one of my favorite beatles songs

let it be... explained
  • two of us: heartbreakingly gay
  • dig a pony: still gay
  • across the universe: john knows a lot of words
  • i me mine: 😒💸
  • dig it: but what is like a rolling stone and a rolling stone and a rolling stone and the fbi and the cia and the bbc and b b king and
  • let it be: a nicer way of saying shut up and mind your own business
  • maggie mae: not the one by rod stewart
  • i've got a feeling: me too guys
  • one after 909: one before 911
  • the long and winding road: i guess it's in the country
  • for you blue: ain't he sweet, i see him walking down the street, i ask you very confidentially, ain't george sweet
  • get back: paul bullies yoko, john harmoniezes

“Everyone knows now that “God Only Knows” was Paul’s favorite song—and not only his favorite Beach Boys song, but one of his favorite songs period. It’s the kind of thing people write in liner notes and say on talk shows. When people read it, they kind of look at that sentence and keep going. But think about how much it mattered to me when I first heard it there on Sunset Boulevard. I was the person who wrote “God Only Knows,” and here was another person—the person who wrote “Yesterday” and “And I Love Her” and so many other songs—saying it was his favorite. It really blew my mind. He wasn’t the only Beatle who felt that way. John Lennon called me after Pet Sounds—phoned me up, I think the British say—to tell me how much he loved the record.”

– Brian Wilson, 2016

(PAUL: “I played it to John so much that it would be difficult for him to escape the influence.”)

It sometimes still makes me mad how poorly Paul was treated directly before, during, and for a while after the big Breakup.

None of these boys were saints, obviously–there were a bunch of unresolved issues, perfect familiarity starting to breed contempt, outside influences starting to put pressure on them (cough Yoko cough), and ego is undeniable–but I always have hated how much Paul got the brunt of the anger and how the other 3 banded together against him.

Especially when you consider the fact that Paul was right. The other 3 blamed him for pushing too hard, for wanting a different lawyer, for not wanting Spector anywhere near their stuff, for holding out, and for being the one who eventually dropped the news.

I’m pretty sure the break-up would have happened no matter what–Yoko had her claws deep in John by this point, they’d all been together a long time, there were tensions and they were exhausted–but I also sort of believe that had they listened to Paul (and maybe if he had backed off just a tad bit), had they tried to keep things together instead of ostracizing one for not agreeing with the others, maybe there could have been another Beatles album in the future. Maybe things could have been resolved a little bit more kindly. Maybe there would have been time–after a cooling off period wherein the band actually operated as a “4 sides of a square” group–for John and Paul to finally TALK, for them to set aside some of their major beefs and differences, for each Beatle to try their hand at a solo career, and then they could have come back and continued work together as The Beatles. 

But that didn’t happen. It went down the way it went down, and history shows that Paul was right. The legal mess could have been avoided had they decided to go with a different firm, Spector was a terrible person and most of his producing work does not sound as good as what the Beatles + George Martin had ever done. Also, I can’t blame him for not wanting to be all in to the LSD craze or being genuinely concerned about John’s Yoko-influenced heroin addiction. Paul was not perfect. He had his ego, he had his ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, but it has always seemed unfair to me that the others banded against him so viciously. 

It is also the height of men-who’ve-known-each-other-since-teenhood pettiness that one of the biggest things that pushed the Beatles into an “us vs Paul” mentality was the fact that Paul was the one who finally dropped the official news–AFTER he’d been voted down on everything and his music had been corrupted without his permission or knowledge. I’m pretty sure John’s mentality was that he’d left the band first, why does PAUL get the credit?

But then even after they’re broken up, even while George is experiencing great solo success and John has his precious Yoko, they still have so much bitter animosity towards Paul. George, John, and even Ringo collaborate on post-Beatles records–but Paul is not invited. John and George create caustic, unkind lyrics for songs, trash his music in the press, speak bitterly of him in personal contexts. Even Ringo has his turn, in things like ‘After 1970′ saying that he “doesn’t know” if Paul would play with him, but knows the other 2 will. 

I guess it just kills me because John was the one who created most of this discord. He was the one who started bristling at the fact that Paul was taking control of the band cos he was too deep in his Yoko/heroin addiction. He probably definitely encouraged some of George’s minor ‘anti-Paul’ thoughts, and he was absolutely the ringleader when the 3 decided to go with a different lawyer, a different producer, etc etc. In any case, it was John who created the tension, who caused the bad feelings–but it’s Paul who gets ostracized. It’s Paul who gets the blame for causing the breakup, for being against the others, for holding out on what the rest of the group wants. 

And all Paul really wanted was to keep creating music. Keep working with his best friends, keep pushing The Beatle ingenuity forward. We’ll never know if he could have been successful, we’ll never know if the Beatles creativity could have gone any further, if they could’ve kept things together without them exploding eventually. But I think it’s a shame they never got a chance to try. 

To me, it’s really not fair that Paul, who had kept them together after losing Brian, is the one who ends up losing his passion project. Yes, he went on to work his tail off to keep his career going, founded Wings and all that, and–for the most part–kept his nose clean of all the mud-flinging, but still bears the brunt of Beatle-breakup crap. 

It just seems like rubbing salt in the wound.

My earliest memory of my dad is probably of him somewhere in a garden covered in dirt, somewhere hot, a tropical garden, in jeans, khakis covered in dirt just continuously planting trees. I think that’s what I thought he did for the first seven years of my life. I was completely unaware that he had anything to do with music. I came home one day from school after being chased by kids singing ‘Yellow Submarine’, and I didn’t understand why. It just seemed surreal: Why are they singing that song to me? I came home and I freaked out on my dad: 'Why didn’t you tell me you were in The Beatles?’ And he said, 'Oh, sorry. Probably should have told you that.’
—  Dhani Harrison on his father, George, Living in the Material World
  • Guy: Oh,you like the Beatles?
  • Me: ... Yes... yes I do...
  • Guy: like... like them, or lo-
  • Guy: Ok... What's your favorite song?
  • Me: ...
  • All my friends and anyone who has ever known me: Oh... no don't ask her-

One of my favorite artists covering another one of my favorite artists. Doesn’t get much better than that. “All My Loving” is a song from the Beatles’ 1963 album ‘With the Beatles’. It was written by Paul McCartney but credited to Lennon-McCartney. Amy performed this acoustic cover at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004.

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I think that is one of George’s best songs, one of my favorites of his. I like the arrangement, the sound and the words. He is clear on that song. You can hear his mind is clear and his music is clear. It’s his innate talent that comes through on that song, that brought that song together.

John Lennon quote on George’s song ‘Within You, Without You’

Something- The Beatles

Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me

Cancer, Leo, Taurus

Somewhere in her smile she knows
That I don’t need no other lover
Something in her style that shows me

Aries, Scorpio, Libra

You’re asking me will my love grow
I don’t know, I don’t know
You stick around now it may show
I don’t know, I don’t know

Gemini, Capricorn, Sagittarius

Something in the way she knows
And all I have to do is think of her
Something in the things she shows me

Pisces, Aquarius, Virgo

What Kind Of Music Does the RFA (+ V & Saeran) Listen To?

this is probably really bad and cringy, but I tried? I went through my Spotify and chose what songs suited the characters, which ones I thought they were most likely to sing/like, and etc

▪listens to really super cheesy pop music & soundtracks probably
▪Boomerang by the Summer Set seems like his kind of song 10/10 sign me the frick up
▪Undertale soundtrack! If LOLOL has one too, then he owns a copy in every format
▪Favorite songs: Boomerang by the Summer Set, Punch-Drunk Love by the Summer Set, Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low

▪yupp, I said it
Look me in the face and tell me Hotline Bling is not his song I s2g
▪"Used to always stay at home, be a good girl. You was in a zone, yeah. You should just be yourself, right now, you’re someone else"
▪100% Zen
▪screams “Someone Like You” in the shower with tears running down his face
▪probably likes Marian Hill too, especially their more sultry & seductive songs
▪loves the Death Of a Bachelor album
▪favorite songs: Death Of a Bachelor by P!ATD, Crazy = Genius by P!ATD, Lovit by Marian Hill, the entire 21 album

707 *spoilers?*
▪has every single bad remix downloaded & playing
▪has all of the worst country music in his playlists
▪if you make him mad or meme him, he builds a robot that follows you around all day playing Never Gonna Give You Up and the Dat Boi remixes
Saeyoung stop this goddamn it it’s been two whole days
▪likes Fall Out Boy, especially The Phoenix and My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark
▪PiNk GuY
▪Meme Machine is his favorite song though, just accept it

▪classical obv
▪that one Piano Cat song is his favorite
▪has a really super picky taste so he doesn’t like many other genres

▪precious boy needs precious music
▪likes indie, old pop, classical & soft jazz
▪not their rock stuff, but the mellow pop stuff
▪the lyrics to him are 👌👌👌
▪fave songs: Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley, When I’m Sixty-four by the Beatles, Fireside by Arctic Monkeys

▪would give everything a try at least once, but also has a picky taste
▪anything with Zen in it, plus indie acoustic?
▪might like Jasmine Thompson especially her song “Fast Car”

▪a lot of people canon him to listen to super eDgY metal but I have to disagree
▪I think he likes more 90’s grunge music and the emo trinity (Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance)
▪would never admit it but classical music really calms him down when he’s upset
▪so he likes some of that too
▪definitely the type of person who wouldn’t like a band just because his brother does (but when he finds out 707 likes Fall Out Boy? Slight anger)
▪probably steals 707’s FOB shirts and denies it heavily
▪fave songs: My Own Worst Enemy by Lit, Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers, What a Catch Donnie by Fall Out Boy

I Want to Hold Your Hand

(Inspired by my favorite song by the Beatles, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”)

Dean and Cas had been driving for over eight hours before Cas broke the silence.

“Can I put on some music?”, Cas asked, nervously.

Dean looked at him confused. “Like the radio or a tape?”, he inquired, shifting his head to look better at Cas in the passenger seat.

“How about the mixtape you gave me?”, Cas asked as he pulled it out of one of his trenchcoat’s pockets. Dean couldn’t believe that Cas kept it in his coat. Cas values it so much that he carries it around? Does he carry it on hunts? Or did he just bring it for the car ride? Has he already listened to it? Does he like it? Is he reading too much into this?

Dean silently shook his head as an attempt to get rid of his thoughts before he tried to suavely say, “Sure”. It came out more like “Umm…Sure-…”, which left Dean thinking about if Cas was reading into this like he was.

His palms, so unconfidently, sweated and he quickly tried to wipe them on his jeans as Cas put the tape in.

The tape is about an hour long, mostly filled with artists of the likes of Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Don McLean, and Kansas.

It was going pretty well. Cas seemed to be enjoying it, knowing every word and singing along with every song. Dean started to loosen up, realizing that he was in the presence of his friend, who, although he wanted them to be more, was still the best friend he ever had that would stay by his side regardless of what happened.

All was going pretty well, until the last song came on. Dean instantly clenched up, sweat starting to form.

“Oh yeah I tell you somethin’, I think you’ll understand…”, rang out from the speakers and Dean gripped the steering wheel harder than anyone should. This was the song he agonized over and almost didn’t put it on the tape. This song.

Cas got quiet and slowly started to sway as much as he could to the beat with his seatbelt on with a peaceful face, not seeming to care much at all.

The chorus rang out, “Yeah, you got that somethin’, I think you’ll understand, When I say that somethin’, I want to hold your hand…”. Cas started to quietly sing along and then did something that Dean never expected in a million years.

Cas reached at one of Dean’s hands and pulled it towards the space between them, softly holding Dean’s hand like it was something precious.

Even better, Cas started to serenade Dean, singing the chorus louder, “I want to hold your hand, I want to hold your hand…”. Dean couldn’t believe it.

Finally, the song ended and the tape was done. Dean expected Cas to drop his hand. He was probably just too caught up in the song. It was an accident, right? No feelings behind it at all.

Cas didn’t drop his hand. He held it tighter and even brought it up to his face to kiss Dean’s ring finger.

“I love your gift and I love you even more than you could ever imagine”, Cas whispered.

Dean pulled the car over slowly, as to not untangle their hands, and pulled Cas’s face into his hands. He looked over his beautiful face, with his blue eyes and high cheekbones and wide, pink lips. He was the most beautiful thing Dean would ever see in his life.

Cas shook his head yes and Dean kissed him like there was no tomorrow. He was so, so happy that he chose to put this as the last song on the mixtape.

beatlemaniacs' biggest pet peeves
  • “yoko broke up the beatles!!!”
  • “john lennon was a wife beater!!!”
  • when someone says “is that one paul?” while pointing to george
  • or anything like that
  • “imagine is my favorite beatles song!!”
  • “oh i dont listen to the beatles they’re too old”
  • “why do you like the beatles so much?”
  • “the beatles are overrated”
  • “the beatles are ugly”
  • “they’re not even that talented”
  • “abbey road is such a good song!!”
  • when people wear beatles shirts BUT THEY DONT EVEN LISTEN TO THEM
  • “oh so they took drugs huh?! does that mean you’re gonna take drugs?”
  • “would you marry the beatles? yes? thats so gross omg”

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What type of music do you think the marauders would listen to?


Of course, there would be some magical groups as well but Lily and Remus would definitely get the boys into all sorts of muggle music. 

And in the 70′s they’d so listen to the classics! Just a few would include… (oh please picture the boys jamming out to these)

  • Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (one of Remus’ and Peter’s favorites) 
  • My Sharona - The Knack
  • I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor (James and Sirius would rock out to this)
  • Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Dancing Queen - ABBA (Lily’s and the girls’ jammmm)
  • The Boys are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy
  • Sirius would be down with every Michael Jackson song out there
  • Remus prefers the Jackson 5 as he would listen to them often with his mother
  • He also loved Frank Sinatra as him and his mom would dance to that as a kid
  • James and Sirius would be huge AC/DC fans
  • Peter is a slut for all ABBA (he hides it though)
  • (Don’t Fear) The Reaper - BOC (Sirius loved BOC but the other boys didn’t really like them much) 
  • Remus listens to Ain’t No Sunshine - Bill Withers when he is sad (Lily listens to him too and cries at the song)

And those are just the top hit songs they like… If you want me to go into the artists in general they all like I can but that would be so longggg

((If you haven’t noticed, I love 70′s music. I grew up with it, it is amazing and I know the words to every single song I just mentioned btw.))


A Waltz Among the Stars

Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2,624

Set In: Paris, 1961

Prompt: “Dance with me.”

A/N: i used ‘unchained melody’ by the righteous brothers as the song they listen to on the radio. the song wasn’t released by them until 1965 but the police can’t stop me.

Whoa, my love
My darling
I’ve hungered for your touch
A long, lonely time

His eyes flickered toward the man on the balcony after hearing the first few words of the song float quietly from the speakers of the radio. He stood outside smoking, a hazy white cloud of smoke left his unseen lips, as his back was towards him. John sat on the bed, back pressed up against the gaudy floral wallpaper and knees pulled halfway up towards his chest, creating a makeshift desk for the notebook he held so near and dear to him. On the tattered paper was Paul’s dim silhouette, shaded by the moon that he now faced, which shone only partly behind the red brick building next to their hotel. John made sure to only include the full moon and the starry night surrounding him, wanting to remember only the sheer beauty he was trying to so delicately capture with the short, black pencil in his hand. His legs were crossed as he leaned casually against the rusted railing on his elbows, occasionally lifting up an exposed arm to take a short drag from the cigarette placed daintily between his fingers. He’d captured the slight curve of his petite waist, which was tucked snugly under the black trousers that seemed to hug every bit of his legs in just the right way. His shoulders were pulled back, relaxed as he took another puff. John could imagine the small cloud of smoke leaving his lips in a way that seemed almost sensual, his plump mouth parting in a perfect ‘o’ shape to release the puff into the atmosphere. The man in front of him moved so that his hip curved to the opposite side to shift his weight onto his right foot. His cigarette dangled between between his two fingers, which were relaxed hanging over the railing. The gentle breeze had seemingly picked up a bit, as the hair springing from the top of his head curled with the wind. John found his heart bursting at the sight, completely mesmerised at the very shape of his body in the silvery glow of the moonlight.

Are you still mine?

Pushing himself off of the painfully squeaky bed, John followed the glowing stripes of light along the carpeted floor and padded over towards the opened door. His sock-covered toes were icy​, as the yearly October chill was beginning to set in even in Paris. The music drifting from inside the hotel room was slightly more faint now as he reached a hand out to tug at Paul’s hairy arm, making him turn around and face him with a sleepy smile, knowing. Stamping out his cigarette under his shoe, he followed John inside, kicking them off his feet and tossing them somewhere into the shadows. They stood apart for a moment, studying the other with dreamy gazes, both men taking in the sight of the other. Paul’s raven black hair was combed down in their newest hairstyle they’d gotten in Hamburg, but it was ruffled by the ever-persistent autumn wind. John’s wide eyes fell to the shape of his bowed lips, the thought of how maddeningly soft they always felt whenever they grazed his skin overwhelming his mind to the point that he nearly couldn’t think straight for the time being. His eyebrows were arched high as usual, and his eyes–Jesus Christ, his eyes–were wider than normal, but still possessed that warm, kind quality that nearly always drove John over the edge. The man singing on the radio sang louder in the background, the music flooding their ears and their senses as Paul crept towards John, bare feet brushing against the curls of the thin carpeting.

I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me

They met in the center of the small room, the tranquil atmosphere slowing their raging heartbeats down to a steady rhythmic thump as the tips of their fingers grazed together at their sides between them. Their fingers tangled together almost out of instinct, being so used to the feeling of the other. Paul’s thumb on each hand stroked over his knuckles excruciatingly slowly, as if he wanted to even dissolve into John. He was taken aback when Paul lifted one of them to his soft mouth and touched his knuckles to his lips, nudging the ball of his nose into the same spot before kissing there again. John had nearly melted into a puddle at this point, and he was shocked that he was even still standing at the sheer happiness that had overcame him. “You have the most exquisite hands,” Paul muttered lowly into his fingers, touching his warm lips to them again before bringing them to rest between them once more. John’s gaze flickered down to the palms sliding delicately up the sides of his arms, losing sight of them whenever they smoothed over the thin, white material of his shirt covering his shoulders, and cupped either side of his neck. Paul seemed to be gleaming, a heavenly sort of halo shaping his frame, eyes as radiant as the glow of the stars behind him. John’s fingers crept over the small swell of his hips before settling them to hold his waist tenderly, being gentle as if he were an expensive piece of fine china. Their hips began to sway leisurely to the slow tempo of the triplets in the beat. Although they both knew that there would be plenty more moments just like this in the future, a pang of sadness found its way into John’s chest from deep down. He knew that they were genuinely happy, content and at ease with their relationship, cheerful kisses and tender moments that they’d shared would always be remembered and cherished. But the fact that they couldn’t fully share their immense love for each other with anyone was almost painful in a way. Why something so basic as loving another human being was frowned upon was completely beyond him. Someday in the very very distant future, he could even picture them still together, rings exchanged and vows repeated sometime still far off. He’d never admitted it to Paul, as he was deeply troubled by his silly thoughts and dreams of an uncertain future. Hopefully, he thought, England will lose the stick that had been evidently shoved up its tight arse and come to realize how incredibly ridiculous its law was. Drooping eyes brought him out of his thoughts, Paul staring intently, wanting desperately to know what had been going through the man’s mind. The moment seemed surreal again, like they were both in the middle of some incredibly lovely dream that you’d never want to wake up from. The light breeze snuck past the doorway to the balcony to whisper in their ears and wisp through the straying strands of hair.

Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea
To the open arms of the sea

Paul leaned forward the slightest bit so that the curves of their cheeks would brush past each other, the tiny bit of stubble that had broken out on John feeling scratchy against Paul’s porcelain skin. Their feet swept them in slow circles around the carpet, swinging cautiously, as either man was equally nervous about accidentally tramping on the other’s toes. John savored the feeling of Paul’s cool breath ghosting over his neck and falling down the loose collar of his shirt, making him close his eyes and shiver against the other man. He could hear a soft giggle erupt from Paul’s plump lips as he slid an unhurried hand from the back of John’s neck upwards to rest where the man’s hair was longer and thicker. His fingers ran through the auburn locks at a slow pace, causing John to only pull their chests closer together. His eyes involuntarily shut once again, wanting nothing more than to feel only his best mate, lover, pressed up so tightly against him. It was moments like these that John continued on for. He knew that there was no one else on the face of this wretched planet–not even Cyn, as terrible as it sounded even in his own head–that he’d want in Paul’s place. Loving Paul was something else, something almost indescribable. It was like the feeling you get when you finally find that missing piece to the puzzle you’ve been working on all week, like watching the moon transition into the rising sun in the wee hours of the morning, like the clouds opening up and rays of sunshine lighting their way through the open part, all that sappy shit. Although it’s similar to all of those things, nothing could match the jelly-like feeling in the pit of his stomach when Paul did so much as glance at him. And when he touched him–dear God–it felt almost as if universes were colliding and the stars were glimmering brighter than they ever have in all of time, like an eternal euphoria. John was once again brought back to reality by the strangely distant sound of the man on the radio crooning in the corner. The hands John had placed chastely on Paul’s waist wove around to the small of his back and played with the hem of his trousers, tugging upwards lightly with his thumbs wrapped around the unused belt loops. Paul hummed appreciatively in his ear and placed an excruciatingly gentle kiss on his jawline.

Whoa, my love
My darling
I’ve hungered, hungered for your touch
A long, lonely time

Nudging his angled nose into the warmth of Paul’s neck, John shut his eyes and just listened; listened to the serene music that had gradually gotten louder to reach its climax, to the almost unnoticeable sputtering of an engine starting somewhere in the dark street below. None of that mattered to him, as John was focusing himself intently on the pleasant hum of Paul’s breathing in his ear. His mind wandered momentarily, John silently not believing how the hell he managed to turn so incredibly soft so fast for James Paul McCartney. The thought only made him pull the man impossibly closer to him, wanting nothing more than for Paul to just melt into him so that they could stay like this until the end of time.

I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me

The final strong chord of the song rang out in the otherwise quiet room until the radio went completely silent, as the program probably ended since it was growing late. The little room suddenly grew dark and desolate in the new silence that hung over them, other than the light breeze that was still nipping at their exposed necks. The swaying of their hips back and forth never ceased, as either man silently wished that they could stay wrapped up like this in the comfort of the other’s warm embrace for all eternity. Paul made up for the loss of music and began to hum a soft, unrecognizable tune in John’s ear, fingers still combing through the roots of his hair in earnest. The moon shone bright through the still open doorway and cast their tall shadow against the carpet, which John had just noticed now. He made a mental note, telling himself that he’d someday have to sketch out this scene for him and Paul to cherish. John could picture them from another angle, wrapped up in the tangle of their warm limbs, hearts thrumming together in a calm, steady rhythm, their heads side by side and occasionally bumping against each other in time with their loose hips. He couldn’t help but smile at the image that he held in his mind.

It had to be at least ten minutes after the song had initially ended that Paul, much to John’s displeasure, stopped humming into the shell of his ear. His hips ceased all movement, as did John’s after he realized that he’d suddenly stopped, and they stood there in the silence of the clear night, encased in their little bubble and closed off from the rest of the hectic world. Neither man moved for a moment, holding one another in their tight embrace, basking in the moonlight and the cool midnight air drifting into their room. John had that certain feeling in the pit of his stomach, that almost indefinable surge of intense emotion that he felt nearly everytime he was around him.

He pulled away from Paul’s head so that he was merely centimeters away from the rounded tip of his nose. Paul’s eyes gave him a sense of relaxation, the notion that the stars were aligned and that everything was alright in the world. But God, was he stunning, silky dark hair feathered off to the side from the wind, chestnut eyes tired and drooping as they were before, and John couldn’t help himself even if he tried. So he kissed him, almond eyes immediately fluttering closed at the feeling of Paul’s warm lips finally covering his thin ones like a cozy blanket. In a flurry of soft kisses and tiny, almost held back whimpers, their shirts were pulled over their heads before landing with a squeaky thump on the mattress, and, well–you know the rest.

Paul awoke the next morning to the sound of a very persistent car horn outside, much to his annoyance. Grumbling, he rose from his spot against the wall on the tiny twin-sized bed and rubbed his sleep-coated eyes, realizing that John’s naked form was no longer curled up next to him in a deep slumber. Other than him, the bed was empty, the sun streaming through the door to the balcony that neither bothered to close. Smirking, he thought of the show that they must have given the apartment with the large window across the street the night before, and threw his bare legs over the side of the bed.

John was nowhere to be found as the man peered around the small room. He noticed a small folded paper on the nightstand that read 'My Dearest Paulie,’ in John’s signature scrawly hand. Unfolding it, his heart was bursting, as the paper had unnoticeably been two separate drawings. The first one was a portrait of his darkened silhouette against the moonlight, and he wondered, blushing, how John had managed to make his behind look so good. The other was completely different, showing their two figures tangled together, swaying to the gentle beat of that wonderful song that had played on the radio the night before. It was adorable, as John had even scribbled little music notes drifting from the nearby radio. At the bottom of the paper read 'Kiss me 'til the night runs out,’ in his scratched handwriting. Paul ran his fingers over the line delicately in awe, careful not to smear anything. Heart swelling, he held both portraits close to his bare chest and smiled goofily, feeling as giddy as an innocent schoolgirl who’s just been kissed for the very first time. And when John returned, the mischievous grin on his face even wider than usual, Paul ravished him, touching and kissing and taking all that the other would offer. They danced every night after that, swirling around in their modest little hotel room in the heart of the city of love itself, silently swaying and whispering sweet nothings into the welcoming darkness.

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You’re drunk and want my name tattooed on your ass. This is a good one to do...

I want to thank @lilbreck for always being in my corner even when I’m being a dummie about drabbles.  I’ve often said that she pulls me out of my personal bubbles more than she knows and this story is for her just because of that reason.

It’s a little over 4k so I’m gonna go under the cut so it doesn’t take up a lot of dash space. Though I can only be so sorry about it being grammarly incorrect so please excuse them. I will make up for it later. This can also be found in my new drabbles page Granted Wish on



“No one says ‘just one shot’ and really means it Care,” Katherine cries as she grabs Caroline’s hand dragging her up on the bar stool and finally the bar top.

Caroline laughs as Kat hands her a shot glasses filling it up as the next song starts up in the rowdy bar they’ve been in for, oh, four hours now. Their small drinks clink and it’s down the rabbit hole for Caroline as she swings her hips bumping along with Kat to the beat of the song. She keeps her head up dancing knowing Kat will never tire as she sways putting on a show with her footwork making the crowd cheer loudly along with her.

Kat reaches for her hand as the bartender scoots them off in need of room to serve the guests the pair of them have been entertaining making Kat roll her eyes and Caroline acquiesce to his need graciously. As graciously as a girl filled with whiskey and tequila anyway, strictly top shelf, she was raised right after all in the small town of Mystic Falls. Kat seems to disappear into the crowd leaving Caroline to hunt for a stray chair or table to wait for her so she can go home before she’s too drunk.

Her head sways to the new rhythm of the song playing, it’s one she’s heard for years and for some reason it makes her smile as Kat comes back holding two waters and two beers walking like she’s in a pool of jello. Caroline smiles reaching out to help her as they find a corner of the bar close to the digital jukebox she finds herself leaning on to start in on her drinks. The water is invigorating as it hits her tongue, the lively bar crowd doing a lot to keep her body temperature running high.

“I figured one more wouldn’t hurt,” Kat states as she sips from her beer nudging a smile from Caroline as the blonde shakes her head sipping her drinks with glee.

Caroline only knows three words an hour later, ‘one more beer’ as she observes Kat chatting up the brooding guy she had had her eyes on in the corner of the bar with way too much gel in his hair. Miffed Caroline realized far too late that she wasn’t going to come back with a bottle of water like she said when she sees Kat grab for his hand. It’s a sign that Kat has decided to leave with him something that is confirmed when Kat throws her a sly look and Caroline reaches for her jacket preparing for her journey home. Alone.

Caroline mouths to her friend she’s going home, no need to mention how annoyed she is that once again Kat managed her to move past her three drink max only to leave her high and dry. She counts her drinks, eleven, including shots. They shouldn’t feel this good, she thinks as she pulls her leather jacket back on knowing she doesn’t need it in the hot California air even in the dead of night.

She makes herself focus, knows that with every tap of her heels on the pavement she’s that much closer to her comfy bed she never should have left. Looking back when she’s down the block she discovers that Kat was quick about her escape to as she is nowhere to be seen. Looking back so swiftly makes her sway so she grabs onto the metal rails of a tattoo shop she always passes on her way to work.

Before Caroline can think about it too much she’s slipping inside as her eyes devour the brightly colored displays on the walls and even the front desk. Her eyes release the sketches only to find a man with plump pink lips and dark blonde messy curls atop his head with blue searing eyes focused on three sheets of paper over the front desk.

“Hey, I’m Rose,” The woman with the spunky brunette hair said in a friendly tone as Caroline waved, “I’ll be with you in a moment. Feel free to look around.”

Caroline smiled knowing she was acting drunk because she was staring not at Rose but at the man Rose was talking to and eavesdropping was not above Caroline, especially when drunk. She caught her say his name, Klaus, it suited him even though it made Caroline’s eyebrow rise notably. When he realized he had an audience in her Klaus waved her over, Caroline shook her head but Rose also waved her back to them.

Rose’s eyes flickered from her to him as the corner of her mouth lifted, “Maybe you can help us out,” she says as she slides the papers Caroline can now see are sketches over to her.

“Currently,” Klaus speaks surprising Caroline yet again with his British lit though if he sees her shock he doesn’t show it, “I’m unable to choose between three of these designs. So you can see why I need you.”

“Actually, I don’t.” Caroline squeaks sobering at the worst possible moment because his eyes are so incredibly blue and pleading, “I don’t even know why I came in here.”

“You’re here now,” he replies smoothly as Rose disappears into the back office, “And you’re wearing the shirt of one of my favorite bands -One of my favorite songs.”

Caroline looks down at the cut up yellow and blue Beatles shirt Kat sneered at earlier that evening, “What song?” she inquired only raising her eyes as he makes a noise sounding faintly of amusement.

“With a little help from my friends,” he answered with a bit of intrigue in his tone as he closed some of the space between them.

She rolls her eyes even though internally she’s interested in where he’s going with this, “We’re not friends,” she reminds him hoping she can blame her flirty tone on the alcohol.

His eyes narrow in her lips, her smile, “Give me time,” he tells her as she looks from him over at the sketches he’s kept near this entire time.

“Are these yours?” she asks surprised when she sees his name just on the edge of the paper knowing the answer already before her eyes lock back with his.

“When you make something, it becomes a part of you,” he explains, “That’s why it’s so hard to choose,” Caroline has already surmised this but she won’t mention it yet.

“I like the lines of this one,” she whispers in awe as her eyes took in the thin lines of the antique compass following with the words, ‘Wherever you want to go’ wondering what it might look like in color, “It’s soft almost like they’re just shades.”

“Is that the only thing jumping out at you,” he queries making her blush as his words his breath tickles her cheek, “I suppose I should consider it.” he says her before she can reply.

Rose pops her head back in to find Klaus has just decided, “Great, “I’ll get Trevor to start gearing up,” she tells him reaching for the design as his attention goes back to Caroline.

“Do you have any?” he probes and for a moment Caroline is lost about what he means making her blush profusely when she realizes.

“I have two,” she admits as he smiles in her direction, “Teenage rebellion,” is all she’ll say after when his eyes linger on the star by her toes.

“And the other is?” he asks as his foot sets itself in front of her own closing the rest of the distance between them as she lifts her hand to brush her hair back.

“Just there,” he breathes over her wrist making Caroline inhale swiftly at the feel of his hot breath over her skin, “beautiful.” Klaus compliments her.

Without touching her Klaus has a way of making Caroline feel warm all over making her slow drunken brain short circuit when he speaks again, “You’re welcome to one of these designs.”

“When you’re ready,” Rose calls from the further end of another room making Caroline jump back from their close distance, not an easy feat in her shoes.

“Klaus reaches out catching her arm before she can dive into the glass display next to them, “Um, thanks,” she manages out as the heat of his hands seeps into her body.

“Where are you getting it?” she tests straight after making him the surprised one for once and mentally she gives herself some points for fortitude.

Klaus winks as his hands ride off of her waist only to set his fingers on the hem of his Henley and pull it over his head exposing the other images already inked into his flesh, “Can you guess?” he questions.

Caroline’s eyes shoot up towards the ceiling as he strides around her leaving his sketches and his shirt on the desk leaving her spinning with possibilities. When she trusts that he’s been stamped and seated her greedy eyes search for his sketches reaching for his shirt. An involuntary shiver runs over her at the feel of the still warm fabric smelling so fantastic she has to remind herself of what she’s doing.

She smiles as Rose comes back in to help her wagging her razor perfect eyebrows at her, “Decide on one?” she asks as she reaches back into her little office to grab a hanger for Klaus’ shirt.

“I don’t even know that I want one,” Caroline articulates as she gives up Klaus’ shirt to the brunette, “I mean, they’re beautiful.” She compliments, “And I thought you couldn’t tattoo people who are drunk?”

“You don’t seem all that drunk,” Rose replied as she reached for the two sketches making Caroline’s hold on the edges become harder to escape from.

“Thanks,” Caroline says feeling the bite of her challenging tone as her eyes lock on the one sketch closer to the right replying in a defiant tone, “I want this one.”

Klaus’ deep pink lips form a stunningly broad smile when he sees her walk into the back, “Jeremy will help you,” Caroline hears Rose say as she removes her jacket exposing her arms to the cold room.

“Couldn’t stay away,” he teases as she takes a seat on his side waiting for Jeremy to appear so they can discuss where and how she wants it to look.

“Bite me,” Caroline replies making him laugh and making Trevor throw her a dirty look as Jeremy comes around the corner waving at her with Klaus’ sketch in his hand.

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anonymous asked:

what kind of music do you listen to when you need something inspiring?

Me when I saw this ask:


Basically, I’m really happy to receive this ask because….music is love.

Problem is I’m a little confused as to what you mean by “inspirational” because that means music that encourages you to do something specific, but it doesn’t necessarily mean motivate in the general sense (sorry, it’s my English major side kicking in.) I’m just trying to gauge what you are asking for.

For now I’m going to assume that you meant motivational music.

Here are my picks: In no specific order.

Snippet of the lyrics:
Right, we are extra.
But still part of this world.
EXTRA + ORDINARY it ain’t anything big.
Run if you can’t fly. Today we will survive…

This song gets me mad hyped, and the lyrics just makes me want to fight as the underdog of the world. Highly suggest turning CC for the mv (it’s so cool.)

Need I say more?
This is the same song that Yuzu listens to pump up and it’s a damn good choice for that.

3. Lauren Aquilina - King
I came across this song when I saw a fan video for Yuzu.
And I still love this song, it helps me relax and refresh my resolve to move forward.

4. Dustin O'Halloran - Opus 23
I feel like I’m floating in the clouds when I listen to this…..

5. Smetana - Die Moldau
Honestly, if I could fucking skate, I would create a program for this song.
It is one of my all-time favorite classical piece. 
I will never be bore of it. I will never fail to appreciate the flow and grandness of the sound and the notes in this one piece.

6. Yo-yo Ma -  Bach Cello Suite No.1 Prelude
Best 2:45 minutes you’ll ever spend, at least, in my opinion.

7. Star Wars - The Imperial March, composed by John Williams.
No, I am not kidding.
You can always use a good conquering song.
But, come on, who can deny this iconic masterpiece?

8. The Beatles, this band can have it’s own section.
Look….I’m at a good age to enjoy their songs. I just feel like their songs are timeless.
In my Life - just the passing of people in life but this song gives off such a loving optimism. 
[I will mention Ed Sheeran because he also fits into this section.]

9. Kagamine Rin - The Lost One’s Weeping (ロストワンの号哭)
This song is pretty famous among Vocaloid fans, but it’s a criticism on Japan’s (and most of East Asia’s) school system, but if you think of the lyrics thematically, you can apply it to a lot of places.
The feeling of wanting to break out of standardization and the norm of standardizing one’s talent and intelligence…etc.

10. Eminem - Run Rabbit Run
Snippet of the lyrics:
“Some days I just want to up and call it quits,
I feel like I’m surrounded by a wall of bricks,
Every time I go to get up I just fall in pits,
My life’s like one great big ball of shit,
If I could just put it all into all I spit,
Stead of always tryin to swallow it, instead of starin at this wall and shit….”

These are a very small selection of my picks, but you get the general idea.

Honestly, there’s a whole bunch of motivational/inspirational on Youtube. You can get a crap ton of music nowadays if you look for it.

30 Random Things About Me

Rules: answer these 30 questions and tag 30 people.

Thank you @star–nymph for tagging me! 😘

•Nickname: Bear

•Name: Alaina

•Gender: Female

•Star Sign: Scorpio

•Height: 5'5" or 165.1 cm

•Time: 9:07pm

•Birthday: Sometime in October

•Favorite Band: The Beatles/Opeth

•Favorite Solo Artist: Josh Groban/Enya

•Song Stuck In My Head: Arsonist’s Lullaby by Hozier

•Last Movie I Watched: Terms of Endearment

•Last Show I Watched: Game of Thrones

•When Did I Create My Blog: I created this one last month but I’ve been around since November 2016

•What Do I Post: Writing, Art, grumbling, positive things, answers to asks, DA screenshots, funny DA things, sometimes DA lore/meta, and Screenshots of dolls I make on the doll maker website 😂

•Last Thing I Googled: Alistair dialogue

•Do You Have Other Blogs: One. It’s a-bear-writes.

•Do You Get Asks?: yes because the sweetest people in the world follow me and ily all. (And I’m always accepting asks)

•Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: because it’s similar to my last one so people could find me. It’s a play on my fave quote from the Pride and Prejudice 2005 version. “Dancing. But only if one’s partner is barely tolerable.” I like bears and that quote so voila! There’s my name. (Also I might think I’m a bother to people and it’s a play in that as well but who knows…)

•Blogs You Are Following: 191

•Followers: 210 (what!? I should probably do a giveaway…)

•Favorite Colors: Goldenrod yellow and pastels

•Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7ish

•Lucky Number: 152

•Instruments: I can play a few songs on the harmonica…if that counts.

•What Am I Wearing: Fuzzy Olaf pajama pants with one of my husbands giant t-shirts.

•How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1

•Dream Job: Somniari

•Dream Trip: England (so I can see my momma wolf)

•Favorite Food: Tacos, guacamole and seafood.

•Nationality: American

•Favorite Song Now: By Night by Sophie Hutchings

Tagging: @mommadreadwolf @adventuresinastrangeworld @savvylittleminx @dreadhobo @thevikingwoman @thema-sal-shiral @retro-sci-fi-songbird @sorshania @whosafraidofthebigbaddreadwolf @theladydreadwolf @fadedforyou @elfsplaining @solverne @blue-syrena @shift-shaping @for-the-love-of-solas @liaragaming @lavilsa @buttsonthebeach @silent-of-spirit @tel-abelas-mofo @ladylike-foxes @lady-redhaired @dirthamensbird @pazithigallifreya @rosenecessities @roguelioness @littleblue-eyedbird @galadrieljones @priderising

Of course only answer them if you want to! It’s not a requirement to participate!! 😘😘

John Lennon Appreciation Month - First Week

What’s your favorite Beatles song? (sang by him)

I was thinking for a while tbh cause there are several songs that are very important to me, but one stands out from all, Julia

This song, I can’t really explain why I chose it, it’s just.. so damn beautiful, It’s a song that’s really precious and special, he was so fond of her. Julia encouraged John’s interest in music and bought him his first guitar.

For @lchfjourney…hey girl! 


B- birth place—a city between Memphis and Nashville

C-current time–0853

D- last drink—currently sipping some cinnamon tea 

E-easiest person to talk to—I don’t really? I’m not much of a talker…I think I need one though.

F- favorite song—‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles, always, tied with “Jupiter…” by Holst.

G- grossest memory—things that happen on farms…piglet castration @zerocarb !), artificial insemination of animals. Gross. Followed very closely by some things I’ve seen as a hospice nurse.

H-Hogwarts house–Ravenclaw

I- In love—No, but I’d like to be someday (cue Michael Scott)

J- jealous of people—occasionally, but I try to be mindful of it.

K-keepsake item—two clown dolls…one I’ve had since birth and the other my mother gave to me about six months before she died (I like clowns, ok? Not the crazy ones…the old ones like Emmett Kelly. That’s probably the creepiest thing about me).

L- love at first sight or walk by again—two people in my life I’ve felt a really strong ‘soul connection’ with the very first time I saw them—like I KNEW they would be important to my life. Don’t know if you’d call it love at first sight, but something similar. Not lust, although that definitely exists and I’ve been guilty.

M-middle name—Foster

N- number of siblings—4

O- one wish—for those I love to be supremely happy.

P-person you called last—my next-to-youngest brother…his first child was born last night <3

Q- question you are always asked—“Are you really (that age)?” It works for me now, but looking like a 12-year-old was a bummer in my 20s. Ha

R- reason to smile—my daughter! She’s the light of my life. You would love her.

S- last song I sang—yesterday “How’s it going to be” (Third Eye Blind) was playing and I’m pretty sure I sang along with it.

T- time I woke up—0430, same as every day.

U- underwear color—nude/tan

V- vacation destination—London, Wales, Paris (are we surprised? Doubtful)

W- worst habit—spending too much time scrolling through social media

X-x-rays—the last one was a year ago, for a ruptured ovarian cyst.

Y- your favorite food—pizza—thin crust, NY style…but I’ll never turn down tacos. (or anything else, really…Ha)

Z- zodiac sign—Cancer. Bonus: MBTI—INFJ, Kiersey–Idealist