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as someone who ships spideypool, i wanna acknowledge that the ship DOES have a history of abuisve behavior, and although that behavior is being talked about and actively worked on, if people aren’t okay with it ever being a factor in that dynamic then that’s valid. however what isn’t okay, is when people try to say that wade was the abusive one. bc nah, it was peter. i love peter parker, y'all know this, he’s my favorite marvel character. for the most part peter is a truly good person, but he can also be a really stubborn and thoughtless jerk sometimes. this isn’t news, this is something his character has struggled with b4 especially when stressed out. and it’s something he’s struggled with in his relationship with wade. for the better part of their relationship, peter was very verbally abuisve to wade. he didn’t want to even try to get to know wade, he judged wade, and he verbally abused him. he would lash at out wade for little to no reason, he would mock him, he would degrade him, he would judge him for his mental illness, his scars, and his history. peter was mean, he had no interest in getting to know wade or even trying to understand what made him who he was, and although his anger was often caused by very stressful and dangerous situations (that were granted often caused by wade) sometimes he would say cruel things to wade completely unwarranted.

as their relationship has progressed, peter has acknowledged this behavior as wrong and has also realized that verbal abuse only pushed wade deeper into the harmful things that peter hated him for to begin with. peter has since acknowledged that he was being cruel, he was judging wade before even getting to know him, and he has been trying to be more kind, more thoughtful, and the kind of person that wade actually needs in his life. “insults” he throws at wade now are much more like banter and based in fondness, like how you would talk when teasing a friend. peter still sometimes does say something that is a bit too far, but when this happens now he will usually realize this and apologize whereas he wouldn’t before. i love spideypool, the relationship between peter and wade is complex and it has really grown over the last two year in particular. they’re both very complex characters with very glaring flaws, and likewise very good and unique qualities. but the beginning stages of their relationship were kind of abusive, and people who don’t like that regardless of how the relationship has healed and progressed are valid. but that abuse, it wasn’t on wade’s part.

peter was narrow-minded, and often needlessly cruel. wade is certainly no angel either, duh, but any “abuse” he’s dealt at peter has never been intentional. people like to say that wade was abuisve to peter because one time wade actually killed peter, but they conveniently ignore that wade didn’t even know peter, and that wade had been manipulated into thinking that peter was doing horrible experiments on humans similar to that of weapon x. and they ignore that once wade realized he had been tricked, he actually traveled into the afterlife to save peter from death and bring him back to life. wade isn’t abuisve to peter, he isn’t abuisve to spider-man. he makes mistakes, but he acknowledges and corrects those when they happen and he always tries to learn to be a better hero like spidey. peter didn’t used to do that, he would ignore his mistakes and behavior, he wouldn’t apologize to wade, he was abusive. but he has acknowledged this, he is changing and learning from wade to be more patient and understanding and open-minded. spider-man is teaching deadpool to be a super hero despite being a broken man, deadpool is teaching peter how to be a better man despite being a super hero.

if you don’t like spideypool fine. whether it be because you just don’t ship them, or you can’t look past their rocky beginnings, i understand that. but i’m tired of people acting like peter is completely innocent, and that wade is what would make the ship questionable, when it would be the other way around. peter is my favorite marvel character because he is so complex, he tries so hard to be a hero and he IS a hero, but through that he can sometimes view “good” and “bad” in extreme black and whites as if there’s no in-between, and this can cause him to be cruel and stubborn to people like wade. and you’re supposed to see that, you aren’t supposed to just ignore his flaws. the writers wanted you to see how cruel peter was being to wade, they wanted you to look at peter and say “hey, spidey, we get that you hate murder and therefore would logically hate deadpool, but maybe learn about him before you condemn him” deadpool is the anti-spidey, he’s spidey’s foil, and through that dynamic you were supposed to see the flaws in peter parker’s morals in addition to seeing the obvious flaws in wade’s. you weren’t supposed to support peter’s initial attitude towards wade, their dynamic was intended to show the flaws in Both of them and then eventually try to mutually heal those flaws, you were supposed to realize that spider-man is flawed too and even he has lessons to learn. and he is finally learning them, peter has apologized and has been trying to change this behavior and be the kind of person that wade actually needs in his life, but he WAS abusive towards wade and that shouldn’t be erased, and it certainly shouldn’t be thrown back onto wade just bc wade is a morally gray anti-hero.

me: oh boy maybe tonight i will be able to sleep!


me, crying: please just one night just one fucking ni

Flozmin had 23 hours of screen time and the best treatment of a wlw ship I’ve ever seen on tv.

Character development, relationship progression, and a happy family ending. I mean they legit got the royal hetero ship treatment Lol Jazmin is easily in my top 3 favorite wlw of all time. Florencia is one of the most fascinating unique wlw. Julieta & Violeta really showed up & delivered two of the best wlw performances. TWENTY-THREE HOURS of subtitles! Flor and Jaz scenes alone are equivalent to 32 episodes of their own tv series, that’s like 3 seasons of The Flozmin Show.

Haven’t cared much for a ship since March 3 2016 but now Flozmin got me like 

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anonymous asked:

Do you play D&D or any other table top RPG? If so what is/are your character(s) like? If not what kind of character would you wanna play if you had a game?

-D&D, ever since I finally got to play it, has been one of my favorite things to gather round for -ever since- and I’ve made some AWESOME chars for it. 

My first tabletop char was Leroy in a pathfinder game. I admit Pathfinder was a little tough to start out in, as the rules are a little more complex for combat then, say, 5E D&D, but I still hella enjoyed my sessions. 

Leroy Murrand, my goober, my pal, you’re too good for this world buddy.

My second character was -also- a pathfinder character in a mythic campaign settings. Lorianna, the Tiefling Paladin, who was on a quest to get rid of the cursed blood from her body. I mean, having your dad being one of the big bads in hell tends to make you wonder. 

Beyond that though I haven’t had much of a chance to really play these characters again unless I put them in different settings (such as RP communities and the like) because finding a DM that is aiming for a game that you’d like is very hard to find. My DM for both of these characters, (who is awesome, btw) had been DMing for a long time, and knew his way around his campaigns and I really loved the experience, despite the fact that they were short lived. 

I myself have been able to DM, but finding the right -players- can be just as difficult, depending on who you’re making the game for. 

In short, yes I really like tabletop RPG, and I want to do more of it yes plz.

Skinny Legs - Epilogue

I wanted to do it on a warm day. A bright, sunny day.

           And so when I woke up one Tuesday in April and saw the first beams of the spring sun streaming in through my curtains, I called in sick to work. Hank gave me hell – now that my science fiction manuscript was well underway, deadlines were tighter than ever – but I promised I’d rest up and be back in the office the next day.

           I put on nice clothes. A white shirt tucked into a pair of slacks, my Italian dress shoes, and a thin black tie. I spent a little longer than usual combing my hair. I put on some expensive cologne.

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Character tag game!

I’m so crazy behind with tag games. I think this one came from October? (Help, where is time going?) I’m pretty sure for this I was tagged by @thevajunglebook @sp00kysid@lynnafred and @byjillianmaria - sorry it took so long to do this!

1. List five basic facts about your OC.
I’m going to go with Adair for this one since he’s technically my main character, but I could always do one of the other dorks later if anyone’s interested.

-He’s terrified of heights. Seriously, like if a friend picks him up off the ground, he starts freaking out.
-He’s trans and pansexual.
-He LOVES food and cooking. One of his favorite things ever is cooking for his friends. This is good because none of the others can cook. At all. He won’t let them near the kitchen lol.
-He loves cats. He has a really close bond with his and she always rides around on his shoulders. (Ya know, when she’s not trying to eat his paintbrushes.)
-He never really fit in with the other artists, so when he meets the carnival performers it’s like suddenly he has his place in the world.

2. If your OC could have any superpower, which would it be and why?
He technically has one- he’s a Colorweaver, which means his magic works with drawings and illusions. (Like what he draws can move on the page and he learns how to draw/paint on something to give it an illusion of looking like something else.) If he didn’t have this magic, he’d want the kind his ex-girlfriend has, which is the ability to magically influence food.

3. Post a picture or GIF that describes your OC.

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Paintbrush? Cheerful? Rainbow? Adorable? Yup! I take back what Adair would want as his superpower. He’d actually want to be able to inhale food like the way Kirby inhales stuff lol. 

4. Summarize your WIP in 10 words or less.
This is really hard! I’m working on the first two books, so I’ll do those
Book 1: Dorky boy stumbles into carnival, acquires more dorks as family.
Book 2: Dorky boy discovers magic glitching, ignores instruction to ignore it.

5. Do you have any villains in your story?
Sort of. Villains aren’t something that I tend to do, but I do go for antagonists. Book 1 kicks off with someone stealing Adair’s art project and he’s an antagonist throughout the story, but he’s a good guy and ends up teaming up with the dorks at the end. I have another character who fights against her role as an antagonist and goes “f this” and decides to help the dorks instead. I have an actual villain- only not really because she’s doing this because a big bads told her that she has to. And in book 2 so far I have Adair’s ex-boyfriend who is antagonizing EVERYONE because he’s a pain in the arse. (Eventually the dorks do meet the big bads, but that’s not until book 3.)

6. What’s easier for you to write, dialogue or description?
Dialogue, definitely! My dorks will play off of each other for PAGES if I’m not careful. Description doesn’t come easily for me and it’s something I usually don’t add until I start editing. Until then I’ll drop vague ideas of setting and scenery and what the dorks are doing in as notes, basically.

7. Do you have a favorite writing-related quote?
“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles” by Shannon Hale. I’ve never read anything by that author, but that quote always catches my attention.

8. If you could assign your story one song, what would it be?
I’d say “One of Us” by New Politics because it works so well with my theme of found family and how no matter what, the characters are there for each other.

9. Where do you get inspiration from?
Most of my characters are carnival performers. Er… gee, I wonder where I get that inspiration….

That’s not even close to all of my props- I’ve added a few since then. Let’s just say that Firedrake shares my prop obsession lol.

10. Do you tend to underwrite or overwrite in a first draft?
Underwrite. The first drafts lack much description and I’ll skip small chunks of story if I feel like it isn’t working, leaving notes to myself in parenthesis. Unfortunately a lot of the time those brackets are less than helpful, like (Blythe does something with her healing) or (Adair’s magic does a thing, maybe he draws a picture?). I’m kind of not looking forward to the next draft lol.

I’m sure a ton of people have done this in the months I didn’t, but I’ll tag a few people. Feel free to do this or not, and if you’re not tagged, go ahead too. :) @the-gay-hufflepuff @infinitelyblankpage @elliot-orion  @theguildedtypewriter @boy-king-stories @perringcentral

10 Favourite characters +1 from different fandoms

I have been tagged in something very fun by sweetie @chips-and-vodka! Thank you so much, this sort of tags are great! ♡

The characters are in no particular order.

1. Atobe Keigo - Prince of Tennis

2. Nikkari Aoe - Touken Ranbu

3. Usagi - Juuni Taisen

4. Viscount Druitt - Kuroshitsuji

5. Jiro Yamashita - The Idolm@ster Side M

6. Will - Yume100

7. Juzo Sakakura - Danganronpa v.3

8. Takiya Makoto - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

9.  Bruno Glenning - Animamundi When you’re into a game so old that no one ever knows about; finding an image without someone being tortured in the BG was way too hard.

10. Toji Aoki - Kara no Shoujo 

Actually, both her and Ryouchi are my top favorites so this CG is just perfect

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Happy Mob Psycho 100 Finale! I couldn’t have asked for this good of a good story with such good characters. It’s one of my favorite stories of all time, and here’s to this bittersweet ending!! Now we wait for the anime to catch up


happy birthday (part 1) to my favorite character ever, you deserve the world baby

Me watching tv

Normal average Person: *dies*

Me: dat is sad weh

Child: *dies*

Me: omg that is so sad did it have to be a kid?!?!?!

Old person: *dies*


one of My favorite characters: *dies*


Dog: *or any animal really but especially dogs* *dies*

Me: OMG WHAT IS THIS DEMONIC SATAN SHIT IM SUING WTF WTF NOPE NOPE nOPITTY NOPE UH UH *thinks about this one animal for eternity and never stops crying ever* because DOG.