one of my favorite pairings adopting one of my favorite characters

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001 one piece

  • Favorite character: zoro!!!
  • Least Favorite character: akainu 
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): z/olu, f/robin, z/osanlu, s/anlu, c/arinam
  • Character I find most attractive: zoro
  • Character I would marry: zoro
  • Character I would be best friends with: LUFFY
  • a random thought: why does luffy bite cups 
  • An unpopular opinion: s/anami can be p ok sometimes
  • my canon OTP: f/robin if it counts as canon
  • Non-canon OTP: z/olu
  • most badass character: zoro 
  • pairing I am not a fan of: i guess z/osan??? my onion changes on them a lot lol
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): t/ashigi TBH
  • favourite friendship: THE STRAW HATS
  • character I want to adopt or be adopted by: i want whitebeard to adopt me