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A: AGE - 17 years old!
B: BIRTHPLACE - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
C: CURRENT TIME - 10:52 AM at my place!
D: DRINK YOU HAD LAST - Strawberry tea!
E: EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO - My friends online and my parents, somehow!
F: FAVORITE SONG - I wanna go by Yuna! Best song for a moment, tbh!
G: GROSSEST MEMORY - I can’t remember, but there is one dream that I don’t want to talk about, it kinda… gross.
H: HOGWARTS HOUSE - Hufflepuff, somehow!
I: IN LOVE? - Food, Sleep, Choices, Arcana, MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS (you know who, the endless trio, mostly)
J: JEALOUS OF PEOPLE - sometime, yes. I mean, i kinda get jealous when my friend talk to another ppl, somehow??? but it not that bad, really.
L: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OR SHOULD I WALK BY AGAIN - I better walk by again. I have no time for falling in love usdgdugifgu
M: MIDDLE NAME - Nope. Don’t have one.
N: NUMBER OF SIBLINGS - Single child, wooo
O: ONE WISH - To my friends to stay on my side. I don’t want to be left alone. Or be abandoned by anyone.
Q: QUESTION YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED - Did you eat yet? Do you homeworks? What game did you play?
R: REASON TO SMILE - My friends and the will to stay alive. I want to make my friend be happy, even tbh they ignore me, but i still care about them.
S: SONG YOU SANG LAST -  tomppabeats - on your mind

T: TIME YOU WOKE UP - 4: 30 am, and I can’t sleep lately
U: UNDERWEAR COLOR - ….blue lmao
V: VACATION DESTINATION - England on end of year, woo
W: WORST HABIT - waking up late, sleep too much (and eat too much) and bite my lips sometimes
X: X-RAYS - Chest, Hand and Legs

Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD - Chicken and some soup woo!


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Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour

I’m sitting in my hotel room, skillfully eating some leftover chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel with a coffee straw cause I don’t have a fork, putting off taking off my makeup, and writing this post while everything is still kinda fresh in my mind.

I had the most amazing time tonight at the show! I honesty wish my brain was working better now so I could write better words but this is all I got lol

The show was SO GOOD!! I had so much fun and the Louisville Palace was beautiful!! Like wow it was a gorgeous theater and I’m so glad I got the chance to go! I appreciate so much what everyone did to put this show together for all of us and it all went so well! 

I had VIP seats so I got to see Mark sing before the show started and I am honestly so proud of him for facing his fear of singing in front of everyone and doing so well! Sorry the phone lights threw you off a little but tbh it really added to the moment. And I’m glad you got your little guitar clamp thing back lol Thank you so much for doing that for us~

I had seen little clips of the show here and there from June and I thought it looked amazing but I was not prepared for how much more fun and amazing it was to actually be there and participate in the show! Every second was so funny and fun and I think my favorite part was the dance off! Sorry Ethan but Mark won this one lol The fan participation was so cool!

I love the whole team so much it was awesome to see them all perform in person. ALSO AMY AND KATHRYN!! Shout-out to them for being awesome and beautiful and going around to get questions from people!

Okay I better wrap this up cause I’ve rambled too much at this point. I might write more tomorrow if I can think of more to say. But thank you Mark, Ethan, Bob, Wade, Tyler, Amy, Kathryn, and of course Dan the Music Man for putting on a fantastic show that I won’t forget~


P.S. - My mom also loved the show and thought you all did amazing!


Team Free Will so far on season 12

Look, thank you. Thank you. Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life. And the things that… the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you. Just please… please, don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die. Just run. Save yourselves.

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if you haven't done this yet, top five serves in haikyuu?

I’m….so weak for all the serves tbh 

1. Oikawa. Ah, nobody serves the way you do, baby and I’m so here for people being absolutely dead inside and outside before during and after his serves. He truly is the most beautiful and I think that this particular one from the last Karasuno vs. Aoba Johsai match could really be my favorite. But also, every Oikawa serve is my favorite Oikawa serve so there’s that

2. Yamaguchi. This moment. I cried all the tears I’ve got in my eyes and I wanted to run on the court the same way Noya and Hinata tried to do. It was so epic and it meant so much for our little Yams. A person who always felt behind everyone, the only first year not on the starting line, who’s not so good at anything and yet was able to trick with his killer serve one of the best liberos in Haikyuu. And not only him. That happened with Nishinoya too during practice. I can’t even find the words to describe how endlessly proud I am of him :’)

3. Semi. “I want to show my abilities. This desire is too strong. Although I know that the current Shiratorizawa does not need such a setter, this desire is un-containable. But, when I’m serving, I am free.” Like, damn. Semi is honestly so badass and he reminds me of Suga on so many levels. It doesn’t matter that he’s not the official setter anymore, no one could ever dare take his desire to fight away from him, and he will. He’s untamable and I love him so much

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Plus that tongue thing he does before serving really makes me feel…things

4. Kageyama. Same as Oikawa (I mean he’s his student, after all), every time Kags serves is just mesmerizing to watch

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Sorry for the spam it’s just that I could really watch him serve on repeat for the rest of my life and be quite happy with that

5. Bokuto & Iwaizumi aka my favorite aces…missing their serves ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶

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(You thought I wouldn’t find a way to put Bokuto even in this top 5. Jokes on you.)

- Bonus: BUT there’s just one, true person that deservers the most iconic Haikyuu serve award. And that person is…HINATA SHOUYOU (…mmmh watcha say?)

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There's this video/gif of kd that always makes me smile like an idiot. It's where soo is holding jangah(i think) in his arms and mongu and jangu are crowding at his feet trying to climb him. something about the familiarity between soo and nini's dogs is so endearing. The dogs are like 'this is our other dad. he's smol and adorable and we like to cuddle with him'

Yes, that’s one of my favorite kaisoo moments tbh! Cuz it’s right before filming for Showtime, so it means that Soo cuddled with their Ji’s dogs before Soo went to the movies alone.. ;__;

They all wanna go to Soo, you can tell that they’re very familiar with him, he’s their dad too.

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I'm new to this blog and I love it so much already!!! Stay awesome *finger guns* Could you maybe do top 5 Ukai moments or something like that? He deserves more love, he's one of my favourite characters tbh

top 5 moments of ukai keishin?? i love him A LOT

There isn’t enough attention for Ukai Keishin on tumblr. Could you please do his top 5 moments?

Sure thing my beans, our favorite coach deserves all the love possible!

1. “Don’t you dare look down! Volleyball is a sport where you are always looking up!”.  This moment gave me real chills. He already took both the timeouts but, seeing his boys starting to struggle, he decided to YELL at them one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever heard in Haikyuu. And if you think that these were the last words his voice actor gifted us with before passing away…it’s…even more perfect. 

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2. “Eat…eat…a little at a time…but be sure…to grow stronger.” This is hands down one of the most emotional moments of season one. Karasuno just lost to Aoba Johsai, and Ukai’s first thought was to take care of them, the only way he could. They are all crying, but he’s smiling, because he knows his little corws just have to work some more, to fall some more, before they learn to fly…again. 

3. “IT CAN’T BE ONE SIDED!!!!” or the epic moment in which Ukai decided to make kagehina sort thier shit out, and sent Hinata to train with Ukai senior and figured that what Kageyama needed to learn was a toss that stops. We owe everything to this man right here. 

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4. “MY LOTS OF LITTLE RASCALS”. He dreams about doing the battle of the trash heap because that’s what his boys desire the most. He  !!! loves !!! them !!! so !!! much !!! 

5. “Did I look like someone who got good grades?”. SIMPLY ICONIC. 

- bonus: Ukai’s folk song. With this majestic piece of music, I personally want to thank his seiyuu Tanaka Katsunari. He did an incredilbe job with voicing our beloved Coach Ukai. He’ll forever be missed. 

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Unpopular Shadowhunters Opinion: As much as I love Alec & Magnus and as much I’ve enjoyed Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum, Jr’s performance I wish they weren’t so straight in their scenes. By this, I mean moments that there should be more familiarity between two people in love it plays very much as Magnus places a hand on the shoulder. Alec & Magnus kiss. It’s all very perfunctory. 

One of my favorite m/m ships was Will & Sonny on the daytime drama Days of Our Lives. Now tbh their kissing moments was also very perfunctory but where the actors excelled at was the small moments. Each scene they were in together they would add something extra whether it was holding hands under the table or holding hands or playing with each other’s fingers so that they were connected physically. These small actions weren’t in the script but were instead added by the actors. 

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More recently we witnessed Norwegian actors Tarjei Sandvik Moe and Henrik Holm breathe life into the relationship between their characters Isak & Even with such realism that all other m/m pairings will be held up to them in comparison. With both Will & Sonny and Isak & Even, it was easy to forget that they weren’t real people. However, sometimes with Alec & Magnus, it just seems like two guys playing gay by two straight actors.


Another screencap redraw I did because I just had to//

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Only thing I didn't like is that it was sooo short :/ also what did you think about the part where Sansa was looking at Arya fight (she gave her some sketchy looks imo)

tbh that was one of my favorite scenes. in the catacombs when arya mentions her list, sansa initially reacts with disbelief and you could even read it as kind of condescending given that she literally laughs in arya’s face. i think sansa kind of thought it was a childish wishful thing, and was still thinking of arya as her baby sister. 

then in the later scene with bran, when bran says arya was headed to king’s landing to kill cersei, sansa has a moment of realization where she realizes that the people on this list aren’t just shitstains like joffrey who have hurt everyone, but people who have mostly hurt sansa in particular. both joffrey and cersei made sansa’s life a living hell. i think in this moment sansa was realizing that this list applies to her, which is why she asks who else is on it. at this point i think part of her still doesn’t really “believe” in the fact that arya could accomplish the list, she’s just suddenly intrigued by who else is on it and perhaps a little touched that some of arya’s “must be killed” people are people arya wants to kill for the fact they’ve hurt her, specifically. 

then you have the scene with brienne. i wouldn’t consider the looks sansa gave arya as “sketchy”. i think it was more sansa coming to terms with two things: 

1. arya isn’t her “baby” sister anymore, she’s changed just as much as sansa has 
2. arya’s “list” might not be as much of a fantasy as she thought it was. 

i think it’s mainly point #2 that contributes to sansa’s reaction. she’s realizing that arya doesn’t just have a list of people she randomly wants dead. she’s realizing that arya could actually kill them if she wanted to. like it’s not a “haha my sister is a drama queen” moment. it’s a “holy shit my sister is actually kind of an assassin and where and when and how the fuck did this happen” moment. 

at least that’s how i read it anyways. 

  • Most girls: My favorite characters are the strong women or the strong men with hearts of gold!
  • Me: Me too! Especially the morally ambiguous ones who kill everyone except that one special lady who appeals to his softer nature!
  • Most girls: Wait, what?
  • Me: Yeah. You know, those characters that are introduced and one of the first things they do is kill or attack an innocent person to show how bad they are? But then you still wanna see them get a happy ending, and you get super overprotective of that character like they aren't a cold blooded murderer? Those are the best!
  • Most Girls: 😳
  • Me: And then they'll always have that one scene where they break down and have a moment of sensitivity and vulnerability and it'll feel like your heart is getting ripped out and stamped on?

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sis, have you got any dean/seamus fic recs? i feel like its been yearsss since i've read any tbh

hi! it’s been forever since i’ve read any either, no clue why honestly bc i love deamus. here are a few fics i’d recommend! 

Before I Knew (Kicon, 33k) Various moments of Dean and Seamus through their years at Hogwarts as they navigate the waters of friendship and love. [a personal favorite, i’ve read this like seven times and love it with all my heart]

Anywhere For You (elenawrites [self promo oops], 1k) Dean and Seamus elope.

Five Times Dean and Seamus Kiss, and One Time They Don’t (nomsy, 2k)  The first time Dean and Seamus kiss, they’re thirteen.

Painting Seamus (KillianJones32, 3k)  Dean is an artist who hasn’t submitted anything for his portfolio in weeks and he ends up doing a painting of his roommate Seamus who he’s had a crush on for over a year.