one of my favorite pictures that ive taken

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for Christmas I got a light pink polaroid camera (you know those little ones that have been pretty popular lately? its one of those) & so far ive only taken 4 pictures (a still life of my favorite flannel, a copy of hamlet, and my ukulele, me and my friend, my cat, and a sunset), but I want to take at least 1 a month all this year. im hanging every picture I take on a string on my wall above my bed right next to a picture of Tyler and Josh that a friend drew for me

i read this this morning and it reminded me of mine and i spent all day taking photos on my film, polaroid, and phone cameras, so thank you for that. i really like the one a month idea, and your wall is going to be so lovely. 

CROOKED SMILE: ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE PICTURES IVE EVER TAKEN IN MY LIFE, and I only took it a few hours ago lol I wasn’t even going to smile, but my brother next to me made me laugh mid flash and It just came out perfect. I have a chipped tooth, and my need braces, and I don’t smile to often because of that, but FUH it I’m about to be bold.