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For some of us, the holiday season can be a hard one. That sucks, so we made something for all of us. It starts today, December 1, and it’s called 31 Days of Self-Care. It’s a list of purposeful, daily activities meant to pick yourself up, calm yourself down, and often a little bit of both. You can participate every day, some days, one day, whatever feels right. We’ll be posting daily prompts as well as reblogging some of our favorites we find in the #postitforward and #31daysofselfcare tag, so be sure to tag your posts! See the full list of prompts below.


  1. Question! What’s your happy place? Reply here or illustrate it.
  2. Post a link to a song that makes you feel happy. Send it to another Tumblr.
  3. Share something on your Tumblr for someone who might be going through a tough time. It can be anything: a photo, a GIF, or advice.
  4. Look at this cute GIF by My Whispered Colors (@mywhisperedcolors). When you’re done, look at it again. Then pass it on.
  5. Color in this square made by Tumblr Creatr Josh LaFayette (@joshlafayette).
  6. What does your dream world look like? Draw it, animate it, or just tell us about it.  
  7. Create an emoji spell for self-care, happiness, positivity, or all three!
  8. Make a list of three (or more!) things you like about yourself.
  9. Write a Tumblr chat post where you cheer yourself up after a bad day.
  10. Color! Here’s a square from Tumblr Creatr Geo Law (@getaloadageo). If you’d like, submit it to the Mental Health Quilt (@mentalhealthquilt) when you’re done.
  11. Question! What’s your favorite self-care activity? Reply here or illustrate it.
  12. 2016 was a rough year. Make a list of good things that happened.
  13. Cheer someone up today. What are some things you can do to make a friend in need feel better?
  14. Make a list of everything you do for self-care.
  15. Tag a Tumblr friend in a post and make a list of things you like about them.
  16. All of a sudden—a Dementor appears! You are about to cast a Patronus Charm. What would your favorite positive memory be?
  17. Make a list of everything you’re proud of accomplishing this year.
  18. Share a playlist of songs you can listen to if you need cheering up.  
  19. Spend 10 minutes looking through your Tumblr dashboard today. Send something cool to a Tumblr.
  20. Eat your favorite food today. Wait, post a picture of it first.
  21. Make a 2017 to-do list of positive things for yourself.
  22. Illustrate one nice thing you’ll do for yourself today.
  23. Make a list of things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling down.
  24. Color! Here’s a square made by Tumblr Creatr Brian Butler (@showdrawn). Make some magic with it.
  25. Tumblr-grams! Send this positive post by Thoka Maer (@thokamaer) to a friend on Tumblr.
  26. Take a silly/happy/crazy GIF of yourself with the Tumblr GIF maker.
  27. Post a video that makes you happy. Send it to a Tumblr friend.
  28. Make a list of five positive affirmations to live by.
  29. Draw something that makes you happy! Anything you want: a plant, a tree, a food, a person, a cat.
  30. Today is a mental day off. Remember to drink enough water and get enough sleep tonight.  
  31. It’s NYE! Make a list of things you’re looking forward to in the new year.

I got some bad news from the vet this Monday concerning one of my other than a few sketches from the weekend and a silly comic, not much too share for this update.

And..dunno. Ever since I read it somewhere in the almanac that Rodimus was originally going to be the, “jerk character” of the show, in place of Sentinel, part of me has just always wanted to see TFA Rodimus have his moment of being savage. He deserves it.
What better way for me to enjoy the thought of this than by throwing one of my favorite MTMTE Rodimus savage moments at another bot who rightfully would get that same speech..had TFA given Rodimus another episode.
Now featuring crappy gif form!

Let It Snow (Warren Worthington III x Reader)

A warm and fluffy Christmas morning full of surprises with the Gri- I mean, everyone’s favorite angel. :)

Word Count: 2092

“What the hell-”

“-Welcome to my little winter wonderland!” I cheered, pulling Warren inside my apartment. “Took you long enough.” My roommate went home for the holidays, leaving me all alone to celebrate. We’d decorated the place from ceiling to floor and before she left, exchanged gifts; I got a ticket to go see one of my favorite artists speak at a nearby college next month, a couple rolls of film, and a gift card to Wilson’s Art for whatever supplies $50 could buy. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“What the hell is that?” He pointed to the corner of the living room to the scrawny branch that was our Christmas tree.

“I could never get off from work or outta classes in time to go pick a decent tree; it was slim pickings when I finally got around to it.” I jabbed him playfully in his side. “Wanna go climb up and sit on top of it, Angel?”

“Ha ha,” he replied sarcastically with an eyeroll. “Where’d you pick it up from, the city landfill?”

“Shut up, I love my little tree! Besides, big or small, it’s about what goes under it that’s important; Santa doesn’t discriminate.”


“Yes. Speaking of which come help me finish baking these cookies.”

“You’re not serious… are you?”

I pointed to my “Kiss the Cook” apron in its flour-coated glory before dashing back off to the kitchen. “Hope you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.”

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This is part 3 of the Catacombs series. The Catacombs is an abandoned rock quarry that exists under Paris. At one point the  cemeteries of Paris were full so they threw the human bones down in this quarry and that is why its called the catacombs. There are hundreds of kilometers of tunnels and rooms in the catacombs. It is illegal to enter. There is a community of people who explore and party down there know as cataphiles (lovers of the catacombs). The catacombs is my favorite place on the planet. To see previous parts of this series go to my page titled ‘Catacombs.’Click ‘keep reading’ to see some of my photos of the catacombs.

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For @gray-card‘s end-of-year top 5 extravaganza.  I wasn’t going to include my cat blog, but I had a special request. So here are 4 pictures for my fellow photographers and one silly shot.

To my @mischiefandmay followers, check out the New Year’s Day event at @gray-card.  Tumblr photographers submit their favorite 5 photos of the year.  It is a good place to see lots of the photo talent on tumblr and find some new blogs to follow.

My other blogs:

@celestialphotography: My main photography blog.  Mostly nature and travel photography.

@celestialmacros:  Bugs and birds and whatever wild living things will let me get close enough to photograph.

@cat-chat-gato: Reblogging cat photos taken by tumblr photographers

I’m also a frequent contributor to @letstalkphotography

HAPPY FRESH FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got @angelakimbo one of my favorite artists on here who draws the coolest character shapes and designs!!! not to mention the cutest fanart go follow!!! gfkdlsjfk.  unfortunately i couldnt find any place near me showing boy and the beast and couldnt find anywhere to pay for it online or anything but ill see it eventually… hope you enjoy this drawing i cobbled together even if its probably out of character lmao;;; have a wonderful 2016 angela !!!! ;w;;;;
thanks always to @arlir and @jessiewongg for the invitation and for organizing!!! happy 5th birthday FF!! mwa mwa mwa

One of the things I really love about Juno and Peter’s potential relationship post Final Resting Place is that Peter didn’t actually know what Juno saw inside his head– only that it made him super uncomfortable, and that after seeing the whole story, a lot of that discomfort seemed to go away. He doesn’t actually know how much Juno saw between his two visits inside his head.

The thing is, Peter’s almost forty years old, and he’s spent half that time gallivanting across the galaxy having grand and possibly morally ambiguous adventures. So he’s probably got a whole lot of baggage, and he probably thinks Juno knows about all of it. Between a man not inclined to dwell on the past and a dame who doesn’t like to talk about his feelings, they’re likely to never bring up the exact details.

The potential for fanfic is so delicious.

“Wait, you’re married?”

“When the fuck did you become the prince of an entire planet?”

“Wait, you adopted a kid and she’s at boarding school?”


To which Peter can answer, every single time:

“You’ve literally been inside my head, Juno. I thought you already knew.”

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Bean where do i go in New York!? Dont wanna be to much of a tourist but want to see all the best places!

Greenwich village is one of my favorite places but Im really not a pro at all ive only been twice.

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My favorite Christmas tradition revolves around food. My mom is a phenomenal cook, but after hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve dinner and a Christmas Day brunch, she is pretty exhausted by Christmas evening. About ten years ago, my dad decided to see if any restaurants were open so we could go to a restaurant and relieve my mom from cooking on Christmas evening. One of the only places we discovered open was Waffle House. So, we've been going there for Christmas dinner ever since!


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So today i took my homeless friend Loui out for lunch. But after being asked to leave from 3 different restaurants because of Loui’s looks, we decided to just buy some McDonalds and go to one of my favorite places, okay you could ice skate on my forehead and i couldnt feel my ass at the end because it’s so freaking cold, but it was really nice seeing Loui again  :* 

Drabble Meme List

So many drabbles are focused on writing about your muse and another muse doing something.  But I’m terrible at writing other people’s muses.  So, these drabble prompts are designed for inner monologues and the like.

Send me a number and I will write a drabble about my muse…

  1. …doing something they know they shouldn’t
  2. …being forced to watch someone they care about die
  3. …realizing they have feelings for someone
  4. …coming down with the flu
  5. …getting dressed up for a night out with someone special
  6. …writing a letter to someone they’ll never see again
  7. …going somewhere they’ve never been
  8. …receiving something unexpected in the mail
  9. …doing something they normally wouldn’t do
  10. …being caught in an unexpected rainstorm
  11. …trying to catch someone who’s stolen something from them
  12. …waking up from a very bad nightmare
  13. …shopping for a present for someone
  14. …visiting one of their favorite places
  15. …experiencing a type of weather that they hate
  16. …being told that someone they hated is dead
  17. …getting crank phone calls in the middle of the night
  18. …spending money any way they want to
  19. …writing about something or someone who really makes them mad
  20. …driving cross-country
I hate you [I love you]

Finally deleted the pictures of you
That had been living in my phone so long
Does that make me the stronger man?
Or the weaker one, because I couldn’t handle
Another day still clutching at the memories of you

And it breaks my heart to say so
But maybe we were made to let go.

To be really honest with myself
I can’t fucking believe
I let you ruin my favorite places
And make me turn around to see
You in everyone’s faces

I still look for you in every crowd
Even when I know for a fact you will not be around

You broke me in ways
I didn’t think were possible
Humanity itself had never seen
So many broken bones,
Or such a massacred heart

Because I didn’t just fall for you
I rolled and stumbled -
Kicked and screamed for you.
Like the mad woman I am
I fought for you
I cried and bled from my lungs for you
All the way down
And you stood at the top,
Watching me go

Losing him was hard,
It was like the feeling you get
When you turn off the music
And are left in the silence of a room

The saddest part was that
Once the music was off
I had to suffer in silence
Unable to turn it back on

Nothing lingered. Not even you

It’s strange that I could even believe
Even if just for a moment
That you couldve loved me too
I guess you were kissing a fool

And yet, I still think of you so much.
I wonder if you think of me
As often as I think of you

And now,
The sun will rise again
And so will I
Maybe not brighter than before
But definitely stronger
Because I will mend the cracks you left on me
And someday light will shine through them
Just you wait and see

people are temporary
they come and they go as they please
enter my life the same way the wind blows the tree’s leaves
not even having the courtesy of saying ‘excuse me please’.
people are temporary
one moment they’re all you have
and you’re the apple of their eyes
the next they’re gone
having found someone else
to replace you in their heart.
people are temporary
they have their favorite spot by your side
until they find another place to make their own
maybe here, maybe there
you never know where else you may see them next.
people are temporary
they provide you with a safety net
promising to catch you every time you fall
only to take it away suddenly
and watch you break when you then meet the ground.
people are temporary
they fill you with love and hope and dreams
only to tear it all away
leaving you
in their wake.
people are temporary
they make you feel wanted and needed and important
only to discard you when you’re no longer of use
and you fear you won’t be good enough
for the next person on the queue.
people are temporary
the marks they leave, however, are not.
—  what to do when the only permanent thing is the aching in my heart? // a.g.

The she who is a brilliant producer is of course Bel who is in this instance –  and not for the only time – also unknowingly standing-in in a very very oblique way for the missing Sophia while Randall and Lix dance around talking openly about their daughter with each other. 

(Not that I really need to specify the each other since they NEVER talk about her to anyone else they work with.)

I do think it is interesting how the show establishes Randall and Lix’s long history.  Even though they have four scenes together in 201 where they are in the same place at the same time, it’s only in the dust in the lens scene and this one where there’s any indication that they even know each other.

In this opening episode, just about as much of their history is established by what isn’t said. Whether it’s Lix telling Bel she’s not going to talk about how she knows Randall or one of my favorite things, Lix’s completely silent physical reaction to just seeing three rows of neatly ordered thumbtacks on the noticeboard.


WOW okay so listen to me, this was supposed to be a quick doodle but it became not that as you can see. i just. these characters are controlling my life. I also used it as an excuse to practice more expressive cartoony faces and poses ‘n shit, so I’m actually pretty proud of how it came out? damn though this took forever.

THIS POST is the one that inspired this stupid fucking comic in the first place; i saw it this morning and when i read the second point i. i just. yeah. 'cause hiei’s kinda got a dragon thing going on and then of course kurama is everyone’s favorite extreme gardener. 

uhg just TAKE this from me PLEASE ENJOY

Me everyday. Me at school. Me going places. Me thinking about my life decisions. Me seeing other people. Me seeing myself. Me seeing how shitty my life has become. Me realizing how much I loathe myself. Me every moment of my life. Me seeing things I don’t ship. Me in one photo.

Message me (1) thing you want to know about me

//Hello :D
-I’m 24!
-My name is Caitlin :)
-Hmm, such a tough choice ;A; I have so many favorite characters!!! But usually  I say that Kakashi and Itachi are tied for second place! ^-^
-Probably going to have to go with blue~
-Animals omg they’re all so precious <3 But one of my favorites would be owls!    Little baby ones are so adorable!
-I’m super excited for Boruto!!!!! I really hope Sasuke is there enough though XD And since Naruto offcially ended for the sub, I hope those The Seventh Hokage and Scarlet Spring chapters get animated <3 I’m looking forward to watching the new generation grow up ^0^ and catch glimpses of the original group, seeing the pairings together hopefully!

writing challenge

@wildestdreamsfics tagged me to share a piece of my writing that I’m fond of, so tonight I’m gonna share a tidbit from a thing I’ve been slowly pecking away at. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to finish it because the idea is sort of Big and Supernatural, but there’s this one part that was such a “yes!!!” moment for me to write in terms of imagery, which is truly my favorite part of writing:

The first time she notices him in her daddy’s church, she doesn’t realize he’s not meant to be there. Eccentricities aside, he looks the same as everyone, out of place but not out of the ordinary. Still, Daddy’s church is filled with old black folks and Ora is surprised to see no one raise an eyebrow at the tall, gangly white man who enters through the double doors to the sanctuary, wearing pinstriped pants and a sheer black shirt with the top few buttons undone. It’s a look unseen in a small, southern black church like the one where Ora’s daddy has been a pastor for nearly twenty-five years. Here, buttons are always done up to the collar, and dress shirts are certainly not sheer, and hair is certainly not as long as his, draped down carelessly from beneath a wide-brimmed black hat.

Ora feels a chill run down her spine as she watches him make his way up the middle aisle, between the rows of pews. It’s startling, the way the aisle is filled with church folk slowly making their way into the pews but he glides through them without so much as bumping into a single one of them, his gait slow, like theirs, but effortless. There are rings on the fingers of each of his hands, and he spins them as he walks, his eyes downcast towards the blood red carpet of the aisle.

I don’t know who’s been tagged at this point but like…if you wanna share some of your favorite writing, please do and tag me so I can read it!