one of my favorite episodes

Season 1 Episode 5B: The Baseball

179 days until the Jungle Movie…

Favorite Quote: “All it takes to make a kid happy is an extra 5 bucks. Hey, wait a minute! I had a fifty in here!” -Grandpa

Favorite Episode Tag: None for this ep. (Tell me your Top 5 and I’ll tag you in them)


These next 3 days are episodes that I watch to make me feel like a kid again. Baseball has always been a part of it.

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y’all i love lena luthor. 

the way she set lillian up was so unecessarily theatrical and like she went out of her way to get maximum dramatic climax. like iirc l-corp is the only source of the isotope so she could have just destroyed/moved it all and told lillian to go fuck herself in her office. but no. she staged this evil bonding moment (ask me to help u and i will) and even after effectively thwarting the plan, she made sure to put on her villainy I’m A Luthor show for kara knowing good and damn well the virus wasnt going to work no matter who pushed the button. let kara fly after a giant missle which then exploded in her face just so she could stand there and watch lillian’s reaction as she realized. like…who does that?? just to send an especially large fuck u to Evil Mom on thanksgiving. honestly, she could have called the cops 3.5 scenes ago what a drama queen. 


I know that feel Greg, I know that feel. 


Bellamy Blake Appreciation Week 

Day 1: Favorite Episode 2.04 — Many Happy Returns
“Well, I’d say he’s heard one too many of your motivational speeches.” 
“Shut up, Murphy.”