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Okay, you see this? These are jacket cover/inside cover of a book called “The Beast Within” written by Serena Valentino, who wrote other Disney books that are so amazing. I purchased her first Disney book in the Germany Pavilion in Epcot a few years ago and have bought every other book of hers since. But lemme tell you why this one is my favorite:

Not only is “Beauty and the Beast” one of my favorite films of all time, but the Beast is one of my favorite characters in any film. And this book makes him seem so much more understandable. It’s written in his perspective and there’s literally a scene where he’s so close to being an actual monster that he goes out to kill Belle after she runs away from him.

Did you hear me?


Of course, he fights the wolves that attack her because in his mind, he’s like “wait I can redeem my human status still” while the beast side is literally chanting “RIP THE FLESH OPEN AND SPILL HER BLOOD EVERYWHERE ALL OVER THE SNOW COVERED GROUND”.

Let me tell you, this book is so good. And it gives more backstory to Gaston (who is, as you guessed, one of my favorite Disney villains).

If you enjoyed the 2017 version of “Beauty and the Beast”, you’ll enjoy this book. It’s different than the film, but just as good, in my opinion.

I’ve started a new exercise where I turn Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 1/??

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Oh, look. I’ve made another challenge.

The concept of this one is simple: you pick an era of Disney films (I’ve made a cheat sheet for you here!), and you make a photoset (or gifset, art, whatever you feel) for each of the following:

  • Favorite female character
  • Favorite male character
  • Favorite song/musical number
  • Favorite villain
  • Favorite sidekick
  • Favorite pairing
  • An underrated or underappreciated film
  • Your favorite film

Tag me in your posts, use #disneymydear and #pick an era challenge - I want to see what you create! :)


The NIGHT MAYOR and The KNIGHT MARE!  Some more discarded storyboards from the upcoming Wander episode “The It”  (airing on Disney XD Monday, Sept 28th!)  Like Iggy Starbeam these guys were cut for time and never made it past the storyboard phase.  So sad, but All HAIL suspendersofdisbelief for coming up with what was one of my favorite jokes of  season 2!

i just went and saw the new beauty and the beast movie and it’s so good i love it >:0

the new songs are Great. and im so glad Lefou got that mini redemption arc at the end there bc he was one of my favorite characters in the cartoon movie



So as a big Hades fan (as you can see from my Hades pin collection) I was super excited to try the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, which is an interactive game visitors can play at the part with cards that can active windows and make a portal appear (sort of like the Harry Potter World with wands) with starts an animation where you can battle villains with the cards.

What is cool is it stars Hades as the one who wants to take over the Kingdom and has him recruit different Disney villains. It makes sense that since a lot of villains died in their various movies he would have access to them, like offering Maleficent a “Get Out of the Underworld Free” card or finding Ursula in the Styx River. My favorite is when they portray him in different art styles (like the Lion King and Sleeping Beauty style) and under a different identity that relates to the movie he is recruiting the villain from, like to Yzma he appears as the Incan God of Death, to Dr. Facilier as his “Friend on the Other Side,” to Ratcliffe as the Lord of the East Underworld Trade company, or an “underworld” crime boss to Cruella DeVille. Really love that they blended Hades into the mythologies of the Disney movies. I would love to see them release the animations as a mini-movie or something.

I don’t know if you guys caught last Friday’s episode of Elena of Avalor, but it had one of my favorite characters that I designed in it. 

I love villains… And the episode came out really well, so I just couldn’t resist doing a little painting of Fiero.

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Rules- answer 11, ask 11, and tag 11

Questions asked:

1. Favorite Disney villain? I literally have no clue, though I feel like there’s a really obvious one that I can’t remember atm. The Pharaoh in The Prince of Egypt has a great voice

2. If you could pick up one instrument and instantly become proficient, what instrument would it be? VIOLIN

3. Are you a soprano or alto? Soprano, though I can do alto too

4. What celebrities would you want to be best friends with? Hmmm, probably Colin Morgan and Jensen Ackles, they sound like the kindest people ever

5. Favorite flavor of Gatorade? …I don’t like Gatorade

6. What are some of your favorite couple tropes? Best friends to lovers, long periods of separation and mutual pining, political enemies at first, not falling in love at first sight, working together against their enemies (I suppose that’s kinda obvious but I’m thinking fantasy as in going on missions together or spying together or being on the same crew or fighting others together etc) and this wasn’t supposed to be so long

7. “Guilty pleasure” song? Idk, “Dog Days Are Over” or “Eye of the Tiger”. I’m the only one in my family who likes those songs.

8. Movie that you can quote word-for-word? LotR. Which one, you ask? ALL.

9. Chrome or Firefox? Chrome definitely

10. I’m sick of hearing about… certain celebrities. Ugh.

11. What is your opinion of fanfiction? There are some really good ones. And then there’s the rest. 

My questions:

  1. Favorite Star Wars movie?
  2. Long book series or stand-alones?
  3. Favorite tree?
  4. Fire or water?
  5. What song will you always sing along to?
  6. Book you couldn’t finish (for whatever reason)?
  7. Favorite type of shoe?
  8. Seashells or flowers?
  9. Do you own any fandom merch and if so what?
  10. Favorite word?
  11. Watercolor or oil paintings?

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Favorite Villains - Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

SO, topic of discussion from time to time as of late has been ‘character types’ and characters that represent one’s ‘golden standard’ of villainy. With the help of some friends, I’ve determined that my ‘golden standard representation’ lies in my favorite Disney villain; Captain Hook. So what does Hook have that sets that said standard? Let’s go piece by piiiiiece!

I usually try to delve into a villain’s history, but Hook is nearly synonymous with history. Much like a villain such as Calypso, he’s a constant in his universe, one of the unaging people of Neverland who, at some point, many, many years ago, came into conflict with Peter Pan. Apparently it all began when Pan cut off his hand and fed it to a crocodile, and the two have been quarreling since. Hook is a pirate, thieving and kidnapping, acting as a scourge on Neverland because, hey, it’s what pirates do! Whether you’re a Lost Boy, a kinda racist depiction of an Indian, or a mermaid, you can allll agree, Hook is bad news.

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30 Day Disney Challenge - Day #13: Your Favorite Villain Song

“It’s A B-Movie” (The Brave Little Toaster)

Does this count as a villain song? I’m gonna count it as one cause the whole point of it is all these appliances trying to scare the circuits out of the main characters. XD And it goes flawlessly into a Halloween music compilation. And my mom blames me when it gets stuck in her head. :D

If you grew up with The Brave Little Toaster, you KNOW the chilling, scarring moments it seems to have in abundance. I’ve heard a lot of people claim that their fear of clowns stemmed from that WHY-IS-THIS-EVEN-A-THING nightmare scene with the firefighter clown. However, in a later scene where our five heroes are brought into the parts shop of a quirky collector (voiced by Pixar’s Joe Ranft, and considering this movie’s parallels to Toy Story is probably Sid’s crazy uncle) who removes parts from appliances and sells them as if they were new.

Unlike Toy Story, however, this movie takes the whole mutilation-and-dismemberment-of-inanimate-objects to a bit of a higher level. We at least saw the mutilated toys in Sid’s room okay again. I think we can just assume that that blender we saw running from his fate just……died when his motor got cut out. Ya know, rated G and all that. O_o And after that, a Peter Lorre lamp and his cohorts go on to sing a song to the heroes that they’re on appliance death row and they ain’t getting out anytime soon. THANKS GUYS.

As a villain song (or maybe I should say antagonist song), this one goes under the radar of Disney fans way too much and that’s gotta be fixed. I especially love how this song gives homage to campy old horror movies - the ones that were kinda cheesy but they had a certain air of chill and spookiness to them. Like the old Dracula and Frankenstein movies of the 30s. Which when it comes down to it, is kinda what this song is (they even give a shout-out to Vincent Price. XD Classy move, song). These guys seem awfully giddy for being at risk of losing their brains/hearts/whatever vital organ they need at any moment. And the classic horror sound of a deep-keyed organ completes it all. My favorite part?

You can’t get out, you are out of your mind!

Seriously, if you’ve never heard this number or it’s just been ages since you have, do yourself a favor and relive the nostalgic creep factor below. XD

The Best Kind of Villain to Write

And Why it’s the Least Popular

AKA Humanityinahandbag Gives Writing Advice… Again… (and why I’m totally not qualified to)

Someone asked me how to write villains. And I was going to go on a whole rant on how to create the traditional “bad-guy”. What elements are needed to form together a classic body of evil that we’ve all come to know and love. Whether its Disney or Pixar, we can all point to a screen and name our most favorite of antagonists that we simply love to hate.

And maybe one day I will write about them. Because, believe me, they are fun to put down onto a page.

But right now I’m going to talk about one that isn’t as talked about, but is, in my opinion, the most superior of the villain tropes. 

And that is what I like to call the Tragic Shaw.

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Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Disney or Dreamworks? dreamworks
Coffee or tea? neither really but coffee sometimes
Books or movies? movies
Windows or Mac? windows
DC or Marvel? neither
Xbox or Playstation? both, either, it doesn’t matter
Night owl or early riser? night owl
Cards or Chess? cards!!! cards are my fucking favorite!!
Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate
Vans or Converse? vans I guess? I don’t have either bc I’m poor but
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Trek
One episode per week or marathoning? marathoning
Gandalf or Obi-Wan? Gandalf
Heroes or Villains? both
John Williams or Hans Zimmer? idk them
Disneyland/Disney World or Six Flags? I’ve been to six flags so that I guess
Forest or sea? forest
Flying or reading minds? flying
Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure? twin peaks
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? lord of the rings
Cake or Pie? pie
You are banished to a desert island, which Benedict Cumberbatch character would you choose to take with you? whichever one is dead so I could eat his body and stay alive longer
Train or Cruise ship? never been on either
Brian Cox or Neil deGrasse-Tyson? uh. Neil.
Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland? as a friend of Dorothy, wizard of oz
Fanfiction or fanart? fanfiction
The Hunger Games - Books or movies? fuckingn neither
Be able to see the future or travel into the past? future
Han Solo or Luke Skywalker? neither I hate Star Wars
Lilacs or sunflowers? sunflowers
Spring or autumn? Autumn
Campfire or fireplace? campfire
French fries or onion rings? fries
Truth or dare? dare
Winter or Summer? winter
Vampires or Werewolves? vampires
Red or Blue? blue
Tigers or Orcas? neither
living in space or living underwater? underwater!!! imagine the Sharks!!!!!
Plays or musical theatre? both
steampunk or cyberpunk? neither
one essential thing you carry in your pocket/bag that is not your phone or wallet? keys
body or spirit? spirit
my question:
Buffy or xena?
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i’ve been thinking about beauty and the beast ever since i saw it bc the original animated movie is genuinely one of my favorite films of all time and it has been for years like… honestly every single part of it is so amazing and beautiful and iconic. honestly disney’s best film i don’t even give a shit if you disagree. it was the first animated film to ever be nominated for best picture and that was before animated movies had their own category or like ANY awards whatsoever at the oscars like… howard ashman’s final magnum opus also like he fucking… did all of that… he did that to me.

also gaston is the best villain bc he’s just some dude. he’s not like, a warlock or an evil witch or even royalty he’s literally just some handsome douchebag who everyone thinks is really cool and great but he’s just a xenophobic asshole that represents toxic masculinity… where’s my WIG

potatotomato-chan  asked:

6, 9, 42, 48 & 56

6:   Favorite villain

  • easy. Shan Yu from Mulan

9:   Favorite sidekick

  • Mushu (mulan) or Pascal? (Tangled) idk since there so much awesome sidekicks like Baymax!

42:   Do you have a Disney princess hierarchy? If so, list them from most favorite to least favorite. Otherwise, just give your top 3 favorite princesses.

I’ll list my Top 3 since I have a very unpopular poinion about my least favourite ones.

  1. Tiana
  2. Mulan
  3. Jasmin

48:   Favorite wardrobe

  • That’s pretty hard to decide. Frozen had some beautiful dresses but I’m not sure if thats my favourite one. Maybe Big Hero 6 since that was some street wear clothes. 

56:   What’s the most underrated Disney movie

  1. Loin King 2
  2. Robin Hood
  3. The great Mouse Detective

My favorite Disney villain has always been like a 4-way tie between Maleficent, Ursula, Gaston and Scar, but after revisiting TLK I can confidently say Scar holds the top spot. I don’t feel any sympathy for him, I don’t believe he felt any remorse for his actions, I don’t subscribe to the theory that he turned evil because he was abused by his father/bullied by Mufasa, and I cheer when he’s devoured by the hyenas, but he has so many great one-liners and a total bop of a villain song and the voice of Jeremy fucking Irons and he comes closer to winning than any other Disney villain so I can’t help but love him despite wanting him to burn forever in lion hell for what he did to Mufasa and Simba. He’s a great example of a villain who’s completely evil but still incredibly interesting and well written.

Since I have written over 130 analyses about Frozen, including a couple for Frozen Fever thrown into the mix, I have been trying to decide my top favorite ones. So here they all are:

  1. What’s in a Name?
  2. Three Snowmen and a Queen
  3. Fight for Your Life
  4. Love Hurts at First
  5. My Left Hand
  6. Anna: More than Just the Ordinary Spare
  7. Hans: A Disney Villain Like No Other
  8. Colors of the Clothes
  9. The Short-Lived Sister Song
  10. Country Setting

So there are my top ten favorites. However, since there are some others that I really love, I decided to make an honorary list with five more:

You may notice that most of the analyses I picked have particular titles. I love to be creative with my analysis titles so I use puns for such titles. This is because I think they are a great way to get people to notice them if they subtly refer to the content of the analyses. Not to mention I didn’t start out using puns for my titles, so I try to use them as often as I can.

Do any of you have favorites of my Frozen analyses? If so, I’d love to hear them. Just tell me in the comments or send me a message. :)

“I love Tangled so much, but it’s always made me uncomfortable, even before I realized that my mother’s treatment of me was abuse. I’ll always say that, even if other Disney villains are scary/evil, Gothel is unnerving on a far more personal level. At the same time, even though some moments in the movie make me uncomfortable, it’s one of my favorites, and Rapunzel’s courage in standing up to Gothel makes me happy.”