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With Sonic Forces being released in TWO WEEKS, I thought now would be the best time to post this fusion I’ve been sittin’ on for a while. I’ve been wanting to use Rainbow in a fusion for a while, and this just gave me the perfect excuse to slip her in there. I’ve been so PUMPED for this game to come out! I honestly have way too much energy for this game and needed to get it out somehow, so y’all are gettin’ a SUPER SECRET SURPRISE HEXAFUSION! :D

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To try to kick myself to draw some more, I did this thing where I shuffled my Spotify playlist and drew a sketch while a random song played

So here’s a bunch of my favorites

Inspector Gadget!

Nick Valentine is one of my all-time favorite videogame companions EVER. I wish there was a bit more interaction with him and the Sole Survivor. You can only imagine the sort of pre-war stuff they’d talk about and the inside jokes they’d have that no one else in the Commonwealth would get save for a few ghouls who still remember. He’d be a great travel and camping buddy and probably has a lot of stories to tell. 

(Also dropping this into my Nicky V. backstory fic because I can.)

Check out @artskls for another E3 Countdown doodle!