one of my favorite scenes tbh


“Oiii! Makoto!”


Well they’ve done it again- how they made the second volume of the official ndrv3 athology just as incredible as the first is anyone’s guess, but once again, it’s pure gold.

Look at these silly dorks I love them so much :’D


Jack Rackham Appreciation Week:

Day One: Favorite Scene

Because what’s it all for if it goes unremembered? It’s the art that leaves the mark. But to leave it, it must transcend. It must speak for itself. It must be true.


Criminal Minds Appreciation Week: Day 3 - OTP

“Speaking of pretty boys, where’s Reid?”

Disney thinks they’re sneaky

Okay. I think Disney is setting us up for something here.

Something no one is gonna see coming…

Okay. Disney is on their live action kick and that’s all good, and great, and wonderful.

But let’s look at some of the movies that have come or will be coming out in the future.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The Lion King (2019)

Aladdin (2019)

(tbh I don’t even wanna talk about the casting choices…)


The Little Mermaid (TBA)

Yes. I know that’s Anna Kendrick in an SNL skit. BUT back to the point

All of these movies have one thing in common that stands out in my head. The all provided iconic scenes that ultimately turned into trailers for this little guy

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite little, blue alien, Stitch.

I believe Disney’s ultimate goal is to actually make a live action Lilo and Stitch movie and all of these remakes are just so they can reintroduce it just how he was introduced the first time… through other movies’ trailers.

Come on, not even Disney can deny that a live adaptation of Lilo and Stitch would be fantastic.

So what do you think? Is Disney setting us ip for a Live Action Lilo and Stitch? or am I just reading way too into things and living on a pipe dream?

taakitz superhero au where taako is the proprietor of a gourmet bakery that has thieves and villains descend upon it each night because the pastries are SO DELICIOUS and they NEED the SECRET RECIPES so they can HYPNOTIZE THE POPULACE or some other harebrained schemes. his baking is that good.

kravitz, local superhero, must swoop in every time and save taako! …but listen. he is not the superman of the city. he’s not even the aquaman. he is honestly sort of inept, but he has a great costume and an accent and he does his best! he has his heart in the right place.

taako is enamored both with his becaped rescuer and with the cute local reporter that buys a muffin for breakfast from his place every other weekday and has a real sweet smile. hey there, handsome, you want a mocha to go with your blueberry swirl? on the house ;))))

kravitz savors each morning interaction and while he wishes that taako’s bakery wasn’t burgled so often.. it is pretty nice to help him out…. and see him more…. one of these days he’ll ask him out! but will taako accept both sides of him???? kravitz wonders, staring moodily across the city skyline… emo sigh.

(taako knows they’re one and the same, but he lives for melodramatics, so he is all about this whole situation tbh. and kravitz’s mask falls off pretty often, anyway.)

(and listen. those shoulders? he could recognize them anywhere. mmmm. delish.)

(read more for courtesy since this got a tad long)

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Unpopular Shadowhunters Opinion: As much as I love Alec & Magnus and as much I’ve enjoyed Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum, Jr’s performance I wish they weren’t so straight in their scenes. By this, I mean moments that there should be more familiarity between two people in love it plays very much as Magnus places a hand on the shoulder. Alec & Magnus kiss. It’s all very perfunctory. 

One of my favorite m/m ships was Will & Sonny on the daytime drama Days of Our Lives. Now tbh their kissing moments was also very perfunctory but where the actors excelled at was the small moments. Each scene they were in together they would add something extra whether it was holding hands under the table or holding hands or playing with each other’s fingers so that they were connected physically. These small actions weren’t in the script but were instead added by the actors. 

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More recently we witnessed Norwegian actors Tarjei Sandvik Moe and Henrik Holm breathe life into the relationship between their characters Isak & Even with such realism that all other m/m pairings will be held up to them in comparison. With both Will & Sonny and Isak & Even, it was easy to forget that they weren’t real people. However, sometimes with Alec & Magnus, it just seems like two guys playing gay by two straight actors.

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Only thing I didn't like is that it was sooo short :/ also what did you think about the part where Sansa was looking at Arya fight (she gave her some sketchy looks imo)

tbh that was one of my favorite scenes. in the catacombs when arya mentions her list, sansa initially reacts with disbelief and you could even read it as kind of condescending given that she literally laughs in arya’s face. i think sansa kind of thought it was a childish wishful thing, and was still thinking of arya as her baby sister. 

then in the later scene with bran, when bran says arya was headed to king’s landing to kill cersei, sansa has a moment of realization where she realizes that the people on this list aren’t just shitstains like joffrey who have hurt everyone, but people who have mostly hurt sansa in particular. both joffrey and cersei made sansa’s life a living hell. i think in this moment sansa was realizing that this list applies to her, which is why she asks who else is on it. at this point i think part of her still doesn’t really “believe” in the fact that arya could accomplish the list, she’s just suddenly intrigued by who else is on it and perhaps a little touched that some of arya’s “must be killed” people are people arya wants to kill for the fact they’ve hurt her, specifically. 

then you have the scene with brienne. i wouldn’t consider the looks sansa gave arya as “sketchy”. i think it was more sansa coming to terms with two things: 

1. arya isn’t her “baby” sister anymore, she’s changed just as much as sansa has 
2. arya’s “list” might not be as much of a fantasy as she thought it was. 

i think it’s mainly point #2 that contributes to sansa’s reaction. she’s realizing that arya doesn’t just have a list of people she randomly wants dead. she’s realizing that arya could actually kill them if she wanted to. like it’s not a “haha my sister is a drama queen” moment. it’s a “holy shit my sister is actually kind of an assassin and where and when and how the fuck did this happen” moment. 

at least that’s how i read it anyways.