one of my favorite evening prayers

ways to cleanse your life (or, at least, ways I do)

* take a deep breath, hold, and release in a way you can hear it leaving your body (if you can’t exhale loudly, try exhaling while making a “shh” sound)

* put your phone on the charger and leave it there

* throw laundry (especially towels/sheets) in the wash

* put everything away (shoes, clothes, books, tuck it away– if it doesn’t have a designated spot, give it one, even if temporary)

* take out the trash, then do another sweep with a garbage bag to check for more

* open all the windows (if possible/applicable)

* put on a pot of coffee/tea

* put on gentle instrumental music

* drink a glass of cold water slowly

* wipe down or spritz everything with florida water or rose water

* pull things you don’t wear/use out of your closet or wherever and toss them in a box/bag for donating (think about a happy feeling you’ve had with each item as you add it, that’s a little blessing)

* clean out your purse/backpack and place in it only the items you absolutely want/need in it

* sort the apps on your phone/items on your desktop into neat folders or groupings; delete what you don’t need

* do a backup of what you need & update your operating system/software(s)

* vacuum/sweep (consider using a carpet refresher if you’ve got carpet, I use baking soda with a little essential oil mixed in– sprinkle over your carpet, leave for a few minutes, and then vacuum up)

* go through your wallet– get rid of receipts you don’t need, business cards you don’t need, etc.

* put something fresh, simple, cheap, & yummy in the oven (look up easy one-pan meals online, there are tons, my favs involve roasting carrots and potatoes); even if you don’t feel like eating much you’ll enjoy whatever you do eat & you’ll probably have some leftovers too (which makes me feel abundant, idk about y’all)

* rinse off your feet and put some lotion on them

* wash your hair

* wash your face, even if just with a wipe or some cool water

* brush your teeth/swish some mouthwash/swish some cool water (or if you’ve got a sore throat, swish & gargle some warm salt water)

* write down your favorite poem/prayer on a piece of paper and stick it where you can see it, or write a couple things you’re grateful for

* put spare change in a cup/bowl, do the same with paperclips, bobby pins, hair ties, etc. whatever little things get scattered– find appropriate place(s) for your cup(s)/bowl(s) as you go (ex. I keep my bobby pins and hair ties in a dish on my nightstand, paperclips on my desk, and coins in a jar on an altar)

* make a list of simple, broken down tasks

* spritz a pillow/stuffed animal with something nice smelling & then hug it frequently

* change your clothes/underwear (bonus points if you change into a neutral color like white, black, grey, or a nude that fits your skin)

Letter Spells

One of my favorite ways to cast spells is to write a letter addressed to the person who will be affected, including yourself. You can even address letters to deities as a form of prayer, if you wish! 

Unlike other spells where there’s a specific formula, letter spells are pretty open-ended. All that really matters, in my opinion, is that you raise your energy beforehand and make sure you have a clear intention in mind before writing the letter. As you write, let the emotions flow through you.

Above is an example of a letter spell that I cast recently, addressed to my ex who did a lot of terrible things to me. The letter is a binding spell to prevent this person from hurting anyone else like they hurt me while also ensuring that they learn how they hurt me.

I also recommend handwriting it, if you’re able to do so. If you can’t, typing it is probably fine, though a voice-recording might be slightly better instead. The point is to make sure there is something distinctly “you” in it.

Lastly, and this is optional, I always end these letters with my ritual name instead of my given, everyday name. I find it gives it more of a magical touch and separates my more mundane self from the spell.

That other Black sitcom right now:  The Carmichael Show

I knew there was a sitcom on network TV about a Black family that wasn’t Blackish, but I hadn’t actually looked up anything about it.  Now I’ve watched the first two seasons of The Carmichael Show on Netflix, and if you haven’t gotten into it, put it on your list before the season three premiere next month.

Jerrod Carmichael is a stand-up comedian with a family sitcom in the tradition of Bill Cosby, Roseanne Barr, Tim Allen, Grace Butler, etc, but this isn’t a Black sitcom I’ve seen before.  Roc, Everybody Hates Chris, and Family Matters are the first three Black sitcoms that come to mind when I picture an average family (unlike the Huxtables or the Bankses), but they didn’t really do topical episodes.  Episodes of The Carmichael Show have names like “Guns” and “Gender” and “Gentrification” and words that don’t start with G, like “Prayer.”  And this is an average Black family in the South written by a guy from North Carolina, so that carries another layer of interest since I can’t name any family sitcoms set in the South off the top of my head (and Designing Women is the only one that comes to mind at all).

Check out this clip where the Carmichaels are trying to impress their pastor over dinner and Jerrod’s girlfriend is outed as a non-Christian.

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anonymous asked:

I've stopped praying. I've stopped reading the Bible daily. I don't know what's going on. I don't want to be like this. I feel spiritually dead. What should I do?


Many Christians go through times like this, but we should keep praying and reading our Bibles, even when it’s hard and we don’t feel like doing it. God appreciates our effort and loves what we are doing. St. Teresa of Calcutta went through a period of spiritual dryness for decades, but she kept going. We should keep going, too. 

Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross is a wonderful book that covers this topic. I highly recommend it since it is one of my favorites!

You might be interested in this older post on a similar topic.

This quote might help you, too:

“Whatever you are feeling is what you are feeling, whatever you can do is what you can do, no need to lament or allow anxiety to rule you. Simply turn back to Him a thousand times if you must. Remember that a glance toward Him will bring a response of loving grace. I have no doubt that even the smallest acts of devotion, if they are all we can offer, are of great significance in the kingdom of heaven.
An hour of prayer where we struggle and fight to focus on mere minutes or even seconds of attention to Him can be more meritorious than an hour of tranquil unafflicted devotion” (Dan Burke, President of the Avila Foundation).

You are in my prayers! God bless you!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

mind sending some prayers (i feel selfish for even asking this)?

for starters, my dad and i love twenty one pilots. after my parents divorced, i had a really rough spot with him. i didn’t want to even see him for months. music was something that brought us back together, and when i introduced him to top, he couldn’t get enough. now, it’s brought us closer than ever before. he knows every word (except the raps, those are too fast, he says) and Migraine is his favorite song. we love discussing the messages of every song and the hidden Biblical allusions threaded throughout. he even praises Tyler and Josh to all his church friends and wants more people to really hear them.

last month, i won a pair of tickets to Tour de Columbus. my dad however is working a job where he has rare payments and my mom is a little greedy when it comes to child support.
so making the trip from California to Ohio for a concert is a little pricy. however if he gets this next job, we would have $20k (yes, $20k) to splurg on my mom’s needs and our wants. but the job is finicky (flipping houses).

we would both LOVE to be there for the last show of the Blurryface era in their hometown, and it would give me a chance to FINALLY meet the amazing girl i met on this website seven months ago in person and be actually able to hug her like, in real life.

so if you could, your prayers would be so so so welcome. we really need the money.
thank you

The Unusual Exorcism

by reddit user _moomy

This isn’t like the usual stories I post but damn is it good:

I’ve heard several times that ghosts follow certain “types” of people. These people are perfectly normal in every way. They live their lives the exact same way you do. 

Only, when they’re alone, doors have a way of opening by themselves, light bulbs burn out and they hear soft footsteps creaking through empty wooden hallways. 

Around them, odd things seem to happen far too often. Everyone has probably been around a person like this at some point. Someone with just a few too many stories you don’t want to hear at night.

I am one of those people.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! Got a question about Catholics and praying - I was raised Protestant and when we pray it's just directly to Jesus or God. But do Catholics "go through" the saints first? Is that something that's more dictated or is it personal preference? How do you know which saint is best for your specific issue that you're looking for help/guidance about?

Catholics also pray directly to God!  Bear in mind, the popular “Our Father” prayer was prayed by Catholics long before Protestantism even existed.  The Act of Contrition, which is said for Reconciliation, is usually formulated as being directly to God.  The Prayer of St. Francis (one of my personal favorites) directly invokes God.

The practice of invoking saints in your prayers is called intercessory prayer or intercession of saints.  In this case, you’re not so much praying to saints to solve your problem/offer guidance/whatever so much as asking the saints to also pray on your behalf.  Because, hey, can’t hurt to have saintly prayers on your side, right?  The more prayer the better!

As for knowing which saint would be best to invoke, while there are dozens of books and websites on the topic, my bet is that your average person learns a handful of saints for the big topics (travel, headaches, good grades in school, etc.) and brings them up over and over again, much like how people really only ever watch a handful of channels in their 700-channel cable TV package.

I hope this helps with your story!


Concerts I’ve been to in the past year Jojo, Fifth Harmony, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez. 

Tickets I have for this year: Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan.

I’ve seen Taylor 5 times and a few of the above multiple times. I save my money to be able to escape for one night with one of my favorite people with music I love surrounded by people that share my love for them…

I can’t even wrap my mind around what happened tonight. People spent money to have a fun night. Many going to their first concert. Going to see a person that I also bought tickets to see because we all love her. They should’ve been safe. 

This could’ve been me. It could’ve been you. This world is SO so sick. All I can do is cry and send all of my love and prayers.  One day love will win.

5:20 PM – i’ve been having good days. i can’t remember the last time i brokedown to tears, to the point where i’d want to die. the memory is there, in the depth of my mind but the world has been giving me my favorite mirage of colors with the setting sky – pale pink, soft orange, and a shade of red bleeding through the darkening sky – that’s why i have a reason to not dwell on the void. yes, i do feel lonely. melancholic, even, but not to a point where i want to cease existing.

and this is one of the reasons why i continue to fight. why i continue to clasp my hands in prayer. why i am still alive. no matter how many times my soul has been in ruins, i can still get good days.

Today was one of the hardest days ever (although I know tomorrow will be worse). It’s never easy dealing with death, but it’s even harder when it hits unexpectedly to a 19 year old. I watched two of my favorite guys in the world completely break. I felt the hugs of my husband’s best friend like I never thought I would. It took everything in me not to break with them but I knew I had to be strong. Tomorrow we say goodbye to one of the funniest, sweetest 19 year olds I’ve ever known. As I heard tonight “they don’t make them like him anymore.” That is nothing but the truth. Tomorrow I’ll wake up, I’ll workout to my limit so I feel nothing but exhaustion, I’ll come home, break down in the shower while no one is around so i can be strong for my two favorite guys, I’ll watch them fix the 19 year olds car so they can drive it tomorrow in the processional, I’ll sit through the funeral holding my husband close, I’ll stand at the burial as I hear the final words, and then I’ll say good bye and promise to look out for them and be there when they need it. I’ll offer more hugs and senseless words because really words can’t take away this pain, nothing really can, and then I’ll spend the rest of the day doing whatever they need. Being strong is what I have to do. Being there for them is all I can do. I won’t complain about all the car talks and “toy” talks because they’re at least still here to drive me crazy. They’re still here for me to hug and kiss and tell them I love them and would do anything for them. They’re still here but a third of the trio is missing…. I’ll never take them for granted again.

The point of all this rambling, hold tight to your loved ones because you never know when they’ll be gone. You never know that the last time you see them might be the last.

Scrapbook Altars

I’m sure other people have thought of this and posted it, but I thought I’d share my epiphany anyway.

There are a lot of pagans and polytheists out there that are unable to have physical altars for a whole host of reasons (space, privacy, money, etc.) I’ve heard of some people making online shrines, which I think is super cool! Scrapbook altars are kind of along that same idea.

You can buy (or make if you’re crafty!) a blank journal or scrapbook and cut out and glue in pictures of things you’d put on a physical altar. Hell, you can even print out a picture of a table (or cut one from a magazine) and add pictures all the things you would put on it: candles, flowers, bones, incense, statues, etc. You could be artistic and draw the altar entirely! Add pictures of food/drink for offerings, or even press small things between the pages like pretty ribbons, coins, or dried leaves and flowers. You can write down prayers/sigils on your altar pages. One of my favorite things about this idea is it becomes like a memory book too! You can go back and look at all of your altar setups or offerings from previous months/years.

Even though I have a physical altar, this sounds like a fun project I might try out!

sutoribenda  asked:

4, 8, 10, 15

4. Did you have a bar/bat mitzvah?

Yep. Bat Mitzvah cause I’m a cis-girl and the terms are gendered for those of you who aren’t familiar. I still remember the date and most of the prayers though my d’var and my torah portion have thankfully faded over the years. Lordy its been almost 10 years. 

8.Favorite Holiday?

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to pick just one. Its hard. Hanukkah is my favorite holiday to spend with friends cause it means latkas and the end of the semester and a nice evening in. It’s probably my favorite holiday to celebrate at college. Passover is my favorite holiday to spend with family or more technically at home since we invite our family friends over and its all of us cramming around my dining room table. I don’t know what’s better the stress of cooking in my parent’s tiny ass kitchen, making matzo ball soup from scratch, and arguing with my mom as we try to get everything done before people start coming over or the “joy” of getting drunk off wine at my grandma’s place and bonding with my sister while we play drinking games subtly mocking my grandma’s craziness. Probably the first scenario but the second one has merit and a certain amount of fondness attached to it too even though my grandma is crazy and drives all of us crazy too. My favorite holiday to spend in temple or at services is Simchat Torah. The first two the average gentile probably knows about but this one is a little less mainstream. Basically its to celebrate reaching the end of the Torah and starting over again in a single night. Growing up it was always one of my favorites because its around my birthday in the fall and comes close to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and after many days being somber in the temple this one is a giant celebration where everyone gets up and sings and dances and marches around the seats chanting and holding Torahs of all shapes and sizes. Mom didn’t make us go to services that often but this was always one I’d happily join her at. 

10.Favorite Food

Matzo Ball Soup. Look I know my ashkenzi is showing and II’m probably the most basic of Jews but there’s nothing like sticking your fork into a matzo ball a little smaller than your fist and taking a bite. It doesn’t help that I’m not really familiar with a lot of culturally Jewish foods. My grandma turned my mother off both chicken and brisket when she was a little girl so it was a rare thing in my household growing up and I’ve never been fond of gefilte fish. As for latkas, they’re great but I’ve had enough latkas of questionable quality that its not my favorite. Its hard to fuck up matzo ball soup. It’s not impossible, cause my college did (fuck the dining hall). If I had to pick a second choice it would probably be apple sauce (yes its Jewish we claimed it fuck off) or maybe apples and honey cause its hard to get more simple and perfect than that. 

15.Esther or Miriam

I have no fucking clue. On one hand you have Esther who is one of the most BAMF women in Jewish history and that includes all the women in the Torah. Not only does she have her own holiday but she has her own book and we read and act out her story every year on her holiday. On the other hand you have Miriam, sister to Moses, the woman who helped lead our people through 40 years of wandering in the desert and who’s probably the most well known biblical woman after the matriarchs. They’re both super awesome women and deserve praise and remembrance though I guess I’m probably going to go with Esther since I know her story better. 

Jewish Ask Prompts


I made two versions. Personally my favorite is the second one (the green hair kinda kills the contrast of the grey with the other bright green parts for me :/ even if it still looking good).

And sorry for the wait, I hope it was worth it.

Btw, if anybody wants to see the palette, it was this one.

This was weirdly enough my favorite scenes in the episode because I thought it was kinda beautiful and highlights one of the best aspects of Alola and I’m really glad the anime is emphasizing it as well.

That is, the focus on prayer and paying respects to nature and Pokemon and the world in general. And Ash being a fish out of water still at least tries to understand what it means even if he doesn’t fully understand, idk I just really like how they have him respecting the culture. 

 The rest of the episode was pretty good to and we get more of that focus on culture with Kiawe’s backstory on his Z Ring and how he received Charizard from his Grandfather and talking about how he wants to be a nurturing flame rather then one of destruction. It’s all seriously good stuff. The family was good (sister is cute who just wants to be a good farmhand), slapstick was good, Z move training with Rowlett was good, just a solid episode all around.

Hobbit Fic Recs

Because all the cool kids are doing it and I’ve been obsessed with Hobbit fic for weeks and I’ve discovered some truly excellent stuff that needs to be shared, like WOAH. Most of these are either rated M or R/Explicit, because… well, just because.

Pre-BotFA Fics

The Affairs of Dwarves (by sam_ptarmigan) - [R/Explicit] Omegaverse fic(ish). Dori thought himself well past his bearing years, unlikely to run into the troubles of his heat on the road. Their adventures in the goblin caves, though, seem to have shaken something loose. Silly, fluffy dwarven courting fic. Bilbo is alternately confused and exasperated by the dwarves’ odd behavior, and there’s some cute Bagginshield on the side of a very sweet Balin/Dori romance that is note-perfect. There’s also a fix-it sequel and I hope for more to come!

Beneath the Mountains Music Woke (by EmilianaDarling) - [M] Slow-burning romance. After Carrock, Thorin finds that his feelings for the burglar are more complex than he initially supposed. AKA Thorin is kind of thick-headed but we love him anyway, and he certainly loves his hobbit. The story is lovely… and includes a chilling coda. I would love to see a “good end” to this AU, but we have been given a dark, excellent “bad end” in On His Dark Throne (Thorin takes the ring. Everything goes far worse than one might expect. Warning: Sequel contains heartbreak and character death).

A Halo on Your Body (by freakylemurcat) - [R/Explicit] Smut fic. Dwarves have piercings. Bilbo is absolutely fascinated by them. That’s it, that’s the fic. It’s awesome and its sequels are awesome (Thorin/Bilbo/Dwalin threesome awwwright).

Made and Remade the Necklace of Songs (by littleblackdog) - [R/Explicit] Soulmate fic. Dwarves are born with a Heartsong in their dreams. Hobbits are born with a Mark on their wrists. Bilbo has borne his strange Mark, unknown Dwarven runes, his whole life. Thorin has heard his Heartsong, but never in the waking world. A lovely, romantic interlude between the goblins and Mirkwood - with bonus sequels.

Seen and Not Touched (by pherede) - [R/Explicit] Smut fic. Thorin claims his consort in the tradition of his people. Bilbo had no idea what he was in for, but it’s too late to back out now. Public, ritual sex in front of the entire company. May be a wee bit triggering due to a lack of communication about sex. Holy wow dear lord hot. And if you like this one, read the rest of pherede’s work because damn. Contains what has become known as DFP!Thorin characterization.

Post-BotFA fics

bring your battle to my door (by kay_cricketed) - [M] Quasi-angsty fix-it(ish) fic. Thorin and Bilbo have hot ritual sex on the throne. Thorin tries to apologize but Bilbo is not having any of it. There is a WIP sequel that I dearly hope continues because I want more of this ‘verse.

An Expected Journey (by MarieJacquelyn) [R/Explicit] - Time Travel fic. Bilbo chooses to live the quest again, to do all and everything in his power to save Thorin and his nephews from their fate. It is never that simple, and the road to ruin is paved with good intentions. This fic left me absolutely speechless. It is unpredictable, gloriously heart-rending, and brilliant. A must-read.

Prayers to Broken Stone (by Avelera) - [T] Angsty, epic fix-it. Dragon Sickness is effecting Thorin more than mentally. Bilbo refuses to leave him, even as his transformation worsens far beyond what anyone could have expected. I cannot, absolutely cannot recommend this fic enough. It’s one of the ones stuck in the four-way tie for my favorite in the fandom.

Safe and Distant (by Lindzzz) - [R/Explicit] Post-BotFA Everyone Lives AU. In which Bilbo doesn’t think he’s good enough for Thorin and Thorin makes a complete botch of communicating his feelings. Probably my current favorite “you precious goobers let me knock some sense into your heads” mutual pining fic. There’s currently a Thorin-POV sequel being written that is equally precious. These two, I swear to god.

Something Blue (by Lapin) - [M] Romantic fix-it fic. Thorin and Bilbo marry, but the proposal is a political one. Both of them are too obtuse to realize that there’s something more to their marriage than diplomacy and convenience. Bless their silly little hearts.

Theft (by Erinye) - [R/Explicit] Angsty fix-it(ish), Fili and Kili do not survive the battle. In the process of recovering the Arkenstone, one of Thorin’s demands is that Bilbo be tried for its theft, according to dwarven law. Now a prisoner in Erebor, Bilbo finds himself the focus of Thorin’s attentions, with the trial looming over their heads. This fic is awesome at depicting the long, hurtful road to forgiveness, full of setbacks and pitfalls and anger. A hopeful ending, but boy does it hurt getting there. Contains what has become known as DFP!Thorin characterization.

Threads of an Old Life (by EmilianaDarling) - [T] Angsty recovery fic, Fili and Kili do not survive the battle. Thorin is not recovering well. Bilbo holds out hope. A meditation on grief and mourning, with a sweetly hopeful ending. Nicely parallels Frodo’s feelings after returning from Mordor - Erebor is not the home that Thorin hoped it would be.

The Road Delivered Us Home (by keelywolfe) - [M] Slow-burn romance/recovery fic, Fili and Kili do not survive the battle. Bilbo returns to the Shire, to Bag End, and lives a not-very-respectable life caring for Frodo and mourning the dead. Then Thorin and Dwalin arrive in the Shire. Thorin and Bilbo pine after each other like the ridiculous creatures they are. Meanwhile, Dwalin is adopted by every hobbit child within a forty-league radius and everything is sweet and adorable.

An Unexpected Addition (by karategal) - [T] Romantic fix-it fic. Bilbo returns to Erebor with his orphaned nephew Frodo in tow. Thorin is awkwardly sweet but still has the communication skills of a rock. Bilbo is the only sane man. Frodo is adorable. Everything is happy and nothing hurts. Exactly what I needed after walking out of the theater.

Up in Smoke (by keelywolfe) - [R/Explicit] Slow-burn romance, WIP. Bilbo gets in a shipment of Old Toby from the Shire. He ends up being embarrassingly talkative under the influence, and it turns out Thorin is incredibly tactile, and if they could get past the cultural miscommunication everything would be fantastic.

Alternate Universe fics

All Ahead, Full Sail (by durinsheir/ShadowChanger) - [M] Mermaid/sailing AU, WIP. Bilbo is a merrow, perfectly content under the sea until Gandalf the meddling wizard arrives to push him into his mother’s adventurous footsteps. The Ring gives Bilbo legs, and he finds himself navigator to the mysterious crew of the Orcrist and its inscrutable, infuriating captain, Thorin. I am on tenterhooks for the next chapter because this universe is excellently built and realized, and Bilbo is a fierce little thing.

The Cat on the Hearth (by MarieJacquelyn) [R/Explicit] - Spirited Away fusion AU, WIP. Bilbo is the spirit of the Cat on the Hearth. He runs a guest house in the Shire, where weary spirits come to find good food, a warm fire, and pleasant company. It’s a cozy fic so far, but I feel that it’s the calm before the storm. We’ll see where it goes!

Clarity of Vision (by mithen) [G] - Easily tied as my top fic for the whole fandom (it’s a four-way tie), in this AU, Smaug was slain over Dale when he descended on Erebor. Thror is wasting away under gold sickness, and Thorin seeks a cure. He runs into Bilbo in Bree, purely by chance. Its a long, slow build, and it’s lovely and it has enough Tolkien lore to get the biggest lore nerd all twitterpated. It has two sequels, one of which (Clarity of Purpose) is still ongoing and is if possible even more amazing.

A Home for My Heart (by Moonrose91) - [M] Romance AU, Smaug never happened. Bilbo, head of the Baggins family, is shunned in the Shire for the infertility that runs in his family. As he cares for his mother in her fading health, a dwarven blacksmith arrives in the Shire. Thorin, betrayed and exiled from Erebor, has built strong walls around his heart. Lots of sweet mutual pining and obliviousness with a happy ending.

If You Go Out Into the Woods (by bubbysbub) - [M] Fix-it AU, WIP. Dwarves are infuriatingly foolish creatures and Bilbo has had more than enough of their recklessness and stupidity. With a firm hand, he takes control of the company to save them from themselves. So far it has been cute and fluffy with what looks like a Thorin/Bilbo/Dwalin threesome in the works (Thorin and Dwalin are married).

Life is What You Make of It (by Moonrose91) - [R/Explicit] Arranged Marriage AU, WIP, Smaug never happened. The land around Erebor and Mirkwood is failing to some unknown sickness. Thorin’s marriage is arranged to Bilbo, to secure an alliance with the Shire. Bilbo finds it more than a little difficult to adapt to his life under the mountain - it’s hard to be the only hobbit in Erebor, much less a deaf hobbit in Erebor. So far, the marriage has been fraught with difficulty despite Bilbo’s unexpected talent for his duties as Consort. I’m really liking this AU and I hope to get more of it soon.

A Most Sensible Idea (by HildyJ) [T] - To secure a much-needed trade alliance between the Shire and the kingdom of Erebor, an arranged marriage is negotiated between King Thorin and the young Frodo Baggins. Bilbo goes with his nephew as a chaperone, but nothing could have prepared him for the king himself - or the love that would develop between them.

Nothing Gold Can Stay (by perkynurples) [T] - Modern Royalty AU. Bilbo is hired as a private tutor for His Majesty Thorin, King of Erebor. He travels to the small European country to find grief, secrets, intrigue, and romance. A brilliantly constructed work that I could not put down.

A Smith and His Forge (by acervate) [M] - WIP. Blacksmith AU. Bilbo’s front door is jammed - luckily, there is a company of wandering dwarves taking up temporary residence in the Shire. Among them is Thorin. We all know where this one is going. There’s a great deal of neat Shire politics in this one!

Random Thoughts on Japril in 11x11

- Disclaimer: I was fully prepared to distance myself from the Japril story before the episode started. I knew the baby was gonna die and I really didn’t want to be involved. 

- Update on Disclaimer: Grey’s is a crafty mo-fo and sucked me into their storyline anyway. 

- After watching both this episode and the new Glee this week, I fully appreciate Shonda shows so much more. Grey’s covers controversial topics without seeming preachy or like This week’s very special episode. Grey’s handled their decision to ease their baby out of his pain so beautifully, so eloquently. There were no sappy lines or cheesy moments. It was real. It hurt. Yet, it was inspiring. The same can not be said for Glee though. So Kudos to Grey’s 11 seasons strong still having quality episodes.

- My heart broke when April realized that the place where her baby was supposed to be the safest (her belly) was where he was suffering in pain. How horrible to hear this news! You’re about to be a mom. You want to love and protect your child. How helpless you must feel if you find out you can’t do that.

- The scene with Mama Avery was probably my favorite of the night. I loved how kind and understanding she was. She gave the perfect advice for helping April let her baby go.

- I can’t blame April for wanting a miracle. It’s natural to want one especially in her situation. Heck, even though I knew it wouldn’t happen, I was still holding out for one.

- Full disclosure: I thought random intern was an angel. 

- Jackson’s prayer was answered. Not in the way we’d like, of course, but his wife was able to accept their lot and do what was necessary without losing her faith. So point for Heaven.

- I listened to the AfterBuzz recap and one of the hosts brought up a good point. Jackson and April are both suffering, but for different reasons. April is suffering the loss of her child. While this is true for Jackson to a certain extent, his concern is mainly about his wife. He knows her. He knows she doesn’t take things lightly. He is worried that if his wife loses her spirituality, she’ll lose what makes her her. If she loses her identity, then he essentially loses his wife and that terrifies him.

- I’m so pleased that people are recognizing that this was a quality episode of TV, that SD and JW are fine actors, and that Grey’s still has it after all these years.

Goodbye...Hello? (Goodbye part 2)

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As you walked along the sidewalk, the rain falling on your umbrella was making soft patters that accompanied you. You were 19 now, and you had a job that you loved; working as the manager of HotTopic. You had been invited to your best friend Sammi’s house, she was excited for a number of reasons. Her boyfriend, Jinxx, was coming home and she had wanted you to meet him. You had taken the day off, and you had decided to just walk over to her house.

You soon realized you were in front of her house, and you knocked on the door. “Hey, Sam? I’m here!” You called out with a smile on your face. “(Y/n)?? Is that you? Yay!” She called as she opened the door and hugged you with a smile on her face. “How are you?? Oh, and I got some new for you!! Jinxx is bringing his whole band! Isn’t that exciting??” She exclaimed, and you laughed at her personality. She had met you when you were seventeen.. while you were recovering from the Andy incident. Your heart had never gotten completely over Andy, and only a year after he left did you realize that there were different emotions left behind than the friendly ones you thought you had. You had realized that you were in love with Andy, and that you probably were never going to see him again, and that’s when Sammi had jumped head on into your life.

You had been best friends ever since, and you had enjoyed ever second of it. You had learned that she was dating a famous guitarist from one of the popular bands, Jinxx. Though whenever you were busy, he was in town, and whenever you weren’t busy, he had managed to be on tour. You had never before met your best friends boyfriend, and she had managed to convince him to meet you today. She wanted you to come over early to help set up lunch for the two of you, along with Jinxx and the rest of his band. You had listened to the band he played in somewhat, and you knew some of the names, but you could never remember the singer’s name. You could remember Jake, C.C, and Ashley, but you just could never remember the final name. 

Sammi pulled you into the kitchen, to help start on lunch for the band. “So, Whattcha wanna fix?” She said, and looked over to you. You shrugged. “doesn’t matter to me. How about I go out and pick up something from town, while you fix something for desert?” You suggested, and she looked deep in though for a second, before perking up and nodding happily. “That’s a perfect idea, (y/n)~! I’ll fix some of that strawberry cake that Jinxx told me that the band loved!!” She exclaimed, and started to run around the room gathering the ingredients. “Is there any certain place that you want me to go?” You said, watching her try to grab the eggs from the fridge while balancing flour on the other hand.

“Go by that Chinese place with the really good house rolls, and then just run by Olive Garden!” She said, while she put all of her ingredients on the table and started heating up the oven. You smiled, Kobe’s had the best house rolls in (h/t) (Hometown), and you loved eating there. “When is the band gonna arrive?” You asked, while you grabbed Sammi’s keys from the counter. “In about an hour, so don’t run too late!” She exclaimed, and she ran over to hug you quickly before turning back to mixing the ingredients for the two layered cake. You smiled at her business, and walked out and started Sammi’s car, and pulled out and started on the five minute trip to town to pick up the sushi and food from the restaurant.

You drove in silence, but then turned on the radio to discover it playing one of Black Veil Brides newest songs. You smiled, this was one of your favorites; Faithless. You turned left to go into town, and sang along to the lyrics.

Behold the new hate with all the same lost values
Forsake what lives deeper
In death we’re all believers

Raise up your sirens
Break through the silence
We are united in the search for something more

Cross your heart
Open your mind
Hide your face in their disguise

Even when I fall down to my knees
I never say a prayer I don’t believe
And I don’t wanna look up to the Son
But I will never be the faithless one

No, I will never be the faithless one

Refuse to destroy the altars we are serving
The truth in living is that our souls are searching

Live with defiance
It’s time to fight
Don’t ever let them keep your words from being heard

Cross your heart
Open your mind
Hide your face in their disguise

Even when I fall down to my knees
I never say a prayer I don’t believe
And I don’t wanna look up to the Son
But I will never be the faithless one

No, I will never be the faithless one

Even when I fall down to my knees
I never say a prayer I don’t believe
And I don’t wanna look up to the Son
But I will never be the faithless one

Even when I fall down to my knees
I never say a prayer I don’t believe
And I will never look up to the Son
But I don’t wanna be the faithless one

No, I will never be the faithless one
But I will never be the faithless one!

You finished the song, and pulled into the parking lot for Olive Garden, and walked in to pick up your food.

**Timeskip to where your pulling into Sammi’s driveway :3**

Jinxx’s car wasn’t here yet, so you guessed that you still had time to prepare. You picked up the bags from the back and knocked on the door. “Sam! I’m back!!” You called out, and she popped her head out the door, flour and icing covering her clothes. “Welcome Back (Y/n)!!!” She exclaimed, but when she tried to go for a hug, you laughed and dodged. “Not while your covered in flour and icing.” You smirked, and she looked at her clothes and nodded, and ran to her room to change. You laughed and went to the kitchen to place down the food, and you pulled everything out of their boxes and prepared it.

You went over to the fridge and saw the cake she had prepared. You heard a knock at the door, and went to answer it. “(Y/n)!! Answer the door, I’ll be down in a second!!” You smiled at your friends antics, and went to open the door. “Hey Ji-…” You trailed off, your eyes open in surprise. You couldn’t.. You wouldn’t.. It wasn’t.. It was him. Andrew Dennis Biersack stood in front of you, his eyes as open as yours. “A-Andy?” You whispered, and you could hear Sammi come downstairs and see your problem.. “Oh.. (y/n).” She pulled you back from the door, while your (e/c) eyes stayed locked with his ice blue ones.

The rest of the band walked through, and they were all mildly confused, so they looked to Jinxx and Sammi. Sammi looked to you, gave you a hug, and whispered, “Good luck hun.” She then moved and ushered the rest of the band into the kitchen, leaving you with Andy. “(Y-Y/n).. I never thought I would get to see you again..” He whispered, his eyes still locked onto yours. You couldn’t say anything, the realization of seeing your best friend again had hit you like a shit ton of bricks.

“A-Andy..” You muttered, and immediately ran over and hugged him to you tightly, tears beginning their cascade down your cheeks. Andy held you against him, one hand around your waist while his other hand held the back of your head, keeping the two of you pressed against each other. “I’m so sorry I left you like that.. I didn’t have a choice.” He whispered to you, keeping his face implanted into your (h/c), remembering the sweet scent of (Favorite Shampoo scent) that he had missed. While he had been gone, his heart had been broken in places, and he had realized the same thing you had while he was gone; he was in love with his best friend, you.

You kept your hug going for another few minutes, before you both reluctantly parted. “My manager had managed to get us a gig in another state, but I couldn’t tell you because of the manager being worried that if you got mad you could spread word, and we would never hear the end of it.” He explained and you looked down for a second, before looking back up again, (e/c) locking with blue.

“Andy, I have something I have to confess. When you left, my heart was broken into pieces. I was heartbroken, and I went into a state of depression, and when Sammi found me and helped me stand back on my feet, I realized something. I’m.. In love with you.” You confessed, keeping your eyes to his. He gasped for a second, which caused you to think that you had just ruined everything, you had gotten your best friend back, and now you were going to lose him again.. when you felt a hand pick your chin back up to look to him. “(y/n), When I left, I wasn’t sure I would be able to carry on. But, I was able to because I had a small glimmer of hope that I would be able to see you again. And by fate, or luck, who knows?, I was able to see again. And I feel exactly the same.” He said, and gave you a genuine smile. And it was one you had missed for two years.

You laughed, and hugged him again, and looked up and planted your lips ont his. He felt happiness flood his system, and eagerly kissed you back. You mentally smiled, ‘I have my best friend back.’