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It is M again! ^w^ And by "fics like Come See Inside My Bones" , I was hoping to find a fic along the lines of "I-didn't-want-you-but-turns-out-I-can't-keep-my-hands-off-of-you" bonus points if it has a generous amount of " I-want-to-fuck-you-so-hard-but-I-am-busy-loving-the-hell-out-of-you". Also,Alpha Derek being a rough lover is my weakness in life. If this is still complicated just do what you do cause you are perf af and i love you okay like capital LOVE YOU <3

Hey! Thanks for clarifying. That was a lot of dashes. XD. So I really just focused on the rough sex part. When in doubt choose smut. That’s my motto! - Anastasia

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That Wretched Bliss by Anonymous

(1/1 I 1,269)

“How does it feel?” Derek asks, breathless.

“Burns,” Stiles squeaks, panting for a moment before clenching his teeth back into the pillow.

“Pathetic,” Derek says.

Portent by Anonymous

(1/1 I 1,088)

It feels like love. Even when it does not look it.

Amazing Fucking by nvr2mnybooks

(1/1 I 1,138)

Stiles was dying.

“Derek, please.” Stiles begged. “Please, just–”


“Fuck!!” Stiles nearly jerked away from the mouth pressed to his ass, the vibration of Derek’s non-words sending sparks all the way through his body. God, it felt so good he knew his heart was going to burst or his brain was going to liquefy and drip from his ears. Any minute now.

my gift for you by aeneapsych

(1/1 I 2,033)

Derek wants something for his birthday, and Stiles is more than happy to oblige.

He Hit Me and it Felt Like a Kiss by Loz

(1/1 I 2,396)

He likes it when Derek touches him. Likes it likes it, in a tingle-in-his-tummy, thrill-up-his-spine kind of way. Which probably wouldn’t be any kind of problem if Derek’s version of touching wasn’t slamming, pinning, gripping, and punching. Well, it would be less of a problem.

To Know Your Place by ADevilsHunger (Dream_tempo)

(1/1 I 2,588)

After Derek gets his alpha powers, the rest of Beacon Hills is too afraid to stand up to him, until Stiles snaps and decides to put him in his place.

Beg Harder by nooodisaster

(1/1 I 2,660)

Stiles was a kinky fucker. Derek had known this fact for a while now, but today really reinforced that. Sure, they’d had some really rough sex before. And Stiles had brought up casually that he wanted to be tied up while they spooned a few times. They had even decided on a safe word - “Peter” - because, as Stiles so eloquently put, “nothing kills the mood faster than a sociopath with uneven abs.”

But even with all that, it took Derek completely by surprise when Stiles had texted Derek the simple “My house. Tie me up. NOW.”

Something Blue(Balls) by fatcamp

(1/1 I 3,555)

It may be Scott and Kira’s special day, but Derek and Stiles will be the first ones to come together in the church.

Spare me the small talk by abexz

(2/? I 3,786)

Stiles has come to realise he’s definitely bisexual
The subject of his realisation is one sourwolf, Derek Hale.

He knows that the attraction is dumb, lusting after an unnatainable subject? Story of his life.

Derek knows about Stiles’ attraction… He’s tried his best to keep his calm and not act on his own attraction, hut how long will that last?

Or: Stiles frequently fantasizes about Derek destroying him. Derek often fantasizes about making Stiles’ fall apart.

There’s No Such Thing As TMI Among Friends by eeyore9990

(1/1 I 5,132)

“I was jerking off, but had to give up halfway through because my wrist hurt.”

With those words, Stiles destroys Derek’s carefully maintained fiction that Stiles is still the skinny, geeky, awkward sixteen-year-old he first ran into that day in the Preserve.

All of me uncharted by ANTchan

(1/1 I 11,370)

I have this fantasy.

And maybe it’s Stiles’ favorite one. And maybe it’s been buzzing under his skin for the longest time. So he makes a post about it. There’s nothing shameful about that. That’s what blogs like this are for. He expects most of the responses he gets - the supporters, the enthusiasts, the creeps.

But the simple message: Would you trust me to give you that?

After that, all bets are off.

It’s hard to know which one of us is caving by sarcasticbones

(25/25 I 42,650)

Stiles is a badass, it just takes him some bumps and bruises to figure out.

Ruin Me (Take Me Down) by xLostDreamsx

(5/5 I 50,229)

Driving his teachers and his Dad crazy with his incessant trouble making, Stiles reluctantly accepts young college student Derek Hale as his ‘babysitter’, his Dad misguidedly believing he will be a positive role model to help guide him back to the straight and narrow.

Unfortunately for the Sheriff, he isn’t quite aware that Derek isn’t quite as up-standing as he appears and at the hands of his smart, young, manipulative son with a head full of ideas, his rather weak moral codes soon crumble.

Or put simply, Derek gives in to Stiles and things get hot and heavy pretty fast.

Dating Backwards by RemainNameless

(7/7 I 85,826)

Pornstars Derek and Stiles work for the same company. Derek only shoots with werewolves and Stiles only shoots with humans. That’s not going to change after they meet. It’s really not.
(It might.)

all things together and under the earth by ahab2692

(12/15 I 120,946)

In which a ragtag gang of teenagers somehow becomes Derek’s pack. And in which pack somehow becomes synonymous with family.

There’s murder and mayhem, and a briefcase full of money, and the rebuilding of a home, and bruises and love bites, and tangled webs of private lives. And somewhere in the middle of all of this, Derek falls in love with the sheriff’s son.


Hello and welcome to my Thor Fic Recs post! I have seen more than one person walk out of Age of Ultron commenting about how they enjoyed Thor’s character more than ever before, that suddenly they find themselves wanting to get into that part of the fandom. “Well,” I said to myself. “That sounds like a good time to put together a starter pack of my favorite Thor fics then.”

Given that this corner of fandom has been pretty chill lately (it seems like most people agreed that Thor was pretty great in AOU), it might be nice to come over and play with us for awhile, maybe get your feet wet in the fandom, before we try to drag you all the way into the deep end. ♥. Or maybe you just want to reread some old favorites!

I’ve done many fic recs in the past, you can find all recs on this tag or you can go specifically for the Thor/Loki recs or the gen fic recs or you can find more generalized AOU recs here. If you’ve not read much in this fandom before, if you’re getting a feel for the characters in the Thor parts of the fandom, I think this list will help be a solid primer for you! It’s geared towards well-written Thor characterization and separated out by gen vs pairing, so it’s easier for you to skip over what you don’t want.


- No Such Liberty by Xparrot - I enjoy all of Xparrot’s fic (another good one is Sea of Storms, Bridge of Colors, which is a Juuni Kokki fusion and has fantastic Thor characterization), but No Such Liberty is the Thor fic in my eyes, nothing has yet to beat it. Set post-Avengers, Thor brings Loki home and then boy does shit happen. Asgardian world-building to repair the Bifrost, Thor dealing with Loki’s cracking sanity, the looming Thanos threat, action sequences, the Avengers involvement, all of it is tackled beautifully in this fic. This is a story that is about a plot and expanding the world the characters live in and stuff happening, but it never forgets that it is also about Thor’s character progression, that he’s taking even more steps forward in thinking things through, in seeing more than he did even before. This is that fic that I can’t even write a coherent rec for because it’s just too much for me.

- Road Trip into Mystery by Mythtaken Identity - This series is about the comics counterparts (Thor and bb!Loki in the 616 universe) but I don’t think you have to be very familiar with the characters to dive right into this series. It’s a Loki-centric series, but Thor’s characterization is absolutely spot on here and the brotherly feelings are off the charts. The writing is fantastic, the author weaves in genuinely engaging supernatural shenanigans, but also never loses sight of this being a road trip and how amazingly fun that is! Every time I read anything by this author (No More Than a Goat is also a must read, both hilarious and awesome and fucking spot-on Thor characterization, but I’ve been really enjoying The White Boar as well!) always leaves me just absolutely revved up to get back into reading Marvel fic, no matter how far I’ve strayed, that’s how engaging they are!

- Shiny_n_new - This author has labeled their fics as Thor/Loki, but they’re really more gen or maybe pre-slash, I don’t think you have to read a pairing into them if you don’t like. Loki tends to be the central character, but both he and Thor are exquisitely characterized, I was absolutely over the moon during every inch of Postbellum (my favorite!!) and The Weight of Family and cannot recommend them enough. Postbellum is a favorite because, even in the background, Thor is off doing stuff in the way that he absolutely would and Loki’s jealousy-and-love mix of awfulness is absolutely pitch-perfect.

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oh man you wanna know the worst part of my job? the parents who hate video games. like they walk in being like “my fucking child asked for ______ for christmas! i hate these stupid things and seeing my kid play them makes me ashamed! anyone who plays video games is wasting their lives!”
and i have to be like :))))))))) if you don’t want ur kid playing games don’t buy them :))))))))) also pls stop insulting my favorite thing to my face :)))))))) do you think i want to hear this :))))))
the best was one day this woman asked me a question about a game (i think it was uncharted???) and i was like “aw yes that is one of my favorite series!” and she was like “???? wait you play video games???” like shit you know what i suppose i do since i wORK AT GAMESTOP

The thing I’m super worried about for Andromeda after seeing today’s release is that Bioware are going to focus too much on making the game vast and pretty.
They did the same thing with Inquisition and the story and characters ended up suffering because of that.

Bioware’s strength is it’s great stories, dialogue and characters. I’m just praying to god they don’t mess it up again in favor of a larger game play area…