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Dagna has always been one of my favorite characters because she reminds me of myself. I’m a science major who gets so into talking about stuff and gets so excited. I always feel like I have to apologize for getting excited and going on tangents, but the love for Dagna this fandom has makes me feel like people might enjoy my tangents too. It just means so much to me when someone loves something so much that they get through all opposition and hardship to do what they want to.

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HI! I JUST RECENTLY SAW YOUR NEW CHARACTERS FROM YOUR NEW STORY ANDI'MSUPERVERYEXCITEDTOWHENYOURELEASEIT!!!! *takes a deep breath* I really like Rowan! And I have a feeling he might be one of my favorite characters! But I've been wondering how you pronounce his name! Because in my country we have a similar name but it's pronounced [Ra-Wan] and it's a girl's name so i've been very confused ever since i saw his name ;-;

Haaaay 8D

Rowan can be used regardless of gender here, and I pronounce it ROW-en!

I’m so glad you like him! I’M SO PUMPED



These are some of the most recent doodles and basic artwork that I’ve done for good ol'jackaboy.
The first three are the most recent, since I’ve drawn those in the past week, and the one below, is actually a photo of before I finished the actual drawing which I’ve already post(feel free to just creep through my feed if you want to see the outcome)
Below that is the realistic attempt at the night in the woods characters, since it’s been one of my favorite series that Jack had done recently.
And of course in the center is my cool septic eye tattoo, that is now a year old. It kinda creeps people out, but I like it and that really all that matters, right?

But anyways, I wanted to at least have something to post as a congrats to Sean on reaching 15 million subscribers on the channel. I mean I could’ve just drawn a drawing saying “congrats Jack”, but I instead wanted to just post a few photos. Plus I’ve been really busy with school, and not really realizing what day it is anymore, y'know basic adulting.

Well I’m going to stop droning on, I hope everyone is doing well, and also I’m sorry if none of this makes any sense at all, I’m pretty brain dead today, so basically walking death, but imma take a nap, it should help.
Bye for now friendo’s 🤘🏻😊

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I'm not sure if you're still taking unpopular opinions but mine is that I really dislike Wesley. He's my least favorite character in the Buffyverse. One of several reasons is that I think he's kind of gross about women and has a weird, unhealthy "madonna/whore" complex. Tbh I would have loved AtS a lot more if Doyle had remained a regular and Wesley had never come on the show. And I love Fred single, but I definitely prefer her with Gunn over Wesley. Thank you for letting us confess to you!

I’m always taking unpopular opinions, especially since I have so many of my own ;)

I definitely understand Wesley hate, as he is a character I pretty much love and hate in equal measure. I really like Wes in the first couple of seasons of AtS, he’s goofy and inept and tries so hard to be his best, always worried that the team will drop him. He’s really very endearing. I really like watching him grow in confidence over the course of Season 2. And in the early seasons, while he is sexist, he’s not the raging misogynist he turns into.

Because yes, I one hundred per cent agree that Wes has a Madonna/Whore complex, which is never made more clear than in his relationship with Lilah. It’s really quite gross, and the show seems to support it, portraying Fred as the sweet, innocent virgin, and Lilah as the scheming, evil whore, and Wesley’s love for Lilah immoral and wrong because of this.

From the moment he kidnaps Connor, I really have nothing but contempt for Wes. His arrogance and his hubris allowed Holtz to abduct Connor and tear Angel’s son away from him, and the worst part is that Wes neither acknowledges his wrongs nor apologizes to either Angel or Connor for this. Instead, he adopts a self-righteous attitude, believing himself to be the wronged party and turning on his friends. Then, in Season 4, he is just so gross, from his imprisonment of Justine to his treatment of Lilah to his utter lack of respect towards Fred and Gunn and their relationship, he’s just disgusting.

Season 5 Wes would be alright, if it weren’t for the fact that Fred is thrown under the bus again and again for his “character development” and then eventually killed and her death becomes all about Wesley’s grief, as he selfishly stabs Gunn (oh my god, I will never forgive him for that, Wesley is so disgusting, as if he’s the only one in pain over Fred, Gunn loved her more than Wes ever could), then destroys the memory cube giving Connor back his memories, then spends the rest of the season sulking.

Wes started off as a great character and then rapidly descended into the self-centred, misogynistic, arrogant idiot we see in the later seasons, and it’s a real pity, because he could have ended the series as an amazing character, but instead became a truly awful human being, while the show labelled it “character development”.

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just wondering... not trying to be rude but do you even like once upon a time? I honestly don't blame you. Lol. Idk, just curious. Love ya!!!

Haha not rude at all! I LOVE seasons 1-3 but then I just found myself getting more and more disappointed as the episodes went on starting in season 4.

I became so disappointed in the way the storyline went and how the characters changed (and it was majorly NOT character growth). It seemed to me (seriously, this is just my opinion) as though the writers/creators became desperate to rope people in and wrote half-assed plots.

I still read about what’s going on in the show but I cannot watch it myself. And Regina Mills will always be one of my all time favorite characters.

:) and love you too!

one of the subtle things i like about Lance and Keith’s interactions is Lance explaining stuff he’s talking about after realizing Keith is a bit out of the loop with the mainstream

eventually Lance just explains stuff so Keith gets the reference

i just think thats so nice tbh. i appreciate Lance helping Keith understand mainstream references


Hard to argue with that logic.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

(Thank you to the MANY lovely people that recommended this scene from Deathly Hallows!)


♛ things i loved in 2016
✘ 2/10 characters
➮ moana


Get to know me: 5 Male Characters ( 4/5 ) → Zuko

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!”