one of my favorite evening prayers

ways to cleanse your life (or, at least, ways I do)

* take a deep breath, hold, and release in a way you can hear it leaving your body (if you can’t exhale loudly, try exhaling while making a “shh” sound)

* put your phone on the charger and leave it there

* throw laundry (especially towels/sheets) in the wash

* put everything away (shoes, clothes, books, tuck it away– if it doesn’t have a designated spot, give it one, even if temporary)

* take out the trash, then do another sweep with a garbage bag to check for more

* open all the windows (if possible/applicable)

* put on a pot of coffee/tea

* put on gentle instrumental music

* drink a glass of cold water slowly

* wipe down or spritz everything with florida water or rose water

* pull things you don’t wear/use out of your closet or wherever and toss them in a box/bag for donating (think about a happy feeling you’ve had with each item as you add it, that’s a little blessing)

* clean out your purse/backpack and place in it only the items you absolutely want/need in it

* sort the apps on your phone/items on your desktop into neat folders or groupings; delete what you don’t need

* do a backup of what you need & update your operating system/software(s)

* vacuum/sweep (consider using a carpet refresher if you’ve got carpet, I use baking soda with a little essential oil mixed in– sprinkle over your carpet, leave for a few minutes, and then vacuum up)

* go through your wallet– get rid of receipts you don’t need, business cards you don’t need, etc.

* put something fresh, simple, cheap, & yummy in the oven (look up easy one-pan meals online, there are tons, my favs involve roasting carrots and potatoes); even if you don’t feel like eating much you’ll enjoy whatever you do eat & you’ll probably have some leftovers too (which makes me feel abundant, idk about y’all)

* rinse off your feet and put some lotion on them

* wash your hair

* wash your face, even if just with a wipe or some cool water

* brush your teeth/swish some mouthwash/swish some cool water (or if you’ve got a sore throat, swish & gargle some warm salt water)

* write down your favorite poem/prayer on a piece of paper and stick it where you can see it, or write a couple things you’re grateful for

* put spare change in a cup/bowl, do the same with paperclips, bobby pins, hair ties, etc. whatever little things get scattered– find appropriate place(s) for your cup(s)/bowl(s) as you go (ex. I keep my bobby pins and hair ties in a dish on my nightstand, paperclips on my desk, and coins in a jar on an altar)

* make a list of simple, broken down tasks

* spritz a pillow/stuffed animal with something nice smelling & then hug it frequently

* change your clothes/underwear (bonus points if you change into a neutral color like white, black, grey, or a nude that fits your skin)


Rick’s Western Shirts   [requested by @dreadthedeadd]

That other Black sitcom right now:  The Carmichael Show

I knew there was a sitcom on network TV about a Black family that wasn’t Blackish, but I hadn’t actually looked up anything about it.  Now I’ve watched the first two seasons of The Carmichael Show on Netflix, and if you haven’t gotten into it, put it on your list before the season three premiere next month.

Jerrod Carmichael is a stand-up comedian with a family sitcom in the tradition of Bill Cosby, Roseanne Barr, Tim Allen, Grace Butler, etc, but this isn’t a Black sitcom I’ve seen before.  Roc, Everybody Hates Chris, and Family Matters are the first three Black sitcoms that come to mind when I picture an average family (unlike the Huxtables or the Bankses), but they didn’t really do topical episodes.  Episodes of The Carmichael Show have names like “Guns” and “Gender” and “Gentrification” and words that don’t start with G, like “Prayer.”  And this is an average Black family in the South written by a guy from North Carolina, so that carries another layer of interest since I can’t name any family sitcoms set in the South off the top of my head (and Designing Women is the only one that comes to mind at all).

Check out this clip where the Carmichaels are trying to impress their pastor over dinner and Jerrod’s girlfriend is outed as a non-Christian.

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How To Deal With Stress

Stress occurs when you perceive that demands placed on you — such as work, school or relationships — exceed your ability to cope. Some stress can be beneficial at times, producing a boost that provides the drive and energy to help people get through situations like exams or work deadlines. However, an extreme amount of stress can have health consequences, affecting the immune, cardiovascular and neuroendocrine and central nervous systems, and take a severe emotional toll

Take a break from the stressor. It may seem difficult to get away from a big work project, a crying baby or a growing credit card bill. But when you give yourself permission to step away from it, you let yourself have time to do something else, which can help you have a new perspective or practice techniques to feel less overwhelmed. It’s important to not avoid your stress (those bills have to be paid sometime), but even just 20-minutes to take care of yourself is helpful

Smile and laugh. Our brains are interconnected with our emotions and facial expressions. When people are stressed, they often hold a lot of the stress in their face. So laughs or smiles can help relieve some of that tension and improve the situation

Get social support. Call a friend, send an email. When you share your concerns or feelings with another person, it does help relieve stress. But it’s important that the person whom you talk to is someone whom you trust and whom you feel can understand and validate you. If your family is a stressor, for example, it may not alleviate your stress if you share your works woes with one of them

Meditate.I can not say this enough!!!!!!! My favorite meditation here. Meditation and mindful prayer help the mind and body to relax and focus. Mindfulness can help people see new perspectives, develop self-compassion and forgiveness. When practicing a form of mindfulness, people can release emotions that may have been causing the body physical stress. Much like exercise, research has shown that even meditating briefly can reap immediate benefits

Teachers appreciation

First time, a kid, in the Montessori, scared, never talking much,
Parents concerned, no friends, not talking, not happy.
A teacher, saviour, talks to him, what are you drawing little one,
A plane, like the one in the sky.
Tells him all about planes, his eyes shine,
He starts talking, about planes.
I wanna be a pilot and fly planes, he says.
Happiness, parents rejoice.
Second time, Grade 1, bigger school,
Distraught, shy kid again, not talking.
Others having fun, participating in class,
Him, not so, distant, lost in himself.
A celebration, everyone in their home clothes,
Food and games, he sits by the window, by himself.
A teacher, comes to him, what happened little one,
Nothing miss.
Do you know we have gifts for everyone,
He looks a little hopeful.
Gifts are distributed, he’s last in line, everyone’s getting dinky cars.
His turn, a little yellow truck,
Keep it safe little one, play with it, don’t be sad.
Third time, new school, lost, kid’s older now, even so still shy,
Keeping to himself, not coping with the class, lagging behind.
Teacher again, his first friend, telling him how things are done,
He smiles, feels home.
Fourth time, high school, kid is growing up,
His English not so good, people make fun of him,
He’s crestfallen, gloomy.
Teacher again, his saviour,
Guides him, helps him,
He starts improving, his grades go up,
Parents happy.
He receives Student of the Year award, joys all around.
Fifth time, College, new place again, sitting by himself again,
Guys and girls hanging out after classes,
But he’s got work after college,
Works hard to make ends meet.
End days, Most Hardworking person, awarded to him,
He’s in tears, teacher’s there again,
You deserve it son, there’s no one else but your name on this.
Sixth time, University, he’s lost again,
Among different things happening,
Can’t keep up with everything,
Fights, grades going down.
Teacher again, his friend whenever he’s down,
You’re my favorite student, even if I have a torrid time reading your answers,
The words still ring in his ears.
No words can ever be enough to describe what my teachers mean to me,
They were my first friends wherever I was,
Whatever I am, they had a significant part to play in it.
Writing this, a prayer escapes the lips,
Of that same kid, shy lost kid,
May God keep them safe and bless them, wherever they are.



p4l4din  asked:

OKAY FIRST UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT SOME SORT OF REQUEST AND I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU AND UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE TIRED OF A MUSICAL WOTH 46 SONGS IN IT ... But I was meaning to ask if there was a chance that you'll do the songs of your cut list, even if it is a very small one I don't mean to upset you, I really don't, but some of them are my favorites and I need to know whether to keep hope and prayers or not

i mean im not saying the decision is 100% final but

the chance that i’ll change my mind are really small so please don’t get your hopes up just in case

The Unusual Exorcism

by reddit user _moomy

This isn’t like the usual stories I post but damn is it good:

I’ve heard several times that ghosts follow certain “types” of people. These people are perfectly normal in every way. They live their lives the exact same way you do. 

Only, when they’re alone, doors have a way of opening by themselves, light bulbs burn out and they hear soft footsteps creaking through empty wooden hallways. 

Around them, odd things seem to happen far too often. Everyone has probably been around a person like this at some point. Someone with just a few too many stories you don’t want to hear at night.

I am one of those people.

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anonymous asked:

I've stopped praying. I've stopped reading the Bible daily. I don't know what's going on. I don't want to be like this. I feel spiritually dead. What should I do?


Many Christians go through times like this, but we should keep praying and reading our Bibles, even when it’s hard and we don’t feel like doing it. God appreciates our effort and loves what we are doing. St. Teresa of Calcutta went through a period of spiritual dryness for decades, but she kept going. We should keep going, too. 

Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross is a wonderful book that covers this topic. I highly recommend it since it is one of my favorites!

You might be interested in this older post on a similar topic.

This quote might help you, too:

“Whatever you are feeling is what you are feeling, whatever you can do is what you can do, no need to lament or allow anxiety to rule you. Simply turn back to Him a thousand times if you must. Remember that a glance toward Him will bring a response of loving grace. I have no doubt that even the smallest acts of devotion, if they are all we can offer, are of great significance in the kingdom of heaven.
An hour of prayer where we struggle and fight to focus on mere minutes or even seconds of attention to Him can be more meritorious than an hour of tranquil unafflicted devotion” (Dan Burke, President of the Avila Foundation).

You are in my prayers! God bless you!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

Proof of the Divine

Often, those I know, and even myself, doubt their Divine One(s). Whether they be Christian, Wiccan, or any worshipping religion, people often think that they need to see proof of the Divine. When a prayer is not answered or a meditation fails to give one a sense of peace, people often doubt their Divine One(s). It’s perfectly valid to have doubts about any religion. One of my favorite things about practicing Witchcraft and worshipping my Goddess is that there isn’t a strict set of rules, and so I can find what makes me feel most connected to my Goddess.

However, while having doubts is perfectly valid, the need to see proof of the Divine is often counterproductive. What is productive and effective is trying to feel the Divine. The difference is that wanting to see proof of the Divine will always be futile in that there will always be that sense of doubt, that feeling that it’s never enough, while feeling the Divine is accepting what the Divine offers, and not searching for more. Feeling the Divine One(s) is noticing the small things, and feeling the swell in your heart that your Divine One(s) recognized that you’d see Them in the small things They send to catch your attention.

My asks and messages are always open for questions, healthy debates, and comments!!

Scrapbook Altars

I’m sure other people have thought of this and posted it, but I thought I’d share my epiphany anyway.

There are a lot of pagans and polytheists out there that are unable to have physical altars for a whole host of reasons (space, privacy, money, etc.) I’ve heard of some people making online shrines, which I think is super cool! Scrapbook altars are kind of along that same idea.

You can buy (or make if you’re crafty!) a blank journal or scrapbook and cut out and glue in pictures of things you’d put on a physical altar. Hell, you can even print out a picture of a table (or cut one from a magazine) and add pictures all the things you would put on it: candles, flowers, bones, incense, statues, etc. You could be artistic and draw the altar entirely! Add pictures of food/drink for offerings, or even press small things between the pages like pretty ribbons, coins, or dried leaves and flowers. You can write down prayers/sigils on your altar pages. One of my favorite things about this idea is it becomes like a memory book too! You can go back and look at all of your altar setups or offerings from previous months/years.

Even though I have a physical altar, this sounds like a fun project I might try out!

mind sending some prayers (i feel selfish for even asking this)?

for starters, my dad and i love twenty one pilots. after my parents divorced, i had a really rough spot with him. i didn’t want to even see him for months. music was something that brought us back together, and when i introduced him to top, he couldn’t get enough. now, it’s brought us closer than ever before. he knows every word (except the raps, those are too fast, he says) and Migraine is his favorite song. we love discussing the messages of every song and the hidden Biblical allusions threaded throughout. he even praises Tyler and Josh to all his church friends and wants more people to really hear them.

last month, i won a pair of tickets to Tour de Columbus. my dad however is working a job where he has rare payments and my mom is a little greedy when it comes to child support.
so making the trip from California to Ohio for a concert is a little pricy. however if he gets this next job, we would have $20k (yes, $20k) to splurg on my mom’s needs and our wants. but the job is finicky (flipping houses).

we would both LOVE to be there for the last show of the Blurryface era in their hometown, and it would give me a chance to FINALLY meet the amazing girl i met on this website seven months ago in person and be actually able to hug her like, in real life.

so if you could, your prayers would be so so so welcome. we really need the money.
thank you

anonymous asked:

Can you blog about ways that help you get closer to God? Or how to get to know Him more?

Well since you asked, I’ll go ahead and answer on here. ☺️

Getting to know God is a journey, a beautiful messy journey. I say messy because there will be valleys on your way over the hills. A few years ago, I was sitting on a dock alone, looking over the water and I heard God whisper “Sometimes, it takes getting to a place in life where you’re completely alone, so that the only person you can look to is God himself.” And it really hit me, God is omnipresent. We have to pray for a craving of His word. And a desire for prayer, ask Him to teach you how to pray. Even when we don’t feel worthy of being in His presence. Because it’s in those times God will give us revelations, of what He is doing/ about to do.

Listening to sermons is one of my favorite ways of getting to know who Christ really is. I love how many different perspectives God gives on His word to multiple pastors and leaders. It teaches you that it can apply to a variety of aspects in life. BUT, you have to be careful. One thing I watch out for is false preachings/leaders. Pray for a discernment to know the difference.

Worship is also a major key to the drawing near to God. I try to start my mornings off with intimate worship, it takes me about 30 mins or so to get to work, and it’s a perfect way to start the day.

Much love, and Blessings your way Xx


#Repost @taurastinson (@get_repost)
Sadly, nothing has changed since this was filmed. I have had a hard time with and have become overwhelmed with the state of this beautiful world.
I combed over every lyric of the Star Spangled banner and for the life of me can’t understand why one couldn’t understand our position.
There is an enlightening article on (published 7/4/16) that addresses the hidden racist history of the National Anthem. My favorite line the article is that the “Star Spangled Banner is as much a patriotic song as it is a diss track to black people”…
That’s why it’s important that we know who WE are and STAND and KNEEL beside one another so close and tightly that nothing or no one has a chance of laying us down. ❤️🖤💚
And don’t get me started on #45…I plan to not even speak his toxic name anymore.
Just sharing my thoughts on this tough week…I had to turn off the news and connect to the source. My prayers and donations are also with heart Puerto Rico, Mexico and every righteous soul in need of healing, justice and the basic necessities that some of us take for granted.

Thank you, Ms. Hattie…we will continue your work.

#Mobilize #DoSomething #HistoryRepeating #TakeTheKnee #StandUp #HattieMcDaniel #flagisdrenchedwithourblood #HattieSpeaks #BlackLove #BrownLove #Boricua

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cleverdeception  asked:

I submit @anneofbluetardis for questionin- I mean your opinions!!

@theamiableanachronism asked: anneofbluetardis!

Ah what do I even say about @anneofbluetardis?? i?? She is amazing, I can’t? Probably my favorite thing about her, if I had to choose one, is her peace of soul. You can feel it in her, in her words, in her blog; even when she’s just talking to you you can feel it radiate from her. It’s this deep-rooted thing that allows her to be funny and light-hearted and loving all at once (and she is!) while also making you feel very safe and secure. It’s a healing thing, talking to her.

Basically I would trust her with my life. (And also frequently do entrust her with my prayer requests!) 

sandstonesunspear  asked:

So...hi. I came across your posts about converting to judaism and had some questions b/c I'm agendered/NB and also working on converting. Did you ever have to deal with feelings of not being a good enough jew? Because I've been reading and studying on my own, but haven't been able to get to the synagogue lately and it's making me feel like I'm not doing enough; like I'm not good enough. Sorry to dump this all on you. I just had to ask someone. Have a pleasant day

Honestly? The reasons I felt like not being a good enough Jew had everything to do with my disability (which I had to work through differently) and nothing to do with being non-binary or queer. I am really lucky bc my synagogue is very very LGBTQIPA-affirming – in fact – one of the first things I was directly requested to help out with by our senior rabbi is attending a trans-inclusion conference! No one has even blinked twice at me asserting that I am non-binary or my they/them pin. 

(One of my favorite memories from my beit din is the fact that I explained I swap the genders on gendered prayers every so often so that I feel like I’m honoring where I sit on the gender spectrum, and the head of our religious school’s reaction was ‘that is really cool, I’d never thought of that but it makes perfect sense to me now that you explain it.’) 

I did struggle with feeling like I wasn’t ‘doing enough’ when I couldn’t wake up early on Saturdays to get to Torah study because I was just so exhausted, or my brainfog meant that I stumbled over prayers. 

It took me a while and a lot of struggling with it but what I realized – and some of this comes from @mistresskabooms, who I learn from every day, she’s a smart cookie – is that Judaism is a community as much as it’s anything else. I needed to relax my hands a little bit, not hold on so tight, and count on the community to see me through. The fact that ‘Amein’ is you affirming the prayer said by someone else not just for yourself but for the community, for anyone who is not saying the prayer with you right now. So if I can’t get there for Shabbos because I am sick, or because I am working, or if I’m not at Torah study, well, it’s okay. Someone is there saying that prayer for me. I don’t have to hold on so tight that I hurt myself. 

I hope that helps? 

ayahinas  asked:

hina if you are still doing these? ~

Even if I wasn’t I would still do it for Hina. I love her. XD

1: sexuality headcanon


2: otp


3: brotp

Hinami and Touka!

4: notp

Don’t have any

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

Hinami’s father used to draw with her at their kitchen table.

6: favorite line from this character

“Even if you can’t be happy, live… that’s my prayer. That’s my wish.”

7: one way in which I relate to this character

Feeling useless sometimes.

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

Her intense admiration of Kaneki.

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

She’s the most cinnamon roll of problematic faves in this series.

anonymous asked:

Lance finding out Shiro likes memes?

lmao this is gold. also sorry updates have been kind of slow, i’m trying to settle down and feel comfortable with my new schedule. also send prayers for kannao and her beautiful kitty; his back legs have been bothering him.


  • does not let him live it down
  • but this is obvious, right?
  • lance learns shiro likes memes when he’s talking about his favorite and shiro quips back with a similar meme
  • shiro doesn’t even realize he did it; it just comes out
  • and he stares wide eyed for a moment like ‘oh god pls tell me no one heard that’
  • but ofc LANCE DID
  • whenever lance is being a complete memelord he calls upon shiro to help him out, but shiro just gets really really red
  • like ‘i dont like memes what are you talking about’
  • shiro’s like of memes becomes blackmail
  • they have meme wars in private some time
Hobbit Fic Recs

Because all the cool kids are doing it and I’ve been obsessed with Hobbit fic for weeks and I’ve discovered some truly excellent stuff that needs to be shared, like WOAH. Most of these are either rated M or R/Explicit, because… well, just because.

Pre-BotFA Fics

The Affairs of Dwarves (by sam_ptarmigan) - [R/Explicit] Omegaverse fic(ish). Dori thought himself well past his bearing years, unlikely to run into the troubles of his heat on the road. Their adventures in the goblin caves, though, seem to have shaken something loose. Silly, fluffy dwarven courting fic. Bilbo is alternately confused and exasperated by the dwarves’ odd behavior, and there’s some cute Bagginshield on the side of a very sweet Balin/Dori romance that is note-perfect. There’s also a fix-it sequel and I hope for more to come!

Beneath the Mountains Music Woke (by EmilianaDarling) - [M] Slow-burning romance. After Carrock, Thorin finds that his feelings for the burglar are more complex than he initially supposed. AKA Thorin is kind of thick-headed but we love him anyway, and he certainly loves his hobbit. The story is lovely… and includes a chilling coda. I would love to see a “good end” to this AU, but we have been given a dark, excellent “bad end” in On His Dark Throne (Thorin takes the ring. Everything goes far worse than one might expect. Warning: Sequel contains heartbreak and character death).

A Halo on Your Body (by freakylemurcat) - [R/Explicit] Smut fic. Dwarves have piercings. Bilbo is absolutely fascinated by them. That’s it, that’s the fic. It’s awesome and its sequels are awesome (Thorin/Bilbo/Dwalin threesome awwwright).

Made and Remade the Necklace of Songs (by littleblackdog) - [R/Explicit] Soulmate fic. Dwarves are born with a Heartsong in their dreams. Hobbits are born with a Mark on their wrists. Bilbo has borne his strange Mark, unknown Dwarven runes, his whole life. Thorin has heard his Heartsong, but never in the waking world. A lovely, romantic interlude between the goblins and Mirkwood - with bonus sequels.

Seen and Not Touched (by pherede) - [R/Explicit] Smut fic. Thorin claims his consort in the tradition of his people. Bilbo had no idea what he was in for, but it’s too late to back out now. Public, ritual sex in front of the entire company. May be a wee bit triggering due to a lack of communication about sex. Holy wow dear lord hot. And if you like this one, read the rest of pherede’s work because damn. Contains what has become known as DFP!Thorin characterization.

Post-BotFA fics

bring your battle to my door (by kay_cricketed) - [M] Quasi-angsty fix-it(ish) fic. Thorin and Bilbo have hot ritual sex on the throne. Thorin tries to apologize but Bilbo is not having any of it. There is a WIP sequel that I dearly hope continues because I want more of this ‘verse.

An Expected Journey (by MarieJacquelyn) [R/Explicit] - Time Travel fic. Bilbo chooses to live the quest again, to do all and everything in his power to save Thorin and his nephews from their fate. It is never that simple, and the road to ruin is paved with good intentions. This fic left me absolutely speechless. It is unpredictable, gloriously heart-rending, and brilliant. A must-read.

Prayers to Broken Stone (by Avelera) - [T] Angsty, epic fix-it. Dragon Sickness is effecting Thorin more than mentally. Bilbo refuses to leave him, even as his transformation worsens far beyond what anyone could have expected. I cannot, absolutely cannot recommend this fic enough. It’s one of the ones stuck in the four-way tie for my favorite in the fandom.

Safe and Distant (by Lindzzz) - [R/Explicit] Post-BotFA Everyone Lives AU. In which Bilbo doesn’t think he’s good enough for Thorin and Thorin makes a complete botch of communicating his feelings. Probably my current favorite “you precious goobers let me knock some sense into your heads” mutual pining fic. There’s currently a Thorin-POV sequel being written that is equally precious. These two, I swear to god.

Something Blue (by Lapin) - [M] Romantic fix-it fic. Thorin and Bilbo marry, but the proposal is a political one. Both of them are too obtuse to realize that there’s something more to their marriage than diplomacy and convenience. Bless their silly little hearts.

Theft (by Erinye) - [R/Explicit] Angsty fix-it(ish), Fili and Kili do not survive the battle. In the process of recovering the Arkenstone, one of Thorin’s demands is that Bilbo be tried for its theft, according to dwarven law. Now a prisoner in Erebor, Bilbo finds himself the focus of Thorin’s attentions, with the trial looming over their heads. This fic is awesome at depicting the long, hurtful road to forgiveness, full of setbacks and pitfalls and anger. A hopeful ending, but boy does it hurt getting there. Contains what has become known as DFP!Thorin characterization.

Threads of an Old Life (by EmilianaDarling) - [T] Angsty recovery fic, Fili and Kili do not survive the battle. Thorin is not recovering well. Bilbo holds out hope. A meditation on grief and mourning, with a sweetly hopeful ending. Nicely parallels Frodo’s feelings after returning from Mordor - Erebor is not the home that Thorin hoped it would be.

The Road Delivered Us Home (by keelywolfe) - [M] Slow-burn romance/recovery fic, Fili and Kili do not survive the battle. Bilbo returns to the Shire, to Bag End, and lives a not-very-respectable life caring for Frodo and mourning the dead. Then Thorin and Dwalin arrive in the Shire. Thorin and Bilbo pine after each other like the ridiculous creatures they are. Meanwhile, Dwalin is adopted by every hobbit child within a forty-league radius and everything is sweet and adorable.

An Unexpected Addition (by karategal) - [T] Romantic fix-it fic. Bilbo returns to Erebor with his orphaned nephew Frodo in tow. Thorin is awkwardly sweet but still has the communication skills of a rock. Bilbo is the only sane man. Frodo is adorable. Everything is happy and nothing hurts. Exactly what I needed after walking out of the theater.

Up in Smoke (by keelywolfe) - [R/Explicit] Slow-burn romance, WIP. Bilbo gets in a shipment of Old Toby from the Shire. He ends up being embarrassingly talkative under the influence, and it turns out Thorin is incredibly tactile, and if they could get past the cultural miscommunication everything would be fantastic.

Alternate Universe fics

All Ahead, Full Sail (by durinsheir/ShadowChanger) - [M] Mermaid/sailing AU, WIP. Bilbo is a merrow, perfectly content under the sea until Gandalf the meddling wizard arrives to push him into his mother’s adventurous footsteps. The Ring gives Bilbo legs, and he finds himself navigator to the mysterious crew of the Orcrist and its inscrutable, infuriating captain, Thorin. I am on tenterhooks for the next chapter because this universe is excellently built and realized, and Bilbo is a fierce little thing.

The Cat on the Hearth (by MarieJacquelyn) [R/Explicit] - Spirited Away fusion AU, WIP. Bilbo is the spirit of the Cat on the Hearth. He runs a guest house in the Shire, where weary spirits come to find good food, a warm fire, and pleasant company. It’s a cozy fic so far, but I feel that it’s the calm before the storm. We’ll see where it goes!

Clarity of Vision (by mithen) [G] - Easily tied as my top fic for the whole fandom (it’s a four-way tie), in this AU, Smaug was slain over Dale when he descended on Erebor. Thror is wasting away under gold sickness, and Thorin seeks a cure. He runs into Bilbo in Bree, purely by chance. Its a long, slow build, and it’s lovely and it has enough Tolkien lore to get the biggest lore nerd all twitterpated. It has two sequels, one of which (Clarity of Purpose) is still ongoing and is if possible even more amazing.

A Home for My Heart (by Moonrose91) - [M] Romance AU, Smaug never happened. Bilbo, head of the Baggins family, is shunned in the Shire for the infertility that runs in his family. As he cares for his mother in her fading health, a dwarven blacksmith arrives in the Shire. Thorin, betrayed and exiled from Erebor, has built strong walls around his heart. Lots of sweet mutual pining and obliviousness with a happy ending.

If You Go Out Into the Woods (by bubbysbub) - [M] Fix-it AU, WIP. Dwarves are infuriatingly foolish creatures and Bilbo has had more than enough of their recklessness and stupidity. With a firm hand, he takes control of the company to save them from themselves. So far it has been cute and fluffy with what looks like a Thorin/Bilbo/Dwalin threesome in the works (Thorin and Dwalin are married).

Life is What You Make of It (by Moonrose91) - [R/Explicit] Arranged Marriage AU, WIP, Smaug never happened. The land around Erebor and Mirkwood is failing to some unknown sickness. Thorin’s marriage is arranged to Bilbo, to secure an alliance with the Shire. Bilbo finds it more than a little difficult to adapt to his life under the mountain - it’s hard to be the only hobbit in Erebor, much less a deaf hobbit in Erebor. So far, the marriage has been fraught with difficulty despite Bilbo’s unexpected talent for his duties as Consort. I’m really liking this AU and I hope to get more of it soon.

A Most Sensible Idea (by HildyJ) [T] - To secure a much-needed trade alliance between the Shire and the kingdom of Erebor, an arranged marriage is negotiated between King Thorin and the young Frodo Baggins. Bilbo goes with his nephew as a chaperone, but nothing could have prepared him for the king himself - or the love that would develop between them.

Nothing Gold Can Stay (by perkynurples) [T] - Modern Royalty AU. Bilbo is hired as a private tutor for His Majesty Thorin, King of Erebor. He travels to the small European country to find grief, secrets, intrigue, and romance. A brilliantly constructed work that I could not put down.

A Smith and His Forge (by acervate) [M] - WIP. Blacksmith AU. Bilbo’s front door is jammed - luckily, there is a company of wandering dwarves taking up temporary residence in the Shire. Among them is Thorin. We all know where this one is going. There’s a great deal of neat Shire politics in this one!