who everyone should love unreservedly and without question. 

Little John. Pretty much a mixture of Captain Treville, Porthos, Hagrid and Gimli. Big giant over-protective cuddle monster who likes hitting things. Plus gets flirted with by the Queen Mother. The QUEEN MOTHER.

Royston White:


I’m not bein’ funny, but these two fuckers. 

*flails around*

THESE TWO. I can’t even say any more which one was my favourite but THESE TWO. 

You had the cocky charming trickster Allan a Dale

 and then the quiet clever passionate Will Scarlett 

and just *sigh* They both had such great characterisations, they had their dark moments and their good moments and were both such compelling characters - not to mention played by some bloody fantastic actors. I may also still ship them quite badly.


Guest Characters. German counts, revenge-driven Templars, sparkly fools, sour-tongued wise women… I can’t even go into all of them, so let me just show you Toby Stephens as the campest Prince John this side of Disney.

It’s just generally lovely.  You have friendship, romance, one-liners, action scenes, moral conundrums, swashbuckling, found families, nemesis relationships, redemption, and just generally everything to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

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1. Who is your fave character and why?

I’m sure my answer will shock no one. This guy:

Why? Because he’s complex, clever, fierce, loyal, and easy on the eyes. I love the potential of him as much as I do the reality of him. I don’t know if I will ever feel about another character the way I do about Killian Jones. 

2. Favourite recurring character? (Not a main character)

The Jolly Roger. 

She’s a marvel. 

No? I can’t use an actual ship as a character? Sigh… Ok. 

Ariel. She’s funny. 

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But also, pretty awesome. 

3. What was your favourite S1 moment?

Charming “reading” a book at Granny’s. I mean look at him:

Originally posted by alchera

I’d make sure I was there early every day, too. 

(Full disclosure, I almost stopped watching after season 1 because it didn’t really hold my interest the way I’d hoped it would. But I did honestly like the way the Charmings couldn’t stay away from each other no matter how hard they tried.)

4. Favourite overall moment?

I knew I was a gonner for his character right then and that his story would occupy my imagination for quite some time. 

5. What is something you wish you could change?

Just one thing? The whole stupid flashback with Brennan Jones and by proxy the whole servitude backstory for Killian and Liam, and from there Liam being a mass murderer. I just can’t with that whole…mess. Just. No. I’d like to kill the whole thing. Just like this:

Originally posted by magic-alwayscomeswithaprice

6. If you could see more of a background character, who would it be?

All Nemo, all the time. He gives good advice. Also, he has an amazing ship, as well. Sign me up. 

Originally posted by captainswansource

7. Who is a character you wish you could like but can’t?

I am pretty sure I dislike the characters I’m supposed to dislike, so I don’t wish to like any of them. I wish Snow and Belle were written better because I think they would be more likable than they are sometimes. But I don’t really have a good answer for this.

Thanks for tagging me! Pretty much everyone I know has done this, so if you haven’t please do and consider yourself tagged by me. 

Just putting it out there

I really want voltage to make a new or part 2 game of Pirates in Love that was one of my favourite games! It was different and adventurous! The characters are hilarious! And in every route I played I loved! The recent app always crashes and I’m literally so sad. Sigh.

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Wait, wait, WHAT?! You're seriously telling me that Ymir, YMIR, the most badass character out of the whole snk cast has..has just been eaten? Just like that? Isayama's supposed favourite character? Just..just no. This is so fucking wrong. But of course, leave it to them to kill the lesbian off..*sigh* ._.

:/ I m speechless . She was one of my fav after annie and mikasa


FINALLY FINISHED. PLEASE CLICK ON THEM TO MAKE THEM BIG. Or better yet right click, open link in new tab. They’re huuuuge. 

I wanted some height refs for my favourite characters, but it turned into this massive undertaking @@ 

Top picture is all of the faves, second one is Clone Wars characters, third one has my faves from Zahn’s Expanded Universe novels, and the last pic has me included because apparently I enjoy suffering being the shortest one in this lineup aside from the ASTROMECH and the CHILD. Sigh. 

A few notes on some of these heights, as I’m well aware people like to argue: 

  • Obi-Wan is “officially” 6 feet tall, but both actors who played him are 5′10″. Incentive enough for me to change it. 
  • Pellaeon has a canon height of 5′7″, but the man is larger than life and he stands SO TALL in the comics. I can’t. 
  • Thrass has no official height, no appearances in the comics, and doesn’t even have any official artwork, so here have a headcanon. 
  • Both Mazzic and Griv have no “official” canon height, but in the comics Mazzic towers over Thrawn even when he’s slouching, so I made my best guess. Griv is even more difficult to pinpoint, so I winged it. 
  • And I knowwwww Fett is SUPPOSED to be 6′, but Jango’s actor is fuckin 5′7″, let me dream. I figure it would make sense for the Kaminoans to tweak the clones to make them taller for intimidation value, so an unaltered clone of him would stand to reason to be about the same height as his daddy. Fight me. 

Carlos Valdes shirtless on The Flash Season 2 dvd gag reel

I just love the character of (Fran)Cisco on the new tv series The Flash, just like Felicity Smoake is my favourite character on Arrow, Cisco is my favourite character on The Flash.

And every time a new season gets released on DVD I’m hoping for a shirtless Cisco scene but sadly in this department Season 2 was as much a disappointment as Season 1. Even the one time that Cisco gets hospitalized, he’s not even shirtless there, sigh…

But fortunately for us our sexy friend Carlos Valdes is a joker in real life and in one of the scenes of the gag real on the bonuses you can find on the Disc 6 DVD of Season 2, there is a scene where the sexy Carlos finally lift his shirt up and let us take a peak at his beautiful chest.

I know that maybe the reason why they don’t put Carlos shirtless on the show is that maybe, I say maybe he’s not a very muscular guy but I think this is the reason why he should be shirtlesss on the show. It’s a relief sometimes to us, normal people to see on TV that sometimes, everyone is not buffed like a superhero. It seems more real and I know I can relate even more to a character that way.

For those who don’t want to see the whole gag real (since it’s almost 15 minutes long), you can see this particular scene at 5 minutes and 28 seconds. ;)

I still hope for a proper shirtless Cisco scene on The Flash in the seasons to come, but until then, this is as good as it gets ; so thank you Carlos, this is what I call a real bonus, for a change. ;)

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Relationship status: single… sigh

Favourite colour: forest green and pink

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick 

Last song you listened to:  currently listening to June Marieezy - Fly

Last movie you watched: the new Beauty and the Beast 

Top 3 Characters: : Lydia Martin, Jughead Jones, Sirius Black (these are literally ones only at the top of my head, bc i honestly cannot limit my favorite characters to three people, let’s be real now lol)

Top 3 Ships: 

  • Jughead Jones & Betty Cooper/ Bughead
  • Stiles Stilinski & Lydia Martin/ Stydia
  • Daryl Dixon & Beth Greene/ Bethyl 

Books you are currently reading: I recently finished reading Angelwalk by Roger Elwood and am working my way through the trilogy, so currently am on book no. 2, Fallen Angel  

Top 5 Musicals (In no particular order):

  1. Hairspray 
  2. Grease
  3. Phantom of the Opera
  4. Chicago
  5. Beauty and the Beast

(missed the last one at first lol)

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Easiest person to talk to:  Haley @aarondingel  ( I was going to add @bluewinseverytime but she was mean to me lol)
Favourite song:  Too hard but at the moment it is a toss up between Waves by Dean Lewis, Secondhand Man by Shane Nicholson, Fiction by The xx and Without You by Oh Wonder.
Grossest memory: I don’t have one.
In love: Not unless we´re talking about fictional characters. Or my kitty Oz.
Jealous of people:  LMAO all the time everyone is better than me.
Killed someone:  No 👀
Love at first sight or should I walk by again: You’d need to hit me with your car or something tbh.
Middle name: Elizabeth
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One wish: Okay, sad case a baby.
Person you called last:  Work *sigh*
Question you’re always asked: Can you show me how to….?
Reason to smile: Good music, a good book, good food, family, friends, fandom….
Song you last sang: Way Down We Go by Kaleo
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Underwear colour: Black
Vacation: Houseboat down the Murray River
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Your favourite food:  Carbs all the bad stuff.
Zodiac sign:  Sagittarius

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Promises to Keep (Ch. 2) | Zen/Hyun Ryu x Reader

RATING: Teen | GENRE: Angst/Fluff
SUMMARY: You have your first major fight with Zen. Overcome with emotion, you decide that the two of you need some space from each other.


“I’m home,” Zen called out, heaving a tired sigh as he took off his shoes and coat at the doorway. It was a long day at work; the argument that the two of you had in the morning had weighed heavily on his mind throughout the day, affecting his performance at rehearsal. When Zen was greeted with nothing but silence, he frowned. Were you still upset at him?

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Hi Anna. Dr. Strange anon here. Can you (or someone) please explain to me what the hell the Abominable Bride was all about b/c I have no clue. I'm in the US and had to subscribe to PBS to see season 4. [sigh] It's gonna suck, isn't it?

Like I said Doc Strange Anon, TAB is not really my favourite episode of the show.  I have to say that if you watch it more than once it grows on you, but the way I see it, it was Moftiss doing their own version of a proper Sherlock Holmes episode set in the character’s era, just to show they could pull it off.

But yeah, it’s given us some great moments, such as this one:

Originally posted by aestheticbywesanderson

and this one:

Originally posted by dreamyasgardian

As for the fourth season, it’s not perfect, but I happened to enjoy it.

We Should Have Brought The Cookies *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Requested by Anon: Can you do ‘You called me at two in the morning insisting that I come over and help you bake Christmas cookies for the party tomorrow because you forgot to make them earlier and now need help’ Wanda x fem!reader please
Warnings: A lot of fluff and cuteness, appearances of Pietro an Steve 
Admins Note: Love this request.

You needed all the rest you could get, you had been away on a very gruesome mission and tomorrow was the annual Christmas party with the Avengers and friends, although it felt like you needed to sleep for seventy years; like Steve did. 

You flopped onto your bed, you shared an apartment with Steve actually, and you both put your money together and got a place: it was convenient at the time, plus who better than to share a place with than Steve? He’s also your best friend since joining the Avengers. 

When you arrived Steve was already sleep, since it was midnight, the place was dark and the only light you used to get around the place was the streetlights from outside that flowed through the windows. You somehow managed to shower beforehand, plus putting clean pj’s on also, although as soon as your head hit the fluffy pillow you were out cold.

“(Y/N)” someone was shaking you, you groaned and opened both eyes to a sleeping Steve who was holding your mobile “your phone has been ringing on the kitchen counter for twenty minutes” he states, grabbing your hand and placing the small phone inside your palm, your eyes strained at the bright light of the screen “must be important” he sleepily walked out of your room and across the hallway to his room, from your doorway you could see into Steve’s room, you watched as he fell flat on his face on the bed and already began snoring. The ringing made you jump and you answered it without even looking at the caller ID.
“Hello?” you sleepily asked.

“Oh, thank god” you smiled slightly at Wanda’s voice, despite people assuming you and Steve are together, you actually really like Wanda; Steve always tells you to say something but you’ve always chickened out. 

“Hey, Wanda what do you need?” you asked, eyes closing with every second you tried to stay awake; it was difficult keeping your eyes open when your bed was so warm and comfy. 

“Well, this is so stupid and you will probably think I’m an idiot” you glanced at the clock it was two in the morning, she either better be confessing her love to you or she’s killed Pietro because of how annoying he is “you know how I said I’d make Christmas cookies for us all, the part and such” you nodded and hummed. 

“Well… I procrastinated and haven’t made them plus I seemed to have misplaced my book” she sighed out “you are the only person I know who knows how to bake” you instantly understood where this was leading, she needed your help, now was the time to decide if your love for Wanda was really true or not!

It was true. You got to Wanda’s in twenty minutes, somehow taxis are still travelling around New York, cost a hell of a lot but Wanda needed you; you left a small note on Steve’s forehead, it was a sticky note, just saying you went to Wanda’s because she needed you. 

Knocking the door you rubbed your eyes tiredly, Wanda threw the door open and pulled you inside, you stumbled slightly but regained balance before you fell over. You wondered why she didn’t get Pietro to help her but then you remembered that Pietro is utterly useless at cooking and baking. 

“I am so sorry” Wanda said grabbing you and pulling to the kitchen “I know you just got back from a mission but I really needed you” you nod and begin to help Wanda prepare for baking, this was going to be a long process, although you couldn’t think of a better way to spend this time; other than sleeping.

Wanda got the cookie cutters, they were various shapes; stars, Christmas trees and snow man. You grabbed the star shape and began to cut the cookie dough, Wanda got the tree and did the same, you both decided to make short bread. It was the easiest for the both of you, a lot of preparation but it didn’t a lot of effort, plus not a lot of decoration either.  

Wanda placed the short bread into the oven; you sat on the sofa and leaned back, relaxing and just allowing your eyes to close, you had a long day. It felt like days since you last slept, it probably was and you needed to sleep, Tony wouldn’t allow you to leave the party early either. 

It was eight in the morning when Steve found the note and decided to check on you, he ran to the Maximoff’s place, where Pietro answered the door eating an apple and pointed to the sofa; yourself and Wanda had fallen asleep on the sofa, her head in the crook of your neck and your head on hers, it really was an adorable sight to see.

“How mad do you think they’ll be if I ate a cookie?” Pietro asked eyes the sugary short bread, cut in various shapes and looked both appealing and tempting all at once, Pietro couldn’t bear to look away… that made Steve laugh, also tempted by those delicious cookies.

“Touch those and I will kill you” you called, Wanda chuckled but remained eyes closed, you turned your head and glared at the two men who nodded with guilty faces “just wait till tonight” you sigh and relax farther into the sofa once more.

“Come on, lets allow those two to sleep” Steve patted the young man’s shoulder “I don’t know why they didn’t buy cookies, I brought Christmas pudding, like I was going to make it” Pietro chuckled, laughing with Steve as they left.

“What idiots” Pietro said before shutting the door and walking down to get food with Steve.

“I kinda hate them both” you murmur to Wanda who nodded in agreement “we should live together and those two should live together” you grumble and Wanda nods in agreement. 

“Although… yeah, maybe we should have brought cookies” she sighed out, you smile and nod in an agreement “but at least we spent time together” she whispered and you felt a blush creep up and you held Wanda closer to you, maybe today would be the day you both confessed your feelings to one another.

(Sorry its kinda short, hope you still like it, I had so much fun writing this and Wanda is my favourite Marvel character of all time so it was nice. You can still request; imagines, one shots and ships… also still taking Christmas requests. all by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

Yet another unfinished yj sketch, I really should make an effort to finish stuff off once in a while.
I’ll be honest when I say that by the end of the first season these two were my favourite. M’gann and Conner were those characters I didn’t think much of at first but then grew fiercely protective of later on.

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Hahaha....*sighs fondly* Durian!Yuuri.... one of my favorite fruits is being compare to my favorite character accurately in this fic.... such a pleasant world....😄

Such an amazing world indeed… I have no idea how it fit so well, that analogy was amazing. 😂 Durian is one of my favourite fruits too! Oh dear. What a coincidence. Oh well, no conflict in our likings here ♡

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  1. NAME: samara
  2. NICKNAME: sammy/ari
  3. ZODIAC SIGN: gemini
  4. HEIGHT: 5′… sigh
  5. ETHNICITY: white
  6. ORIENTATION: lesbian 
  7. FAVOURITE FRUIT: all. (kiwi or pineapple, really)
  8. FAVOURITE SEASON: spring/summer
  9. FAVOURITE BOOK: uhhh maybe the outsiders by s.e. hinton? i read a lot but that’s one of my favorites.
  10. FAVOURITE FLOWERS: larkspur
  11. FAVOURITE SCENT: cinnamon and chocolate
  14. FAVOURITE BEVERAGE: honestly? pepsi. 
  16. FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: uh… baz pitch, the bababook, draco malfoy, veronica sawyer & pidge
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