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Chlonath Week Day 3: Art


Everyone’s skilled in an art of some kind. Whether that’s the art of being awkward—Marinette, the art of being handsome—Adrien, or actual art—Nathanael, it doesn’t matter, because everyone’s skilled in an art of some kind.

People often believed Chloe’s art was being rude, and while she was exceedingly good at it, it wasn’t her art.

Chloe’s art was being strong.

She’d had to be strong when her father became the mayor. She’d had to be strong when everyone’s eyes followed her wherever she went. And she’d had to be strong when her mother left.

Chloe had gotten quite good at her art, but she kept it secret. She told no one—not her classmates, not her best friend Sabrina, not even her father—in case one of them might somehow take that strength from her.

She had learned not to trust anyone.

Which made her generally unhappy, but it kept her from hurting more than she was now—more than she could handle.

She could deal with the mundane, menial pains—things like school or being the mayor’s daughter—but the big ones—her mother—nearly killed her.

Of the mundane pains, class with Adrien was always the most agonizing for Chloe. Sure, she absolutely adored him and loved watching him think, but he always brushed her off in the most polite ways possible and she wanted for once to see him fight back. She wanted him to stand up to her and tell her to back off already. She wanted to see her own strength reflected in him. That would really sell her on her feelings for him.

And it did not help that she was in the perfect—er, least perfect—position to see Marinette practically drooling as she watched the back of Adrien’s head. It made Chloe want to barf.

She wasn’t one to get jealous; she was better than any person in any given place at any given time, and everyone knew it. She knew it was completely irrational to hate Marinette and her stupid face. She also knew focusing on it would only antagonize her agony over Adrien, but she couldn’t help the fact that everyone loved Marinette just as much as—dare she even think it, more than—her.

Marinette was sweet and adorable and Chloe couldn’t deny it. Sure, the dork was the clumsiest person she’d ever met, but it somehow added to the cute air about her.

It made Chloe hate herself and everyone else even more.

She’d had to climb and kill her way to the top of the totem pole and there Marinette was just accidentally falling upwards as she tripped over absolutely nothing.

Even Adrien thought she was cool enough to hang out with.

But Chloe couldn’t stand the way Marinette was so perfectly awkward and endearingly anxious. It reminded her of how much she wanted to be like that—how much she wanted to be able to be like that.

Everyone always went to Marinette with their problems, and while Chloe couldn’t care less about her classmates, she wanted to know what it felt like to be wanted.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t think of a single person who wanted her because of who she was. Sabrina wanted her for her popularity and her father had always wanted her to be the perfect little—compliant—girl. No one cared about who she really was.

Her mother certainly hadn’t. Her mother hadn’t wanted her one bit.

Chloe had tried to be the perfect little girl—tried really hard, actually—but no matter how hard she tried, she’d never been good enough. So she adapted. She discovered how to truly get what she wanted from anyone.

The first problem was that it hadn’t worked for her mother—had quite literally driven her away. The second problem was now she didn’t know if she truly wanted to be this way anymore.

She didn’t deserve to get what she wanted.

So as she dreaded attending class with the flawlessly handsome model and his grossly head-over-heels-in-love fangirl, she entered the classroom, bumping into a slightly taller unimportant mound of flesh.

“Excuse you!” she screeched, really not ready for interaction of any kind.

“Oh!” It was Nathanael. He crouched down to collect his things that had dropped before standing up again. “Sorry.” But he didn’t sound sorry at all.

“What is this?” She reached for the sketchbook Nathanael was trying to hide from her. She scoffed when she saw the familiar face on the page. “You’re drawing her again?”

“Well…Marinette is so sweet and it’s really quite easy to draw her.”

“Why don’t you draw someone who will actually make you look like a good artist—someone beautiful like me?” She flipped her ponytail over her shoulder.

Nathanael’s eyes were wider than any moon she’d ever seen. “O-okay,” he mumbled.


He squared his shoulders. “I’ll draw you.” He bit his lip for a split second before continuing. “If that’s what you want.”

He was actually offering to draw her. Chloe had spent her whole life living in the spotlight and being the best, but for some reason, she was only now feeling special—truly, unequivocally wanted.

“I’d want you to pose for me, of course,” he continued quickly when she didn’t respond. “That should only take an hour or two of your time at the most.”

“Two hours?” She could hear the annoyance in her voice, but she didn’t feel it. In fact, she was completely void of emotion, numb to everything but the fact that Nathanael, the quiet, reserved, red-headed sketch artist, wanted her to pose for him.

“At most,” he reaffirmed, though the strange look in his eyes left her wondering if that’s really what he wanted—two hours alone with her. “But I only draw people as they naturally are. That means no makeup, no overly-styled hair, and no dressing like you’re the queen of the world.”

Had anyone taken interest in her other than for her looks and popularity? Had anyone ever truly cared for the person she was beneath all that?

Maybe her mother had once, but if she could see her now, Chloe knew she’d be disappointed. She’d love her no more and no less—but Chloe didn’t think it was possible to love anyone less than how much her mother loved her.

Yet here Nathanael was, picking at the threads of her tightly knotted heart, untangling her right here and now in front of the growing class.

How ironic that someone she’d been so rude to, someone she’d hated so much, was able to squeeze into the cracks she didn’t know about in the wall she’d built.

She wanted to laugh. She didn’t.

Suddenly quiet, reserved, Nathanael was telling her what to do without hesitation or palpitations.

All she wanted to do was agree.

“Alright.” And before she could stop herself, she added, “It’ll be a great honor for you, so you better appreciate me wasting my time.”

He nodded, unfazed. “Of course. I’ll make it worth your time.”

“You better.” And with a final huff, she turned to flee before she could agree to any more outlandish ideas.

She spent the entire class conscious of Nathanael’s eyes on her.

Why she had agreed she didn’t know. But she couldn’t help thinking that it may have been the fact she couldn’t come up with a better way to waste her time than to waste it for him.

Adrien was suddenly just another boy.


Nathanael held the sketchbook away from himself to get a different perspective, finally allowing Chloe to tilt her head to look at it. “I think you’re my favorite,” he mumbled absently, and Chloe wondered if he even meant to say it, if she was meant to hear it.

She wanted to. She wanted him to say it again. “What?”

Nathanael looked up briefly, his cheeks the color of his hair. She had heard too much, but he couldn’t back down now. “Out of all my work, your portrait is the one I would go into a burning building to save.”

She returned her eyes to the ones staring back at her. The portrait Nathanael had drawn of her was quite realistic, and though she didn’t look much different than she usually did, there was something about the way Nathanael had drawn her that made her seem so much…better…than the person she really was. He did always seem to bring out the best in her.

She frowned.

Had the portrait been any less realistic, Chloe might have chalked up the marvelous nature of it to Nathanael’s art style or him trying to make up for taking her time. But since it was extremely lifelike, Chloe couldn’t help but wonder if that was really how he saw her.

“You’d go into a burning building for that?” She scoffed. “I wouldn’t.” And it was the truth. It wasn’t that she didn’t like his art—he had drawn her quite fantastically—it was just that he had drawn her. She wasn’t worth being saved. Not by Nathanael, who was sweet and shy and everything right with the world.

She didn’t think she was worth being saved by herself either. It’s why she couldn’t pull herself out of this deep, dark hole she’d dug. It’s why she couldn’t be the person Nathanael saw in her, the person he drew.

It’s why she couldn’t be with him.

“Well, I would,” Nathanael replied firmly, pulling her from her trance. “It’s my finest piece. I wouldn’t sell it for a hundred million dollars.” His voice was thick, something hard stuck in his throat, and it made Chloe move her eyes from her graphite face to the very real, very quiet being beside her.

He had also moved his eyes from the drawing and was now using them to search her own, making her next words—”It’s just a sketch”—die before they could leave her mouth.

She absently wondered if he could see through her right then. She knew if he tried hard enough, asked the right questions, she’d let him break down the wall around her heart. So she wondered if he could see it in her eyes—the willingness to be free from her self-inflicted strength which only seemed to weigh her down—but she didn’t try to erase the pleading from her features.

She relaxed and let him see her for all she really was—weak, fragile, broken.

His breath caught in his throat and she closed her eyes, turning her face from him to the fading sun on the horizon. She listened to him breathe, waiting—wondering—wishing.

Would he comfort her? take her in his arms? stay with her until the sun rose again?

Would he even speak?

She cautiously opened one eye, peeking at him in her peripheral.

He had returned his attention to his sketchbook, his pencil moving across the page with lightning speed.

Chloe moved to get a better look, but he tilted it away from her. “Not yet. Let me finish.”

Annoyed, she removed her hand from his arm—when had it gotten there?—and turned back to the sky.

“A little higher,” he urged.


“Your chin.” He lifted his hand to gently tilt her head back, his fingertips ever so slightly brushing her chin. “And close your eyes again.”

He was drawing her again. For some reason, she hadn’t considered this as a possibility. She hadn’t thought he’d want to.

She surrendered to his will and her eyelids slid shut, suddenly heavy.

“Stay still,” he whispered to her through the night, and she hummed in submission.

She felt the wind in her hair, tangling it around her face and tickling her lips. She reached up to tuck it back behind her ear, but Nathanael grasped her wrist, staying the motion.

“Leave it.”

The huskiness in his voice gave her no choice in the matter.

With the wind in her hair and on her face, with the scattered sound of pencil brushing paper, with the erratic beating of her heart thumping in her ears, Chloe stayed still until she dozed off.


hi! a lot of you are new since the last time i did this, so here’s a quick rundown of what you’re about to read: i do a weekly rec list of all of the fics that i’ve read/enjoyed and all of what i’ve written, with a short review of each one, to let everyone appreciate what i appreciate. basically, a roundup for me to see that i’ve been writing, and an appreciation post for so many authors in the fandom. it’s been a while bc i got busy with shit bang/reverse bang, so this is one for the whole month - after this one, though, i’m going back to weekly/bi-weekly ones depending on how busy i am. always always always please send me fic recs bc i want to appreciate everyone’s favorites, and everyone to appreciate mine. so here we go! 

please remember to leave a kudos/comment on these if you enjoy them - authors thrive on praise.

(Some Of) What I Read This Month (Mid July-Late August 2017)

story of my life - vodkawrites - @vodkawrites​ - There are 3,140,000 results on Google Search for why you should meet your idol. Meeting your idol could allow you to tell them personally how much they mean to you and can inspire you to be more like your idol. / However, there are 20,300,000 reasons why you shouldn’t meet your idol. / Or; AU where Victor is a famous author and Yuuri is his biggest fan.
(Super cute story where Viktor is a famous author who writes about figure skating and Yuuri is a World Champion figure skater but VIktor doesn’t know)

Open At The Touch - kiaronna - @kiaronna​ -  Maybe Nishigori got ahold of a lock of Viktor’s hair, and some Polyjuice potion. Maybe it’s all an elaborate prank. With this as his only reasonable explanation, he steps forward, snags Viktor by his robes and tugs him in. / “Nishigori,” he says in Japanese, “this prank isn’t funny. Your English is better than when I left, though.” / “Ah,” says the fake Viktor Nikiforov in English, voice dipping, and is he blushing? “What was that?” / “Maybe I got hit in the head by a Bludger,” Yuuri muses. Viktor’s smile grows ever wider, tightening at the edges. “Maybe I never came home from my international Quidditch competition. Maybe I’m lying in the hospital right now, hallucinating.” / There has to be an explanation, mystical and magical or medical, for the best Seeker in the Quidditch world showing up at his door; something besides his portrait, which won’t stop talking to Yuuri anyway.
(Ahhh an amazing hp au with them both as quidditch players and viktor showing up to train viktor - the stuff with the portrait is one of the favorite things i’ve ever read in an hp au)

Blog About It - Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom) - @dawnonice​ - Victor creates a blog where he posts about his husband, skating, and his husband’s skating. Only, shockingly, it turns out that saying he’s “literally Victor Nikiforov” on tumblr does absolutely nothing to convince anybody of his identity, even though he was never trying to hide it in the first place.
(I, too, claim to be literally Viktor Nikiforov, but unfortunately am not. A super cute take on a social media fic - which is one of my favorite tropes)

Five Times Yuuri Did Something He Regretted With Victor - liliths - @mckkachins​ - —and one exception. / “Extend,” Victor said, so Yuuri extended his arms a bit further. / “Stretch,” Victor said, so Yuuri stretched his free leg out a bit further. / “Jump,” Victor said, and Yuuri never had to ask “how high?” / “Yuuri, eat this flaming-hot chili pepper that I bought from the market,” Victor said, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was the tea he had been drinking. / Yuuri and Victor-centric, in which Yuuri makes questionable life decisions with humorous outcomes and with Victor by his side. Oneshot.
(a precious and hilarious fic about them coming to live with each other. i’m in love with their love)

“sleep with” is a stupid idiom - seventhstar - @pencilwalla​ - In one universe, Viktor asks Yuuri to sleep with him on his first night in Hasetsu and gets rejected. / In another, he doesn’t. This happens instead.
(we all know i’m weak for nuri’s writing, but this story is exceptional. read the other in the series too - i laughed. poor, sweet yuuri)

Surrogate - rougeandtonic - (unsure of tumblr, please tell me if you know) - In which Yuuri is broke and jobless and carrying a baby for retired figure skater Victor Nikiforov, Victor is intent on breaking every one of their surrogacy agency’s rules, and Phichit tries really, really hard to be a voice of reason.
(one of my first dives into a/b/o fic - it’s a trope i usually avoid, but this fic has a fun premise, and i’m excited it was linked to me. i’m looking forwad to more)

…or it didn’t happen - Lady_Ganesh - (tumblr unknown, please tell me if you know) - The morning after the banquet, Yuuri wakes up to a hangover, a few fuzzy memories of the previous night and the realization that he sent some guy dickpics last night…and had gotten one back. / Cyrillic guy seemed nice. Friendly. Somebody he might have wanted to hang out with, if things had been different. / Yuuri hoped he hadn’t pretended the guy was Victor Nikiforov or something stupid like that. When he got that drunk, all bets were off.
(ahhh a great take on what could have happened at the banquet)

Raison d'Être - cutesudon (vityanikiforova) - @cutesudon / @vityanikiforova - 1. reason or justification for existence; the thing that is most important to someone or something; the sole or ultimate purpose of someone. / President Nikiforov of Russia has a few weaknesses: premium rye vodka, an attention span of 30 minutes, and a torrid love affair with the Japanese Prime Minister.
(mmm, yes. this is a very good fic. i’m looking forward to the rest of the verse, there’s some great stuff coming)

Matched - DefiantDreams - @gia-comeatme - If three men are all in love with each other, in how many ways can there be a couple? / (Hint: Polyamory.) / Or: / Chris and Yuuri match on Tinder, but they’re both in love with Victor Nikiforov (and Victor Nikiforov is in love with them).
(SO I MIGHT NOT HAVE READ THE FINISHED VERSION OF THIS YET but i betaed for it and it is a simply amazing fic, you really really need to read it.)

On Online and Offline Love - AlexWSpark - @alexwspark - Gaming/Streaming AU: In which Yuuri and Victor are gamers, head over heels for each other, and hoping to one day come face-to-face. Of course, when two whipped, adorable fluff-balls are involved, shenanigans ensue… / Mature rating only applies to the final chapter. Chapter titles are taken from the Final Fantasy 9 soundtrack <3
(look, i know legit nothing about gaming but i heard some great stuff about this fic and was not disappointed. it was amazing)

Misconceptions and Truths About Vampires - glassteacup - (tumblr unknown, please tell me if you know) - Yuuri and Phichit have been living in Detroit for the past five years. Yuuri gives lessons at the local rink and has a new student. Featuring - Yuuri is terrible at being a vampire, Phichit is an amazing best friend, and Viktor is bedazzling like the sun. / Yuuri pokes at his dinner, toppling the neatly piled tower of raw beef on the third try. / Phichit reaches across the table and swats his fork hand. “Stop playing with your food.” / Yuuri sets his mouth in a straight line. “I’m not playing,” he grouses. There’s only so much steak tartare one can eat three times a day. / Phichit rolls his eyes and returns to his phone, finger flicking at the screen rapidly. He’s probably busy with ordering “delivery” on one of his apps. Yuuri wisely keeps his mouth shut except for opening it in between shoving in forkfuls of food.
(i read a lot of vampire aus recently and this one was hilarious. a very different take on it, and i love itI)

when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) - lilithiumwords - @amberstarfight - Katsuki Yuuri is the worst incubus in the Underworld. Viktor Nikiforov is his human target.
(so i might have reread this entire fic with the newest update, but, you know, that’s fine. it’s such a fun demon au with so much mythology woven in. i love it.)

Falling For Your Charms - Reiya - @kazliin - Professor Katsuki’s crush on Professor Nikiforov is supposed to be a great secret. / So naturally, the whole school knows
(i need to convince all of no one in this fandom that kaz is a genius, but this fic is so fluffy and soft. i love the take on an hp au that doesn’t have them as students. i’m so excited to see what comes next ^-^)

boy next door - wingchestr - @softboyyuuri / @yuurispasteldildo“Hi, welcome to the Green Bean,” Yuuri says, in the way that’s become something of a joke between them. “What can I get for you today?” / In which Viktor buys way too much coffee from the cute barista at the coffeeshop on the corner, and Yuuri has a terrible crush that Viktor never, ever needs to know about, and somehow it all works out in the end.
(like i said, i’m incredibly new to enjoying a/b/o dynamics, but this one is amazingly soft. i love it so far)

Twingenuity - Caeseria - @caeseria - Victor arrives in Hasetsu, completely unaware that Yuuri has an identical, overly affectionate, twin brother. The resulting temptation might actually kill him before he gets Yuuri to the GPF like he promised.
(you all know i have a yuuri/viktor/yuuri thing, and this is a different take on that trope, but i love it so much. i started the fic months ago but got distracted and left it behind, and i just finished it right before the last few chapters went up. koji is probably my favorite oc in the entire fandom)

“Be My Sex Coach, Victor!” - lucycamui - @lucycamui - Yuuri Katsuki has always been his own worst critic, and a series of unfortunate short-lived relationships has him convinced that he flubs things more in the bedroom than out on the ice. So, of course it would turn out that the ridiculously charming Russian he’s matched with online is a pornstar. / But perhaps, a ‘professional opinion’ is exactly what Yuuri needs…
(”Oh, the pornstar au updated!” is not something that I thought I would yell excitedly, but yet here I am. This fic is written so wonderfully and has a perfect mix of humor and smut that i just,,, i adore this fic so much. I’m so glad i gave it a shot.)

Sympathy for the Devil - Mythmaker - @catamight“…Are you telling me, that becoming a creature of the night has cured my anxiety?” he hissed, glaring at the wall so he wouldn’t glare at Phichit. For a brief moment, he thought he saw a flash of red reflect off nearby surfaces. / His friend actually had the gall to start laughing, and it sounded a tad hysterical. / – / Yuuri Katsuki lost his dog, lost his ability to place higher than 6th at the Sochi Grand Prix final, and lost his pride when Viktor Nikiforov didn’t know who he was. After the night of the banquet, he also loses something else. Something kind of important. / Something like his mortality.
(Viktor has barely even come into play in this au yet and I still love it. It’s such a fun vampire au and Phichit is the Best and I love him him.)

(Some Of) What I Wrote This Month (Mid July-Late August 2017)

a picture’s worth a thousand words - Yuuri woke up that morning with 3 things: a hangover that rivaled all his past hangovers put together, all of his blankets and pillows and, apparently, clothing strewn on the floor, and a picture of him and Viktor Nikiforov that made him look even more like a stalker as his phone background.
(Or: The canon divergent au where Yuuri takes a bunch of selfies with Viktor at the banquet but deletes them all)

desserts is stressed spelled backwards - Viktor was an insomniac who was lured to the door of his mysterious neighbor who liked to bake at night. One night, when Viktor took his dog out for a walk, he smelled cookies and left a note on his neighbor’s door saying how good it smelled…
(My reverse bang fic! check out this art and this art)

call of the wild - After his failure at the Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Yuuri goes home, but home isn’t back to Hasetsu. Home is the sea, where Yuuri lives as a siren, who feels as though he’s a failure to his family because he’s yet to place a successful Call on a mortal. It reaches Yuuri that Viktor Nikiforov has shown up in Hasetsu to coach Yuuri, and Yuuri doesn’t understand why, and doesn’t feel worthy. He’s not even human, but for some reason, Viktor has chosen to coach him. Nonetheless he goes back to shore. / For some strange reason, Viktor Nikiforov seems unbelievably attracted to Yuuri. / (Or: The canon divergent au where Yuuri is a siren.)
(My shit bang fic!! Check out the art)

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite seb portrait? I'm doing some drawing right now and can't find one i really like where he looks cute and adorable. It has to be a pretty high res though.

I don’t know, I say every picture of him is my favourite so here’s the first 3 i thought of 

CSBB Author Spotlight: a-winterprince

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @a-winterprince!

What is your writing process like?

I usually have the most important scenes in my head from daydreaming and being mentally elsewhere, so I write these down and figure out what is missing or what may be too much.

What do you think your greatest strength is as a writer?

I think I can understand/portrait characters in a believable way, for fanfiction specifically, I don’t think I fall out of character.

What’s a particular trope or kind of story you’ve wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to yet?

I would really like to write a psychological story one day, but I think I need more experience for that.

Who is your favorite OUAT character to write?

Uh, tough choice. Though my stories usually focus on Emma/Killian and I love writing them, I probably have the most fun coming up with Regina’s punchlines.

If you are new to the Captain Swan Big Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

I loved the idea of authors, beta-readers and artists working together, as well as having a deadline (because I tend to leave things unfinished if I don’t have one…). Having set dates for a certain completion date is also great.

Favorite Fics:

Once Upon a Wizard (FFnet)

I like showing these characters as kids, and who doesn’t dream of going to Hogwarts?

Fic idea 1:

I’ve had this idea for a while that Emma, being Emma, is afraid of being in a relationship with Killian, so she decided to be friends with benefits instead. However, they start doing more and more relationship stuff (cuddling, wathing movies, being there for each other in tough times,…) ,until they’re basically in a relationship without calling it that, and Emma finally has to acknowledge it.

Fic idea 2:

Another idea I had features the heroes going on a long deserved vacation from Storybrooke to the real world… Imagine all the fairytale characters visiting Disney Land for the first time, for example.

Check out a-winterprince on FFnet!

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(Plush made by my friend @artisticthingem!)

Lord Shen is hands down one of my favorite characters of all time. Even though he’s an evil and delusional villain, he is also very “human”, troubled by a complicated past, and I just can’t help but feel bad for him sometimes. I always imagined what he would look like as a human, so I made a portrait of him as a teenager.


One of my favorite things about taking photos is playing with light. Harsh light freaks me the f#ck out. It’s tricky and unflattering and hard to control. Took a bit of time to experiment with it with Shelby and actually liked some of the results! Her retinas hated me for it though (whoops). 


THE WORLD IS HIS (an exclusive interview with Paolo Nacpil by Alexis Lim)

When did you start to take photographs?

I started taking photos when I was 17, which I guess at this point is already ages ago. It certainly doesn’t feel that way. The interesting thing is that it has always been a continuous learning process, there’s always something that you can always improve on or change or approach a different way. It’s always a constant and fulfilling challenge!

What pushed you to continue pursuing photography?

I’d say that photography has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve taken up. I’ve seen myself grow and be molded into who I am and a huge part of that is because of photography. It acted as some sort of a synergist in my life. I’ve always been into the outdoors and into traveling and all that, however photography became something that pushed me to take all that to a different level. It gave me even more of a reason to find myself out there in the world trying new things and discovering new places. It helped me break out of my shy shell and made me connect with so many like-minded individuals all over the world. It was also quite neat to have a visual and tangible representation of my artistic progress through time.

We all know that you are a landscape photographer. But what other genres in photography you would like to pursue as well?

I’ve actually shot some outdoor portraits here and there and I found it quite enjoyable. Portraiture in itself is a very broad field and I definitely would love to do more outdoor portraits or shots where people are incorporated into my style of landscape photography.

What was your most memorable shoot?

Oh that’s a tough one to answer. It’s definitely hard to choose a favorite since there’s been so many amazing experiences throughout the years so I’ll just go with the first one that came to mind even though my answer would probably be different each time I’m asked this! I’m going to go with my hiking trip up in the Northern Cascades National Park in Washington. To make a long story short, I flew in that day to Vancouver with the intention of staying in that area for a couple of days and meeting up with my Mom when she flew in the day after. Once I got my rental car from the airport location I then thought to myself that I might as well drive the 2 hours down to Washington State as I’ve never been there yet. So I did just that, drove down there and got to the park. It was absolutely pouring rain but I still hiked anyway on the mountain ridges with water cascading down like impromptu waterfall all over and I took as much photos as I could which was barely any at all, even with raingear for the camera. I then decided to sleep overnight in the car at the park in hopes that the weather would cooperate the day after. Woke up before the sun rose and went out to hike again, it was a beautiful day and I spent half the day just taking in the scenery and enjoying the solitude up on the ridges. There’s just something so freeing and fulfilling after an experience like that.

Favorite subject?

Anything nature and landscape related and with which I can incorporate a sense of movement. Mountains and seas most definitely!

What is photography for you?

Photography is a means of forever immortalizing a moment in time with your own artistic vision of the scene and a means to share the fleeting feelings and emotions you felt in that moment to the viewers.

Who are the people you look up to in the industry?

I’m actually not the type to be solely influenced by a certain set of individuals; I try draw inspiration from anything and everything whether it be fictional characters in movies, random strangers I interact with, music that I listen to, and whatnot.

5 Weird things we don’t know about you.

1. Not necessarily weird but a lot of people don’t know that I’m actually working in a totally unrelated field - healthcare. They just assume that I travel around all the time I guess!  

2. I was not born with curly hair. I guess one of the defining characteristics for me now is the long curly hair. I used to have straight hair though all the way until it turned curly on me sometime in high school!

3. I used to be really shy back then! Examples being me practicing my “speech” when in line to order food at a restaurant!

4. I’m an only child that always wanted siblings. My solution to this as a child was to have a doll that I named ‘Matilda’ who I pretended was my sister!

5. I used to not eat spaghetti or any sort of pasta, french fries, burgers – except for separating the meat and not touching everything else, chicken – except for the skin. This was when I was a really picky eater in my childhood. Grew out of that quickly enough though!  

That one iconic photograph you wish was yours/ your shot.

That would be the time-lapse sequences that were shot from the International Space Station. It’s quite literally so otherworldly. It’s such a surreal perspective that I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to see with my own eyes in this lifetime.

What advice can you give to those kids or anyone who are just discovering their knack for photography?

Biggest way to improve your photography is to be highly selective and critical of your work. Put it this way, the artists that you look up to, you mostly just see the top 5% of their work that they publish and you never see the 95% that they consider to not have made the cut. No reason for you let the 95% of your work that is mediocre be your defining factor. Quality over quantity! Find inspiration in anything and everything. If you find a photo you really like, stop and take a moment to analyze what makes it have such an impact. Keep doing this to all the work that you find inspiring. Look at your work in a similar way and imagine what you would do differently or how you could possibly have changed your approach in order to improve the shot you got. Analyze, absorb, and apply.

Words you live by.

 I work to live, I don’t live to work.

 Be a genuinely good person for the sake of being a genuinely good person.

If you want something, make it happen for yourself.

Where can we visit your photo gallery?

(All Photographs courtesy of Paolo Nacpil)


Paolo Nacpil is a 25-year old BS Nursing graduate at the  University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, and is now working as an Orthopedic Nurse in Florida, USA. Aside from landscape photography, Paolo is fond of doing outdoor activities which include off-roading, hiking, mountain biking, and free diving.

“At work here we do 12 hour shifts, meaning we only have to work 3 days in a given week. It just depends on how I schedule the 3 days that I work so I typically have anywhere from 4 to 6 days off on a regular basis; hence being able to have the time to do exactly what I love which is traveling, being out in the elements, and capturing these special moments.“


Second week whoo! This started out as a Slytherin inspired look, then kinda turned into Bellatrix goes to the ball. The Corset I’m wearing is the cs411 from @orchardcorset. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the entire thing but I will be wearing it again. (it’s one of my favorites.) 

anonymous asked:

Hey i love your fics :3 and how much you also love angst, so can i ask your fave angsty loki fics? I know the most popular ones, well not all of them but, so i was wondering if you could give me a list? Longer better. :) Angsty with happy ending or sort of...

Well, if you go into my AO3 bookmarks and filter for “Loki” then that’ll basically have you covered. But since it’s been a while since I did a recs list, and I apparently haven’t done a specific recs list for Loki angst, I figured I could put one together.

I did not include the deathfic that actually composes…a surprisingly large number of my favorite angst, because you specified wanting a happy ending. I also separated out WIPs that I think are worth following (though I limited to WIPs that I am fairly sure are still being updated, because there are a bunch that may or may not be abandoned) and put down some authors you might want to check out.

Happy reading! Or sad reading, as the case may be.

  • those yesterdays bleeding through by wnnbdarklord. I’m a sucker for time loop fanfiction always, and this pretty new fic really scratched that itch in a great way. Loki finds himself trapped in a time loop during the events of Thor 2. It is about as much fun as you’d expect.
  • Bargaining by proantagonist. You said you know the popular ones, so you’ve probably already read Bargaining, but it is kind of the gold standard of Loki angst fanfiction (though it is also a lot more than that). Loki finds out that Thor is dead and makes a deal with a witch to fix it. Bring tissues.
  • Thin White Lines by mostfacinorous. Steve/Loki. This one is more often “melancholy” than straight up angst but I love it - one of those “Loki exiled to Earth” fics and it’s lovely.
  • Maybe You (and your sad blue eyes) by alby_mangroves. Steve/Loki. I don’t read a lot of soulmate AUs but this is a fantastic soulmate AU. Loki believes he doesn’t have a soulmate, until it turns out maybe he does. But of course it isn’t that easy. Painful and beautiful and the bonus of seriously lovely illustrations. And things turn out okay in the end, after a lot of delicious sad.
  • Though she may forget by LadyCharity. Honestly I could recommend everything LadyCharity writes though a lot of it just knocks you down and kicks you in the stomach and runs away without making it better. And you’re happy about it. But this one - a lovely study of Loki’s relationship with Jotunheim, and in particular with his unknown mother. 
  • A Place to Put My Heartache (Across Six Christmases) by BigSciencyBrain. Steve/Loki. A very lovely portrait of the growth of a Steve/Loki relationship over time that serves all the characters involved very well and remains one of my favorite Steve/Loki fics in all of fandom. 
  • Out of the Mouths of Babes & The March of the Damned (series) by Rynfinity. Thor/Loki. This is an all-human AU and it gets really dark at times (especially in the March of the Damned series, which is Loki POV), but it is fantastic and probably the best human AU I’ve read. I love what it does with both Thor and Loki and their descent into hell - and gradual emergence from it. 
  • Understanding the Storm by Lizardbeth (series). A meaty series really diving into Loki’s relationships with his family, particularly Frigga, and the slow and grinding crawl toward healing.  
  • The Hangman’s Hands by Mercurie. Loki/Jane. One of the earliest fics I started following in fandom, and by god especially the second half is incredible. Features a delightfully twisty and complicated Loki whose motivations are often obscure even to him - and some highly, highly rewarding character development.
  • Four Days With Lazarus by LadyCharity. Some hurt!Loki with a lot of bonus angst about death and Loki’s fear of death. Relatively short, but there’s a lot to sink your teeth into here, and I really can’t say enough about the excellence of LadyCharity’s work.
  • Nuances by FelicityGS. Natasha/Loki. Not only one of the few fics I’ve read to explicitly address ace and aromantic characters, but also just a fantastic Natasha/Loki fic that pulls at both of them. Natasha ends up Loki’s caretaker, sort of, and things go from there.
  • Solitary Confinement by rayemars. A character study of the hell Loki makes of his imprisonment, and why being stuck by himself really isn’t that compassionate a punishment.
  • A Villain State of Mind by Mikkeneko. Another old one (and part of a series, though latter parts are less “angst”) where Loki is stuck on Earth and Fury contacts Professor Xavier to help deal with him. It turns out there are some fairly alarming things locked in Loki’s mind.
  • No Such Liberty by XParrot. I feel like I don’t see people talking about this fic as often anymore, which is really a shame as it’s one of the old, really good gen fics in the fandom. Set post-Avengers and largely set on Asgard, it’s both plotty and full of awesome character work. Loki may be imprisoned, but he still has plans in place. But this being Loki, nothing ever goes according to plan.
  • An Eye for an Eye by Mikkeneko. A personal fave mostly because of the inversion of the usual Clint&Loki relationship of pure antagonism - offers a Clint who takes understanding from his experience, and while not finding it comfortable is also not totally unforgiving. Clint POV but there’s a lot of good Loki angst in here too.
  • Flying from the blast by belmanoir (series). some Tony/Loki. Thor frees Loki from unjust punishment and takes him to Earth, where they end up seeing a therapist. “Characters go to therapy” is one of my favorite underwritten tropes, and this is a great take on it. The therapist is from another fandom, apparently, but I knew nothing about that fandom and it did not detract from my enjoyment at all.
  • Darkness, Flooded in Light by galaxysoup. This fic is worth reading for the OCs alone, but it’s also just a really, really good story in general. Loki lands in a small town without his memory. Taken in by strangers, he starts to build a life there. 
  • Can’t Go Back the Same Way You Came by gumbridge. Post-Thor AU with Loki on Earth - another one more “melancholy” than “angst” but it remains a favorite and was one of my earliest MCU fandom bookmarks.
  • Dead Jotnar Don’t Go to Valhalla by JaggedCliffs. Loki, after his resurrection in Thor 2. It hurts. It’s good. 
  • Pleas to the Stars by JaggedCliffs. Loki never hears about Frigga’s death. He keeps trying to write to her. I just reread this one today and cried again. You should read it and cry too.


  • I know no I by mostfacinorous. Steve/Loki. I don’t really have a good summary for this one because there’s so much going on in it? But it’s good and I am sunk deep in and along for the ride. It starts with Loki on Earth, apparently fresh off a pretty savage punishment. Things get complicated from there.
  • In the Grip of Grace by proantagonist. Thor/Loki. When Loki learns the truth, he leaves. Later, Thor goes looking for him on Midgard. Like Bargaining, beautiful and painful and I will always be a sucker for the pain that comes with Loki’s deliberate self-neglect.
  • The Lullaby Singer by TheOtherOdinson. Instead of sending Thor to go retrieve Loki during the events of The Avengers, Odin goes himself. This author always delivers the Loki&Odin feelings in spades, and this fic is fantastic so far.
  • Find Me a Home by JaggedCliffs (series). The one where Odin died when Loki was king and the illusion drops, leaving Loki, in Jotun form, exposed in Asgard. Things go…badly. The first fic in the series is complete - in the second, things do not necessarily get better fast.
  • One Step Away by JaggedCliffs. AU of Thor where Loki’s original plan was to let the Bifrost rip him apart in the process of destroying Jotunheim. A very depressed Loki and Frigga and Odin struggling to hold things together. 
  • Little Talks by Lena7142 & mostfacinorous. Steve/Loki. There is a lot of everything here - angst, whump, porn, and over 1 million words of it. 

Writers to Watch

There are more writers to watch than these, but here are a few people who reliably write Loki angst, so following them is probably a good choice.

  • 100indecisions
  • TheOtherOdinson
  • JaggedCliffs
  • Mikkeneko
  • mostfacinorous
  • LadyCharity
  • proantagonist

Just a quick sketch I did of Celia from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

This was easily one of my favorite games to play as a kid. I rented it from Hastings for 7 weeks in a row at one point. Celia was always my favorite of the Bachelorettes, though in my most recent playthrough of the game I actually chose Nami since she was always a challenge. Maybe I’ll come back and refine this piece at some point, but ultimately I didn’t intend for it to be a full piece.


One of my top favorite moments  is Shippo telling Kaede through drawings  how Koga caused the fight between Kagome and Inuyasha.  Just noticed that Shippo portraited perfectly Inuyasha’s eyebrows (though the cat doesn’t like Kagome very much).  And also, the “dog’s”  tail looks much like Tessaiga’s sheath.

Too bad that Shippo gave his pastels to that Thunder girl. I wish to have seen more of his art in other stories. 

Curiosity: in the Brazilian dub, there were many differences comparing to the English version. Shippo said that the “wolf” had been attacked by a “big, evil bird”, and not by demons, and mimmicked Kagome saying “I’m going home!”  In the same episode, Miroku said also that “Inuyasha was very timid”, instead of saying he was gentle but didn’t want people to notice.

confectionermino  asked:

9, 11 and 14?

9. Favorite class portrait?

how tf am I supposed to pick just one Uuuuuh tie between that one punchy Alchemist DLC portrait and the grey-haired Highlander from EO2U I guess? Probably forgetting like five others though. Like the one eyepatch Survivalist DLC portrait that I used for my farmbots.

11. Do you have a favorite floor?

Don’t really have one, but for the sake of nostalgia Imma name the very first floor of EO1/EOU simply because it felt so at home returning to it when I picked up EOU years after last touching EO1.

Shoutout to the time back then when I didn’t know Geomagnetic Fields would be a thing and assumed I’d have to walk through this floor literally every time.

14. Favorite NPC?

Cass is the easy answer so I’m going with Canaan. I gotta play EOU one of these days and put a DPS Survivalist in his name on my team, in remeberance of him shooting down the Storm Emperor.


Electriceidolon commissioned me to draw my favorite Markiplier moment, and since I don’t really have one / have a hard time choosing, I decided to draw a photo of Mark with the Oculus Rift, since it was the first videos of him I watched, and they will always have a special place in my heart… 

If you would like to commission me, or donate, please check out the Tumblr page Markiartists-for-Charity!

Fear and Familial Structure in 'The Witch' | Natalie Jones

Robert Eggers utilizes elements of portraiture by deliberately positioning his characters in scenes that display the hierarchy of the Puritan family. By focusing on the composition and arrangement of characters in such an ominous landscape, the physical and behavioral structure of the family is slowly revealed.

Portraiture isn’t a particularly new concept explored in filmmaking. That hardly matters, though, since it’s used so effectively in this film. The last time I felt like I could use the terms ‘painterly,’ or ‘portrait-like,’ within a filmic mode, it was when I first saw Andrei Tarkovsky’s Mirror, which has since become one of my favorite films. Another commonality between these two films is the isolated setting of the country, which is the backdrop for most of these characters’ conflicts. Another similarity is the composition of people in every shot, the way characters are positioned in proximity to each other and in relation to the land they inhabit.

Structure is important in both its physical and metaphoric sense. Everyone in this family fears displacement and the repositioning of the family structure through internal or external forces. This commonly explored idea of familial structure is especially interesting in the context of this particular film, though, since existing figures within the family structure are slowly revealed to be contradictions. Their composition disintegrates. The mother and father discuss physically displacing their daughter and sending her to live with another family (an implied arranged marriage). Thomasin, the daughter, has been blamed, manipulated, and resented by her family members. To her, the possible elimination of her familial structure will finally offer her freedom and personal agency.

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While I have a tendency to hunt down and fall in love with intensely character-driven longfics, there’s something uniquely wonderful about excellently written short fiction. Not all writers can narrow their focus to a few thousand words, building a full portrait of their characters and keeping the narrative tight enough to drive you to a satisfying conclusion.

I’ve gathered together some of my favorite shorter fics of the year thus far. They’re mostly on AO3, but I did throw in three tumblr fics that you shouldn’t miss. I’m actually considering making a solely tumblrfic list at some point, since there are some really lovely ones that pass by on my dash and never make it to AO3 for some reason. The next set, though, will be ~15 of those aforementioned longfics, also published or completed in the first quarter of this year.

Alone With You | Emela (pale-silver-comb) | Teen | 2,733

I suppose I shouldn’t start this list off on such a heartbreaking note, but this is a gorgeously heart-rending exercise in grief. It provides Derek with the sorely-needed opportunity to deal with the losses heaped on his shoulders, growing steadily heavier with the accompanying guilt. The fic takes its inspiration from that canon moment of Stiles setting his hand on Derek’s shoulder, anchoring him and letting him visibly fall apart for the first time. It takes it several steps further by allowing Derek to continue mourning the deaths of essentially all the people he’s ever loved or attempted to protect. Stiles is the steady presence who stays with him, who doesn’t question his need to fall apart for a little while. Who doesn’t leave him in the way everyone else has.

I Set My Clocks Early | alexenglish | Not Rated | 2,254

Some people hoard their “I love yous” as precious gems that they can’t bear to part with except under the most perfect circumstances. Stiles, on the other hand, learned from his mother that it’s more important to show love at every opportunity. That you should ensure that your loved ones always have those words lingering. That there’s always the possibility that it’s the last thing they’ll hear from you. In the world of Beacon Hills, with supernatural disasters lurking around every corner, this philosophy is especially true. This is a lovely little fic about Stiles folding Derek into the list of his loved ones.

A New Tradition For You | mikkimouse (mad-madam-m) | Teen | 3,091

This is a short, sweet Christmas story, with Stiles recognizing Derek’s loneliness and going out of his way to make him feel at home with new holiday traditions and a new family. The writing is lovely, cozy, and warm, just like the mugs of hot chocolate secret-sweet-tooth Derek wraps his fingers around and the garish sweaters Melissa McCall produces on Christmas morning.

I Know Who I Want To Take Me Home | WhoNatural (howlnatural) | Teen | 4,643

A beautiful, perfect little story about the process of settling into a new phase of life and coming to terms with grief. Even though it’s under 5k, the gentle narrative pace and slow unfolding of relationships gives it the depth and emotional complexity of a much longer fic. (Plus, I’m a sucker for Derek with a dog.)

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Chasing Pop Visions and Cartoon Dreams with @alia_pop

For more whimsical portraits and fantasy stylings, follow @alia_pop on Instagram.

“I want to create a fantastic world of hypnotic color and classic dreaminess,” says LA-based artist, Alia Penner (@alia_pop). “I have painted on people, horses, bouncy castles and even a school bus.”

Bold patterns and colors are everywhere in Alia’s work, which ranges from high-profile fashion shoots to giant, painted Starbucks cups in Hollywood. But her Instagram account feels more like a special curation of the art she makes at home—a bright mishmash of celebrity face collages and quirky magazine cutouts.

“Just for fun, I started coloring in the New York Times every Sunday, using it sort of like a sketchbook. I added color to the iconic black and white images of starlets, then put them on Instagram,” she says. “They really popped.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Alia’s daily sources of inspiration are just as eclectic as her art: she lists balloons, polish movie posters, hand-tinted films and unopened paint cans, among others. At the end of the day, though, her job is about having fun.

“My favorite projects are the ones that feel like play from start to finish,” she says. “I’m a child at heart.”