one of my favorite pixar films

One thing I really hope for incredibles 2 is that it’s just as violent as the first incredibles. I’m getting really annoyed with PC parents who hate violence in kid’s films so they end up being safe and watered down, so I’m really hoping Brad Bird says “fuck that” and continues making it violent fun.

Like the first incredibles had kidnapping, torture, death, a guy literally attempt suicide, child endangerment/harm, and a Murder Robot™. It would be so jarring to see none of that in the sequel you know?

ID #85074

Name: Haley
Age: 16

Hi! I’m Haley.
I’m pretty awkward/anxious when it comes to introducing myself to other people and this is the first time I’m looking for a pen pal, so please be patient!

I live in Hawaii, but I’m Filipino. My native language is English, and I’m learning to speak/read/write Japanese (still fairly basic conversations). I’m a high school junior in the class of 2018. I’m a Hufflepuff, Libra, INFJ-T and bisexual. I also got a dog, his name is Snoopy.

I have a pretty well-rounded set of interests. But, I love art or anything that requires the use of the imagination.
My major hobby is Art (drawing, painting, digital art, animation, sculpting, diy crafts and stuff like that). But, I’m also an aspiring author (I’m currently writing a fantasy story that spans 7 novels). And I also like fashion design (pretty new to it, but I like it). I also like acting and I have performed in two productions for my school. And I also like film making and poetry writing. I love daydreaming.
I’m pretty artsy, and it’s my dream to become a Story Artist for Pixar Studios.
I also play Dungeons and Dragons and do other nerdy stuff (think anime conventions and cosplay.) I’m currently taking part in 3 different campaigns, soon to be 5 (I am the GM is one campaign.)
My favorite video games are: Pokémon (Pokemon Ranger especially), The Last Guardian, Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy 13, and Overwatch.
My favorite movies are: Kimi no na wa, Zootopia, Sing!, and Chicken Run.
My favorite anime are: Attack on Titan, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Assassination Classroom, Hetalia, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, and mostly slice-of-life kind of things.
My favorite books are Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, and The Young Elites by Marie Lu.
My favorite songs/song artists are: various Nico Nico Chorus covers, Halsey, and YouTube artists.
I’m pretty much in love with fantasy-related things. And I’m also dabbling a bit in magick and astral traveling.
But, I seriously love dragons. I could literally talk to you for days about dragons.
I like learning about the world and the different cultures that make it up. But, I also like talking about existential philosophy, the multiverse theory, and other profound topics. I also like watching documentaries and cooking shows.
I also like dank memes. The trashier, the better.
But, in all seriousness, the reason why I want a pen pal is just so that I can talk to someone about life, which I can’t always do in my normal life. It would be nice to talk to someone who I can talk to without any apprehension. And, I also want to get over my anxiety of just talking to new people in general. It would be nice to just meet new people who share the same interests and are just willing to be friendly in general.

I love spicy ahi poke btw.
Also, I’d prefer to talk by email, text, or Tumblr, if that’s cool with you (shipping from/to HI is stupid expensive). But, I would like to send snail mail for only really special occasions.
Also, the closer we get, the more swearing I do and the weirder I get.

I look forward to making new friends!

Preferences: - I prefer someone between the ages 15—18, just so we can relate a little bit more.
- Also an English speaker preferably
- Also, preferably email or text or Messenger!
- Preferably in the US area, but this isn’t that important.
- gender does not matter!
- Pls be patient and nice and open minded!
- pls no small talk, it gets really boring. Let’s just talk about our passions and stuff like that.
- Long-term friendships!!! :D

Happy 94th Birthday, Disney!

In honor of the company’s 94th birthday, our Disney Greater China office had custom cupcakes made for all our press and partners here. There were four varieties created, one for each of the core Disney brands.

Of course, Thor was my favorite!

Happy Birthday, Disney!

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3rd!

anonymous asked:

In your recent Battle Fever J post you mentioned that the film Saturday night fever inspired Battle Fever J's secondary theme but you also mentioned in another post that some of the Metal Heroes were inspired by Robocop were there any other toku series that was inspired by a film like those series were?

Oh yes, several!  It’s been happening for a very long time, at least since the 1970s but it didn’t end there.  We’ll get back to the 1970s and one of the most obvious examples later but let’s look at two recent Super Sentai series inspired by the success of Western franchises.

In the early 2000s, no one could dispute there was magic in the air and that magic was making money hand over fist.  Starting with a massively successful book series and an equally huge film adaptation, the adventures of Harry Potter might be the defining pop culture franchise of the decade.

There were a lot of attempts to cash in on the success of the Potter idea and Toei was not one to ignore a trend that might make them some money.  That’s why in 2005, they produced Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

The similarities were pretty obvious given that the heroes could travel around on broomsticks:

There was a moving painting in their secret magical room headquarters:

And those are just two examples. The inspiration was pretty obvious.

Just because it drew a lot of inspiration from another franchise did not mean it was a carbon copy or a bad show.  For a while, Magiranger was one of my favorite series of all time and I still really enjoy it to this day.  I find the borrowed ideas and concepts more fun than frustrating.  It’s always amusing to see how familiar ideas get translated into new media in other countries.

Now, inspiration doesn’t always come from live action franchises, sometimes you can see an animated success inspiring a series.  In the late 1990s and early 2000s the biggest animation studio in America was Pixar.  This was just before Disney outright purchased them and completely abandoned traditional animation in favor of computer animated films so they were the big player on the black where CG animation was concerned. In 2006, Disney released Pixar’s latest animated film and it was a huge success (at least among the target audience) making not just a ton of money in the box office but driving a merchandise machine that continues today as well as leading to two sequels and several spinoffs.  That movie was Cars.

In 2008, Toei found a way to bring some of the Cars aesthetic and concepts to their Super Sentai series with Engine Sentai Go-Onger,

Now, I have no official confirmation that there was any direct influence but it seems pretty obvious upon reflection.  Cars had come out in Japan on July 1, 2006 and became a hit.  The Sentai series are always planned a year before they begin, so 2007 was when the planning for Go-Onger began. The timing is just a bit of a hint.  What else gives away the inspiration is in the show itself.

First of all, the car characters are sentient vehicles from a world without people, just like in the Pixar film.

The main car hero is a red racing car, just like in the Pixar film:

And the cars have big friendly eyes at the front.  Plus, when interacting with their human friends on Earth, most of the time they are animated characters created on screen using cell-shaded CGI.

When you add it all up, the influence and inspiration is pretty obvious.

Now, let’s go back to the 1970s for one that’s pretty infamous for being pretty much a rip-off.  Let’s start with the show itself and we’ll get to what it drew inspiration from at the end. 

In 1978, Toei company produced and released a movie called Message From Space.

It is the tale of the Evil Gavanas Empire who control most of space and just taken over the peaceful planet Jillucia who send a message into space seeking help to defend their world.  Going with the message is their Princess and a powerful warrior.  The films was directed by Kinji Fukusaku (Battle Royale) and was a minor box office success. 

However, it did well enough to inspire a TV spinoff written by Shotaro Ishinomori called Message From Space: Galactic Wars. Now, what this is inspired by/ripped off from can pretty much be explained in this one screenshot from the TV version.

Yep, the entire Message from Space concept was a blatant attempt to cash in on Star Wars. The comparisons are incredibly obvious with an evil Empire, a ragtag band of rebels, epic space battles, planet threatening death machines and lovable robots sidekicks.  Here’s the real kicker though, I have heard that Toei actually got the official release of Star Wars pushed back in Japan so their film would come out first!  Message from Space was released April 29, 1978 to Japanese theaters while Star Wars didn’t arrive officially until June 30th of the same year!

So, there you have it.  Three more times when tokusatsu drew direct inspiration from other media franchises outside of Japan.  I do love seeing these cross pollinations of media and how they change and adapt and are used to create new ideas or how they can be added to an already existing franchise to create a new work.

ID #77243

Name: Sara
Age: 19 currently, 20 in September
Country: USA

Hello world!

Nice to see all the potential new friends who have shown their interest in talking with an awkward dork like myself. I don’t know what to say except I am very awkward when it comes to initial conversation, so if you do choose to talk to me, please be patient with my rambling. I’d love to talk with people from all over the world.

I have an interest in learning about almost everything, so if you have obscure facts to divulge I implore you to share your diverse knowledge with me. I warn you though I will probably ask for sources to back it up.

I love to draw and do everything under my pen name Sara, but when I get to know you better, I will most likely get to a point where I’ll tell you my real name.

I love music, cartoons, anime, movies, broadway, and art. The diversity of what I like really ranges. I listen to anything from Beethoven to Rammstein. Some personal favorites are Dropkick Murphy, Disney movie soundtracks, Pentatonix, Mumford & Sons, P!nk, and Ed Sheeran. I watch Steven Universe, Star Vs the Forces of Evil, Samurai Jack, and Archer among others. I love Disney and Pixar films. Deadpool is a masterpiece, but my all time favorite movie is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Listing the anime I watch will take too long, and I have to have something to talk about when you (possibly) contact me. For the prospect of art, I hope to be trading art of any kind with you one day.

Bad/corny jokes and funny pictures are a great way to push a conversation if you want a way to talk to me. Animal pictures work too. They’ll definitely start some small talk. If you want to be serious, I’m cool with that too, but I’m occasionally oblivious so be blunt/obvious would make it easier on both of us. I’ve found some cool people to talk to on here already, so I thought it would be cool to see who would find me interesting.

English is my primary language but I’m trying to learn German, Italian, and ASL from different sources online and Duolingo. I am not fluent but if you feel more comfortable talking in your native language and still want to talk to me, I’ll try my best-but I’ll probably need a little help from you.

I can’t wait to meet you! Y'all have a lovely day!

Preferences: As one of my favorite college professors said, DBAD (Don’t Be A Dick) and we’ll get along just fine. If I offend you, I am sorry, please tell me, and I’ll extend the same courtesy. Please tell me your pronouns and what you want me to call you when you start the conversation. ~Also please be patient with me, I’m not the most confident. I prefer talking over Tumblr, as I don’t check my email as much as I should. We can eventually graduate to snail mail when both of us are ready for it though. Any and everyone is welcome!

My Coco Review

Originally posted by gaelgarciab

Yesterday I had the chance to watch Coco at the Morelia International Film Festival, and I consider it to be one of my favorite Pixar movies. It manages to do what we love of Pixar, to make us laugh and a moment later want to cry. It’s really emotional, the third act is brilliantly executed and powerful. The animation is also impecable and visually stunning.

The plot is perfectly crafted, as it manages to connect everything in a way that it feels natural. The story’s major plot twists is so greatly executed that one isn’t able to predict it. The music is incorporated in the movie amazingly, so it doesn’t feel forced, and lets you see the characters grow through them. As for the characters, they are brilliantly written, they are three demensional, as there’s more to them than meet the eyes. Miguel is a great protagonist, as he’s a really honest character with a clear goal. And the villain of the movie, works as the perfect antagonist for Miguel, as he represents exactly the opposite to what Miguel stands for. There’s also a character that I wasn’t expecting and made me laugh everytime they appeared on the screen, and if you’re a fan of Mexican culture you’ll love this character. I would consider that my favorite character is Mamma Imelda, closely followed by Dante. Nevertheless all of the characters are amazing and have great story arcs. BTW, once you finish the movie, you’ll understand why it is named after Miguel’s great grandmother Coco.

My veredict is that we got the Pixar Masterpiece we were starving for! I can’t wait to watch it again next week!

(If you’ve any questions feel free to pm me)

anonymous asked:

HC for RFA+ V and Saeran on their favourite Disney movie and Pixar movie? Thx so much darlin ^.^ (I didn't know if including V would make sense because, well we all know, but let's say he CAN see "^з^)


~Okay so V can see for this one, then. ^^ thank you for the request! I love Disney/Pixar so much.

@flyingmintbunny32 I hope this answers your as well? Unless you meant, like, what Disney movie they would best fit in as themselves? In which case I’m sorry, just send me another ask lol.

◉ Yoosung

Originally posted by thedisneyprincessposts-blog

  • His favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid!
  • He just thinks the whole story is so romantic
  • Plus the songs are cute
  • Fav scene is her brushing her hair with a fork
  • Has tried it on his own hair once when he was alone >.>
  • His favorite Pixar movie would be WALL-E

◉ Jumin

Originally posted by maudit

  • Favorite Disney film is The Aristocats
  • Who doesn’t love the cute kitties?!
  • This movie inspired him to set up a will for Elizabeth 3rd
  • His favorite Pixar movie would be A Bugs Life

◉ Zen

Originally posted by brokensmolders

  • His favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty
  • He loves a good story of a Prince slaying a dragon and saving his Princess
  • Plus, this film is really theatrical and the scenes are amazing
  • Plus plus he’s all about dreams, he loves the song “once upon a dream”
  • His favorite Pixar film would be The Incredibles

◉ Jaehee

Originally posted by arie-ll

  • Her favorite Disney movie is The Princess and the Frog
  • She can relate
  • Actually one of her favorite films
  • Her favorite Pixar film is Ratatouille


Originally posted by mariaslittlestuff

  • His favorite Disney film is Peter Pan
  • He’s a kid at heart
  • So he really likes the idea of staying young forever
  • Peter does stick up for people but he’s also a jokester and likes to mess around, just like Saeyoung
  • His favorite Pixar movie is Cars, of course
    • “I wish my baby cars could talk and tell me when they need maintenance!”

◉ V

Originally posted by gameraboy

  • His favorite Disney movie is Robin Hood
  • It’s a beautiful love story
  • But also a story of giving, helping one another, and standing up for what’s right
  • Which V loves
  • His favorite Pixar film would be UP

◉ Saeran

Originally posted by ronoroa18

  • His favorite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast
  • He likes it because it shows that people can change
  • And even the most grumpy, beastly people can still have good hearts
  • High-Key hates Gaston because of his views on women
    • “I could kick that guys ass”
    • “I know, honey…I know…” *shoulder pats
  • His favorite Pixar film is Finding Nemo

anonymous asked:

hi jieun!! i hope you're having a wonderful week~ c: what are some go-to movies and tv shows you watch when you're feeling lonely? thanks in advance!


i’m actually more of a series/variety show girl than a film fanatic, BUT with that being said, i always, always go back to the rush hour series + shanghai knights when i’m in need of a good laugh. i just love anything starring jackie chan?? there’s action and comedy and even heartwarming scenes which i think are the trifecta to stealing my heart hehe. also, this might be an obvious one but disney/pixar and dreamworks animations never fail to disappoint. some of my favorites are wreck-it ralph, shrek, how to train your dragon, cloudy with a chance of meatballs (this one was made by sony), kungfu panda, up, inside out, zootopia, etc.

as for tv shows, i low-key love watching reruns of 90′s shows like friends, sabrina the teenage witch, full house, and fresh prince of bel air.

for korean recs:

  • films
  • dramas + age of youth (the most recent k-drama i watched lol…)
  • and variety shows + lee guk joo’s cuts on i live alone are hilarious!

i hope this is an eclectic enough range for you to choose from ^_^ enjoy!!!

Hey everyone! So, after much thought and consideration, I decided to make a Studyblr!

I’ve been following studyblrs on here and Instagram for at least a year, but I was to scared to start one of my own. And tbh, I’m still scared haha. But I honestly think this will help me be more productive, as I’ve been the ultimate procrastinator this last year and it has seriously affected my grades and my motivation. And I think meeting new people that relate to my problem is a huge plus! 

I’m a 21 years old, Colombian college student majoring in 3D Film and tv production. Also known as animation. My goal is to work for Disney or Pixar in the future. Both of them have made a huge impact on my childhood and I want to do the same for future generations. I love to draw and create characters, but learning in general is something that I really enjoy!

I’m also a crazy cat lady (my profile picture has a photo I took recently of one of my cats), a potterhead, and a 100 more fandons condensed into one tiny little person idk how I handle it. My favorite Harry potter character is Luna Lovegood, who also happens to be in my favorite Hogwarts house. It was just meant to be. Luna is a character I relate to on so many different levels and hence the name of my blog! 

So lastly (I think i’ve prolonged this post enough lol). I want to thank @studyign@studywithinspo​, and @focusign for being the first studyblrs/studygrams I found and have been following for a long time now. You guys are the reason I wanted so bad to make a studyblr! I know it seems like I just followed you, but that’s because I just made this brand new account haha. And also a huuuuuge thank you to @elkstudies, @text-booked, @etudiance, and @obsidianstudy for your AMAZING how to Studyblr posts they really helped me prepare for this. Maybe a little too much man this post is long.

PS: I have an Instagram account. It’s not a Studyblr per se, but I upload all of my drawings there and photos like this one if you’re interested! My username is artsy.lilo :) Thank you for reading this long af post!

Also I have no idea how the previews at my favorite small, indie cinema work. Before Thor, we had, in this order, previews for: Coco, Disney/Pixar animated film about a young Mexican boy learning about his family via a fantastical Dia de los Muertos; Last Flag Flying, the new Richard Linklater film about three middle-aged Vietnam War vets getting together to bury one of their sons who died in Iraq; and Justice League

A) hella weird tone shifts happening there and B) One for the new DC film but none for Black Panther?

soo-now-what  asked:

Angel, magic, velvet ☺️

thanks for asking 💖

Angel; favorite album of all time? 

does kpop albums count? 

My favourite is the Ex'Act album

Velvet; do you enjoy horror films?

nope nope nope and nope. after I saw the conjuring I didn’t sleep for a week. So i think it’s best if I stayed away from horror films.

magic ; favourite film?

I watch a lot of films and can’t choose a favourite! but one film that I enjoyed a lot was Safe Haven. I loved it so much. also Pixar’s Up. I cried watching it 😭

Top Five Shark Films

Hey Everyone!

We are within the holy week that is known as Shark Week!!!

Originally posted by gottacatcheevee

Couple Fun Facts about Sharks…. 

  • Sharks can use heartbeats to track their prey.
  • Sharks help keep the populations of smaller fish in check.
  • The average shark has 40-45 teeth and can have up to seven rows of replacement teeth. Because sharks lose a lot of teeth and grow them back quickly, they often go through more than 30,000 teeth in a lifetime.
  • Some South Pacific islanders considered sharks to be gods and offered human sacrifices to them until as recently as the nineteenth century.

Let’s slide right in….

Originally posted by brundleflyforawhiteguy

That just got really dark… I’m sorry :(

Top Five Films for the Shark Week!

5.) Open Water

This movie was limited on its scenic views; it takes place right out in the middle of the ocean. 

Originally posted by oceansongs

After watching this movie, you will have a minor fear of doing water activities when on vacation. (or you'll be super needy to the tour guide)

4.) Finding Nemo

Originally posted by tessasmile

This is an adorable movie, one of my favorite Pixar films!

Nemo’s sweet dad, comes across some a group of sharks that are recovering carnivores, and were turning a new leaf at becoming vegetarian.

Well kinda.. :)

Originally posted by snowwhties

3.) Sharknado

This movie is soooo cheesy and horrible, it’s makes it great!

Originally posted by superpotoca

It’s like a train wreck you just can’t look away.. The horrid acting and unlimited supplies of sharks being thrown around make this EPIC!! 

Originally posted by hobolunchbox

Originally posted by rminerva

2.) Deep Blue Sea

Ahhh I love this movie!!!

With Samuel L Jackson, Thomas Jane and LL Cool J; This takes place at a scientific research lab that is out in the middle of the ocean: Where they are using Sharks for a possible cure for Alzheimer and lets just say ..

It all goes to hell in a handbasket!

Originally posted by tribecafilmfest

1.) JAWS

This movie is a classic and has to be at the top of the list; simply for the fact that anytime the word SHARK is spoken/thought of…

This movie is the first to come to mind. 

Originally posted by gameraboy

All I can say about this movie is my favorite quote from it.. 

“You're going to need a bigger boat!”

Originally posted by sonjackcarl

Hopefully you will forget any of these movies the next time you go in for a quick dip in the ocean..

Originally posted by classichorrorblog

Share your thoughts?!

Did any of these films make your Top Five Shark Films?!

Thanks for reading!!! :))


Source for Fun Facts:, and

“When I heard the first notes of “Put on your Sunday Clothes” at the theatrical release of “WALL-E”, I knew then that I would forever have a connection to WALL-E’s quirky character and film. Michael Crawford has been one of my favorite singers since childhood and “Hello, Dolly!” is such a joy to watch. All three of these things never fails to bring up my mood when I feel “down and out” on a “blue Monday” :D”


Red and Kitty AU Week: Day 3- Disney AU

Up (2009)

The film centers on an elderly widower named Red Forman  and an earnest young “Wilderness Explorer” named Fez. By tying thousands of balloons to his home, 78-year-old Red sets out to fulfill his dream to see the wilds of South America and complete a promise made to his late wife, Kitty.

And yes, this film also stars another one of my favorite actors: Ed Asner.

Part 2