one of my favorite evening prayers


I made two versions. Personally my favorite is the second one (the green hair kinda kills the contrast of the grey with the other bright green parts for me :/ even if it still looking good).

And sorry for the wait, I hope it was worth it.

Btw, if anybody wants to see the palette, it was this one.

Thank You for your Service Mr.Iwata

May you rest in peace Iwata-san. You have done so much for Nintendo in your tenure as President. You were more than just a corporate figure, you were also a game developer who loved to make and play games. You helped make one of my favorite games of all time EarthBound and are one of the reasons why the series even managed to come to the west. My heart is heavy at this loss and my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. May Nintendo never falter on its path to greatness, and may it truly Leave Luck to Heaven. Once again Mr.Iwata thank you for all you have done for the gaming industry as a whole and you will be truly be missed. Take this time to play some of the games Iwata-san helped work on such as EarthBound and Balloon Fight, Smash 64 and others. Once again thank you.