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Favorite Look: My top 4 because i cant decide if i like Malibu barbie or its cold outside harry 

Favorite Tweet: I love this tweet so much im thinking about tattooing it on my god damn body

Favorite Interview: this is us press tour or literally every interview from the tv special 

Favorite Stage Moment:

Favorite Hairstyle: PRIME FLUFFY HAIR 

Favorite Family Member: SHES JUST SO !

Favorite 1D Bromance: Larry <3

Favorite Celebrity + Harry:

Favorite Tattoo: mermaid boy

Favorite quote:

Favorite Instagram Post:

Favorite Music Video: Perfect

Favorite Another Man Pic: I cant pic one sorry 

Your name: Sarah

Age: 18

Where You Live: Los Angles, California

Have you ever seen Harry live in concerts or met him?: Only in dreams

What’s your favorite thing about Harry?: hes very collected as a person. i admire how loving and kind he is no matter what it makes me emotional thinking about it

What is your favorite line/lyric of Harry’s on a 1D album?: If i could fly “I’ve got scars even though they can’t always be seen
And pain gets hard, but now you’re here and I don’t feel a thing”

What is a song that remind you most of Harry?: Definetly 18 not really for the lyrics but just the feeling from hearing it

What is a movie that reminds you most of Harry?: SORRY BUT EVERY TIME SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT LOVE ACTUALLY 

For how long have you been a Harrie?:  I was a niall girl for so long, id say 2013.

Where you were when the Dunkirk trailer came out?: home(?)

What do expect of HS1?:  Honestly, i expect something really unique and something everyone can like not necessarily traditional pop music, im really excited i think its going to be amazing.

If Harry could read this now, what would you say?:  Not to be sappy, but thank you for saving my life. your career means so much more to me then just the music and with out your hard work i wouldn't be here today. i love you so much and im so proud of you and how far you come and how you'll continue to grow as an artist and person. 


[ BTS WINGS TOUR ] I compiled my favorite moments / highlights from the Newark Wings Tour in one video

So I was one of those people lucky enough to see the Les Mis national tour a couple years back where Jason Forbach played Enjolras and Joe Spieldenner played Grantaire (you know, the ones that fell in love and two months ago got ACTUAL MARRIED) and I just remembered that in the show during “Bring Him Home”, I noticed that Joe’s Grantaire was awake in the background, and he was crying and kind of looking toward Enjolras up on the barricade. Especially at the “if I die, let him live” part.

So the entire show the exr was overt and everything which was great, but this… THIS… I still consider one of my favorite exr moments of all time. Killed me dead. Joe and Jason are gifts.

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That freak out moment when your fav blog sends you an ask😂

1. My eyebrows are fleeked the hell up most of the time

2. My aesthetic for my clothes and make up is rather great

3. I make suuuper lame jokes but hey, they make me laugh at least…even if I am the only one laughing😂

4. “I aint moving fast for no shit” (mighty boosh tour reference, no? okay… still applicable😂)

5. My obsession over TV shows is rather impressive👌😅

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female fronted bands/bands with females in them

PVRIS: They’re REALLY new, but REALLY popular. They were on Warped tour this year.  Check them out! 

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New Years Day: One of my personal favorites. They’re like the slightly less dark version of Evanescence. They were on Warped tour this year, too. Check them out!

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Butcher Babies: I don’t listen to them that much, but anyways, they have two lead singers, both of which are female. Check them out!

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Arch Enemy: They’re really good. They’re melodic death metal. Check them out!

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Mindless Self Indulgence: They’re awesome! They have a girl bassist and drummer. Check them out!

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Evanescence: They’re on hiatus, but they’re really good. They’re really dark. I think everyone’s heard their song Bring Me To Life. Check them out!

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Hole: They’re broken up for now, but apparently, Courtney Love will get them back together (Correct me if I’m wrong!) But they’re pretty good. Check them out!

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In This Moment: They’re really good! Check them out!

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Those are the only ones I know of, feel free to add more!

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what was your favorite thing about shelter tour? have you ever one of the boys? whats your favorite map in ovw? who's your favorite chara in ovw?

honestly the whole show was such a blur. i just loved every single moment of it. but i like when hugo takes his drumstick and pretends he’s conducting porter. iT WAS SO CUTE???

i’ve never met them before. :c i’d love to talk to them one day. maybe i’ll get lucky and meet them eventually.

I LOVE ILIOS. it used to be my least favorite map in the game back in beta. but now i actually adore it. it’s so pretty and the intro song is a serious bounce~

soldier 76 is my favorite overall. he’s honestly my favorite. i love grizzled anti-heroes though. angry dad types are my fav. but zenyatta and winston are my next two choices.

thank you for the ask!!! :DDD


Oikawa Tooru’s seiyuu, Namikawa Daisuke, had his 3rd Live Tour [Hurricane] on the same day as Yoshino Hiroyuki (Iwaizumi Hajime’s VA) First Live Tour ‘Charge’. Namikawa had his concert just before Yoshino’s, and both of them came to each other’s as a surprise guest and part of their unit “Uncle Bomb”.

I love how they weren’t close before, but slowly they spend more time together (and because of Uncle Bomb too!!) and become much comfortable with each other \^_^ /

And Yochin definitely spoiled Namikawa-san rotten XD!

@trash-candies My top three Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki moment, the third place *lol* The one I told you was the second best. And my favorite story about them couldn’t be shared until I figure out how to translate them nicely (and without making me crying *again*) or screaming like the audience “YOSHINO-SAN MARRY MEEEE!!!” ^^/


No one does casual wear like Niall. And his collection of sunglasses is unrivaled so far. Niall doesn’t shy away from his staple color, navy blue. But he carries it off well, so who can blame him? Here are some of my favorite looks!

March 11 - Instagram - Details (shirt, shorts, shoes, sunnies)

Before the hiatus, there was a brief moment of inspiration where I jovially proclaimed Niall will turn into a fashion blogger in a few months. And so it happened. Still waiting for that closet tour. Jokes aside, I love when guys don’t shy away from a polished look. And this was both an easygoing and ready to meet your mother outfit.

June 24 - Glastonbury - Details (jacket, shoes)

Glasto, for me, was a great weekend for Niall. And his sartortial choices. In the sea of stripes and waistcoats and look after look of Oliver Spencer and Paul Smith, this came as a breath of fresh air. Maybe Niall should become a professional festival-goer! He does it very well.

December 13 - Out in NY - Details (coat)

I’m not a puffed jacket gal, per say. However, this look made me pause to appreciate it upon first glance, and it’s the one that will stay with me as one of the era of 2016 looks. Here’s to more winter Niall. 

Happy New Year!

- Lu

The Book of Souls World Tour 2016 highlights

since the last show of the year will be at Wacken on Thursday I thought I’d make a list of my favorite moments this tour

• Bruce making a complete recovery from his cancer ordeal and sounding better than he ever has
• Everyone being so happy and relaxed and genuinely enjoying each other’s company onstage, especially Adrian with Janick
• Ed Force One. Enough said ♥️
• Nicko being denied access to their hotel in Mexico because he looked like a homeless person 😂
• A South American fan crowdsurfing in his wheelchair
• The whole “climb like a monkey phenomenon” that Bruce started that went from simple hand motions to stuffed monkeys to a full-on monkey mask
• Bruce taking off Janick’s shoe and throwing it across the stage in Los Angeles during Blood Brothers
• Bruce having a “jet lag moment” in Tokyo during The Trooper; he had the flag but no microphone 😂
• Bruce doing the shoulder shimmy with Adrian and messing with his microphone during Wasted Years in Tokyo
• Bruce running across the stage with a fire extinguisher and assaulting Janick and Adrian with it during Tears of a Clown in Hungary

Surprise (G-Dragon Scenario)

This is a little birthday surprise for one of my favorite people, imlostbutnotreally ♡ Happy birthday, darling! Hope you’ll like it and I hope your birthday will be awesome ^^ Love you~ ♡♡

Summary: After finally getting back home after a long period of touring, all he wanted to do was sleep. An unexpected surprise greets him instead, though.

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Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? And tell you guys how I feel a second? Ha!! All musical references aside I just gotta take a moment to congratulate my boy @thatsthat24 for one, winning a Streamy for Best Viner, cause to me he is, hands down!! And two, for hitting 1M followers in Instagram!! Like. That’s crazy awesome! Thomas. You’re seriously one of my favorite people in the whole freakin galaxy and also one of the few individuals I feel actually deserves everything you’re achieving! From awards, to millions of followers to headlining your own tour(which I’m still completely in love with). You are really making a difference in not just my life, but every single person who follows you! To me, Thomas, you’re the epitome of a good person. Knowing you have flaws, but still continue to do and try your best every day. Along with helping others and doing everything in your power to make sure everyone of any background or identity is heard and represented cause you know how important it is for every voice to be heard, no matter how small. And that just means the world to me and I know everybody else as well!! And I’ve rambled enough, but Thomas. Seriously. You’re one of the best people I’ve ever met and I’m super glad to be able to call you my friend! You never cease to amaze me, bud! I love you to the moon and back!!❤️

Jurassic Park - a moment of true fear

I love all kinds of movies.  One of my favorite genres is horror.  I’m always looking for that great scare.  That moment of true horror.  No movie, that I can think of, captures that moment of true horror like Jurassic Park.  Yes, I mean the first of the franchise.  The one done in the early nineties.  

The movie eases us into the world of Jurassic Park with range of characters.  Things are great, and the world is fantastic.  Then you reach this moment where the power has been cut.  The tour vehicles are stopped right outside the T-Rex exhibit.  In the first vehicle, you have a lawyer and two children.  In the second vehicle you have Grant and Malcolm.  Things grow quiet as the T-Rex approaches.  

Things grow so intense so quickly that the lawyer runs away from the vehicle.  The kids are left alone in the vehicle.  The reality of an adult, one who was supposed to act as guide and protector just left.  The kids are just a few feet away from another set of adults, but fear has trapped them.  The one person who was protecting them in this world of monsters is now gone.  

As the reality sinks in, the fence is broken and one of the monsters steps out of the darkness.  Right between those kids, and the only source of guidance they have.  This beast who’s sole purpose in the evolutionary chain was to kill with efficiency.

That, ladies and gents, is a moment of true fear.  These helpless characters watching as their only hope of survival are blocked by a killing machine that wants nothing more than to eat them.  

Many movies try using this theme to create a scare, but nothing does so as well as the dinosaur simply stepping through the barrier.