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First Encounter

It was that night that Peter discovered that there was only one person who couldn’t trigger his spidey sense. It was also the night Wade decided to eat more meals on roof tops so he can have a better chance at bumping into his new favorite super again.


Kick-Ass Chicks: Marissa Smith of NYLON Magazine

We can’t imagine that being NYLON’s Senior Fashion Market Editor is easy, but Marissa Smith sure knows how to make it look FUN. We’re constantly checking in with Marissa to stay in the loop for upcoming collections and collabs, and thought it was about time we introduce you to our go-to girl. With a closet filled with color and checkerboard, we just had to take Marissa to the Brooklyn USA Diner for a bright and bold photoshoot. Checkerboard on checkerboard? Yes, PLEASE! Read on to hear about Marissa’s journey at NYLON, and why Vans have been her style staple from the start.

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HEY TAYLORRRRR ! My name is Katie, and I’ve been loving you for quite some time (Since Fearless, to be exact). I have had the pleasure of seeing you on the Speak Now Tour once, Red Tour 3 times, and this Saturday in Toronto will be my 5th and last time seeing you on the 1989 Tour. This is so special for me because I will be flying alone from NEW JERSEY and visiting Canada for the first time EVER. I even made up a special little travel-themed outfit because I’m so happy to be seeing you again (as you can see by my smug face). I love traveling and I love supporting your music and seeing you live. I have slept in the streets of NYC to see you on GMA twice during Red and 1989, driven hundreds of miles for your shows, bought any merch I could afford, covered my room in your posters, and even have your signature tattooed on my side (I had a blank space, so I wrote your name). But honestly, it’s all because I have to. I owe you my life. From weeks of being ill in the hospital and being Haunted, to Shaking It Off and finally being Clean, over the years you have helped to transform me as a person, the type of person who would fly to a place she’s never been to to see a superstar who doesn’t know she exists. And I could not be more grateful. I was at the point in my life where the only thing keeping me going was the fact that I had yet to meet you, and now I am a healthy and happy Volunteer EMT who gets to help strangers everyday while also going to my dream college, John Jay College of Criminal Justice in my favorite place ever, NYC. My biggest goal, besides meeting you, is to one day become a SVU Detective and help others who have gone through similar struggles as I have. I have worked so hard to live the life I have dreamed of. I hope one day I can thank you in person for giving me the courage, and maybe I can get one of those legendary hugs, but for now, I’ll see you in Toronto Saturday from B Stage pit, super decked out in merch and glitter, and I can’t wait for my next adventure with you. ☺ Love always, Katie 💕

“This photo was taken during a day exploring New York City. I recently moved here from Georgia, so I have a long list of famous and unique places that I want to see in the city. I stopped into this plant shop that doubled as a thrift store, Green Fingers Market, in Manhattan. I take my camera with me everywhere I go, for reasons like these. The market was succulent heaven and I captured so many of them. This is one of my favorite photos from that day!” - Lauren Clark

Dear Keith Haring,
Thank you for being one of my greatest sources of inspiration, not only artistically but as an activist and as a human being. Thank you for not being afraid to speak your mind and make art that you felt was important for the world to see. It is such a privilege to be studying art in your hometown and to have gotten this tattoo in New York, your favorite place in the world. Thank you for having hope of a brighter future for the world. We’re still not perfect, but, because of people like you, every day we are moving toward a world filled with more love and equality.

Graphic Sweatshirt Friday

It’s chilly here again so I’ve had to dig out my hoodies and sweaters all over again. Thank goodness I have so many. This is from one of my favorite coffee places in Reno–a gift from my dad from last Christmas.

On that note, in about two hours I’m heading up to NYC to spend the weekend with my dad. It’s weird, I was in Reno a week and a half ago and now I’m seeing him again. Not used to all this father-daughter time! I’m happy to do it though: he’s been really really lonely this year since my mom and youngest sister are in Germany until August. Luckily, my other sister is coming home from college this weekend so he should be good after this trip.

My dad is doing the Five Boro’s Bike Ride on Sunday but that means I am going to run around Central Park while he’s out! I’m excited, I’ve been there but haven’t run it yet. I assume I’ll be the only person in the city to think of this so it’ll be totally empty, right? 

Speaking of running, we got absolutely hammered with rain last night into today and I ran through it this morning. It was raining hard as soon as I got onto the porch and then just…got worse. I felt EXTREMELY hardcore but came home completely bedraggled. I’ve run through heavy rain but near the end, it turned into something else. But I’ve been riding that smug runner wave all day so…worth it? At least it wasn’t cold. I don’t mind running in the rain that much but cold and rain, no thanks.

On Wednesday evening I went on a bike ride and a thousand gnats died from impact upon my body. It was so gross. How do people do it every day? I just tried to keep my mouth closed the entire time but still, ew.

Marathon training, week one starts in two weeks. I think I’m ready. September is the earliest I’ve run a fall marathon so I’m definitely training ALL summer long. Combined with two triathlons, I’m going to be doing all sorts of sweaty athletic things this year. Yay?

Christian’s interview with Manhattan Digest 24/4

Christian Lee Navarro is going through something quite special, that not a lot of people in any industry faces.  Within a month, his name has become one of the most talked about in the entertainment industry, due to his role as Tony on Netflix’s wildly successful series 13 Reasons Why.  Christian, whose prior acting credits include the HBO series Vinyl, is going through a metamorphosis of sorts as he has gone from a somewhat known person in the acting world to defining “what’s next” in Hollywood. Tony, just like himself though, has quite a lot in common which makes the role for Christian that much more personal.

Christian is a lifelong New Yorker who resides in the South Bronx, and is a die hard Mets fan to boot (good choice, buddy).  We met up this past Friday at a local Gregory’s Coffee where he just happened to wear a leather jacket (seems familiar, right?), grabbed a cup of coffee, and sat down with me for one of the best interviews I have ever done.

This is a guy who is humble yet understands the magnitude of the show he is on and the gravity of what went into it, in order for it to happen.  The role he plays of Tony is incredible vital to the entire premise, in that he is the one guiding the main character Clay to finding the 13 reasons why his friend Hannah killed herself.  It is an incredibly tough show to get through, yet is taken care of so precisely and in such an incredible way that it has become one of the most popular (if not most popular) show Netflix has ever produced.  And with the production, comes the star power in Christian Lee Navarro.

I finished the series about two weeks ago, and was bursting from the inside with questions.  Will there be a season 2?  What did he think about his character being called “Yoda”?  Most importantly, how did he and the entire cast get through the unbelievable emotional baggage the show brought on?  Christian told me his thoughts on all of that, and then some.

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starstyff  asked:

Just realized Pratt is your alma mater, I'm in the undergraduate program currently!

Cool! I cherished my time at Pratt, NYC was a bit rougher back then but is still one of my favorite places in the world. We were the first class to live in Cannoneer Court (scary place) so you can tell it was a loooong time ago!

So I had my quesadilla date last night with one of my friends, where we went to my favorite Tex-Mex place that I never go to because I can’t eat anything there when I’m low-carbing.


Of course I got my buffalo chicken quesadilla, because I’m in the middle of my eat-all-the-things-I-haven’t-eaten-in-the-last-three-months tour of NYC right now, but I was shocked at how the menu is full of fajitas, Texas chili, ceviche, shrimp salad, ancho chili skirt steak, and a million things that I could just order without the tortilla.

I must be such a sad sack that I convinced myself if I couldn’t have my breaded buffalo chicken, there was nothing on the menu for me.

And of course the best part is–the quesadilla didn’t taste THAT great. None of my favorite stuff has actually tasted THAT great this week at all.

I feel emotional relief from being able to eat whatever I want, from getting to order absolutely anything off of a menu, and from being able to have food delivered to my apartment without hours of scouring menus to find something I could eat. It’s been so fun just feeling “normal” and like every thought doesn’t revolve around what I can or can’t have.


I wish my brain wasn’t so messed up that I can’t just remember this every time I want to eat something stupid.

A Gentle Roar

Greetings from DC’s Young Animal Control Center, a.k.a. The ZOO!

We want to start giving weekly updates on the progress of the Young Animal books. This is the first. In these updates you will see art and commentary from the collaborators, editorial, and myself.

Emerald City Con was wonderful—I met so many amazing artists, writers, colorists, letterers, and editors. The support we received across the board for Young Animal has been amazing, and it is fueling us through the next stages. Those stages include conceptualizing, storytelling, scripting, drawing, building, and a number of other processes to get these books ready to go.

Each week the team goes into Dan DiDio and Jim Lee’s offices to talk direction, ideas, art, and where we are heading. It is an amazing part of the process and gives us a chance to get on the same page and shape it together. That part is essential.

Today I want to share some art and talk a little bit about things, starting with DOOM PATROL.

Here are two pieces by DOOM PATROL artist Nick Derington. The first image is a shot of Cliff Steele, a.k.a. Robotman. This is the first image Nick created for fun, and we (myself and the editorial team) were so moved by it that I knew we needed to start working together immediately. There is something about Cliff sitting there and looking off, thinking to himself, that captures some of the energy we were going for. I’m also a sucker for Cliff’s costume from Grant Morrison and Richard Case’s run.

The next image is super exciting; we get a look inside the process of creating a new character. This is a concept for Casey Brinke, one of the newest members of the Doom Patrol, also drawn by Nick.

I don’t want to give away too much about her, but some of you might notice the costume was inspired by Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath has been really important to my personal creative process for DP), Sigourney Weaver in Alien, and other inspirations like Starlight Express (!). Some may also notice that the costume appeared on an image Becky Cloonan created for the original DC pitch years ago based on my initial designs (which I will share one day). The character has since changed drastically. My first stab at DOOM PATROL involved a very cynical character that I didn’t feel like writing anymore—the whole take was fun but it wasn’t what I had in mind years later. Casey Brinke is who I want to write—as you mature, you change as a person and as a writer. The ambulance from the original pitch remains, though. Nick and I spent a bit of time creating her and Nick spent a lot of time drawing her—shaping her—so that when the writer starts scripting, the artist can start to hear the character’s voice, and then the character develops even more once the artist brings them to life on the page.

Once we started to get a footing on Casey and other members of Doom Patrol, we then moved on to SHADE, THE CHANGING GIRL.

I thought about the legacy of Shade a lot in the initial concepts/feelings/impressions. They are a character that goes through incredible change (hence the name), and is such an interesting character from the first incarnation, as created by the legendary Steve Ditko, and on to their experimental incarnation brought to us by Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo. The character has a special place in my heart.

Cecil Castellucci and I started working together very early, and we shaped Shade, with Cecil doing most of the heavy lifting after I told her my initial concept. I fell in love with Cecil’s writing immediately—it has a visceral and dangerous quality to it—very raw, emotional, and wildly imaginative. Her first issue of SHADE is a knockout.

Putting teams together is half the fun, and the editors did an incredible job with this—bringing me lots of art to see—and we chose the teams together.

Which brings us to the amazingly talented Marley Zarcone—someone whose art Cecil and I fell in love with.

Here is an image, much like Nick’s take on Cliff that captured the energy of the character while bringing an alien couture to the table. The Young Animal team is very big on fashion—the perfect thing to juxtapose the wild and uncontrollable nature of the madness itself, and the darkness of the story.

Here is Marley’s Shade!


Tommy Lee Edwards and I have been wanting to work together for some time. In 2015, Tommy and his partners flew me out to be a guest at their NC Comicon—it was an incredible experience and we bonded right away—I had been a fan of Tommy’s ever since my brother Mikey gave me a copy of Marvel 1985, and Jon Rivera (who I will get to more later) sent me a bunch of Tommy’s Star Wars art. Tommy and I talked about doing a Batman project together, but as I tried to get in the headspace of Batman, I realized I wasn’t ready to take that on—I felt like I wasn’t in a dark enough place, to be honest! Maybe one day.

But MOTHER PANIC is something different altogether. Even though Bruce Wayne is a famous person, I could bring things from my personal experience as a musician into the character of Violet Paige, a.k.a. Mother Panic, filtering these elements through a different lens: the red carpets, the galas, the weirdos you meet, the fame and the negativity, addiction, misery, combat. Tommy and I created a character that saw a very different Gotham, and we found a whole other world to explore in Gotham—the underbelly of Gotham’s wealthy and famous, the secret things that happen, the secret world. Tommy began designing the character using only some of my crude ballpoint pen notebook scribbles of the character. Mother is still a work in progress, but Tommy blows me away with every design.

Getting Jody Houser on board as writer is the part that glues everything together, and she puts her heart into making Violet come alive. She understood the character right away and immediately found Mother’s voice. Jody is one of my top favorite writers, and I expect to see her writing many different characters in many different genres over the course of her career—she is one of the most versatile writers I have ever met. She took to crime drama immediately. She’s having fun with this and you can tell. We are learning about Violet (and Mother) together. I’m overjoyed that Jody is part of this.

Another exciting announcement is the addition of artist Shawn Crystal to the MOTHER PANIC team! Shawn will be rotating as part of the art team with Tommy Lee Edwards and John Paul Leon, and we are all extremely happy to have his talents on board.

Here is one of my favorite images that Tommy created to get the initial vibe—simple and elegant, like a witch or a ghost walking the streets in downtown Gotham. This captured the energy to me.

Collaborating has been the best part about working on Young Animal. Projects are so much better to go at as a team, and you develop bonds. I feel like the entire team of Young Animal is like a band, every piece supporting the other and bringing in new ideas all the time.


Writer Jon Rivera and I go way back. We met in art school and stayed very close, working on developing television and film projects together throughout the years. Whenever I needed to bounce an idea off of someone or gain some insight, I went to Jon. When I thought about Cave Carson (and his cybernetic eye) in my head, I knew Jon would be thinking the same thing—so much potential here for humor and drama and…well, caves.  

I am also a fan of his writing, and always have been—Jon has published comics of his own as a writer and an artist. He took to Cave Carson right away, as I knew he would, and we started to develop a “season” of CAVE CARSON. We laugh a lot, just like we made each other laugh back when we met during a comedy writing course at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. CAVE creates a warm place in my heart—it is an adventure series, sure, but it is also very human.

And that brings us to one of my favorite artists, Michael Avon Oeming.

I had been reading Powers for years. I remember what an exciting time in comics it was when it first came out—it was a real game-changer for art, writing and storytelling. As we got deeper into developing Cave, Mike’s art began to line up with what we had in mind, plus we know he is so great at delivering complete characters and capturing mood.

A little-known fact: Mike inked 4 of my pages many years ago, when I was trying to break into comics as an artist. Jim Krueger was one of the first people to commission me to do professional work for his comic The Footsoldiers, as well as a backup story involving a young girl Frankenstein.

So we have this interesting history together and Mike is phenomenal, but I’m sure you already feel that way. Here is his take on Cave, which I feel captures the character perfectly as a one-time action hero turned dad, exploring the unknown and answering the call to adventure.

This has been a lengthy update! I don’t know if they will always be this long, but it is nice to finally be able to share these characters with you and share some of our process. Expect many updates and images leading up to our launch in September.

Be seeing you,

Literary Jukebox: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything: Tunes to the Key of Maddy and Olly

      With the recent casting news regarding this book turned movie, I thought now would be a perfect time to start doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: share the playlists that I create for books as I read them with you guys!
      I know that I cannot be the only person who loves to listen to music while they read. I know for some the idea of those two actions together is a recipe for a headache or distraction, but I daresay that I’m to the point where I physically have to listen to music in order to read. The feeling of finding a song that encompasses the emotion and tone of a certain scene in a book is like no other. It’s like a little gift sent down from the musical gods (or the Discover feature on Spotify) that further immerses me in what I’m reading. I often will create playlists for books as I read them, and Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon was no exception.
      Maddy and Olly’s story is a beautifully written blend of romance, intelligence, heartbreak, and ultimately, hope. Below is the playlist that I listened to on loop when reading this spectacular book. Some of the songs go with certain scenes in the book, and some, in my opinion, just capture the overall tone chronologically.

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anonymous asked:

STEREK HOLIDAY AU - Cora & Stiles are coworkers ( they make pies together ) and Cora needs a date to take home so he convinces Stiles to go .. So Stiles grudgingly goes and he's supposed to meet Cora & his brother for dinner, but then Cora never shows and Stiles ends up talking and/or hooking up with this amazing guy he meets that night and for whatever reason, one of them leaves without a word in the morning. So then Stiles shows up the day of the dinner with Cora and some pie ..

[Okay, so I’m sorry, but I made Cora and Stiles EMTs instead of pie makers. Derek’s a pie maker, though, if that’s okay. Also I may have tweaked the prompt a little bit in the way that neither of them disappears immediately the next morning either…]

Derek wakes up to find someone else in his bed.

He freezes for a moment, mind racing, before his memories of the previous night - of commiserating with a cute guy who’d also been ditched by his dining partner - come flooding back. Relaxing, he brings up a hand to stroke his bed partner’s messy hair, feeling a flood of warmth in his chest as the guy mumbles something and snuggles further into his chest. They lie together like that for a few moments before the guy shifts again, eyes fluttering open as he looks up at Derek.

“Hey,” he says, his voice a little rough from sleep as he tries to stifle a yawn.

“You’re still here,” Derek murmurs, fingers still curled the the guy’s hair.

Stiles, Derek remembers. The guy’s name is Stiles.

“Uh,” Stiles replies, tensing a little in Derek’s arms. “Should I not be here?”

“No. I mean, you should be here,” Derek answers quickly, wincing internally as he realizes how Stiles must have interpreted his words.

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I’ll Always Come Back [Owen x Reader]

Request:  Could you do an imagine where the reader is very nomadic due to her work and she sees really cool destinations but she always comes back to Jurassic World because she likes Owen?

Warnings: None

Words:  1,369

A/N: I changed it just a bit to match what I pictured in my head but same concept and please excuse mistakes! (: 

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26, you were a season to remember, and i think i’m going to have a hard time surpassing all that you’ve brought me. but 27, you’re looking pretty damn good already.
today i adventured into new york city with ed, my sister and brother and law for some quality time at the metropolitan museum of art (one of my favorite places ever) and central park. we followed it up with sangria, tapas, the best seafood paella i ever did have and chocolate dipped churros. here’s to another year of travels, happiness, growth, family and friends.

Get to know me :)

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Name: Andrea

Nickname: Andy

Gender: Female

Height: 5′9

Sexuality: Straight

Star Sign: Pisces

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Avg Hours of Sleep: 5-7 depending on if I have hockey or not

Dog or cat: Dogs all the way man

Blankets you sleep with: One huge white one that’s filled with feathers

Dream Trip: London, LA, NYC, Bora Bora…. too many places. I just want to travel tbh

When I made my blog: I made this one in August but I had a hockey one like 2 years ago

Followers: 563 (thank you for putting up with me💕)

Reasons for my url: “side” because i love the sidemen and “spidey” because well… spiderman y’aknow


PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Good evening. Please write down a list of your top recommendations for dinner near here.
CONCIERGE: What kind of food?
PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Write down the top 10 with the best reviews nearby.
(Concierge does.)
PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Now kid friendly restaurants through the city.
(Concierge does.)
PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Excellent. Top 3 restaurants in the city. Ones we can get into though. 
(Concierge does.)
PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Your favorite Italian restaurants?
(Concierge begins to…)
PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Northern only, please. Sorry to interrupt.
CONCIERGE: No problem.
(Concierge finishes with only Northern Italian Restaurants.)
PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Dessert places? And, please, don’t write down Dylan’s Candy Bar. We’ve done that.
(Concierge does.)
PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Ah, yes. Junior’s. Of course. That will be fine… what’s your name? Ah, thank you [Name of Concierge.] I appreciate your assistance.
CONCIERGE: My pleasure. You are very polite.
PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: One more thing. Do you like pizza? I do.