one of my favorite songs atm *o*

a-z tag

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A: Age - u make me teenager

B: Birthplace - australia

C: Current time - 1:15PM

D: Drink you had last - peach bubble tea

E: Easiest person to talk to - friends

F: Favorite song - atm it’d be either you back then by siyoon, turtle + likey by twice

G: Grossest memory - liam. anangel. rosie. …lani.

H: Hogwarts house - hufflepuff

I: In love? - @bfbam

J: Jealous of people - lmao yea

K: Killed someone - only in stories or my imagination :)

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - depends

M: Middle name - smth generic and basic

N: Number of siblings - blood siblings? 0. otherwise @jooniehowell n kas

O: One wish - happiness for everyone

P: Person you called last - dad

Q: Question you are always asked - “how are you?”

R: Reason to smile - @bfbam , @jooniehowell , astroha chat, got7, astro

S: Song you sang last - crazy sexy cool by astro

T: Time you woke up - 5:50AM-ish?? then i went back to sleep

U: Underwear color - black, pink (in ur area)

V: Vacation Destination - japan, korea, usa?

W: Worst habit - apologising

X: X-rays - ankle and i think my teeth?

Y: Your favorite food - pasta or sushi??

Z: Zodiac sign - libra

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A: AGE - I’m a fukn 5 yr old tf 


C: CURRENT TIME: 21:52 pm

D: DRINK YOU HAD LAST - ramlösa pomegranate :’)


F: FAVORITE SONG - atm* I need someone by day6 


H: HOGWARTS HOUSE - hufflepuff

I: IN LOVE? - taehyung kim

J: JEALOUS OF PEOPLE - envious sometimes but no jelly 





O: ONE WISH - see the 7 legends I stan out of a screen  


Q: QUESTION YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED - “why do u speak english” (I speak english w my closest friends irl) 

R: REASON TO SMILE - International Pop k Sensation Sunshine Rainbow Traditional Transfer USB hub Shrimp and waking up to mutuals messages :)) 

S: SONG YOU SANG LAST - what can I do by day6 


U: UNDERWEAR COLOR - lol ion remember 

V: VACATION DESTINATION - rn I’d sayyy US, Detroit bc I miss my cousins :(

W: WORST HABIT - cracking my fingers, back n neck 

X: X-RAYS - haven’t done in a long time thank god 

Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD - carbs n anything w chocolate 

Z: ZODIAC SIGN - aries 

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a - age: 21

b - birthplace: Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

c - current time: 07:07

d - drink you last had: apple juice

e - easiest person to talk to: Kay

f - favorite song: uhh atm its ya el medan - cairokee ft aida el ayouby, maybe

g - grossest memory: nope.

h - horror yes or horror no: yes!

i- in love?: nah

j - jealous of people?: never

k - kicking ass? nah haha

l - love at first sight or should i walk by again?: i don’t know

m - middle name:

n - number of siblings: 3

o - one wish: getting into that school

p - person you called last: my grandma

q - question you are always asked: cant think of anything 

r - reason to smile: my stories

s - song you last sang: papaoutai

t - time you woke up: 18 lmao

u - underwear color: lol

v - vacation destination: idk, i don’t go on holiday, i wanna go to Gdansk some day soon tho

w - worst habits: leaving stuff a mess

x - x-rays: cant remember?? probably my whole upper body at one point

y - your favorite food: stew… maybe

z - zodiac sign: aquarius

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A- Age: 21

B- Birthplace: Cali

C- Current time:  8:08 PM

D- Drink you last had: Water. I’m boring.

E- Easiest person to talk to: alex probably

F- Favorite song: Soothsayer by Zack Hemsey atm

G- Grossest memory: probably walking in on family doing um. the thing

H- Horror yes or horror no: dude I could draw monsters for a living and I’d be happy. 

I- In love: dunno

J- Jealous of people: I’m an artist. Happens all the time.

L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again: I’m sure it happens but usually that’s hollywood bullshit.

M- Middle name: memes

N- Number of siblings: Younger sister

O- One wish: To have courage

P- Person you called last: My sister

Q- Question you are always asked: Either “you’re hispanic? Really?” or something along the lines of “You’re autistic?”

R- Reason to smile: I got to pet a bird last week

S- Song you last sang: Believer by Imagine Dragons

T- Time you woke up: 12 PM. hecc yall

U- Umbrella color: Black and white

V- Vacation destination: Someplace real pretty where I can go painting. Any place with a beach is nice.

W- Worst habit: Deliberately dwelling on a single negative thought and therefore ruining my whole day

X- X-rays: nope, if we exclude teeth stuff

Y- Your favorite food: sushi dude

Z- Zodiac sign: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh virgo i think

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a - age: 22
b - birthplace: wales 
c - current time: 12 :50 pm 
d - drink you last had: tea 
e - easiest person to talk to: best friend
f - favorite song: idk it changes i like absolutely smitten dodie atm 
g - grossest memory: probably when there was a hole in the ceiling of my room and loads of insects fell down from it i hate insects 

h - horror yes or horror no: im not a big fan of horror tbh 

i - in love?:  maybe …
j - jealous of people?: sometimes 
k - ?
l - love at first sight or should i walk by again?:  depends 
m - middle name: amy 
n - number of siblings: four 
o - one wish: honestly to do well at my studies atm 

p - person you called last: my dad
q - question you are always asked: probably are you ok or something like that

r - reason to smile: friends
s - song you last sang:     Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
t - time you woke up: 9 am
u - underwear colour: red 
v - vacation destination: Italy 
w - worst habit: i procrastinate everything and i dont go to bed early anymore i always used to 

x - x-rays: yes mostly on my bad leg-  but also on my arm when i broke it and when i had hit my head 
y - your favorite food: chocolate 
z - zodiac sign: Sagittarius 

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A-Z Tag

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AGE - 20



DRINK YOU LAST HAD - Water stay hydrated

EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO - ellie jojo n emily

FAVORITE SONGS - the less i know the better by tame impala is my fave atm

GROSSEST MEMORY - the time my brother put shit on his bedroom walls

HOGWARTS HOUSE - Hufflepuff no one is surprised

IN LOVE ? - o yes

JEALOUS OF PEOPLE - i try not to be


LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OR SHOULD I WALK BY AGAIN - lemme get to know them first

MIDDLE NAME - petra -.-

NUMBER OF SIBLINGS - 1 younger brother

ONE WISH - To not be so far away from everyone


QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED - atm it’s ‘why did u cut all ur hair off???’


SONG YOU LAST SANG - Dimple by BTS in the car lmao


UNDERWEAR COLOR - pink n white with hearts


WORST HABIT - I bite my nails lol

X-RAYS - i’ve never had any


ZODIAC SIGN - gemini come fight my two faces

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A – Age: 14, i’m but a child

B - Biggest Fear: certain songs or fairy circles

C- Current Time: 4:53 pm

D - Drink You Last Had: water (so interesting, georgia)

E - Every Day Starts With: figuring out what’s wrong today/if i’m able to go to school

F - Favorite Song: fake happy by paramore atm. it changes like, every two days but

G- Ghosts, Are They Real: I doubt it. Not physically at least

H – Hometown: yeah

I - In Love With: my beautiful friends whomb i love

J - Jealous Of: happy people

K - Killed Someone: god i hope not

L - Last Time You Cried: literally im crying right now im not joking my life is very sad

N - Number of Siblings: two sisters, one older, one younger

O - One Wish: this is terryfying im so scared of wishes

P - Person You Last Called/Texted: edie stars-and-honey what a lad

Q - Questions You’re Always Asked: so where are you from? no like, where are you from?

R - Reasons To Smile: i love my friedns

S - Song Last Sang: last of the real ones by fall out boy (i’m actually singng it as i type this wow)

T - Time You Woke Up: 6:00 then i went to sleep again then 9:45

U - Underwear Color: shit man idk

V - Vacation Destination: did someone say new zealand bc i heard new zealand

W - Worst Habit: i use mean humor (e.g calling someone a loser and not meaning it) far too much and at inappropriate times bc i cant read social queues aa

X - X-Rays You’ve Had: wrist like 4 times, i’ve had an eeg if that counts as like a brain x-ray?

Y - Your Favorite Food: i really like raspberries but i don’t think i have a favourite

Z - Zodiac Sign: capricorn (but i dnt think it really fits)

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A: age: a minor

B: birthplace: England

C: current time: 19:10

D: drink you had last: water

E: easiest person to talk to: uhh no one atm rlly

F: favorite song: oh no uhhhhh maybe cops and robbers by the hoosiers

G: grossest memory: uh maybe that time I was forced to eat a cricket

I: in love?: unfortunately

J: jealous of people?: i can be

K: killed someone: nope

L. love at first sight or should I walk by again?: not like in love but I get like minor crushes at first sight

M. middle name: Elizabeth (fuckin lame)

N: number of siblings: three

O: one wish: uhh to be happy and find love

P: person you called last: my mom probably

Q: question you are always asked: uh maybe “why are you so short”

R: reason to smile: animals are freaking cute

S: song you sang last: famous last words

T: time you woke up: like 12 bc I went to bed at 5

U: underwear color: black

V: vacation destination: idk if this is asking my favorite but uh it’s Japan

W: worst habit: I bite my nails and pick at my skin

X: x-rays: none ever!

Y: your favorite food: uh touchy subject maybe like potato salad or something

Z: zodiac sign: capricorn

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xxt33nag3xn0th1ngxx  asked:

f, g, o, s

f – favorite song:  atm literally anything by Aurora (frikin love her)

g – ghosts, are they real: I don’t see why the fuck not

o – one wish: P E A C E  (world peace preferably. wow look at meh being all miss. america pageant whatever it’s called idk)

s – song last sang: I serenaded my pen if that counts

ask me stuff ???