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Digimon Tri: Loss Thoughts

Honestly the best thing about the new movie is they showed the poster for movie 5 and hot dang I’m all about movie 5 already!

The Good:

As unenthusiastic as I was about the prologue scene when I first heard about it, it ended up being one of my favorite scenes in Tri so far. Using the Dark Masters was silly, but overall it seems like it will be one of the more memorable shots from the series.

It took reading a breakdown and a second viewing, but I did come around to liking Sora’s story. It was nice to see her get a good amount of focus for a change and I think it built up to have one of the stronger finales for a Tri character arc. Side note, Sora has an insane grip.

This is actually the first movie where the 02 kid’s absence didn’t bother me at all, there was enough going on that it seemed pretty natural for them not to be brought up for once.

The Bad:

Gennai licking Sora, amirite? It’s weird enough that they decided they needed that in the movie but Sora just looks mildly inconvenienced when he does so. She barely looks bothered that it happened or that Gennai is the one that just licked her across the face… so not only did they arbitrarily add that in, but just like a lot of the things in Tri it doesn’t have much emotional weight to it, so it’s just… there.

Even though I liked Sora’s overall arc they wrote things incredibly weird in order to make it work. Biyomon is incredibly grumpy for the whole movie, moreso then we’ve seen her in the entire TV show. Having her not trust Sora and being agitated with her is fine, but we’re never really shown why Sora gets on Biyo’s nerves so badly and she doesn’t really show her sweet side at all to anyone else, which could have made a greater contrast to her relationship with Sora. I also find it hard to believe that nobody but Meiko realized what was bothering Sora, it just paints the other kids as oblivious. Where were you on that one, Kari?

Sora, Tai and Matt all had emotional buildups leading up to their partners evolutions, but all Patamon and Tentomon got was ‘I feel like evolving‘ and bam, it happened - which is weird since the kids couldn’t make their Digimon evolve at all earlier. Made slightly worse since Seraphimon and HerculesKabuterimon barely contributed to the fight.

Maki’s sideplot was interesting and decently placed until the last ¼th of the movie. It was nice to get a little backstory on her and Daigo, and see Daigo trying to pick up the pieces while she’s gone, but her reunion with Tapirmon is suddenly started during the final battle which is super jarring and there’s no resolution or even cliffhanger to the arc. She loses it and gets over-the-top angry at Tapirmon and that’s the last we see of her in the movie. Where does she go from there? Does she leave Tapirmon, try to get him to remember, start a new plan? Who knows.


I can’t believe Machinedramon freakin’ killed Sora.

Sora proudly declaring that she’d “never let Biyomon go again” and then proptly falling off Phoenixmon was unintentionally hilarious.

The posters for each movie never fail to surprise and this is probably the biggest surprise since movie 2. I’m looking forward to seeing development for both girls, especially since Meiko hasn’t gotten time to shine at all. Meikoomon’s mega has a nice mustache.


get to know me: [2/5] favorite movies → pride and prejudice (2005)

“You must know… surely, you must know it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me. I believe you spoke with my aunt last night, and it has taught me to hope as I’d scarcely allowed myself before. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on”

this moment is so small and weirdly lit that there’s really nothing to be done with it gifset-wise but i had to gif it anyway bc it’s the only shot of sabo in film gold that i hadn’t been spoiled for before watching it and even tho it’s only like 2 sec his beauty in it blows me away


This is for the wonderful @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​ ‘s SPN Movie Night Challenge. My movie was The Conjuring, and my pairing was Destiel.

Warnings: smut, anal sex, dry humping (is that a warning?)

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: My use of the movie wasn’t my most creative idea ever, but I still love writing these too dorks having all the sweet sex. Feedback much appreciated!

“What are we watching?” Dean relaxes just asking the question. These movie nights with Cas are his favorite nights, when everything is quiet except for the small laptop on his bed, and the whole world outside of his bedroom doesn’t exist.

They were his favorite nights even before he and Cas became…whatever they are- they haven’t really talked about it or labeled it, but Cas does stay in Dean’s bedroom every night now, and they definitely do more than sleep. But now, now that Dean’s allowed to snuggle into Cas’ side, or fall asleep tangled up in him afterward, or distract himself with sex if the movie is boring, now these nights are the absolute best nights Dean has.

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Relocated [1/10]

Summary: Reader recently moved to another city. She meets a man, spends a day with him at an iconic tourist location, and the story goes…

Pairing: Modern!Steve Rogers x Reader AU

Warnings: Extremely cliché, slight cursing

Word Count: 3,003

Author’s Note: This is heavily inspired by Before We Go and Playing It Cool. I’m a romcom fanatic, so this will be the most cliché of the clichés. Hope it ain’t too bad?

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Your name: submit What is this?

It was only 9AM in the morning and the sky was a beautiful blue, not a cloud to be seen. With a groan, Y/N slowly sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. As her sleepiness washed away, the sight before her made her drop her head back onto her pillow with a whine. Boxes. Boxes everywhere. Having only moved a few days ago, she hasn’t had the time to unpack and sort everything out yet. Her arms dangled off the side of her twin size bed as she stared at the ceiling, trying to plan out her day. I should unpack and put everything in place today, she thought. Y/N turned her head to the right and looked out the window. The sun was shining brightly and she could hear the faint chirping of birds outside.

“Fuck it,” she muttered. “The weather’s too good to be cooped up inside.”

Decision made, she tossed her blanket aside and dragged herself to the bathroom to freshen up. Twenty minutes and a bowl of cereal later, she’s ready to take on the day. Dressed in a plain white V-neck and a pair of dark wash jeans with an army green backpack slung over her shoulders, she slipped her feet into a pair of sneakers and was off to explore her new home – the city of San Francisco.

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Friends With No Benefits

Prompt: Kol is jealous of reader and Kai’s friendship.

Tags: @hcndredwolves @king-starkrogers @echoofhopecreations @jadedobrev @sleepy-stilinski-24 @queen-ambrosine @originalbish98 

Word Count: 458

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Summary: When the music blasting from Bucky’s room interrupts team movie night, Steve takes it upon himself to see what’s up and comes to regret it.


TW: references to sex

A/N: Just a fun one-shot. I chose Bowie because he’s one of my favorites!

“Okay, so who’s turn is it to choose the movie?” asked Clint as he sat down on the couch, gripping a large bowl of popcorn.

“Steve’s. He’s running a little late,” said Natasha, draping her legs over Clint’s and grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bowl. Sam, Tony, Scott, and Wanda were spread out on the other couches and chairs in the common room of the tower, patiently awaiting Steve’s arrival.

“Where’s Barnes?” asked Sam, but before anyone could reply, he figured out the answer to his question.

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I’ll Always Come Back To You (Steve Rogers x Reader One Shot)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,325

Warnings: Kissing, cussing and that’s it (:

A/N: There’s a smutty version of this one shot in my files but I decided to keep it low key lmao I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think (:

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It’s pitch black dark in the living room of your apartment and the only source of light is coming up from the flat screen TV mounted on the wall. The horror film has Steve and you entranced and to be honest you’re scared shitless right now. These type of movies weren’t your favorite but it was Steve’s choice and this is what he picked. You keep stealing short glances at him, the sight of his chiseled face grounding you to reality and making the movie more bearable to watch.

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More About Moments - It’s About Balance Short Shot

Playing with my favorite teenage dirtbag, but this one is actually *super* freestanding, so it’s just about Harry and his girl… and an afternoon on the couch… ;) x

Reminder: requests are closed! 

There’s a movie on the screen, but it isn’t holding your interest worth a damn. Harry had picked it, and it’s good – honest it is – but he’s playing with your hair while you’re cuddled up against him, and it’s pulled you out of the plot so many times that you have no idea what the plot even is anymore.

You hadn’t really been in the mood for a movie, anyway. You aren’t really sure what your mood is even now, you’re just… happy he’s here. It feels like stealing sometimes when he comes home – like you’re stealing him from his adoring public, and occasionally from his family, but he assures you that his mother sees him often enough that she doesn’t feel deprived at all and that Gemma wishes he would stay gone more often.

You’re selfish enough to allow that, because moments like these are fleeting, and you’ve grown attached. There’s no other way to put it, and there’s absolutely no point in denying it. You’re attached to the boy whose trousers are too tight and who has more ink needled into him than anyone you know. You’re attached to his too hot body and his too cold toes and his curly hair and millions of rings that land on your nightstand every night before bed (unless you specifically request him to keep them on).

You’re the type of attached that assures you if something breaks in your flat, that you aren’t quite sure how to fix, you can text him for his opinion and he’ll say to leave it be until he gets home, unless it’s urgent, and he’ll try to fix it with the limited knowledge he has that he is always trying to improve. Man of the world he might be, but it’s important to him, even with his boyish attitude towards so much, that he be capable, and that is how he’s often set about fixing things in your flat with a little frown burrowed between his brows.

For months now you’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop – for you to be tired, for him to be tired, but now you’re starting to think that you’re one shoe and he’s the other and you both have yourselves firmly planted on the ground. You’ve stopped waiting for anything else to drop by this point, and although there are still moments where you panic about all that could go wrong and all that you’re making him miss out on… you’re happy, on the whole, to be able to steal him away for yourself.

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˝Happy birthday˝ (Peter x Reader)

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A/N: Hey guys this is my first birthday themed one-shot, that I have written for

@betty234 because today is her birthday. I hope you’ll all like.

The whole Tower was quite, it felt strange. You walked through the halls in your favorite fluffy socks. Your eyes were wandering around the hallways searching for anything unusual. Before you walked out of your room, you were watching a horror movie. You weren’t a fan of them, but Peter recommended you one, so you watch it, although your brain was fighting about that decision. The silence was broken when you heard footsteps around the corner. You started running in your fluffy socks almost falling a few times. Running to the kitchen you collided with somebody.

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Winchester Sister- I’ll Be Home for Christmas

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Title: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Words: 1234

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Dean x old man(Hank)

Summary: Dean runs into problems while trying to get home in time for Christmas for his little sister.

(A/N: yeah so all of these are named after Christmas songs (except for the last one which is a movie) and this is probably my favorite one I’ve written for this series:) lots of love JC)


Dean shifts in his bed to the sound of his phone going off. He groans and reaches his arm out to answer it. He sleepily presses the phone to his ear and groggily answers, “Hello?”

“Dean?” He hears your voice and he automatically perks up. “Dean are you still asleep?”

“I was,” He rubs his face and looks over to the alarm clock on the motel night stand, “(Y/N) it’s eight freaking A.M.”

“Yeah I know, where are you? You’ve been gone for a week and you said you’d be home by yesterday.” You say, sounding clearly upset.

“I know what I said but the hunt was harder than I thought…”

“Dean, it’s Christmas Eve. You’re always home for Christmas—you and Sam both…” He knows once you bring up Sam it is a sensitive subject. Sam left for college 5 months ago and you had taken the biggest toll of him being gone. Sam always understood you better than Dean and Dad together, and with him being gone, things were a lot harder for you.

Dean took a deep breath, “I’m on my way, kid. Stop worrying, I’m going to be there before you know it.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

“Okay, I love you Dean,”

“Love you too.” He hangs up and slowly gets out of bed and packs his things to leave.

Dean has been on the road for a good 9 hours, when he starts to hear weird rumbling sounds coming from the back of the car he hotwired a week ago. Dean quickly pulls over and gets out of the car to the rear of the car to see that one of the tires blew.

“Damn it!” Dean yells and he slams his fist on the trunk. He is only seven hours away from his baby sister and this is delaying him from seeing you. The sun is starting to set and there’s not much that he can do without light. He starts to look around and he sees a few of cars heading towards him. He quickly sticks his thumb out and walks closer to the road.

One by one they pass him, speeding down the highway. Dean curses under his breath and begins go walk away from the car, hoping to somehow make it to a gas station. Dean tightens his grip on his jacket to hide him away from the piercing cold. There is a sudden honk and Dean snaps his head around to discover a pickup truck pulling off the highway and stops behind Dean.

Dean goes to the driver side of the truck and an old man with a red fishing hat and a greying beard rolls down the window, “You need a lift, mister?”

“Oh my god, yeah,” Dean says, relieved.

“Hop in,” The old man says and Dean happily obliges to get out of the cold. Once he closes the door, the truck zooms off. “I’m Hank by the way.”

“Dean,” Dean says.

“What are you doing out in the middle of nowhere at a time like this?” Hank questions as he glances over at Dean.

“My car broke down and I’m trying to get home to my sister before Christmas. It’s our first without our brother around; he went to college and isn’t coming home.” Dean explains as he watches snow start to fall outside the window.

“Awe well that’s awfully sweet of you to care for your sister that much.”

“Yeah, well I’m all she really has..”

“How old is she?” Hank asks. Dean looks over at Hank is his brows furrowed. Hank notices and scoffs, “Jesus, son, not like that! I have a granddaughter, she’s seven.”

Dean slowly looks away from Hank and looks down at his hands, “Fourteen.”

“Have you called her to let her know you might be a little late?” The old man questions.

“Oh shit!” Dean whispers and quickly pulls out his phone from his pocket to call you, but throws his head back when his phone has died. “Damn,”

“Dead?” Dean nods, “Well I ain’t got a phone on me, but I’m gunna need to stop for gas in a few miles, pretty sure they’ll have a pay phone.”

As Hank fills his tank with gas, Dean heads over to the payphone on the side of the gas station. He puts a couple quarters in and dials the number to the motel you’re staying at.

“Hello?” You say.

“(Y/N),” Dean sighs.

“Dean? Is that you?”

“Yeah kid, it’s me listen I-” Dean starts, but you quickly cut him off.

“Dean you said you’d be here by now. Where are you?”

“I’m at a gas station, but listen to me (Y/N) I might-”

“Dad left, Sam’s gone, you’re away… it’s starting to feel less like Christmas by the second. I just miss you Dean.” Dean could hear the sorrow in your voice and couldn’t bear to tell you that he might not be able to make it back by Christmas.

“What do you mean dad left?” He asks.

“He left a couple hours ago, I’m pretty sure he went to a bar.” You say.

Dean rolls his eyes at the thought of John leaving his daughter in a motel room on Christmas Eve to go and get wasted. “(Y/N) I’m coming home and I’m going to be there for Christmas okay? I promise, I love you but I got to go.”

Dean hangs up the phone and heads back to Hanks truck, “You talk to your sister?”

Dean nods, “Yeah, I got to get home, but you do not have to take me, I don’t want you to give up your Christmas for me and my problems.”

“Dean, I’m not going to live with the guilt of leaving a young man stranded and for a girl not having her brother home for Christmas. Get in.” Hank retorts.

Around 2 AM Christmas morning Hank pulls up to the motel you are staying at. “Thank you so much, Hank. You don’t understand what this means to me.”

Dean pulls out his wallet and begins to pull out a few twenties. Hank shakes his head, “Oh no son, you ain’t gonna pay me. I’m just happy to bring you to your family, I don’t want anything.”

“Please, you drove me across two states. You could have been with your granddaughter and your family.” Dean pleads as he extends the money towards the old man.

“Son, I ain’t taken your money.” The man says sternly, “Now you go in there and tell your sister Merry Christmas for me okay?”

Dean sighs and stuffs his money back into his wallet, “Alright, fine… Thank you again, Hank.”

“No problem, Merry Christmas.” He says as Dean shuts the door. Dean waves him goodbye and watches as the blue truck goes off. Dean turns around and searches for the motel room 21B.

He silently opens the door and the light from a low lit lamp reveals you alone under the covers of the bed. Dean closes the door quietly and makes his way to your bed. The bed dips as he sits down and you stir awake.

You blink a couple of times and suddenly smile, “Dean!”

“Hey kid, I told you I’d be home for Christmas.” He says as you engulf him into a tight hug. He chuckles and places a kiss to the side of your head, glad to finally see you.

Imagine: Cas during a scary movie marathon.

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You, Sam, Dean, Charlie, and Cas are all sitting in front of the TV in Sam’s room. First on the horror movie list, The Exorcist.

Dean: Okay, but this is definitely the best scary movie there is.

Charlie:  Agreed.

Sam: Ok, but there has to be something better. This personally isn’t my favorite.

Y/N:  Clearly none of you have seen Insidious… and the second and the third.

Charlie: The third one wasn’t that great.

Cas: I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with getting themselves scared. 

Dean: It’s fun, Cas.

The five of you are well into the movie, the girl in currently being exorcised. 

Cas is leaned into Dean’s shoulder, almost hiding his face. Every time someone screams, he jumps. Yet, he still manages to keep grabbing popcorn and put it in his mouth while all this was going on.

Dean: Cas, you’re an angel of the lord. You’ve seen much worse. Get up.

Cas: Dean. I agree I have seen much worse, but I believe a plot and a television screen makes things much more terrifying.

He hides further into Dean’s side.

Dean:  You little dork.

Cas: I’m telling you, Dean. It’s true.

Y/N:  It’s okay Cas, I agree.

Dean laughed at both of you, putting an arm over Cas and pulling him close, allowing him to hide. 

Y/N: Yeah, we’re the dorks.


Word count: 599

Warnings: none!

Request: I know you just did one but the imagine of the lil conversation with Carl was great and please do something like that again. Xo

((Got this idea a while ago and I think it’s one of my favorites. I hope y’all like it!))

Your eyes scanned the decently stocked shelf of DVD’s you had in your room. They were there ever since you moved in but you hadn’t even glanced at them until Carl suggested the both of you watch a movie. Most the the titles were some you’ve never even heard of but one caught your eye. You stood yourself up and turned to face the bed where your boyfriend was patiently laying there, waiting for you to choose.

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anonymous asked:

random question but do you have a FAVORITE gay-themed movie? and can you recommend some good ones? sorry i know it's a weird question

oh darling i’m a complete film geek so it’s not a weird question at all  :)

if i had to pick one favourite then it would definitely be Weekend. it’s so brutally honest, both in the way it’s shot and in it’s directing and acting. and also, when i was watching it for the first time (with headphones on) i had to hold a pillow in front of my face because i felt like i was watching two people through a key hole and i felt like i was intruding on their private life. if a film makes you feel like that then you know it’s good.

as for the recommendation bit i have to say that there are a lot of absolutely terrible LGBTQ films out there, full of clichés and “for-effect” plots. but here are some “gay themed” films that i would actually recommend watching:

and yes, i’ve intentionally picked films that involves younger people, since i think that speaks to tumblr more. and i would urge you not to be discouraged by the fact that ½ of these are not in english. i can tell you that if you’ve chosen not to watch films in the past just because they’re not in english then you’ve missed out on a glorious slice of life, trust me.

I Do It All for You

Request: “Your blog is just so amazing, it’s definitely my favorite 💙 I was wondering if you could do a Newt imagine where the reader has really bad insomnia so he’s always trying everything to get her to sleep at night and when she finally does he’s always really careful to make sure nothing/no one wakes her up? Thank you so much!”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1328

Warnings: None

Newt placed a vial in front of you on the dinner table. It was glowing slightly, and was a rich purple colour. You unplugged the stopper, taking a whiff.

“What is this?” You mumbled in delight. It smelt of lavender.

“Sleeping Draught.” Newt replied with a mouth full of food.

You giggled, reaching over to wipe off the bit on sauce that had smeared on the side of his lips.

“If this doesn’t work, then I don’t know what will.” He sighed, taking your hands in his. “Drink this right before bed, and it should put you straight to sleep.”

You nodded, standing with your empty plate, leaning down to place a loving kiss on his cheek.

“You’re so sweet.”

“Anything for you, love.”

“What if it tastes bad?” You frowned, holding the vial up to your lips.

“It’ll only be for a second, and I swear, you won’t even taste the Flobberworm Mucus.”

“Newt!” You slapped his arm gently. “That’s not helpful.”

“Sorry.” He chuckled, finding the situation quite amusing. “Come on, you swallow my Flobberworm Mucus all the time without a problem.”

“Newt!” You hit him once more with a laugh, his face going red as he did the same.

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Movie Night (one shot I came up with while at a sleep over and sitting next to my Chloe-Beale-Like (but very, very straight) crush.)

Beca hated to admit it, but Monday’s were her favorite day of the week. It wasn’t because she got to work on her music at the studio or because it was nice to get the week started (who even likes to do that anyway), but it was because Monday’s were Bella movie night; attendance mandatory. Her ex boyfriend had originally gotten her into movies, but the Bellas had definitely aided in that task. Every night, Chloe picked Beca up from work at Residual Heat, but on Monday’s they stopped to get popcorn and candy on the way home.

This particular Monday, Chloe and Beca were perched on their usual spot in the middle of the sectional sofa, and Chloe had her arms wrapped around Beca. “I’m cold,” she claimed when Beca flinched at her touch.

“Whatever,” Beca said with a shrug, relaxing in Chloe’s arms.

Chloe and her both mindlessly watched the movie, not realizing all the girls were watching them in awe.

After awhile, Beca got up and Chloe almost immediately followed. “I’m just getting some water, I can get you a glass if you want some,” Beca said.

“Oh yeah, sure,” Chloe said after a moment, sitting back down on the couch.

Beca shot her a quick wink and left to go get the water.

“You okay there, Chlo?” Stacie asked with a slight smirk, making Fat Amy have to stifle a laugh.

“Yeah,” Chloe shrugged, glancing back into the kitchen to see Beca.

“I think she’s fine, red, she’s just getting water,” Amy laughed.

Chloe sighed and tried to focus on the movie before Beca came back a minute later. “Hey Chlo, do you want a blanket?” She asked as she handed Chloe the glass.

Emily tossed them one from the chair before Chloe answered. “Thanks Em,” she said before wrapping it around her and Beca.

After a few more minutes, Beca pulled her phone out of her back pocket and opened Tumblr, discreetly scrolling through it, trying not to let Chloe see that she wasn’t paying attention to the movie. “Hey,” Chloe whispered, grabbing Beca’s phone from her and closing all of her apps before handing it back. Beca rolled her eyes and sighed. “Am I not enough for you?” Chloe asked, playfully smacking Beca’s arm.

“Stop it, you know you are,” Beca replied with a laugh. She hadn’t realized that Chloe had started holding her hand until it started getting g really sweaty. “I’m sorry, I have really sweaty palms,” she whispered, wiping her hands on her pants.

“Don’t worry about it,” Chloe said, taking her hand back.

Beca smiled and moved closer to Chloe, mindlessly playing with her hair until she got her fingers tangled in it. “Shit, sorry,” she said with a laugh.

“It’s fine,” Chloe laughed, helping Beca untangle her hand.

Beca was constantly missing the signs, and Chloe definitely felt like she was missing the obvious ones. The cuddling and the holding hands all went over her head; she thought it was just Chloe’s personality, which definitely put Chloe in a difficult position. “Beca come get some more candy with me,” she said, standing up and pulling Beca up with her.

Beca silently followed her to the kitchen and stole a few skittles out of the container Chloe was pouring them in for herself. “This movie sucks.”

“Of course if does, its cliche Nicholas Sparks,” Chloe laughed. “I’m not a fan of cliches.”

“Me either, the guy gets the girl, it’s lame. In my movie fantasy, the girl breaks up with the guy and ends up with another girl.”

“Like this?” Chloe asked warily, leaning in and giving Beca a quick kiss, not even realizing she had done it at first. She noticed the apprehensive expression on Beca’s face and immediately regretted it. “I’m sorry, that was out of place, forget it please.”

“No,” Beca said softly before cupping Chloe’s face in her hands and kissing her slowly. She was about to deepen the kiss when she heard heavy footsteps walking into the kitchen and immediately pulled away, knowing she and Chloe were in for it. “Amy! Uh- we were just-”

“Bhloe is real!” Amy shouted as she ran back into the living room.

Chloe offered Beca an apologetic shrug and Beca wrapped her arm around the redheads waist, walking back into the living room. She failed to acknowledge the rest of the group as she kissed Chloe one more time.

“The girl gets the girl,” Stacie smirked. “It was bound to happen at some point.”

“Wow Becs, I guess we really are a cliche,” Chloe said with a laugh, linking her hand with the brunettes.

“I can live with this one,” Beca shrugged, popping a skittle into her mouth. This was definitely the most eventful movie night.