one of my favorite scenes sigh

this is one of my absolute favorite kisses because it just seems so…real? so spontaneous? 

when kisses happen on screen, we often see some sort of buildup, whether it’s a declaration, or people slowly leaning in, or people running toward each other, etc. or kisses usually have some sort of purpose, characters will kiss for the first time; they will kiss when they reunite, when they’ve been apart for whatever reason; they’ll kiss when they greet each other; they’ll kiss when they say goodbye to each other; their kiss will be the introduction of a scene; their kiss will be the ending of a scene. and those kisses can be absolutely wonderful, skam is actually full of them, but the fact that we’re mostly used to those kinds of kisses makes this one seem all the more special and unique

because this kiss is kind of just a….“just because” kiss? i kiss you just because you’re here, i kiss you just because i look at your face and i’m drawn to your lips, i kiss you just because i can, i kiss you just because i’ve wanted to kiss you every hour of everyday for so long and i wasn’t able to, but now i am, so i will. just because why not. just because we can. just because we want to. just because

this kiss almost looks improvised, but we know it’s not, it’s 100% planned - the way it happens, the moment it happens, the angle. and that’s one of the show’s biggest strength, the fact that it manages to make scripted authenticity seem so unscripted. and it’s just a little kiss, it’s just a little thing, but the sum of all these little things, of all these genuine-looking moments we see in skam is exactly what makes the characters and their stories feel so real

The Consequences of Interfering

AN: A companion piece to Interfering. In which there is shouting, shenanigans, and Sherlolly.  ❤

Greg thanked the angry Detective Sergeant and jotted the final notes in his pad before turning away. The clean-up crew were finishing up and one by one the Yarders were leaving the scene. 

He sighed and tucked his pad into his inner pocket as he walked toward his car. It was going to be a long drive back to Scotland Yard.

He slid into the front seat, turned the car on, and peeled away from the curb. 

‘So,’ he broke the silence as he merged onto the expressway. ‘What’s the story?’

In the backseat, Molly sat rigidly, her arms crossed tight and a scowl on her face. She glared at him in the rear mirror, sniffed, and then turned her face toward her window.

Next to her, hands cuffed behind his back (an appeasing act for the sake of the DS he had slugged upon the Yard’s arrival), Sherlock was sitting uncomfortably stiff and staring determinedly out his own window.

They were like two similarly-charged magnets, an invisible force pushing them away from the other.

Realising he wasn’t going to get an answer from either, Greg resigned himself to a long, silent ride.

That is, until Sherlock had to go and put his gigantic foot in his slightly smaller, yet still gigantic mouth.

‘I just don’t understand why you’re so upset.’

Greg grimaced. He’d been married long enough to know that no good would ever come of saying that.

Slowly, like something out of a horror movie, Molly’s head turned toward Sherlock. Her eyes were narrow slits and her lips were pulled back tight.

Was it just him or did the temperature in the car abruptly drop twenty degrees?

‘The Great Sherlock Holmes doesn’t understand something?’ Molly mocked. ‘Say it isn’t so?!’

Sherlock very nearly snarled, ‘Forgive me for not lowering myself to the average human’s intelligence level to discover the source of your irrational anger, but I’d rather not debase myself in that way.’

Greg considered pulling over for a moment and just kicking Sherlock out of the car. Let the idiot walk the forty kilometres back to Baker Street. Handcuffed. 

But then Molly spoke. Her eyes flashed dangerously and Greg swore he saw smoke come out of her ears and nostrils. ‘You want to know why this average, stupid idiot is so angry?’

By the slightly panicked look on Sherlock’s face, it seemed the Great Detective had realised his misstep. 

‘I’m angry because you,’ Molly poked him in the arm hard, ‘you great,’ poke, ‘big,’ poke, ‘pompous,’ poke poke poke, ‘neanderthal, were almost killed tonight! Who said you had to push me out of the way?! I can take care of myself! I’m not some bloody helpless damsel in distress!’

Sherlock had scrambled away from her and huddled in the corner of the seat. ‘Why the bloody hell are you upset? I saved your life, you should be grateful!’

‘Grateful that you almost got killed?!’ Molly shouted.

‘But I didn’t!’ Sherlock retorted. ‘And even if I had been, it would have been worth it to keep you safe!’

Molly glared at him, enraged. ‘I’m not important and I’m certainly not worth dying for!’

Sherlock eyes flashed in fiery rage. He sat up and leaned toward her, until they were almost nose to nose. ‘You have no right to say that, your life is invaluable to me!’

‘What makes my life so ‘invaluable’ to you?’ Molly spat. ‘Because I keep you in body parts?’

‘No!’ Sherlock denied it vehemently, red with anger.

‘Because I clean up after you, let you do whatever the hell you like in the lab?’

Furious didn’t even begin to describe Sherlock’s face by now. ‘No, Molly, just shut up-’

But Molly continued on, shouting to talk over Sherlock. ‘Because I’m convenient and a pushover, always on hand if John’s not available?!’

‘Because I love you, damn it!’ Sherlock bellowed.

‘Well, I love you, too!’ Molly shouted back.

They both fell into stunned silence. 

His ears still ringing from the shouting match, Greg peered hesitantly in the mirror. They were staring at each other, faces blank as if processing what they had both said and heard. 

Finally, Sherlock cleared his throat and turned to look out his window. ‘Well, I’m glad we got that cleared up,’ he said disinterestedly.

Hurt flashed in Molly’s eyes before she turned her head away. ‘Yes. I suppose so.’

Greg silently cursed the Great Consulting Idiot. With a sigh, he propped his arm on the door’s ledge and rested his head against his hand. Still another twenty minutes to go. And if he thought the ride before the fight would be uncomfortable, after promised to be unbearable.

But then Sherlock said, ‘Obviously the next step is marriage.’

A chorus of horns erupted around them as Greg nearly ran them off the road in surprise. He straightened the car and met Sherlock’s amused gaze in the mirror. 

His swerving had dislodged Molly, who had fallen against Sherlock. She had caught herself, one hand on his thigh and the other caught between them.

‘Really?’ She asked dubiously.

Sherlock shrugged his shoulder dispassionately, but even Greg could see the twinkle in his eye as a genuine smile spread across his face.

‘Oh, you stupid man!’ Molly declared and grabbed his cheeks, hauling him close to snog him thoroughly. An act to which Sherlock happily complied. Very happily.

Erm, okay, not wasting time then. Greg cleared his throat and determinedly did not look in the backseat, even as he pressed on the gas just a little harder.

He needed to get them to Baker Street before Sherlock managed to get out of those handcuffs.

One of my favorite things about Empire of Storms is when Elide and Lorcan are running for their lives and Elide is too slow and Lorcan keeps glancing at her but doesn’t know how to tell her because he’s low key afraid of her and she just sighs and says “do it” because of course she knows what he’s thinking and without another word he just throws her over his shoulder and takes off. That scene was hilarious and I love my grumpy teddybear son and my genius slytherin queen so much

Riverdale Appreciation Week (and a half)

Thursday March 23rd- Scene

It’s too hard to pick just one for me. 

My favorite Jughead scene:

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“It’s called Necrophilia, Reggie. Can you spell it?”

He’s just so done with the bullshit, so sassy, doesn’t give a fuck and  I love it.

My favorite Bughead scene:

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Just everything about this scene. “Also…” *gulp* “What?” THE KISS. THE SIGH. Her realization. Their moment.

  • friend: are you okay?
  • me: i'm fine
  • also me: the scene in The Retribution of Mara Dyer where Mara is trying to guess Noah's password and Jamie finds out and tells her it's "marashaw" and wow Noah's password is literally a fantasy of Mara taking his last name and how if circumstances were different Mara would have made fun of Noah for making her first name + his last name his password and how that is one of my favorite scenes in the series that i named my blog after it *sighs* *cries* *dies*

This was one of my favorite scenes from the last episode!! LoL!! 

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I just finished reading part one of Disney's Tangled (romantic au) for Sinbad and shy! Reader... and it is amazing! I love it! And I am looking forward to reading part two.

Glad to know you enjoyed it! I hope you like this one as well, personally, this is my favorite scene from tangled.


I gazed down at the water as the boat we were on drifted smoothly across it. Currently, Sinbad and I were in the kingdom, waiting for the lanterns to appear. I could barely stay in my seat as I was beyond excited.

Sinbad rowed us to the center on the water surrounding the castle for a good view for when they release the lanterns. We both gazed at the castle with arms crossed, resting on the side of the boat. 

I sighed, all my excitement left me all at once. Sinbad looked to me, concerned, “you okay?” He asked. 

I clenched my fist and gazed down at the water, “I’m terrified,” I whispered apprehensively. 

His brows scrunched together, “why?” 

I didn’t meet his eyes, “I’ve been looking out a window for 18 years… dreaming about what it might feel like when those lights rise in the sky… What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?” I asked while looking up at the castle once more. 

Sinbad smiled, “it will be,” he reassured. 

I only gave a small laugh, “and what if it is? What do I do then?” I asked, wondering what I do once I saw my life-long dream was accomplished. 

He looked from me to the water, “well that’s the good part, I guess… You get to go find a new dream.”

I smiled at him and he returned it, we both then turned back to the castle, waiting for the lights to appear. 

Meanwhile, your mother fixed the crest that rested on your father chest. She had the same hair and eyes as you and it was obvious that they were upset, especially your father, who wouldn’t meet your mother’s eyes. 

Your mother stoic looked faded and she rested a hand on his cheek to comfort him. He leaned his head against her hand and stayed quiet as a tear fell from his eyes. 

Your mother sent a comforting smile and wiped it with her thumb. Your father released a breath and held her wrist tenderly. 

After the comforting moment, they walked out to the terrace which had the first lantern sitting there, ready to be set free into the sky. 

They looked to one another and grabbed it, they softly pushed it up and it soon went flying into the sky, hoping to attract the lost child once more. 

As soon as it was set into the sky a sea of other lanterns began lighting up throughout the kingdom and joining the other one.  

To pass the time, Sinbad and I began picking the flowers out of my hair and we began laying them in the water to watch them drift off. I was soon distracted by a faint glow being reflected onto the water. 

All those days watching from the windows…

I looked up to see the first lantern being set into the sky. 

All those years outside looking in

My eyes widened and I scrambled to the edge of the boat to get a better look, causing it to stir. 

All that time never even knowing

Just how blind I’ve been

I smiled at the sight as my dream began unfolding in my eyes. 

Now I’m here blinking in the starlight

Now I’m here suddenly I see

Standing here it’s all so clear

I’m where I’m meant to be

As the rest of the lanterns began floating up to join the other one, I smiled. It was beautiful. 

And at last I see the light

And it’s like the fog has lifted

The setting was like something from a fairytale as they all floated up in a line, it almost looked like a sea of marigolds.  

And at last I see the light

And it’s like the sky is new

I leaned my head against the edge of the boat entranced with the beautiful setting. 

And it’s warm and real and bright

And the world has somehow shifted

I let out a breath of relief I didn’t realize I was holding in, it was obvious now that my dream was worth everything I risked. 

All at once everything looks different

Now that I see you

I then turned around feeling someone staring me, it was Sinbad and he was holding two lanterns for us to push up into the endless amount of lanterns. I smiled and immediately went to sit down in front of him.

I giggled, “I have something for you too.” I reached behind me and grabbed the same satchel the crown was in. 

“I should’ve given it to you before, but I was scared… And the thing is, I’m not scared anymore. You know what I mean?” I smiled and handed it to him. 

Sinbad only pushed it away and looked into my eyes, “I’m starting to.” 

A full smiled graced my features as he smiled back at me, he handed me the lantern and we looked to each other while sending them off. 

Sinbad POV:

All those days chasing down a daydream

All those years living in a blur

All that time never truly seeing

As I gazed up at the lights we sent up they twirled around each other and I couldn’t help but think of us.

Things, the way they were

Now they’re here shining in the starlight

My gaze traveled down to them and how their beauty shined amidst all the lanterns, they looked absolutely extravagant as they gazed at the lights with childlike wonder.

Now they’re here suddenly I know

I couldn’t help but smile as they pointed to one dancing across the surface of the water, not as high as the rest of them. They soon picked it up and pushed it back up to the rest.

If they’re here it’s crystal clear

I’m where I’m meant to go

As I looked at them I couldn’t help but think that they were my new dream, I grabbed their hand and looked into their eyes.

Both POV:

You turned to grab both his hands and gaze into his eyes. 

And at last I see the light

And it’s like the fog has lifted

And at last I see the light

And it’s like the sky is new

And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything is different
Now that I see you

Now that I see you

It was perfect romantic setting as the lanterns danced across the sky all around the two of you. Sinbad reached to your ear and brushed the bangs from your eyes, as he got closer, Pascal closed his eyes and turned red, literally. 

He rested a hand against your cheek and, along with him, you began closing your eyes, waiting to feel his lips against yours. The minute his lips rested onto yours, everything around you shifted. 

Suddenly, it wasn’t about the lanterns or your mother. It was about him and how his lips melded against yours. 

This truly was worth everything you risked. 

Better later than never anyway….day 3 of #PotterWeekPrompts:  Ickle Firsties!  One of my favorite scenes in book one was the sorting hat, so there you go!

I’m probably not going to be able to fully complete this challenge, le sigh.  Apartment annoyances combined with tons of work will probably stop me, but I have sketches for two more of them that I like so I’m going to focus on making those two good instead of doing them all.  :)


Favorite Scenes of All Time (1/?) - Can’t Smile Without You - Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Hellboy: What track?
Abe Sapien: Number 8
Hellboy: *reads* Can’t smile without you.
Abe Sapien: *sighs* I know
Hellboy: Yup I’m gonna need a beer too.

2/? (x) 3/? (x)

So I've decided how I want Destiel to become canon...

There are so many amazing interpretations of how Destiel should become canon out there but I’ve finally decided on my own personal favorite…

Let me set the scene for you: The show starts… Camera pans around the bunker… Random empty rooms, right? Ok, so we get to Dean’s room: Dean is laying in his bed, laptop on his lap, one earbud in, soft smile on his lips, very peaceful. Then we go to the war room: Sam is seated at the table, frown on his face. He sighs, stands, and wanders into Dean’s room. Dean, still dopily staring at his computer screen, doesn’t react to Sam in his doorway. Sam clears his throat rather loudly, but there is still no reaction from Dean. Finally Sam goes “Dean!” and Dean practically jumps out of bed, throws the laptop shut, earbuds go flying. Sam, confused, says, “Porn?” Dean immediately goes “No, of course not, just… It was… Look it’s…. It’s nothing! Forget about it!” Sam, quiet for a moment, contemplative. Eventually, the silence gets to be too much and Dean goes “What do you want?” Sam squints at Dean but says “So get this…” And then proceeds to blab about a case. Dean agrees that they should go check it out.

Skip forward a bit and the brothers are walking to the impala. Dean stops at the passenger door, opens it, gets in. Sam, standing at the trunk loading up their gear, stops cold. Now he was pretty sure something was up with Dean back in his bedroom but Dean just willingly got in the PASSANGERS side of the car? So Sam is, understandably, a little freaked out now but wary of freaking Dean out too, so he slowly and quietly gets in the drivers side of the car. He stares at Dean, starts the car, stares at Dean, puts Baby in reverse, stares at Dean again. Sam says “You feeling alright?” Dean, now back to staring dopily at his computer screen, carefully angled away from Sam’s view, glances up, grunts out a “Yeah, of course, let’s go” and looks back at his computer. Sam tries to brush the weird encounter off.

Cue some cool Impala driving shots, maybe a couple of Sam being concerned and Dean looking like he’s just seen Heaven itself… (again). They get to the motel, unload the car, carry on with the case as usual. Intermittently we see Dean staring at his computer with that same look on his face and whenever Sam sees it he gets all perplexed. So finally, they’ve ganked the ghosty or whatever the hell they were hunting and they’re heading home but Sam has just about had enough. “What the hell is your problem dude? You’ve done nothing but stare at the damn screen for the last three days straight. Even YOU can’t be looking at porn THAT frequently!” Dean, after hearing Sam’s outburst, shuts his computer slowly and turns to Sam. “Look dude it’s nothing-”. Sam interrupts with bitch face #64 and says “Don’t pull that crap with me Dean! What has got your panties in such a twist?!” Dean blushes and is quiet for a minute. Sam says, softer now, “Dean, you can tell me anything, you know that right?” Dean stays quiet for a minute more. “It’s a long story,” he says softly. Sam chuckles, “We’ve got a long drive…” Dean sighs, sits up straighter, clears his throat and turns to Sam…

View cuts out of the impala and we see both brothers getting out of the car in front of the bunker. Both are uncharacteristically quiet until Sam says “I still can’t believe you’ve been in contact with BECKY!” Dean sighs “Would you get over it Sam! That’s really not the point of all this!” Sam throws his hands up and exclaims “I know but… Of all people… Really? BECKY?! My ex-wife?!?!?” Now it’s Dean’s turn to look completely exasperated… “Dude you were married for all of like two days!” Sam huffs and brushes off Dean’s comment. “Whatever Dean… So, are you sure about all this though?” Dean sighs softly and says, “I really think so dude… I mean after Becky explained all the fandom crap to me… I don’t know man it just seemed to all make sense…” Sam laughs softly, a smile tugging at his lips, “Then you’ve gotta tell him!” Dean pales, eyes wide, “No way dude I could never!” Sam goads him on, “You have to!” Dean shakes his head rapidly, looking legitimately terrified “No really Sam I can’t! I really really can’t!” Sam stares at Dean for a minute before saying “Ok, fine, whatever.”

We see Dean relax minutely, maybe he opens up the computer AGAIN and then there’s a flutter of wings and suddenly Cas is in the room. “You called, Sam?” Dean spins around throwing his laptop shut with a shout of “What the hell!” Dean looks between Cas and Sam, Sam and Cas… Cas, confused as usual, looks between Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam… Sam is just sitting on one of the bunker chairs, smugly smiling at Cas and Dean, Dean and Cas. Cue lots of awkward silence. Finally Sam claps his hands and stands. “Well I should be going. Remember Cas, Dean has something extremely important to tell you. Under no circumstances are you to leave without him telling you.” Dean’s eyes are wide with betrayal and Cas’ head is tilted in his uniform “I don’t understand” pose. Finally he nods at Sam and turns to Dean. “Well, Dean?” Sam snickers as Dean’s face heats up and Sam leaves the room, abandoning Dean with a very expectant Castiel. Dean and Cas stare at each other for a few moments before Dean laughs nervously and says, “Sam was just kidding around Cas, no big news here.” Cas looks perplexed for a moment before he nods slowly. “Hmm… Sam warned me that you would say that in his prayer to me. I was expressly told to ignore your futile attempts to get me to leave.” Dean curses under his breath, closes his eyes and pushes his index fingers against his temples to try to alleviate some of the throbbing. There is silence for a few moments and then a quiet “Dean?” much closer than the last time Cas spoke. Dean shoots upright and finds himself with a face full of angel. “Jesus Christ, Cas…” Dean mutters but Cas remains close to Dean and continues to stare intently at the hunter. “You know you can tell me anything at all…” he says slowly. Dean huffs, “Not this.” Cas looks deep into Dean’s eyes, Dean looks deep into Cas’ eyes and suddenly, two of Cas’ fingers are on Dean’s head.

We see the whole episode play backwards in fast motion until we get to the very beginning where Dean is on his bed staring dopily at the computer. Camera pans around until it’s behind Dean and voila! A picture of Cas’ face, smiling, looking up at Dean in the picture. Screen changes and it’s another picture of Cas smiling at a bee that landed on his finger, another one of Cas looking stoically hot, etc, etc. Then the entirety of the episode plays forwards in fast motion until we are back to Cas’ fingers on Dean’s head and Cas steps back slowly, Dean cursing under his breath, blush high on his cheeks. Cas does his standard head tilt and says quietly “Dean?” Dean curses again, stands up, paces a little. “Look, Cas, I guess the cat is out of the bag now, so whatever. I’ll just say it…” Dean is silent long enough that Cas prompts, “Dean?” Dean looks up at Cas and blurts out “I love you Cas! There! Happy?!” Cas looks stunned for a moment before he says, “Well, of course, Dean. I already knew you loved me.” Dean scoffs and mutters fondly, “Not that kind of love you stupid angel. Not platonic love.” Cas looks confused again before he clears his throat and says “I know Dean. I know it’s not platonic. Our love has never been platonic.” Dean looks up, eyebrows high on his forehead. He takes a step closer to the angel and says “But how did you know Cas? I’ve never told you I loved you before.” Cas scoffs and takes a small step closer too, “of course you have Dean. You tell me you love me all the time…”

Screen fades to season 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 iconic Dean/Cas moments (i.e. “Cas is family” “I’m not leaving here without you” “I prayed to you Cas, every night” “please man I need you here” “don’t make me lose you too” “I’d rather have you” “don’t ever change” “I need you” etc.) and then screen fades back to Dean and Cas in the war room and Cas is still speaking: “And I tell you I love you all the time too…” screen fades to season 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 iconic Dean/Cas moments (i.e. “And I did it, all of it, for you” “I could go with you” “I always come when you call” “I’m doing this for you, Dean” “I gave everything for you” “Dean and I do share a more profound bond” “I was getting too close to the humans in my charge” “I’ll watch over you” etc.).

Back in the war room, Dean’s eyes are a little misty. He smiles at Cas and Cas smiles back at him. Camera pans down their bodies and we see their hands at about waist level, intertwined together, a hunter and his angel, an angel and his hunter, finally holding onto each other like they should have been for seven years.

Screen fades to black and we hear Sam say, “Finally.” Cue credits. Episode done.

Older drawing:

I redrew a scene from one of my favorite games sigh I want a remake for pmd explorers the game gave me so much hope and happiness!!!! Even thinking about it makes me feel melancholic :’)

He was oh-so-beautiful in this scene

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Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Title: I Think…
Pairing: Oturi
Word Count: About 1200
Summary: Some teasing, some wrestling, some drunken confessions, some sober ones.
A/N: For one of my favorite people on the planet. Happy birthday, @limitlessmonster. I still maintain that Oturi is the purrfect, pure ship and I might’ve watched The Man From Uncle when I was supposed to be working and was inspired by a scene. :D I hope your day is everything you want it to be and more. You deserve only the best. Ly, asshat. Happy Born Day!

On A03.


Otabek glances up as Yuri plops down on the couch to his right, throwing his feet up on the coffee table in front of him. When he notices Otabek’s reprimanding frown he sighs and lets them slide to the floor. It is a hotel room, after all. Not his coffee table. 

"No, thank you,” Otabek replies, nodding his acknowledgment of the gesture. 

“Hah?” Yuri twists off the cap to the bottle of vodka and generously fills his glass and the one beside it. “Come on. Don’t tell me you’re gonna shit out on me cause of the competition." 

"That’s exactly what I’m doing." 

"Tch,” Yuri downs his glass in a single gulp and reaches for the bottle to pour another. 

“You are a lightweight." 

"I’m Russian." 

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God this scene always gets to me. It’s one of my favorite scenes throughout the whole series. Its just something so important and sweet. AND GOD I JUST FUCKING LOVE RUMPLE’S REACTION. Its just that you can FEEL what he is feeling but then again you just cant even imagine how this might be for him.

Robert is an amazing actor and this shows that. *Sigh*

Thats it. Just wanted to share that.

You know, timebreaker is not my favorite episode of all time, but it does have one of my fav scenes of the entire series, (wich is the moment above) when Adrien shields Marinette to save her from the akuma — and that just striked me so hard the first time I saw it.  Up to this point in the show I had that feeling that he likes ladybug and he is all flirty and is all nice, but things got REAL to me during that moment.

We don’t see him questioning if he’s gonna lose his life or not because he doesn’t, simple as that. He knows for sure he can give his life to save that girl without thinking twice.

After that scene I spent the entire episode with my mouth slightly open and everytime I saw that dork giggle because of two ladybugs I thought “damn he would die right there if things got to that point. He would do it AGAIN”

And I know he really would do this all over, as many times as needed. Because that’s just how much he cares for her.


Probably my favorite scene of Shadowhunters so far.

I thought I’d do this thing during the hiatus where I pick one of my favorite scenes, and write a short meta about it for my own countdown to the Spring premiere. I thought it might make the hiatus go by a bit faster. You guys are welcome to leave your own comments.

This scene from 3x21 is just one of my favorite ones ever. I don’t know what it is about it that makes me smile, or sigh with happiness. 

Maybe it’s the way they’re walking side by side, their steps falling in unison, showing how in sync they are even as they walk, or the light that’s lighting their path, which for these two is so very symbolic.

Emma and Killian are a team, and it could not be truer than when watching this scene.

With them, it’s always the small things.

Next week’s meta; The constant

Because Natasha deserves better than this

Natasha is literally one of my favorite characters in the MCU. I thought the Russo Brothers did an excellent job of taking a character that a lot of fans like to devalue or just completely ignore and made her super interesting and complex, and gave her an opportunity to flesh out her relationships with Steve Rogers, Nick Fury and Shield itself. So, to see what Joss Whedon did with her character in Age of Ultron just broke my heart. The only substantive parts she had were during her flashback scenes and then towards the end when she and Steve strutted into Avengers headquarters all bad ass and boss like. But other than that, Whedon gave her absolutely nothing to do. She spent most of her time trying to ease Bruce’s man pain (much of which he was completely ungrateful for) and getting kidnapped for no reason. Oh wait, there was a reason: So Bruce could swoop in and save the day, even though it was Clint that located her in the first place, while Bruce was busy making terrible robot-building decisions with Tony in the laboratory. But we’re supposed to ignore that and give credit to Bruce for saving her, despite the fact that he wasn’t the one who actually saved her.

Now, I’m not personally invested in Clintasha or any other Natasha-centric ship, but you don’t even have to be a Clintasha shipper to see the flaws in Natasha and Bruce’s relationship. Not only did it feel rushed and out of place, but having Natasha literally willing to give up her life, her work and her mission to atone for all the terrible things she’s done in the past just so she could run off into the sunset with a man she HASN’T EVEN KISSED was ridiculous (no like seriously, there’s a scene in the middle of the movie where Natasha tells Bruce she’s willing to abandon the Avengers and run away with him and all we’ve seen them do up until that point is flirt. No kissing, no sex, no deep or intimate conversations whatsoever). 

The thing that I love about Natasha is that she’s an adult. She takes full responsibility for her actions. AND SHE DOESN’T RUN AWAY FROM RESPONSIBILITY. So, to see her willing to abandon her job for a man she has had zero intimate contact with was just nuts.

But let’s ignore all that because Joss Whedon said that Black Widow is his favorite character, so naturally he’s going to do her justice, right? Right? Right you guys? You guys? Um…