one of my favorite moments tbh

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Semi Eita for the character ask thing?

First impression - tbh i didn’t even pay attention to this guy because at that point the whole of shiratorizawa overwhelmed me so the only thing i remembered about him was that he had cool hair and was aesthetically pleasing

Impression now - still aesthetically pleasing but with a touch tsundere senpai ahahaha no he can and will kick my ass 

Favorite moment - idk the most memorable moment for me was when he lectured/picked a fight with shirabu? i love my intense on-court moments where the tension is through the roof and you don’t know if they’re gonna throw down or makeout or what (and you remember, oh yeah, they’re on the same team!! ahaha does that make it worse)

Idea for a story - semi off the court. semi gets dragged to the mall. semi doing normal pretty boy things except he doesn’t understand pretty boy things because he isn’t aware that he is a pretty boy. tendou declares this a national tragedy and must rectify this immediately. cue team shenanigans with a very flustered semi.

Unpopular opinion - i don’t think this counts but he would sell shirabu for a nickel and promptly drop the nickel down the drain. this boy is absolutely savage when he needs to be.

Favorite relationship - his banter with tendou (everybody should just banter with tendou tbh)

Favorite headcanon - apparently tendou said he looks bad in casual clothes and i’m still cackling about this

send me a character!! 


Team Free Will so far on season 12

Look, thank you. Thank you. Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life. And the things that… the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you. Just please… please, don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die. Just run. Save yourselves.

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if you haven't done this yet, top five serves in haikyuu?

I’m….so weak for all the serves tbh 

1. Oikawa. Ah, nobody serves the way you do, baby and I’m so here for people being absolutely dead inside and outside before during and after his serves. He truly is the most beautiful and I think that this particular one from the last Karasuno vs. Aoba Johsai match could really be my favorite. But also, every Oikawa serve is my favorite Oikawa serve so there’s that

2. Yamaguchi. This moment. I cried all the tears I’ve got in my eyes and I wanted to run on the court the same way Noya and Hinata tried to do. It was so epic and it meant so much for our little Yams. A person who always felt behind everyone, the only first year not on the starting line, who’s not so good at anything and yet was able to trick with his killer serve one of the best liberos in Haikyuu. And not only him. That happened with Nishinoya too during practice. I can’t even find the words to describe how endlessly proud I am of him :’)

3. Semi. “I want to show my abilities. This desire is too strong. Although I know that the current Shiratorizawa does not need such a setter, this desire is un-containable. But, when I’m serving, I am free.” Like, damn. Semi is honestly so badass and he reminds me of Suga on so many levels. It doesn’t matter that he’s not the official setter anymore, no one could ever dare take his desire to fight away from him, and he will. He’s untamable and I love him so much

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Plus that tongue thing he does before serving really makes me feel…things

4. Kageyama. Same as Oikawa (I mean he’s his student, after all), every time Kags serves is just mesmerizing to watch

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Sorry for the spam it’s just that I could really watch him serve on repeat for the rest of my life and be quite happy with that

5. Bokuto & Iwaizumi aka my favorite aces…missing their serves ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶

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(You thought I wouldn’t find a way to put Bokuto even in this top 5. Jokes on you.)

- Bonus: BUT there’s just one, true person that deservers the most iconic Haikyuu serve award. And that person is…HINATA SHOUYOU (…mmmh watcha say?)

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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Can y'all recommend any single dad au? Thanks!

Hello! This is one of my favorite plots ever, tbh. Especially single dad Eren and like, boss Levi. I love it. There are a few below, but feel free to check out the [DILF Eren] ask as well, because that has a few in.

Moments of Grace
Summary: “It’s not going to be an easy road,” Levi said, “but the right path never is. Do you regret taking custody? Do you regret your daughter?”
     “No!” Eren said, anger flashing across his face.
     “Good. Remember that on the days when you’re struggling.”

My Home Is Where Your Heart Is
Summary: Single father Levi is left scrambling to find an after school daycare for his daughter, Mikasa, when his regular babysitter announces that her husband’s job is being relocated. The only problem - they’re all far more expensive than he can afford. The solution to his dilemma comes in the form of a college student, Eren, who will do it for a fraction of the cost - as long as Levi will save him from a steady diet of ramen and pop-tarts by feeding him dinner every night before he leaves.

I’m Glad You Didn’t Listen
Summary: “Can you be my daddy’s boyfriend? He’s really lonely and I think you could make him happy!”


anywayyyy since everyone wants to talk about what a dick louis is (HA) i’m gonna Reject that bc false and talk about how much i love louis so anyway one of my favorite louis moments was when that fan hugged him for a long time like she was never gonna let go (same) and he was just like “bring it in…. the long embrace” and didn’t make her feels stupid or embarrassed or whatever like that’s such a good bean tbh

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hi rhiannon, Im 16 and trying to immerse myself into literature and science at the moment. would you be so kind as to recommend your favorite books? Maybe some scientific/ poetic/ enlightening/ philosophical ones ? Which ever ones, really. Thank ya! -abigail

this is great because i was just admonishing an engineering major for not reading more! this is what i said:

the AMAZING ADVENTURES of kavalier and clay by michael chabon (and all of his books tbh), a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith, octavia butler and james tiptree for scifi, zora neale hurston just like off the top of my head but i also make book review videos and read a bunch of sciencey stuff

percy blowing his action surge to run out of the mansion, grab vex, and try pulling her into safety during the pit fiend battle (which, although he didn’t get her all the way through, did allow vax and keyleth to get to her in time to heal her of poison and unconsciousness) is always going to be one of my favorite underrated perc'ahlia moments tbh

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I asked a couple blogs about their favourite Blake siblings moments and I got curious about which scenes are yours? Can you talk about some you really love?

ooh this is cool. of course i can talk about some of my favorite bellamy/octavia scenes. i really enjoy their relationship and am intrigued by its complexity. i’m so curious about how the writers will handle them in the show going forward now. im really into it. thanks for sending me this question anon btw! i love it. i haven’t answered a question like this in a while and it’s a great change from the analysis

be aware: im a sucker for small moments. leggo

bellamy and octavia hiding in a car from reaper!lincoln (2x06)

believe it or not, but this moment is so dear to me. its your typical terrifying “parking garage nightmare” scenario in which octavia finds lincoln - but not like she expected - and bellamy and her need to hide away from him. so they end up huddled together in a car, trying to stay as quiet as possible and dreading whats to come next. it’s such a heartwarming moment between the siblings though, especially when you think about how octavia tries to hold it together, whispering to herself how it’s possible for lincoln to be turned into a cannibalistic creature, and seeing bellamy quietly reassure her and tell her that they will get him back.

its one of these moments in which they actually ground each other and i love that, because most of the time it’s “fight fight fight”. octavia’s anxiety stems from her worry over losing lincoln forever, but then there is bellamy giving her hope.

bellamy and octavia in the dropship (2x07)

the chaos in the dropship scenes is sooo intense. what i love about them is that the show excels at having twenty billion things happening at once; all kinds of messy interpersonal character stuff entwined into the larger plots unfolding (mainly, the secrets of mw). and one moment i adore is this brief interaction between bellamy and octavia. its one of their rather calm confrontations.

bellamy wants to reassure his sister (once again) about lincoln, which is understandable, because he recognizes how weary she feels in this moment. clarke is certainly not sugar-coating anything, but keeping it real while they are trying to find a solution to help lincoln. so, octavia is soul-tired during the entire procedure and bellamy wants to help. then again though, we have octavia who wants to face this head on. she tells her brother that he cannot protect her from the experience this time. it’s the kind of open-communication that propels their relationship into a complete different sphere in my opinion, and allows them to grow individually, because while they care for one another - very much - there are things that they cannot stop from happening, things each has to go through.

on another note: I love how octavia calls him big brother haha.

bellamy and octavia judging you together (1x04)

i just cannot get over the visual intensity of this moment okay. sue me. talk about two unstoppable forces that present two different styles, but still work well together. this is one of my favorite blake siblings images and i have to include it.

bellamy and octavia say goodbye (1x13)

okay god. there are so many things to mention about this scene. the way octavia wants to see through this crazy war. the way lincoln makes both siblings aware of her injury - “its deep” - and that she has no chance with a wound like that. and the way bellamy has this harrowing moment of realization in which he understands that she needs to be somewhere safe, a place lincoln can only carry her to, because octavia can’t walk and bellamy can’t carry her back to the dropship, the place where he needs to be. there is so much going on. these tiny glimpses of realization and understanding we get. and bellamy and octavia are equally exposed to certain things that they need to be aware of as people.

of course, we then get this soul-wrenching goodbye between the siblings. when bellamy tells octavia that his life didn’t start until she was born, and that bellamy will always be her big brother. like, they are surrounded by war in this moment. but they still get to have this moment in which they can cling to each other, voice there inner-most feelings and then say goodbye. it’s really the kind of build up to a productive distance between the siblings where closeness is not lessened.

rather, it’s enhanced. maintained through respect, love and trust. hesitation turns into letting go. its such a good story here, presented with a strong touch (the hug), but delicate in its words. the war is frightening as much as is the part of leaving, but they still have each other. the contact isn’t lost, but grows.

last but not least.

this scene from 2x04

we have bellamy and octavia take care of their friends

we have a very personal moment between them about lincoln

and then we have them team up and fucking smile at each other

like, look at these two little shits. i love them so fucking much and they love each other a lot. and that’s it.

i mean, i definitely have other favorite moments but these are the ones that get me the most tbh (also, i wanted to keep my post rather short lol).

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Top 5 pictures of Aradia (from MSPA or fan art)

i was gonna pick fanart but i wasnt able to go thru all of it and i was getting distracted so im just gonna do official art. remind me sometime later and maybe ill try to pick out my favorite aradia fanarts ;0


i have a deep grudge against act 7 but all aradias are beautful aradias……..i have to honor her last canonical appearance until her alive self shows up in hs again 


i love my cryptid wife


where were u when aradia megido appeared out of nowhere and started serving LE’s ass to him on a platter??? (i was there, cheering her on)


a classique aradia grin. a lot of people mock this moment, but can we just appreciate her beautiful smile????? truly an icon 




╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 11: Favorite live moment: Bück Dich

There is one thing people should know about me: every being (except my parents, of course :p) that knows me and haven’t heard about Rammstein, will eventually be forced to watch the Bück Dich with me and there’s nothing they can do. In my last year in school I downloaded both this and the Pussy uncensored video, saved to my cellphone, called random friends to my desk and showed them lol I’m that kind of person, yeah. But, why the Bück Dich? ‘Cause that’s the first live performance that I ever watched back then when I was getting into the band, so you can see my little teenage ass surprised when Till pulls a dildo out of his pants and squirts at the damn crowd. I was shocked, curious, but more than anything, I was in love with the band already, so there was nothing they could do that would make me dislike them lol and honestly, I always been into people that had the guts to do stuff no one would, and let’s be fucking real here: who would do the Bück Dich? Only Rammstein. This live moment is precious, no one can tell me otherwise. (All I want in life is a high quality video of this moment tbh)

Full Challenge Here.

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Choromatsu •w•

First impression: he’s kinda boring


Favorite moment: the whole self awareness skit was awesome.. I can’t really decide for a specific moment lol

Idea for a story: I want some domestic suiriku huehue

Unpopular opinion: ppl think he’d make a good seme and I’m just here like- UHH NOOO he’s a total uke and u know it ewe

Favorite relationship: I keep switching between OsoChoro and KaraChoro tbh

Favorite headcanon: hnnggg probably the one about how he’s so damn weak xD it makes him even cuter smh QvQ

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Makoto :D (Free!)

Salut ma Cat >3< thank you for sending Makogod as first one ehehe >v<

Send Me a Character

  • First impression

“awww this character is very sweet, so attentionate and I feel like this smile will be dangerous in the future for my heart, what’s his name?”

  • Impression now

MY ANGEL, MY ORCA PRINCE, MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Favorite moment

But if I had to pick one 

(who can’t resist to this omg/////)

  • Idea for a story

Makoto in Tokyo, his stressing moments with studies, how he handle being away his family, which new friends he would make ect….. I want to know how my boy is doing so much ;v;

  • Unpopular opinion

Hmmmmm I don’t particularly care about sexual stuffs but I love bottom Makoto///////////////////////////////////// 

  • Favorite relationship

as his soulmate

Also Makoto and his family is like the most precious thing to me. And Makoto and Rin have a very cute dynamic too :))

  • Favorite headcanon

Headcanons that contains lovey dovey life with Haru tbh///////////////
Also, I always imagine Makoto meeting an older Hayato in the future, and he would be pretty touched to hear that he was an inspiration for the kid all that time :’)

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I've actually been following you on tumblr for a year now. Beautiful work😍 But when I saw you make fanart of weightlifting fairy Kim bok joo I just realized you're my spirit animal😂If I may, can you tell me what your favorite moments where and your favorite characters.

AAAA I loved that series SO MUCH (I should rewatch it tbh and draw more)

My fave character is for sure Joon-Hyung. But I absolutely love Bok-Joo as well. My other faves are Jea-Yi and Dae-Ho.

My favourite moments hmmmm there are so many! But I guess the ones that stuck with me the most were the “first” kiss in the snow and that scene where Bok-Joo finds Joon-Hyung in the pool at night. (and just overall the cheezy cute moments)

For anyone who hasn’t watched it yet pls do (right here)!!! it’s such a cute show and it portrays a really healthy, funny and adorable relationship ❤️

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