one of my favorite scenes ever on television


“You made a deal for Sam, didn’t you?”

I didn’t see a version that included the sad Delia spotting Patsy, and that was just as important.

okay I think chuck may honestly be my favorite show ever and it’s a shame that not more people know about it because it’s got the best combination of comedy and actual continuing plot and it’s such an original idea and the music is so good and the actors are amazing and chuck and sarah may be one of the purest couples on tv and why are people not watching this show more

Three parts of a whole - Batman x Reader x Superman (NSFW)

Summary : The Batman, Superman and You are in a polyamory relationship, and it couldn’t be better. Well…Maybe it could.

I wrote this in twenty five minutes, and FUCK it’s a long story…Anyway, hope you’ll like it, I’m going to hide in a cave now :s :

WARNING : THIS IS SMUT ! Like there’s cute and sweet feelings in the mix, but also sex scenes, like super graphic depiction of sex, so if you’re not comfortable with that and all that blahblahblah, this story ain’t for you ^^’. I have tons of other very SFW story, for averyone to read, and if you wanna check those out instead, it’s right here, on My masterlist blog :


“What’s normal to the spider is chaos to the fly” was a line in one of your favorite TV show, The Addams Family.

And oh it kinda ruled your entire life !

You knew ever since you were three, and attending your first day of school, when you realized not everyone had two dads (some had what they called “moms” !) that what people called “normal”, would never fit you.

And oh as you grow up that fact only became more and more obvious.

It didn’t help either, that so many people would point out your differences constantly, like your two gay dads, your little birthmark that went from your forehead and over your eyes, your obsession with some unconventional things, the fact that you were a “nerd” etc etc…Oh everyone always made so many comments about how weird and different you were !

Everyone…but them. They never judge. Hell, they even understood. Because they weren’t “normal” either.

Come to think of it, it was probably what made you fall for them. Fall for them, hard. You smile at the memory of when you met them when a sound brings you back to reality. A rather obscene sound really…

Right. This is what sprout your mind thinking about how you weren’t “normal” compare to most people. What was happening right now.

You smile at the source of the sound, shaking your head slightly, and kiss it on the lips. Kiss him.

Clark Kent aka Superman, one of the love of your life, with whom you were talking about the Batman’s “O” face. Totally normal right ?”

Your kiss unfocused him from imitating Bruce’s orgasm face (and sound) and he tries to catch your mouth back with his, his tongue darting out of his lips, but you escape his grasp, crawling to the other side of the couch.

He pouts like a child at the loss of your was so comfortable and cosy, to have you snuggled against him !

You wink at him and he melts a bit, but before he can chase after you or anything of the like, you say :

-I’m sorry Clark, but his “o” face isn’t quite like that. It’s more like…

You scrunch up your nose a little bit and clench your jaw tight…before rolling your eyes to the back of your skull, scrunching up your nose even more, and opening your mouth to let out a guttural and very unlady like growl of pleasure.

Clark was intently looking at you, from his side of the couch, and, clearly, was on the verge of bursting into tears of laughter.

-Hahahahaha yes ! Yes that’s it ! Even the little sexy groan !

You both start to laugh and imitate the mighty Batman’s face when he has an orgasm and…you don’t really know why it’s so funny really. Maybe it’s the fact that the two of you know him in another light than his usually so stoic and emotionless self ? You don’t really know…but it’s damn hilarious ! (And a bit sexy).

Clark high fives you after your amazing and so truthful to the original performance, and…it’s like you both can’t help it. As if all it takes is a single touch of each others’ skin and…

The high five never really stops, as Clark tangles his fingers with yours and pulls you on top of him.

Your lips connect instantly, as his free hand goes to settle on the small of your back and yours go flying around his shoulders. As often between the two of you, it turns heated, as his tongue brush your lips and you grant him access to your mouth.

The hand that’s on the small of your back creep under your shirt and slowly removes it, as you unbutto…

-I know it has been two months since you two last saw each others, but you could have waited for me…

You tear yourself off of Clark and turn your head to the side to see the other love of your life…Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

There was a reason, you and Clark knew his “o” face so well.

And that reason was another proof your life wasn’t situated anywhere on the “normal” spectrum.

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The Best Part of Being A Fannibal:

OK, so I’ve had a few people ask me about what the Hannibal fandom is like from the inside. And while my first thought was that it was seriously awesome that the fannibals are so notorious that people ask those sorts of questions, it got me thinking. So I’ve compiled a nice list about my favouite aspects of being a fannibal.

  • Fannibals are fucking funny - like, seriously, our show is actually really serious (most of the time - think of it this way, the cannibal puns are cannon) but the hannibal fandom has like the most chillaxed, cracky sense of humor, but at the same time, we’re joking about the most horrible, gory, subjects. Here are a few examples of the fannibal humor: x, x
  • Our relationship with in the flesh. Seriously. We love those guys. They are our amazing sibling fandom. We will help them at any cost, unless they go against us in which case they’re going down.
  • Our relationship with the creators. Seriously, most creators sort of cringe about the fandom, but the creators of the fannibals are just like. “come here my precious babies can you give me links to your fics?”
  • Hannibal in and of itself. Hannibal is an amazing show. Like my absolute favorite show. It’s super dark and kinda gory it’s got wicked action scenes and amazing character and plot development. To top it all of it is the most visually stunning tv show I have ever watched.
  • I think one of my favorite things about being a fannibal, is our rep. Like, we’re the hannibal fandom, we’re those creepy people in the corner who practically worship a cannibalistic serial killer and are constantly giving out dinner invitations. It’s lovely to watch non-fannibals freak out about something we’ve done. Like, while I definitely don’t think we’re the weirdest fandom, we’re pretty high up there and it’s brilliant.

Now you know why the fannibals are amazing, you should totally join us for dinner! We’re having lamb!

If I’m being entirely honest, not only is the FS scene from Tuesday’s episode my favorite FS scene ever, at least to me it’s probably the most beautiful moment in television history.

Just look at it. Every member of the team looks in at Fitz, and each one passes him by, unable to reconcile what they saw in the framework to who he really is.

But Simmons stops. She’s believed in him the whole time. She believed when he killed Agnes and Mace, she believed when he shot her, she believed when he told her she meant nothing to him, she believed when everyone else told her not to.

And when Fitz looks at Jemma, he thinks he sees someone who will never look at him the same way ever again. He can’t bear to look at her, see her disappointment. But when Jemma looks at Fitz, she knows she’s seeing the real Fitz- her Fitz- for the first time.

She comes in, she doesn’t say anything- what do you say to someone who’s lost so much?

Fitz starts to cry almost as soon as Jemma puts her hand on his shoulder, and it’s not like anytime he’s cried before. In the past, when Fitz has cried, it’s been mostly silent, a few tears running down his face, but in this moment when he cries he sobs. ( Note: this is the moment I also begin to cry.)
When she puts her hand on his shoulder, it’s become their little code- it means “I’m here for you”. Fitz is crying out of guilt and shame- after everything he’s done, she still believes in him? Simmons starts crying too, but not only out relief- the look on her face is of pain- she’s crying because she can’t bear to see him this way. (Another note: This is the moment where I have gone through an entire box of tissues)

Fitz is at his lowest point. He believes he’s lost everything that’s mattered to him- his genius has been used against him, he’s lost his friends, his goodness, Jemma- everything.

Then Simmons walks in. She puts her hand on his shoulder and holds him close to her, as if to whisper-“Not everything.

  • dostoevsky: from now on, we'll be using codenames.
  • dostoevsky: you can address me as "Eagle One"
  • dostoevsky: hawthorne, codename "Been There, Done That"
  • dostoevsky: ivan is "Currently Doing That"
  • dostoevsky: pushkin, codename "It Happened Once in a Dream"
  • dostoevsky: agatha christie, codename "If I Had to Pick a Girl"
  • dostoevsky: oguri is........"Eagle Two"
  • oguri: oh thank GOD
Season 4

First I’m going to start by saying that I agree that this season hasn’t been perfect. Mostly due to plots being conveniently resolved or plots dropped out of nowhere. I, too, would’ve liked to see more conversation. Especially amongst the girls.

I also understand why this season felt chaotic. Because Sana’s life doesn’t just revolve around being in a relationship with a boy, or coming out. She’s affected by her beliefs and balancing them with a social, family and love life. Focusing on just falling love with a guy, is easier. All the focus is on one topic. Sana’s life is chaotic, because of her need to feel like she fits in while also being a “good Muslim”.

This is also the final season, so, of course they were going to give who was the most popular character in Norway, at some point, some closure and some screen time (unfortunately).

Despite all of this, this season hasn’t been trash.
Anyone calling it so, is just being petty. It has not been excellent, but it has been good nonetheless.

Personally, this has been my second favorite season, aside from season 1. I connected more to Sana than I have to any other character. Perhaps that’s why I’ve loved it so much.

A lot of Muslim friends have complained about the lack of proper representation. I’m not going to give an opinion on that, because it’s not my place. But, from an atheist’s perspective, I have learned A LOT about your religion. Not only that, but it’s been shown in a truly positive light.
A lot of people have said that Islam has been portrayed as an obstacle that makes Sana unhappy. At least on my end, that isn’t true. To me it wasn’t her religion what made her unhappy; but the constant need to have to prove that she’s a normal, caring, loving, good human being, just because of what she wears or who she believes in. That’s not her religion or her fault. A lot of her unhappiness this season stems from a combination of her own flaws and her previous experiences.

The main reason I have loved this season so much, is that, without having the luxury of being able to show Sana in an actual relationship, showing her laying in bed, sleeping with Yousef or making out with him, Julie has created the most epic love story of all four seasons.

Because their connection is so electric and strong, you know it’s something otherworldly. It’s not primarily based on physical attraction but in an intellectual one. You know they are meant to be and you know, despite there being obstacles that have been there for the other couples, that they are each other’s “one”.

The tragedy of knowing that, for them to be together, it would take Sana to sacrifice the most important part of herself, is what makes their love for each other that much more beautiful and meaningful.

I’m privileged to have watched such beautiful scenes that have shaken me to the core, without being intentionally manipulative.

So yeah, fuck the haters. I love this season, it will be one of my favorites, always and Skam will always be one of my top favorite TV shows ever.

a picture of bryan fuller sandwiched between my beautiful friend sakari and myself. 

so last night i got to go see a pre screening of American Gods episode 3. the showrunners, bryan fuller and michael green were in attendance! along with the actors who play anansi, bilquis, technical boy, and two brand new characters! and lastly the creator himself, neil gaiman. 

full experience and more pictures under the cut :) no spoilers! 

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I’ve watched Episode 3 of American Gods twice already and I cried at the Salim/Ifrit sex scene. It was just so pure and beautiful. There was passion in it. It wasn’t dirty or disgusting. It was romantic and felt right. This is an important scene. I have never seen gay love portrayed in such an honest way before. This is one of my favorite shows ever.

Wayhaught is like my top ship right now and it makes me really happy that we have two amazing actresses playing the two amazing characters. It also makes me so happy because we get to see an actual healthy lesbian relationship on TV and on one of the coolest shows ever. I think one of my favorite moments is the bullet proof vest scene because it kind of puts the other shows that killed off one of there lesbian characters from a bullet in their place in my opinion, and it shows that not all shows with lesbian characters kill them off. So thank you Emily Andras for making a show with amazing representation for the community and for just making Wayhaught a thing because they’re literally like the cutest couple in the world.

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I’ve watched the second episode of Black Mirror, Fifteen Million Merits, too many times to count at this point, but every single time, I am astounded by how incredible it is, how perfectly it ties together, how tragic and ironic and relevant it is. The acting from Daniel Kaluuya is some of the best I’ve ever seen, and I think his monologue is one of the greatest in all of television. The worldbuilding, cinematography, score, use of special effects, it’s all phenomenal…definitely my favorite episode of Black Mirror, but I’m so excited for the new season!


ffnet |  

 Why did you pick the name(s) you are using?

 I think I was originally going for City Mouse? But basically every single name I could think of was taken and I had this story that I was dying to post, so I just picked some random combination of my nicknames.

When did you start writing?

February 2015. My first Richonne fanfic was the first
piece of creative writing I had ever done.

Something you think will surprise most people about you?

 Um…I doubt anything would. I feel there’s so [too] much of me in my writing so there’s little mystery.

Which is your favorite story that you’ve written and why?

I have such a soft spot for And Then We Get to Live. Whatever “my style” is, I think it’s right there in those stories. Some of my favorite scenes I’ve ever written are in that series.

If you could revamp any one specific characters personality or look
which one would it be and why?

I suppose Andrea. Comic Andrea started off young
and inexperienced, but she was tough and gutsy, so that feeling of having something to prove worked for me. TV Andrea, however, was a grown woman based on appearances and casting, so that characterization and arc never rang true to me.

How did you discover fan fiction? 

I’m dating myself with this one, but I stumbled
upon X-Files fanfic when I was way too young to be reading it. After that I took a break for a long time until Richonne caught my eye and made me seek it out again.

How did you become a fan of The Walking Dead?

My dad was a huge fan and tried to get me to watch it for the longest time, but I resisted because zombies. Eventually I caved and watched an episode then I was hooked and binged to catch up ASAP.

If you could change the entire back drop of the show, what would you change it too?

Oh, I would love nothing more than to see these characters pre-ZA in a family/relationship drama like Parenthood or This Is Us.

Who do you think should have more storylines?

Out of who’s left? Give me more Carl and Aaron.


What have you learned or improved on in your writing? 

That I absolutely can not predict what will strike a chord with readers, so don’t even try. Lol. Just write what you love and be thoughtful and truthful in doing so. In my mind you can never go wrong that way.

What resources, if any, do you find helpful when writing?

I don’t have a specific resource I use. If I have a question or issue, I typically google it and review several sources to come up with a consensus.


Team Family Face off

  • Eugene .vs. Daryl-

Jeez…like right at this moment? Daryl.

  • Tara .vs. Andrea

 Ugh, also hard…right at this moment, Tara.

  • Beth.vs Abraham


  • Hershel .vs. Lori


  • Sasha .vs. Tyreese


*Off schedule post for Ravi Week, Day 7: Free Day* 

Character: Ravi Chakrabarti 

From: iZombie

Representation: Racial (Indian) 

Their Importance: Ravi is, quite frankly, one of my favorite male characters I’ve seen. He’s hilarious, smart, witty, and is a 3D character who isn’t just the “funny guy” but has heartwarming (and sometimes serious/heartbreaking) scenes as well. It’s wonderful to see Ravi - a lot of my early exposure to fellow Indians on tv was in a mocking way; they’d be nerdy and considered the “comedic” character of the group, but the jokes always consisted of jokes about the character and their culture, not because they were ever genuinely funny. However, Ravi is different. He’s nerdy, sure, but he’s also completely, genuinely funny in the show and gets to joke around with the characters - he’s never joked about

Ravi is just treated the same way as the others - he has flaws, makes mistakes throughout the show, and is allowed to also be brave and fight for his friends - but the show never forgets that he’s also a person of color, as they’ve also shown Ravi’s reactions and exasperation to racist opinions. The way they’ve written Ravi has felt very realistic to me (as realistic as a show about zombies can get, anyway). The show also places a certain amount of importance placed on him, as he’s the only person in-show who’s actually working on a cure for zombies. In short, Ravi is an amazing character and I wish I got to see more Indian characters like him growing up, especially because he shows how to be a funny character without also being the butt of a joke. 

Thanks to @starklinqs for the write up! 


Behind the Scenes of Midnight (Part 2)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM 396

“This show will never run out of new ideas,” declares Russel T Davies, Doctor Who’s showrunner. “We tend to hit an experimental patch just before the finale every year, so Midnight was another chance to venture into new territory, and to give David Tennant a script of the like he’s never seen before!  I even dreaded sending it to him, because of certain technical challenges that the entire cast faces, but of course he embraced it and made it brilliant.”

Midnight was so unusual and so difficult to film,” continues Russell, “that we had a rare rehearsal day for all concerned, which helped the whole cast bond. We had the set all marked out in the rehearsal room, with line-runs and discussions of character and motive.  Everyone became good mates on that day. They had to, to survive the endurance test of filming this script.”

“Filming was very intense,” agrees David Tennant. “It was a cramped set, and one scene lasted 45 pages, which we played in 15-minute takes! That’s unheard of in television drama - let alone Doctor Who, which tends to rattle from one scene to the next quite quickly. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to doing theatre on television. It allowed us to sort of indulge in the acting. You just lost yourself in the playing of it. We were all worried that it might drive all of us properly mad, or that it might be very dull to shoot, but actually it was one of the most exciting times I’ve had on this show.”

“It’s a brilliant piece of writing,” enthuses David. “Watching it back, it’s already one of my absolute favorites of all the ones we’ve done.  I think it’s great. The concept, the idea, is so clever, but also the interpersonal relationships within the episode are so finely drawn and so brilliantly played. The cast ate up these parts.”

Part 1 of the Midnight behind-the-scenes photosets [ here ]
All of my previous behind-the-scenes photoset posts can be found here.

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Iris blowing up at Barry in therapy felt so real. She's always, always so patient with him. It's like probably the first time she really just unloaded on him. We've only seen them fight once in S1 and that was one of my favorite scenes ever, still is. Sometimes I wish TF was a drama completely surrounding Iris and Barry's life/relationship because Candice and Grant play a fantastic tv couple, especially their emotional moments.

Iris was holding that in for 6 months. Barry and Iris will have to have some tension now and then, since the fandom is so concerned about realism on this show about people with super powers. 

so I love my mom and she says some of the best stuff ever but one of my favorite things she’s done is stop watching g/lee like a minute into episode 4x05 because B/laine sang hopelessly devoted and she was like “he cheated on him that’s not hopelessly devoted” and turned off the tv and stopped watching g/lee from that moment out lol