one of my favorite songs to listen to atm

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Any favorite song you like to listen to atm?

I’m currently listening to ‘Odds Are’ by Barenaked Ladies a lot :D

Sure, things go wrong,
But I’ll take my chances.
Odds are long,
So why not play?

Took this as a chance to draw a few of my OCs. In a MCQ-esque setting, because that seemed like the best way to shove them all into one place. … They’d make one fun family!

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so, i reached 500 followers today, and i must say, that absolutely blows my mind. i’ve decided to do something similar to what i did when i hit 400 followers, since i think you all really enjoyed it, too.


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plz i need more romanian music to listen to, if you know anything? my favorite romanian singer atm is carla's dreams, if that helps? my tastes are pretty diverse tho, so any recommendations would be appreciated! thank you <3

I’m glad you said “diverse” because i tend to listen to old songs so my recommendations won’t be from this year or the last one… or the one before that one…

Let’s start with… o-zone


Next Hi-q
















Radu Sirbu


DJ Project


Anna Lesko


Ellie White


3 sud est


I hope these are enough, also, i think 50% of these songs are known by most romanians, also, another song that is popular (and it’s played when you graduate highschool is this one, every single romanian knows the lyrics to it)

I was tagged by @dobrev thank you bb 💕

• relationship status: single
• favorite colors: white, grey, navy blue 
• lipstick or chapstick: both
• three favorite foods: can’t just choose 3 so anything italian, mexican and indian lol
• song stuck in my head: mukti by ritviz
• last song i listened to: phir le aaya dil from barfi
• last movie i watched: ant man and the wasp in cinemas i think
• time: 2.29 pm
• top three shows: brooklyn 99, the good place, jane the virgin
• books i’m currently reading: oof none atm, i just read fic in whatever little time i have lmao
• last thing i googled: trader joe’s near me
• how many blankets do you sleep with: one
• dream trip: revisit france, amsterdam
• anything you really want: to get a dog

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relationship status: hopefully soon? but if not, i’ll be okay

favorite color: yellow, but like the burning, fading yellow that comes with a sunset.

lipstick or chapstick: lip balm

last song i listened to: probably jumpsuit

last movie I watched: the truman show 

top three television shows atm: psych, daredevil, person of interest

currently reading: the hobbit, david copperfield, and gleanings in geneis (two of which are for school)

time: 5: forty p.m.

last thing i googled: the lyrics for my blood by twenty one pilots

song stuck in my head: jumpsuit by twenty one pilots 

i tag: @forget-it-i-give-up @psalm62 @ultraviolet-finch @thegracehehasgivenme  @craftyviolinist and @somethingmoreclever 

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Hey on the music front, give Vance Joy a listen if you haven't! From Afar is one of my favorite songs of his. Also The Lumineers have some incredible songs, and Lily Kershaw's lyrics are freaking amazing and her voice is unique. And Jason Isbell's If We Were Vampires is unbelievable. (These are mostly kind of quieter/slower/more introspective songs.)

YES I LOVE QUIET INTROSPECTIVE SONGS. My entire playlist atm is a depression fest lololol

Thank youuuu! I’ll give these a try! <3333

Need to start tagging these asks so I find them later haha :P

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relationship status: in love with 5 fictional boys at the same time
favorite colors: blue & purple (pastel ones)
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick
three favorite foods: pasta, chocolate & ice-cream
song stuck in my head:  greatest show by the greatest showman (soundtrack)
last song I listened to: when i kissed the teacher
last movie I watched: the greatest showman (at this moment)
top three shows:  the vampire diaries, stranger things & a series of unfortunate evens
books i’m currently reading: nothing atm :/
last thing I googled: His Dark Materials cast
how many blankets do you sleep with: 2
dream trip: Disney World, Wizarding Word & Galaxy’s Edge
anything you really want: a playstation 4 since spyro comes out soon :///// but I need to save for my car

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relationship status: engaged

favorite color: green–dark forest green

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

last song i listened to: the last one i was paying attention to was “sugar sugar” by the archies

last movie I watched: might’ve been under the red hood?

top three television shows atm: teen titans, full metal alchemist brotherhood, galavant

currently reading: aegis rising by ss segran

time: 9:59 pm

last thing i googled: t’zolkin (board game my mother’s interested in)

song stuck in my head: well, now it’s “sugar sugar” again…

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🌹relationship status: married to hendery

single and does not want to mingle atm bc boys in my school are gross until puberty ends <3 (prob still be gross tbh)

🌹 favorite color(s): emerald, black, wine, silver, cobalt

🌹 lipstick or chapstick: lipstick !!! i cant remember a time when i havent left the house without even a sheer lip tint

🌹 song stuck in my head: fabulous - high school musical 2 (pls dont judge i just had a marathon of it with my friends)

🌹 last song I listened to: love u - chungha (finished learning it!!)

🌹 last movie i watched: high school musical 3

🌹 top 3 tv shows: brooklyn nine nine, suits, how i met your mother

🌹 books I’m currently reading: ihdsiid im not reading one atm but im hoping to borrow another agatha christie book sometime lmao i wanna read all of them

🌹 last thing I googled: love u mirrored dance practice chungha 

🌹 how many blankets do i sleep with: just one big floof one because i get hot really easily

🌹 dream trip: all around europe!! ive never been to europe

🌹 anything i want: consistent inspiration lmao and also to stick to my fitness regime bc jesus i am bad at it

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Nickname: tbh i’ve honestly never been much of a nickname person?? so i don’t really have one i guess lmao

Zodiac: aquarius

Height: 5′6″

Time: 11:17pm

Favorite band/artist atm: i mean i’ve been a fan of like disturbed the longest so i’d prob go w that

Song stuck in my head: no dogs on the moon from taz cuz i’ve been listening to the soundtracks on fucking repeat

Last movie I saw: oh shit umm…. i genuinely can’t remember if i’ve watched anything on like netflix/hulu or shit since watching incredibles 2????

Last thing I googled: son boy allowed

Other blogs: literally the only other blog i have that isn’t saving past usernames is a fucking joke mr t fanblog that has been inactive since i used it for about an hour in 2014

Do I get asks?: not really. i’m open to them tho if anyone wants to send any

Why did I choose this username?: aesthetic

Following: 536! there’s prob a LOT of inactive ones tho seeing as i’ve had this blog since fucking 2012 so i need to like either go thru it or like see if there’s an xkit extension for doing that

Average amount of sleep: between like 5-9. really depends when i need to get up and when i actually get fucking tired

Lucky number(s): don’t really have one :0

What am I wearing: my pjs (high school gym shorts and tank top)

Dream job: i really want to do smth in anthropology preferably like forensics or archaeology–smth involving bones lmao

Dream trip: i’d love to go to like the mediterranean some day

Fave food: love me some pasta

Play any instruments: haha no

Eye color: blue? hazel? idfk man

Describe yourself as aesthetic things: denim jackets w adornments, bones (decorated or just in general), floral prints, a general sense of fashion androgeny

Languages you speak:just english cuz i went to school out in the fucking sticks

Most iconic song: prob personal jesus and its thousand covers

Random fact: i’ve never broken a bone in my body and at this point in my life i’m convinced i just don’t have any

i tag @novalillies @assassinsith @peanutscratch @silver-pool-of-light and anyone else who wants to do it! (feel free to tag me if you do!)

i was tagged by @craftyviolinist

relationship status: single 

favorite color: blue

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

last song i listened to: one of us (the cher cover not the original)

last movie I watched: a simple favour

top three television shows atm: grey’s anatomy, how to get away with murder, the flash

currently reading: nothing. i graduated from uni 5 months ago and im still so tired of reading

time: 9:34pm

last thing i googled: places to rent

song stuck in my head: gotta have faith, george michael

I was tagged by: @foolishly-fond thankuuu!! i love these things haha

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Nickname: mmmm sometimes jessica calls me eplid or allas

Zodiac: pisces

Height: small (idk like 160 something? 165 or something i rlly dont know)

Time: 20:10 

Favorite band: uh. my music taste is bad,,, like, patd? does that count thats not a band anymore rlly

Song stuck in my head: Lucky Strike by Troye Sivan has been in my head for weeks but also i just listened to ALL of the taz soundtrack so disrobed hdejfheuiw

Last movie I saw: The Incredibles 2

Last thing I Googled: on my phone: griffin mcelroy (but only cause i wanted to know what comes up) 

on my laptop: fucking tazscrips like can you guess what my special interest is yet

Other blogs: the ones i use atm are @puzzlestims (stimblog) and @ijsthee (”multifandom” taz mess)

Do I get asks: No lmao very rarely anyway

Why did I choose this username: i dont rlly have a .. reason……. i wanted to get rid of my dumb old url and this one wasnt taken so..

Following: 686

Average amount of sleep: right now around 6-7 hours, its been improving!

Lucky number: i always go with 3 but idk if its lucky

What I’m wearing: tpwk pride shirt and pajama pants lmao (its sunday shh)

Dream job: uhh?? 

Dream trip: i literally wanna go everywhere my dude i cant choose

Favorite food: i hate food (maybe sushi? or pizza?)

Play any instruments? nah dont have the patience

Eye color: blueish

Hair color: pink 

Describe myself with aesthetics: a lot of pink and soft colours,, hufflepuff boards on pinterest

Languages I speak: Dutch and English, some French and German thrown in there

Most iconic song: what does this mean im not a music person

Random fact: ive been on tv twice on like kids quiz shows (only as an audience member tho lol)

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*Credits to the one who posted this audio on SoundCloud.* :)

I’d like to share with you guys my favorite tune at the moment. It’s called “Lost Boy” by Ruth B. This song is just absolutely amazing and listening to it calms my spirit and mind down. Ruth B’s voice is like heaven so Ruth B, if you’re reading this, Hi! And I love you! This song is just amazing! :)

Let me know what you think about the song or what’s your favorite tune at the moment?

Made with SoundCloud

I kept forgetting to post this fdjslkasklvkx

Anyway, I saw the lovely @redscarfcallum / @bisexual-nessie tag his mutuals and I wanted to do it because it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! Also tumblr mobile sucks and it didn’t work well when I tried posting it on mobile

Rules: Answer and tag people you want to get to know better

Relationship status: Single but I got amazing friends and that’s all I need atm ^•^

Favorite color: Any shade of green! Except neon because it hurts my eyes

Favourite foods: Basically anything sweet! Cinnamon and caramel are the loves of my life (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Song stuck in my head: Slow Dance With You from Adventure Time

Last song I listened to: Zombie by The Cranberries

Last movie I watched: I believe it was my rewatch of Coco! I don’t watch movies that often

Top three tv shows: Over the Garden Wall (aka the best thing to happen in my life), Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Adventure Time

Books I’m currently reading: I haven’t been reading a lot of books recently but I am reading Oscar Wilde: His Life and Confessions!

Last thing I googled: Paranatural! I love this webcomic so much omg. Everyone is a disaster gay

Time: 5:37 PM

How many blankets I sleep in: One! Then I add a thick quilt in the winter that helps me sleep. I want a weighted blanket soooo bad

Dream trip: Cnoc Uisneach in Ireland! I want to go there during the Bealtaine Festival! Plus it’s super gorgeous

Anything else: Gotcha games are taking over my life. Please send help

Tagging: Any of my beautiful mutuals (・∀・)


RECAP of MY DAY YOU HELPED ME THROUGH TAYLOR . Please read ❤️. Today I was heading to the grammy museum, and found out my grandma passed away i saw her everyday since I was born. And as hard as I wanted to cry, I still drove towards the grammy museum. To meet my Swiftie friends i have because Of you. And decided I will cry but not right now. Im going to see my girl and maybe even just for a few hours I can be ok. Even the car ride there ur song just helped me get through, and just dance and be happy in such a hard time. Yes i did about cry when i heard never grow up and best day at the grammy museum. But I did it and even took a picture with my long live you wrote for me at rock in rio. That tattoo is for someone else i lost recently too. And for you, and now my other grandma. My best friends/favorite people in the world that can always make me smile. Even showing it to people made me smile to tell the story. People thought i was crazy that someone just died and Im dancing at the museum. But it made me feel better to prolong the crying later to come. I tried my best to dance and shake it off. Then it was time to go head home . And i was about to bawl and i played 1989 all way home from la. And i got home found my grandmas bed out n the yard ready to be carried away. And knowing this house was going to get torn down to soon. And i was about to bawl again, but i cuddled my little catastrophe kitty my mom let me get cause of u tbh. My only thing i have atm. but instead of crying again, i went aNd grabbed my guitar, played from the speak now book. Her favorite songs, saying “grandma this is for u i love u and hope ur listening. And smiled a little as hard as as was and looked at ur pics with me on my dresser and that made me smile. And now im finally completely alone in this house my grandmas gone. No ones here its just me and I was sad again, but i went and bought a cake at 3 am all alone and got some candles for her age . And sat on my floor and told her this was for her to celebrate what an amazing grandma she is and how much i loved her and this was for her and blew out candles and made a wish. So taylor i hope you see this, mean a lot you literally helped me in every moment today get through my day. And literally all these years I love you very much i feel like I’m going to break down now that its all sinking in. Trying not to Im going to play ur album and go to sleep. And try my best to not cry , and look at our pictures and smile, and know my grandma , ill be seeing you again someday…. (Please see my tattoo)Thank you swifties for being so kind. Any words Taylor would mean so much, if anyone sees this i never ask. Make my day . But this is so important to me trying not to cry again so hard tsizzle13 clearblue–water samantha-swift taylorswift akascooby katyandcal audiogasmic jtmaster13 messofadreamr13 swifternet swiftbat17 gettinglostup-state