one of my favorite gus names

i was tagged by jukkes and bjergsens!

1. why did you choose your url?
i have the biggest crush on lcs pro player soren “bjergsen” bjerg… /)___(\

2. what is your middle name?

3. if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
uh… probably gus gus from cinderella

4. favorite color?
champagne pink

5. favorite song?
um i have several actually! one is chivalry is dead - trevor wesley and i’ve been listening to a dream is a wish your heart makes from cinderella a lot, and my go-to song is always cavalier - james vincent mcmorrow

6. what are you top 3 fandoms?
uhhhh league i guess?? and the kim fandom… and possibly david (my bf) fandom but im taking a break bc he hasn’t replied to my texts.. :~)

7. why do you enjoy tumblr?
i like seeing how people use it as a creative outlet for writing, arts, etc because it’s always fun to look at other people’s interpretation of certain things!!!! plus there are so many cute girls on here omggg??

i tag: whoever wants to do it!! just say i tagged u…

actually i wanna tag stupidiotboy, fedora-no-flash, and oppawatch but whoever else wants to do it just say i tagged u… stay lovely

One of my favorite moments in all of Psych has to be in season 2 episode 2 when they are solving the case of the dead paleontologist and they find the holes he dug and Shawn references the movie Holes, but forgets the name of the movie.  Then, Gus keeps trying to guess the name of the movie but doesn’t get it right.  That is hilarious because, Dule Hill, the guy who plays Gus also played Sam in Holes.