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"Felicity" was a freaking ad-lib. How dead are you Matty?

Combined with the fact that the 1x03 script was basically flipped on its head by Stephen and Emily, improvised to give us that perfect first meeting we adore so much… and then this

Suffice it to say I’m very, very dead. (So dead that I’m urging you to join me in my graveyard.)

Because it just reinforces what we’ve always known :

No one ships Olicity like Amell ships Olicity 

And the two of them have improvised on the script to give us some of our most squeal-worthy Olicity moments.

Stephen and Emily - Destroying the Olicity Fandom, One Ad-Lib at a Time : A Saga

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One of my favorite things about Empire of Storms is when Elide and Lorcan are running for their lives and Elide is too slow and Lorcan keeps glancing at her but doesn’t know how to tell her because he’s low key afraid of her and she just sighs and says “do it” because of course she knows what he’s thinking and without another word he just throws her over his shoulder and takes off. That scene was hilarious and I love my grumpy teddybear son and my genius slytherin queen so much

Convention - Rob Benedict Imagine

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*This is the surprise imagine that is well over 2,000 words!*

Your POV

“Can you tell us a story about your son, Connor?” a fan asks.

I nod, “Okay so, if you didn’t know I have a son. His name is Connor and he’s five and three quarters as he likes to remind me.”

People in the audience laugh as I roll my eyes fondly.

“Okay.” I think, “Um. Last week when I got home from filming it was about 9:30 pm and he goes to bed usually around 7. So when I come home I always go into his room wake him up and talk to him for about 30 minutes. Well last week when I got home he told me that he lost a tooth. And that’s a big deal. It’s his first tooth. So, he showed me and everything. So, I told him okay put it under your pillow that way the tooth fairy can get it and bring you something special in the morning.” I pause looking at the sea of fans in front of me. “So he did. So, the next morning I’m in the kitchen making breakfast. And he comes in upset. I asked him what was wrong and he tells me that the tooth fairy gave him five dollars. Now I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with that when he goes on to say that all of his friends who had lost a tooth had gotten one dollar and that it wasn’t fair that he got five. So, I tell him that the tooth fairy made a mistake and she didn’t mean to. He has the five dollars in his hand and goes mommy can I have a dollar. I tell him yes and then I ask why. And he says that even though the tooth fairy made a mistake it wouldn’t be fair to his friends so he wants me to have the five dollars and have me give him one dollar. I have never been so proud.”

All the fans ‘aww’ at the story. A large grin on my face.

I stand up from where I’m sitting, “I know, I know. Adorable little munchkin isn’t he. So, next question.” I point to a guy sitting in the fifth row with his hand up, “How about you?”

“Hi, my names Oliver. I was wondering who watches Connor or what his schedule is when you are filming?”

I smile, “Hi, Oliver. I love all the questions about my kid. I think we should talk about that for the next thirty minutes until Rob and Rich join us. Well luckily I get to take him to school. So he’s at school and then he takes the bus home to Vicki’s, Misha’s wife, since West and him are good friends and so are Vicki and I. Then about an hour or two later Rob goes and gets him and stays with him until I get home, usually that’s how things work. Which is nice because Rob, Vicki and me all live in the same neighborhood. So, it’s easy to get things taken care of. When Rob is in LA or filming usually Vicki has him or a babysitter until I get home.” I sit back down, taking a drink of water. Leaving out the fact the Rob doesn’t leave the house after I come home, he stays there. Where he’s lived for over a year.

I pick another person to ask a question.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi.” I wave.

“I first want to say that I love your character, Ashley on ‘Supernatural’. My question is what is it like having a kid at such a young age?”

I laugh, “well I’m not that young. I’m 33. If you want to talk young ask Osric. Because everyone but Misha and Mark are in their thirties or lower. Rob just turned 39. He’s getting up there.” I joke with everyone. “I was twenty-eight when I had, Connor. So, once again not that young. It was hard because I was by myself. So, it was hard and it still is. I don’t regret having Connor. It’s definitely the hardest thing I have ever done though. Being a mom that is.”

A staff member picks a fan this time.

“Does Connor ever get to see his dad?” The fan asks.

I freeze for a moment before answering, “Sadly, no. Connor’s dad was in the army and before that he worked with my dad. I was with Connor’s dad for a few months and we broke up because he was about to leave. So, I found out four months after he had left that he died in combat and then two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Sadly, Connor will never get to meet the amazing person who his father was.”

I pick another fan to answer a question.

“First I just want to say I’m sorry. And I was wondering if you would play Fuck, Marry, Kill?”

I look at my phone, “Hold on for like a minute because Rob and Rich are going to be joining me and then all three of us will play. How does that sound?” The whole crowd cheers. “Now one more question from the guy in the black, seventh no tenth row. I’m blind!” The fans laugh.

“Hi. Excuse my blindness.” I say to the guy.

He laughs, “It’s fine. I was wondering how it feels to go from being in three episodes to a series regular. Or more regular than Mark Sheppard at least.”

I laugh, “I don’t have my wallet. Thank you for that. It feels great. I was expecting to die. I still am truthfully. But, it’s amazing. Not only that I already knew some of the cast beforehand. So, it’s amazing. I think that is my favorite word.”

The guy laughs sitting down.

I look behind me to see that Richard and Rob haven’t shown up yet.

“Okay.” I sigh. “Looks like I can take one more question.” I point to someone further in the back.

“Hi, Y/N. I was wondering if you have any future projects coming up.”

“Hello, sweetheart. I do have a few. I’m allowed to talk about some of them too. So, while someone is hunting down Rob and Rich, I will tell you about them. First I will be starting a YouTube channel that’s going to have a lot behind scene stuff and when I’m not filming, my kiddo. Another project that I’m allowed to talk about is ‘The Walking Dead’.”

The crowd screams.

“Yes, that is right I get to be on ‘The Walking Dead’. I’m not suppose to say anything about my character except for this, Negan.”

The crowd screams again.

“Awesome you got them hyped up for us.” Rich says sitting down next to me, surprising me.

“Actually I was talking about ‘The Walking Dead’.” I tell him, the crowd laughs.

I look over to see Rob sit on the other side of me, he gives me a soft smile before looking at the crowd. “Hey guys! I hope you have some questions for us.”

“Hold on. I heard something backstage about Fuck, Marry, Kill. That’s what I want to do first.” Rich says.

The girl from before stands up again, “Hi so the options are Misha, Jensen, Jared.”

I laugh at the looks on Rob and Rich’s faces. “Hi. I already know. Kill Jared, fuck Jensen, and marry Misha. I would get to also marry Vicki if I marry Misha so that’s a benefit.”

“Why kill Jared?” Rob asks.

“I’ve heard to much about his sex life. I know to much, nothing would be a surprise. Jensen I’ve heard a few details same with Misha. Leaves more mystery for how they are.”

Rich shrugs, “Makes sense. And I have to agree with you, Y/N. Not exactly with your reasons but I agree.”

“Rob?” I ask.

“I’m in shock. But, I’m going to say kill Misha, fuck Jensen, and marry Jared.” Rob says.

“Anyone else got a round of FMK for us?” Rich asks. A few hands shoot up. “You in the blue dress. What are our options.”

“Rob, Rich, and Y/N.” The fan tells us. Handing the mic back to a helper before we can question her.

“Well then. That is interesting.” Rich says.

“No shit.” I say to him.

“Does anyone know their answer?” Rob asks.

I shake my head no, lying. I definitely know who I want to marry.

“I do. I will fuck Y/N, marry Rob, and kill myself after doing both.” Rich tells everyone.

“I’m sorry, Rich. I feel bad now. Because I’m going to kill you, fuck myself and marry Y/N.” Rob says, getting cheers from the fans.

“There’s a term that goes everybody wants to fuck themselves, so I think you know one of my answers. I’m going to kill Rich,” I pause to laugh. “Fuck myself and marry Rob. He practically lives me with anyway.” Well he does live with me but you guys don’t need to know that.

“Wow! My best friends just killed me so they could have each other. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. I’ll do a bit of both when I’m going to sleep tonight, alone.” The crowd giggles at Rich’s answer.

“Alone? Is that what you call -” The rest of my answer is cut off by Rich’s hand over my mouth.

“You aren’t allowed to finish that.” He takes away his hand.

“Yes dad.” I say, sticking my tongue out at Rich.

“Okay. Anyone have a question?” Rob asks, ignoring us.

I lean my head against Rob’s shoulder, giving him a small smile when he looks at me. I turn to the fans and see one standing up, a nervous look on her face. I take my head off his shoulder. “Hi, sweetheart. How are you?”

“I’m good. You?” She stutters out.

I smile, “I’m doing fine. What’s your question?”

“My question is actually for you. I was wondering where Connor is right now.”

“I can answer this one!” Rob yells.

“Me too!” Rich yells, getting laughs from the fans and me.

“I will answer the question. Connor is currently hanging out with Uncle Misha. He was very happy when I told him that he got Uncle Misha to himself for two hours long.” My eyes on the girl who asked the question.

“Before we came out here. We were hanging out with Connor and Misha. I have to tell you. They are playing a really intense game of monopoly.” Rich laughs.

Rob nods along with what Rich is saying. “I think Misha was getting ready to throw the board across the room.”

Suddenly I feel something wrap around my legs. I look down and see Connor, his blue eyes staring at me. The ones from his father.  A dopey smile on his face.

“Mommy! Mommy! I beat Uncle Misha. He lost all of us his money and now he’s after me.” Connor explains, out of breath into my microphone.

I’m about to pull him into my lap when Rob beats me to it. A habit he hasn’t been able to break since Connor fell in love with Rob and vice versa. Setting Connor on his own lap. “So you won?” I ask him.

Connor nods, speaking into Rob’s microphone. “Yep. I kept on putting hotels on things and he kept on landing on them.”

I laugh, “Your uncle is horrible at monopoly and he knows it. It’s his own fault for playing that game.”

“Should we go beat up Uncle Misha?” Rick asks Connor.

Connor jumps out of Rob’s lap, “NO! That’s not nice. You’ll get in trouble. Mommy will ground you and take away cookies.”

Rob and me laugh at Rich’s face.

“Not the cookies!” Rich looks at me.

“That was Rob. That was all him. And I think he did it more for himself than anything. But, I will ground you.” I laugh, remembering that day.

I had just came home from shooting, earlier than usual. Rob was sitting on the couch, his head in his hands, shoulders slumped.

“Rob what happened?” I ask, my eyes scanning the room. Looking for anything out of place. I sit next to him.

He lifts his head up. Giving me a sad smile. “Connor hit a little boy at the park. And I didn’t mean to but I got mad at him. I didn’t yell but, I wasn’t very nice. I’m sorry, Y/N. You trust me enough with your son and I just screwed up!” he mutters, angry.

“Rob.” I chuckle. “It’s okay that you got mad. I’m mad. The one thing I’m happy about is that you didn’t yell at him. That would’ve made the situation worse. I still trust you and he’s grounded. You can decide another punishment for him to.”

“Really?” He asks.

“Yeah. Now why did he hit a little boy?” I ask, surprised by my sons behavior.

“Well he wasn’t really little. He’s older than Connor. The kid said something to Connor about not having a dad. Connor got angry and well punched the kid.”

I sigh, “I had a fun day planned out. Now, it’s mostly ruined.”


“Mostly.” I whisper, a smile playing on the both of our lips. Pressing my lips to his.

Connor nods with everything I’m saying.

“Okay. It might of been for my own needs that I took the cookies away. But, your mom grounded you.” Rob says to Connor.

“I’m fine with the grounding I deserved that. But, Dad you took cookies away. And not just any cookies, mom’s candy cookies. No one deserves that punishment.” Connor tells Rob.

I stop breathing. The word ‘dad’ slips out of his mouth like he says it everyday. Everytime he sees Rob. He’s never called Rob that. Not once in the two years Rob and me had been together. The word had not once escaped from his mouth.

I look at Rob in shock. Taking in everything displayed on his face. The joy and shock. The tears in his eyes as he sinks onto the floor, pulling Connor into his arms and just holding him there. I see from the corner of my eye Rich trying to help the stagehands close the curtains so the fans won’t see us. I hear a stagehand yell to him that the microphones have been turned off, as well as the fans screaming, right as I also sink to the floor.

Burying my head into Rob’s chest and holding Connor to the both of us. Rob’s arms wrapped around the both of us tightly. I can feel him crying into my hair as I try to hold back tears but fail.

I press my lips to Connor’s forehead. “I love you so much.” I release Connor from my grip, scooting away to give Rob and Connor a moment.

Rob kisses Connor on the forehead, the same place I did. “Connor, I love you.”

“I love you too, dad.” Connor replies.


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Ao No Exorcist: Rin and Izumo

With the new season of Ao no Exorcist out, I will say this because I have been thinking this over for months. I ship Rin and Izumo. It is probably the most obscure ship in the fandom since only manga readers knows how this came to be. I do ship Rin and Shiemi. It’s a very cute ship. However, although Rin and Izumo will probably never become canon, I will say that they are much more suited to each other than Rin and Shiemi. Of course this is just my own opinion. This will contain spoilers for non manga readers.

Most people simply do not understand Rin. Sadly, one of the people who understands Rin the least is Yukio himself. And several people are terrified of Rin. After the Amaimon incident, Rin is ostracized by everyone, even Shiemi, for various reasons. But Izumo just plops down in the seat next to Rin and puts all of his fears to rest. She tells him that she’s not afraid of him. He’s not the only person who’s the descendent of a demon. He’s not alone. She stands up for him and is ready to call others who avoid him fake friends and cowards to their faces. She cares and is a firm support for Rin who often pretends and behaves like he doesn’t need it.

Rin helped Izumo out once and since then, although she is the perfect tsundere, has been being kind to him in her own way.,Coming from Izumo, I feel is a big thing. I applaud Izumo and Shima in the Impure King arc the most. They were able to put aside the fact that Rin was Satan’s son and realize he was just their good old goofy friend. I believe, without this pep talk from Izumo, Rin wouldn’t have been able to stay strong and pick himself up the way that he did. So far in the manga, this has been my second favorite scene.

Shiemi is a wonderful girl and when she does learn what love is, I’m sure she’ll be fabulous with Rin. But…she will never understand the darkness Rin has experienced. A darkness, Izumo knows all too well. I believe, if Rin and Izumo could be together, they would be able to work together to pull the darkness out of each other.

When In the Izumo arc, Izumo asks for help, I was in awe of the look Rin had when he heard it. No doubt this was because Izumo never asked for help before and more like refused help. But why I find this scene so important is because, although Rin had been refusing to destroy the zombies because they were people, even though the zombies had hurt others, he burnt through all of them to reach Izumo after hearing her plea, deciding, there was no other way to save those zombies. It’s as if, Izumo keeps him grounded ans help him understand things about himself and his own beliefs in ways others can’t. Shiemi might be the girl he likes and could probably make him really happy, but a girl like Izumo would really compliment and suit Rin.

The way he stands in front of her absolutely infuriated about the way she has been hurt makes me sigh in happiness. This is my first favorite scene in the manga. And when he says:

Aside from the fact that fire is spewing from his mouth, what he says is pricelesx. It gives me the feeling he implies (although he probably doesn’t cause he isn’t really smart, but hey, Rin is pretty insightful sometimes) that no one has seen that Izumo has always been crying. She was always crying and lonely and she desperately wanted help. Understanding that the other person is hurting or having difficulties in a relationship is important, especially if like Izumo they don’t speak much. I would know…

Rin’s father died protecting him, Izumo’s mother died protecting her. This isn’t a very nice parallel, but the pain and guilt Rin once suffered alone with no one to understand him - not even Yukio - could become a hundred times lighter if he and Izumo tried to elp each other out. Of course, this could have opposite effects. It’s not a very pleasant thing to talk about so I’ll move on.

By reading her actions in the manga, I think Izumo already has a crush on Rin. But seeing how smoothly she handled Rin confessing to Shiemi made me think again. I think she might have a crush on him and not know anything yet. 

If we go with the ‘They fill in each others empty spaces’ idea with a couple, Rin and Izumo match a lot. I also like the idea of Rin having a strong girl partner. Not that Shiemi isn’t strong. She’s very strong…just a soft person. I’m not one of those Shiemi haters, I infact like her to a certain extent, but I definitely ship Rin and Izumo more.

Day 1: The Moment You Started to Ship Them (Tropes)

Being an American, I’d never heard of Holby City.  I happened upon the fandom via tumblr and watched all their scenes on youtube in late July 2016 - just before ‘Back in the Ring’ aired.  I can safely say I shipped them from their very first scene (one of my all time favorite Meet-Cutes) and am envious of the original fan girls who got to see all those flirty eps live, waiting impatiently each week (or for several weeks) for more.

The scene where they meet in the car park holds a very special place in my heart and plays a featured role in several of my fics.  I didn’t have time to write a drabble today, so I’m going to be that terrible person who quotes her own (already written) fic.  Thanks @ddagent and others for initiating this.

Playing House, Chapter 4

With an affectionate sigh, Serena raises one hand in the air, inviting Bernie to spoon her and the fit is so right Bernie wonders if they will ever leave this bed. One arm wrapped around Serena’s waist, the other buried under their shared pillow…it’s as if decades of fatigue and dread have leached from her weary soul in a matter of seconds.

“Tell me something…” Serena rumbles, interrupting Bernie’s contemplative mood.

“Anything,” she instantly, foolishly agrees.

“I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the last year wondering when it all began - at what point we stopped being friends and colleagues in favor of something more…”

“And?” Bernie encourages.

“And it occurs to me that you’ve been trying to tell me something or show me something for a long time…even when I was too damned blind to see it. Am I wrong?” Serena asks, sounding less confident than usual.

Bernie shakes her head, tickling the back of Serena’s neck with her nose. “You’re not wrong.”

“I thought maybe…the night I stepped down as deputy CEO and we went to Albie’s with Jason…you were looking at me in that way you have…”

“Mmm, what way is that?” Bernie asks and Serena can tell by the sound of her voice that she’s smiling.

“It’s the same way you look at a bowl of raspberry ripple,” Serena explains, a little smugly. “Like you wanted to eat me alive…”

“I’m not arguing with you…” Bernie admits, and it isn’t the first time she’s said so.

But there’s more to it, and Serena knows it. “Even before then…before you started on AAU…we would bump into each other and you’d give me those looks. At what point…I mean, when did you know…”

Bernie stills Serena’s flustered rambling by whispering, very close to her ear. “I remember the first time I saw you like it was yesterday.”

“In the car park,” Serena volunteers immediately, as if it’s what she’s expected all along but was afraid to say aloud.

“Yes, but not when you think. I saw you before my shift even started. You were having a heated row with your car’s engine.”

“And you didn’t offer to help?” Serena asks, in mock offense. “That’s not like you.”

“True,” Bernie admits with a blush that Serena can’t see. “But I was late and…posturing a bit in front of Mr. Hanssen. Didn’t want him to know how nervous I really was.”

“Well, I suppose that’s understandable,” Serena confesses, albeit begrudgingly. “Besides, you came ‘round eventually.”

“Do you know what I remember most about that day?”

Shifting in Bernie’s arms, Serena rolls onto her back so they can look into each other’s eyes, but doesn’t say anything.

“Your smile…” Bernie finally answers, tracing Serena’s lips with the tip of her finger. “I was having the worst shift…wrung out by what was going on at home. And I looked up at the sound of your voice and I…well, let’s just say it felt awfully nice to flirt with a pretty girl…even if it was only for a few minutes and I knew it couldn’t go anywhere. Turned my whole day around.”

“You were undressing me with your eyes,” Serena tuts, but Bernie can hear the emotion in her voice. She hadn’t imagined things between them, all this time. It was always there.

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Just a Girl

Hey. So, I wasn’t able to properly participate in Rare Pairs Week. I still want to make a contribution of sorts, however.

So here is my meager contribution: A Lunyx one-shot based loosely on a scene from one of my favorite romantic comedies, Notting Hill.

This occurs in Altissia, under the premise that Nyx survived the Fall of Insomnia and has been accompanying Lunafreya all over Eos to meet with the Astrals.

Angsty feels ahead.

Hope you enjoy.

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My favorite part of the finale wasn't the hug or the face caress or the 'I left her behind' scene or even the head and the heart scene. My favorite scene was that challenging look that Bellamy gave Raven when she questioned that Clarke wouldn't change me through for them. He shut her up with one look. He was like "are you for real questioning your mother right now? How fucking dare you? You're grounded"

“You’re grounded” lmao

He has so much faith in her. *sigh*

  • friend: are you okay?
  • me: i'm fine
  • also me: the scene in The Retribution of Mara Dyer where Mara is trying to guess Noah's password and Jamie finds out and tells her it's "marashaw" and wow Noah's password is literally a fantasy of Mara taking his last name and how if circumstances were different Mara would have made fun of Noah for making her first name + his last name his password and how that is one of my favorite scenes in the series that i named my blog after it *sighs* *cries* *dies*
Ponyboy Curtis: Favorite Scene

Requested by: @andabottleofcola
Outsider boy: Ponyboy
Prompt: #20, “Ponyboy will see the movie with me, won’t you Pony?”

“What do you mean we’re leaving?” you inquired, staring at the rest of the gang.

You all had only just arrived at the drive-in and, after one conversation with Tim Shepard, the guys have now decided to ditch. You had been waiting to see this movie all week and found it completely unfair for them to bail last minute.

“Look, Y/N,” Dally tried to explain, “we’re all going to the poker game at the Shepards’ place. Just watch the movie by yourself.”

“Are you crazy?” Soda asked rhetorically. “She’ll get jumped for sure. How about you and Pony just go on home and we’ll take you tomorrow night.”

“Wait, Pony, you’re not going?” you questioned.

Ponyboy shook his head as Steve replied, “Yeah, only guys 16 and up. Tough break, kid.”

“Well, that’s kinda perfect,” you stated. “Ponyboy will see the movie with me, won’t you Pony?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I’ll see it with you.”

“He’ll also try to stop his boner—”

“Two-Bit!” Soda scolded his friend.

“Sorry,” Two-Bit murmured.

As the gang left, you heard Johnny mumble a “tell me how it goes, man” to Ponyboy. Once they had all gone, you gestured for Ponyboy to follow you to the plastic seats toward the front.

“Wanna get some popcorn and sodas first?” Ponyboy asked. “I’ll pay.” You smiled and nodded, letting him lead you to the concession stand.

“I’m so excited to see this movie,” you told him in line. “The trailer made it look really good.”

“Yeah, the book was phenomenal,” Ponyboy informed you.

“I didn’t know there was a book,” you stated. “How did it end?”

Ponyboy grinned, “I ain’t gonna spoil it for you, Y/N.”

You giggled, moving down the line with him, “Yeah, alright, fair enough. Well, just tell me one scene you liked. It probably won’t even be in the movie.”

He stared at you for a second, internally contemplating whether or not to tell you. Finally, he sighed with a smile and remarked, “Well, okay. My favorite scene had to be the one where the main boy and girl are together alone, well kinda. They’re out at the movies together.”

“How fitting.”

“No kidding,” he agreed with a smirk. “The thing is, the boy and girl had been friends since they were little kids and the boy had a humongous crush on her.”

“Does the girl like him back?” you inquired curiously.

“Well, at this point,” Ponyboy explained, “the reader doesn’t know. The story’s told in first person by the boy. We only know that the boy likes her lot because she’s all he can think about.”

“Awe, that’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard,” you gushed.

“Yeah, I think so too,” he chuckled awkwardly. “So, in this scene, the boy plucks up the courage to kiss the girl and tell her how he feels… in that order.”

“And what does she say?”

“I don’t know yet.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “What do you mean you don’t know? Didn’t you finish the—”

Suddenly, Ponyboy pressed his soft lips against yours and held your face with his warm hands. The kiss only lasted about four seconds but it felt like hours. It had been gentle, romantic, and utterly perfect.

When Ponyboy pulled away, he grinned at your wide eyes and shy smile, saying, “Y/N, you aren’t going to believe this, but I’ve liked you a lot for a really long time. You wanna be my girl?”

You didn’t reply. All you did was grab his face closer to yours and kissed him again.

Riverdale Appreciation Week (and a half)

Thursday March 23rd- Scene

It’s too hard to pick just one for me. 

My favorite Jughead scene:

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“It’s called Necrophilia, Reggie. Can you spell it?”

He’s just so done with the bullshit, so sassy, doesn’t give a fuck and  I love it.

My favorite Bughead scene:

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Just everything about this scene. “Also…” *gulp* “What?” THE KISS. THE SIGH. Her realization. Their moment.

musings-from-liverpool-street  asked:

Let's focus on that forehead kiss though for a second. They both look so blissful and those kisses are just so LOVING and affectionate and I just can't deal with it it's too sweet 🙀

Their forehead kisses really get me melting. They show so much. Because you can feel it’s not just a crush or lust, it’s fucking LOVE. And the ones at her doorstep are so magic and full of promises (“tomorrow”, and “the day after”, …) I just wish that night had had a different ending (sigh).

But I think my favorite kissing scene takes place in 2x06, Regrets Only. Those cute kisses and happy smiles after Karen explained why she supported Matt when he suggested taking the Castle case. I could almost hear Matt thinking “yes, she is the one”. My karedevil heart was melting more than ever.

What I mean is, I think Karen was falling in love with Matt since day one whereas Matt needed more time to see her as a potential girlfriend. And that made me think that he would be the one feeling more confident, taking everything for granted, the one deciding almost every step.

But Karen was the one who took his hand to walk him home, she also offered him a way out on their first date telling him “is it the place or is it…?” and then she was the one “not labeling it” (OMG! I was dying and Karen looked so calm!!!)

So when I heard him say “but I’m not misremembering, am I? It really was the best curry on the planet?” and his body language was screaming for a confirmation I was like “wow, he’s really head over heels for her too”. He is not just playing along, he is not going with the flow… he is IN LOVE.

And those kisses show that love, that happiness that is “all over his face”. (Yes, Frank, she is not the only one feeling that way) So that moment is THE moment for me.

But then it all went to hell (Why, Matt? Why?) and I am dying to see them back together again.

Jay: It’s only because you won’t let me see yours! Besides if anyone’s shady it’s you, sneaking off by yourself and getting a head start on your homework.

Nya: I offered to help you with it when we got home! It’s your own fault bailing to go watch TV!

*Chases Jay around Lloyd in circles*

Lloyd: Oh come on you guys, take it easy.

Jay: I knew it was going to be too hard going to school and be a ninja, there’s never any time to have fun!

Nya: Oh yeah? Well no one said having fun was going to be part of the deal!

Lloyd: *sigh*

I never understood why people go crazy with this ship until I started imagining them as Sayaka and Kyoko. And my god it is adorable now. I’m definitely going to draw more Jay x Nya after this with more scenes.

That means there’s going to be a lot more angst coming your way…

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But don’t worry! I’ll still have lots of fluff!

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This was one of my favorite scenes from the last episode!! LoL!! 

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5 top show Jonsa moments and why?

well since they interact from the first time in season 6 a lot of my favorite scenes come from that.

5) The tent scene. So much tension, so much drama. Also we have one of the most sweet quote from the show by far “ I will never let him touch you again, I will protect you, I promise” 

4) The winter is here scene. The look Jon gives sansa, the forehead kiss, the smile sansa gives jon at the end. Everything really about that scene gives me joy. 

3) Them drinking beer and talking about taking winterfell from Ramsay. Oh man that some great scene and the chemestry between sophie and kit is just out of this world. 

2) When Sansa gives Jon his coat, the little smile he does when he has a clothing that is so similiar to his hero Eddard Stark, you can see how emotional he was about it. And for sansa to finally have someone nice to be with, to let her guard down, its just beautiful

1) The reunion. After 5 seasons of suffering, after his death and her being raped, to finally have that one moment when my favorite characters are safe in eachothers amrs, was everything i wished for and more. Sansa face when she hugs jon, her soft sigh, or Jon closing his eyes to really feel the moment. His hand caressing her back. It was THE MOMENT.  (i am Brienne, in that scene…)

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