one of my favorite records of all time

“Reading was like an addiction; I read while I ate, on the train, in bed until late at night, in school, where I’d keep the book hidden so I could read during class. Before long I bought a small stereo and spent all my time in my room, listening to jazz records. But I had almost no desire to talk to anyone about the experience I gained through books and music. I felt happy just being me and no one else. In that sense I could be called a stack-up loner.” 

― Haruki Murakami, South of the Border, West of the Sun 

We’re Good

Request: You and Shawn are dating, but you don’t like Camila and you get jealous so you’re very lovey dovey whenever Camila is around––happy ending / “How long have you been standing there?”

a/n: thank you all for being so patient with these updates!! I’m really trying my best to crank them out and balance my school life + social life!! You all rock I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

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Going to the studio and just sitting in on one of Shawn’s sessions was always one of your favorite things.  You didn’t want to have a career in the entertainment industry, but seeing the process of everything behind making an album captivated you since the first time you saw Shawn recording.

           You sat on the outside of the booth with a table full of snacks that Shawn requested.  Playing on your phone, or scrolling through social media, was what you did while you listened to him.  He was in the middle of recording some vocals for a piano ballad he wrote.  His voice was your favorite thing to listen to and it soothed every part of you.  You couldn’t hear the music he was singing along to, but from hearing the verse he was singing, you knew that this would be your favorite song off his next album.

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Day 2 (January 14th)-this one is going to be long so I’m splitting it into two parts:

When I tell you guys this day was JAM PACKED, I am not joking around. There was so much to do, especially if you had one of the higher ticket levels (Grounder or Delinquent), there was literally no way you’d be able to get it all done. 

We started off our day by going to Cora’s for breakfast, where I had an amazingly delicious waffle and then we hurried off to London Drugs (like a Walgreens) so I could purchase a Voice Recorder with which to record the panels. 

I missed the Welcome Panel, where they introduced the entire cast (save Lindsey, who was filming reshoots for 411), but made it back in time for the Arkadia Boys Panel which featured Bob Morley, Richard Harmon, Jarod Joseph and Sachin Sahel. This panel was one of my favorites for so many reasons. 

Bob and Jarod both came out and ran around the Ballroom, greeting everyone. Bob seemed to make it his personal mission to touch as many people as possible, he shook hands (his grip was super strong and he made sure to look you in the eyes when he shook!) When I told him my name, he repeated it, smiled and then said it was a great name, which made my day. 

After they’d done their greetings, the cast gathered on the stage:

Sorry Richard’s blurry, but look at Bob’s smile!

When Sachin came out he did this thing where he grabbed Bob’s nose, because Bob wouldn’t say hello, lol. 

Here they are all settled down. Pictures weren’t allowed after the first 5 minutes of each panel, but I like the ones I did manage to get. 

The Boys Panel was super fun, you can really see how much they all love each other. I said it a lot during the Con, but it’s almost like they just can’t help touching and teasing one another, they really are a family and you can tell when you have the opportunity to talk to them or see them one another.

They joked a lot about Ian’s hair and how he’ll sit and just run his hands through it after hair and makeup gets done with it (which frustrates the crew), they called him “GQ Jesus”, which I got a kick out of for sure and Bob joked that there is a scene where Bellamy and Kane just play with each other’s hair. 

We discussed character growth through the Seasons and Sachin said he likes that Jackson has become a braver man, Jarod (who is super snarky) said that he enjoys having any direction (everyone laughed) and then he said he enjoys that Miller is becoming more of a leader. 

Bob said that he actually enjoys (in a sadistic way) acting out Bellamy doing bad things, because he likes the challenge of then making those actions forgivable. He says if people hate you afterwards, it means you’ve done your job, you’ve made people feel something. 

When asked about the relationship between Brian and Miller, Jarod said that there were definitely still things they need to work out and that it’s not necessarily a happily ever after story. 

Sachin remarked that he’s glad it’s not just one person who went into the City of Light, that they’ll need to see and discuss the effects it had on everyone. He joked about needing a CoL support group. 

When asked about the relationship between Raven and Murphy, Richard said it would be difficult for Raven to trust him at all considering Murphy caused her physical issue. He later said that everyone will need to put their differences aside because it’s a do or die type situation. 

There is a apparently a lot of BTS Bob/Richard fun times (aka Murphamy). Richard says the show is better with Murphamy because he and Bob have great chemistry together.

Richard’s favorite episode is Episode 8 (this is the same episode Luisa coined in her Meet and Greet-so I expect great Memori in this episode.) Sachin said the entire Season was just so great to film. Jarod said he enjoyed Episode 1. Bob did not answer this question.

Sam asked what it’s like to play male characters who don’t fit traditionally male stereotypes, and we didn’t quite get the answer we expected, but Sachin did say that “ Across the board it’s not about masculinity or femininity. Its about people being people. Whoever is the best at that thing will handle it.” 

Richard says he always calls Murphy “John” when it’s in reference to Emori/Memori (again-Luisa says the exact same thing-she smiled and laughed a bit when she said it). He said that he’s glad for Emori that she got to meet someone like John, feels like he’s helped Emori really accept who she is.

Jarod said that hope on this show looks like having a future at all (the cast heavily implied that this Season things get really dire.) and said that the message of hope is heavily enforced this Season. 

They talked about who’s the smartest and Bob said that Bellamy and Clarke were the best at classes (it’s a back story built into the scene in 3x02-where Bellamy and Pike “meet”, it’s why Bellamy looks so happy to see Pike). He said that unfortunately a lot of Bellamy’s learning was stopped when Octavia was discovered and that the Ark kind of forget he was human. 

He and Pike relate to one another because they came down for the same reasons. 

When asked how they felt about the impact the show has had on people, 

Jarod said: “ You see people that love the show and each other working with each other. It feels unbelievable (to make a difference).”

Richard said: “ To know that on this show we’ve had that bit of magic, to tap into people, its amazing”

Bob said he lives by this quote when acting: “ “The more personal you are, the more universal you become.”

When asked which superhero they’d like to be, Jarod said John Stewart/Green Lantern, Sachin said Superman/Clark Kent, Bob said the Hulk (something I find interesting, as he picked another character who has a lot of pent up anger.)


After the Boys Panel, the Unity Days Fam (literally almost all of us) had a Meet and Greet with Jarod-in fact there was only one woman who was not in the Fam at our Meet and Greet. 

Jarod is super cool, very personable, very friendly. He was kind to all of us and most of our meet and greet was really just a regular conversation. We got a few tidbits for Miller’s journey in Season 4 (he’s going to be working really hard to make his dad proud and we learned that Dad Miller is back and better than ever!!!

Jarod was asked why he thinks Miller always seems to be “OK” and he said it’s because he keeps his feelings below the surface, he’s strong because he has to be. He thinks Bellamy is the same way. 

He also said they’ve been asking for more Millamy scenes because they’re best friends! Don’t know if we get them in Season 4 though. 

He joked that in Vancouver he was known as the “Serial Guest Star” before he was cast as Miller (a role that was also only supposed to be one episode.” 

He actually doesn’t like Vancouver, he says it’s not exciting and there isn’t a lot to do there, he does enjoy that his friends are there and his job is there, but when he’s not filming he lives in San Fran. 

I asked him how he feels playing a black LGBTQA character and if he knows how important that is, and he said it’s not his first time actually, he previously played an Out Gay lawyer in the hip hop world, who was dating a rapper who was still closeted and he feels like overall the ability to portray those characters is so important because being black and gay and in an interracial relationship are all really taboo things and he likes being able to show that being gay doesn’t change who you are or make you effeminate (a HUGE stereotype in the black community), it’s all about just being able to be who you are. 


After we left the M&G we hurried back to the Panel Ballroom for what was supposed to be the Princess Mechanic Panel, but became the Clarke Griffin panel because Lindsey was still at work. 

Eliza is a sweetheart, she’s really pretty, but she’s actually much skinnier than I thought she was (which is NOT a bad thing-lol), I just thought she was bigger, because he boobs are GREAT!

Eliza’s panel was pretty much just a wlw love fest, lots of women (including myself) thanking Eliza for playing a bisexual woman and discussing how important that is for us. She plans to release more of her music on Youtube, loves Nadia very much and said that this Season Clarke’s grieving process will be more constructive than destructive. There will be more Clarke and Kane scenes in the Season 4, she said that Clarke feels a lot of grief and guilt for all of the people that she’s lost and that we should expect to see some breakdowns this Season. 

When asked a question about whether or not we should be worried about the safety of any of Clarke’s future romantic interests (here the asker coughed and said Bellamy), Eliza smiled and laughed a little and said that she couldn’t answer that question “yet” (sound familiar?!)-this is a huge change (in my opinion) from her answer at SDCC. 

Eliza’s favorite Clarke outfit is the Season 1 outfit, she says it seems the most like Clarke, and then confirmed that the City of Light outfit is Clarke’s Season 1 outfit. Her favorite Clarke line is “Life should be about more than just survival.” which excited part of the audience. 

She said that when you play a character the end result is 80% you and 20% what’s on the page. 


We had a brief lunch at the hotel.

And then had several photo ops!


maybe it’s about time i forget you, or maybe forgive you, whichever comes first. maybe it’s about time your echoing words stop rippling across my bloodstream like skipping stones. maybe it’s about time i forget the thunderstorms you awoke in my head, my skin lightning to the touch, my tornado heart spinning restless. maybe it’s about time i stop replaying you leaving like my favorite records that always make me cry. maybe it’s about time i stop thinking you’re the only one i could ever love, of working my life around you, of putting my dreams on hold. maybe it’s about time i stop thinking of myself as cracks in the pavement and you stop feeling like home.

because the truth is, i’ve thought about you a million times tonight; thoughts i could have used to make myself feel better, i’ve used to build you up. instead of moving on, i’ve given you excuses for all of the things you’ve done wrong. and maybe it’s about time i realize home doesn’t leave. the nights you’ve been gone, i’ve still had me. maybe it’s about time i focus on myself. maybe it’s about time i focus on my breathing. in and out, back and forth, how it feels like healing. maybe it’s about time i stop giving you the power to upset me. maybe it’s about time i mean it.

—  maybe it’s about time i forget you

cindaren  asked:

You probably wouldn't have time for this but have you considered doing a YouTube channel with the stuff you talk about on your Tumblr? I know you want to stay anonymous so I guess it'd have to be ... animated or something? Your blog is my favorite thing in my entire news feed and I think everyone who plays games should read it, but for example my boyfriend and my teenaged sons are all more likely to watch a video than read a blog and I know I don't do the best job distilling the info to them.

I thought about it and asked one of the guys from the Extra Creditz team some about their process. My hunch was that it would be possible, but the audio, editing, recording, etc. process would be a much greater time investment per post than what I currently do. Instead of the 30-90 minutes it takes me to write a post and toss in a few gifs, it would likely take many hours to complete each video. Given my time constraints, a video series would mean roughly one post per week instead of the five or so I normally do. Daniel Floyd confirmed my suspicions on the matter - each EC episode takes around two to three weeks to complete. Even if I had lower production values and such, I am also just one person and lack a whole team like they have. 

That said, I have been in talks with the Extra Credits team about doing a collaboration with them - probably something like writing an episode or something. Would there be any interest in that? If so, what topic would you all like me to write about? I could revisit an old topic or write on something new. If you’ve got a thought or a suggestion, please leave a comment, an [ask], or talk to me on [Twitter].

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literally one of my all time favorite breakfast show moments was the time that nick decided to set a Guinness world record for the longest twerk ever during his show and he fucking DID it only to have the curtains pulled up in the studio next door to find greg james had been twerking the entire time too and had now beaten nick’s record as revenge for being sprayed with water and yelled at by collette while sleeping covering T in the Park. 

Voice Role Announcement: The Phantom

One of my all time favorite musicals is the Phantom of the Opera. So, let me tell you. You have no idea how excited I was when I walked into the booth to record Monster Strike and THIS popped up on the character refs:

DAS RIGHT, I VOICE “PHANTOM.” Basically a parody/tribute of the Phantom of the Opera. And don’t forget his ascensions:

PHANTOM OPERATOR and of course


And you can try and grab him for yourself right now during their “Theatrical Tales” event! 


So let’s start this off right.
Date night as a matter of fact. You come pick me up from the house and you come knocking at my door. You were expecting me in jeans boots and maybe a nice shirt. However, what you got was woman dressed in a fit right dress; one you have not seen before with some of your favorite pair of high heels. All dolled up with makeup which later on you’ll hate. You’re face reaction is priceless and I wished I would’ve been recording you at the time. You say hello to my mother letting her know she might not come home tonight with a laugh and smile. After that, you escort me to your truck. As I was helping myself in you suddenly smack my ass and say “get that fine ass up in there”. You drive to our location. Help me outta the truck and walk next to me showing me off as your woman. And you’re proud of it. You gladly guide me to my side of the booth then decide “fuck that I can’t sit across from you” you slide on in next to me. Our waiter asks us what we’d like to drink however you’re distracted. You can’t seem to keep your eyes off of me. So i answer for you. You’re giving me the look of a lifetime and all I can do it blush and smile. You gently lay your hand on my thigh and kiss my cheek making sure that I’m okay and comfortable. More of a reassurance type. Little did you know, I wasn’t wearing any panties and was anticipating you’d raise your hand up higher to notice it. I bite my lip anxiously waiting for your next move. But of course we got interrupted. The waiter took our order and went right along. I look back at you and catch you looking somewhere unexpectedly. That would be down my dress do to the slight v neck it has. I respond to it “uhhh what are you doing” and your response was “want me to be honest” me: “of course” you: “ I can’t keep my eyes off you and I’m only imagining what I’d do to that fine ass of yours” I start to smile and then say “well I don’t believe you” before you start your sentence. I brush my hand gently over the outside of your pants and notice you’re a bit hard. I raise and eyebrow and say “oh really” you smile anxiously waiting for my next move. I start to rub on it a bit then you move your hand up towards my clit and realize I’m not wearing panties. You then look up at me and ask “why don’t we skip desert” I of course agree. You paid for dinner and then escorted me back to the truck. Before hoping in you took a look around and noticed nobody was around. So you decided to grip my bare ass catching me at a slight moan. Then whispered in my ear saying “I can’t wait to have you for dessert” you then teasingly slid a finger in noticing how wet I had became throughout dinner" you knew I wanted you just as well as I wanted you oh so dearly much. You helped me in and then we drove off…. the rest is to be continued and you can wait for that later 😉💋
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
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This week, I saw Hamilton with my son (his second time). He was such a gentleman with me. He’s taken to making sure I don’t slip, holding doors for me, checking to see if I’m all right. We’ve taught him to be a gentleman with everyone, regardless of gender, but this seems to be a “mom” thing. He won’t go to sleep until my girl (his other mom) is home from work, and he checks in: “Do you feel okay, Mama?”

Right now, I’m at Barnes & Noble at the mall, working. He’s off with his friends to see a movie without parental supervision for the first time. I can’t bring myself to actually leave the mall, so I’m working here until they’re done. 

I can’t believe my little guy is this dude at the movies with his friends, you know? When I started talking about my big gay family here on Tumblr, he was so little. Now he catches my splashes.

My thoughts on BatB 2017 - Part 1: The Songs

Part 1: The Songs | Part 2: The Ending | Part 3: The New Scenes | Part 4: What I Loved

First of all, sorry for not writing this sooner, but I really needed to process the movie and think about whether or not I liked some aspects. As this review was getting longer and longer, I had to split it into several posts that I will post during today and tommorow.

My expectations: Were very high. I am a huge Disney geek and Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies of all time. I am pretty familiar with the Broadway version as well, having seen both the official clips and many bootlegs. (My favorite Belle will forever be Susan Egan, the original Belle of Broadway, whom you can hear on the Broadway Cast Recording.)

(I described some of my specific hopes for the movie in this post)


Musical numbers

Surprisingly, the number I would describe as the weakest link was “Gaston”. I cannot blame Luke Evans or Josh Gad for this - they did a very good job. But the whole number felt too long, too tedious and I don’t think that the “new” lyrics improved the song too much. But bear in mind that I am biased here cause I keep comparing it to the stage version where “Gaston” is one of the greatest, most fun numbers in the whole show. For me, the movie doesn’t do it justice. It’s not too terrible or anything but I just can’t say I particularly enjoyed the sequence.

“Be Our Guest” was an eye candy full of colors and effects, it’s simply not possible to catch all the details or appreciate it fully on the first viewing. After seeing the movie only once, I cannot say it was the highlight of the movie for me (which would also be really unfair to the “real” actors since the whole sequence is animated). Btw - I enjoyed Ewan McGregor’s singing and overall performance as Lumiere very much - and as a foreigner, I wasn’t bothered by his accent at all.

If I could, I would trade the new song “Days in the Sun” for “Human Again” anytime. Mind you, “Days in the Sun” is a decent song and a well-done, touching number that starts off as Beast’s memory of his mother and as it continues it features some of the enchanted objects and Belle singing about their happier days. But the song’s melody is not very memorable and I don’t think that the number particularly helped the characters’ portrayal/development. “Human Again” fits the Disney’s BatB much better because it conveys the feeling of what the characters miss the most about their humanity, together with their hopes for the future; not to mention it’s a bloody brilliant song. I have a strong feeling that the only reason why “Human Again” wasn’t featured is, that after “Be Our Guest” they simply couldn’t afford to animate another huge number with (almost) nothing but CGI objects.

By the way, “Days in the Sun” and “How Does a Moment Last Forever” actually reminded me for some reason - and I am not claiming it’s an accurate impression - of some Rodgers and Hammerstein’s songs (namely “Boys and Girls Like You and Me” and other songs from Cinderella)

I don’t have any strong feelings concerning “How Does a Moment Last Forever”. It’s a lovely tune that is sung for the first time by Maurice at the beginning and is later reprised by Belle. Oscar-worthy? Not for me. But there is another new song that I consider an academy-award-material and that is….

“Evermore”. The new song (sung by Beast after he lets Belle go) I was most excited about sounds pretty much perfect in the movie. Dan Stevens’ singing voice is very strong and I LOVE how he delivers every single line with so much feeling: anger, desperation, melancholy and acceptance of fate… This song was, for me, the emotional climax of the movie. I can’t help comparing it to “If I Can’t Love Her” from the Broadway version and while I still prefer “If I Can’t Love Her”, “Evermore” is its worthy “successor“. So, let’s give this little gem an Oscar, okay?

Coming back to the original songs: both “Belle” and “Belle Reprise” follow their animated counterparts very closely, almost shot by shot, and they are very well done. I especially adored Emma Watson’s angry delivery of the opening lines of “Belle Reprise”. “The Mob Song” was another highlight of the movie and it has some new lines that fit the scene perfectly. “Something There” is a cute, memorable little sequence that works nicely enough as a footage of several scenes with Belle and Beast.

And finally, “Beauty and the Beast”. I admit that this was never one of my favorite songs from Beauty and the Beast - not saying I don’t like it, I just like most of the other songs better. Emma Thompson did a really good job with it and I find it unfair that people keep comparing her to Angela Lansbury - I mean, no one could ever fill the shoes of Angela Lansbury, that’s just not humanly possible. Emma Thompson’s version is her own and it’s lovely.

Musical selections from the soundtrack of Bad Jubies

composed by Disasterpeace

nature collagin’ - Kirsten Lepore

beatboxing/vocalizations - John DiMaggio

from Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland):

“I had the pleasure of scoring Kirsten Lepore’s guest directed, Emmy award-winning episode of Adventure Time from Season 7, ‘Bad Jubies’. This is one of my favorite shows and I wanted to honor the feeling of open-ended creativity I feel is often on display when watching it, so I set out to create a collage aesthetic. I asked a bunch of friends to contribute samples to the score, and I was showered with all kinds of wonderful sounds. Guitars, organs, vocalizations, old answering machines, and that’s just scratching the surface really.

Special Thanks to: Kirsten Lepore (nature collages), Joseph Bourgeois (gameboy and various voice samples), Liz Ryerson (amazing answering machine recordings), Mateo Lugo (jaw harp from one of our sessions), Dan Cantrell (accordion from one of our sessions), Mark DeNardo (wonderful acoustic guitar and dobro recordings), Dan de Lara & Matt Powell (drums, organ and pianet), Martin Kvale (cool weird synth things), Jay Tholen (ukelele, guitar, keyboards), John DiMaggio (for being Jake the Beatboxing Dog wonder), Mathijs Wiermans & Anne la Berge (for avant garde flute improvisations), and Dino Lionetti (because I sampled his circuit bent keyboard).”

Made with SoundCloud

Hey guys this is my first album of the day! So let me explain how I’m going to do this, I’ll pick a favorite album of mine and then tell u guys y it’s important to me. Then at the end of every description I’ll give u a hint on what the next album i post about will be.

Ok let’s get this started, since this is my first album of the day i obviously chose my favorite album of all time! This album is an album that every teen can relate to. Every punk, every “emo”, every goth, every nerd, EVERY teen. There is not a single song i would skip on this album. Every single song is different in it’s own way and each one is a master piece whether it was a chart topper or not. This album won grammys and it damn well deserved it. This record also brought an old concept to a new group of people. My favorite song of all time is on this album, and that would be “jesus of suburbia” , and it is a 9 minute masterpiece. If u haven’t listened to it straight through, u have to becuz this is a rock opera that u have to hear the full story for…


Hint for tomorrow: This album has a baby on the front…

Why The Outsiders is still my favorite fandom

I get asked every once in a while how on earth I am still in this fandom and why I love The Outsiders so much. Like, “yeah, it was really good, but how are you still so into it?” After all, I’ve never had the same main fandom for as long before. (My last record was almost 2 years with Kung Fu Panda.) I’ve joined more fandoms since I read The Outsiders for the first time, but none of them have beat out my favorite book.

One reason it’s still my favorite is because of all the good fanfictions I’ve read. Also, this website where I can see what other fans have to say (even though sometimes people post stuff I severely disagree with). Then there’s the TV show, which is like being able to watch fanfiction. I really like some fanmade YouTube videos with clips set to music that relates to the story/characters too.

Besides, it’s a really enjoyable story (chocked full of feels) with great characters (plus greasers and 50′s/ 60′s stuff is so cool!) and I love stories that have brotherly love and a group of friends that are like family to each other. 

And then there’s my favorite character ever: Darry Curtis! I really like everything about him and I never thought he was “mean”. He’s just trying his best to be a good guardian to his brothers. He’s just a young guy and he’s taken a lot of pressure and responsibility upon himself. Of course he’s not perfect and he toughens up on Ponyboy a little too much and ends up seeming cold to the point that Pony doesn’t think Darry cares about him. But Darry really cares a lot and when he accidentally hit his brother, he just got so worried, scared, and tired of Soda always sticking up for Pony. I just love characters that seem cold but are really caring and actually a teddy bear inside! (Note that my favorite character from Kung Fu Panda is Master Shifu.)

Last thing- the Nothing Gold Can Stay/Stay Gold concept in the book is something I can really relate to. 


Funny story: this poem has always been one of my top three favorites of all time. I never thought I’d relate to it in the sense of losing someone, though.

I’ve got chills hearing this again. 
May have inspired me to write a new poem for tonight. One that I may just have recorded and post on here when I’m home.


Series: Opening Act (chapter 1)

Lights. Camera. Action.
Another Sunday night that I was sitting in my room recording videos. Being a YouTuber is a lot of fun but I’m not like other youtubers, I’m not a beauty guru like most of my friends, I’m a singer and I upload covers hoping to someday go on tour and get signed.

I was currently practicing the words to Little Bit By Skate Maloley one of my all time favorite artists and songs.

I sat down in my studio room and pressed record “Hey guys Peyton Thatcher here, Today I’m going to be doing a cover of Little Bit by Skate Maloley”
I grabbed my headphones and started the music.

I was emerged in the song, passion filling my voice. As the song came to an end I turned the music off “thank you so much for watching, please share, subscribe, like and comment see y'all soon.”

I spent my night editing it and I wasn’t going to bed until it was done. This would be the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning.

-Beep Beep Beep-
I slapped my alarm off and sat up stretching and grabbing my computer at the end of my bed. I edited the video a little bit more and exported the video onto YouTube before I scrolled through social media for a bit responding to some fans and following people before I closed my computer, got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.

I got into the shower, taking time to wash my hair and my body and shave, when I got out I threw my hair in a towel and got dressed.

Blue Denium shorts with a black t-shirt and some black converse, I dried my hair putting into a bun and putting on a little makeup, which consisted of eyeliner and mascara.

I walked back in my room grabbing my phone and my backpack and walked downstairs.
“Mom, I’m leaving for school.“I yelled probably into and empty house.
I grabbed my keys off the hanger and walked out the door to my White Nissan and placed my bag in the backseat and got into the drivers seat, I sighed before starting the car and driving off to another day of hell.

I killed the engine once I parked in the parking lot. I grabbed my bag and headed into the building.
You see going to public school and being a YouTuber isn’t much fun. I of course get made fun of a lot, I’m used a lot so people can get a following and I don’t have many real friends.

I walked to my locker, to see my best friend Tessa standing in front of it with a hot chocolate from Starbucks. "You’re a lifesaver” I stated grabbing it from her hands and take a swig of it.
“Careful it-”
“Ow Ow Ow Ow”
“It’s hot” Tessa said laughing

I laughed handing it back to her and opening my locker. I grabbed my first two period class books and closed my locker
“So, Im gonna leave during forth period, you down?”
“Yeah there’s no way I’m staying here all day.”

See school was no fun for me, actually it was pure hell. “Well I gotta head to Physics, see ya” we hugged and parted ways.

My phone kept vibrating and of course I couldn’t look at it, it was unusual for my phone to go off a bunch of times in a matter of seconds but it was and I wanted badly to look at it.
“Ms.Davis can I speak to you for a minute” another teacher spoke from the hallway pulling my teacher out of class.

Luckily I sat it the back but the sound that just escaped my mouth was unhuman.

My phone was moments from freezing but the last notification was a tweet from Nate, not just him tweeting because a direct towards me.

“@SkateMaloley: A bunch of you tweeted me @PeytonThatchers cover of little bit and I can honestly say it’s nothing like I’ve ever heard before. You’re amazing, keep up the amazing work. Maybe we can collab sometime?.

I squealed with excitement causing my classmates to turn and look at me.
"Everything okay, Ms.Thatcher”
“Uh yeah sorry Mrs.Davis” I said sinking in my seat with embarrassment.
As the bell rang, I packed up my things and ran to Andreas class.
“Skate tweeted you”
“He wants to collab” I screeched with excitement.

Tessa and I now had free period. We walked to our class and I sat at my computer, Tessa sitting next to me. I logged onto Twitter and I instantly dmed Nate.

“Hey Nate. I would like to thank you and let you know that I would love to collab with you if you’re ever in New York xx ~Peyton ❤️

Within minutes I got a response. "Hey Peyton, I’ll actually be in New York tomorrow if you want to meet. I’m looking for opening acts for the Skaterade tour. If your interested I’ll contact you with more information.”
“Sounds great. Thank you so much, Nate.”
“Xx have a good day.”

After 5th period, Tessa and I left, “We need to get you something sexy for when you meet your boy”.

We placed our books in the back of my car and headed off towards the mall.

I was in forever 21 shopping around when I found the perfect dress. A short light blue dress with chains (top picture) and a pair of nude heels.

I was currently sitting on my bed, going through a bunch of notifications from earlier in the day. As always there were some really sweet ones and some rude ones when a DM from Nate pop up on my screen.
Skate: Hey Peyton, I know you’re good, I don’t even have to hear you sing, I want you apart of this tour - let me rephrase that, you need to be apart of this tour. Tomorrow I will be at Brooklyn Theater Arts High School. Hope that’s not far out of your way?
Me: Not far at all, about a half hour.
Skate: Great so I will be there from 3-8 tomorrow night.
Me:Ok, see you tomorrow skate 😊

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‘Post’ is turning 20 years old today. It is probably one of my favorite records of all times. A timeless masterpiece. Happy birthday Post!

“We shot in a tiny street in the business center of London. Nothing we can guess on the pictures but i wanted the energy of the street as i thought it was much better than if we had shot in a boring closed up studio. More real experience.” Stéphane Sednaoui on the album’s cover and photoshoot.

odesza - say my name (feat. zyra)

to start your monday off right, our pick comes from seattle, wa. the duo odesza blew us away with their record in return, and “say my name (feat. zyra)” is one of our favorites. we suggest listening to the album in its entirety for all of its electronic and lighthearted goodness, but if you don’t have time for all of it definitely check out this one. -a

let this song whisper your name; calum’s never been good with words [listen]

 idfc - blackbear // drive - halsey // after the last midnight show - the academy is… // apartment - modern baseball // yeah you - freedom fries // rock show - blink 182  // coming over (filous remix) - james hersey // backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low // roses - the chainsmokers // if i’m lucky - state champs // favorite record - fall out boy // wrapped around your finger - 5sos // promises - tep no // tear in my heart - twenty one pilots // + a surprise track