one of my favorite places in nyc

Dear Keith Haring,
Thank you for being one of my greatest sources of inspiration, not only artistically but as an activist and as a human being. Thank you for not being afraid to speak your mind and make art that you felt was important for the world to see. It is such a privilege to be studying art in your hometown and to have gotten this tattoo in New York, your favorite place in the world. Thank you for having hope of a brighter future for the world. We’re still not perfect, but, because of people like you, every day we are moving toward a world filled with more love and equality.


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Time Where You Are Now: 2:45 PM

Last Thing You Watched On TV: CHOPPED Juniors

Favorite Color: Greens (Hunter Green right now)

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: this new Mexican Chocolate one I bought last night 😍

What You Ate For Dinner Tonight: last night I had a cheeseburger with fries

What You’re Currently Wearing: my work uniform. (White t, khakis, black shoes)

Favorite Movie Character: Miranda Priestly

Top Places To Visit On Your Bucket List: back to NYC, Chicago, London, Mexico with my mom :)

Harry Potter House: Gryffindor

If You Read FanFic, Last One You Read: I don’t read fanfic. (Not saying I never did, but it’s been YEARS)

Favorite Sleeping Position: on my stomach with my arms under my pillows

If You Could Instantly Teleport Yourself Anywhere Right Now: home. I’m tired of being at work today. Lol

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Time Where You Are Now: 1:35 PM

Last Thing You Watched On TV:
Samurai Jack!

Favorite Color: Gray and Blue

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road or Rainbow Sorbet 

What You Ate For Dinner Tonight: aint that late! i had a burger last night tho

What You’re Currently Wearing: black sweater and black comfy shorts

Favorite Movie Character: ALL THE KAMEN RIDERS

Top Places To Visit On Your Bucket List: JPN, Europe, NYC, anywhere that isnt here tbh!

Harry Potter House: Snakes i think?

If You Read FanFic, Last One You Read: do doujins count.. LMAO

Favorite Sleeping Position: on my back, extra comfy with some pillows and a real soft blanket 

Last Song You Listened To: Goodbye by Art Of Fighters 

If You Could Instantly Teleport Yourself Anywhere Right Now: into my bed which is 5 feet away from me

All of my favorite Youtubers are in NYC right now for the Youtube Creator Summit. ALL OF THEM. IN ONE PLACE! 

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(i better expect a group selfie with all of them like last year) ;) 

"Stabbytown” is the new Chelsea, sir.

GUEST: Where’s the place you made us a reservation?
CONCIERGE: The Marshall. One of my favorite farm-to-table restaurants.
GUEST: What neighborhood is that in?
CONCIERGE: Hell’s Kitchen.
GUEST: You mean Stabbytown? No thanks.

Btw, rent for a studio in “Stabbytown” ranges between $2,400-$3,300 a month.

My New York Experience

So, by some miracle, I ended up in New York City for a few days with tickets to two of my favorite shows.

On my first day, I started exploring Midtown and saw things like this:

Feeling like a found some theatre dream, I started taking pictures with everything like an idiot

And, coming from a place where no one cares about theatre, it was so amazing to see a city that celebrated it

Just being in the city was a dream, but then I got to see one of Darren Criss’s last performances as Hedwig

The show was incredible, and I was determined to stay at that stage door until he came out. Two and a half hours later (after the marquees had dimmed):

I took a video when he was signing my Playbill. He remembered my name from a few minutes before and said some really sweet things. I used that video for my pictures with him too, but the video did not save… Don’t even talk to me about this. ANYWAY, it was such a wonderful experience

(Get ready for the greatest story of my life) BUT, while I was waiting at the stage door, I looked up and saw the heads of two people leaving. Could it be?! I RAN down the street and caught up with none other than WESLEY TAYLOR AND JENNIFER DAMIANO!!!!! They hugged me and talked to me and were the sweetest people in the world. Look at this!!!

These two people are the loves of my life, and I just HAPPENED to be there the same night as them. Still in shock.

As if that hadn’t been the perfect experience, I got to see Something Rotten! the next night after dinner at the famous Sardi’s

After the most INSPIRING PERFORMANCE OF MY LIFE, I ended up the first person at the stage door. Only about 15 minutes after the show, BDJ came out to greet his fans

I tried to take a video and then got all flustered and figured that he would move on, but that wonderful man waited and talked to me until I took THIS

THEN, Brad Oscar, the sweetest man alive, joined the party

And, of course, Heidi Blickenstaff!


(Here’s the photo of the century)


STILL FREAKING OUT, so here are more Borle pictures

Unable to get Hamilton tickets, I went to the Richard Rodgers on my last day

And the kind people there gave me a Playbill!!

So, after buying way too many shirts, I had to say goodbye to this unbelievable trip and city. Do not worry, though – I’ll be back.


#JamesMcAvoy at #WallStreetJournal Headquarters in NYC, May 25, 2016

This is seriously how close I was to him.  This was after we talked, he was discussing his favorite places in Scotland with some other fans. He signed my magazine and even personalized it.  He is by far one of the kindest, humble and down to earth celebrities I met, and I have met ALOT of people. <3 Thank you for being so great Jamesy! 

I still have more really great pics I will post a little later! xx

Half Bound Triangle is one of my favorite poses and I include it in almost all of my classes as it seems to open the body in all of the right places. As Triangle Pose does, it opens the hamstrings and hips, as well as strengthens the abs. By adding the half bind, the chest and shoulders get a deep stretch that feels heavenly, the more you lean back while pressing into your hip crease, the nicer the stretch. Join me Thursday morning at 6:30am at Sangha Yoga Shala or at 9am at Karen Lord Pilates Movement for some body opening, strengthening and energizing that will guarantee an amazing day ahead.

i’m too lazy to go upstairs and do my skincare routine so i’m checking up on my favorite blogs and thought i would make a post with an update on my life …! ^_^

i’m only working one job now instead of two and it’s at a restaurant, i’m going to texas on saturday, and i’m moving back to nyc and starting school again in january. i’ve been happy for the most part! obviously there are bad days but that’s normal. i’m in a much better place than i was earlier in the year and i i don’t want to die so… yeah! needless to say that’s progress in itself. 

that’s all i have to share right now ummm i hope that everyone is doing well <3 i’ll try and post more soon


did something exciting today!

I got my first tattoo which is the word “homesick” & the meaning behind it is that I have never had a “home”
I have moved at least twenty times in my life & I have never had that place where I knew I belonged there or knew that it would be there when I came back to it. but when I travel, specifically to NYC, I get that feeling that I belong somewhere and I know it will always be there to come back to.
I also get this feeling when I attend concerts & visit art museums. this goes along with one of my favorite bands “catfish and the bottlemen” as I am seeing them in concert this thursday in columbus. my favorite song of theirs is called homesick & the tattoo is in van’s handwriting who is the lead singer of the band. I thought this would look unique rather than choosing a random generic font.
I always have that feeling of wanting to be someplace else, doing something else & this is a reminder to me that if I stay motivated & work hard, I’ll get to where I want to go.

I really love the tattoo & I want twelve more.

No Geographical Knowledge Whatsoever 

Talking about pizza places freaks me out. You people with the message boards tend to lose it over things like ramen, burgers, and pizza. IT IS VERY HARD TO SAY WHICH IS THE BEST CONSIDERING CRISPY ITEMS LIKE PIZZA CONSISTS OF THE SAME 3 BASE INGREDIENTS. 

Fam, for me, Paulie Gee’s is IT. No matter the coast, this is one of my favorite pizza places ever.

The kicker is the ambiance. This isn’t the fluorescent lit pizza spot all drug deals go down in. Nope, Paulie Gees takes a massive proverbial dump on all other pizza habitats. I’ll never forget my first visit - I described it as a night in a fancy log cabin in Sweden. The kind a guy name Francis might own. He has 2 Great Danes because you have to be loaded to own a dog that size. He also buys expensive things you never knew existed, like leather matchbook covers and premium ice from the Everglades. 

I imagine my feeling of thinking I’m somewhere in Sweden is incredibly off, as I have no geographical knowledge whatsoever. Thank you public school systems of the USA. 

Just focus on not knocking a candle off your table and burning the entire place down. 

Paulie Gee’s

Tip: Bring as many friends as possible as you’ll want to try more than 1 pie.

Tip: Go early or go out after because there are a bunch of rad bars out by the waterfront.

Tip: Walk from the L at Bedford. NEVER TAKE THE G or you’ll end up in a Liam Neeson movie. It’s like 15 minutes and I’m sure your underworked legs need it.

Tip: Ask to sit in the back dining room. More ambiance for your pleasure.

Tip: Make sure you get something with the hot honey or hot honey on the side.

Tip: My favorite pizza’s are the Hellboy (fresh mozz, Italian tomatoes, Berkshire sopresatta, parmigiano regiano, and Mike’s hot honey) and the Hometown Brisket (fresh mozz, beef brisket from Red Hook’s Hometown BBQ, house pickled red onions, and drizzle of Hometown BBQ sauce.

Pricing: Hometown Brisket pizza $17, Greenpointer pizza $15, The Gates of Eden salad $10.

When to come here: Amazing date spot, dinner with friends, anytime you want pizza. Dim lighting and amazing atmosphere. One of New York’s best.

Where: 60 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn 


Monday - Friday 6 - 11pm

Saturday - Sunday 5 - 11pm

Phone: (347) 987 - 3747


Ringing in 2016 with @ryanseacrest

To see Ryan continue to up his selfie game, among other things, follow @ryanseacrest.

Little known fact courtesy of Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest): The only way to get to the ball that drops 70 feet (21 meters) on New Year’s Eve is by finding a secret elevator in a drugstore, and then hiking up half a dozen flights of stairs to the roof, 25 stories above Times Square, New York. “Visiting it is always one of my favorite parts of being in NYC for New Year’s Eve, there’s really no experience like it,” says Ryan, who is in from Los Angeles, taking his place as host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve for the 11th year running. “In person [the ball] is smaller than you’d expect given how large it looks from the street and on TV, but it’ll still dwarf you when you’re standing next to it. The detail in each crystal panel is unbelievable.”

It’s a small group that gets to join Ryan with the ball. This year, Taylor Swift, who is debuting a highly anticipated new video, will be there — and hopefully she won’t be as cold as she was last time around. Ryan remembers Taylor on stage in a sequin dress, shivering, a few minutes before the countdown. “As anyone would do, I started to give her my overcoat, forgetting I had a labyrinth of audio cables taped down inside and enough body warmers to stock a ski shop. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out to be the smooth gesture I had envisioned in my mind, but eventually we got it done — just in time,” he says.

Snafus with giant stars aside, Ryan says he has “this New Year’s thing” down. His selfie game, on the other hand, is where he sees room for improvement. “I’m always a step away from dislocating my arm trying to find that Kylie [Jenner] angle,” he jokes, and points out that his feed reflects a “nonstop work life.” (At 41, the man hosts a radio show and a bevy of TV shows, is an executive producer of even more TV shows and is gearing up to be a host at the summer Olympics in Rio. And, last year he launched a clothing line.) “Most of my selfies are the result of a floating 15- or 30-second pause during a commercial break or backstage at a concert where I can take the moment to share what fans may not be seeing on their TV or through their radio,” he says.

Tomorrow, Ryan will take a breath though. “Whatever you would call a combination of actively sleeping and eating. Sleating? That’s what I’ll be doing on January 1, 2016, and I bet I won’t be alone.”

Join Instagram’s New Year’s Eve celebration by watching people welcome 2016 around the world. Show us your videos with #IGNewYear2016.

I’m seeing twenty one pilots for the third time in less than a month. August 10th, to be exact, aka they’re first ever show at Madison Square Garden, one of the most famous venues in the world, and it’s completely fucking sold out. The first time I saw them was September 25, 2014, at Terminal 5 in NYC. It was this tiny lil place, general admission only. I only had to wait in line a couple of hours, had time to even walk into the venue and go to the bathroom first, and still managed to be only one person away from the barricade. They were so young. Still trying to really make it. I had never heard a single one of their songs on the radio yet. Most of the time, when I told people about my favorite band, they had never even heard of them. Now only three years later, they’re performing to a sold out show on one of the greatest stages in the world and I am just so fucking proud of them and so happy I get to be there to see it. People think that because I “liked them before it was cool” that I’m annoyed with all these new fans and how “mainstream” they’ve become. The only thing I am is proud of them. I love them so much and all I am is just so fucking proud of them for how far they come and I’m just so thankful I was able to watch them climb the ladder to their success. It was such an amazing journey to watch. I’m not sure why I’m writing this right now, other than to just share the fact that I’m proud. So, so proud of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun and what they have become.