one of my favorite shots in the movie

Went and saw Beauty and the Beast, and I just had to share my experience because it was so pure?

So, like, I get into the theater, find myself a nice spot smack dab midscreen, which is WAY EASIER without thirty people traipsing in behind you in a group, lemme tell you, and I’m just sitting there, by my lonesome, scrolling tumblr and watching whatever weird stuff they’ve got on screen, and a family comes to sit in my row, which was the only empty one not right in front of the screen. Sat down what I thought was a seat away from me until I saw a little girl in an adorable ass red dress climbing over mom and dad to sit next to me. 

Totally fine. I was just off of center and they got to sit right in the middle of the screen, and when she finally gets settled this little girl looks up at me, with a soda half her size in one hand, and somehow both popcorn and candy in her tiny little lap, and she stage whispers to her mom:

“She’s by herself!”

Mom looks embarrassed, but I smile and wave off the apology. 

I go back to my phone, only to realize someone is tugging at my sleeve. Little girl looks up at me, all wide eyes and curiosity, and holds out a napkin filled with popcorn and chocolate. Like, I remember being a kid, and I remember how important candy and popcorn at the theater are, and I think she thought she was saving my life by offering this sustenance.

I almost fucking cried guys, kids are the best.

So I take it and thank her and let her talk my ear off for a few minutes until she needs a drink because she has been talking SO MUCH her mouth is dry. This kid is going places, guys, I’m telling you right now, because she picked up that cup the size of her torso like a champ and angled the straw just right and continued to try to talk to me around her gulps.

While this is happening, on the other side of me another mom and daughter sat down, and, turns out, the girls know each other. I’m guessing, based on the gumption of Red Dress, that they probably met in the lobby before they went into the theater. 

Girl number 2, I’ll call her Princess Dress, because it was a fantastic dress and when I told her so she proceeded to point to every princess along the neck and name them and give me their Stats, proceeds to have a conversation across me with Red Dress.

Both sets of parents were looking like they wanted to bury their heads in their hands, but I was having a blast.

Anyway, eventually lights go down, we get into the movie, and for the most part Red and Princess were content, although every so often Red made sure to pass me a handful of sticky half-melted chocolate. 

Watching a live action version of a movie that I watched for the first time when I was their age was a fuckin’ trip, man. Like. I got super emotional over things I didn’t expect to, and during the wolf scenes I was actually mildly distressed, because Princess was gripping the hand rest so hard on my right I thought she was gonna break it. Any scene I laughed or snorted at got a peal of laughter from my two new best friends, so hopefully no one has to go home and explain why I nearly snorted out my drink during “Be Our Guest” when they went for a visual gag for “After all miss, this is France!”.

During the ballroom scene, Red turned to her mom and whispered “The Beast is handsome!” and it took so much for me not to lean over and whisper back “Girl same.”

But my favorite, MY VERY FAVORITE part of this whole experience was when Gaston shot the Beast - FOR THE THIRD TIME HOLY HELL I KNEW IT WAS DARK BUT GODDAMN THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE ISN’T IT - Red patted my arm because yeah, okay, I was maybe crying a little, look, I know what happens but the movie made me feel things okay. Anyway, she like, pushes herself up in her seat and leans in close and she goes “It’s okay. He’s gonna be okay.”

The point is, children are so pure, and everyone should always watch movies with strangers.

therealoctaviaspencer: No filter. I spend much of my time now marveling at the beauty in the simplest things. This one of my favorite cinematic moments in #Gifted or any movie really. Oh, The way Marc Webb blocked this scene with @mckennagraceful and #ChrisEvans. I won’t tell you the conversation b/c you need to see the film and after you do, meet me here to discuss. I refer to it as a #Hamilton moment bc I’d just seen and become obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius. I wasn’t scheduled to work this day and as you can see, time was of the essence to get the shot. The crew hustled down the beach, everyone moved equipment etc. just to make sure it happened. And afterwards we all applauded because it was just that beautiful. So, here’s a tip of my hat to the #gifted crew for hustling, Marc for blocking it this way, and to Mckenna and Chris for a transcendent moment. PS this is NOT my photography lol.

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omg, coeurdastronaute is my favorite too! i actually love everything she writes?! even the little one shots, god now that you mentioned it, i would die to see the terminal being made a movie, go, go tell her and make babies (movies) together! lol

Isn’t she just fucking brilliant? I would be more than willing to make some sort of deal with the devil to not only get permission to adapt The Terminal into a film but to also get said film funded. Like…you don’t understand how much I love that story. It deserves to be made. It just does. Even if it’s not me (it would break my heart, but I would accept it)

this moment is so small and weirdly lit that there’s really nothing to be done with it gifset-wise but i had to gif it anyway bc it’s the only shot of sabo in film gold that i hadn’t been spoiled for before watching it and even tho it’s only like 2 sec his beauty in it blows me away

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Hi! Im a huge fan of your work and your writing in incredible! I think it would be a funny fic to have bughead having a heavy smutty makeout and with all the hormones jug gets a little, "excited" if you know what I mean, so when the group barges in and betty gets off his lap they (arch, v etc) see his hard on and make fun of him - i just think that it would be really funny to see the whole group not taking the relationship too seriously and having a good laugh :) thanks !

Here you go! I’ve gotten a few messages wanting me to write various versions of this particular request, so hopefully this will satisfy those anons as well. It also is a continuation (although not really) of the “Jughead shirtless at a construction site” fic lol. You can read that one here.

A/N: Things get a little steamy, but nothing tooooo sinful happens so I’ll say it’s smutty-ish?? lol ;)

**This got kind of long, so I had to add a “keep reading” cut, so if you’re reading on mobile the story unfortunately gets cut off. Sorry about that!**

Betty set her French book on the thin blanket she had spread out on her front lawn, glancing up at the threatening clouds rolling in across the horizon as she heard the booming clap of thunder in the distance.

“No!” Betty shrieked, already reaching for the notebooks and textbooks surrounding her as the first few raindrops began to fall onto her forehead. “Crap, crap, crap!”

Before she could react, the skies opened up and the rain started pounding violently atop everything around her, completely drenching her books and soaking her clothes.

“Seriously, we were in a drought a week ago and you choose this moment to open the flood gates?” Betty cursed mother nature for her dreadful timing, her wet hair whipping around to smack her in the face as she frantically grasped for the flyaway papers rolling across the lawn.


Betty spun around to find Jughead leaning against Archie Andrews’ front porch, watching amusedly as Betty flew across the grass, the rain coming down even harder the quicker she collected her belongings.

“What do you say? Be the Debbie Reynolds to my Gene Kelly?” Jughead raised a playful eyebrow, referencing one of her favorite movies, Singin’ in the Rain.

“Ha ha, very funny,” Betty shot back, squinting through the rain to glare helplessly in his direction. “Now, are you going to help me or are you going to let an entire week’s worth of homework get ruined by this monsoon?”

“Alright, but you owe me,” Jughead sighed, pulling his jacket tightly around his body as he stepped out into the rain. “I actually conditioned my hair this morning and it’s gonna be ruined by my valiant act of heroism.”

“Just get over here,” Betty yelled, not having the energy to point out that he was wearing the same beanie that he always wore over his conditioned hair, making his point completely moot.

Jughead jogged over to the Coopers’ yard, already scooping up papers and books as he made his way to Betty.

“Last chance to bust out in song and dance,” Jughead pointed out once he had picked up the last piece of homework from the front step of Betty’s house.


“Suit yourself,” Jughead shrugged. “But I can totally rock a mean shuffle-ball-change so I would say you were really missing out on-”

“Inside, Juggie, go!” Betty pushed Jughead forward as he fumbled to open the door, nearly knocking him to the ground as they stumbled over the threshold.

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My favorite movies from each year since I was born

All the kids are doing it, so I guess I’ll give this a shot. Given the blog I figured I’d go for an Asian cinema edition. Realized I really didn’t watch much between 2007 and 2012 for whatever reason. Also that Leslie Cheung has one of the strongest filmographies of all time.

1988 - Akira
1989 - The Killer
1990 - Bullet in the Head
1991 - Cyber City Oedo 808
1992 - Hard Boiled
1993 - Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2
1994 - Chungking Express
1995 - The Phantom Lover
1996 - Viva Erotica
1997 - Happy Together
1998 - The Bird People in China
1999 - Audition
2000 - Battle Royale / JSA
2001 - Suicide Club
2002 - Infernal Affairs
2003 - Tokyo Godfathers
2004 - Dumplings
2005 - A Bittersweet Life
2006 - The Host
2007 - Mad Detective
2008 - Love Exposure
2009 - Mother
2010 - 13 Assassins
2011 - Guilty of Romance
2012 - Lesson of the Evil
2013 - Rigor Mortis
2014 - Killers (Maybe? Not a great year)
2015 - Assassination
2016 - Himeanole / I Am A Hero

Out of all the behind the scenes shots we saw from Star Wars Celebration, the one of Luke that this art is based on, was my favorite. I just love how cool he looks in this shot!

Follow Brandon Harrelson on IG for more fantastic artwork!

766 Days until Episode IX

403 Days until the Han Solo Movie









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Evening Out With Your Girlfriend

Honorable Mention+ Have you ever had detention? what for?
Calm Before The Storm (eowyg)+ Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming? What about?
Switchblades And Infidelity+ You can press a button that will make anyone or anything explode. Who or what would you choose?
Pretty In Punk+ What dream color(s) would you love your hair to be?
Growing Up+ Your most favoritest age you’ve been so far?
The World’s Not Waiting (For Five Tired Boys In A Broken Down Van)+Name one thing you have wasted time on.
Short, Fast And Loud+ Short or tall? Fast or slow? Loud or quiet?
Moving Pictures+ Would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theatre?
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (But I’m Gonna Give It My Best Shot)+ What is your favorite day of the whole year?

Take This to Your Grave

Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do TodayDo you get jealous easily?
Dead on Arrival+ How do you start a conversation?
Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy+ What do you think of people who cheat?
Saturday+ Who is your bestfriend?
Homesick at Space Camp+ What is your favorite planet?
Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)+ Who would you absolutely love to punch in the face?
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago+ Is there anyone in the world you would want next to you right now?
The Pros And Cons Of Breathing+ Do you hate anyone?
Grenade Jumper+ Is there anyone you would take a grenade for?
Calm Before The Storm (tttyg)+ What phobias do you have?
Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over+ Do you consider yourself sucessful?
The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes+ Has anyone ever lied to you?

My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue

My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon+ Weapon of choice in zombie apocalypse?
“It’s Not A Side Effect Of The Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love”+ Do you have a promise that you will always keep?
Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (Acoustic)+ Have you ever been to prom?
Love Will Tear Us Apart+ When was the last time someone told you they loved you?  
Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy (Acoustic)+ Are you keeping a secret from someone?

From Under The Cork Tree

Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued+ What name(s) do you dislike?
Of All The Gin Joints In All The World+ First Fall Out Boy song you’ve ever heard?
Dance, Dance+ Favorite line in a song that you would so get tattooed on your ass cheek?
Sugar We’re Going Down+ Favorite pet name to be called?
Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner+ Are you the rarest pepe?
I’ve Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)+ Have you ever gotten into a fight? if so, what was the outcome?
7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen)+ Least favorite thing about school/college?
Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends+ Your house is on fire. What are the things/people/animals you’d grab on your way out?
I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me+ Bandmemebers you have a crush on?
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”+ Night owl or early bird?
Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows)+
What do you want to do before you die? Do you have a bucket list?
XO+ Are you reliable? why?
Snitches And Talkers Get Stitches And Walkers+ Have you ever fractured/broken any bones?
The Music Or The Misery+
What band(s) do you absolutely hate?  

Infinity On High

Thriller+ What is one thing you would like to go back and tell your 12 year old self?
“The Take Over, The Breaks Over”+ Do you like having picture taken of you or selfies?
This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race+ If you were the president, what is the first thing you would make illegal and legal?
I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)+ You get three wishes, what are they? (you can’t wish for more wishes)
Hum Hallelujah+ Have you tried to be someone you’re not to impress someone?
Golden+ Favorite gem stone/mineral?
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs+ Best memory of someone who has left your life?
Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am? Bands you’ve seen perform live?
The (After) Life Of The Party+ Would you rather be a ghost or skeleton in the after life?
The Carpal Tunnel Of Love+ Favorite flavor of icecream?
Bang The Doldrums+ Do you wear makeup? if so, what kind?
Fame < Infamy+ Cursive or print hand writing?
You’re Crashing, But You’re No WaveHave you ever been to court? why were you there?
I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers+ Do you plan on ever getting married?
G.I.N.A.S.F.S.+ What is your eye color? if you could change it, would you?
It’s Hard To Say “I Do”, When I Don’t+ What was the most hurtful thing that someone said to you?

Folie à Deux

Lullabye+ A song you would want your children to listen to.
Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes+ Can you describe yourself in 5 words?
I Don’t Care+ Favorite month of the year? why?
She’s My Winona+Wa aoh oh ooh. What song popped into your head?
America’s Suitehearts+ Andy the Candy, Pete the Treat, Joe the Hoe, or ‘trick the frick?
Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet+ Have you ever lost a bet?
The (Shipped) Gold Standard+ What is the one song that has helped you push through?    
(Coffee’s For Closers)+ How do you like your coffee?
What A Catch, Donnie+ What two bands/musicians should make a song together?
27+ What do you think about aliens?
Tiffany Blews+ Are you scared of the dark?
w.a.m.s.+ Do you like snow?
20 Dollar Nose Bleed+ Would you pay 20 dollars to punch someone in the face?
West Coast Smoker+ What do you think of the ocean?
Pavlove+ Are you happy with the way you look? is there something you would change?

Save Rock And Roll

The Phoenix+ You’re wearing the same thing as someone else. Are you going to be the one to change or are they?
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark+ Do you enjoy bonfires?
Alone Together+ You are the last person on Earth, but you can choose someone else to be with you. Who would you choose?
Where Did The Party Go+  What is the last thing you drew a picture of?
Just One Yesterday+ What did you do yesterday?
The Mighty Fall+ What is the best pick up line you’ve heard lately?
Miss Missing You+ Do you think anyone misses you at the moment?
Death Valley+ Have you ever broken a promise?
Young Volcanoes+ You are a killer in a horror movie. What song is playing in the background? 
Rat A Tat+ Favorite time of day?
Save Rock And Roll+ Would you get revenge on those who have hurt you?


We Were Doomed From The Start (The King Is Dead)+ Your funeral song?Art Of Keeping Up Disappearances+ Have you ever written your own music or poems?
Hot To The Touch, Cold On The Inside+ Do you think tie dye is still cool?
Love, Sex, Death+ What are your favorite scents?
Eternal Summer+ A summer you will never forget?
Demigods+ What is your favorite type of dinosaur?
American Made+ Do you prefer cooking or ordering take out?
Caffeine Cold+ Ice coffee or hot coffee?

American Beauty / American Psycho

Irresistible+ Favorite city you’ve visited?
American Beauty / American Psycho+ Would you reffered to as the beauty or the psycho
Centuries+ Do you like heavy metal? or hardcore/screaming music?
The Kids Aren’t Alright+ Have you dedicated a song to someone before? what song was it?
Uma Thurman+ Do you believe in miracles?
Jet Pack Blues+ What are your favorite colors?
Novocaine+ Vest, Jacket, or Hoodie?
Fourth Of July+ Do you collect anything? if so, what do you collect?
Favorite Record+ Favorite album?
Immortals+ Favorite animated movie(s)?
Twin Skeletons (Hotel In NYC)+ What is the best thing about Halloween?


Alpha Dog+ Favorte dog breed(s)?
From Now On We Are Enemies+ Do you have more enemies than friends?Lake Effect Kid+ Is there somewhere you rather be?
Roxanne+ Have you ever called the police?
Save Your Generation+ Ever had a rumour spread about you?
Start TodayYou have a free ticket to any concert of your choice. Who would you go see?
Yule Shoot Your Eye Out+ What do you want for christmas?


A/N: Thank you guys for the continued support and sweet messages! I love you all so much!!!

* = Smut


One of his moods*

Just a movie, babe.*


Bound: (more coming soon)

part 1 *

part 2 

Hades!Harry: (idk if i’ll continue this one)


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“Can you feel it right there?”*

“You’re not a very good liar.”

“I came in and the place was trashed” (super short sorry lol)

Harry Bug:

“So….you don’t love me anymore?” (MY LEAST FAVORITE THING EVER)

“Baby, you’ve got to slow down for me”*

Bed Buddies

AU’s: -You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

-We’ve had this tradition as besties to have a sleepover once a year but this year….it feels different…were your pajamas always this cute??…did I always have butterflies

Summary: Reader comes over to yo boi’s home

Word Count: 2500+

Trigger warnings: swears, badly translated French, Fem!reader, was briefly read over so could be horrible we wouldn’t know, shitty title

A/N: made by both @foundingfukbois and @mermaidsareforrealzies. we hope you like it! <3 Also this is technically my(@mermaidsareforrealizes) first good fic so feedback would be really nice, if you have any.

Laf was looking forward to this night for the past two weeks. Tonight was the night his best friend since cringey high school days came to visit, drink a couple beers, and ultimately catch up.

 You and Laf were sophomores at the same college, but living on the other side of campus was like living worlds away. Whenever you did see each other, it was only when the whole squad would assemble for a night “studying” at the library. In reality, Alex would be the only one attempting to study, and John, Herc, and Laf would be laughing at some joke or sneaking in a box of beer for them to chug. You would always watch the beer-chugging, but only joined in when one of the boys smuggled in shots. Mostly you would watch the festivities with your notes spread out across your lap. Whenever Laf turned to look at you, you were watching him. He would smile and wave and you would blush scarlet and turn back to ask Alex a question about your notes. Laf didn’t think much of it.

The squad aren’t allowed in that library anymore for ‘improper behavior’.

But in any case, these wild one-on-one nights became a monthly tradition. Laf and Y/N never seemed to get some alone time to talk or just chill. They were best friends, after all.

Laf was so excited for this reunion. He hadn’t seen you in a grand total of two weeks, and hadn’t had alone time with you since last month. This was the first hang out being held at Laf’s dorm. He wanted to cook some stereotypical French food, partly because he enjoyed showing off his Frenchness and partly because he wanted to impress you with his stellar cooking.

He threw some freshly-made crepes onto a plate and garnished it with a couple of leaves in an attempt to make it look fancy. Laf gently hummed a French tune while he poured some crepe batter onto a hot pan. He got some more plates from the cabinet above the sink and laid them out on the dining table, all with a smile gracing his face. He continued to set up the table and prepare the food with the utmost care. Then there was a knock on the door. He wiped his hands on his apron and went to answer the door.

He opened the door and you stood in the doorway with a backpack on your shoulders and a bag in your hands, an amused look on your face. “Wow, Laf, you clean up nicely,” you chimed in, looking him up and down.

Laf had a white tank top showing off his massive arms, and you desperately tried not to let your eyes linger on his build for too long. On top of that he had a cliche ‘Kiss The Cook’ apron. ‘What a dork.’

“Y/N!” Laf chuckled nervously and gave you a hug. He let go a little too quickly out of embarrassment and went to check on his crepes. “You’re early…I wasn’t expecting you until nine.”

You dumped your backpack on his couch like you owned the place and pushed the plastic bag into his hands with a smirk. He looked at it questioningly while you looked around.

“Nice place,” you added, pulling out a chair at the dining table and unlacing you boots. “What’s for dinner, Frenchie?” Lafayette snorted and took some of the beer bottles out of the bag you had given him.

“When did you get so cocky?” Laf reached for the plate of crepes in the kitchen and pushed it in front of you, knowing that they will shut you up. Your eyes widened at the French food, and looked up at Lafayette in awe.

“Did you make these? These look amazing!” You immediately began to shovel them in your mouth when the frenchman placed a fork in front of you. “And they taste amazing, too,” you mumbled, your hand covering your mouth in an attempt to block your lips while you praised his cooking with a full mouth.

“It’s a family recipe,” he grinned, satisfied with your response.  

While you inhaled the crepes, Laf slid you a beer, left one for himself, and went to place the rest in the fridge. He turned around and you were finishing up the last of the crepes out of the entire stack that he had placed in front of you a minute ago.

“Don’t they feed you back in the girl’s dorm? Jesus, you eat fast.”

You shrugged and popped the lid off of the beer bottle. You took a swig and widened your eyes in realization. You put the bottle down on the table with a little clink.

“Oh shit, did I just eat your food? Did you eat already? I should’ve saved some for you… Jesus, I’m horrible,” you mused nervously, standing up from your chair and briskly padding into the kitchen with Lafayette trailing behind you.

“Hey it’s fine! I’m not hungry,” he said as he grasped your wrist abruptly and twirled you around.

Suddenly, his strong arms caught you off guard and you got twirled closer towards him so that your eyes were level with his lips and your faces were inches apart. You quickly glanced to his eyes and he looked flustered, which was unnatural for his normal  confident mien.

He took a step back and ran his hand through his hair, clearly uncomfortable. You felt a blush creep onto your cheeks and you looked to your feet. ‘What the hell was that?’

“So, uh, do you wanna watch a movie or something?” Lafayette spoke without looking at you, as he took steps back out of the kitchen.

“Sure,” you murmured, eager to escape this tense feeling. You hated being like this around Laf, he was your best friend. You flopped on the couch and wrapped yourself with a blanket and hugged a pillow into your stomach.

“Quit hogging the blanket, Y/N!” Laf joked. You snuggled further into the couch and stuck your tongue out at him. He poked you in the side and you giggled, giving up a portion of the blanket.

Laf grabbed the remote off of the coffee table in front of you and opened Netflix. After debating what to watch for a solid five minutes, you two decided on Mrs. Doubtfire.  Robin Williams was your favorite actor and comedian since you were a kid and when Laf said he never watched the movie, you gave him a look of disbelief and snatched the remote out of his hands.

“Really? You haven’t seen the greatest Robin Williams movie of all time?”

Laf shrugged. “My parents are cut-throat French aristocrats . We didn’t watch American movies at home unless they were educational. We played French songs, movies, plays, you name it. My parents took pride in their nationality, as do I. Maybe I should show you one of my favorite French movies?” He gave up once he saw the hesitant look on your face.

“Fine, I’ll give Mrs. Doubtfire a try. But you’ll have to make some popcorn for us.” He shot you his sweetest smile and sighed, getting up.

“Hey King Louis, where do you keep your popcorn?” You called over your shoulder when you reached the kitchen.

“Ha-ha,” he replied sarcastically over his shoulder while setting up his couch nest. “Third cabinet to the right of the fridge.”

You made the popcorn as fast you could and fell onto the couch and very close to his legs with the bowl of the popcorn. You quickly sat up blushing. You didn’t mean to fall so close to him. He didn’t seem to notice you being flustered.

“I got the popcorn,” you said, stating the obvious. Laf smiled slightly and pressed play. The movie started and the Frenchman wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer to him. Have the French always been this intimate, even with their friends? You tried not to think much about it and snuggled into him, ready to watch a movie with your best friend.

The movie was over, beers were empty, and you and Laf stretched out across the couch. You would say the movie was great, like always, but you were… distracted. Laf’s arm was around you and his face was so close to yours. You didn’t usually feel like this when you were around him. Does he do this around all of his friends? Has he always been this hot?

“Its getting late, I should probably leave. We should do this again sometime, though.” You said, getting up from the couch. Laf groaned and pulled you back down.

“Can’t you stay a little more… s'il vous plaît?” he pleaded.

You sighed. “Laf, it’s 1:05 and I haven’t started any of my homework for Monday.”

“It’s fucking Friday, Y/N, you have the whole weekend.”

“Well, now it’s technically Saturday–”

“You know what I mean, idiot,” your friend replied rolling his eyes. “Besides, I don’t want you going home alone at night like this, mon amour. Our campus isn’t exactly, how you say, the safest. Je ne pense pas que c'est une bonne idée. Je ne veux pas vous faire de mal.”(I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t want you to get hurt.)

You didn’t really understand the last half of that sentence, but you got the gist.

“Laf, that’s really sweet, but I can’t-”

“Sure you can,” he said, smiling sweetly and putting his arm around you again. You blushed a little but rolled your eyes.

“Here, I’ll sleep on the couch, you can take my bed, belle.”

You knew what that one meant. Was he flirting with you?

“No, no, no, I can’t just stay the night and take your bed away from you.” You curled a strand of your hair nervously. He pushed your hair behind your ear and took your hand. ‘Calm your fucking tits, Y/N. Just a friend, just a friend-”

Laf looked at you with pleading eyes.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll take the couch. Let me be the gentleman here.” He laughed. But you didn’t want to inconvenience him anymore than you already had.

“I’d rather go home than have you sleep on the couch. I don’t want to have you be uncomfortable all night because of me.” You said, slightly raising your voice at him.

“Fine, wanna just- merde, we could both just-, since you’re so stubborn, we could both sleep in my bed– If you’re comfortable with it of course…” He sputtered, trying to make up his mind, and trailing off. Your eyes widened and you looked down.

“I guess,” you mumbled, trying to not seem flustered or desperate.

Laf gave you a small grin while glancing down at your intertwined fingers. “So, if we’re done arguing, I’m ready to go to bed.” he gently remarked with a smile.

After the both of you prepared for bed in the bathroom, you lifted up the striped covers and got in, immediately immersed with his scent. Laf could only stare at you.

“Are you gonna sleep in that?” You were wearing a tshirt and jeans. It was the only thing you had, so you assumed it was what you were going to be wearing for bed.

“Well, yeah…”

Laf paused for a second before speaking, “I could lend you a shirt of mine to wear, if you wanted…” He looked up at you to see your reaction. “Unless you don’t want to, of course,” he added quickly.

You smiled slightly, “Thanks, Laf, that would be nice…” you trailed off.

He nodded and turned to his dresser and pulled out sweatpants and a black tshirt while you stood up out of his bed. He handed the things to you and momentarily left the room so you could get changed in peace.

What the fuck was happening tonight? Not only did you feel ten times more flustered, but he seemed to be ten times more affectionate. Was it the beers you had? You weren’t even close to drunk, and Laf didn’t get drunk easily…

You pulled on his shirt and slid into his sweatpants with ease, considering they were massive on you, yet attainable. Your hair on the other hand was anything but attainable.

“Laf, you can come in now if you want!” You called through the door, while you yanked your hair tie out of your hair.

Laf walks in hesitantly, and upon seeing you, he grins to himself. However, you catch his smile while gazing into the mirror while you put your hair up in a messy ponytail.

“What was that smile for?” you say, turning on your heel to look at him with an amused look on your face.

“Rien, ma chérie,”he said.

You cock your head and raise an eyebrow, your hands finding a place on your hips.

“I-I mean, those clothes are huge on you, it’s quite funny to see you drowning in mes vêtements,” He now replies, fluffing his pillows while getting into bed, avoiding your gaze with a smirk on his face.

You quickly turn off the light of his room and follow him into bed, letting your hands guide you on the way to the bed, considering you are temporarily blinded.

“Are you good? You sure you don’t want me to sleep on the couch?” Laf inquires.

“If you don’t want to share a bed with me, Laf, just say something,” you say as sarcastically as you can muster.

“Ah no! I mean… Merde Y/N, you make this so difficult.”

You both giggled into the pillows and adjusted more, becoming comfortable in the bed. You could get used to this bed…

“Good night ma cher,” he mutters before turning from lying on his back to his side.

“Sweet dreams, Laffy Taffy.”

You slowly woke up, from one of those calming dreams that only occur in the mornings. As you drifted into consciousness, you lifted your hands to wipe at your eyes, but then you realized where you were. More specifically, who you were with.

Your eyes widened when you found yourself with an arm wrapped around your waist.

At first it was shocking and uncomfortable. But you soon felt more at ease, knowing whose arms those were. Your back was to him, while he spooned your small form. You gently smiled to yourself, not turning to him, not wanting to disturb him.

Little did you know, Laf was awake, and very, very happy.

3.15.17 // Five days in Tokyo //

My bullet journal spread for the week before spring break! Leaving for Tokyo tomorrow with my boyfriend :) I got a Fujifilm instax for the occasion and I can’t wait to document all the amazing things we see. (Too bad films are so expensive..) also Lost in Translation is one of my favorite movies of all time and we’re going to the bar they shot scenes at!!

Specific dates provided in movies–especially those that pass within our lifetimes–are always interesting to me. Today is one such date. While watching Blade Runner on Saturday, I overheard the replicant Leon mention his inception (activation) date, April 10, 2017. That’s today. (Notably, the more advanced replicants such as Roy have earlier activation dates, in 2016.) It makes Blade Runner another one of those movies that hilariously overestimated the advancement of technology. Like with many others of the time, it’s hard to fault the conclusion; in 1982 we were exploring space, had personal computers in peoples’ homes, and the (somewhat affluent) common man was capable of recording their own video broadcasts. Looking 35 years ahead, it was ambitious, but not completely unreasonable to assume that we would have the kind of quantum advancement we had seen since 35 years earlier, in 1947.

Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies, mostly for the visual artistry. In an era long before CGI as we know it today, Los Angeles is somehow depicted with breathtaking beauty. The lighting and shot compositions blends film noir of the old with a futuristic view of humanity. It’s easy to see how much my favorite anime, Bubblegum Crisis, borrows from the setting. I’m not as completely sold on the film’s story, which bears its fair share of oddities (and I’m really not fond of the interactions between Deckard and Rachael in his apartment.) But overall it’s something I think everyone should try.

anonymous asked:

random question but do you have a FAVORITE gay-themed movie? and can you recommend some good ones? sorry i know it's a weird question

oh darling i’m a complete film geek so it’s not a weird question at all  :)

if i had to pick one favourite then it would definitely be Weekend. it’s so brutally honest, both in the way it’s shot and in it’s directing and acting. and also, when i was watching it for the first time (with headphones on) i had to hold a pillow in front of my face because i felt like i was watching two people through a key hole and i felt like i was intruding on their private life. if a film makes you feel like that then you know it’s good.

as for the recommendation bit i have to say that there are a lot of absolutely terrible LGBTQ films out there, full of clichés and “for-effect” plots. but here are some “gay themed” films that i would actually recommend watching:

and yes, i’ve intentionally picked films that involves younger people, since i think that speaks to tumblr more. and i would urge you not to be discouraged by the fact that ½ of these are not in english. i can tell you that if you’ve chosen not to watch films in the past just because they’re not in english then you’ve missed out on a glorious slice of life, trust me.

I’ll Always Come Back To You (Steve Rogers x Reader One Shot)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,325

Warnings: Kissing, cussing and that’s it (:

A/N: There’s a smutty version of this one shot in my files but I decided to keep it low key lmao I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think (:

Originally posted by naih-reedus

It’s pitch black dark in the living room of your apartment and the only source of light is coming up from the flat screen TV mounted on the wall. The horror film has Steve and you entranced and to be honest you’re scared shitless right now. These type of movies weren’t your favorite but it was Steve’s choice and this is what he picked. You keep stealing short glances at him, the sight of his chiseled face grounding you to reality and making the movie more bearable to watch.

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Relocated [1/10]

Summary: Reader recently moved to another city. She meets a man, spends a day with him at an iconic tourist location, and the story goes…

Pairing: Modern!Steve Rogers x Reader AU

Warnings: Extremely cliché, slight cursing

Word Count: 3,003

Author’s Note: This is heavily inspired by Before We Go and Playing It Cool. I’m a romcom fanatic, so this will be the most cliché of the clichés. Hope it ain’t too bad?

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It was only 9AM in the morning and the sky was a beautiful blue, not a cloud to be seen. With a groan, Y/N slowly sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. As her sleepiness washed away, the sight before her made her drop her head back onto her pillow with a whine. Boxes. Boxes everywhere. Having only moved a few days ago, she hasn’t had the time to unpack and sort everything out yet. Her arms dangled off the side of her twin size bed as she stared at the ceiling, trying to plan out her day. I should unpack and put everything in place today, she thought. Y/N turned her head to the right and looked out the window. The sun was shining brightly and she could hear the faint chirping of birds outside.

“Fuck it,” she muttered. “The weather’s too good to be cooped up inside.”

Decision made, she tossed her blanket aside and dragged herself to the bathroom to freshen up. Twenty minutes and a bowl of cereal later, she’s ready to take on the day. Dressed in a plain white V-neck and a pair of dark wash jeans with an army green backpack slung over her shoulders, she slipped her feet into a pair of sneakers and was off to explore her new home – the city of San Francisco.

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I am such a sucker for cinematography. If a show or movie or whatever other visual thing has great camera work (angles, movement, filters, lighting, etc etc) I’m so fuckin sold. 

Anyway, weird preamble, but I’ve noticed people starting to talk a lot about this shot 

and it’s actually one of my favorites from the whole show lmao 

I think this whole talk would go in with my other little essay about symbolic cinematography, so you can go read that too if you want. It’s the same basic ideas. 

I love seeing this sort of angle in general. I think it’s blatant in the best and funniest way. The angle is always used to express sexual attraction and desire, as the object of that desire is literally framed between the subject’s legs and around the genitals. 

So this was right after Victor showed Yuuri the eros dance for the first time and then asked what he thought. And well, especially with that context in mind, I think this shot is here as a hilarious short cut to show us Victor’s current intentions and desires. It’s visual innuendo, I love it! 

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Do you have any Adam/Belle fic recs?

I have like a billion favorite fics in this fandom and they are a mix between the original film and the new version SO I’M GONNA PUT BOTH! I’ll write the year in the description (but AUs kinda apply to both most stories do because of the OVERWHELMING similarities in the two movies) (I could have added so many more but this is like too long😂)

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