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Alec Lightwood Appreciation Weeks
Week Two: Favorite Malec Moment(s)

The Institute was never his home, not really. Deep down he knew that it’s not the place where he belongs, his soul missed Alicante. The angel blood running through his veins was uneasy, calling him to get away as far as he can, to get away and don’t ever look back.

That feeling – the constant longing – has been slowly growing stronger, more insistent. He wasn’t sure how long he’d be able to resist it, although he was painfully aware of consequences of giving up; he knew that the day when he stops fighting, it’ll be the day of his doom. So he has lived that way – lost, miserable, brushing off a dull ache in his chest. And that’s exactly why the strange familiarity of Magnus’s loft was so disturbing.

Because here, under the touch of the night, Alec felt warm and safe. Like at home. For the briefest moment he could let go, forget about all the responsibilities waiting for him outside and just enjoy serenity which Magnus’s presence offered. Here, among whispers of stars, he felt at peace with himself. Frankly, he could very easily used to that but this kind of thoughts was dangerous, Alec knew it very well so he tried to not pay too much attention to them.

“How do you fly with no wings, mi ángel?”

Magnus’s question startled him, but he composed himself quickly and with a little amusement leaned over the warlock.

“I’m the fallen one,” he replied, his warm breath brushing Magnus’s ear, lips nearly touching the golden skin. “The one who was banished to live among mundanes. The prodigal son of Heavens,” he whispered; when he heard a soft gasp he pulled away. Magnus was looking at him with wonder, deep brown eyes and parted lips.

“What caused that?” he asked but didn’t get the answer – Alec only smirked and with a drink in his hand and mirth in eyes turned around, wandering off to the couch.



Thursday mornings is when we record Voltron, and it’s one of my favorite days of the week. It’s so much fun. Really, it is like my fam. They’re my Voltron family, and they’re so much fun. And so every single week has been a blast. … Certain episodes that haven’t aired yet are some of my faves, actually, for lots of character reasons for Lance, but I can’t say that, because that’d be in spoiler territory.

RebelCaptain Appreciation Week: Day One 
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happy sunday!! i hope everyone enjoyed the episode. i mostly worked on the jungle this time! i also did some whirly dirly stuff but forgot to save all those files. matt and jason really took them to the next level though.

the jungle was really fun and i got to paint a pan so it was a good ep to work on! except i begged jason to let me paint the vagina tree less realistic. but he always changed it back :(

next week is one of my favorite eps, get excited for it!!