one of my favorites pics of him

This picture has got to be one of my all time favorite sketches of Yana’s: Ciel looking all forlorn (and also looking slightly pissed, maybe because his butler is off doing some task and is late getting back), sitting in his big chair, obviously missing his butler, comforting himself with 2 Big Sebby plushie dolls enfolding him on each side of his lap, and even the Sebastian version of the  robot vacuum cleaner that speaks like 100 phrases in Sebastian’s voice.  (Link to pic on Yana’s blog:


Black and Gold

an mp100 royalty au but psychic abilities are replaced with swordsmanship!!

last pic is a redraw from one of my favorite scenes in the series 

more info under the cut

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What's your favorite picture of Latts? :)

lmaooooo just one?

top fave: 

i remember where i was when he posted this - i was coming back from a hockey game in louisiana and i just woke up from a nap to be shook by this






(that’s my mom’s fave pic of him) ^^^


Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

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My take on our sweet, sweet wizard 🌮Taako🌮 from The Adventure Zone podcast. He is one of my top three favorite characters and I love him so much. He’s such a precious, fabulous bean.

Next pic I have of him I’ll remember to include the umbrastaff.☄🌂☄


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BTS Reaction 2 the Members Seeing Your Racy Photos

Bts reacting to you sending a racy pic and the boys seeing?       

Sure thing hun and I hope you like it!

Requested by anon   

Jin: He was thinking about texting you, but he was around all the other boys and he didn’t want them to see the texts. To his surprise, you messaged him. A smile came onto his face and the boys noticed. He clicks on the message band his eyes widen, when he sees you in pink lingerie. “Oh my god hyung!” Jin hurries to cover his phone and chuckles out of embarrassment. “You didn’t see anything!”

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Yoongi: He was already texting you when the other boys came around. You guys were flirting and sending suggestive texts. What Yoongi wasn’t expecting was a picture of you in a lacy black bralette and lacy black panties. Tae and Jin look over to see what Yoongi was staring hard at and screamed. He sighs and covers his face in annoyance. “Those were for my eyes only.”

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Hoseok: Hoseok and you were sexting, yes sexting. It was something you guys did whenever he was gone too long. He sent you a pic of him shirtless, showing off his fading hickies you gave him. You did the same, with your arm crossing over your boobs, teasing him. Jimin happened to glance over at Hobi’s phone and he busted out laughing. “Oh my gosh! you’re sexting right next to me!” He gives Jimin a blank stare before texting you again.

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Namjoon: He was watching a movie with Hoseok and Jungkook, when he started thinking about you. All of a sudden he gets a text from you. He opens the message and groans when he sees you in a thong with one of his shirts, posing on the bed. Jungkook and Hobi look over in curiosity and almost choke on their snacks. “What is happening here!” He just laughs. “It’s none of your business that’s what.”

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Jimin: Usually Jimin is good at keeping his phone away from prying eyes. Namjoon had asked Jimin for his phone because his was charging. Namjoon had been talking to the game on Jimin’s phone when suddenly he stopped and threw the phone at Jimin. “Uhm y/n texted you…’ Jimin looked at the text and thre his head back in embarrassment.

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Taehyung: Tae loves it when you send him pics of you in lingerie, bra, or just wearing one of his shirts with knee high socks. Tae left his phone face up and didn’t lock his phone. A text came in with you in a suggestive position wearing a pair of his favorite lingerie. The boys looked at him in awkward silence and Tae just (reaction is gif). They all rolled their eyes in annoyance.

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Jungkook: The text came at the wrong time. He was trying to show Yoongi something funny on his phone, when a sexy pic of you in white lingerie popped up. “Oh my God,” Yoongi said, face turning red. Jungkook couldn’t move. He just sat there with a face that can only be described as SHOOKED.

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I really hate when someone thinks there’s a “wrong answer” to someone’s favorite JoJo (or opinion in general). Like, who the fuck cares if their favorite JoJo is Giorno or Jonathan? There’s no wrong answer to that question. Someone actually asked me one time who my favorite JoJo was, and she said something about there being a “wrong answer”. So I answered “Jolyne. But I love Josuke, Johnny, and Jotaro, too” And she was like “wanna know what the ‘wrong choice’ is?” and I just replied “let me fucking guess. Giorno?” And the worst part about that was, she told me she didn’t even read part 5/or she wasn’t there yet or some shit. Nah, bitch. Don’t make someone feel like shit because of their favorite JoJo. I mean, Joseph is my least favorite. Doesn’t mean I dislike him. I still reblog pics of him and like his character and laugh at his stupidity sometimes. Hell, he was my first JoJo crush. And the majority will say Joseph is the best JoJo ever. And while I don’t agree with it, that’s their opinion. Just like I dislike Funny Valentine and think he’s the worst villain, majority will say he’s the best villain. Because we all have opinions. And there can never be a wrong choice or answer on someone’s goddamn opinion. Thanks.

#SaveHannibal Countdown: Mizumono

We’re 98 days from Bryan’s two years ultimatum now, counting down for S4 news!

Today is S02 E13 Mizumono three years anniversary!

To celebrate, reblog this and add your favorite Mizumono scene pic, meme, quote, gif etc. - or your own fanwork.

My favorite moment (well, it’s not that short, but…) my favorite moment (among others) is whole this “We couldn’t leave without you“ thing.

Hannibal truly opened to Will, he allowed him to get closer than anyone else has ever got… He even offered Will a redemption without killing anyone when he realized that Freddie is still alive! But Will couldn’t leave his old life for the new one, yet.

And so his betrayal felt even worse… Just look at Hannibal’s face. In the end, he cried - and there was no one for who he should pretending; this time his tears were genuine.

Did you, Will? You should’ve known earlier…

So, because Will hurt him emotionally in a way no other person in the world could, Hannibal decided to hurt Will physically and make him feel his own pain.

Then, poor Abbie… Hannibal liked her, for sure! But he saved her mainly for Will. Without Will she would have died in the kitchen in Minessota, under her father’s knife. But Hannibal saved her for Will back then and he did it again when everyone thought she had been killed. She was a gift to Will, something what he could have if he would decide to go with Hannibal. But he didn’t want it, so Abigail died in the kitchen, under her father’s knife…

And right here, the dream about murder family was washed away with rain and tears…

It’s never easy to choose a scene, Hannibal is simply full of perfection! So I hope you will point out some other scenes here with me ;-)

Also, see you next week - we’ll countdown with S3 episodes!

#SaveHannibal Countdown: Kaiseki - Sakizuki - Hassun - Takiawase - Mukozuke - Futamono - Yakimono - Su-zakana - Shiizakana - Naka-Choko - Ko No Mono -Tome-wan - Mizumono - SEASON 3 - 2 years anniversaries

WIP pic of Lizardfolk Druid ‘Drez Blightclaw’ from the current Dungeons and Dragons campaign I am participating in! He is played by SebastianSB, another Youtuber who participates in collabs with our DM (and my Fiance) Wanderbot.

For a Druid, Drez has the penchant for throwing fire at his enemies. I decided to give it a greenish hue to differentiate it from arcane fireballs, and the setting about him is the interior of a large cavern, as he is a druid of the Mountain variety!

After I finish this one it will be on to Greg, Skitter, and other fan-favorites for the series when I have the time to craft them. If you are interested in watching our campaign you can catch Wanderbot’s streams on Twitch or visit his Youtube Channel. It started as a fun prank, but I’m glad we’re playing every weekend!

Link to the first episode!

Best Distraction. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – No.

Prompt – Peter Parker breaks up with you because Tony Stark thinks you are a distraction.

Warning – Cursing.

Words – 1,328.


Everyone has a distraction in his or her life and some people can easily remove it, but others are not so lucky. It can be so hard to cut an important person from your life such as a significant other, but some individuals think that they are better off without them. That leads to them completely cutting the valuable person off from their lives. However, sometimes distractions are our only hold of reality.

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h_crusemire: Today I had the honor of going to a little mix cd signing at the Philadelphia Mills Mall. I thought nothing would happen except the five seconds I’d get to see the girls who have saved my life. I’m sick, I have multiple conditions, two of the main ones are Gastroparesis and CRPS which are slowly taking my life away. Over the summer I was extremely sick, the weren’t sure I was going to make it. Little mix kept me going and when their new album came out I blasted it full volume no matter where I was. Today after the signing I, along with several other fans waited outside to see if we would be so lucky to meet the girls for a longer period of time. We waited for such a long time and eventually we saw them, we didn’t get to meet them. But then as I was sharing my story with some other fans and begging a security guard to let me see them because this could very well be my last chance, the fans started chanting to let me in. A few seconds later a guard came over to me and told me to come inside. I followed him and inside stood Perrie Edwards of little mix. She told them to let me in, I started crying my eyes out and thanking her repeatedly for saving my life. I told her how I’ve been sick and she’s been keeping me here and she hugged me and told me to keep fighting. One of the security guards name is Matthew Veneziale and he is the kindest person I’ve ever met. He told me to keep fighting and that he would pray for me, along with him several other people hugged me and told me the same thing. Right now I am going to quote on of my favorite quotes that is very relevant to this situation, I’m dying but in this moment I have never felt more alive.
Thank you not only to little mix but to Matthew and the Philadelphia Mills Mall.

Hannah Crusemire

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Top 3 pics of Luke Evans!

EEEE I love these!! :D

Ok first up is this one, bc he looks like a bad boy I shouldn’t be talking to but I am so0o0o talking to him

this one just makes me laugh and I love it 😍😍

and finally, my favorite, because he looks like a sexy older gentleman that would take me to Paris just for coffee 😏😏