one of my favorite current bands

Bands at school.
  • twenty one pilots: The shy boys with the great personality.
  • Paramore: The reckless.
  • Green Day: The legends.
  • All Time Low: The populars.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer: The heartthrobs.
  • Bring Me The Horizon: The emos.
  • Fall Out Boy: The cool kids.
  • My Chemical Romance: The freaks.
  • Against The Current: The hipsters.
  • Hey Violet: The ones who take selfies in class.
  • R5: The pranksters.
  • Maroon 5: The teacher's favorites.
  • Simple Plan: The ones who sleep in class.
  • The Vamps: The bad boys.
Fic Recs #17

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16

And we’re back! New year, new fic. Yes, it’s halfway through February and this is my first fic rec of the year. I was just talking to Megan (acheaptrickandacheesyoneline) the other day about the distinct lack of new fanfiction content in the Olicity fandom. It’s made it a bit hard to make this! But I shall soldier on, finding fics both old and new to pass on to you.

Let’s begin.

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Shattered by @flipflops - Oliver and Felicity share one night of passion despite the fact that they’re dating other people, but the next day Oliver wakes up alone and runs away to Europe. Five years later, Thea convinces him to come back. Nothing is as he expected.

Breaking News by @thatmasquedgirl - Laurel Lance’s friend Iris West went missing when she went to Russia for an investigative piece. No one can help her find her friend, so she decides to try and find the only people who will: the A-Team, a group of dishonorably discharged military men (and one woman) turned criminal outlaws after a mission went awry (that not their fault). Angsty, emotional, and so totally awesome! I can’t wait for more of this story.

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what’s a little history (between you and I) by @sarcasticfina - Felicity Smoak (Merlyn, but she changed her name) is home from London after an exile to boarding school from her disinterested father. But now, something called the Undertaking (and her brother almost dying) brought her back to a city in disarray and a boy (now man) she was never strong enough to resist.

Keep It Professional by @mogirl97 - Felicity Smoak is a tech genius, and she’s moving across the country to help manage the NYC office of Smoak Tech. And she’s still in high school. Well, she won’t be when she moves cross-country to attend MIT between ruling the tech world, and that’s where this story comes in. Donna is worried about her baby girl, especially since threats are being leveled at her. Digg and his private security firm has handled protecting the Smoaks since Felicity was small, so Donna calls on him to hire a private bodyguard for Felicity. When Oliver Queen walks in, he’s nothing like what she expected.

It’s on the (Edge of Emotional) by @weonlyliveonce - Oliver Queen is the hard-working mayor Star City deserves, but his platform accounted for his past philandering by marketing him as a bachelor entirely dedicated to his city. That was true, until a babbling blonde came to his office to work on his systems. Computer systems, that is.

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Illusion Never Changed Into Something Real by @felicityollies - A sort of fix-it fic about the breakup, how it should’ve been handled and addressed, and Oliver not lying to himself that he “didn’t have a choice” about not telling Felicity.

Bumps in the Night by @ilurked - Oliver still spends five years in hell, with a few key differences. One: hell is a mix of the island and a crazy science lab. And two, he’s a werewolf.

Playing With Fire by @wrldtravler - A beautiful blonde enters Verdant in a stunning red dress. You know, the one with the zipper. Oliver finds he can’t stay away. (Sexy, smutty, gorgeous!)

When Locksley Met… by @emmilynestill - A continuation of “of Redemption and Inebriation,” featuring everyone’s favorite adorable, protective, massive Akita: Locksley. I got a preview of all the stories (beta perks, dahlings) and y’all are in for a RIDE.

celestial devotion series by @alexiablackbriar13 - Oliver Queen is an angel. Then he meets Felicity Smoak, and it turns out they’re soulmates. What could go wrong?

Family Doesn’t End With Blood by @dettiot - Part 3 in the Felicity Stark series. Arrow’s plot has progressed much the same, but Oliver and Felicity have been together basically the whole time. Now, they’re engaged. But tragic events (i.e. - Damien Darhk and Felicity’s paralysis) have made her start doubting herself and she and Oliver’s relationship. What’s next for the daughter of an Avenger? Only time will tell.

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The Challenge by @felicityollies - As you all know (or maybe not), the Olicity Valentine’s Day Smut-a-thon graced AO3 on February 14th. This was one of my favorite entires, involving some teasing, some spanking, and a very interesting pair of lacy pink underwear.

Reading Between the Lines by @lynslogic - Another deliciously smutty entry to the Smut-a-thon, this one involving returned-solider Oliver, college-professor Felicity, and someone reading smutty fanfiction in class…

ubi amor, ibi dolor by @alexiablackbriar13 - “The five times Oliver is caught self-harming and the one time he isn’t.” Aka painful, tragic, heartbreaking, and totally awesome so you should go read it. TRIGGER WARNING for self-harm, as evidenced by the fic description.

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Somewhere With You by ME! - It’s everyone’s favorite part of the day, where I tell you about my current WIP. Felicity is on the run from someone and somewhere mysterious, and the rag-tag band of seniors at Star Beach Prep do their best to bring her out of her shell. That sounds much more happy-go-lucky than it actually is, but I’m pretty proud of it tbh so you should go check it out!


Music I’m currently listening to

Slowdive // Slowdive (2017) Shoegaze
- Vey spacy. It’s as if they combined the sleepwalking vibe of Souvlaki with the big, open sound of Pygmalion. Sugar For The Pill and Everyone Knows are the best tracks imo

Anathema // The Optimist (2017) Prog Rock, Post Rock
- More down to earth than Distant Satellites. The band feels less epic and grand, but in a good way.

Exploded View  // Exploded View  (2016) Post Punk, Krautrock
- Anika is one of my favorite modern post punk/experimental songwriters, she has never gotten anywhere near the attention she deserves. You can really hear her voice through the song writing and the political commentary entwined in the music.

Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv // I’ll Try Living Like This (2015) Vaporwave, IDM
- I’m still trying to make sense of it? It’s self referential vaporwave, if that helps.

Full of Hell // Trumpeting Ecstasy (2017) Grindcore
- Reminds me of the new Code Orange album, except with better execution. While the new CO album is hit or miss when it comes to using ‘experimental’ production while still keeping their songs as heavy as possible, Full of Hell kills it at every turn.

Future Islands // The Far Field (2017) Synthpop, New Wave
- I loved Singles, this album basically follows the same template. There aren’t quite as many immediately catchy songs, but I’ve only listened to it twice so who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind. The bass playing is still fucking heavenly.

Violet Cold // Anomie (2017) Post Black Metal
- One of the better new releases of a still developing genre.

マクロスMACROSS 82-99 // A Million Miles Away (2014) Vaporwave, Vapor-Funk
- Not much going on in terms of ‘meaningful’ content, but who cares, it’s really fun. It can be a little repetitive, but enjoyable in bursts.

Mass of Fermenting Dregs // ワールドイズユアーズ (2009) Noise Rock, Shoegaze
- Really underrated math rock inspired noise rock. It’s fucked up that they get lumped together with Tricot and other female fronted Japanese bands even though they have next to nothing in common sound wise.

I’ve had a great week at work, but I still can’t shake the blues. So it was a treat to remember I’d been tagged by @rayonthego. I’ve done something like this recently, but I think some of the questions are different.

Name: Rebecca
Nickname: Beka. Never, never, never Becky.
Gender: Yes
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 5′ 6″
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Hogwarts: Gryffindor
Favorite Color: Greens and blues
Favorite Animal: Tree Frog
Average Hours of Sleep: Never enough
Time Right Now: 9:25 A.M.
Cat or Dog Person: Both

A Favorite Fictional Character: I could never choose a favorite, but the two that spring to mind first are Hermione Granger and Marion Stone (half of a pair of formerly conjoined twins in Cutting for Stone).
Number of Blankets: One
Favorite Singer/Band: Again, impossible. But when I look at my music, I apparently have almost every song The Kinks ever put out.
Dream Trip: A long tour of Italy. Florence is my favorite of any city I’ve ever visited.
Dream Job: Working at a charitable foundation.
When Was This Blog Created: 2009, but I only reblogged for the first couple of years.
Current Number of Followers: More than I deserve.
When Did Your Account Peak: I would probably gauge the success of my blog by how therapeutic it was for me. So on a purely personal level, I think 2013 to 2014 was when I really exorcised a lot of demons.
What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: All the pretty pictures.
Why Did You Pick Your URL: My name is Beka, and it was available.
Last Thing I Googled: succubus and incubus

Fictional Character You’d Like as a Sibling: Christopher Robin
How Many Blogs I Follow: Way too many. I feel guilty, because I can’t keep up with all of you. But I can’t quit you.
What Do I Post About: My daily life, my face, phone pictures, and random thoughts.
Do You Get Asks On a Regular Basis: Yes. I have been so supported here, that it’s ridiculous. It feels unmerited, but I appreciate the kind words from my friends here more than you know.
Aesthetic: Pre-hoarder

Thank you, Ray!!

I will tag @lipstickspice, @drethecajun, @officeslave6, @jeffwcpa, and @mindfullofnothingness .

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• Name: Trystan

• Nickname: Trytry, apparently. Kinda sucks.

• Gender: Man

• Star sign: Cancer

• Height: 1m85

• Sexual orientation: Ace

• Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

• Favorite color: Green, duh.

• Favorite animal: Lemurs

• Time right now: 18:08

• Cat or Dog person: Both, but I tend to prefer dogs.

• Favorite fictional character: Impossible question. But I’ll say Heather Mason.

• Favorite singer/band: Another impossible question. But Iamamiwhoami/Ionnalee, as of late.

• Dream trip: Paris, France, to see friends.

• Dream job: Payed to do what I want.

• When was this blog created: 8 months ago

• Current numbers of followers: 2347 followers. Didn’t change a lot for a while.

• What made you decide to make a Tumblr: To see art from people I like that posted here. But now people are starting to go on Twitter instead. I’m cursed.

Why did you pick your URL: Sea of Dreams is one of my favourite songs ever, and pretty much represents what’s in my head.

Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better : I’ll tag the people in my Tumblr chat thingy, in the right of my screen. So it’s @camalilium, @madotsukiphile, @demonandfriends, @zekekingart and @foulgus. Have fun, gals and guys.

Current mood after listening to this song from one of my favorite bands! I’m still surprised that the video so far even has that many likes and a lot less dislikes. People said the new Ghostbusters theme song is bad, but honestly, I actually like that song, and yet that song has a 50/50 ratings for likes and dislikes!? What is the world any more? I want some fucking answers! 

ID #91140

Name: Brianna
Age: 19
Country: USA

I am a 19 year old girl living in Colorado, USA. I am studying criminal justice in college. I really love relaxing and listening to music. My favorite music type is more alternative and some of my favorite bands are The 1975, BORNS, Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, Twenty One Pilots, Alt-J, and Glass Animals. I currently work at a hospital in the emergency room and I love it! I also binge watch Netflix, and my current show of choice is Dexter. I love meeting and talking to new people, so don’t be afraid to contact me!

Preferences: 17-22

I was tagged by a beautiful binch @zetrystan

• Name: Nelson

• Nickname: Cama, Nellie Fertado, Nelsanion, 

• Gender: Male

• Star sign: Aquarius

• Height: 6′2″

• Sexual orientation: Gay

• Hogwarts house: idk

• Favorite color: fuchsia 

• Favorite animal: seals

• Time right now: 12:32am

• Cat or Dog person: I like both.

• Favorite fictional character: Bayonetta 

• Favorite singer/band: Daoko and Panic!At the Disco

• Dream trip: honestly dont know ;w;

• Dream job: one where im not miserable and can support myself

• When was this blog created: 2013 i think

• Current numbers of followers: 8,230.

• What made you decide to make a Tumblr: everyone was switching over from DA so

Why did you pick your URL: two of my favorite flowers “Chamomile” and “Liliums”

Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better :nah


name: Nancy
nickname: Don’t really have one.
zodiac sign: Sagittarius
height:  5′4″
orientation: Straight
ethnicity: Korean
favorite fruit: Strawberries
favorite season: Spring
favorite books: Haven’t read any in a while, but I liked the Harry Potter series
favorite flower: Roses
favorite scent: A clean crisp breeze
favorite animal: Puppies
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa ? Chai Tea Latte 
average hours of sleep: 8-10
cats or dogs ? I like both, but I guess dogs are slightly higher.
favorite fictional character: …. Angela Ziegler?
dream trip: Japan
when was your blog created ? January 6, 2012
what do you post about ? My art and my gaming stuff, currently Overwatch
do you get asks on a regular basis ? I get a few once in a while. Not a ton.
aesthetic: Angel Wings
favorite band/artist ? I don’t really have one. I just listen to whatever I like.
fictional characters i’d date: … I honestly don’t know.
hogwarts house: I can’t remember if it was Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.


countries i’ve lived in: America
favorite fandom: I guess Overwatch
languages you speak: English, (beginner level Korean and Japanese)
favorite film of 2016: Doctor Strange
last article you read: Something on why I keep getting password reset emails.
shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: 1. Adelle - Hello (Chase Holfelder Cover); 2. The Mistweave Monks - World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Soundtrack; 3. CVBZ - Be Like You
last thing you bought online: Amazon Gift Cards
how would your enemies describe you? Shitty Battle Mercy?
who would you take a bullet for? Husband

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anonymous asked:

1, 5, 16, 29, 39, 44, 48, 79, 99

1-  6 of the songs you listen to most?
Answered this one already but my answers were: A Million Men, Cry Baby, Warrior, Stone Cold, It’s Not Fair :)

5-  What does your latest text message from someone else say?
It’s from my mom and it’s a picture of my dogs laying out in the sun and it says “Your dogs are relaxing”

16-  Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band?
This is my third time answering this :P Haha, Demi Lovato, even though she isn’t really a “band” 😜

29-  Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens? 
Haha I already answered this one too but the answer is yes I believe in ghosts but I’m not sure I believe in aliens

39-  What time is it?
It is currently 1:32am :)

44-  What was the last film you saw?
My roommate and I just watched “I Am Sam” a few hours ago, haha

48-  What’s your sexual orientation?
Straight/asexual (I think…)

79-  What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?
Adopting my pup ♥

99-  If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say?
Probably nothing, I have social anxiety. Hahahaha.

ID #15211

Name: Lucy
Age: 15 (16 in June)
Country: USA

Hello…? I don’t really know how to start this. I’m looking for an internet friend because I haven’t had one in a while. My interests include writing stories (original or fan fiction), reading (anything by Rainbow Rowell tbh), music (The 1975 is my favorite band), and MBTI (I’m an INFJ). I also have an interest in other cultures and languages. I’m currently learning German but I have attempted to learn Japanese, Chinese, and Russian, too. I’m a supporter of the LGBT community and basically a supporter of everyone accepting everyone’s LEGAL life choices.

Preferences: I would prefer my pen pal to be between 14 - 18 years old and not a horrible person really.

Get to know me  ᵔᴥᵔ

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 10 blogs you would like to know better

I was tagged by @aglassroseneverfades (sorry I haven’t done a few of the last ones buddy ^^; )

Age: 24
Birth place: California c:
Current time: 13:02 if you’re on a 24 hour clock ^^;
Drink you last had: Arizona green tea
Easiest person to talk to: my girlfriend <33
Favorite song: Oooh, well, right now I’ve been listening to a lot of The Civil Wars because of #KastleWeek and, hmmm… Disarm is giving me some SERIOUS Kastle feels, but then… a good 50% of this band is Kastle feels : |
Grossest memory: I have an almost identical story of shitting myself on the couch because of illness once, yeah ^^;
In love: girlfriendddd X3 Kastle is also chewing on my brain
Jealous of people: I mean, sure, sometimes, but also very happy with my own life, really c:
Killed someone: Only in fiction ^^;
Love at first sight or should I walk by again: Uhhh *shrug* good question? For me it’s usually love at first opened mouth ^^; Depends on what y’all are saying
Middle name: Jeanne
Number of siblings: 1, my younger sister
One wish: Success in my career, balancing my life to the greatest happiness of all
Person you called last: Mmm, dad, we had to discuss lawn things
Question you’re always asked: Uhhh… shit, I dunno, “Have you read X?” probably, and then having to disappoint everyone that I haven’t
Reason to smile: NEW GOTHAM TONIGHT 8D, #KastleWeek next week which I am diligently working on, graduation in a couple weeks, Ale a couple weeks later, I’ve got a lot of reasons to smile xp
Song you last sang: Uhhhh… Colors of the Wind? Pocahontas was on yesterday
Time you woke up: *shrug* I dunno bro, about 11?
Underwear color: Navy currently xp
Vacation: I think the Ale counts as my vacation, in Colorado c:
Worst habit: Anxiety-produced procrastination. Also I bite my nails.
X-rays: Well at least I don’t have a piece missing from my skull 8D *bad joke* But yeah, I’ve got plenty of my hips and mouth, so… there’s that.
Your favorite food: Mmmm… yes : |
Zodiac sign: Virgo

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jawbone-the-tenth  asked:

1 (i'm actually curious) 6 16 19 20, what is currently your favorite game

1. the meaning behind my url

sorry to disappoint but 


i just like fruit 

6. favorite band

i don’t have one definitive one, but lately i’ve been listening to mr. twin sister and kero kero bonito a lot 

16. favorite movie


19. middle name


locke-writes  asked:

Mainly because I'm always in search of new music. Top 5 bands/artists/singers/whatever

MY DUDE I’VE GOT YOU. These aren’t my all time favorite bands but they’re ones that I’m currently obsessed with.

1. Sir Sly (Favorite songs are Too Far Gone, You Haunt Me, and Ghost)

2. Eden Project (Drowning, Jupiter, Sex)

3. Dreamers (Sweet Disaster, the original and the acoustic)

4. Jimmy Eat World (Hear You Me, Pain, The Middle)

5. Mike Mains & The Branches (Where Love Dies)

Mr. Clifford

Requested: Yes. 
Note: Sorry it took so long, it took me forever to come up with a plot. As an apology, I will write a second part for you! That is if you want. 


I walked into class, inwardly groaning. It was English with Mr. Clifford. He was a shitty teacher, he wasn’t even supposed to be our teacher. He was just a substitute, a beautiful dorky player substitute, who became our permanent teacher when they couldn’t find a replacement for Mrs. Connelly. He was a few years older than most of us and he was very attractive. All the girls practically swooned at anything he did, it was sickening. What made it worse was that I did too.

Yeah, I have a crush on Mr. Clifford, but who doesn’t? Even the guys admire him. Everyone thinks he is so cool, so punk, so amazing. I just want him to be gone. I just wished he wasn’t so cocky, that he didn’t flirt with everyone in the class. I just, I wanted him to be into me. He flirted with me a lot, but he did that with everyone. It was hard to tell if he was being sincere or not. He was just so stressful, so difficult.

I shook my head, trying to get rid of my thoughts as I took my seat near the back. I leaned against the wall as class began. I looked at Mr. Clifford, wondering how he was allowed to teach with his eyebrow piercing. I then began to think about when he might have got, who he might have went with. I looked over his face as he took attendance, noticing his scruff. God, I just wanted to touch it. I wanted to do so much more than touch his scruff, but he was my fucking douche of a teacher.

I blinked a few times when I felt him staring at me, the corners of his lips quirking up into a smile. “Ah, Sophia. Daydreaming about me again?” He asked as the class snickered. I opened my mouth to say something, but he spoke again. “Next time I’ll mark you absent.” He said, his tone becoming a bit serious. He then went back to taking attendance. I bit my bottom lip, he knew it. He always knew when I was thinking about him. It was as if he could read minds.

I ended up spacing out during the whole class, it was just so hard to focus on his lecture then on the paper we were had to write, due tomorrow morning. It would have been easier if it was about a current issue or my favorite band, but no. It was on as he said, “dank memes.” Who did this guy think he was? What kind of a teacher gave writing assignments on dank memes. “Sophia.” Mr. Clifford said and I looked up, noticing that he was leaning against the desk beside me. I looked around, seeing that I was the last one in class. I cleared my throat to speak but he shook his head.

“You’ve done nothing all class and before you try to protest, one I’ve been watching you and two, there is nothing but the name and date on your paper.” He said, crossing his arms. I licked my lips, looking at my paper. I played with the end of school uniform skirt. I couldn’t look up, I would probably cry. It just hated disappointing others, even if they were super-hot womanizers.

“Sophia, look at me.” He said, his voice stern. I hesitantly looked up, it was weird hearing him like this. He was always so energetic and bubbly during class. He didn’t ever get serious, but this, it was hot. I bit my bottom lip, trying to suppress my thoughts but they kept coming up. I watched his lips as he talked, telling me about whatever. I couldn’t focus on what he was saying, all I could think about was how nice it would be to have my lips pressed against his. How I wanted him to whisper dirty things to me as he fucked me, right here in his classroom. I let out a small moan, my eyes widening as I realized what I had done. I quickly went back to my sad expression, hoping, scratch that, praying he didn’t hear me. I nervously played with my hands, desperately wanting to leave.

“I knew it.” Mr. Clifford said, a smile spreading across his face. “I always joke about you wanting me, but I never thought it was true.” He said as he leaned closer to me. “I wanted to believe it, I really did but with how you’ve been acting towards me all month. It was hard, not as hard as me.” He winked as I looked down, noticing how tight his pants really were. He let out a laugh, “Naughty, naughty girl.” He said, clearly amused.

I looked down, my cheeks reddening. It was true, I had become less flirty and more angry (?) towards him. Well, it wasn’t anger, it was jealousy. I hated how he flirted with everyone, how I felt like I wouldn’t be good enough for him. I just wanted him to see me and only me. I wanted to be the one he confided in, the one he thought about constantly, I wanted him to return my feelings.

I was taken out of my thoughts once more when I felt Mr. Clifford tilt my chin up. “Why don’t you be a good girl for once and sit over there.” He said pointing at his desk. I furrowed my brows, “Your chair?” I asked, my voice quiet. He chuckled and shook his head, “My desk.” He said as he pulled back. I went to protest, but he shook his head. Why was I so submissive? I asked myself as I got up and sat on his desk.

I looked down, playing with the hem of my skirt, my face still as red as it could be. I looked to side, watching as Mr. Clifford placed himself between my legs. His fingers lightly brushing against my thigh. I felt myself tingle, the butterflies in my stomach and everything. I looked up when I heard him speak again, I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying though, my heart was racing and my mind was cluttered. I nearly forgot how to breathe.

Mr. Clifford moved in closer, his lips pressing slowly against mine. I didn’t know what to do, what to think but instinct soon kicked in when I returned the kiss. His lips were soft and he tasted of peppermint. We kept our lips in sync, our pace gradually becoming quicker, needier. His fingers slipping up my skirt, the tingly feeling never going away. He rubbed his thumb up my panty. I let out a gasp, which led to him deepening the kiss. His tongue rubbed against mine. His movements became more dominant and I let him, earning a small smile from him.

He pushed me back a bit, lifting my hips up as he pulled my panties down. I felt myself becoming a bit embarrassed as he did so, then the realization hit. We were in school, in his classroom, with the door unlocked. Anyone could see, anyone could walk in. I pushed him away a bit, “We’re in school.” I said, my breath ragged. He smiled, “Thrilling, isn’t it?” He said as he finished pulling my underwear off and stuffing it into his back pocket.

I went to disagree but he pressed his lips against mine again, his left hand resting on my back bringing me closer to him. “Shh, it’ll be okay.” He said as his lips ghosted against my skin. I nodded slowly, the risk of being caught was pretty thrilling and hot. He kissed me quickly before pulling back, “Yeah, I guess we should just wait.” He winked as he pulled back. “I’ll right you a pass for your class, so you don’t get in trouble.” He said as he pulled out a green paper, filling it out quickly. I was beyond confused with this man.

I got up off of his desk, my stomach still churning. I went over and gathered my things, feeling weird without my panties on. I cleared my throat, “Mr. Clifford, my erm, underwear.” I said, in an awkward whisper. He laughed once more, his hand going to his back pocket. “You can get it back after school, in detention.” He winked as he handed me my pass to class then walked out of the classroom. I let out a sigh, then blinked a few times. “Detention?”

ter [�+�

ID #99536

Name: Zelka
Age: 14
Country: USA

Hi! As you can tell from above my name is Zelka. I am currently in high school and focusing on theatre and Japanese. I like alternative music (my favorite band rn is paramore), Hamilton, Gravity Falls, and a bunch of other stuff that is to much to list off. I am a pessimist, atheist, and a honest person just looking for a friend! I would love to contact via snail mail, since I infrequently look at my messages.

Preferences: 14-16 or some one in their first year of high school and not racist homophobic or against any LGBT. Also hopefully from a different country

Getting to know me!

I was tagged by @fit-fat-girl to fill this out! (Sorry it took me a few days!) 

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag blogs you would like to know better.

Age: 29
Birth place: Washington State
Current time: 10:47am
Drink you last had: I think I had some water before bed, but before that I drank my chocolate milk concoction from work. (Cold milk, mocha, marshmallow syrup, plus marshmallow whip cream. It’s no wonder I’m having trouble losing weight…) 

Easiest person to talk to: I am one of those weird people that can talk to pretty much anyone. But, I’d probably have to go with my BFF Marie. 

Favorite song: Currently I keep listening to I’ll Wait For You by my favorite band ever Sherwood. 
Grossest memory: I got really sick while visiting family one year. I woke up in the middle of the night projectile vomiting and couldn’t keep anything down. I made it to the bathroom after throwing up all over the hallway, and then realized afterward that it came out the other end a bit as well. 
In love: With my family and friends and lovely pets, even though my dog is a demon and bites sometimes. 

Jealous of people: So many people. People who have their life figured out. People getting married or having babies with their spouse. People who have been thin forever, or have lost weight, especially people who can lose a significant amount of weight in a fairly short time frame. People with lots of friends, so they are never having to do things alone. I feel like I struggle with jealousy a bit lately… 

Killed someone: If someone HAD, do you think they would say yes here? But still, no. 

Love at first sight or should I walk by again: I definitely think that you can feel a spark right away. That feeling that you just click, but I don’t think that is love, at least not yet. Love takes time and effort. 
Middle name: Elizabeth
Number of siblings: 2
One wish: To just be everything I want to be. 
Person you called last: My mom
Question you’re always asked: Well I work at Starbucks, so I get asked for drinks a lot, does that count? Other than that, I feel like the “you’re how old?!” conversation keeps happening. 

Reason to smile: Sunny days, joking with friends, when everything is going wrong and one more thing gets added and you can’t really do anything but laugh at how ridiculous it all is, dogs and cats, family, curling up with a new netflix show to binge. 

Song you last sang: Last night I was singing along to some song at work that was in Mean Girls, but I can’t remember what it’s called.  

Time you woke up: Originally around 7:30 cause my cat decided to paw my face, but then I went back to sleep and woke up around 10:30? 

Underwear color: None at the moment, because I don’t wear underwear under my pj pants to bed. 
Vacation: I’m going to Minnesota in July, other than that, I’m always down for another trip to Orlando! 
Worst habit: So many, throwing clothes on the floor, avoiding dishes like the plague, eating stuff that doesn’t make me feel good, so many more
X-rays: I’ve had a couple, but they’ve never found anything bad. 
Your favorite food: Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Burgers and fries, Fish and Chips. I couldn’t pick just one. 

Zodiac sign: Leo

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A-age: 2086678,877890 :’)
B-birthplace: gotham city
C-current time 5:20 pm
D-drink you had last: a monster energy drink
E-easiest person to talk to: 3 of my friends
F-favorite song: Xo tour life by Lil uzi vert
G-grossest memory: seeing someone pick their nose while they were eating their food
H-horror yes or no: yasssssssss
I-In love: yes and no
J-jealous of people: nope
K-killed someone: not yet..
L-love at first sight or walk pass again ?:both
M-middle name: idk
N-number of siblings: 3
O-one wish: to have a successful rock band of my own
P- person I lasted called: my dad
Q-question you’re always asked: how do you dye your hair
R-reason to smile: the joker and Harley Quinn
S- song you last sang: shades of cool by lana del rey
T-time you woke up: 8:30 am
U-underwear color: red and black
V-vacation: L.A or the U.K
W-worst habit: skipping meals
X-x-rays: teeth
Y-your favorite food: pizza
Z.-zodiac sign: pisces

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Get to know me better

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Name: Carla

Nickname: Lizard Wizard/Lizard and Karkat

Star sign: Pisces

Height: I’m the average height of 5′5 

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Hogwarts House: So I got an even score on all but Hufflepuff so I’m all but Hufflepuff 

Favorite color: Grey probably 

Favorite animal: Hoo boy I love the mimic octopus

Average hours of sleep: I have insomnia so I get about 4 hours of sleep on days I have to wake up early 

Number of blankets: Typically one or two when it’s cold

Favorite singer/band: Either Gorillaz or Thirty Seconds to Mars

Dream trip: Idk, I never really thought about where to go but traveling just sounds fun so I’d be happy to go anywhere

Dream job: Forensic pathologist/medical examiner

When was your blog created: So my blog turned 4 like yesterday so that means I created it 2013? 

Current number of followers: 325! Not many but I appreciate each and every one of them

What made you create your tumblr: I had a friend show me tumblr so I created one to be part of  like a joint blog with another friend of mine and it went nowhere so we deleted that one and she deleted her account but I still used mine. I later deleted it and made the blog I use now

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ELEVEN things I've learned in my first year of being an OT

I haven’t done one of these in a while but my one year of working and being an adult anniversary is coming up this month… so I thought I would celebrate with a list of things I’ve legitimately learned over the last year.

1. Fashion counts. Ok, maybe not fashion exactly, but there’s something to be said about feeling comfortable in your clothes and acknowledging that your clothes say something about you. I wore sweatpants to grad school (and I blame the physio students for lowering the standards on the normative grad school appearance in the building lol). I invested in a lot of stiff dress pants and shirts for placements but they’re so uncomfortable I rarely wear them. So. The first half of my career was a lot of “are you a student?”, “sure, you’re this persons case worker. …”, “nice shorts.” It took me this entire year to figure how to dress in a way that is comfortable, reflects my personal style, and subtly states professionalism in a “I know what I’m doing, I swear” way. I’m still not sure about how to dress in the summer… But I started a work look Pinterest too lol:

2. Schedule time to document. It was easy to learn to schedule client visits and travel time…but documenting was always an after thought. I literally didn’t chart on one of my clients for a MONTH one time. And I had to work one night (at home, thank goodness we have laptops) until 11 catching up. It was just like grad school…but seriously: prioritize documenting time even when it feels like it’s not that important compared to actually working with clients

3. Old habits die hard. It takes approximately 21 days to build a new one. Also, you have to be organized to be an OT but it’s ok if you’re not- it’s a skill you can learn. I think I’ve mentioned it before that a lot of the bad habits I had in school (doing things last minute, double booking myself, not flossing regularly… Etc) would end when I got a job and joined the real world. I’m not naturally an organized person. I’m like really quite disorganized tbh (my coworker has called me the most functionally disorganized case manager she has ever met — a joke that also nods to my OT tendency to ignore problems if they don’t technically get in the way of function). I have always been like this and for some reason assumed getting a paycheque would change that? I never successfully used an agenda at school…but I’m great at it now. And I haven’t fallen a month behind on charts ever since that one time. I have a much better system; although it is something I’m still working on.

4. Healthy self care is key. Other good habits I’m trying to build are personal coping strategies. Over the last month I’ve allowed yoga to replace some other bad habits in my life (I’m talking in the realm of smoking and drinking, but not exactly those things necessarily). Caring for others for a living is a privilege; it can also be draining if you’re not careful with your own health. In school we talked about making crisis plans which sounded dumb at the time -it was just us writing down things we enjoy but honestly, when you’re feeling shit, it’s nice to be able to look at a list to remind you of the things you like.

5. How to be “myself” at work and acknowledging the importance of work culture I think it just took this whole year for me to settle in to myself at work. People at work are starting to find out I love to bake, and it’s been pointed out that baking is my new thing. But it’s not new. I baked all the time when I was in school. I just haven’t baked for like 8 months because I was so stressed over work (see: number 4 for more about bad self care habits) and maybe I lost part of myself trying to be the professional OT I thought I had to be at work. It is a bit of a delicate balance- your personality isn’t going to work with every work culture. I’m lucky to be at a place that seems to be ok with me the way I am.

6. I have biases, prejudgements, and stigmatizing thoughts sometimes. But I’m working on recognizing them, acknowledging them, and changing them. For example, sometimes I get frustrated with clients who experience anxiety around trying things that will probably help them. Which is the WORST thing as a mental health worker, I know that!! I can’t help being frustrated - it’s my internal reaction - - but I need to acknowledge that I am, think about why, and think about how to make it productive in my work with the client so that my external response is not frustration. I’m working on changing my internals too though because I know clients can tell when we are frustrated, even though we try not to show it.

7. say thank you. I spend a lot of time talking to other community workers at other community agencies, hospitals, welfare offices etc That saying about catching more flies with honey is true. I’m buds with a few pharmacists in the communuty, some social workers and therapists at other organizations, and I always feel if we scratch each others backs, the system can be a better place. We’re all here trying to help our clients and I see it truly as teamwork, with client as the team captain. I never understand workers that don’t want to play on the same team but I try to be nice to them anyway

8. make work friends; they’re important. Work friends are important for several reasons. One, we spend 40 hours at work - it would suck to not have someone to kill some of that time talking about your favorite bands (or sports, if that’s your thing). Two, networking. You never know what opportunities will come out of that new work friend. Three, friends make you happier and is probably 75% of my current job satisfaction.

9. Make a stupid budget . If you’re anything like me, this will be your first steady pay cheque and even if its not a lot, knowing that same amount is rolling in every other week will do something to your psyche and you will just buy all sorts of things you don’t need. Learn about budgets and investments and all that boring stuff. one day I’m sure I will be glad I did.

10. Always have hope for your clients. if you don’t see it, they might not either.

11. KEEP LEARNING. YOU WILL NEVER BE DONE WITH LEARNING. take advantage of trainings offered to you, seek out training and mentoring opportunities, and just acknowledge that you will never know everything you need to know to do your job. Plus this is the OT student blog—- I’m all about life long learning (just not at school anymore)