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Yuri on Ice Fic Rec Mega List

So, this is my own YOI Fic-rec list, compiled from my absolute favorites I’ve been reading during the last three months.

But first, a couple of notes:

Not a lot of angst here (there is some) because I much prefer fluff (and smut), or both (as my friend likes to put it – smuff). Almost all of the stories are T and up, most are M and up.

I don’t do sad endings, y’all. The YOI story is so fucking optimistic, it deserves to be treated as such (sure, if your kink is major character death, go for it, it just won’t be on MY list).

I much prefer the novels, dammit, the longer the better, but there is a section with one-shots and short stories, I just like it less.

I ADORE healthy relationships with good communication, and except for the obvious here, most of these are.

So what do we have here?

A few Fill in the Gaps (FITG) stories, a few Time Travel (TT) stories, two major skating AUs (one of them probably one the best known fics in this fandom) and one completely different AU, One Sub/Dom story that cured me from “50 Shades” (don’t judge me), lots of fluff and domesticity, lots of communication in relationships, lots of social media shenanigans, a few crack stories and a WHOLE LOT OF LOVE ON THE ICE.

The only ships are Victuuri and Otayuri (when they’re older), as I don’t ship them with anyone else, and other ships as side notes.

So. Onwards.

The Novels

Honorary mention - The Rival series – Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches/Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, by Reiya. Complete/WIP (Rated E)

General: Ah, boy. So much has been written about this series I don’t really have to add a lot. If you are in this fandom and read fic, you will have heard about this story long before this.

Just for the record – a “What If” AU, told first from Yuuri’s perspective (UMFB&MHA, complete) and then from Victor’s (OBS&BH, WIP), about what would have happened if one small detail was different and the result would be a rivalry between the two. One of the first fics I read and a DAMN GOOD ONE. Like I said, it’s the only one on this list with actual long lasting ANGST, but it’s also beyond sweet.

Bonus points:

Amazing world building, wonderful characterization, handling difficult issues very well, and very good writing.

LOOOOOOONG. As in, novel length. For someone like me, that’s wonderful.

OBS&BH has a pretty regular update rate – especially regarding the fact that Reiya is a FUCKING MEDICAL STUDENT, so tons of kudos to them for keeping the updates as regular as they are.

Reiya (kazliin) is very active here, and answers asks and gives us world building and top ten lists and LIFE I tell you.

One of the best usages of Social Media snippets.


A third fic is planned, with lots of fluff and extra scenes, which is something we are looking forward to in the extreme.

Don’t skip the music connected to the story, as it is very important!

Bear Your Soul on the Ice, by SassySalchow (diedraechin). WIP (Rated M)

General: At age 14, Yuuri goes to train with Yakov in Russia and meets his idol, which turns out to be a real dork. The story spans years of both their lives and their relationship (with each other and other people), and it so wonderfully researched and wonderfully written.

Bonus points:

Long, and getting longer. As far as we know, the story is supposed to be around its middle point, and as it currently has 21 chapters and 126,442 words, you do the math.

Amazing (!!!!!!) Original Characters, ones that you don’t want to let go of, and can’t really remember that are not a part of Canon.

The skating descriptions are STUNNING.

Pretty regularly updated.

Social media shenanigans – and texting – from before WhatsApp, oh, dear lord.


Additional fic (Life and Love off the Ice) always being updated with titbits and extra scenes.

Winter Song, by proantagonist. WIP (Rated E)

General: One of my favorite FITG fics, and one of the best written. It begins after chapter 7 and goes on after the finale. Lots of really cute Victuuri, tons of healthy communication and fluff (…and smut, yeah).

Bonus points:

Did I mention the COMMUNICATION? I don’t think I did. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. Yeah.

Wonderful characterization of all those involved, with extra cuteness when it comes to Yuuri’s family.

Healthy sex. Really. And it progresses in a REASONABLE PACE.

Call Everything on the Ice…, by shysweetthing. Complete (Rated E)

General: Another FITG fic, with Victor being extra insecure and cute as hell while being very bad at directions and learning Japanese. Some miscommunication and angst here, but nothing major.

Bonus points:

The last chapter is extra cute, way into the future.

Victor and Yuuri’s family, my god.


No Less Unthinkable, by rageprufrock. Complete (Rated E)

General: Well, this one is really tons of smut (a lot in the first chapter, less in the second), but it also portrays Yuuri as somewhat more experienced than you would normally see, so that’s cute. First Chapter is pre-canon, second is FITG for S01.

Bonus points:

Wonderful characterization.

Yuuri and Yuri, LOLZ.

Best sex talks EVER.

Quite a lot of crack. Seriously. These people are HILARIOUS. Snap Stories. Phichit. Dear god.


Also, it might be 2 chapters… but it’s long. J

Katsuki_fc wrote, by tetsurashian. Complete (Rated G)

General: How Social Media viewed the happenings of S01. Obviously CC, and FUNNY AS HELL.

Bonus points:


People being supportive which is FUN.

Sweetsilversub, by phlintandsteel. Complete (Rated E)

General: Remember the Dom/Sub story I talked about? THIS IS IT. It’s mostly CC (with a bit before canon and divergent from a point), FITG for the sweetest relationship in the world. Some chatroom talks, a couple of Dom/Sub Scenes between Victuuri and HEALTHY COMMUNICATION.

Bonus points:

Did I mention the communication?

YUURI IS THE DOM AND VICTOR IS THE SUB. It fits so well, my god.

The Dom/Sub scenes are handled so beautifully.

Nice and long (you see a pattern here, don’t you?)

OCs are super cute.

The Carnage of the Art, by ExorcisingEmily. Complete (Rated T)

General: CC Post S01. When Yuri gets hurt, Victor and Yuuri take care of him. Some guilt and some angst here, but a lot of relationship building.

Bonus point:

Extra Podium Family - so much love between the three.


Beautiful characterization and writing.

On My Love, by RikoJasmine. WIP (Rated T)

General: After a car accident, Yuuri finds himself in the past. It’s probably my favorite TT story, as it is incredibly well written. It’s also kind of a tear-jerker, so be warned.

Bonus points:

Yuuri being confident is great.

Vicchan lives!!!

Yuuri being able to be great at what he does, and Victor falls so hard for him it’s magnificent.


Victor and Yuuri’s family! CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Fluffy as hell.


Update rate is quite slow on this one (not complaining, just saying - I know fic writers have a life and whatever they give I’m grateful), but it’s still already nice and long. Worth the wait, IMHO.

Re: Yuri Katsuki, by Ishxallxgood. WIP (Rated T)

General: CC, S01 told from Phichit’s perspective. Lots of crack, lots of social media, super cute and fluffy.

Bonus points:

Phichit is stirring the Victuuri Ship, y’all. Enough said.

Phichit spends money… XD


From Almaty, With Love, by BoxWineConfessions. Complete (Rated E)

General: The best Otayuri fic I found, where Yuri goes to stay with Otabek for the summer in Almaty. Pretty slow burn, but seriously good read. Some angst (though I’d call it a tear jerker), but worth it.

Bonus points:

Absolutely STUNNING writing and descriptions.

Almaty in summer is described so life-like it’s as if you’re there.

Both Yuri and Otabek are so well written and their interactions are funny and sweet. And real.

Also long.


Second fic in the series (Line and Verse) has extra scenes before and after and is just as well written.

Home, by Kurenaito. Complete (Rated T)

General: Post S01, when Victor and Yuuri adopt two girls. Very sweet family dramas.

Bonus points:

Great OCs, well portrayed.

Extra Yuri being a big brother.


Two extra fics in the series (Spark to Flame) – Clara tells all (short) and Spark, which picks up after Home and is a WIP.

Blackbird, by sixpences. Complete (Rated M)

General: WW2/Cold war AU, where both Yuuri and Victor are spies. I’m not big on AUs that aren’t skating, but this one is… Just fucking beautiful. Some angst and it can be a tear-jerker, but it’s really, REALLY worth it.

Bonus points:

One of the best written stories I found, including characterization, plot development, pace, descriptions and emotion.

Nice and long.

Yuuri is not a timid little thing! Yey!


I cried quite a lot during this, but it’s the good kind of tears.

Very well researched.

The sex scenes are not explicit but the go RIGHT TO YOUR BONES.


There will be extra fics in the series (Birdsong) to accompany the main one, with more about the side characters and a bit more about our Victuuri.

Turn back the Clock, by IronScript. WIP (Rated T)

General: TT where Both Yuuri and Victor go back in time. This is pure fluff.

Bonus points:

Long and getting longer!


One Shots and short stories

OK, so true, these aren’t my favourites, but these few are still good enough for me to love them.

You can have everything, by shysweetthing. Complete (Rated T)

General: CD – when Yuuri finds Victor’s phone in the Sochi GPF HILARITY ENSUES.

Bonus Points:

Total Crack most of the time (except for Vicchan).

Everything that’s silver is not gold, by SassySalchow (diedraechin). Complete (Rated M)

General: Soulmates story, where the marking on your body grows when you see your soulmate. CC and very fucking cute.

Bonus points:

Pretty long for a one shot and very well written.

Super cute, just about it.

So this guy walks into a bar…, by silvercistern. Complete (Rated E)

General: Victor and Yuuri pretend to not know each other and Victor is BAD at seducing Yuuri. Crack and a bit of smuff.

Bonus point:

Well, the crack, and the fact that Victor can’t seduce FOR SHIT.

Also, being a couple can be very comfortable.

Drunk on You, by kiaronna. WIP (Rated T)

General: Soulmate AUs one shots, each chapter is a whole different story. Most are CC and quite cute.

Bonus points:

Not “regular” soulmate AUs, so a bit more imagination.

Lots of cuteness overload.

That’s it - if you guys have fics to recommend, I’ll be happy to hear!

Naruto Fanfics!!

***Time Travel***

backslide by blackkat COMPLETE

This was one of my first time travel fanfics… and my first slash fanfic as well.  But blackkat is incredibly talented with her writing, and I find myself unable to find a flaw in any of her fics!  She has great skill in characterization and fluff, as well as plot.  I also recommend Stormborn, reverse, Snake in the Grass, Wolf at the Door, and, really, all her fics.  But those are my favorites!

A Wrinkle in Time by rightforlife ABANDONED

Just an epic fic.  Naruto, Shikamaru, and Lee go back in time and they are epic.  I love their relationship in here! I guess you could consider them all OP, but I found it fun that way… The fic is abandoned though, sadly.

It’s For a Good Cause, I Swear! By Sarah1281 COMPLETE

A hilarious fanfic, where Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura go back in time and fixes a lot of things in a hilarious way. I really love how they deal with Orochimaru lol

Team Tensai and Mangekyo Sharingan by Wingwyrm COMPLETE

Team 7 goes back in time and find themselves to be kids!  They’re both awesome, though Mangekyo Sharingan is a little darker than Team Tensai, due to talks of child rape.  

Thicker Than Blood by EmptySurface ABANDONED

Sasuke and Naruto go back in time, though they come back as kids.  Their relationship in here is really sweet and I really wish the story would be continued…

Time and Again by KyLewin COMPLETE (with a sequel)

A really good fanfic.  Naruto at first thinks he’s in a genjutsu, which is a little unique. It was very well written.

The Lives Worth Saving by cyywsaphyre ABANDONED

Awesome fic! And unique in that Naruto goes back in his physical body and the way he deals with Hizashi is really awesome.

Begging for Forgiveness by Freezing Rain WIP?

This is Kakashi-centric and incredibly hard on the heart because KAKASHI and he is just so messed up.  I love his relationship with his ninken in here though.

Just the Usual Habits by mapplepie ONE-SHOT

Kakashi-centric and incredibly heart-wrenching.  But really well written.

Unwanted Trip by Solara Myles ONGOING

One of my absolute favorites!  Team 7 is sent back in time and they’re, obviously, kick ass. They’re relationship with Kakashi is amazing in here.  Also, the author’s plot is very unique compared to other time travels, imo, and it’s just well done.  

Parallels by QuestofDreams COMPLETE

This is more of a dimensional-travel thing, also SNS. It’s pretty good though!  The Yondaime is in here, though I think this was written before it was revealed that the Yondaime was Minato.  

Silent Guardians by FallenQueen2 COMPLETE

Naruto and Shikamaru go back in time to fix stuff. They fix stuff epically, of course.

Steal My Thunder God by Nauro

Naruto experiments with the Hiraishin and finds himself on the night of his birth… and mistaken for Minato.  It’s a pretty unique idea, though I think the fic is abandoned.

Into the Future by ichilover3

SNS fanfic!  Sasuke and Naruto go into the future and find their future selves in a relationship.  It’s a lot of smut/fluff, but it’s cute and funny.  Not much for plot though, since the focus is on the pairing.

Yet, mad I am not by Erisah Mae ONGOING

Itachi-centric.  He dies and finds himself in the past of another dimension.  It’s a pretty awesome fanfic, and I really like Itachi in here!

Escape Artist by Fiorea POSSIBLY ABANDONED?

MinaNaru.  It’s a really good fanfic, and it made me like the pairing cause of the way it’s done. Naruto has a lot of issues he has to go through in here, and Minato helps him.  They have a very cute relationship, which starts off as friends with Minato hinting interest and Naruto being his lovely oblivious self. But it’s super cute and very well done. Really hope it’s not abandoned.

History has its eyes on you by tasalmalin COMPLETE

Kakashi-centric! It’s a five-part series, and it really explores Kakashi’s mental state very well.  The whole series is well done and does justice to Kakashi’s character.

A snake among the leaves by blackkat COMPLETE

Orochimaru goes back in time and he brilliantly fixes stuff, much to the suspicion of everyone haha.


ItaNaru.  Naruto goes back in time, but it seems to be another dimension.  Naruto tries to fix stuff, but he realizes he really can’t because of it being a whole other dimension and all. Minato is alive in here and Naruto has PTSD.

Tampering with Time by Palaserece ONGOING

REALLY good and one of my absolute favorites! Minato goes back in time, but as a sort of reincarnation.  The fic is well-written, really long and still updating, and it’s really awesome because of the characterizations!

Stumble by writer168 ONGOING (nearly complete)

Sakura and Sasori go back in time!  Sakura is epic in here and Sasori is hilarious. There are also other characters go back in time but I won’t spoil it!  Sakura has serious trauma in here.  The characters are all well done and I love her frienship with Kakashi!  (I’m a total Kakashi fan… if it isn’t obvious by now…)

Blind Stars of Fortune by 100demons ONGOING

Kakashi goes back in time and into his 20 year old self!  Well-written and awesome plot!  I just love Kakashi.  

Walking Backwards on a Tightrope by Lithos Maitreya

Really good fic!  A lot of people go back in time, including Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Shino.  It’s well-written and interesting in its twists.

Shinobi Rules by Squishfie

One of the few fem!Naruto fics I enjoyed… mostly cause it’s KakaNaru lol.  But Naruto goes back in time and becomes a student under Minato.  It’s a cute story, imo.

***Gen Fics and Self-Inserts***

Naruto Hatake by Agent-G COMPLETE

I really like the idea of Kakashi adopting Naruto and kind of wish he had, even though I understand he couldn’t (mentally).  Just a really cute fic with a good plot.

Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen ONGOING

One of my first self-insert fanfics and one of the best. It made me fall in love with the Nara Clan.  Just INCREDIBLY well-written with amazing plot lines.

Sakura by Darkpetal16 COMPLETE

A SI where the person finds herself in Sakura. Hilarious and the character’s pretty awesome.  Good plot too.

Déjà vu no Jutsu by Vixen Tail COMPLETE

Really well-written SI, set before/during Third Shinobi war.  I like Minato in here :) Really, all the characters in here.  Also chibi!Kakashi is adorable.  

Naruto: Myoushuu no Fuuin by May Wren ABANDONED

A what-if fic.  What if Naruto was a seal master at a young age?  Really well written and pretty awesome! :D

The Prodigy Namikaze by SoulReaperCrewe

Features Kushina and Minato alive.  Does have Naruto neglected at a young age by them though… But, otherwise, a really great fic. I think Naruto is a little OP in here, and slightly OOC sometimes, but I still enjoyed the fic and it has an interesting pairing.  

Unplanned Paternity by TwinTrouble ABANDONED…?

Another fic where Kakashi takes care of chibi!Naruto! It’s one of my favorites and just really well-written and pretty long too.  

Broken by azfaerydust COMPLETE with a sequel!

An angsty and fluffly Kakashi adopts Naruto fic. The author characterizes Naruto and Kakshi well, since they both are very traumatized in this fic.  It’s just adorable because Kakashi is overprotective and ahh! One of my favorites and I’ve reread it way too many times!

Of Harrowed Hearts by Sable_Scribe ONGOING

REALLY amazing and one of my favorites!  Naruto and Team 7 is awesome in here, and Kurama is also amazing. The story updates weekly (as of now) and it’s super satisfying and I love the plot.  

Tuna Fish and Red-Splattered Pages by Pitch Black Magpie ONGOING

I really love Team 7 in here.  Naruto and Sasuke’s frienship is pretty awesome as well. Naruto’s character is very… unique too. I like the supernatural side of the story too, though I guess it seems slightly crack-y.  I like the view Naruto has of the Uchiha as well.

A Political Perspective by VJ Riddle

Kakashi creates an epic Team 7.  Really wish this had happened in canon tbh.  

The Somewhat Cracked mind of Uchiha Itachi by Kereea

Hilarious!  I really love Itachi in here and, really, everyone.

Blood Sings by Fireun Feather ONGOING

Naruto is a half-demon in here. I like Minato and Naruto in here and their father-son relationship.  

Chiaroscuro by boomvroomshroom

Shikamaru-centric!  I really enjoy the plot.  

***Pairing fics***

(mostly slash fanfics… you have been warned)


(A lot of these fics are dark with fluff mixed in… because I can’t see SNS being totally fluffy.  It doesn’t really fit in with how I see them.  They’re both messed up people, Sasuke more evidently.)

Sound of Dreams by zrina COMPLETE

Really, really love this one because it features an amazing plot, is super long, and I love the characterizations of Naruto and Sasuke.  This is a NaruSasu fic and really well-written.

A World of Truth by luchia COMPLETE

Enjoyed this one because it’s in Sasuke’s POV and I liked how his character was done in here. It shows he’s very human, but not irredeemable.

Hopeless Wanderer by dawnstruck (series)

Super dark but really delicious.  Sasuke takes Naruto with him when he defects and wow… it’s really good!  Their relationship is very codependent, which, in reality, they are based on canon imo. I like the idea of Naruto and Sasuke leaving Konoha together tbh.

Post-Traumatic by IsolaVirtuosa COMPLETE

Really long and incredibly dark at times. Sasuke is really messed up in here and Naruto isn’t altogether sane himself.  Their relationship is very messed-up, but the ending is satisfying after that roller-coaster of a journey.

All In by Narutos Mother (momhuey) COMPLETE

The second half of the story is VERY dark, but Sasuke is super sweet in here. Slight Sakura-bashing?  She’s the villain of the story in here.

Lost on the Road of Life by shherie (series)

Cute story (it’s the first in a very cute series anyways), but Sasuke and Naruto do have issues getting into a relationship. Naruto is determined in here though and Sasuke is his bastard self in the first story, though absolutely adorable in the rest of the series.  Hachi, the sequel after a series of one-shots, is really good too!

Titanic by meowstelle ONE-SHOT

In Itachi’s POV and an AU.  But I found it really hilarious.

Breaking him down by IvvyMoon COMPLETE

Another dark fic, because Sasuke is an utter bastard at the beginning, though he redeems himself.  

Healing the Broken by KizuKatana COMPLETE

Dark and angsty, but their characters are done well. Great ending and plot.

An Invincible Summer by ShanaStoryteller COMPLETE

Naruto is gender-fluid in here, but WOW is it done well! The whole story is absolutely amazing and I didn’t want it to end!

Phoenix Rising by Kai_Maciel

This isn’t really SNS, because Naruto ends up raising Sasuke (you have to read it to find out why), but I really like the relationship because chibi!Sasuke is adorable and Naruto as a father should be this way, not the way he is to Boruto.  

For Brothers Share This Bond by bluedemon92 COMPLETE

Okay, this is the definition of dark and angsty. It’s really hard to read sometimes because of the issues… but it’s more Itachi-centric, with SNS.  But it has a unique plot and is well-written. Also KakaIta and KisaIta.

The sun within me by fangirlandiknowit ONGOING

Sasuke and Naruto find themselves in another dimension (from the movie Road to Ninja) and the plot is interesting.


(One of my OTPs, nbd)

A ninja must see underneath the underneath by Blooregard89 COMPLETE

KakaNaru and their frienship-to-romance is cute.  

Things Just Ain’t the Same Any Time the Hunter Gets Captured by the Game by barspoon COMPLETE

ONE OF MY FAVORITES.  She does the relationship REALLY well and it’s just amazing.  

Konoha’s Orange by purplefox COMPLETE

Good plot and it’s interesting, that’s for sure.  I like that there’s a bit of dimension travel in here and I like the relationship.  Kakashi is the one who’s oblivious in here, which is pretty funny.

A Safe Haven by Red_Hot_Holly_Berries ONGOING

I like the plot in here and I really look forward to the rest!

When You Look Me in The Eyes by blueicequeen ONE-SHOT

REALLY like this one!  A long one-shot and their relationship is super well done. Especially since it’s just a one-shot!

Fifteen Million Ryo by Riya3 COMPLETE

An interesting plot idea and I like how the relationship comes about.  It’s also funny and the side story with Sakura and Sai is done well.

(If you have other KakaNaru fics, I’d really, really love you if you’d let me know. There aren’t enough in the world…)

~Other Pairings

Break to Breathe by Okami Rayne COMPLETE (series)

ShikaNeji!  Interesting plot and the characterization is well done, to say the least.

Hyakumensou by Agni ABANDONED?

ItaNaru!  I like the idea of an arranged marriage and I like how the relationship progresses. Though Itachi could be considered slightly OOC, but I still enjoyed it.

Dimension by YukiwaFuru ABANDONED…

NaruMina… short, but I really enjoyed Naruto in here. The relationship was only a friendship, from what is written.

Walk the road of life by LasySwitch COMPLETE

KakaObi.  A soulmate AU and it’s cute.

Stalker by SweetDreamsAreMadeOfNaruto ONESHOT

A dark ObiKaka.  

Kiss and Run by SweetDreamsAreMadeOfNaruto ONESHOT

Cute KakaObi!  

It’s Just That Any One of Us is Half Without Another One is You by Branch COMPLETE

This is largely Gen and takes the original Naruto plot and fleshes it out and gives a lot more justice to the plot.  It ends up being SakuSasuNaru.

In Bond and Blood by thehoyden ONESHOT

KakaIru.  One of the few KakaIru’s I enjoyed!  

A Set-up For A Romantic Comedy by sleepyjeesh COMPLETE

KakaObi!  Super cute and I like Obito in here!

Surrender by triste ONESHOT

Dark ItaNaru!  Interesting idea though.

Your heart is a weapeon the size of your first by blackkat

ZabuNaru (rare pairing).  It’s well done because blackkat somehow makes any pairing work!

Another reincarnation story by HeavenOnFire COMPLETE

KisaIta.  Itachi is reincarnated, as well as Kisame. It’s a nice story with a good plot.  

The Grey Crayon by checkerbloom COMPLETE

MinaKaka.  Chibi!Naruto is super adorable!  The whole story is cute.  

The Way Things Are by Aini COMPLETE

ShikaNeji.  It’s a cute story and I like the pairing :)

cherylxcx  asked:

STORYTELLING TIME (bc the riverdale hiatus is boring): tell me about 2 of your fav riverdale ships, 2 of your fav characters, 2 of your favorite scenes out of all 7 episodes, and tell me about the pairing you last shipped/just started shipping. a detailed analysis, 10 paragraphs, i don't care. just tell me.



2 fave riverdale ships

  • let me tell you about BETTY AND VERONICA

listen, okay

l i s t e n

i was not going to watch this show.

(and then i saw josie mccoy’s face and was like BUT BUT BUT and a friend had to tell me she’s barely in the pilot and to calm down, and then i didn’t plan to watch it anymore)

and then i saw it

the world’s fucking tenderest kiss to maybe ever be on television, which is JUST UNFAIR FOR EVERYONE DON’T YOU THINK??

camila mendes has a talent, is what i am saying, and that talent deserves so much appreciation that it actually got me to watch this show


anyway. my favorite thing about the beronica kiss is that it has absolutely nothing to do with how much i ship it. it’s just a weird fever dream bonus to everything about them that i love.

VERONICA IS JUST SO INCREDIBLY IN LOVE WITH BETTY. FROM MOMENT ONE. the train to the rest of my life speech is legit some of the gayest shit i have heard in my damn life.

i love how dedicated they are to one another. i love how they balance each other out. i love that riverdale took the classic “naughty and nice” dichotomy they had from the comics and turned it upside down and shook it, and this is what fell out

they just so clearly thrive off of each other’s energy. i love that.

but you know what i also love?

  • let me tell you about VERONICA AND CHERYL

i honestly thought for a hot minute there that i wouldn’t have interest in this show beyond beronica

and then 1x05 blessed me and watered my crops and cleared my skin and SHOWED ME THE LIGHT

it turns out, veronica directing her attentions at literally anyone is kind of all i need, and cheryl’s my GOTHIC HOT MESS OF PURE EXTRA and i adore her, and i hope one day they move into a new mansion that has a name and adopt war orphans or something.

2 fave characters

obviously you can tell i have a lot of feelings about veronica lodge, so maybe this doesn’t need saying but sorry too bad buckle up because


ironically, i spent most of my life solidly team betty.

“but Leah,” you say, “you love poor little rich girls who are POPULAR but SAD ABOUT IT and SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. cordelia chase! quinn fabray! glinda upland! summer roberts! you very clearly Have A Type!”

i know. i know i do. but i was BLINDSIDED man

i would die on a battlefield for veronica lodge.

because not only did this show give me “REGRETS HER MEAN GIRL PAST” veronica lodge. it over corrected so hard it gave me the bounty of MOM FRIEND VERONICA LODGE






the one thing i am weaker for than a sad popular girl is a girl who dances on the edge of the selfish/selfless line, who has such a big heart that she loves EVERYONE but maybe not quite as much as she loves herself. the rose tylers and rachel berrys of this world

oh wait there’s another thing i’m weak for and that is TINY BRUNETTES

veronica lodge was engineered in a science lab to hit every single one of my buttons, is what i am saying

now. i want to be very clear. i adore betty cooper, and no one on this show is more entertaining than cheryl blossom, and kevin keller is the most represented i have ever felt on television, but there was really only one other person i could say is my fave:

  • let me tell you about MY HOMELESS ASEXUAL SON, JUGHEAD JONES

“but Leah,” you say, “Jughead’s not canon ace in this show”

to which i say they can pry jughead’s lack of libido from my cold dead hands, until he says aloud on screen “i, forsythe pendleton jones the third, love doing the sex and it is my preferred method of having intimacy with my romantic partner” he can date whomever the heck he wants because, ASTONISHINGLY, ace people date! and kiss!

besides the point but aNYHOW

this kid is a fucking trainwreck and i love every inch of him

i love his ridiculous dedication to his aesthetic, i love his shitty novel, i love how much he loves his sister, i love his fwoopy bangs, i love how his reaction to being told his best friend is fucking their teacher is “wow dude sounds like you’re the victim of a sexual predator, do you need help?” rather than a high five, i love the way he delivers one-liners like he’s kind of trying not to laugh at his own jokes

riverdale isn’t riverdale without juggie

2 fave scenes out of all seven episodes


honestly, and i truly have no excuse for this, you said “what is your favorite scene” and the VERY FIRST THING that popped into my head were these moments with ronnie and kev in the back of his father’s truck, which is ridiculous, mostly because they’re not even really a scene

but it’s just. it is so fucking satisfying, man. look at these precious babies. look at how many blankets they’re under. not only is her head on his shoulder (HERE’S ANOTHER LOOK FROM THAT ANGLE) but EVERY PART OF HER is touching EVERY PART OF HIM. he is SITTING on her CAPE. do you have any idea how much trust that entails?

what strikes me about this moment is that Riverdale is succeeding at convincing me that these kids–any of these kids, really, not just kevin and veronica–are friends. that they all enjoy spending time together, that if there weren’t a murder going on they would still see each other, and that they care about each other. ironically, on a lot of teen soaps the friendships are the first thing to be ignored or cut for time, because they’re not juicy and “don’t lead to conflict” (untrue). kevin isn’t even in the core four, and yet, here he is: taking out his best girl because there’s no other out kids except veronica at his school and this show cares about kevin and what kevin does! they could have had veronica suspiciously follow hermione to the drive in and start her conflict with her mom over fred andrews early, but no. they wanted her to have a night out with her gay husband buddy.

kevin and veronica are the kind of friends who made a marriage pact two days into knowing each other. kevin and veronica are the kinds of friends who meet each other’s eyes when they find the same things funny but it would be impolite to laugh. MY KINGDOM FOR AU WHERE KEVIN AND VERONICA BEARD FOR EACH OTHER BUT THEN, WHILE FAKE DATING, BECOME BEST FRIENDS. 

and like yes, unless veronica is actually queer (which she is) her calling kevin her best gay and–more than that–interrupting his interruption to be like “GAY THANK GOD LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS” is a little bit abhorrent. but looking past the ridiculous stereotyping, what strikes me most is that when veronica says let’s be best friends she means it. she’s team kevin now, ride or die. 

this moment shows riverdale at its best: taking a shit ton of cliched tropes but blending them in a new way and showing them with a lens of kind of delightfully unexpected compassion.


it occurs to me that, despite finding my way back to it at the end, this is much less a rant about an actual scene and much more a rant about how much i love the friendship between veronica and kevin, but i’m sorry i love it that much. 

so i’m gonna try harder now on the next one

there are a lot of one-liners and moments i almost picked, even though, once again, those are not scenes (when jughead narrated that there were really only three kids in that booth and we all went IS JUGHEAD A GHOST, “slut shaming is when SLUTS get SHAMED,” “train to the rest of my life,” veronica’s face when betty comes out in the dominatrix gear, “that doesn’t SOUND like complete freedom,” PUSSYCAT RONNIE, fp jones saying he doesn’t want jughead to look at him like he’s garbage anymore….)

but then a dark horse candidate emerged:

  • let me tell you about the moment i realized ONE DAY I WILL BE ABLE TO LOVE ARCHIE

this show has an archie problem. so dedicated were they to proving that they weren’t going to do the classic love triangle, they made it so that archie barely interacts with half his friend group at all. isolating archie from everyone else with the grundy plot set this show back ages, and made archie almost totally irrelevant to the ensemble he ostensibly leads

but then we got this moment of hope:

“okay Leah yes we get it you like it when these idiot teens are friends”



this was the first hint that this show would succeed at gaining my love beyond betty and veronica. and i didn’t appreciate it at the time aside from OH LOOK ARCHIE HAS A PERSONALITY I LIKE TODAY, THAT’S NICE, but in hindsight it really is quite significant. archie and jughead are supposed to be the heart of this show; it’s good to see them act like it.

and jughead is also a sarcastic little shit and he’s my son and i love him


third place goes to the scene with betty, jughead and kevin rebuilding the murder wall and then trev shows up, which hilariously of all three of these might ACTUALLY be my real favorite scene of the whole show, for all the reasons i listed about a) the other two above and b) what i’m about to say below. sadly, though, this makes my love for it redundant and i’ve already repeated myself so much, so i’ll move on to…

the pairing i last shipped/just started shipping

  • well, let me tell you about BETTY AND JUGHEAD

i’m gonna be real with you i adore these two. i’m not fandom-y about them at all, because right now what the show is giving me is JUST RIGHT: two kids with chemistry who care about each other! we’re watching them take it slow and feel it out!

i dig the gentle vibe between them, and how they are interested in each other but mostly because they are both interested in JUSTICE and THE TRUTH and MYSTERIES

bless these idiot teen sleuths! i hope they get married and betty becomes a lawyer-slash-journalist and jughead becomes a private-eye-slash-novelist and together they start a firm called COOPER JONES INVESTIGATIONS and they solve crimes and are married, like Hart to Hart

anyway the point of this ask is that a few months ago i made a viral post about hatewatching riverdale because it’s trash but now i’m legitimately in love with it on every level so the joke is on me i guess

anonymous asked:

Made up fic title: Sinking, not drowning

Notes: Hey sugarplum! This is SOOOO late, and IDK even which pairing you wanted, but here we are XS

Fake Title Prompts

On their first day of junior High, Robert sat Jace and Alec down as a nursing Maryse watched over an excitable Izzy picking out her first day outfit.

“You’re both men now,” he intoned, eyes flickering over both his sons—one whom had inherited all his striking angles, and dark mop of hair, and then Jace. The orphan he and Maryse had adopted only a few years prior. Jace who sometimes finds himself staring at the mirror in his room, cursing his fair hair and mismatched eyes. Cursing the painfully physical reminder that he’ll never truly be considered a Lightwood, that he’ll always be the boy who disappointed his birth father over and over again. The boy who had his falcon murdered because he has no idea how to divide love from subserviency. The boy who was so unwanted that his mother died while giving birth to him, and who his father despised ever since.

Jace will always be marred with the title of Wayland—never a Lightwood.

“You boys need to take care of each other and your baby sister and brother.”

“I know that dad,” Alec sniffed with an imperious tilt of his dark head.

“Alright, alright, no harm in the reminder Alexander. I just want you both to keep on being true, alright? Always remember that strength is not found in the force behind our fists, but the dignity of our character. Right?”

“So much for we break noses and accept the consequences,” Alec snorts before their father playfully grinds his knuckles into his scalp.

Jace forces himself to laugh, and pretends that he didn’t see the sheen in Robert’s eyes that he and Maryse always seem to get whenever they so much as glide over Jace’s less than pristine past, a past of abuse and neglect by his birth parent.

Simon Lewis is everything bombastic effervescence, and cheeky grins that rival the incandescent rays of light that dance over his chocolate eyes, and make them sparkle in a way that snatches the breath right from Jace’s lungs.

Jace thinks that he might be slightly fucked when their teacher swings off the year by conducting one of the arbitrary, ice breakers that they always seem to be forced into, and Jace is partnered with sunlight personified.

“My favorite color’s blue, my favorite superhero is Spider-man, cause duh, and baseball ’s the best and only sport that I’ll actually sit down and watch.” Simon crows without even a breath between words just as soon as Jace plops down in front of him in the small desk—forcing their knees to brush up  against each other every few minutes or so.

“Baseball? Like the slowest sport in the history of ever?” Jace deadpans, brows craned and the corner of his mouth tugging up in a small smile.

“I like the atmosphere, and peanuts.” Simon sulks, his face scrunched up sourly—and honest, it should’ve been Jace’s first sign that Simon was it for him  when he found the expression cute over anything else.

“Yeah, well I like Italian food but you don’t see me embedding myself into the nearest mob.”

“M’kay, one I’m pretty sure that’s borderline offensive, and two totally not leveled playing fields. You’re comparing  a weekend at Fenway, to waking up with a dead horse nuzzling your neck.”

“I dunno,” Jace gives a one armed shrug. “Sounds pretty equal levels of terribleness too me.”

Simon’s eyes sharpen, impressed, and Jace can’t help the swell of pride in his chest over the development.

“I bet Peeta would not even try recruiting you.”

“Yeah, well they also end up killing thousands upon thousands of the animals they claim to be saving  on a yearly basis—can’t say that I’m too broken hearted over the thought. And hey, wasn’t your assumption that the mob actually slices up poor, defenseless horsies borderline offensive  towards their organization?”

Simon barks out a laugh, and Jace thinks he is in serious danger of drowning in the color of his irises.

They sit besides each other for the remainder of that year.

“And that is when the conquistadors first infiltrated the Mayan land,” professor Herondale intones, seemingly completely oblivious to how half her class is about to keel over in boredom at her Ken Berns like monotone.

Jace is jolted out of his daydreams of actually making the baseball team when a crumpled up piece of paper smacks him in the forehead.

He cuts a menacing snarl towards where Simon is dutifully sketching in his paper pad, the slightest of leers playing on the edges of his lips. Jace doesn’t open the ball for another five minutes, just to be contrary, and is rewarded by increasingly peeved off gestures Simon directs his way over Maia’s head, who in turn just sighs—long suffering—and lodges a pen to Jace’s temple.

“Fucking hell,” Jace rubs over the tender spot while reading Simon’s note.

More borderline offensive, Prof Herondale trying to pronounce Spanish names, or the Asian neighbor from Breakfast At Tiffanies?

Jace pretends he isn’t so totally giddy while he scrawls back a counter.

They’re not best friends, not really. Simon will always have the spindly redhead that he declares as his plutonic soulmate, and Jace would never bestow that title on anyone but Alec and all his surliness.

So no, Jace and Simon are most definitely not best friends…But sometimes Jace is convinced that they must be more than just ordinary friends too.

Simon’s the only person Jace wants to be around on the anniversary of his father’s death—The lightwoods are all always so unsure on how to act, whether to ignore it considering he’s a proven, abusive monster, or to try and bring up the idea of therapy to Jace once more. What they never seem to understand is that no matter all of that horrendous shit that Valentine had put Jace through, he was still his father. He made him spaghetti when he was sick, and bought him all the books he could ever want, and he was there (Which is sure a whole hell of a lot more than what most kids could say about their fathers.) So what if he wasn’t exactly a Robert Lightwood, or Adon Lewis—He was Jace’s dad.

Simon’s at least ignorant to the whole mess—he still sees Jace as some chill dude that he actually likes hanging out with, and not the broken boy that he had to save. It’s a nice feeling.

And for his part, Simon seems to search for only Jace’s company when he wants to string together his fantasies of the future. When he buoyantly explains his intentions of becoming a detective just like his father, because he loves solving riddles and helping the people who can’t help themselves.

Jace thinks he’s brilliant, but doesn’t tell Simon so, less it exposes his ever growing attraction.

Jace is listening to Simon recite the section of the Torah that he’s incorporated into his Bar Mitzvah’s speech, ready to help out if Simon forgets any words. But really, Jace’s much busier marveling over the round vowels and lyrical cadences of Simon’s voice speaking out loud the foreign words, over actually detecting him stammering over anything.

“You’re amazing—Ah, erm your speech…It’s amazing. You’re gunna do fantastic.”

“You think?” Simon’s smile radiates everything Jace wishes he had. He’s warmth, and beauty, and brightness through every layer, all rolled up into one perfect package. Jace thinks it was a daft mistake that Simon’s still here—friends with him—but a selfish, self indulgent part of him relishes that he is.

“Thanks for all your help goldilocks,” Simon squeezes Jace’s hand, and Jace swears his mind melts right out of his head.

They stand their for another moment—or hour—longer, until Jace cuffs to defuse the static in the air, before he does something really dumb, like kiss Simon.

“More borderline offensive, you fucking up your pronunciation or our parents trying to get everyone to do the Hokey Pokey?”

Simon shutters with a grimace. “Please no jokes, I still remember how my mom almost took out our neighbor’s eye during Beck’s ceremony while dancing the Macarena.”

Jace is pretty sure that he only genuinely laughs when with Simon.

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Naruto Canon Ships Appreciation

Okay, so I will preface this by saying I’m a huge multishipper, and I have so many pairings I like from this series. (Like, for example, besides the canon ships, I also ship NS, SK, SNS, etc.)

However, in the tags of many non-canon ships, there has been so much meanness and so much hate towards the canon ships and the people who ship them. (Lookin’ at you, s.ns subfandom… I love sns but yikes) 

One of the antis’ arguments has been ‘they’re all bland, boring het ships’ (even though bisexuality is a thing; I headcanon most of the characters as bi haha, but I digress), so I decided to write a little (well, maybe not so little) appreciation post for the canon ships, and point out reasons why they’re not bland and boring. 

Also, another thing I want to point out is the different sorts of families being represented, here.

And, before any antis make this comment, I’m gay! So don’t call me homophobic for liking the canon ships, please and thank you…

*EDIT: Here is a post discussing my thoughts on the ending in general, ships aside*

While the Sunshine Family might seem like the most ‘boring’ and ‘traditional’ one of the bunch, I disagree. As Hokage, Naruto is basically president of Konoha (to put it in American terms, haha). He has to balance his (extremely important and time-consuming) job with his family life, something that you can see causes tension in the Boruto movie. (Also, I’d like to point out that happiness =/= boring. I don’t understand why that argument is even a thing. [Like, I’ve seen people complain that because NaruHina is a fluffier pairing than some others, it’s boring. WOW, so a couple’s happiness is boring? UM])


Okay, so SS (tied with SaiIno) is my favorite of the canon ships (if my followers couldn’t tell already, haha), yet sadly, the most misunderstood and hated. (But that’s a rant for another day.) In the SS family, Sasuke is basically a military dad. (Well, if you consider all the shinobi in Konoha to be military, then Sasuke would be part of a more elite branch/organization, like the Department of Defense or the CIA or something mixed with a combat position). Due to the nature of his missions, he’s not home often, but, as shown in Gaiden, he loves his wife and daughter. (And he is NOT a deadbeat dad. Ugh, I am so sick of that argument. [And I am really disappointed Sasuke’s English VA said that, or something similar, in his interview. That means he misinterpreted Sasuke’s character…])


Honestly, I think this the one ship most people agree on, because it was so damn obvious it was going to happen, haha. What’s interesting about this ship is that Temari is technically an immigrant to Konoha, so imagine all the challenges that come with that.


Similarly to Temari, Karui is also an immigrant to Konoha. But unlike Temari, she wasn’t part of Chouji’s friend group until much later on. (And for people complaining that Karui didn’t know Chouji when they were younger/wasn’t part of the original Naruto characters, so she shouldn’t have ended up with Chouji, really? As one of my good friends aptly said, do you really think that everyone will marry someone they knew from high school? Obviously not. I find it perfectly fine that Chouji dated, then married someone who he met later on in life. (Now I want to know how their relationship happened, haha.)


Oh man, as I said in the SasuSaku bit, SS and SaiIno are my favorite canon ships. (I shipped Sai and Ino back when it was considered a crack pair!!) Now, I find this ship to be the most interesting because of the heavy emotional component of it. Sai is a person who had been conditioned since he was very young to suppress his emotions, and because of that, he’s very socially stunted. Ino, on the other hand, is extremely emotional, and always has been. So I feel like they’re the perfect people for each other, and balance out really well. And while these differences would inevitably cause some disagreements, I feel like they’d also help each other grow and understand each other. (Also, for the posts saying that SaiIno ripped off SNS, HUH? Sai and Ino have nothing to do with Naruto and Sasuke, so I don’t even understand why this is used against SaiIno)


And these aren’t exactly ships, but…

Rock Lee, unless Metal Lee’s mother is shown (I hope it turns out to be Tenten, haha XD) is a single dad.

Gaara is also a single dad, with an adopted son. That’s also something I haven’t seen often in anime.

anonymous asked:

Hello, amazing person! Who is your favorite DS9 character? I know it's hard to pick just one but, maybe, three top characters? And maybe tell us what your three favorite episodes per season are? Only if you want to and have time, I just love hearing your opinions. :)

Hello anon!!! You sent this to me when I was in the beginning of Season 7 and I saved it until here at the end so I could give you THE DEFINITIVE ANSWERS.


**Note on picking method, although I’ll try to explain more if anyone wants, as coming up with a rationale for my emotional choices is one of my favorite INFJ pastimes

Character: Julian “Biscuit” Bashir, let’s face the facts and they are these. Actually it would be harder to pick ONLY TWO MORE of my darlings than to just leave it at that, so I will. This is the only cheat I’m gonna give myself though!

…except for how I’ve just decided that instead of 3 favorite eps per season I get 21 total. Because a few seasons are fave-heavy so we’re just gonna redistribute, shhh, don’t worry about it.

1x04 ‘Babel’ - Chief O’Brien trips a booby trap left on the station and all hell & nonsense breaks loose, in the first instance of the DS9 plot conceit that dreams are made of. Specifically mine.

1x16 ‘The Forsaken’ - Just a lot of great character work here, across the whole crew. This is where I was starting to feel like I was really getting to know these people, and I really liked them.

2x22 ‘The Wire’ - One of my favorite episode of television I have ever seen. Like of all of them, of all the television. It’s astonishing, just on an objective level, even before you get to my personal soft spots for storytelling and spies serving tea and narratives that don’t tell me the answers, GOD, never tell me.

2x23 ‘Crossover’ - In which we learn that I unironically love Mirror ‘Verse episodes like some sort of astral raccoon rolling around in this dumb glittery space garbage. (Anyway, in an unexpected “haha help me” discovery, my notes reveal that Julian was already one-sidedly referring to O’Brien as his best friend at this point.)

3x07 ‘Civil Defense’
- Conceivably the best DS9 recap I’ve written, which makes me happy as this second station booby trap episode would be in the running for the best of the series. An absolute ball of fun made even more lovable to me by how fucking impeccable the plotting of this one is. A triumph of the writers room, a showcase of an ensemble piece, an exemplar of the space genres.

3x20-21 ‘Improbably Cause’ / ‘The Die is Cast’ - Two-parters count as one, especially GARAK TWO-PARTERS. A gift to Andrew Robinson, a gift from Andrew Robinson. Andrew Robinson!

3x22 ‘Explorers’ - Ben and Jake go on a father-son road trip in the prettiest space sailing ship the world has ever seen, and Miles and Julian get drunk and talk about their feelings: this episode is worth its weight in latinum.

4x03 ‘Hippocratic Oath’
- Lost-crashing onto a desert island in space, NCO Chief O’Brien needs to figure out how to negotiate the increasingly undeniable/unfortunate reality that Dr. Bashir is his superior officer as well as his second spouse, in a uniquely Tarra-oriented episode that I love dearly.

4x15 ‘Bar Association’ - The one where Rom unionizes and Worf tries to figure out just what Star Trek he’s on now is honestly one of my favorites of the whole lot. Initially I was going to classify it as a standalone, but then remembered I’ve tried to explain it to people only to realize each time that it actually required such strong foundations in character and culture to work as well as it did.

4x16 ‘Accession’ - Tons of fantastic religion and relationship stuff for Kira Nerys and Ben “The Emissary” Sisko, one of my most favorite pairs, and meanwhile the Julian/Miles/Keiko storyline just shoots for the STARS.

4x24 ‘Body Parts’ - Again, every element here firing on all cylinders. Quark commissioning Garak to murder him when he least expects it, Nerys being adopted into the O’Brien family, the whole station scrounging up things to help Quark build his bar back, my tears….

5x03 ‘Looking For Par’Mach In All the Wrong Places’
- Perhaps the best way to get across just how much I love the Andy Robinson-directed station rom-com that plays like a Deep Space Harold Lloyd film, is if I tell you it bumped ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’ off my Season 5 set.

5x06 ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’ - A glorious thing. Ohhhh the nostalgia, the jokes, the X-Files-esque framing device, the love, the fuchsia….

5x14-15 ‘In Purgatory’s Shadow’ / ‘By Inferno’s Light’ - Garak + intrigue + the single greatest reveal that has ever happened to me. So good I can hardly stand it. THE WAY THEY USED THE COSTUME CHANGE. God. Some part of me is still yelling.

5x25 ‘In the Cards’ - Pure happiness. Baseball cards, mad scientists, Jake and Nog on a Quest of Tasks, and begins with a high style wartime dinner table tableau that is second only to the first few minutes of Legion ‘Chapter 3’ for my all-time favorite episode opening. Hell, it might even still be first. Representative note: “this was the best episode, it’s this one.”

6x01 ‘A Time To Stand’ & 6x05 ‘Favor the Bold’
- I love my weary weird war-worn Defiant crew, I love my crackling, smoldering Kira, I love living on a starship again, I love all the resistance plotting in Quark’s bar — I love this S6 miniseries!! I’ve picking my two favorites out of the six because we’d already established that two-parters count as one. Don’t think about it too much and it makes sense.

6x07 ‘You Are Cordially Invited’ - One of the best Jadzia Dax episodes of the series, and not just because she throws a party with a fire dancer and physically fights her mother-in-law.

6x25 ‘The Sound of Her Voice’ - Such a beautiful conceit. In many ways this is an episode about loneliness, but it comes together in a way that is actually celebrating how much connections with others truly mean to us as people. Just a wonderfully Star Trek sort of episode, in its graceful melding of the heartfelt and philosophical with a high-grade ~science fiction~ plot. 

7x06 ‘Treachery, Faith, and the Great River’ - The peak Nog episode and the peak Weyoun episode. In its melding of the hilarious and the misadventure and the fucked up, it hits that rollicking heart-rocking surreal realism vibe I associate with Heller’s Catch-22, which makes sense as memory-for-trifles told me that was the inspiration for the Great River plot. Nice.

7x21 ‘When It Rains…: Part 5’ & 7x22 ‘Tacking Into the Wind: Part 6’ - I am…treating this like a two-parter within the 10-ep conclusion stretch. Just let it happen. And when you do you will get: Kira donning a Starfleet uniform, Julian medically yelling at people over Space Skype, Miles apparently just starting to sleep over in the infirmary, Winn banishing blind Dukat to beg in the streets of Bajor, and The Garak & Kira Show, feat. the Damar Development – the Cardassian Resistance being one of my verrry favorite things to come out of this season.

7x23 ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’ - Miles/Julian, Deep Space Inception. my notes: “like if I’d written this story myself I would think ‘well that was self-indulgent’ — that’s the level of My Thing we’re at here.”

Honorable Mentions, holy shit there’s a lot of good stuff in this list:
2x02 ‘The Circle’ / 2x03 ‘The Siege’ - 3x03 ‘House of Quark’ - 3x16 ‘Prophet Motive’ - 4x01 ‘The Way of the Warriors: Part 1 & 2’ - 4x05 ‘Rejoined’ - 4x09 ‘Our Man Bashir’ - 5x05 ‘The Assignment’ - 5x12 ‘The Begotten’ - 5x16 ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’ - 6x14 ‘One Little Ship’ - 6x18 ‘Inquisition’ - 7x03 ‘After Image’ - 7x04 ‘Take Me Out to the Holosuite’ - 7x05 ‘The Siege of AR-558’ - 7x15 ‘Badda-Bing Badda-Bang’

And you didn’t ask these but I’ll tell ya

Favorite Whole Season: SEASON 4, omg Season 4, are u kidding me S4

Favorite Writer: Ron Moore, followed by my guy Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Favorite Director: Michael Dorn definitely. All three episodes he directed appear in this post – a perfect batting average.

[Masterpost of Tarra Treks Through DS9 because crosslinking all of this seemed ridiculous]

Nurseydex Musical AU

Based on this prompt:

Ford normally loved being a stage manager. She loved watching her classmates run around the stage and dance and sing in the musicals. She loved the hustle and bustle of being backstage and moving props. Ford normally loved all of these things, until this year.

 For some reason Samwell decided to do an all-male musical rendition of Heathers. Why? Ford couldn’t fathom. It was the most ridiculous idea she had heard; but they also made the fall play all women, so it was probably a “screw gender roles! Let’s let boys play girl characters!” idea (which defeated the purpose because boys were also playing boy roles).

The staff-directors normally had a great idea of actors with chemistry, but the actors of Veronica and JD were constantly at each other’s throats. They couldn’t get through Fight for Me without Veronica tripping JD while he’s standing still, or poking his sides. Honestly Ford was exhausted. But these were her boys, and she was going to fix this. After this particular rehearsal she rushed over to the pair, and hustled them into the black box.

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Steve Rogers/Captain America - Snow Storm - Part 2

You’re on a mission with Steve, a simple, run of the mill mission. The two of you end up getting caught in a snow storm so you find a small cabin to stay in while you wait it out. You’d never had a chance to be alone or this close with Steve before, so this was going to be rather interesting. You realize that your firewood supply is running low and you know that you have to conserve it because you have no idea how long you’re going to be here. Since it’s so cold and you have a very limited supply of firewood, the two of you have no choice but to share a bed for warmth

Steve x Fem!Reader

Warning: Little mention of alcohol

A/N: Any extracts from books are in italics and are not owned by me. All credit goes to the authors.

Part 1

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Stars Will Shine (A Malec Fanfic)

SUMMARY: Alec and Isabelle Lightwood rose to fame as child actors on their hit show ‘Hunters’. Now with the show finished, they’re living out their dreams as two of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors. But with fame and privilege also comes the added annoyance of the paparazzi, something that Alec could do without. He had a secret to keep, after all.

Enter Magnus Bane, rockstar extraordinaire and everyone’s favorite gossiping material. Also, incidentally, the most attractive person Alec had ever laid eyes on.

Looks like Alec’s secret might come out after all.

(OR: A completely gratuitous celebrity AU complete with lots of Malec goodness, Lightwood sibling bonding, and other shenanigans.)

Read it on AO3 here!

Or read chapter one under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Alright, so I've been on the fence about asking you this for a while. I know you're a die-hard Clois shipper and, for the most part, don't care for a lot of the changes in the New 52, some out of personal preference, others for well founded reasons. But I need to know... What are your thoughts on the Superman/Wonder woman pairing? Yay or nay? If it's nay, I know it's not because she's 'not Lois'. You usually put more thought into your opinions than that standard 'herd mentality' thought.

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Matt Bomer interview for Elle Italy (Sept 2015)

—– This is a GOOGLE TRANSLATION of this interview. Please take that into consideration while reading. ——– 

It is one of the most fascinating young actors in Hollywood . Talk with Matt Bomer, who is 37 years old and in Magic Mike XXL steals the screen to Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello, is always interesting. 

The elegant Matt, who had conquered the audience in The Normal Heart and is preparing to bring to the screen the life of Montgomery Clift in a biopic already much discussed, is married to publicist Simon Halls. They have adopted and are growing “with maximum happiness and commitment” three beautiful children,  six year twins and the eldest of eight.

In Hollywood puritanical and hypocritical politically correct, Matt did coming out with serene courage, years ago, without fear of losing roles as loving and manly characters.

“I have a beautiful family,” he says,  "A work that I built with dedication and commitment, I believe in the integrity of my work and my private. We live years of apparent freedom and rights won, but I am the first to admit that it is not easy to convince many of a relationship defined “different”.  Reject the lies, the compromises and limitations of the role.  The talent, the passion for acting, adherence to roles have nothing to do with foolish and gossip are far away, or so it seems, the years when Rock Hudson had to hide his true identity. “

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hereff  asked:

Hello... sorry it might sound really really stupid but I'm still soooo new in this fandom and I keep seeing Robespierre love birds jokes and I'm just legit so curious about it. Can I ask you where it comes from? Thank you!

No, it’s not stupid at all!

The “Robespierre Love Birds” jokes probably comes from how, despite how many different colors Robespierre has been painted through the centuries, one hue stands consistent: Dang, did that man love birds.

To be fair, the joke necessarily exaggerates Robespierre’s affections for comic effect. He had a large pet dog named Brount as well as canaries as an adult so it was not as though he was the Crazy Bird Man a la the cliché Crazy Cat Lady (this is a Robespierre blog and all but he wasn’t that cool, sorry). Nonetheless Robespierre and Birds appear too many times in the contemporary records for us to roll our eyes and not take notice.

I suspect that tumblr’s fascination with Robespierre and birds is rooted in the Pigeon Story. It’s the most famous and consistently cited as a backbone of biographies on Robespierre so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is what inspired so many jokes, considering Robespierre throws a temper tantrum over a bird.

And yeah, it’s a cute story. The tl;dr version is: When Maximilien Robespierre was a boy he had pigeons and one day he gave one to his younger sister, Charlotte. Excepting his speech of 8 Thermidor, this would prove to be his most disastrous of decisions.  

The anecdote is lifted from the memoirs of Robespierre’s younger sister, Charlotte. The French is available for free perusal but is too long for me to translate myself – and so the below has been graciously transcribed by montagnarde1793, initially published here. So if you want to send anyone fraternal greetings and thanks, send them her way.

The full version is thus:

My father’s two sisters took us in, my sister and I; our maternal grandparents charged themselves with the care of raising Maximilien and our younger brother Augustin. The first was placed in the college of Arras, and made in very little time, rapid progress which surprised his masters. His taste for studying and serious things rendered him very applied to his duties. He had shown from very early on a sweet and just character which made him cherished by everyone. He rarely shared the games and pleasures of his comrades; he liked to be alone to think at his ease, and passed entire hours reflecting. He had been given pigeons and sparrows which he took the greatest care of, and close to which he often came to pass the moments which he did not consecrate to his studies.

            I read in those ignoble biographies where my brother Maximilien was painted in the blackest colors, that his favorite childhood games consisted of making animals suffer, and that he was amused to cut off birds’ heads to become accustomed to one day cut off those of men. One must profess a very great contempt for the public, and believe them totally without good sense, to expect them to believe such absurd tales. What! My brother, while he was a student, which is to say fifteen or twenty years before Guillotin had invented the instrument of execution which bears his name, would have, according to the biographies I have just spoken of, constructed a little guillotine with which he would amuse himself to decapitate birds! In truth, it is to make injury to the readers of these Memoirs to undertake the refutation of such ridiculous stories. I leave their indignation to make these abominable imputations wither away.

            We were sent, my sister and I, to go join our two brothers every Sunday. These were days of happiness and joy for us. My brother Maximilien, who collected images and engravings, displayed his riches and was happy with the pleasure of seeing that we felt they should be contemplated. He also gave us the honors of his aviary, and placed his sparrows and pigeons, one after another, into our hands. We strongly desired that he should give us one of his favorite birds; we solicited this with entreaties; he refused for a long time, fearing that we would not take the best possible care of them. Yet one day, he ceded to our insistences  and gave us a handsome pigeon. My sister and I, we were enchanted. He made us promise to never let it lack for anything; we swore thus a thousand times, and kept our word for a few days, and moreover we would have kept our oath forever if the unhappy pigeon, forgotten by us in the garden, had not perished on a stormy night. At the news of this death, Maximilien’s tears flowed, he piled reproaches on us that we had only too well merited, and swore that he would no more confer any of his dear pigeons on us.

            It was sixty years ago that by a childish flightiness I was the cause of my elder brother’s chagrin and tears: and well! My heart bleeds for it still; it seems to me that I have not aged a day since the tragic end of the poor pigeon was so sensitive to Maximilien, such that I was affected by it myself.

But ho, ho, ho – was this just a chance event? A childhood tragedy relating to birds and not indicative of a lifelong love?

Robespierre was nothing if not consistent.

Post-childhood and pre-Revolution, Robespierre apparently still loved birds. Or he loved them enough to get a pair as pets. But of course, Robespierre had to use picking up chicks as an opportunity to try and pick up a chick. His attempt is immortalized below in a letter to the birds’ breeder. (Is Robespierre Awkwardly Flirts a history-joke that crashed through tumblr? ‘Cuz I feel like it should be considering this is the second time in two days that I had an opportunity to poke fun at his inability to pick up literal, rather than metaphorical, chicks. Not to mention the Madame Tussaud thing.):


I have the honor of sending you a report upon an interesting subject. Such homage may be rendered to the Graces themselves when their other fascinations they join the gift of being able to think and feel, and when they are alike worthy of conferring happiness and of mourning disaster.

Talking of so important a subject, shall I be pardoned, Mademoiselle, if I speak of canaries? No doubt I shall be if the canaries are interesting; and coming from you, could they fail to be? They are very pretty and, being bred by yourself, we expected them to be the most gentle and social of canaries. What was our surprise when, upon approaching the cage, they threw themselves against the bars with an impetus which made us fear for their lives!  They recommence this performance every time they see the hand that feeds them. What plan of education did you adopt for them, ad how have they acquired this savage character? Do the doves that the Graces rear for the chariot of Venus display this wild temperament? Such a face as yours should surely have familiarized without difficulty your canaries with the human face. Or is it that, after seeing yours, they cannot tolerate any other? I beg of you to explain this phenomenon  Meanwhile, with all their faults, we shall always find them lovable. My sister begs me to express her thanks for your kindness in sending her this present, and to assure you of the affection with which you have inspired her.

I am, with respect, Mademoiselle, your very humble and very obedient servant,

de Robespierre

22 June, 1782

P.S- I have the honor to enclose three copies of the report, and leave you to dispose as you think fit of those you do not intend to keep. 

If anyone has any other examples of Robespierre And Birds, please feel free to add them in a reblog!

Feminism and the Woobie Villain: The Case of OUAT and Swan Queen

Long paragraphs ahead, as I’ve tried to condense my experience into this one text. Sorry if it’s not focused and coherent enough along with being so long. I also wasn’t sure if I should send it here or to one of the anti-Regina blogs, or the anti-villains blog, but my experience is deeply entangled with SQ fandom and specifically the way SQ is shipped.   

Regina and SQ used to be at the top of my favorite things about OUAT. But the fandom made me increasingly uncomfortable, and I’m not sure I realized how much until I ran into people who liked and expressed caring for Emma, Snow, and the Charmings in general. I spent most of the first two seasons in a Regina-stanning section of the fandom and it burned me out. There’s just a lot of canon denial and bashing of characters. It’s not unfamiliar to me; I’ve shipped hero/villain pairings before, and the hero, usually a female character, gets a lot of flak compared to the woobie villain. I always mind it, but it doesn’t necessarily put me off the ship if I can minimize contact with the bad parts of fandom.  

The thing I found special here is that I got confused. Regina was a woman, played by a Latina actress, and I thought it was a good point that the show seen through that point of view looked different and in some ways empowering. But then, that wasn’t what was on the show. Regina’s actions, their context, and her pov about them were not consistent with that of a disempowered woman of color fighting against a system that made her a villain. It could be argued-and I have thought it- that making the main poc a villain who inaccurately saw herself as misunderstood, everyone’s victim, and going the wrong way about her anger is a problem. But the criticisms I have seen most of the time are that the characters shouldn’t be allowed to or should be punished for seeing her as a villain, not that the setup and execution of a Latina in the Evil Queen role should have been different. The main and often only poc is a villain? Problem. The main poc villain who’s legitimately terrible and out of line is right, doing the best she can in an unfair society, should win, and everyone else should be sorry? Not the solution to the problem. Okay I don’t want to go on a tangent and that subject is too complicated to really get into here without doing that.

So, Swan Queen. I got confused because I felt I should be cheering for Regina without doubts, because the people I was around who were doing it were invoking feminism, Regina as a victim who empowered herself, who was deeply wronged by those she targeted, and who deserved more from Henry and Emma and everyone. And I feel pretty strongly about feminism,  and about those kinds of stories about women. About women helping each other in unjust systems. The Savior saving the traumatized misunderstood Evil Queen, reintegrating her into society! Lesbian mothers in a custody battle getting together, like all those stories about straight parents who fight a lot and end up happy together! I felt like I was being unfeminist because my feelings didn’t totally match that. I kept thinking of how terrible she was all those times fans: praised her badassery; how hot she was when making Snow White cry as Mary Margaret because of the attempted framing; how right she was when she essentially told Jefferson it was his own fault she was leaving him in Wonderland without his daughter. How right she was about Henry and how ungrateful Henry was and how Emma was doing wrong by opposing Regina and taking Henry away. I wasn’t all that invested in Henry but I thought the problem was him being more of a plot device to make Emma and Regina fight, and make fans feel bad for them. Anyone going “she’s his mother, she raised him in a stable home Emma couldn’t have offered, how dare he” made me very uncomfortable. And Emma was wrong in trying to leave Storybrooke with him, but for reasons that had nothing to do with what Regina was owed. I felt the show was being anti-adoption—because they were making the adoptive mother such an evil and abusive person compared to the birth mother, not because they were showing the birth mother taking away the poor adoptive mother’s child like it was okay. Praising a female character’s villainy or alleged villainy is fine and can be feminist. I’ve done it. It’s got precedent with Morgan le Fay, Lilith, Medea, Clytemnestra, Helen, Eve, etcetera. There’s nothing wrong in itself for enjoying her badassery or finding her hot when she hurts others. But the way Regina is praised is different from the feminist tradition for reasons of ‘she doesn’t subvert the patriarchy at all within or without the story’ and others, which I can’t go into here or I’ll veer farther away from my point.   

Please forgive the length and the wandering; this is hard to put into words, it’s complicated for me to consider and express. The main problem I have with Regina and Swan Queen is how fandom treats them. It erases or dismisses how wrong Regina is both in the sense that her actions are evil and in the sense that her perspective is distorted to make those actions acceptable to her. It takes on her point of view on her victimhood, including ignoring things that are true about her. It elevates her over all the other characters, with particular emphasis on elevating her over Henry, Snow, and Emma. It bashes an abused child—two actually, because she raised Snow as well—for the sake of praising the abusive mother, shits on the female character shipped with its favorite, and shows no empathy for Regina’s victims. It seems to want Emma with Regina mainly to validate Regina, as a kind of trophy girlfriend who proves to everyone that Regina was right and good all along, because the prophesied savior figure, daughter of the Charmings who treat Regina so unjustly, will protect and defend her against everyone and tell them off for misunderstanding and hurting Regina. Nevermind how hard it would be for Emma to, if she ever had feelings for Regina, navigate those feelings and her feelings for the family she’s just found and loves and wants to protect. To navigate them when Regina has done so much wrong to her and the people she protects. Her way of doing that shouldn’t lead to “Regina is right! Let’s all treat Regina better! Those wrongs don’t exist or aren’t important!”

Also, the few times I’ve seen something about how Swan Queen will be good for Emma, it’s ‘Regina will care about and respect Emma’s personhood, unlike those male love interests, because she knows what it’s like to have hers mistreated.’ It’s possible for Regina to feel empathy for Emma when she lets herself, but her treatment of Henry, Sidney, and Graham strongly suggest that she will have controlling and possessive tendencies that, especially in season one, would manifest in a relationship with Emma. I don’t think I’ve ever heard another SQ shipper express this. Regina exerted complete control over Graham and used it to abuse him sexually. Regina’s flaws wouldn’t go away if she was with Emma. Women do sexual violence less often than men, but they still do it, and they do it to other women as well as to men.

All this is done under the name of feminism and resisting homophobia. It was kind of a trip trying to figure out if I was really being sexist or homophobic for disagreeing and in some cases thinking ‘nope, you are flat-out so wrong, ignoring canon while pretending you aren’t, and doing some sexist bashing. You are stanning incorrectly!’

To be clear: I have no problem with being forced to question if I’m doing something sexist. That is fine and I think people should question themselves more often. The fact is that I questioned myself because people are using feminism, sometimes even fervently, to center one character above all the others, instead of using the character to support feminism, which is how fandom portrays what it’s doing. And I couldn’t see that it was doing that for a long time. I used to think it was a great thing that Regina was getting the fandom adulation and energy usually reserved for woobie male villains, but now it bothers me. I see it as making her one of the boys, fandom giving her honorary male privilege in so much as it treats her as totally superior to the other female characters, puts her up at the expense of the others, the way I’ve seen done with male villains in every other fandom I’ve been in. (And in this one for that matter. I ship CS too. Fandom makes me want to crawl into a shell of bitterness.)  

I still have a lot of affection for the relationship between Emma and Regina, its potential, and Regina herself, backslides and all. I love that Regina is powerful and I am sometimes transfixed by how good she looks. But I feel very wary about heading into SQ spaces, the way I am wary when I head into spaces for my het ships. Only at least those het ships don’t usually use feminism when they elevate one character at the expense of a female one.   

Same anon who just sent a long submission about SQ and feminism. I think I should add this—short this time—comment. It’s partly my own fault that I am burnt-out on SQ, and on shipping Regina with anyone at all. It’s the confusion and disillusionment at finding so much wrong in a space dedicated to loving a lesbian relationship and talking about feminism. I already knew that just because one is a feminist or otherwise someone who should know better, doesn’t mean one will always do better. We’re all ordinary people in an ordinary flawed society. I held SQ fandom to a higher standard, which could have been okay if I had looked at what happened there more clearly. But I didn’t get it for a while.

BM Note: Good gosh, I’m so impressed by this and you’ve pretty much put everything I’ve ever thought about into one post. Bravo! I wish more people thought about these things and maybe they’ll realize what’s really going on, especially within their own fandom and amongst their shipmates. It’s always good to question yourself and to question others! That just means you’re really putting things into consideration and that you’re not just taking on things like sheep would. Think for yourself and enjoy things however you want to enjoy them, but realize when things are going too far. I’m really hoping people will read over everything you had to say, anon. You have my applause!